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BUGATTI Chiron breaks through magic 300mph barrier

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Watch BUGATTI chief pilot Andy Wallace's World Record run!
    Final speed: 304.77mph / 490.48 kph.
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  • ThriftybyNature
    ThriftybyNature 4 years ago +20213

    At 300mph that car looks more stable than most cars doing 60.

  • مهاجر حسن
    مهاجر حسن 3 years ago +6689

    It's actually insane that there is still a gear left at 400kph.

    • SlickChick
      SlickChick 2 years ago +796

      keeping fuel in the tank is even more insane.

    • engadge
      engadge 2 years ago +17


    • Lil skullz
      Lil skullz 2 years ago +43

      Yea its a hyper car!

    • Jail Break
      Jail Break 2 years ago +41

      It really isn't.... that last gear is an overdrive gear and won't help the cars topspeed

    • Ericship8
      Ericship8 2 years ago +193

      @Jail Break yes it actually does most cars usually don’t even hit 250 mph in their last gear the fact that the Chiron ss had 1 more gear after 250 mph says a lot about the engineering of the Chiron ss

  • Vahe K.
    Vahe K. 3 years ago +6222

    At 304 Mph, the Chiron was traveling through 1.5 football fields every second.

    • Yuvraj Waghe
      Yuvraj Waghe 3 years ago +254

      you actually did the math?

    • Yuvraj Waghe
      Yuvraj Waghe 3 years ago +82

      @Björn Römermann thanks for the info. Very appreciated 😊

    • Cercus
      Cercus 3 years ago +37

      if the chiron was in orbit around earth, i believe it could possibly hit 1000+ m/s. i use the imperial system most of the time so if im wrong correct me please guys.

    • Madarius
      Madarius 3 years ago +108

      @Cercus You need to be moving almost 8000m/s before you can even get to and stay in orbit around the earth.

    • Shilpi J Pahuja
      Shilpi J Pahuja 3 years ago +4


  •  8 months ago +709

    I’ve gone 169 mph in my Hellcat and that felt absolutely insane.. I can’t imagine 304 mph 💀

    • Tundra Whisperer
      Tundra Whisperer 7 months ago +86

      Yeah, I did 154 mph in my Daytona 392 and had to change my underwear when I got home! Couldn’t imagine 304 mph

    • Md. Ayan Khan
      Md. Ayan Khan 7 months ago +6

      @Tundra Whisperer lol 😂

    • urdailyhellcatdoingaburnout
      urdailyhellcatdoingaburnout 7 months ago +4

      i have a challenger jailbreak IRL and i used to have a red hellcat before my jailbreak

    • Tundra Whisperer
      Tundra Whisperer 7 months ago +5

      @urdailyhellcatdoingaburnout sweet ride!

    • Infinite Blaz
      Infinite Blaz 4 months ago +5

      Terrifying part is that the Hellcat becomes incredibly unstable at around 190 MPH due to the violent Eddie currents generating under the car. Could possibly cause the front wheels to lift off of the ground which is the last thing you want at those speeds. This is why things like NACA ducts and other aero extremities are important.

  • QuintVG
    QuintVG 9 months ago +1161

    That flyby at 281 mph sounded like a fighter jet

    • Smi
      Smi 6 months ago +4

      wow totally if I was there my ear would have burst yeah

    • SWATI Shah
      SWATI Shah 6 months ago +2

      I mean it is almost at the speed of a jet so yeah

    • B C
      B C 5 months ago +15

      @SWATI Shah no it isnt, what an uneducated comment lmao

    • SWATI Shah
      SWATI Shah 5 months ago +1

      @B C damn sorry I didn't know it was so fast I thought the avg speed was like 600-700.

  • P.D
    P.D 8 months ago +196

    Fun fact : That little shot of flyby at 2:00 was taken exactly at the moment it broke Koenigsegg Agera RS' top speed world record (457 km/h)

    • Lofton
      Lofton 7 months ago +20

      That is a really cool little implementation

  • Alexis Buendia
    Alexis Buendia 3 years ago +3055

    Everyone is talking about how fast it is but can we all admire how beautiful that car looks

    • lairdriver
      lairdriver 3 years ago +106

      I have sat in a Chiron and I have to say it is amazing. But it is very suffocating - like a fighter jet cockpit. If you are big guy like me - it would feel like you were driving in a box. I'll tell you this though - the car is a tank literally. Secondly, if I was to T-bone a pickup truck in an accident scenario - I am going with the Chiron and not some stupid ass Ford car.

