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D'Vontay Friga vs Matt Kiatipis Physical 1v1! | $50,000 Creator League

  • Published on Jan 5, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • @DVontayFriga and @mkiatipis will kick off the HoH $50,000 Creator League on Thursday at 8:30 pm EST!
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  • Creator League
    Creator League  Year ago +588

    The creators in the league collectively decided on call your own fouls as the rule for the regular season. The tournament at the end of the season which will decide the 50k winner will have a referee. CashNasty vs. Gio next week!

    • Shannon Hall
      Shannon Hall 7 months ago

      @The Chosen One Nothing you said made any sense.

    • lennox5150
      lennox5150 11 months ago

      Allowing this kinda trash hoopin with MK acting like he’s playing linebacker for Florida State completely discredits the tournament and the validity of HoH and what y’all trying to do. Unbelievable that the league wouldn’t have some kinda rule in place to stop this barbaric nonsense. It wasn’t even a good game to watch, it was just MK constantly fouling and then gets the “W” for playing dirty af. Yeah, real nice standards going down in the HoH…Aka Hackin On Hoopers League. Truly pathetic… 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Duke City Nate
      Duke City Nate Year ago

      You guys definitely need a ref! All this MK kid does is foul foul foul an cries when friga calls a foul an he rarely does, he could of called 100 more fouls on the MK kid, an on top of that the MK kid calls any small foul he gets. Dudes a strait mark an this wasn’t fair at all. Definitely need a ref.

    • solstice
      solstice Year ago

      I'd like to see Austin Mills and JLaw matchup against MK just to see what they have to say

    • Mikey Z
      Mikey Z Year ago

      Yeah bet mk was all for the call your own fouls lmao

  • Jim Park
    Jim Park Year ago +1897

    Should have 6 fouls per game. After the 6th, you lose a point per foul, otherwise, you could literally just do what MK did and foul every time.

    • Teej Davenport
      Teej Davenport 8 months ago

      What? lol get tuff bro, if friga wanna play the game the right way more power to him but we ain’t changing no rules bro

    • The Goon
      The Goon Year ago

      @Untold Analytics he lost get over it

  • Colin Becker
    Colin Becker Year ago +1105

    Respect to Friga for playing the game the right way.

    • KC
      KC 11 months ago +1

      Always has

    • Rivaldi Hartanto
      Rivaldi Hartanto 11 months ago

      @Lawrence I see

    • Lawrence
      Lawrence 11 months ago

      @Rivaldi Hartanto no im not saying MK is the better player. Friga is the better overall player, but MK wanted it more and the physicality and trash talk took Friga out of his game.

    • Nolaboy Cap
      Nolaboy Cap 11 months ago

      @Lawrence why dis comment is exactly me onna court (being mk) ? but mfs don’t respect defensive strategies & players no more shit crazy. I be gettin into ppl’s heads onna court too & be da littlest one too onna court.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +1031

    It ain't even about who wants the game more. It's about respect going both ways. MK playing dirty was due to having zero respect for Friga. His smack talk, giving friga zero space, unnecessary foul calls, his constant fouls. The amount of times bro was all up in Friga's space, Friga could've easily twisted the shit out of his ankle when landing after a jumper. With a ref MK would easily foul out. Main idea this isn't about who wanted it more. Friga lost the whole passion mid game because of how stupid the game was overall. Smh

    • Lowkeeh kis
      Lowkeeh kis 11 months ago

      Doesn’t mean you give up when it gets hard. you Wana beat him “the right way” then you better be freaking good enough and stop using morality as an excuse to not compete. Lost his passion my booty. 50 grand on the line and you’re pulling that mess…

    • William Hill
      William Hill Year ago

      Nah, no excuse for Friga. He’s got to match that or put MK on the ground. Mk knew he had no chance any other way

    • Major Zo5
      Major Zo5 Year ago

      Change name too Samantha sounding like a 👧

    • Chris 704
      Chris 704 Year ago

      @Erik Martelly Ong he was janky ash on my soul 🤣

  • Mitchell Rossman
    Mitchell Rossman Year ago +149

    Friga a better man than me, I woulda “accidentally” swung an elbow 😂
    It’s hilarious how as aggressive as MK plays that with how he calls fouls, he’s the soft one 😂

    • Fake Man spider
      Fake Man spider Year ago +7

      At a certain point, it’s straight up your fault for not standing up for yourself. Friga needs to grow a pair and keep these dirty defenders In check, actually argue for the clear fouls instead of being quiet about it. If you do nothing about bullies, it’s only gonna get worse

  • BFGHouse
    BFGHouse Year ago +491

    Damn I've never seen someone look so bad while winning, it's actually nuts to be honest.....

