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Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos

  • Published on Mar 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Oreos are one of the most beloved snacks out there but did you know that they have a DARK history? Theorists, let's talk about Hydrox cookies. Oh, you don't know what those are? They were Oreos BEFORE Oreos. That's right! That classic sandwich cookie taste you love so much did NOT start with Oreos! What happened? Watch to find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Emily Shwake, and Luke Barats
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 34 389

  • Angry Shavige
    Angry Shavige 2 years ago +20750

    Oreo is literally the guy who repeated your joke louder and became popular with everyone.

  • Strange Avocado
    Strange Avocado Year ago +4252

    I’ve never heard of Hydrox before, and I genuinely want to try them now.
    That being said, sounding like a mouthwash isn’t gonna help them

    • No More Saul
      No More Saul 17 days ago

      Don’t let their name fool you. Hydrox actually taste better than Oreo. Once you have a couple Hydrox you realize Oreos are actually trying way too hard. Hydrox are very “comfort food” style and way easier to accidentally pig out on.

    • TranNhuHien TranNhu
      TranNhuHien TranNhu 20 days ago

      Hydrox sounds like a copy, its the original
      Because it sounds copying, Oreo won

    • Bill Kong
      Bill Kong Month ago

      hydrox is the worst name I've ever heard

    • The Mythos
      The Mythos Month ago

      They taste very similar to Oreo but a little less sweet

  • Eclipse Highroller
    Eclipse Highroller Year ago +2303

    I’ve had hydrox cookies, and honestly, they taste better than Oreos ironically

  • Comic Mike Rossi
    Comic Mike Rossi 4 months ago +280

    How did Matpat not cover the lawsuit? Oreo actually sued Hydrox for copyright infringement. Even though Hydrox proved they came out first from two different sources still lost and had to pay Oreo a cut of its profit.

  • Astromotive
    Astromotive Year ago +2294

    *Oreo every time Hydrox makes a comeback*
    Oreo: "Stay down. Final warning".
    Hydrox: "I can do this all day".

    • LifesHollow
      LifesHollow 27 days ago

      @Kathleen King they did?

    • Kathleen King
      Kathleen King 27 days ago

      @LifesHollow the had hydroxes in the 80s

    • LifesHollow
      LifesHollow Month ago +1

      Oreo: You could not live with your own failure, Where did that bring you? Back to me
      Hydrox: You took everything from me

    • PANDU D.
      PANDU D. Month ago

      @Grabble it might taste good but it sounds like mouthwash, i hope they change it

  • Lyndsey Strait
    Lyndsey Strait Month ago +73

    I had no idea that big food companies could send their representatives to stock store shelves. I would like to hear more about business tricks like that if possible? Very interesting history on Oreos vs Hydrox!

    • TrippyKitty
      TrippyKitty 3 days ago

      Other companies also have vendor reps that go to stores to see how their product is placed, priced, and stocked as well to see how the agreement is following thru

    • Lucas Hinch
      Lucas Hinch 4 days ago

      It's big with the liquor, beer and wine business. I was sent by a winery to restock product at many major grocery stores. It was to stay on top of the competition.

    • Just Podzol
      Just Podzol 5 days ago

      Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up, and Lays all do their own stocking where I live. The workers are all friends, though, as far as I know- no hiding rival products or anything like that.

    • Sleepyhorse98
      Sleepyhorse98 Month ago +4

      Pepsi and coke do it in most places you see there product the biggest reason they do it is so that there products are ALWAYS funny stocked no matter what and the stores don’t have to worry about storing there massive product and take up space in the back rooms and the representative will make it look more neat and stand out more

  • R.E.Venge
    R.E.Venge 2 years ago +11355

    Lol imagine Hydrox loyalists working under Oreos' parent company being all secretive and whispering to each other, "Hail Hydrox."

  • john Thompson
    john Thompson Year ago +823

    Hydrox has always sounded like a chemical to me. Even though it stands for basically the chemical compound of water it reminds me more of Clorox.

    • john Thompson
      john Thompson 20 days ago

      @TackyFlamingo 8528 YEP, sounds like a hangover medication or maybe eye drops.

    • TackyFlamingo 8528
      TackyFlamingo 8528 20 days ago


    • Mike the Goo
      Mike the Goo 2 months ago

      That is why you don't use chemical names for products meant to sound happy and fun

    • Hodor
      Hodor 3 months ago

      at first it sounded like a chemical but after seeing the backstory it just reminds me of water

    • deliciousoptimus
      deliciousoptimus 5 months ago +4

      if something starts with “hydro” i always assume that it’s named after the element

  • Rachel Slavinski
    Rachel Slavinski 8 months ago +560

    I think my grandmother actually preferred Hydrox cookies over Oreos. I have this vague memory of her putting them into a vintage cookie jar and getting mad when I called them oreos. (Because I didn't know Hydrox existed at the time.)

