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$10,000 FOOTBALL 1 ON 1'S W/

  • Published on Jul 20, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • INSANE $10,000 KING OF FIELD 1v1s w/ @MMG69 @Deestroying @Dockery @ajgreene15
    Check out episode 3 here! • $10,000 ICE BATH ...
    #HighlightHouse #MMG #Deestroying #Dockery #AJGreene
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  • Creator League
    Creator League  Year ago +33

    Check out episode 3 here! > clip-share.net/video/SkBhtZFpAa0/video.html

    • Derqz
      Derqz Year ago

      Constant bangers💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Aj Greene
    Aj Greene Year ago +605

    Yoo😂 Dockery is the fade ball KING😳🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Dominic Theos
    Dominic Theos Year ago +466

    Once again we’re all rooting for Papa Meags

    • Esteban Saenz
      Esteban Saenz Year ago +5

      I was gonna like it but then I saw the number

  • Kamikaze Kricket
    Kamikaze Kricket Year ago +589

    Alternate title: Semi-pro wrs think they’re cold cause they’re routing up a kicker

    • DB14
      DB14 2 months ago

      What about when dockery went against aj greene

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Year ago

      they are cold tho

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Year ago


    • IPU08
      IPU08 Year ago +1

      @Peyton Ajones You have girls name… yikes. Also what’s my name?

  • BBE Swiftyy
    BBE Swiftyy Year ago +7

    So we not gon sit here and act like at 2:24 Dock ain’t touch earth on that comeback route😂😂😂

  • Charlie Koebel
    Charlie Koebel Year ago +584

    There’s a reason there wasn’t been a white CB in 20 years😂

    • CJ-_-Savage_1
      CJ-_-Savage_1 Year ago

      @J Vermillion he played cb too that's why they have him as cb on Madden and it isn't an oop

    • TLOPeyton
      TLOPeyton Year ago

      Cause they getting quarterback positions lol

    • J Vermillion
      J Vermillion Year ago

      @CJ-_-Savage_1 Jim thorpe a hb

    • Caisen Haynes
      Caisen Haynes Year ago

      you know Caleb Farley is white right?

    • Dominic Romero
      Dominic Romero Year ago

      But Jason Sehorn was an amazing corner ain't gonna lie

  • Gary Trent Jr Gaming

    Massive respect to MMG for pretty much being all-time Q

  • Kaydon Stanley
    Kaydon Stanley Year ago +73

    Every time Dee dropped it I was like:
    “2 WORDS!!!!”

  • Dockery
    Dockery Year ago +106

    We gon run it back 🤝😈

  • Skiturbo
    Skiturbo Year ago +84

    The animosity between dee and dock lowkey kills the vibe in these videos

    • Lil Bird
      Lil Bird 9 months ago

      Honestly the first catch was p.I…the second Dee literally said “you can’t end the game that way”… 3rd catch he fell and recovered and said “If I catch this I don’t want to hear nothing”

    • Mani
      Mani Year ago +2

      @Flaming that’s hold after 5 yards u can’t do that and dee got faded 3 times in a row come on na

    • Lean On Lean
      Lean On Lean Year ago

      @Ahmad Hunter obviously you don’t he jammed him out of bounds that’s a dead route even AJ said it. you never played huh

    • Jamel Macon
      Jamel Macon Year ago +1

      Literally grabs him by the shirt its a hold

    • Osksjdjjd Jshshjdjd
      Osksjdjjd Jshshjdjd Year ago

      No way it’s a hold all day

  • Hooper’s Handbook
    Hooper’s Handbook Year ago +75

    9:34 Sick recovery tho 🤣

  • cj krz
    cj krz Year ago +30

    MMG the smallest one lol I know he wasn’t feeling himself 😂😂

  • Shat pants
    Shat pants Year ago +51

    We need more of mmg with dee

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith Year ago +2

    3:03 tells you that anything can happen in this game damn and that was tough cuz he still had to concentrate on the ball after aj hit the ball 🥵🥵

  • Goat Troy
    Goat Troy Year ago +52

    If Papa doesn’t win the Madden tournament I’ll be sad

  • 777
    777 Year ago +25

    Dee got a lil salty at the end there, never seen him like that. Guess he's human after all🤷🤷