  • StrongHikmah
    StrongHikmah Year ago +155

    Friga has the humbleness of the earth's ground even in competition 🖤🖤

    • StrongHikmah
      StrongHikmah Year ago

      @Mark Brown mmm yeah but he's established it was meant for MK to win in destiny honestly. He played hungry. But the fact he lost he didn't cry & admitted to his faults. I honestly thought When cam & k showtime played K was going to disappoint me at the end but he sucked it up.

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown Year ago +1

      but sometimes it hurts him in competitive games like this

    • StrongHikmah
      StrongHikmah Year ago +1

      Gio Wise mk is tough I like both, I just love ball & seen both sides regarding attitude & where it takes you in the long run

    • StrongHikmah
      StrongHikmah Year ago

      Gio Wise "You win some you lose some, but you live.. you live to fight another day" lol 😆

  • Jilisa Brooks
    Jilisa Brooks Year ago +4352

    Honestly this was more annoying than entertaining. Watching Mk hack the entire game and friga call literally nothing was frustrating as hell. Mk is not better than friga period

    • LaRiian Broomfield
      LaRiian Broomfield 5 months ago

      I don’t know of either player and I agree completely

    • You
      You 10 months ago

      @White MunsterK there were refs bruh

    • Daniel Burdisso
      Daniel Burdisso 11 months ago

      I mean Friga has to call those but what’s incredibly frustrating is that MK calls a foul on everything

  • Baby._. Bruno
    Baby._. Bruno Year ago +717

    Mk: *fouls hard* “don’t call foul”
    Mk: *takes horrible shot and waits until he misses bad* “ holding my whole arm bro, foul”
    Mk ain’t a hooper he’s an entertainer, big difference lmao Friga balled out

    • Dante BReal
      Dante BReal Year ago +1

      Friga played weak until he dunked it on MK but it was too late ,if he took it too him earlier all day in the game ,MK would have lost , Friga played a lot of Brother's aggressive, stronger, confident, and tougher than MK ,and Friga was balling in the hoods ,

    • Lamar Hall
      Lamar Hall Year ago +1

      Mk literally fouls every single play

    • Wante
      Wante Year ago

      @Lon3frqnci you will be on the sidelines to bro with this basketball shit lol rare to make the league 😂

    • Parris Styles
      Parris Styles Year ago +1

      Why was mk added? He's the only one I never heard of. No nick? Maybe a guy from Amp? A guy from RDC? Was not fun watching mk play.

  • Samuel Hoff
    Samuel Hoff Year ago +369

    friga need to stand up for himself the amount of times that matt fouled him is outrageous

    • Mellooo o
      Mellooo o 9 months ago

      I mean just cause he doesn’t call many fouls doesn’t mean he doesn’t stand up for himself, he probably just plays through the contact that’s tough of him in my eyes.

    • More Hoops
      More Hoops Year ago +1

      @Gio Wise you weird af

    • Untold Analytics
      Untold Analytics Year ago

      @Thomas Garcia who friga? He probably wants the money tho! Rich people get rich cuz they don't leave nothing on the table. I mean, there's several other reasons, but still. If monies there, they gana take it. He probably cares about the money more than the fame of winning the Clip-Share league.

    • Thomas Garcia
      Thomas Garcia Year ago

      he dont care. bro runs with pros i dont think he cares too much about a creator league

    • Untold Analytics
      Untold Analytics Year ago +1

      @Gio Wise I'll take you up on that. 1k if Friga and Matt matchup again, I got Friga. I got cashapp or venmo.

  • John Moscol
    John Moscol Year ago +80

    Tough talk from MK. He’s quick to call “foul” when on offense, but hacks hard on defense. Multiple times friga put him on skates. Hard to score when you’re playing against “hack-a-shaq”

  • Foreign_Native650
    Foreign_Native650 Year ago +197

    Friga a smart man, didnt play into MKs games and even tried to give him some free game in the beginning. He easily gonna make it farther in his career.

    • dubs on dubs
      dubs on dubs Year ago

      @Lawrence the amount of money they are making won't hold them over after 10 years. They will still need to find a job. Every independent artist knows streams don't generate a lot of money. Sponsorships do but only for the time being they have a freelance career. It's not like they are going to the NBA and they aren't millionaires.

    • Lawrence
      Lawrence Year ago +1

      @dubs on dubs Lol it is when they pay you enough money where you dont need to actually work anymore.

