Camila Cabello - Shameless

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • "Shameless" single available at:
    Director: Henry Scholfield
    Find Camila Here:
    Twitter: @camila_cabello
    IG: @camila_cabello
    Facebook: @97camilacabello
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  • Dina Shohatee
    Dina Shohatee 13 seconds ago

    keep it going love u girl

  • Alexamara Cok
    Alexamara Cok 2 minutes ago


  • Laura Isabel LópezOrtiz
    Laura Isabel LópezOrtiz 4 minutes ago


  • Lindsay Brooks
    Lindsay Brooks 6 minutes ago

    She looks pregnant. Just sayin. Not in a bad way

  • Beelzemon MC
    Beelzemon MC 6 minutes ago

    Turn captions on 1:28 says "Ellis bear" 😂

  • Julissa Nova
    Julissa Nova 16 minutes ago

  • EmpressOWolf
    EmpressOWolf 21 minute ago

    Am I the only one that sees the glimpses from the all in my head coreo??

  • thank u, next
    thank u, next 56 minutes ago +1

    tbh this video reminds me of selena gomez’s “wolves” for some reason and “liar” reminds me of “bad liar”, NOT SAYING SHE COPIED but just great minds think alike

  • hadaari vlogs
    hadaari vlogs Hour ago +1

    If u luv Camila then like👍👇

  • Braxy
    Braxy Hour ago

    this track is sooo DOPE😳... I think it might be one of the best songs she ever did! This vid is just awesome. I'm spechless, really. It's a masterpiece. 😳😍

  • Efrain Guzman
    Efrain Guzman Hour ago +1


  • Billie eillish Is my queen and also joana ceddia

    I love the “right now I am shameless”

  • Randy Franzmeier
    Randy Franzmeier Hour ago +2

    Show me your shaved legs

  • Prabal Shukla
    Prabal Shukla Hour ago +1

    Are we going to talk about the beats ...addictive as hell 😍😍

  • Christine Brett
    Christine Brett Hour ago

    Red dresses remind me of The Handmaid's Tale but slot nicer! Love this song

  • Moni singh
    Moni singh Hour ago

    I am not feeling shameless, Because i am listening to shameless 😂😂

  • Cutey Kitty
    Cutey Kitty Hour ago

    It triggers me that Camila Cabello and Bebe Rexha sound so alike🙃

  • Nacho Jiménez
    Nacho Jiménez Hour ago


  • Maria Barbosa
    Maria Barbosa Hour ago +1

    I like that!

  • Thechristykiki
    Thechristykiki 2 hours ago +1

    Never change your song style😍

  • nayana nikumbh
    nayana nikumbh 2 hours ago

    0:55 it looks like Shawn standing there...
    2:59 she sounds like Sia

  • Classe A
    Classe A 2 hours ago

    Good clip

  • Shirliane soraia Soraia
    Shirliane soraia Soraia 2 hours ago +1

    Vamos lá brasileiros vamos mostrar que adoramos Camila

  • Rosy Bala
    Rosy Bala 2 hours ago

    I like the concept.

  • Rolex Rahaman
    Rolex Rahaman 2 hours ago

    What's your favorite line: "Now that you have me do you want me still"

  • Sharon Vega
    Sharon Vega 2 hours ago +1

    Me encanta esta hermosisimaaaaaaaaa ya la escuche como 100 vecea enserio pero siento que lo eh escuchado antes

  • Quide
    Quide 2 hours ago +1

    I louve her voice

  • Choib coulibaly
    Choib coulibaly 2 hours ago +1

    OMG love this song

  • Nayeli Salgado
    Nayeli Salgado 2 hours ago +1


    MASTER FREE FIRE 2 hours ago

    I love your song Camila Alb song Camila♡

  • VINCINT Official
    VINCINT Official 2 hours ago +1

    My fav song of hers right now

  • Aloe Orison
    Aloe Orison 3 hours ago

    yaaaaassss I absolutely love Camila and she keeps giving us her all and singing beautiful vocals, serve some tea !!

  • emma x
    emma x 3 hours ago


  • Mohammed Lami
    Mohammed Lami 3 hours ago +1

    I Love In This Music Video My baby Face Mila So Cute !!! I Love Here And I Love all Songs Mila Did !!!

  • Antonio Petrillo
    Antonio Petrillo 3 hours ago +1

    A shameless señorita looking for real friends after all these years she was in the dark and crying in the club in Havana.
    She will never be the same after all that which happened last summer.
    Because she still loves control and does bad things.
    And she can’t do anything against it because she is into it from the inside and out.

  • Hush
    Hush 3 hours ago

    2:58 *captions on* Our reaction when this video came out

  • BenBen
    BenBen 3 hours ago +1

    She has a very powerful voice. When I am feeling sad this song is the best way to make me happy again

  • Hush
    Hush 3 hours ago

    1:25 *captions on* Ellis bear

  • Degu Alula
    Degu Alula 4 hours ago

    I don't like you

  • Duda Silva
    Duda Silva 4 hours ago

    Alguém do brasil?

  • Alondra Cueto
    Alondra Cueto 4 hours ago

    Tiene retuales de eluminate

  • Amy Tellez
    Amy Tellez 4 hours ago

    Soy yo o hace referencia a un ritual satanico?🤔

  • shachi purwar
    shachi purwar 4 hours ago +1

    For some reason Camila looks like Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter to me 🧐

  • Shema Mahfooz
    Shema Mahfooz 4 hours ago

    woaahh man this is a super hit😍😍

  • Ali Dagdelen
    Ali Dagdelen 4 hours ago

    ANGEL SEMU 5 hours ago

    camila got many likes oh God😍

  • Hendall Zigi
    Hendall Zigi 5 hours ago

    This song is obviously a BOMB!

  • Caramel Chocolate
    Caramel Chocolate 5 hours ago

    "Weakness, tension in between us"
    *this reminds me of my crush*

  • Fraquane
    Fraquane 5 hours ago

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  • jackbeio
    jackbeio 5 hours ago +1


  • bread Jinie
    bread Jinie 5 hours ago

    Awful voice

  • Lamar Ahmed
    Lamar Ahmed 5 hours ago

    I love it so much I want you to come and visit me in Egypt please where do you live camila

  • Ay's anything and everything

    Make up less queen 👑

  • PGS
    PGS 6 hours ago

    Hi! Please check my new cover of "Slide Away" (Miley Cyrus) and don't forget to subscribe. Thank you so much! ;)

  • Faith Wells-Matthews
    Faith Wells-Matthews 6 hours ago

    I’m shameless because I’m not listening to her songs allways

  • Datsi Gabriela Guerra Núñez

    Me encanta

  • Gurvinderjeet Kaur
    Gurvinderjeet Kaur 6 hours ago +3

    Shameless or Señorita✨✨✨✨

  • Tithi Sarkar
    Tithi Sarkar 6 hours ago +4

    Her vocals are sooo good she deserves more awards than taylor swift
    Like for camiliser and comment for swiftie

  • Mūmija TV
    Mūmija TV 6 hours ago +2


  • Sofija Petrović
    Sofija Petrović 6 hours ago +2


    I won't to be the first