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So This Thing Just Showed Up...

  • Published on Mar 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • I've officially never had one of these before...#technology #gadgets #ai #unboxing
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  • TheRandy
    TheRandy 2 months ago +5299

    @ $3,300 - they can keep that shit...I'll just send a text and look up the MLB scores

    • David Butler
      David Butler 2 months ago +18

      What’s the name of it?

    • Johnny
      Johnny Month ago +47

      @David Butler vestaboard

    • M7MD
      M7MD Month ago +133

      ​@David Butler bro do literally anything else with the money.

    • Da Dude 2k21
      Da Dude 2k21 Month ago +208

      Wtf. 3k for that shit!! I can get a oled, raspberry pi and still have money left over to go to Paris. 😮

    • MrViral
      MrViral Month ago +35

      Get a cheap one from china🤣

  • Babayega
    Babayega Month ago +1357

    Flashback to the old days at the airport with they would have flight info on these things and it was always so cool to listen to them as they changed from different things like "approaching" or "landed" or "delayed".

    • All About Roofing
      All About Roofing Month ago +14

      I'm not old, you're old. Hehe I remember

    • bar tard
      bar tard Month ago +7

      now the same tech just bluetoothed to ur phone sells for thousands of dollars lol

    • James Jones
      James Jones Month ago +9

      @bar tard I believe it sold for thousands then as well if they were at airports

    • ArkadiaII
      ArkadiaII Month ago +8

      Everyone a certain age knows the dread sound as one column simultaneously flips every flight to "delayed"! 😂

    • StringBean
      StringBean Month ago +1

      Damn I’m young

  • Wmopo Faen
    Wmopo Faen 26 days ago +2

    dude imagine having this as a streamer and having it programmed and hooked to your alerts so the messages on donations appear on it when people donate

  • EvilTim1911
    EvilTim1911 Month ago +1863

    This is something I'd actually really like for my home. Notify me when there's a $300 version

    • MR Handika
      MR Handika Month ago +369

      and me when there's a $30 version

    • Victor Gonzalez
      Victor Gonzalez Month ago +44


    • Eric G.
      Eric G. Month ago +104

      And me when y'all see in on wish for 3 dollars

    • Da Vida
      Da Vida Month ago +9

      Aka your poor we get it

    • R Tg
      R Tg Month ago +16

      Please tell me if its $100

  • Feco Dalwo
    Feco Dalwo Month ago +8

    for building anticipation for things like holiday messages, dinner plans, vacations, sudden scheduling changes, etc. I love this.

  • Brown Dwarf Star
    Brown Dwarf Star Month ago

    Bro's literally living in the batcave 💀💀

  • Ricky Jayson Guevarra
    Ricky Jayson Guevarra Month ago +183

    This is one of those things that you want but you don't need. 😂😂😂

    • Alex T
      Alex T Month ago +1

      Oh 💯. I love these.

    • Bruno Dallorso
      Bruno Dallorso Month ago +4

      I'm in main land China now, building this for you for 3 American cents.

    • Nico Pierre
      Nico Pierre Month ago

      ​@Bruno Dallorso thank u for yr sacrifice

    ONNIE Month ago

    This would be great for an escape room

  • optimusp517
    optimusp517 Month ago +509

    This is like those vintage airport flight schedule signs. Super cool!

    • Mark D
      Mark D Month ago +6

      yep and I am old enough to remember them in the European airports and train stations back in the 70s. I watched a show that talked about this tech and I think they said there are maybe 2 left in operation now and that people from all over world plan a layover just so they can take video. Cool for sure.

    • Heero Sanos Yuy
      Heero Sanos Yuy Month ago +1

      Beat me to it

    • Joe0400
      Joe0400 Month ago

      Because it is. ElectroMechanical flap displays. They rotate the flap disc and it shows the letter on itm

    • Mr Main
      Mr Main Month ago

      @Mark D I grew up in France in the late 80s and 90s and yeah, they were in all the train stations. You can still find them is some train stations. The sound is weirdly nostalgic !

  • Cory Grover
    Cory Grover Month ago +523

    This man casually has an Autozam AZ-1 as a decorative piece lmao

    • Mason Herriott
      Mason Herriott Month ago +6

      I saw that lol

    • Liam Ryan
      Liam Ryan Month ago +10

      Hmmm.... I have a spare $20k to burn... What to do... I'LL BUT A RARE CAR TO PARK INSIDE AS A DECORATION!
      Good eye. I missed it the first time.

