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  • Andrew Bigfoot
    Andrew Bigfoot 2 months ago

    Basic Audio makes the best fuzzboxes IMHO, try them out Pete! Awesome video by the way, like always. :)

  • Arsenault Gilles
    Arsenault Gilles 2 months ago

    Just Loving it professional quality sound demo ,wonderful playing thank-you

  • SomeKindOfMadman
    SomeKindOfMadman 2 months ago

    Very cool upload, always informative, thanks Pete

  • Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall 2 months ago +1

    LOVED the show PETE, Fuzz was a Super Topic!! I have been Looking 4 A Great FUZZ TY!!
    Also Enjoy Having this being a weekly Thing, U Got My Vote Brother,See U Next Sunday, ( Maybe Wah Wah ?) Have a wonderful week

  • Dan Crowe
    Dan Crowe 2 months ago +1

    Crazy Tube Circuits make such good pedals. I will check out this Starlight. Have the Memphis for a Magnatone tremolo, and the Super Conductor as an amazing boost. Highly recommended pedal line.

  • Simba Kim
    Simba Kim 2 months ago

    New streaming setup sounds fantastic

  • Daniel Yarritu
    Daniel Yarritu 2 months ago

    The string playing out of tune by itself can happen on any string, including unwound strings. I have this happen occasionally on unwound nylon strings (strings 1-3) as well as others.
    The reason the string sounds out by itself string has to be uniformly round across its length for all the multiple harmonics to sound properly in tune across all the divisions of the string length. A deformed string will make one or more of the harmonics off in pitch just like two different strings can be out of tune. Usually, we can see the string vibrations aren’t uniform when the string is deformed. It wobbles weirdly, often with a big spike somewhere causing an unnatural fret buzz, or the inability to improve the pitch by moving the intonation screws. At that point the string is just dead and needs to be changed.

  • Larry Lachmann
    Larry Lachmann 2 months ago

    I've always LOVED fuzz, but realized, after spending too much money buying 'n trying, that I don't actually have a use for many of them, even some really expensive coveted stuff. I love hearing OTHER people playing a lot of different types of fuzz, when it suits their playing and their music, but I lean towards Muff style pedals the most. Smooth works for me best. I do have a Keeley Fuzz Bender, where I can dial in a rough sound as well as a smoother sound, but that's the only gnarly sounding one that I've kept. The Wampler Velvet Fuzz is the one I leave on my board most of the time. It's weird, because it's certainly not one of the more expensive boxes I've owned, but it just fits with my playing. Smooth! lol

  • Jason Hobbs
    Jason Hobbs 2 months ago

    Cool show Pete! Thanks for answering my question on the IEM’s, much appreciated sir. 👍

  • Judd Lofthouse
    Judd Lofthouse 2 months ago

    Cool show Pete 👍👌

  • Offbeat Instruments
    Offbeat Instruments 2 months ago

    I just got a Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box and I am having a lot of fun with it. I originally had a Suhr Rufus on my board, but it sounds very thin in comparison to the Foxy Tone Box. I love Suhr guitars and have two, but their pedals have always been a little disappointing to me, they just seem to miss sparkle and depth. Perhaps they are just not to my taste?

  • septemberfire
    septemberfire 2 months ago

    years back i went on a work trip to work at a cotton gin in wellington Texas, at the time I hadn't heard of rock your repaired amp.

  • Thomas Jay
    Thomas Jay 2 months ago

    Oh - so there are different kind of fuzzes ... ? - the starlight fuzz sounds a lot like the Reverend Billy G.😎 to me ... Great! me likes it - a lot ! 👍 cheers from Berlin - Thomas J.

  • All the good names were taken

    Iv had the ball end come unwound ,, all I cld do was rewrap and put a little solder on the wrap but just a wee bit the more solder the duller it sounds , its only to get ya by for a set or 2 . Seems to me .

  • Paul Daskal
    Paul Daskal 2 months ago +1


  • Paul Daskal
    Paul Daskal 2 months ago

    I'm kind of an idiot...lol No Way PT, why on earth would any guitar player need to know about step up or step down transformers?

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn  2 months ago +2

      Well, if you want to take an amplifier from the US to English, or say Germany to use, if you can’t switch the voltage on the amplifier, then you’ll need to use a transformer