    • Dark night aka midnight
      Dark night aka midnight 2 months ago

      B or c

    • Yeema Wheaver
      Yeema Wheaver 6 months ago +32

      Lol, that sounds like something a grandma would do. You unlocked a memory of my grandmother putting cookies and a jar when I was younger.

  • ChamberK
    ChamberK 2 months ago +39

    I’m actually not surprised that Hydrox is hidden on the shelves because I’ve never seen or heard of it ever in my life

  • Shaista Hasan
    Shaista Hasan Year ago +1015

    Oreos and hydrox: *having a feud*
    Tates bakery: let me introduce myself

    • Србија
      Србија 4 days ago

      Btw, Oreos are made in Mexico.

    • Србија
      Србија 4 days ago

      Tates is owned by mondelez the makers of Oreos.

    • Ruth Pearl
      Ruth Pearl 8 days ago

      Tate's also features a big, heavy package at a seeming deal of a price, until you open it and find that a lot of the size and weight is just more internal packaging. Never again.

    • Mohammad Sarmad
      Mohammad Sarmad 26 days ago

      tourns la vide vide (breath air)

    • FriedBeanz
      FriedBeanz Year ago

      Creeperawmangod me coming back from the dead: hi

  • RoseaBee
    RoseaBee 3 months ago +120

    With how the comments are, Oreo is gonna come at MatPat with a cease and desist because their sales are gonna tank 🤣

    • Meel
      Meel 27 days ago +2

      @Jordan Jones [Celestial Waffles] Even if every single person who saw this video stopped buying oreo, that's only like 8 million people which is nothing globally

    • MijaroPrime
      MijaroPrime Month ago +2

      @Jordan Jones [Celestial Waffles] Nope.

    • Jordan Jones [Celestial Waffles]
      Jordan Jones [Celestial Waffles] Month ago +3

      @MijaroPrime yes really

    • MijaroPrime
      MijaroPrime 2 months ago +4

      Not really.

  • OR3O
    OR3O Year ago +3031

    Gotta change my name to hydrox now I guess

  • Midytheimp
    Midytheimp Year ago +470

    At my Walmart, Hydrox is actually placed at the end of the coffee aisle and is stocked by the Walmart employees, a full 22 aisles away from Oreo. That way Oreo has NO say in where it goes

    • Tiffany A♡ Luna
      Tiffany A♡ Luna 3 months ago

      Thank you for making me aware of this. I *DESPISE* copycats and _know_ the *PAIN* of being copied. I'm _only_ buyong Hydrox cookies now (and all my loved ones as well).

    • Midytheimp
      Midytheimp 11 months ago

      @Momoney 1555 Might just be certain cities as well because my Walmart is in Michigan. c:

    • Momoney 1555
      Momoney 1555 11 months ago +2

      @Midytheimp possibly Michigan is a weird place so they could be like outlawed or something dumb 😂😂

    • Midytheimp
      Midytheimp 11 months ago +2

      @Señor No. my town just does things differently I guess

    • Señor
      Señor 11 months ago +3

      Do you live in a Jewish neighborhood? Based on the history & all, seems like that's why that would be the case. To serve the niche customers who are loyal to that brand.

  • Rider Bass
    Rider Bass Year ago +197

    This story of two brothers working together only to end up in a massive fight over what would eventually become a legendary product of the food industry reminds me a lot of the Kellogg Brothers

  • Rocío Rodríguez
    Rocío Rodríguez 26 days ago +12

    After watching this video, next time I go to the grocery store I will be looking for the Hydrox cookies. I really want to taste them now 😋

  • Caleb Novick
    Caleb Novick Year ago +283

    Even now, I still eat Hydrox. My parents ate them as kids because they were the only kosher ones, so I ate the too. They are delicious and I think they are way better than Oreos. Also, their outside of the biscuit is way more detailed than an Oreo.

    • Serious_Editz(Bangladesh)🇧🇩
      Serious_Editz(Bangladesh)🇧🇩 Month ago

      @Rudynio Sho "Ok, Your opinion"-🤓

    • Tiffany A♡ Luna
      Tiffany A♡ Luna Month ago

      @Tabitha L Well, _of course_ Leaf® brands had to take over, since Kellogs (who took over the rights in 2001), *stopped* marketing (and selling) Hydrox in 2003 alltogether.
      Seeing this comment also gave me the desire to finally order the cookies. 🍪💕🥰

    • Tabitha L
      Tabitha L 2 months ago +1

      @Tiffany A♡ Luna you do know that the people making hyrdox now aren't the same company that invented them, right? buying hydrox =/= to supporting the original. leaf is more in the wrong because they just straight up took the original recipe and started selling them.

    • Sean A.
      Sean A. 3 months ago +5

      @Tiffany A♡ Luna I will direct you to 5:40 in the video. Sure it sucks but nobody cares who came first, they only care who does it better/markets it better.