    • Ivan
      Ivan Month ago +2

      ​@Liam Ryan helps them avoid taxes

    • Victor Lemashon
      Victor Lemashon Month ago +2

      @Ivan Do enlighten me on this scheme :)

    • Thicc Boi
      Thicc Boi Month ago +1

      I didn't even notice on the 1st watch 😂

  • R EMcW
    R EMcW Month ago

    All I can hear is the mission ‘No Russian’ in mw2

  • Xavier W. Daniel
    Xavier W. Daniel Month ago +3

    Leaving note for your kids on the fridge just went to the next level

  • U.S Drifter
    U.S Drifter Month ago +1

    My Robotics teacher got 2 of those this year...
    I still get jump scared by them.


    You could send messages to the house when you're not there. Talk shit to your s/o 😂

  • Kreature Mind
    Kreature Mind Month ago +29

    Did they enter this room via a shipping crate?

    JITZXCREMENT Month ago +1

    Bro got himself the dark knight batcave

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    Imagine sending text messages with that thing.

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter Month ago +3

    Bro's unboxing in the Bat-Bunker.

  • vibeslide
    vibeslide Month ago

    Maybe ask Alfred or Lucius about it, they're prolly around somewhere

  • Zachary Bourlard
    Zachary Bourlard Month ago

    These mfs got Bruce Wayne’s warehouse 😂😂

  • QXZ9027MKII
    QXZ9027MKII Month ago +5

    Loved these in airports back in the 80's

  • Bravin Bravoh
    Bravin Bravoh Month ago +1

    "I don't know what this is" let's hope nobody sends in a bomb for review later on...

  • Leifdux
    Leifdux Month ago

    Now I'll never miss a flight

  • Brandon Waite
    Brandon Waite Month ago +94

    Your filming location looks oddly familiar. Like maybe Batman's secret bunker under the storage containers in The Dark Night?🤔

    • Brandezy Chambers
      Brandezy Chambers Month ago +4

      Facts thats what I was thinkin

    • rxlfe
      rxlfe Month ago +2

      bad romance

    • albert strohmaier
      albert strohmaier Month ago +6

      Grandma's boy. Where the matrix guy does his work.

    • fuzzymalaga
      fuzzymalaga Month ago +5

      That is the actual place where they filmed the Dark Knight. It’s in LA, called Popsicle studios. They shoot a lot of movies and music videos there. I’ve worked on 2 sets there lol. It’s kind of a running joke in town….. way overused

  • §ir Commander Dylon

    “It has the sounds of machinery… GA GA GA” 😂😂

  • Isaiah Mccants
    Isaiah Mccants Month ago

    Been watching this guy since I was in middle school. I'm 22 now

  • Tom Davich
    Tom Davich Month ago +11

    they have this as the train announcement board in Basel, Switzerland and I love it so much

  • Tanner Lucier
    Tanner Lucier Month ago

    At the Starbucks in downtown Chicago, they have these things just about 3x bigger and they’re constantly changing text. Only reason I stayed in there longer than I had to

  • conversepfflyers
    conversepfflyers Month ago

    That room has all the JP from grandma's boy vibes. You'd know if you had robot ears.

  • sedrafear
    sedrafear Month ago +27

    I'm genuinely shocked how unbox therapy is still around lol

    • Viola
      Viola Month ago +3

      I mean, they for sure aren't ever gonna run out of things to unbox.

    • 先生CherryPepsi
      先生CherryPepsi Month ago

      He got caught botting views

  • philip joseph banaag

    imagine this as a clock each second you would hear that satisfying click itd be satisfying

  • Immortal
    Immortal Month ago +4

    I knew exactly what it was right off the bat! Iv always wanted a vestaboard 😮‍💨 that sound is so calming to me

  • Anujistan
    Anujistan Month ago

    Is he unboxing things in Batman's garage ?

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    Installed one of these for kids bedrooms hallway so their parents could give them reminders from 200ft away lol.

  • The Lonely Loner
    The Lonely Loner 2 months ago +224

    I usually hate it when I get a notification from a channel and it's a Short. But this channel's Shorts are probably the best there is on Clip-Share. Love them.