    • Bob The Blob Fish
      Bob The Blob Fish Year ago

      @dubs on dubs And they still make more money than any career you'll ever have 🤣

  • lifeofazero
    lifeofazero Year ago +60

    They should include refs cause my goodness this was ridiculous. Gotta respect my bro Friga always keeps his cool

  • mc.marcussss
    mc.marcussss Year ago +1487

    damn honestly I thought friga was going to win, we all know friga won't cry or say anything about hand checking but damn MK did the whole game

    • Wavy Andres
      Wavy Andres Year ago

      MK a female

    • LordKoan
      LordKoan Year ago

      @Keesedeez101 lmaooo sure buddy

    • Keesedeez101
      Keesedeez101 Year ago

      @LordKoan also three dribble rules only help the bigger player so the smaller player is at a disadvantage

  • Ahmiir
    Ahmiir Year ago +121

    You know its bad when the camera man even had to tell him he fouling 😂 bro MK was hacking crazy all game and on the other hand was calling baby fouls every other play smh 😂

    • Ahmiir
      Ahmiir Year ago +1

      Gio Wise no bro not at all MK was hack 70% of the time but he did have some really good defensive moments poking the ball away back to back possessions but majority of the game was a hack fest by MK for a fact 💯

  • Dayton Boutilier
    Dayton Boutilier Year ago +37

    Respect to friga no idea how he can keep his cool through that

  • Gerald A dip
    Gerald A dip Year ago +9

    Respect to friga for keeping it cool and for sportsmanship!

  • The Goon
    The Goon Year ago +68

    Devinthelab said it himself - Friga too “nice”. And we all know Dev was being polite cuz what he really meant, is that Friga a straight up pushover. Man won’t even argue a foul call when there’s 50k on the line.

    • Drew Elric
      Drew Elric 11 months ago

      @Lavashia Crump Nah, go to any other youtuber for that because its already out there

    • Lavashia Crump
      Lavashia Crump 11 months ago

      @Drew Elric nah we want to see some dog or physicality

    • Drew Elric
      Drew Elric Year ago +3

      @The Goon he’s playing the long game. Understands that his brand is about positivity. This does further to grow

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown Year ago +2

      @23 he should it’s 50k 😂

    • The Goon
      The Goon Year ago

      @23 I doubt Friga makes that much to not care bout 50. He prolly pull 150k so that's 1/3 his annual salary

  • Isaac Potmesil
    Isaac Potmesil 11 months ago

    It goes to show how nice of a guy Friga is that he will give some respect where zero is due

  • Chosen
    Chosen Year ago +896

    I can’t believe friga kept letting mk check up the ball like that

    • raza
      raza Year ago

      @1God2SaveMƐ he ain't soft tf ym if friga was soft he would've refused to play after that fouling ass defense 😹😹

    • S L I M M
      S L I M M Year ago

      ong i woulda told him check that shit up the right way or we goin outside like fuck all tha😂😭😂😂

    • ShortyTrippin_
      ShortyTrippin_ Year ago

      Yeah I’m fuckin leaving no cap😭🤣

    • Juuu3x
      Juuu3x Year ago

      bruh come on you know friga ain’t no bitch ! He always getting hit on purpose and bumped cuz he has too much respect for the game of ball .. this is not real hooping . They were literally paint mashing backing each other down cuz he was hand checking whole game

  • Shannon Hall
    Shannon Hall 7 months ago +1

    D'Vontay killing him with kindness, the irony just goes right over MKs head.

  • lavalais45
    lavalais45 Year ago +55

    26:25 friga you are now my favorite creator. You the goat

  • Ike Munoz
    Ike Munoz Year ago +4

    FRIGA got way to much respect for the game. Creator, father, inspirational.

  • Done4
    Done4 Year ago +2

    The win is only legendary they don't last forever but good job friga for creating a highlight so we can never forget.

    DJ DEFIANT Year ago +1

    Good Game. I'd like to see Friga take it a little more seriously on the defesive end. I thought Friga could have scored more easily driving to the hoop. MK played hard. The dunk was the highlight of the match.

  • Wyatt Hussen
    Wyatt Hussen Year ago +764

    If MK played against himself on defense it would be a never ending game lmfao. That dude calls the weakest fouls on O, then plays like that on D smh. We need refs man

    • Arturo Lopez
      Arturo Lopez 5 months ago

      @CP REAL quit generalizing

    • Kevin Romero Ricardo
      Kevin Romero Ricardo Year ago


    • Pantz
      Pantz Year ago +1

      @The Goon I can see where your point but Friga aint soft, he's just too nice

    • The Goon
      The Goon Year ago

      @Pantz letting someone get away w callin weak ass fouls & being scared to argue is even softer.

    • Pantz
      Pantz Year ago

      @The Goon How is Friga soft, wouldn't calling weak ass fouls be considered soft??

  • Baby Pinhead
    Baby Pinhead Year ago

    Oh.My.God…Friga literally killed him ! That 1 Dunk was better than MK’s entire performance. Almost injuring Friga every single play.

  • Zyro
    Zyro Year ago +18

    Friga is too nice bro, man need to stay up for himself. MK literally call everything a foul even though Friga didn’t even touch his arm.