    • nuntana2
      nuntana2 3 years ago +6

      Bet those tyres were hot!

    • Ryan Pelopero
      Ryan Pelopero 3 years ago +37

      Alexis Buendia definitely the best looking Bugatti to date, bit personal preference, Bugattis dont look all that fantastic. I prefer the look of a Mclaren 720 or Koenigsegg

    • John Moriarty
      John Moriarty 3 years ago +8

      Lots of far prettier cars out there but none match the engineering

    • Ryan Pelopero
      Ryan Pelopero 3 years ago +2

      John Moriarty i believe that title goes to the Mclaren F1

  • r3veng3r
    r3veng3r  3 years ago +1246

    Imagine bringing this car back 60 years to race in Le Mans, where all the greatest and fastest cars in that time would race

    • Egil
      Egil 2 years ago +14

      I need that

    • senzera
      senzera 2 years ago +88

      It would be overpowered lmao

    • senzera
      senzera 2 years ago +15

      Especially with the bolide

    • Danny Aoi
      Danny Aoi 2 years ago +43

      @senzera the bolide haven't showed the real vid of going 500km/h,so we are not sure whether it's true, but 60% of it will be true because its from bugatti themself showing us

    • Abe Hamitou
      Abe Hamitou 2 years ago +1

      @senzera can be nerfed

  • Jordan95 HD
    Jordan95 HD 3 years ago +297

    This is my dream car! *It was still accelerating at 304.77mph, and that's just crazy!*

    • Ahmed35Gaming
      Ahmed35Gaming Year ago +26

      If you think about it if there was a longer strip of road than that track they might’ve reached way higher than 304

    • Jordan95 HD
      Jordan95 HD Year ago +23

      ​@Ahmed35Gaming the Bugatti Bolide can apparently reach like 310mph, but I haven't seen a speed test video for that yet, like there's been for the Chiron Supersport 300+.

    • Ahmed35Gaming
      Ahmed35Gaming Year ago +7

      @Jordan95 HD I think it’s probably true for the Bugatti bolide to have that speed because it is Bugatti stating that not some random website like SSC stating going 334 mph

    • hugo
      hugo 9 months ago +7

      @Ahmed35Gaming lmao would u believe bugatti if they said their scooters can reach 180mph? The bolide is just the biggest scam ever. Never will a car with a drag coefficient of 1,2 reach 310 mph. That would be if there was 0 wind resistence. The bugatti chiron got a drag coefficientsy of 0,36 which is good but the bolide is awful in top speed aerodynamics. Weight doesn't even play a role there

    • lt
      lt 5 months ago

      @hugo even 0.36 is terrible

  • da_poopoo_dealer
    da_poopoo_dealer 9 months ago +63

    Imagine if racecar drivers from the 1930s and 40s were alive to see this, they would certainly shed a tear at how far we’ve come

    • KJM3SMG
      KJM3SMG 7 months ago +7

      nah, they'd think where are the flying cars?

    • Max
      Max 6 months ago +6

      in 1938 a mercedes called "stromlinienwagen" drove 423km/h (262mph) but afterwards they decided it was too dangerous so they didn't try it again :)

    • da_poopoo_dealer
      da_poopoo_dealer 6 months ago +4

      @Max yeah 262 mph in a rickety machine that could fall apart at any moment😂

    • Max
      Max 6 months ago

      @da_poopoo_dealer yeah xD but hey in 1938 thats pretty impressive

    • Prayas Dash
      Prayas Dash 4 months ago +1

      Mr. Bugatti would himself be very happy after this

  • GxR
    GxR 3 years ago +243

    My gosh... the sound it makes passing at like 250 mph..... incredible

    • Aaron
      Aaron 5 months ago +2

      Buddy don't use God'name for unnecessary purposes, have a good day 😀

    • Xen
      Xen 2 months ago +2

      Buddy don't force your beliefs on other people. have a good day 😀

    • bob
      bob 18 days ago

      ​@Xenfor real, it's annoying when Christians and other people try to shove their beliefs down your throat