    • Tiffany A♡ Luna
      Tiffany A♡ Luna 3 months ago +3

      And they are the *ORIGINAL* investors of them so _THEY_ alone, deserve the money.
      Nobody knows the *AGONY* of being copied or plaigerized 'till it happens to them.

  • Lethal Wolf
    Lethal Wolf 2 months ago +14

    I grew up eating Hydrox, and Oreo was there as well, but my mother bought the cheaper brand. They were literally the same thing but cheaper. Some snacks can’t be copied(Doritos comes to mind) but hydrox was fine, I feel bad for them

  • cyril
    cyril 2 years ago +7680

    This dude did a better job advertising Hydrox than their whole marketing team

    • Rip Kurama
      Rip Kurama 5 months ago


    • Erina-Pendleton
      Erina-Pendleton 5 months ago

      @pr. than

    • Lion Mouzo
      Lion Mouzo 6 months ago


    • Yeema Wheaver
      Yeema Wheaver 6 months ago

      Right? I want to try hydrox now, but what was that commercial?

    • Dat Cap
      Dat Cap 10 months ago

      @Basement_Dwellerdooooot doot du du du du doot doot du du du doot doot doot doot WE ARE NUMBER ONE

  • Boogie!
    Boogie! 10 months ago +179

    I love how Lunchables had to change from Oreos to “Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies”.

  • Chef Alpo
    Chef Alpo Month ago +12

    I remember eating Hydrox back in '94, my mother and I braved a snow storm to go to Walmart one night out of boredom. For whatever reason she purchased a package of Hydrox instead of Oreos. I was 9 and I remember being so confused by this Oreo looking cookie, I also remember it had a distinctively different taste from Oreo, the cream had an almost marshmallow aftertaste if I recall.

  • Sam Ziegelman
    Sam Ziegelman 8 months ago +62

    I didn’t realize how crazy big Mondelez was until I nearly got a job as a product placer for them in my last semester of college, they literally own like 30+ brands for their placing on the shelves of stores, it’s insane

  • Vasa Lazarevic
    Vasa Lazarevic 4 months ago +7

    am i the only one that still continues eating whatever he doesnt tell us to eat and watches this just for fun?

    • Viana Rose Nguyen
      Viana Rose Nguyen 23 days ago

      yeah no I am not taking full advantage of the educational aspect of the channel lol. I say I will as I watch and then I just don't XD

  • Eliza Carrie
    Eliza Carrie 2 years ago +511

    I’m allergic to Dairy and once ate an Oreo in front of my friends. They were horrified and asked where my epipen was. I had to laugh and tell them Oreos don’t contain dairy, and showed them the package ingredients list to prove it. They started freaking out wondering if there’s no dairy then what on earth is the cream in the middle 😂

    • Aryanna Bliss Esio
      Aryanna Bliss Esio Month ago

      ​@Aubrielle for you mind true

    • Tyler Porter
      Tyler Porter 2 months ago

      @Intelligence Cube you won’t get it

    • Tyler Porter
      Tyler Porter 2 months ago

      @Lampshade! yes

    • Laz the cat
      Laz the cat 2 months ago

      …you are so mean😂

    • RoseaBee
      RoseaBee 3 months ago +1

      @misscrackwood He was only telling her that she could eat oreos if she wanted without having to worry about them being vegan or not, though.

  • Monsiuer General
    Monsiuer General Year ago +155

    Sounds like you need to do a part 2 of this theory and do a blind taste test!!

  • Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons 11 months ago +65

    I love how Matpat goes out of his way to give us a cheesy pun at the start of every food theory video! 💕

  • JonLeung1
    JonLeung1 20 days ago +5

    As much as I love Oreo, I will now buy some Hydrox if I ever happen to see them. Now I see I will probably have to really look for them, though. That seems really wrong to be able to dictate how store shelves are arranged, especially that of competitors. That really should be up to the store.

  • Onidii
    Onidii Year ago +194

    If I ever see hydrox in a store, I'll definitely try it
    I don't normally eat oreos, because of how bad they are, so this could be a better alternative

    • RoseaBee
      RoseaBee 3 months ago

      @Onidii Ah, sorry that was me. Phil, the monster that lives there on his dustbunny farm, invited me over for dinner.

    • Onidii
      Onidii 10 months ago +3

      @hobomatic yeah I saw you under my bed, kinda weird if I gotta be honest
      There's also no hydrox in my country so I can't have any even if I wanted to

    • hobomatic
      hobomatic 10 months ago

      @Onidii I was in your house last night and I saw no hydrox.