  • Puppyduck
    Puppyduck Year ago +60

    “Working every day on my defense” fouls every play 😂😂😂😂

    • Post
      Post Year ago +2

      @Gio Wise u trying to say mk didnt foul all game? hes handchecking at half court man

    • Gio Wise
      Gio Wise Year ago +2

      Mad your favorite Clip-Sharer lost? 😝😝

  • Lpeek123
    Lpeek123 Year ago +1

    Friga is way too nice especially with how the other guy was calling everything and also fouling every play

  • s1n27
    s1n27 Year ago

    yo I like how humble friga is and honest about is game. I like the grit of mk and the competitive nature

  • alhassan sheriff
    alhassan sheriff Year ago +864

    MK was hacking Friga so badly, I'm suprised there's no ref, doesn't matter if it's street ball or not there's a lot of cash on the line, it has to be played fair.

    • lennox5150
      lennox5150 11 months ago

      @Ortega Honestly, I’m surprised Friga didn’t get injured with this $h!t $h0w MK 6:15 was doing. Friga most likely didn’t push things bcuz A. He didn’t want to get injured and B. Friga ain’t desperate for the 50 racks the same way MK is.
      My man D stacks money already. Dvontay at 700k+ subs vs MK at 80k subs. MK need that 50 G’z to keep the power on over at his place. Dvontay probably ain’t sweating the money. And I’m sure D ain’t trying to get some permanent injury for 50 stacks. A permanent injury would cost Friga much more than 50 stacks. D’vontay was so lucky he ain’t mess up his 11:48 ankle 13:55 with MK the wannabe linebacker crowding D’s landing space on EVERY jump shot. Especially that last one I time stamped.
      You just seem like some MK fanboy trying to justify him playing football on a basketball court. Or maybe we’ve just discovered MK’s burner account.

    • alhassan sheriff
      alhassan sheriff Year ago

      @Ali Chaudhry if im the one crying you should probably stop instigating I fight when I'm literally trying to tell you I do no care, it was 2 months ago. get over it. immature asf. 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Ali Chaudhry
      Ali Chaudhry Year ago

      @alhassan sheriff Stop crying and man up

    • alhassan sheriff
      alhassan sheriff Year ago

      @Ali Chaudhry don't care 👍🏿

    • Ali Chaudhry
      Ali Chaudhry Year ago

      @alhassan sheriff Bro it is what it is. That's how I know you never played against tough opponents. If they foul and show disrespect you put them in their place. Nobody gonna step up for you when things get rough. You never complain if you getting fouled. Let them expose themselves as dishonourable players. Friga a likeable dude, but in this lion cage match, he played like a church mouse. You can never do that. You show up and play rough if they playing rough. If you opponent is playing respectfully, you play respectfully. It was 50K on the line. If you don't play hard for it, someone will. Nice guys finish last.

  • DeVion Boyd
    DeVion Boyd Year ago +5

    Friga came in with nothing but respect, acknowledgement, and positivity for MK and in return got back disrespect, pettinesses, and negativity. But congrats to MK hope it was worth it in the long run🙏🏾

  • Wako5
    Wako5 Year ago +16

    Pause at 28:22. Literally how this matchup went. 28:47 is "no foul, all ball"

  • Jaime Carrillo
    Jaime Carrillo 11 months ago +1

    I love Matt's determination and focus. I think Friga just wasn't as serious about it cuz im pretty sure he gets more fulfilment from playing the game for his youtube channel which is honestly my favorite. It's easy to hate Matt but this doesn't show that he is better tbh he called way more fouls that Friga could've called himself lets be honest.

  • Corey Gibbs
    Corey Gibbs Year ago +3

    Friga too nice man, but that's why we like him. He is legitimately a baller

  • Caleb Morales
    Caleb Morales Year ago +2

    I respect Friga for keeping his composure against MK playing dirty

  • Ebenezer Indi
    Ebenezer Indi Year ago +900

    HoH really organized a $50,000 league without a ref...

    • Ebenezer Indi
      Ebenezer Indi Year ago

      @King Dez Depends on the matchup. I'll watch whenever it's Friga and I'm curious how MK will play against the others.

    • King Dez
      King Dez Year ago

      U still gon watch the videos tho

    • Combat X Hoop
      Combat X Hoop Year ago

      fucking crazy

    • rip the bun
      rip the bun Year ago +1

      @XbeenFly yeah but cash might win the tournament from just fouling and hacking💀

  • re:
    re: Year ago +12

    Love Friga but he's definitely winning the participation award

  • Psolow
    Psolow Year ago +9

    why does friga have to be so humble😭

  • solstice
    solstice Year ago +1

    Friga's dunk was really satisfying

  • J Denley
    J Denley Year ago

    Friga was shoooook and rattled in this one. He’s the better player but MK created a home in Friga’s head for this 1v1

  • Anklebreakers717
    Anklebreakers717 10 months ago

    One good elbow would’ve solved all of Friga’s problems 😭

  • Gilbert Marquez
    Gilbert Marquez Year ago +870

    Man can't even finish the first game. mk is frustrating when he's like this. Fouls every play on D and then calls every foul on O.