  • Bryce Bonilla
    Bryce Bonilla Year ago +219

    man its already been 3 years? I remember very well waking up on a nice labor day morning opening up youtube and seeing this on my recommend. The magical 300 mph barrier has been talked about in the car world for a long, long time. I thought it would be the Keonigsegg Jesko or maybe the Venom that would break it. But seeing the Chiron not only break 300 but make it to 304, it was incredible. Hats off to Bugatti

    • Pickle
      Pickle Year ago +3

      Lol I was just looking back on this video

    • Le Mans Wannabe
      Le Mans Wannabe 11 months ago +2

      I just looked back on this video because of the mini gt model I bought

    • P.D
      P.D 8 months ago +2

      304.77 ~ 305 mph

    • nopota
      nopota 7 months ago +1

      The jesko will hopefully break the 500kmh barrier instead

    • Bob Papadopoulos
      Bob Papadopoulos 2 months ago

      Venom just ain't got tires to handle it

  • Shuan Zhu
    Shuan Zhu 3 years ago +5228

    Being pulled over:
    Chiron driver: am i driving too fast?
    Officer: no you are flying too low.

  • swayvø
    swayvø 2 years ago +3551

    Respect to the cameraman running in front of the Bugatti to film everything.

    • Wilde Bizon
      Wilde Bizon 2 years ago +78

      Original comment

    • GoodTimesBro
      GoodTimesBro 2 years ago +24

      Mad respect

    • thiago1stwin
      thiago1stwin 2 years ago +37

      camera man is the flash

    • Patrick R
      Patrick R 2 years ago +28

      This comment is literally directly underneath the original comment from a year ago lol

    • GoodTimesBro
      GoodTimesBro 2 years ago +3

      @Patrick R Not for me

  • A Baron of Chivalry
    A Baron of Chivalry 9 months ago +33

    Such a sweet car. Props to all those engineers man, they really went hard for that goal!

  • Bless USA 123
    Bless USA 123 7 months ago +6

    Congratulations, Team Bugatti!
    Also, congratulations to the tire company. Without the best tires in the world, 304.77 mph would've never happened.

  • Elixirial
    Elixirial 3 years ago +69

    The centrifugal forces those tires must feels is unreal

    • Issam Nasr
      Issam Nasr 2 years ago +21

      That’s why road versions of the Chiron are electronically limited to 261mph (which is still pretty insane). At these speeds the tires would tear themselves apart

    • Infinite Blaz
      Infinite Blaz 4 months ago +6

      IIRC. Michelin made a one off set just for this car to hit these speeds.

  • Stance santos
    Stance santos 9 months ago +217

    Records are still being broken but this car will always be special. Like the Ferrari F40 was the first road car to break 200mph the Chiron will go down in history as the first to break 300mph

    • Midnight34
      Midnight34 6 months ago +1

      It doesn't have record

    • AK
      AK 5 months ago +10

      @Midnight34 it does 😂 Koenigseggs computer simulation is a joke

    • Camaro_Addict07
      Camaro_Addict07 5 months ago +3

      @Midnight34 it does buddy, research is free

    • Midnight34
      Midnight34 5 months ago +1

      @Camaro_Addict07 no bruhhh guinness book of world records didn't give them any record and the Chiron ss 300+ is a modified chiron not a production car Chiron super sport is the production version of it only btw the super sport is just a road legal Chiron ss 300+ 30-40 mph slower

    • Midnight34
      Midnight34 5 months ago

      @AK no bruhhh

  • Car Lo
    Car Lo 4 years ago +21840

    Respect for the cameraman running in front of the car to film

    • Ranesh Vanan
      Ranesh Vanan 4 years ago +1538

      Thats a nissan gtr infront

    • Kareem Al-Saghir
      Kareem Al-Saghir 4 years ago +449

      That’s hilarious. Great comment.

    • Dragnarok 🏆
      Dragnarok 🏆 4 years ago +451

      i guess flash finally found something his powers are useful for in the real world

    • Joshua Book
      Joshua Book 4 years ago +375

      @Ranesh Vanan it's a Toyota supra actually

    • Freddie Alejandro
      Freddie Alejandro 4 years ago +74

      @Ranesh Vanan lol a Nissan....

  • Jayden Luke
    Jayden Luke 2 years ago +27

    This is insane! How did you guys managed to make a car to move that fast?!?! Like traveling above 300mph that’s insane!