    • Onidii
      Onidii 10 months ago +3

      @hobomatic I don't think I need to explain much more, the person before me did amazing on that
      But like also who are you to know what I do with my life? Lmao

    • eklectiktoni
      eklectiktoni 10 months ago +5

      @hobomatic the whole point is that we *hope* the Hydrox taste better. it's like if you hate coffee but tried a Starbucks latte to see if it's any better than standard coffee

  • Lee Brennen
    Lee Brennen Month ago +2

    You know, I think that to end the sandwich cookie feud we need to choose a side. I choose Hydrox!

  • Serena Silvermoon (VT)
    Serena Silvermoon (VT) 2 years ago +1958

    It always weirds me out how many of these older business stories involve friends or family betraying the other.

      NOMITA NARZARY Year ago

      @Sleek_Ginger Hail Hydrox

    • Jake Hoyt
      Jake Hoyt Year ago

      Omg yes

    • blue knight
      blue knight Year ago

      @Engel Steinberg unfortunately is legal thats what opec did to independent american oil industry they establish monopoly by crashing their prices to bankrupt other or youtube giving people oppturnity to make money bankrupt other streaming services that exist before

    • Bee!
      Bee! Year ago

      @Rawr Dino Speak for yourself. I once gave someone more and a pinky nails worth of my fruit by the foot!

  • Mr no life
    Mr no life Year ago +73

    Fun fact a guy named Ellia who was a close family member of the owner of Leaf decided to bring back Hydrox after thinking about all the great sweets that had been discontinued such as the Astro pops lollipops Leaf made. He bought the company and started to bring back Hydrox with some food scientists

  • Skylark Murphy-Davies
    Skylark Murphy-Davies Year ago +249

    Also, Oreos are biscuits not cookies. Telling the difference between a biscuit and a cookie is a talent Brits have.

    • Kath
      Kath 2 days ago

      All I know is, ya pour gravy over a Biscut, and dunk a Cookie in Milk.

    • Super Squirrel
      Super Squirrel  11 months ago

      @The twirl spanish too

    • tubeisocki.
      tubeisocki. 11 months ago


    • Giacomo Marramarco
      Giacomo Marramarco Year ago

      @BigBadJerry Rogers that is soooo wrong
      and how is it bread? explain, and America was not first there was the roman empire before and the British empire how was America first?

  • Um
    Um Month ago +3

    I’m gonna look for hydrox cookies now. Wish they would make a gluten free version

  • SlightlyFunny
    SlightlyFunny Year ago +65

    Haven't watched yet but the little quiz reminded me of when I bought myself a standard pack of birthday cake Oreos, sat down to binge watch some Doctor Who, and after a few episodes I reached down to grab another cookie when my hand touched empty packaging. I just remember thinking, "Well that's not good."

    • play doe
      play doe 10 months ago

      @SlightlyFunny lol poo ya don't want. lol

    • SlightlyFunny
      SlightlyFunny 10 months ago +1

      @play doe Not really. May have pooed a little weird for a day but ya know.

    • play doe
      play doe 10 months ago

      lol holy.that's a ton of cookies at once.u must've felt sick 4 days.:(

  • Ponicudo
    Ponicudo 3 months ago +89

    "Oreo, I've come to bargain!"
    -Hydrox every time Oreo makes a dirty move
    btw, what's the name of the song at the end? The one during the sponsor segment?

    • Ponicudo
      Ponicudo 2 months ago +1

      @harry pjotr thx, bro. have a nice day

    • harry pjotr
      harry pjotr 2 months ago +1

      found the song fort you.

  • LunetteFox
    LunetteFox 2 years ago +362

    I work at a grocery store and I actually can confirm that the Hydrox cookies are usually on the top shelf while the Oreos get a whole section of shelves for all their flavors of cookies.

    • Leafafarian
      Leafafarian 25 days ago

      @Bagel Li well if no one knows that Hydrox came first that's kind of their problem because they are in charge of marketing it to the public. Like write on the package , hey guys we came first then Oreo after us. But that also requires rebranding to a better name then hydrox probably but that's what they do market studies to test out what the market wants.

      QUADRAMO Year ago

      I will never buy oreo if we don't buy oreo but hydrox hydrox will be more famous

    • E C
      E C Year ago

      @LunetteFox what chain do you work for, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve been actively looking for Hydrox at all my local places but can’t seem to find them!

    • Bagel Li
      Bagel Li 2 years ago

      @Devious Von-Licker Why... would they buy the shelf, if they are part of the corporation that owns the store.

    • Devious Von-Licker
      Devious Von-Licker 2 years ago +1

      @Bagel Li true but the point stands that there's no profit to be made from hydrox that oreo can't double because they have to buy the entire shelf

  • Adam Harrison
    Adam Harrison Year ago +61

    Love these videos. The way he can take a random subject or object and build such interesting factual entertaining videos is honestly amazing. Fantastic work

  • PortedCannon565
    PortedCannon565 Year ago +152

    You missed something. The lawyer helping with documents made himself the head of Nabisco not the brothers, that's why they started a different company.