    • Ybn DJ
      Ybn DJ Year ago +6

      Go watch his old vids against dockery that’s where he rlly gets mad 😭

  • joey alvarado
    joey alvarado Year ago +5

    Lmfaooo how they gonna give dockery a 70 rating after all that 😭

  • Whos Andrew
    Whos Andrew Year ago +13

    2:57 dee need his own pair of grip boost 😂😂😂

    • Whos Andrew
      Whos Andrew Year ago

      And 10:15 cmon dee😂😂😂 you better than that

  • Nathan Reyes
    Nathan Reyes Year ago +24

    Papa is just letting them win bc he’s that big and good

  • Tyler McGuire
    Tyler McGuire Year ago +26

    I was waiting for papas comeback win ngl🥵

  • Lucas Reinhardt
    Lucas Reinhardt Year ago +32

    Dee needs extra extra grip boost gloves😂

  • Hunter Stewart
    Hunter Stewart Year ago +10

    dockery has the best hands and won that like 3 different times

  • RandomYoutubeGuy
    RandomYoutubeGuy Year ago +27

    How dockery didn’t win this? Man literally caught the ball 3 times on Dee but they didn’t count a single one?

    • MJC
      MJC Year ago +1

      @Chris That was the third catch. The second catch was literally fair lol. The first one, he was pushed outta bounds. He caught all three passes regardless lol

    • Bryton Perkins
      Bryton Perkins Year ago +3

      @BLIZZARD guarantee he ain’t a millionaire

      BLIZZARD Year ago

      @Bryton Perkins it's 10k and he's a millionaire are you kidding me 💀💀💀

    • Bryton Perkins
      Bryton Perkins Year ago

      @BLIZZARD pocket change? 25k ain’t pocket change for dockery

  • Harley Schafer
    Harley Schafer Year ago +81

    Why did they make papa do this. Man's plays videogames for a living and is suppose to go up against athletes

  • Smoking with Phats.
    Smoking with Phats. Year ago +3

    Dockery plays just like I did when I was younger. Was the king of tipping it to myself.

  • ET Tv
    ET Tv Year ago +11

    Papa meags a trooper fo real 😂

  • Wells
    Wells Year ago +1

    This video got annoying at the end but I’m really glad MMG was in it. He is such an entertainer and made the video in my opinion

  • meek Mond
    meek Mond Year ago +1

    Lets be real its crazy how the kicker is easily faster than a d1 wide receiver

  • Khristian Crowder
    Khristian Crowder Year ago +11

    We just gone cheat dock like he ain’t catch those?

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez Year ago +6

    Anyone else notice dee’s got one cutters glove and one grip boost🤣

  • Wavy Yoboy BraBro Brooksie

    How is dee not in the NFL he's a triple threat

  • Matt H
    Matt H Year ago +1

    Dee has good moves with bad hands lol🤣🤣🤣

  • King Ham
    King Ham Year ago +4

    Yo Dee only if you had dockerys hands or if he had your speed!!!! You would be unstoppable

  • DB14
    DB14 4 months ago +1

    2:58 he catches everything bro

  • Joseph Vallejo
    Joseph Vallejo Year ago

    It's criminal if Dockery can't win this

  • Wilson Hernandez
    Wilson Hernandez Year ago +45

    2 words that aren’t grip boost Dee...... STICK EMS

  • Nando
    Nando Year ago +1

    Two words Grip Boost ! Dee needs it bad

  • Josh Terry
    Josh Terry Year ago

    Dockery, AJ, MMG, and Dee need to make a group and get a house

  • Reality
    Reality  Year ago

    Y’all see how mmg got up lol 😂

  • dane antoque
    dane antoque Year ago +2

    yes finally!!! you guys make my day no kizzy!

  • 100summers x
    100summers x Year ago +2

    Dee , “you gotta catch that”.

  • Jthapoet
    Jthapoet Year ago +1

    He needs some grip boosts 😂

  • Sherman Tyler
    Sherman Tyler Year ago +4

    Y’all should do this with basketball Clip-Sharers

  • The real Oyster
    The real Oyster Year ago

    Dee is just the goat

  • Ayaan Agarwal
    Ayaan Agarwal Year ago

    so no one gonna talk about what mmg did at 9:35 lmao

  • Jelly NM
    Jelly NM Year ago

    Ik all that love wasn’t gone last at the end of the game between dee n dock

  • Nick Evans
    Nick Evans Year ago

    They were low key not wanting Dockery to win SMH head top

  • PunkinRe...
    PunkinRe... Year ago +24

    Ay let's go this gon be a banger

  • Th4mas
    Th4mas Year ago +1

    Dock is back to his form ayeee

  • EddieSoldan ƐS
    EddieSoldan ƐS Year ago +33

    Dockery got robbed🤦‍♂️

  • Sports Kingdom
    Sports Kingdom Year ago +13

    Papa u we’re just out matched today u good papa keep grinding

  • Teagan Siebert
    Teagan Siebert Year ago +1

    Dee where those pushups you had a couple of catches you should have have self discipline🙏🏼@deestroying

  • TK TK
    TK TK Year ago +1

    Y’all know y’all should of gave dock that man.