    • Zay Smoove
      Zay Smoove Year ago

      That was not basketball I understand 50k is on the line but this is also entertainment and calling all those calls and hacking all game is not entertaining to me everyone could play like that and get away with it respect for friga for being humble about it

    • Teezy
      Teezy Year ago

      @Frieden Stone facts lol friga dosent even deserve that because when friga started his youtube stuff i was wathing him and praising him but when he countinued playing and uploading more videos and lost to multiple youtubers in 1v1 basketball I realized he wasnt as good as he seems. I stopped wathing him or caring about his videos because his takeovers werent really takeovers. im pretty sure nitty played the same kind of defense on hezi god and locked him up then we also realize that hezi god isnt that good too and btw basktball is a physical sport guys get into each other bodies and get physical. Mk played physical and hard and played like he was playing a youtube basketball star and played like the game mattered. Friga played so soft and let himself get punked and babied by mk and did not evern play like a basktball player who wants to win at the end he even let Mk rub his head something even kenny got mad about when mk did it to him

    • Teezy
      Teezy Year ago

      @The Goon ikr lol its literarily free money lol of course hes gonna take it. like we dont care if you leave me open im gonna take it lol.

    • Teezy
      Teezy Year ago

      @Frieden Stone nah bro so he shouldve just played d and played really hard when they were actually playing the game is already over and mk has already won the match.

    • Frieden Stone
      Frieden Stone Year ago +2

      @Teezy I ain't even vouching for Friga. I ain't on this fan boy goofy shi. And, no. Nitty didn't play "the same kind of defense". There is good, lock down defense, then there is fouling. There is a difference. If you don't like basketball and just want to see some shi get physical, there are better sports to watch for that.

  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark Year ago

    Respect to friga for not lashing out when he was getting hacked every rip n couldn’t get a call but respecting his every call 🤷‍♂️

  • J702
    J702 Year ago +2

    I like mks hustle. I really think he will be up there maybe even win it all. I know he played physical but who wouldn't for 50k. It def makes it entertaining too. Friga gotta work on his defense and stamina. Like he said he wasn't prepared so next time they play I hope friga comes ready to go. Rematch would be lit. Props to mks crazy speed and stamina, dude never seemed tired while friga looked like he was gassed since the first game.

  • Sebastien Fulga
    Sebastien Fulga Year ago +1

    When MK got dunked on it was the only time he gave Friga enough respect to check the ball properly… just that one time🤣

  • NigerianBaller
    NigerianBaller Year ago +18

    26:30 I'm losing, but that's a fucking highlight 😂😂😂 Frame it and put it on a poster 🖼🖼 D Friga better train seriously for his game against Chrswht, even though MK was hacking the whole game and fouling when Friga was shooting 3's, you have to give him room to land, a ref is gonna call that every time.

  • Nik's NeverEnding Journey

    14:13 listen closely and you can tell MK's character and amount of respect for Friga

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark Year ago +421

    Friga is a walking dub, no has beaten him straight up, they are always hacking his shit. And he just calmly keeps moving forward.

    • kevisback
      kevisback Year ago

      @Drazo proved his point 💀

    • Nathan Pham
      Nathan Pham Year ago

      nah. in one of frigas videos he got beat a couple times

    • Sav
      Sav Year ago +1

      Friga is chill, but way too nice to the point where it gets annoying. Friga is going to keep getting punked because people know he won't do anything.

    • Dan Jr
      Dan Jr Year ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣what bro stop he lost

    • Mez
      Mez Year ago


  • Eric J
    Eric J Year ago

    Mk plays defense like anyone I’ve ever seen play basketball for the first time.

  • Cisco tha king
    Cisco tha king Year ago

    Friga too humble for this, he was over it half way through the first game.

  • Jayson_Kidd
    Jayson_Kidd Year ago +2

    “My mans not playing basketball” Idk why that had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Charles
    Charles Year ago +5

    Legend has it that MK is still hacking Friga

  • CJ Foster
    CJ Foster Year ago +2

    In all honesty, and I'm surprised no one has really said this (I haven't seen), but I'm sure Friga probably wasn't trying to get hurt. If he matches MKs energy trying to be out of his own character, his likelihood of getting injured increases. 50k is alot of money but to Friga its probably not worth changing who he is as a person.

  • Mamba
    Mamba Year ago +754

    What i got out of this video:
    1- MK is a child who calls everything, and literally has built his defense around blocking fouls.
    2- Friga is too nice but the one thing he needs to work on is that reverse. After going left, MK hit the ball out of his hands every single time. Even though mostly they were fouls you need to adapt and make the reverse moves quicker, the dribble lower or at this point you know he is reaching and you are in the paint so you should pick up the ball and go for a lay.
    3- This definetely needs a ref because I see some of these other competitors might match the same energy as MK (like Chris White or Cash) and that might lead to some unsportsmanlike shit at the least, maybe even hands might be thrown.