    • Smokey G
      Smokey G 2 months ago

      Shorts are the best

  • leoric21
    leoric21 Month ago

    Dude Working In The
    Wayne R&D Department

  • Karthick Ragav Ramakrishnan

    I still don't know what it is, even after watching this short for like 16 times on loop...

  • origin trackz
    origin trackz Month ago +5

    Got some serious lost vibes going on!

  • CA_Quixote
    CA_Quixote Month ago

    First line is a major "that's what she said"

  • Supreme2k
    Supreme2k Month ago

    You can also use that board to keep a tally of how many people end up in the Backrooms

  • Ultra
    Ultra 2 months ago +472

    $3,000 …. No.

    • LIFE OF 728
      LIFE OF 728 2 months ago +3


    • PED Garage
      PED Garage 2 months ago +26

      For real?
      You can use a monitor or a tv do to the same... And much more 😌

    • CanJanosh9
      CanJanosh9 2 months ago +40

      ​@PED Garage to be honest, that's not the point, it's a cool decoration, but yeah it's still to expensive 😢

    • EagleStriker
      EagleStriker 2 months ago +27

      For that price you could hire a guy to stand there and write by hand.

    • Waltuh
      Waltuh 2 months ago +7

      Best I can do is 3 bucks

  • Zeldas Ritter
    Zeldas Ritter Month ago

    The dark area in the backround with this music is so terrifying

  • Vmal Tnuio
    Vmal Tnuio Month ago

    Yo. THis would be sick on the DJ booth. Crowd would love this. THrowin out random messages like "you're all lame for being drunk" LMAO.

  • goldfish Personified
    goldfish Personified Month ago +57

    my guy is filming this in the backrooms
    pretty sick gaget tho ngl!!!

    • mar cel
      mar cel Month ago +5

      batman's garage

    • Stephan Lyseng
      Stephan Lyseng Month ago +1

      Exactly what I was thinking. 😂

    • R W
      R W Month ago +1

      That backroom studio pulls 18 million subs tho 😏

  • Ahmed Raffat
    Ahmed Raffat Month ago

    This is the old bulletin board that's used to be in airports.

  • Juan Kovacs
    Juan Kovacs 2 months ago +528

    Is like the old boards in airports, right? Pretty cool if you can give it a real use lol

    • The Gadget Guru
      The Gadget Guru 2 months ago +3

      🤣 I know right

    • Estuardo Quan
      Estuardo Quan Month ago +16

      Teachers posting exam scores, mothers putting up chore lists, managers assigning cases, protesters writing on the go... but for 3000 rather get a white board for 10 bucks

    • The Gadget Guru
      The Gadget Guru Month ago +2

      @Estuardo Quan 🤣 it's endless fun for 3000 bucks but I don't think it's gonna call that good because it only does a few things for a company sure it's well worth it for airports sure for your average fonsum nope

  • Dan Gauvin
    Dan Gauvin Month ago

    I want to replace Alexas voice with this.
    Ask Alexa a question and it responds on this thing

  • Ahmad Zeidan
    Ahmad Zeidan Month ago

    It would be cheap for a school to have glass framed one of these on a wall with daily quotes

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I want one, it reminds me of how the train time table board on the central station used to work. That thing is in a museum now, but I always wanted one myself. Where can I order one?

    • david Tirlokhi
      david Tirlokhi Month ago

      Its a vestaboard hehe

    • Ed Rhoad
      Ed Rhoad Month ago

      ​@david Tirlokhi 😮

    • Nathan
      Nathan Month ago

      Looks like you’ve been on a few trains

    • RJ Goose
      RJ Goose Month ago +2

      So did I until I found out it’s $3k. My cutoff was like $400

    • C. Wood
      C. Wood Month ago

      Vesta Boards, only a measly $3,295.00
      😅 but wait, there’s more! Call now and for the same price you can get the limited edition *White* board that’s a limited run with only 1000 of them being produced! Wow! 😂

  • Darryl Jansen
    Darryl Jansen Month ago

    dude thats the 70s airport flight schedule board sound

  • 93BlazinFire
    93BlazinFire Month ago +4

    Cool. I'd dish out 70 bucks for that thing. But if it's over $3k, like people say...I'd have to think about it

  • moony kash
    moony kash Month ago

    Imagine unboxing that thing and the first text in displays are series of instructions on how to survive and that’s the ep 1 if a dead or alive reality show

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez Month ago

    I wish companies made fun stuff like this that was affordable. Everytime they show some cool gadget, it's 1000s of dollars.