  • Саян Сундупов
    Саян Сундупов 2 years ago +210

    2:14 That's a really badass angle and sound. I love it.

  • Waltuh
    Waltuh Year ago +79

    Imagine hearing a car break the sound barrier, that’d be sick

    • Brice Fleckenstein
      Brice Fleckenstein Year ago +10

      It HAS happened.
      Thrust SSC had to make 2 runs, average is the current Land Speed record.

    • Erlis Fazliu
      Erlis Fazliu 3 months ago +6

      @Brice Fleckenstein bro no car is going 1234 kmh 767 mph, what drugs are u on

    • Erlis Fazliu
      Erlis Fazliu 3 months ago +2

      mf said TWICE too

    • Corey Resch
      Corey Resch 3 months ago +8

      @Erlis Fazliu ThrustSSC hit 763mph (Mach 1.020) in 1997 at Black Rock Desert, Nevada at an elevation of 3,848ft. The speed of sound at that level is 751mph.

    • Brice Fleckenstein
      Brice Fleckenstein 3 months ago +5

      @Erlis Fazliu Thrust SSC is the current Land Speed Record holder.
      Yes, it DID go that fast ON THE GROUND - LOOK IT UP.
      Before you post again, instead of being ignorant rude and insulting FOR NO REASON, you need to check the facts FIRST.

  • Just K
    Just K 2 years ago +172

    No matter how far EV'S come nothing will ever compare to the sound of that engine just devouring space time....aaargh it's awesome

  • DoomCraft Slayer
    DoomCraft Slayer 4 months ago +3

    I can truly feel the power rising inside the engine....there's no better feeling ive ever felt

  • Henrijs Kalins
    Henrijs Kalins 4 years ago +2091

    Props to the cameraman for running beside the car and recording steadily!

    • Aleem Ahmad Kaleem
      Aleem Ahmad Kaleem 4 years ago +25

      That's what i was gonna ask.... How the Phak.....is this happening

      TONY TONE 4 years ago +198

      Shows how much you know.......he was on a skateboard

    • Shanex
      Shanex 4 years ago +5

      I was thinking about this as well

    • clyde_choy
      clyde_choy 4 years ago +105

      2500hp supra holding the camera

  • Naveen Venkatesh
    Naveen Venkatesh 2 years ago +18

    So the car reached a top speed of 490.5 kmph which is roughly around 264 knots. In comparison an fully loaded Airbus A380 at maximum weight takes off at 170 knots. This car was going faster than a fully loaded A380 on the ground by about 100 mph. Thats so impressive.

  • IceSlayer777
    IceSlayer777 Year ago +21

    Just incredible how fast the Chiron SS+ really is!! Crazy to think it was only 0.33mph off from 305mph, but who cares when you're going 300mph alone. This car is somehow super stable at those neck breaking speeds. Can't imagine what the drag coefficient is along with how much fuel and stress those tires were under.

    • Junior Michel Esperant
      Junior Michel Esperant 6 months ago +1

      And the engine

    • Smoked
      Smoked 16 days ago +1

      If its like the old Bugatti Veyron, you should change wheels completely after a full speed run.

    • IceSlayer777
      IceSlayer777 15 days ago +1

      @Smoked Apparently the forces at those speeds is the equivalent of exactly 3 Chiron SS 300+’s pulling on all 4 tires in both vertical directions. They use special metals mixed into the rubber to prevent it from just tearing apart.

    • Smoked
      Smoked 15 days ago

      @IceSlayer777 Werent the rims of the Veyron magnesium alloy? If i remember correctly they were changed too since they get the same wear and tear as the tire.

    • IceSlayer777
      IceSlayer777 15 days ago +1

      @Smoked Probably but they glued the tire to OG Veyron as Michelin didn’t want it coming off at high speeds but the process could only be done in like 2 spots. Now there’s better methods to prevent it from happening which is why the new tire is a lot cheaper to replace.

  • Valdemar Jingryd
    Valdemar Jingryd 8 months ago +4

    This isn't really a car anymore. This is more of an artwork. The perfect amount of aerodynamics, raw power and design. Truley a masterpiece.

  • dk2853
    dk2853 3 years ago +5

    The amazing thing about this is not the speed, but the fact that this is a legal road vehicle. To make a car that complies with safety standards, fuel requirements, emissions requirements, and can do 300 is an amazing feat of engineering.