    • Nox
      Nox 4 months ago

      @PortedCannon565 im pretty sure the documents were about merging the 3 largest biscuit companies in the US ( but i could be wrong )

    • Toast
      Toast 8 months ago

      @PortedCannon565 oooh oke tanks

    • PortedCannon565
      PortedCannon565 8 months ago +5

      @Toast A Lawyer helped with documents for the brothers. But, when writing a certain form (I don’t the type, I haven’t paid attention for months) he put himself as the owner, instead of the brothers. Because of this, they started the company that made Hydrox.

    • Toast
      Toast 8 months ago +1

      What do you mean?

    • ShoebillStonk
      ShoebillStonk Year ago +12

      Yep he definitely skipped that one, and It was THE Turning point!

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 4 months ago +5

    So remember when you said the Hydrox and Oreo has the similarities, "Flavorings, Colors, Filling, and Biscuit", the last three are correct, but the flavorings are really different, I've bought myself one pack of Hydrox a few months later after watching this video, and I tried one, it's good, but WAY different to the Oreo I grew up with, just saying...

  • Melon
    Melon Year ago +128

    I find oreos to be one of those foods you get tired of eating quite quickly. Fav cookies? nothin beats freshly baked as was said with actual ingredients, not some funky chemicals.

  • Maygan Phynix
    Maygan Phynix 2 months ago +2

    Funny how you added the delorian. Imagine going down THAT timeline. “Im getting more Hydrox from the grocery store”. 😆 it really does sound like chemicals lol.

  • Cold Spoons
    Cold Spoons Year ago +3265

    I’ve literally walked past these cookies in a Kroger and thought “Why does Oreo have so many ripoffs?” I now know who the imposter is

    • Dummy
      Dummy Year ago

      Sussy music plays

    • Hmmm
      Hmmm Year ago


    • William Hoffman
      William Hoffman Year ago

      I don't consider Oreos to be a rip off of Hydrox because they're much better. Not a little better, a lot.

    • Girl Who Loves Fantasy
      Girl Who Loves Fantasy Year ago

      What Kroger are you walking in because I’ve never seen these there!

    • V Specialist
      V Specialist Year ago

      I usually hate Among Us jokes, but Oreos are pretty sus now

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey 10 months ago +36

    This seems like an interesting case to take to the US anti-trust and monopoly board. They've literally got control over how consumers interact with their competitor's products at the point of sale. How can this be anything but acting as a monopoly to push competitors out of the market?

    • J Murray
      J Murray 5 months ago +3

      Probably done loophole regarding there market share and maybe opt in clauses

  • Danielle Preyar
    Danielle Preyar Year ago +25

    Never knew those sweet and innocent looking little cookies were so cut throat. I see Oreo differently now. From now on I'll eat them while saying a silent prayer for Hydrox. Sad. 🍪😂💀

    • RoseaBee
      RoseaBee 3 months ago

      @M StrikesBack Yeah, true double stuffed. side by side, "double stuffed" oreos are marginally as thin as their regular. Their cookies are usually squished down at an angle which makes them look thicker on one side or make you think "Ah well, the cookie just moved at assembly".

    • M StrikesBack
      M StrikesBack Year ago +3

      Hydrox needs to come out with a Double Stuf version lol

  • The1113015
    The1113015 4 days ago

    🙊Woah, I've seen those Hydrox cookies shoved to the corner on the shelf near Oreos at Kroger a while back. I remember thinking what is this sad Oreo rip off lol. This video changed everything.

  • john conley
    john conley Year ago +147

    hydrox: "yes pat thats the plan. it was supposed to be a surprise hostile takeover but you just told the world our plan"

  • Orest
    Orest 9 days ago

    Thank God the GF Oreo exists! My favourite cookie of all-time! Unfortunately, I had to cut back. No longer in those years of being able to eat whatever I want without consequences. Most of us get here one point or another.

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley Year ago +1353

    Hydrox should hire Food Theory as their ad rep. This video actually made me want to switch over to Hydrox just to stick it to a big corporation like Nabisco.

    • Leeirah Brashka
      Leeirah Brashka Year ago

      I mean I need to find some in Canada now... they seem delicious!

    • We Have Dragons
      We Have Dragons Year ago

      @ferfender007 Ah the desire to be different

    • Lemonkeypp gov
      Lemonkeypp gov Year ago +6

      For real I’m literally going to buy hydrox right now

    • Fire Paca2
      Fire Paca2 Year ago +1

      honestly it's a dude with a stick against the final boss of a video game, but once there's about a hundred of you, might as well be using a lazer blaster against, idk ganondorf?

    • Koplax Klotory
      Koplax Klotory Year ago +5

      Yeah!!!! I'm doing that if I found some!