  • Drake Perry
    Drake Perry Month ago +7

    It's awesome!! This company has been doing it for years, this version is- huge. Congratulations on the gift!!

  • Beach Fog
    Beach Fog Month ago

    This almost looks like that kind of thing you play with for like a week then it just sits on a single message

    CRISPR Month ago

    Makes me think of the countdown clock from lost minus the final siren.

  • Mark Elwick
    Mark Elwick 2 months ago +11

    Aw man it's like one of the old train timetable boards, that noise is so good

  • Nathaniel Jordan
    Nathaniel Jordan Month ago

    If I had been able to build the family I hoped for, this would be on the living room wall as a message board for my kids. The sound and slow rolling message would be awesome for building anticipation for things like holiday messages, dinner plans, vacations, sudden scheduling changes, etc. I love this.

  • Fared ___
    Fared ___ Month ago

    I hear a bank clerk counting money

  • Che Cosa
    Che Cosa Month ago +11

    reminds me of old departures/ arrivals boards at airports which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass Month ago

      That's the first thing I thought of

  • Tanner Matthew Kennaw

    I’m currently in the army reserve and I’m going active in the next two years. I’d love to have this at home so I can send daily messages to my family

  • Aubrey Brackett
    Aubrey Brackett Month ago

    I would use this in one of 2 ways...
    1.) In a scenario to show trivia questions and answers.
    2.) Used by streamers to have high pay tier messages show up during lives.
    That way, it is a tax write-off 😅

  • Nov1ceAlgae
    Nov1ceAlgae Month ago

    brain.exe has me ascending😂

  • Vamporace
    Vamporace Month ago +9

    We used to have giant boards like these at train stations (before they went digital). The sound of the transitions was mesmerizing ❤

    • Bhuvanesh Krishna
      Bhuvanesh Krishna Month ago

      Which place?

    • Vamporace
      Vamporace Month ago

      @Bhuvanesh Krishna any "big city" train station in Belgium had that as far as I remember.

  • Tim Reed
    Tim Reed Month ago

    Y’all the real Bruce Wayne with that room. Super dope!

  • ThePaalanBoy
    ThePaalanBoy Month ago

    I would just put on flight schedules and cancel them all 😅

  • Harry Zhong
    Harry Zhong Month ago

    John Wick: 2800 Million Dollars

  • NathanQuasar
    NathanQuasar Month ago

    Are we really not going to talk about the bat lair Bruce Wayne's got going on here? 😂

  • Tiff Tiff❤️
    Tiff Tiff❤️ 2 months ago +9

    The sound reminds me of the flight information signs they had at Frankfurt airport back in the 1979s and ‘80s. I’d get this machine just to hear that sound again…but I’m better off just listening to videos of these sounds, LOL!

    • Funkteon
      Funkteon Month ago

      I would NOT trust a split-flap 'Solari Board' display manufactured by anyone except the Italians or the Germans/Swiss. They're (and especially the Germans and Swiss) are the last two countries where this technology is still actively operated and maintained, such as currently at Frankfurt Airport today. A BUNCH of people who've bought this thing from Vestaboard have had nothing but trouble with them jamming up... And they cost a FORTUNE!

    • Estuardo Quan
      Estuardo Quan Month ago

      I was in frankfut a couple of years ago and shit is still up

    • Funkteon
      Funkteon Month ago +1

      @Estuardo Quan Correct, because Germany is one of only two nations (Germany and Switzerland) who still have a thriving industry for its manufacture and repair... Most countries have had to pull them down as they lack the talent and the parts to keep them running... They're typically FAR too big to send away for repair.

    • RoIIingStoned
      RoIIingStoned Month ago

      @Funkteon where do you see people complaining about them jamming up?

  • Mexi
    Mexi Month ago

    that is cool ngl. the fucking sound itt made was orgasmic to my ears lmao

  • Stan
    Stan Month ago

    Very nice of Batman to let you use his batcave

  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy Month ago

    Put that in the back window of your car so you can tell tailgaters to back off.