      I'M POSSIBLE Year ago

      @Danyol WHHAAAT!!?! He paid someone to punch him?!?? Had no clue dude was such a dirt bag. Dudes do literally anything for clout nowadays and it’s disgusting.

    • Danyol
      Danyol Year ago

      @I'M POSSIBLE He doesn’t get invited to youtube collab events anymore after getting exposed for faking fights. He paid a guy to punch CashNasty but the guy never went through with it and exposed him instead

      I'M POSSIBLE Year ago

      @The Goon Except he wasn’t JUST facing up with his chest but also resting his arm on Friga’s hip…. which is a foul. And he did that every single play. We’re not even going to talk about the blocking fouls.

      I'M POSSIBLE Year ago

      @Danyol What happened to Nick Briz??

    • Jayden Vasquez
      Jayden Vasquez Year ago

      Friga whenever he goes against people like this u see in his game u gives up on it. For him it’s like why am I gonna try to be 100% when dude hacks him every move he makes he loses interest for the game and puts up bs. Put him against someone who plays the game correctly we get a whole different friga fs.

  • 2Much4You
    2Much4You Year ago +1

    Much respect for Friga, I feel you bro.

  • Chase Fender
    Chase Fender Year ago +5

    Mk really got a coach out there with him ☠️🤣

  • Boost Dreamer
    Boost Dreamer Year ago

    Much respect to Friga. I hate he even played this guy

  • Jayden Vasquez
    Jayden Vasquez Year ago +2

    I love how mk talking crap after the second game and friga actually showing love and being humble. Mk could have won buy Friga always a man of the people fs. At the end the day Friga my man’s over mk anyday. 💀

  • Earnex
    Earnex Year ago +1280

    Love the “defense first” attitude but those fouls gotta stop lol

    • BigM
      BigM Year ago

      Mk wasn’t playing defense , he just knows he could get a way with the bullshit because friga is soft

    • Parker Brady
      Parker Brady Year ago +2

      @Christian Walker it’s fine if you want to try to win 50K but don’t pretend like you won it playing basketball cause that shit ain’t basketball. That’s cool if you wanna play physical but you don’t have to foul on every possession. If you just want to foul with constant contact then let’s play football or something where that is actually part of the game. Constant fouling isn’t playing basketball man. Doesn’t matter where you play that isn’t it. Also it’s not soft to not want to play with that trash. I go to play basketball so I can play basketball. If I wanted to just play foul someone over and over again I wouldn’t play basketball at all and I would either go to a boxing gym or find a group to play football with. Wanting to actually play real basketball is not soft. That’s like playing uno with someone but you add the rule that you can punch them to stop them from drawing a card. Not part of the game so stop trying to make it like it is.

    • Christian Walker
      Christian Walker Year ago +1

      Man what are YALL TALKING ABOUT?!!! This street ball....call ball and you get ball or play through it and shut up....Thats fair.......I'm not saying friga soft but he def got bullied......y'all couldn't survive without a ref where I'm from.....it's a difference between playing for bread and playing for views......mk got that dog in him....50k is enough to go hard for....

  • M Wilson
    M Wilson Year ago

    It's really funny to see the difference between the two of their personalities

  • BlacqWoke
    BlacqWoke Year ago

    Friga is too nice sometimes.. the humble personality is coo but don't let ppl take that as weakness.

  • Sachin Jayakumar
    Sachin Jayakumar Year ago

    I appreciate the hustle and you should always play your hardest but that was the most hacking I’ve ever seen in a game of basketball lol. Respect the game

  • Nathan Colvin
    Nathan Colvin Year ago +2

    The most annoying thing is Friga didn’t call anything and mk called literally every little thing even if it wasn’t a foul

  • D'Juan Hardy
    D'Juan Hardy Year ago

    Friga literally is the most humble creator. Was even trying to give MK some pointers, like chill out. That's why nobody wanna sign you NOW. RESPECT THE GAME!!!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez Year ago +231

    At 11:50 MK says “don’t call a foul” when Friga literally said nothing which shows he knows he’s fouling. Then follows up calling the weakest foul

    • The Goon
      The Goon Year ago

      @Pantz I didn't say MK is hard I said Friga is soft.

    • David 888
      David 888 Year ago

      @The Goon I aint trying to watch the next Bruce Bowen!

    • David 888
      David 888 Year ago

      There is also a difference between playing football and basketball. This game sure as hell aint basketball.