  • DistantEyez
    DistantEyez Year ago +186

    None of the above. I put my Oreos in a bowl and pour the milk over them like cereal. There is literally no other way I know to eat an Oreo.

    • Daniel
      Daniel Year ago +1

      Say hello to my little friend… PEANUT BUTTER!

    • basil
      basil Year ago +1

      @Dawna Andersen aww marriage

    • abc def
      abc def Year ago +1

      @RJ AND JJ THE COMENTERS No it doesn't I prefer the normal oreos since I like how it gets soggy quickly and the mix of cookie and creme is nice

      RJ AND JJ THE COMENTERS  Year ago +2


    • abc def
      abc def Year ago +3


  • Agent Merlin
    Agent Merlin  7 months ago +60

    This whole video felt like Matt’s wife was away for the weekend, so the boys took over! Love it!!!

  • Please STFU
    Please STFU 18 days ago

    Going to the store in an hour, will check to see if they have Hydrox. I wanna do a blind taste test.

  • MMajor
    MMajor Year ago +59

    Great, now I can never conscientiously allow myself to eat an Oreo ever again. Thanks, MatPat

    • lckyminer_22
      lckyminer_22 Month ago +1

      @Ra awesome If it's available anywhere.

    • Ra awesome
      Ra awesome 10 months ago +1

      Then get some hydrox cookies.

  • Robert Farrell
    Robert Farrell 2 months ago

    My Dad used to work at the Oreo factory here in Illinois, they closed the factory and moved production to Mexico. All those good paying commercial bakery jobs gone!

  • King Slushie101
    King Slushie101 2 years ago +7064

    Oh boy, I can’t wait until we learn about the “secret history of Fanta” 💀.

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen Year ago +124

    So what you're saying is that Oreos are the real imposter and that innocent Hydrox got sent into space!?

  • Proverbs 25:2
    Proverbs 25:2 Year ago +17

    I worked for a company that designed the shelves for Kroger. I stocked them. They definitely control every centimeter of the shelf so no mistakes were allowed in food and sticker placement. I made a good amount and worked from 11 to 7 four days a week.

  • TsaxChicka
    TsaxChicka 3 days ago

    I know this is an old video, but I have it mention Oreos are vegan. They were one of the few cookies we could give to campers with food restrictions and allergies to milk and egg. Which was ALOT more than I ever expected.

  • ItsKaiks 𓅰
    ItsKaiks 𓅰 Year ago +18

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  • Malcolm Higgins
    Malcolm Higgins 6 days ago

    I've had both a bunch of times. It's like Pepsi vs Coke and Oreo is the Coke of cookies. Obviously the better tasting option

  • Doverspike
    Doverspike 2 years ago +624

    Fun fact: Oreo's are not "cookies" in all their legal documents, they call the outside bits "Base cakes"

    • Chase Studios
      Chase Studios 2 months ago

      I Ate Oreos And They Are Pretty Good

    • Daniel
      Daniel Year ago

      But they buy shelf space in the cookie aisle, and say cookies so … who cares?

    • Junkyard Productions
      Junkyard Productions 2 years ago

      So Oreos are designed "based."

    • Little1Cave
      Little1Cave 2 years ago

      @Akhill Dhilipkumar Kalaiyarasi I think they kinda brought up something similar in a previous episode.

    • Strongblade 69
      Strongblade 69 2 years ago +3

      Fun Fact: I don't really like Oreos. Never have, and at this point, never will.

  • I_Ai_Eye_Aye
    I_Ai_Eye_Aye Year ago +36

    Internet: "why do you ruin our childhoods?"
    MatPat: "Internet, I am not trying to ruin your childhood, I'm just a simple youtuber with a tin foil hat and a vendetta against all things pure in this world"

  • Shelby Rupe
    Shelby Rupe Year ago +18

    I actually eat my Oreos kinda weird… I grab a thin tipped fork, shove that between the cookies into the cream, dunk that into the milk until it gets to that soggy yummy state and then eat it off the fork, it’s suuuuuper helpful cause I don’t have to get my fingers in the milk and I still have milk with my cookies 😂☺️🤤

  • olaftheviking14
    olaftheviking14 6 days ago +1

    I actually pop the whole cookie in my mouth and take a little swig of milk until it's evenly soaked.

  • SubieDooWhereRU
    SubieDooWhereRU Year ago +39

    After watching this I've been trying to find Hydrox cookies because I genuinely wanna try them. Only problem is, I can't find them ANYWHERE. I see an Amazon listing and their official website showing they are available, but they're not for sale anywhere I can find a product listing on them. The fact they use the original historic recipe without deviation is intriguing to me. A company using something real without being an uber expensive niche product is something I can get behind. In addition, I'm just a huge nerd who wants to experience those moments others have had before. You can't taste a KFC meal like the Colonel made, or an Oreo from the early days... but you can taste the cookie that they ripped off from.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Molly Kate
    Molly Kate Year ago +251

    This video inspired my family to search out Hydrox- we finally got our first pack and they are so much better than Oreos 😂 Thanks!!