  • Lunyuso Bahlekazi
    Lunyuso Bahlekazi Month ago

    They're in Batman's bunker. 🗿

  • Jason Kruse NFL
    Jason Kruse NFL 2 months ago +9

    Double it and give it to the next one.

  • Shadow Enz
    Shadow Enz Month ago

    Used to be the best sound in an airport back in the day

  • Bebo TM
    Bebo TM Month ago

    These guys look like they in the room in that one Batman movie .

  • Austin Z. Gifford
    Austin Z. Gifford 2 months ago +5

    I found this product a few years ago, and I've stayed on their mailing list for whenever I finally get my own house

  • Seed Royal Nebthet Chief Priest

    She said clearly it's very different and then turned around and did not accept what was very different.

  • MadGamez
    MadGamez Month ago

    “I like this thing.
    I like this.
    This is cool.”
    - Lew

  • D SJ
    D SJ Month ago +8

    I need this in my life

    • ben dover
      ben dover Month ago

      So you don't need 3000 dollars in your life?

  • Terrin
    Terrin Month ago

    Notice how none of the marketing footage for this thing, including this short, ever show it actually working in full without cuts because nobody would buy one if they saw how slow it really is

  • CorporateZombie
    CorporateZombie Month ago

    Some of the drama of railway travel and air travel was lost when they stopped using these kind of boards and went digital.

  • T G
    T G Month ago +3

    I don’t know what is is.. but I like it !😊

  • lilslicknick93
    lilslicknick93 Month ago

    Wow the equivalent of looking up something on your phone and then writing it on paper for no reason at all

  • damn it Beavis 😁

    Props for the brain.exe stopped working😂

  • TheTrueHasenfeffer
    TheTrueHasenfeffer 2 months ago +8

    Holy shit. I want this.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M Month ago

    Analogue machines have their place.

  • Psychedelic_Wolf
    Psychedelic_Wolf Month ago

    Imagine u have one in ur living room and someone hacks it… we all know it’s gonna happen 😁

  • Robert Steven
    Robert Steven 2 months ago +6

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    • Patrick m-
      Patrick m- 2 months ago

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    • Maxwell Desmond
      Maxwell Desmond 2 months ago

      After watching so many Clip-Share tutorials videos about trading i was still making losses until David Reinkensmeyer started managing my investment now, i make $6,800 weekly. God bless David Reinkensmeyer, his been a blessing to my family.

    • Neobot21
      Neobot21 2 months ago

      After following this thing for an amount of time, I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids of the mouth and 3 minutes the live. Can't say I've ever spent my money like this before! Thanks Richard Andbals!

  • PleaPea
    PleaPea Month ago

    Imagine the terror of a home invader being next to this and you just activate a threatening message and all that noise and shit lolol.

  • Jakub Samosiuk
    Jakub Samosiuk Month ago

    I've been fantasizing about putting this thing up in my kitchen and sending messages to my kids through it. It would be so loud that they won't be able to ignore it 😂

  • Divyansh Harnal
    Divyansh Harnal Month ago +7

    That sound 🤤🤤🤤

    AK GAMING CENTRE Month ago

    this the same garage batman uses, he probably rents this garage 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dhakan sahab films
    Dhakan sahab films Month ago +1

    bro casually owning a dark knight batman cave

    • G-man 05
      G-man 05 Month ago

      I was thinking the same thing

  • John M
    John M 2 months ago +3

    I spy an AZ-1 👀

  • Drewzplace
    Drewzplace Month ago +1

    This is what they had in airports for many years

  • Jack Nasty
    Jack Nasty Month ago

    I haven't seen these guys for several years, theyve been hitting the gym!

  • Ade
    Ade 2 months ago +6

    This channel is dead sheesh

    • S V
      S V 2 months ago +1

      @Ade No it’s not. You’re here.

    • More and row
      More and row 2 months ago

      @S V still though

    • ItzzAK
      ItzzAK 2 months ago +1

      I agree 💯
      Dead af ⚰️

  • Don Duran
    Don Duran Month ago

    im going to buy atleast 10 of this and create a high table like in john wick

  • Khang Hòa Vu-Nguyen

    Old railscedule in Germany the sound was so satisfying