  • Doudymac
    Doudymac 15 days ago

    Props to the engineering team keeping the car that stable at such speed. 👏👏👏

  • chrzrd
    chrzrd 4 years ago +7037

    When you're designing a car and have to worry about it turning into a plane lol

    • Aman Chauhan
      Aman Chauhan 4 years ago +16


    • gnosev
      gnosev 4 years ago +49

      @squabble look like a plane

    • RJ
      RJ 4 years ago +274

      @Yani_dankha lol why are you so mad bro?

    • Alex_Inside
      Alex_Inside 4 years ago +36

      Mercedes got some experience with this.

  • Joseph Anoya
    Joseph Anoya 3 years ago +15

    The amount of adrenaline and fear of possibly crashing has got to to be insane!!

  • Rhishab Dahal
    Rhishab Dahal 2 years ago +14

    2 pioneers of the hypercar , the Veyron and the Chiron, both blazed the trail when the Veyron hit 253 mph, and then over a decade later, the younger brother (the Chiron) hits this landmark. Kudos to Bugatti! Now SSC has hit an average of 316mph, and Koenigsegg is doing the 300mph run with the Jesko. Now, rumors are swirling about Bugatti being sold to Rimac. If that happens, then I wonder what’s gonna happen next.

    • Ahmed35Gaming
      Ahmed35Gaming Year ago +1

      The SSC has been faked the koenigsegg was very heavily modified from the street car and it was very heavy to stay on the ground they put like more weight

    • Brice Fleckenstein
      Brice Fleckenstein Year ago

      Ford GT.
      Mostly stock, 300 on a MUCH shorter track.
      Not bad for 2005 tech!

  • Jamisson Cardoso
    Jamisson Cardoso 5 months ago +2

    Simplesmente magnífico

    OSSAMA BZ 3 years ago +22

    I hope I can experience this amazing car one day. It's beyond wow!

    • Nutella Ninja
      Nutella Ninja Year ago

      if you have 5.2 million you can get it now.

  • Ayaan Sheikh
    Ayaan Sheikh 5 months ago +3

    It could go upto 305 mph probably... That would mean an astonishing 490.85 km per hour..... Mind blowing 🤯

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 4 years ago +2639

    At those speeds, I'd be worried about a big bug hitting the windshield like a god damn bullet.

    • Le GOLD Spy
      Le GOLD Spy 4 years ago +267

      imagine a deer jumping from the sides lmao

    • Awais
      Awais 4 years ago +33

      Big oooooofff

    • Youtube Punisher
      Youtube Punisher 4 years ago +80

      I'd be more scared to splatter human all over my windshield at those speeds

    • Cassie 0622
      Cassie 0622 4 years ago +29

      Maybe they sort of moves with wind running through the car? Maybe the wind is strong enough that the wings of the bugs carry them along with the wind?

    • Katrina Paton
      Katrina Paton 4 years ago +11

      If you can break the sound barrier without bugs destroying your car Im sure this Bug would be fine.

  • Rana Color Piel
    Rana Color Piel Year ago +13

    my car suffers from reaching 100mph and feels very unstable, I can't imagine all the engineering behind that car to make a car run at the speed that planes fly, just incredible

  • Sam_Xndr
    Sam_Xndr Year ago +32

    Still come back to this today, it’s insane what Bugatti has accomplished.

  • Jericho
    Jericho 9 months ago +152

    its not expressed enough in this video how fast 300 mph is.

  • Git N The Truck
    Git N The Truck 2 years ago +7

    Really cool and impressive feat. Great job. Would have liked to see more shots of the car flying by but maybe when we break the “impossible” 400mph barrier.

    • 「lcx 1735」
      「lcx 1735」 Year ago

      Probably get a big ass rocket engine or top fuel dragster and get like 10000 hp or something, get a track even longer and as straight as the volkswagen thing, and give another few decades or centuries for tech to evolve then ez 400

  • blegendaryy💫
    blegendaryy💫 2 months ago +3

    For me it's a ritual to come back to this video every once in a while so I could relish in it's greatness once more.

  • Jaideep Bhanot
    Jaideep Bhanot 4 years ago +3153

    Even at that speed you can still expect a BMW driver to be right behind you flashing...