    • OptimusFan
      OptimusFan 6 months ago +1

      @MeAnimationsPlot twist: *you are defending Oreo’s everywhere because you work for Nabisco,* wouldn’t be surprised.

    • maixchi
      maixchi Year ago +5

      @lckyminer_22 I know that, I'm just seeing his comments everywhere defending oreos which made me want to point it out.

    • lckyminer_22
      lckyminer_22 Year ago +4

      @maixchi I mean, it his opinion and taste is subjective nowadays.

    • Scottish Transport Fan
      Scottish Transport Fan Year ago +3

      @MeAnimations well that’s your opinion

  • LizOST
    LizOST 2 months ago +1

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    If I work at grocery stores, I will fight for hydrox. I will move them to the front and fight the food fight. Hail Hydrox!

    • Nox
      Nox 4 months ago

      @Savannah Simpson + oreo doesn’t even taste like chocolate

    • deliciousoptimus
      deliciousoptimus 5 months ago

      @Savannah Simpson mmmm tasty industrial high fructose corn syrup and slavery cocoa mmmm

    • Cal zone
      Cal zone 2 years ago +2

      You can't, you'll get in trouble.

    • Lucille Francois
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    • Ricegorm
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    Look, I eat Oreos the same way everyone else does: one human soul at a time.

    • Carzy2
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      69 likes nice bro

    • BlueEyes tuber
      BlueEyes tuber Year ago +3

      @Deus Caritas Est but if you eat them one at a time you get to savour them

    • Deus Caritas Est
      Deus Caritas Est Year ago +1

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  • Rubber Noodles
    Rubber Noodles 7 months ago +11

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  • lilyofthevalley
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  • Blue Demon
    Blue Demon 10 months ago +7

    Fun Fact: There was another person who helped unite all three baking companies into the company we all know today as Nabisco. This person was named Adolphus Green, he was a lawyer and the founder of Nabisco who worked with Joseph Loose to conglomerate all the baking companies into one entity and ended up betraying the Loose Brothers by rewriting the contract to make himself the CEO while making the Loose Brothers as Board Members.

  • Methuselah Winter
    Methuselah Winter 23 days ago +1

    I feel like want to try Hydrox out of spite now. I wonder which actually tasted better

  • Googleitlol
    Googleitlol 2 years ago +627

    The fact that MatPat has to clarify that ‘Kosherized’ is a real word makes me feel like while writing the script for this episode, him and Steph had a debate on whether or not it was the proper term.

    • lightdanger
      lightdanger Year ago +1

      @Sincerely Cinnamon they have a Jewish on staff, it's their sound editor. Probably got snippy to about MatPat butchering Hebrew terms before just throwing the English at him instead... at least that would be my guess :p

    • Abandoned acc
      Abandoned acc 2 years ago +2


    • Neemi Bronstein
      Neemi Bronstein 2 years ago +2

      We actually usually say Koshered. I've only heard kosherized as a joke.

    • Amyretto
      Amyretto 2 years ago +1

      @Sincerely Cinnamon it was just a joke lol

    • Amyretto
      Amyretto 2 years ago +6

      ollie said it and then they debated over it

  • Anjellike1
    Anjellike1 Year ago +31

    Legit, I’m going find me some Hydrox and do a comparison between the two cookies! I’m obsessed with Oreos, but I must know!lol 😈👏🏾👏🏾

  • Luna The Birb
    Luna The Birb 7 months ago +12

    Speaking of Oreos MatPat, remember that one time you said, and I quote, "Ah, look at that thick layer of cream in there - I want that thickness inside of my bo-"

  • TeraForm0
    TeraForm0 2 months ago

    I always thought Hydrox should be called Hyyro (Hero). That way they keep the H2O origins with a soft and more approachable name. Then you could Call it the "Hero cookie".

  • Storied Treasures
    Storied Treasures Year ago +32

    I want to say ive seen this cookie brand before, but im honestly drawing a blank.... Imma have to grab a pack and try em out now!

  • Kath
    Kath 2 days ago

    I always preferred Hydrox. As a kid, it was fun to say. Im 66yrs, and today I found out what the name meant....🙃 Will go out of my way now to find them, and re arrainge them if they need it. 😁

  • The Monocle Guy
    The Monocle Guy 2 years ago +374

    I actually feel bad for Hydrox, they came up with this good product and got completely ripped off, and they were brothers too!

    • bbysiea
      bbysiea 2 years ago +1

      @GatedRat Brothers!

    • bbysiea
      bbysiea 2 years ago +5

      Hyrdox cookies are delicious! Far better then Oreo in my opinion. Larger too, I’m pretty sure.