    • JPiFF TV
      JPiFF TV Year ago +5

      @The Goon all that shit sound cool but MK just hacked every play he not even close to as nice as friga. Let them play w a ref mk getting made an example of. But carry tf on…

  • isaiah Ortega
    isaiah Ortega Year ago +1

    We gotta respect devonta for coming with these 1v1 what we wanna see

    • BigM
      BigM Year ago

      He’s too soft

  • BusyLivNlife
    BusyLivNlife Year ago +1

    MK played friga smart. When money is on the line gotta go to work! I actually thought MK would take this, but friga's a humble dude..

  • Jayden Chan
    Jayden Chan Year ago +3

    Friga’s being too nice

  • Gren Li
    Gren Li Year ago

    Friga ain't as hungry and underestimated the guy big time. That combined with them using the highschool 3pt line, the hacking from mk and friga being too chill to not be petty and call absolutely everything right back. But gotta give credit where its due besides the hacking I ain't never seen anyone clamp friga up like that.

  • WL x Mecca
    WL x Mecca Year ago

    I dont know if anyone knows but if you reach around the back and hit them before ball it’s the same as a reach in. You need to 3/4 wrap and strip the ball cleanly. I can’t count how many reaches there was

  • Benton Grant
    Benton Grant Year ago +239

    Friga plays legit street ball where he plays through and doesn’t call falls in the name of game, whereas MK calls everything while also fouling on D. Think there should be a ref involved to even the field bc some people grew up playing with a “I don’t call fouls” mentality, which is how street ball should be played unless it’s something obvious and ridiculous - that’s what gets you better. Also MK makes Friga shoot for it every time he calls foul whereas friga gives it to him even on clean ass blocks.
    Edit: just finished the video, MK a bum

    • John Nakamura
      John Nakamura Year ago +1

      @Benton Grant ok then yes he is a bum in that sense. What can I say tho money makes people weak

    • Benton Grant
      Benton Grant Year ago +1

      @John Nakamura I’m not sayin he’s a bum at ballin I’m sayin he’s a bum for 1. Calling fouls when friga had clearly blocked him 2. Making friga shoot for it and not respecting frigas calls 3. Fouling friga mad almost every possession. MK nice with the rock, but he a bum for playing like a spoiled kid who gets what he wants

    • Benton Grant
      Benton Grant Year ago +1

      @yungbreezy36 played d1 ball my guy lmao MK didn’t respect Friga’s calls either. Every time Friga called foul MK made him shoot for it and Friga gives MK his calls even on 2 clean ass blocks. If you backin him up that tells me you a bum too

    • 2GUYS1GUN
      2GUYS1GUN Year ago

      This isnt rly Streetball. It's a 1v1 in a nice gym for money.

    • Perico Pinero
      Perico Pinero Year ago +1

      @Chris Breezy hacking ≠ playing aggressive

  • Yehoshua Mouton
    Yehoshua Mouton Year ago

    Man that was tuff. So tuff all friga could do was laugh.

  • Tom Blue
    Tom Blue Year ago +1

    MK calling these soft ass fouls but wanna push friga into the wall. Fam that’s ridiculous😂😂

  • 30_anthonyy
    30_anthonyy Year ago

    Bro was on his nuts !!! Friga wasn’t taking as serious as the other guy was 😂

    • King Fargo
      King Fargo Year ago

      50k on the line. Friga tripping

  • Stunna Ron
    Stunna Ron Year ago

    Friga A Good Dude, When We Met He Was Cool, He Playing Thru Every Foul, & Fake Tough Slim Just Doing Anything

  • Eugene Ng
    Eugene Ng Year ago

    Lmao at 28:48 MK literally foul friga nice and MK said no foul. Good sportsmanship

  • Lamar Lamar
    Lamar Lamar Year ago +659

    Funny how MK talks about grow up and be strong, but he’s the one calling the weaker fouls. Respect to MK for hitting those shots, but he calls for fouls and acts like he isn’t hacking friga on the other end. Respect to friga for not calling em as he should’ve. Who’s really soft? 🤔

    • Vulture Mode
      Vulture Mode Year ago +1

      @The Chosen One I feel you but some people will do anything for money. D’Vontay clearly wasn’t gonna stoop to his level over some money

    • Nate Bailey
      Nate Bailey Year ago

      Friga soft af cause he didn’t challenge the calls, he basically went with whatever MK said. If MK called a foul Friga gave him the ball, shit soft..

    • luke vaipaata
      luke vaipaata Year ago +1

      @The Chosen One bruh fighting through the contact that's not contact that's dirty play mans not even letting friga land warping him up when friga tryna drive hand checking leading with his body on defense

  • kelpy G
    kelpy G Year ago

    What a nice person this Kiptpips is!

  • Belair
    Belair Year ago

    This needs to be replayed with more a ref or more rules in place with the constant fouls

  • One Peace
    One Peace Year ago

    Friga might be the chillest dude ever.