    • VENOM 165
      VENOM 165 4 years ago +34

      Very underrated comment lol

    • frostinqer
      frostinqer 4 years ago +12

      he stole his comment

    • Alekss
      Alekss 4 years ago +48

      didn't anyone mention that this is *underrated*

    • zeejay Simo
      zeejay Simo 4 years ago +6

      Exactly 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Anyway
      Anyway 4 years ago +5


  • Raphael Miller
    Raphael Miller 3 years ago +13

    Having a car like this is like having your own private rollercoaster

    PLJ DXVR 3 years ago +25

    Crazy how time goes by so fast I remember like this came out 2 months ago.

  • Om Sutar
    Om Sutar 4 months ago +2

    Facing 8600N at 304 mph is absolutely insane.😱

  • frst.
    frst. 2 years ago +1145

    After 1 year, the Chiron SS is still king after SSC faked their top speed

    • When
      When 2 years ago +58

      Yeah and it will stay king until either the SSC is actually verified or a new faster car comes.

    • Ramadan Krasniqi
      Ramadan Krasniqi 2 years ago +59

      @When bugatti bulide...

    • simon lloyd
      simon lloyd 2 years ago +73

      @Chad Kent you're American aren't you?

    • Justyourtypical Gamer
      Justyourtypical Gamer 2 years ago +38

      @Chad Kent it takes the bolide 7 seconds to get to 300 kmh and 12 seconds to reach 400 kmh

  • Egeolu Christiana
    Egeolu Christiana Year ago +15

    CONGRATULATIONS BUGATTI 🎉🎉🥳 Happy 3rd anniversary of archiving 304.77 MPH I'm so proud of you guys keep it up it's not EASY
    May the lord be with u guys and may u guys continue to progress and be successful AMEN 🙏

  • bnelly
    bnelly 3 years ago +3404

    Imagine the look on the Bugatti team when they saw the Chrysler minivan that had the film crew going 300mph as well

    • Cyrus021
      Cyrus021 3 years ago +59

      B. Nellis lmaoooo 😂

    • s1mtl2mm
      s1mtl2mm 3 years ago +18

      i caaaant XD

    • Evan Pan-Wang
      Evan Pan-Wang 3 years ago +6


    • Prod jon jones
      Prod jon jones 3 years ago +27

      No it was a supra

    • Davel
      Davel 3 years ago +56

      Are u fool? It was koenigeregseggeggesegesgeseg Yesko filming the Chiron SuperSport

  • flauschxger
    flauschxger 3 days ago

    just thinking about going 300 KMPH makes me shiver, but this car easily does 400 of them, and if you push it far enough 490 KMPH/300MPH this is just absolutely crazy. It's cool and frightening at the same time.

  • mastermason
    mastermason Year ago +38

    2:15 Mad respect to the cameraman for running so fast

    • Le Mans Wannabe
      Le Mans Wannabe Year ago +6

      You know that's prefilmed before the actual run yet with another Bugatti chiron Supersport
      I get the joke, but it's getting overrated

    • Jon
      Jon 5 months ago


  • Thereal MVP
    Thereal MVP 22 days ago +1

    It's incredible ,I've watched this of course after viewing both land speed records set by James May on the very same track ,good time..awesome cars ,nowadays everything's so boring .

  • Tremorlok
    Tremorlok 2 years ago +8

    It’s amazing they can build a car that can absorb all the imperfections of the road and not go flying at those speeds. Godly suspension setup.

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye Year ago +5

      Thats not any normal road. Thats a very specific high speed test track which VW own. Pretty much the only place in the world that car can hit those speeds.

  • Smike
    Smike 7 months ago +2

    Quite astonishing - outstanding design and engineering and driven to perfection.

  • RxTkai
    RxTkai 4 years ago +2551

    Bugatti: 🏎💨
    Camera man:🏃‍♂️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

    • vursuh
      vursuh 4 years ago +37

      I'm wondering how that's even possible. A drone at 300mph?

    • Bernardolescroc
      Bernardolescroc 4 years ago +15

      ツ• Saim maybe a helicopter

    • Jonathan Helmersen
      Jonathan Helmersen 4 years ago +18

      they didnt film the Bugatti with a car when it tried to hit 300 tho

    • Luigi Daniele
      Luigi Daniele 4 years ago +11

      @Bernardolescroc no, even the fastest helicopter can go 250mph max.