    • GatedRat
      GatedRat 2 years ago +4

      and they were roommates!

    • All Vr
      All Vr 2 years ago +1

      Hydroxide I thought original. no more Oreo protest

  • Trash human
    Trash human Year ago +31

    When the crewmate you have been following around the entire game turns out to be the imposter

  • Aliyahu Fuchs
    Aliyahu Fuchs Year ago +34

    Orthodox Jew here, and I totally loved the whole explanation of kosherizing (Grammarly agrees that it's a real word, btw).

    • Joes cube corner
      Joes cube corner 11 months ago


    • Señor
      Señor 11 months ago +2

      Just curious, why is there a u after your name like they do in Arabic e.g. Allahu? Is there any grammatical reason for that? I was aware of Aliyah, but first time seeing Aliyahu.

  • RoDance
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    I’ve heard of this story before, and it was shocking.

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    Hydrox:this is my oportunity

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  • Sebastian Hahn
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    • Leafafarian
      Leafafarian 25 days ago

      Well they can change the name from Hydrox to something that sounds like a cookie maybe? I don't know but considering they already built up the customerbase who recognizes their name it might not be worth it.

    • Batuhan Dere
      Batuhan Dere Year ago

      Hydrox sounds sci fi and a cleaning supply at the same time and idc about the name because we have names like AnalTech and those butter names like i cant believe its not butter like wtf?

    • B3nt0
      B3nt0 Year ago +1

      Yeah, don't think I want to eat a cookie that reminds me of cleaning supplies, honestly -

    • 2113luigi
      2113luigi 2 years ago

      To me it sounds like a car part

    • Sebastian Hahn
      Sebastian Hahn 2 years ago

      @Guy2015 "not shipping jobs overseas"
      you have my attention.

  • zanic07
    zanic07 Year ago +44

    I'm just wondering how you stopped at the second sleeve.
    And I eat my ores with a glass of milk and a spoon. Grab 3 to 4 toss them in your milk. Smash em with the spoon and chow down. Once I start regretting how many I've eaten I give the milk a stir and gulp it down.

    • zanic07
      zanic07 Year ago

      @Phantomesteel I prefer copper. Easier on the teeth you know.

    • Phantomesteel
      Phantomesteel Year ago

      What is your favorite ore flavor?
      Mine is iron ore

    • R G
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      Who hurt you

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    The fact that Oreos are accidentally vegan is fantastic.

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  • TalonFlame _brawlStars.
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    this still doesn't make me think twice before destroying an entire pack of Oreos.

  • Mike McConeghy
    Mike McConeghy 8 months ago +8

    As a kid, I thought of Hydrox as the cheap knock-off. In fact, they were the original.

  • Zachary Marentette
    Zachary Marentette Year ago +12

    For the beginning part, I'm actually the type of guy who stabs the cream with a fork, dumps the entire cookie in milk and then put it in my mouth but that's just me.

  • Katieisinnocent
    Katieisinnocent Month ago +1

    And we can't forget E. Eat the cream between the cookie and then put the cookie back in the sleeve when you're done eating the cream between the cookie!! :D

  • Sharick Fely
    Sharick Fely Year ago

    The annoying thing is, it's hard to choose which brand is worse
    Oreo may be the copycat, but hydrox chose to leave when Nabisco was just trying to help when he was recovering

  • Archie Williams III
    Archie Williams III 18 days ago

    My family actually preferred Hydrox cookies over oreos. They were cheaper & tasted sweeter.

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright 2 years ago +762

    Personally, I throw my whole cookie into a glass of milk, wait approximately 8 seconds, fish it out with a spoon, eat it whole, and repeat the process in a trance like state until I eventually come to realizing I need a new package of oreos.

    • Vaporean_BoyLove.0w0
      Vaporean_BoyLove.0w0 2 years ago

      @davidissonic _
      I honestly sometimes do that. It's like similar of drinking cereal milk but it's better because COOOKIES

    • rherschell
      rherschell 2 years ago

      Same. I call it Oreo soup

    • Crownimator
      Crownimator 2 years ago

      But what if the milk was warm your 8 second wait is more than enough to make the cookie blend with the milkjust wondering

    • KrepsyK
      KrepsyK 2 years ago

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    • Rift Time Studios
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  • T P
    T P Year ago

    The interesting thing about brands in grocery stores is that in specific aisles, mainly the cookie and cereal aisles, they actually have to have reps from each company to come in when the store wants to change how things are shelved in any way shape or form since they all have guidelines on who has to go where.

  • BringHomeTheBasil

    This is probably why Nabisco finally came out with a Gluten Free version of their cookie not so long ago - another one upping over the original !

  • TheHydraGoose
    TheHydraGoose 5 months ago

    I'm gonna use this video to get the info I need for a presentation im making because I know all these facts have been researched thoroughly