  • TrailersParks
    TrailersParks Year ago +1

    I can't believe they let MK's attitude on camera lmao

  • MusicMilkyWay
    MusicMilkyWay Year ago +181

    This was a good wrestling match no cap.. y’all should play basketball next

  • raw09868
    raw09868 Year ago

    You can tell, MK, in his mind, he thinks hes not fouling friga. And in his mind, he thinks hes getting fouled. It was almost unbelievable.
    When i think about it, he might be smart and realizes that its money on the line and thats a way to win which is to call fouls everytime. You can tell friga has integrity about himself and doesnt need the money as bad as MK does

  • Captin Afro23
    Captin Afro23 Year ago +1

    Friga’s too nice. He was still able to beat Hezi w that nice attitude though. People will take advantage of kindness and MK certainly did...

  • AsherOnYT
    AsherOnYT Year ago

    *Literally pushes him to the floor* “shoot for it”

  • Steve Lu
    Steve Lu Year ago +1

    Friga is humble but MK on the other hand is lowkey prideful. I’d love to see both hoopers goes far in their career but ref is needed for the one on one for sure. I’m also thinking friga doesn’t want to call fouls because people would call him soft. But he was getting hacked for sure. Friga is right that he already blown by MK but the hand check kept MK still stays in front. It’s annoying.

  • Chuck
    Chuck Year ago

    Lol in the first minute Matt calling big foul when he was barely touched. Can already see where this game is going

  • Gabriel K
    Gabriel K Year ago +289

    We can all agree it isn't basketball when you got 50k on the line with NO REF and a dude calling weak af fouls, in middle of a hack show.

    • 2GUYS1GUN
      2GUYS1GUN Year ago +1

      @The Goon he got bodied. Bro was trying to make a friend on the court lol

    • The Goon
      The Goon Year ago +1

      don’t be mad cuz your boy Friga is the softest man on Clip-Share and let himself get bullied and finessed. He soft af playing “for fun and for the love of basketball 🥰 ❤️ “ lmao bruh not everyone get the same Clip-Share checks as Friga cuz only one man was playing for 50k and it wasn’t him. Fifty thousand dollars means a lot to some people and they’ll fight for it. He just ran into a dog that was hungrier than him simple as that. You soft too boi stop making excuses. Friga lost.

    • 2GUYS1GUN
      2GUYS1GUN Year ago

      @d t friga got worked lol

    • d t
      d t Year ago +1

      @2GUYS1GUN sure but it's just not a good look for mk its cringe
      Friga just looked to nice

    • 2GUYS1GUN
      2GUYS1GUN Year ago

      @d t gotta man up then

  • HaM Burger
    HaM Burger Year ago +2

    There is a difference between being HUMBLE and SPREADING YOUR CHEEKS. Unfortunately Friga chose the the third option…ASS TO MOUTH😂😂😂💀💀

    • Cleek Wrong
      Cleek Wrong Year ago


  • Har Simaran Singh

    Friga is too nice tho. The skill level he has is one sided for this league, but he's not gonna call those fouls ever.

  • ej
    ej Year ago +3

    lil boy hasn’t been humbled in his life yet, gone hit pretty damn hard when he tries the wrong person

  • Evan Barner
    Evan Barner Year ago +1

    You guys can't let this stuff go on anymore. I'm watching for the basketball. Wanna see both players skills. Not fouling and bullying the whole game. Need refs bad.

  • Psycho Rivers
    Psycho Rivers Year ago

    Friga too nice. Bro was getting disrespected the whole game still tryna be friendly lmao

  • jdGTWN 20
    jdGTWN 20 Year ago +193

    Bruh there literally isn’t a possession where Matt doesn’t foul Friga 😂

    • SaucyJelly
      SaucyJelly Year ago

      Nahh that’s good defense

    • Kento
      Kento Year ago

      @jdGTWN 20 I did! Watch Dev reaction… he knows what good defense is. Why did Friga say MK defense was great then

    • jdGTWN 20
      jdGTWN 20 Year ago +2

      @Kento watch each play in slow motion, you can see the every single foul mk committed, and Friga just shook his head and moved on

    • Kento
      Kento Year ago +1

      Are you sure? More like aggressive defense, even Friga admitted it was good defense

  • Official Young O.G
    Official Young O.G Year ago +7

    He called everything a foul that’s tough lol😂😂 y’all need referees like ballislife🥱

  • tyler davis
    tyler davis Year ago +1

    He was just way hungrier than Friga. Friga more skilled but his cardio wasn’t better and mk defense was more aggressive. Friga playing too soft, gotta have a killer instinct if you wanna win this.

  • Cheick Coulibaly
    Cheick Coulibaly Year ago

    Friga was too soft, he was so nice with him. You need to match the opponent energy, otherwise you don't need to be on the court

  • Daniel Dejesus
    Daniel Dejesus Year ago

    This was hack ball I can’t wait to see this play out with refs.