    • Trevor McLean
      Trevor McLean 4 years ago +88

      Nah the camera man is the guy from subway sufers when you get to 5 million score

  • tailsdafox90
    tailsdafox90 3 years ago

    They said it wouldn't be possible. They said no tire would be able to handle the speed, but here we are... it's been done. 304.77 Miles Per Hour. Congratulations Bugatti.

  • RedHeadRedemption
    RedHeadRedemption 3 months ago

    Obsessed with Bugatti ever since I read an article about it in Popular Mechanics. Decades later, it's only gotten better. The W16 engine is a masterpiece. I wish I could see every step of production.

  • Julien Ynard
    Julien Ynard 3 months ago

    It's mindblowing to see that the Veyron struggled to go over 400kmh and that the Chiron easily passed 450 !

  • Knight
    Knight Year ago +2

    What a feat!!!! Wow. The camera angles made this much more immersive. What a beautiful car!!!

  • Claudio A G M Filho M.D.

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  • Atlas
    Atlas 3 years ago +9148

    If you were to pass a cop at 300 mph and he took 5.7 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph you would already be 0.7 miles away

    • The Son of The Grim Reaper
      The Son of The Grim Reaper 3 years ago +307

      Atlas never knew that

    • ALL DAY
      ALL DAY 3 years ago +584

      And most likely be 2 miles ahead within a minute so good luck catching up

    • JesukxD
      JesukxD 3 years ago +398

      where I live police cars can't do 300mph

    • ALL DAY
      ALL DAY 3 years ago +516

      @JesukxD I don't think there any police car that can go over 200mph in US

    • SnazzyZubloids
      SnazzyZubloids 3 years ago +290

      300 mph is pretty quick, still not as fast as radio waves.

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago +11

    This will be legendary and is one of the greatest moments in history

  • NuevalMusic
    NuevalMusic Year ago +13

    Hell, I have tears in my eyes one day I'll be the owner of this amazing masterpiece

  • Joshua Edward
    Joshua Edward 4 months ago +1

    Amazing! That car must've been running on sparkling water and breathing lots of air

  • Crixus044
    Crixus044 Year ago +5

    I remember when the Bugatti veyron was the fastest car in the world reaching 253 mph. Now i look at this supercar, SHIFTING GEARS at the same speed. How the world has truly grown. Can't wait to see 500 kph be broken

  • Maxaker
    Maxaker 2 months ago

    I have to admit that particular shot gave me goosebumps at 2:14

  • Double A
    Double A 4 years ago +1798

    At 300mph you are doing 5 miles per minute! That is insane!

    • Golden State Of Mind
      Golden State Of Mind 4 years ago +169

      San Francisco to LA in 1 hour

      ARCADE BOX 4 years ago +189

      133 meters per second

    • Sam McKinlay
      Sam McKinlay 4 years ago +23

      Glasgow to Edinburgh in 9 minutes 😂. Glasgow to London in like an hour and 20. Insanely fast

    • Billy Bob
      Billy Bob 4 years ago +23

      @ARCADE BOX thats longer than one football field!

    • moi Micky
      moi Micky 4 years ago +74

      And burn 15 liters of gasoline per 1minute as well!

  • 501 N 503
    501 N 503 Month ago

    Insane, I recall thinking the windshield was gonna implode at 140..

  • Krish
    Krish 2 years ago +4

    Even going that fast it looks more composed than most cars doing motorway speeds

  • Ben Emberley
    Ben Emberley 4 months ago +1

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  • Dhe2RAJ05
    Dhe2RAJ05 4 months ago +1

    I'm impressed about the fact that the GoPros still didn't flew away even at such high speeds....

  • 𝙝𝙭𝙩𝙥𝙡 • 𝘼𝙑𝘼𝙇𝙊𝙉

    Bearing the black and orange that the legendary Veyron donned once, the Chiron once more pushes itself to the absolute limit of speed.

  • Niklas Fredsted
    Niklas Fredsted 4 years ago +1515

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    • VividBunny
      VividBunny 3 years ago +47

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      AB 3 years ago +35

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  • Music Mode
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    props to the cameraman for running in front of the bugatti for these epic shots

  • алексей ланцов

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    Очень бы хотелось пережить это чувство!

  • jason hyatt
    jason hyatt 6 months ago

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    uomo d'onore 2 years ago +1

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  • TJ Robertson
    TJ Robertson 7 months ago

    Incredible to know that there are only 2 vehicles that have ended up almost going half the speed of sound: The chiron, and the Venom F5

    • Martin Penwald
      Martin Penwald 6 months ago +1

      Really? I haven’t seen the F5 doing it.
      I can claim that my car has a top speed of 550 km/h, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

  • Caleb 0’Keefe14
    Caleb 0’Keefe14 2 years ago +2481

    When the car is so fast that the driver is considered a pilot.

    • Paul Davis
      Paul Davis 2 years ago +23

      Still technically a driver no matter how fast the car is going. The word pilot is used specifically for aircraft.

    • AWC
      AWC 2 years ago +141

      ​@Paul Davis Pilot here. Not accurate: pilot is not exclusive to aircraft.

    • BaGGuiToruL
      BaGGuiToruL 2 years ago +12

      He is an actual pilot...

    • MEGAtR๏N🇷🇺
      MEGAtR๏N🇷🇺 Year ago +4

      @Paul Davis then what is locomotive pilot, pretty sure the specific term is also used for that.

    • Crixus044
      Crixus044 Year ago +29

      It'll all make sense when he hits a pot hole

  • Aviation geek08 forever
    Aviation geek08 forever 2 years ago +2

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    Abel Shibu Issac 2 years ago +2

    Hell of a race. Seeing this for the 100th time. Still watching as if it is a new video. I wish to touch this sacred car. I want to drive it through that track. If BUGATTI will allow me. I confidently say that their new project BOLIDE is going to be a hell of a success. Sure that it will bring SSC TUATARA a 100 deep into the soil when its new top speed will get a new world record. With support.

  • Chaz
    Chaz Year ago +2

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  • Prince FrankieVince
    Prince FrankieVince Year ago +1

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    VROTAL FIFA 10 months ago +2

    How you left a gear in 400kmph so quickly 😲🔥🔥💥💥

  • Ayush
    Ayush 3 years ago +10525

    When you are at 250 and there's still a gear left.

  • bam1807
    bam1807 3 years ago +2

    Its been one year, and no one has beaten your record. Congratulations Bugatti!!!

    • ArtilleryFire
      ArtilleryFire 3 years ago +1

      thats because they didnt beat a record themselves

  • hshdcvhLCV thebest
    hshdcvhLCV thebest 2 years ago +60

    Awesome video, been hesitating about buying one recently, this definitely settled the deal!

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    Nedim 10 months ago +3

    That sound at 2:01 is something else.

  • Jason S
    Jason S 3 years ago +1

    When Andy Wallace hit 241 mph in the McLaren F1 there and I remember him saying that speed would probably never be beaten. :) guess that changed drastically

    ROBLOXCEAD Month ago +1

    Respect to the brave man driving the bugatti

  • hassen khedim
    hassen khedim 4 years ago +1783

    Buggati chiron : i'm the fastest
    Camera man : hold my speed

  • พงศ์ภรณ์ เลิศรุ่งโรจน์

    304.77 mph (490.5 Km/h) Very Incredible Speed!

  • francis davis
    francis davis 9 months ago

    Amazing car and driver. 124 MPH in my E350 Sport Mercedes Benz is crazy to me, so I can't imagine 300 MPH.

    THE HUMAN 7 months ago +3

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  • I'm Not Okay • 7y ago
    I'm Not Okay • 7y ago 3 years ago +2

    True story: I had a conversation with the driver back in the day, and he told me that he actually wanted to slowing the car down when it reaches 300mph, but at 299mph he got a call from the nature so he gotta get going faster than he planned. Little did he know that he literally made every car manufacturer a hard time to catch up with that speed just because he gotta go peepee

  • Hugo Lüdeke
    Hugo Lüdeke 7 months ago

    For everyone who is wondering: This car was driven on the german Autobahn. Funny enough it is actually allowed to go that fast there.

  • Anthony’s:
    Anthony’s: 4 years ago +2243

    When you’re at 250 MPH and shift gears

    • George Caldero
      George Caldero 4 years ago +47

      Yea that was sick aF bro !

    • Mariano G
      Mariano G 4 years ago +209

      Then you miss the gear and put first by accident

    • Alexander Mei
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    • Chotchskey
      Chotchskey 4 years ago +2


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  • Switzerland
    Switzerland Month ago

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  • Gretchen Sloan
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