  • Davey Richards
    Davey Richards Year ago +1

    Nfl need to put these guys in the league

  • Isaiah Staples
    Isaiah Staples Year ago +6

    anybody gonna talk about aj only wearing the hood part of a hoodie?

    • SmallGameBoomer
      SmallGameBoomer Year ago

      Most athletes in college wear them if you watch college football a lot of the players wear them

  • Devin Denny
    Devin Denny Year ago

    Dee need that grip boost

  • papa kiyeee
    papa kiyeee Year ago

    Mmg may not be able to keep up with college talent… but he sure beats them in content

  • Jaestar Joh
    Jaestar Joh Year ago

    “I gotta D you up still”
    -Papa Meags 2021

  • Rilla_Nik
    Rilla_Nik Year ago +3

    Dee and dockery should be in the nfl no cap

    • jaaired
      jaaired Year ago

      nfl corners not goin

  • donsauce donsauce
    donsauce donsauce Year ago +1

    Man I wish I was out there.

  • DiegoA2909
    DiegoA2909 Year ago +1

    Dock won on the second one IMO cuz I still can’t see the push off, but he was so annoying after and he always gets so salty when it involves dee

  • NoSwavo
    NoSwavo Year ago

    That boy dee need that grip boost

  • Levone
    Levone Year ago

    😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 destroying pulled out the whole rule book in the end

  • Chandler
    Chandler Year ago

    If you get pushed out of balance while in the air that’s an incomplete. Just good defense.

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson Year ago +11

    AJ the best one out there

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson Year ago

    I see why Matt was a kicker

  • Skymall
    Skymall Year ago

    all i learned is mmg needs to hit the weights

  • Dawn Beauchamp
    Dawn Beauchamp Year ago +1

    If MMG is 6,5 and Deetroying is 5,10 then how the fuck is Deetroying taller lmao 1:10

  • Nathan Amsden
    Nathan Amsden Year ago

    I love mmg but he was getting dusted all day

  • Perpetually Offended

    Dee straight up PIs all the time lmao

  • WP Pitbear 23
    WP Pitbear 23 Year ago

    Bro I grew up near those fields in Arizona that’s nuts

  • RatShit
    RatShit Year ago +3

    We can all agree that Dockery is the real winner right?

  • Ryan O'Donnell
    Ryan O'Donnell Year ago

    dee is quick gosh damn

  • Aayush Adhikari
    Aayush Adhikari Year ago

    LOL I’ve seen tons of diff outfits, but only the hood of a hoodie is a new one. Think Belichick rocks it this Szn?

  • justin harding
    justin harding Year ago

    For 10 grand these men were not playing around. I likes this

  • Good MF Guy
    Good MF Guy Year ago

    Been waitin🙏🏾

  • Rico Perez
    Rico Perez Year ago +1

    Wow dockery won that but u bodied him tripped n got up real quick n caught the ball that was 3rd catch so. Please dont cheat him he played fair

  • suki
    suki Year ago

    2 words Dee, Grip. Boost.

  • GameswithJames
    GameswithJames Year ago

    MMG’s hips are as so stiff my goodness

  • Andre Arias
    Andre Arias Year ago +2

    MMG throwing DIMES

  • TrevGotNext
    TrevGotNext Year ago +71

    Dockery runs the same route it gets annoying

    • Johnaa Johni
      Johnaa Johni Year ago

      @Griffin Bunn but dee can do the same thing to but he doesnt bx he knows it would get boring😂. Yk dee can just run bc hes so much faster then dock

    • Teron
      Teron Year ago

      @Jckmre dee stopped him multiple times

    • Griffin Bunn
      Griffin Bunn Year ago

      He don’t need to run nothing else they can’t guard him

    • Tbone55a
      Tbone55a Year ago

      @Joppaaa I’m just asking bc this kinda like the MT argument. Some people say he’s not that good bc all he runs is slants and some respond with if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Stop the slant if you know it’s coming

  • Joaquin Villegas
    Joaquin Villegas Year ago +1

    Dock needs to be on an NFL team already

  • Lil_Chief00
    Lil_Chief00 Year ago

    So you mean to tell me, no coach made aj Greene play db? I can’t believe that

  • matteo.g3
    matteo.g3 Year ago +17

    We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!!!!

  • Prophet Of 407
    Prophet Of 407 Year ago

    2:53 “Grip Boosts😂

  • KingJrTv
    KingJrTv Year ago

    All i got to say for dee is gb

  • Kahtori Crawl
    Kahtori Crawl Year ago +2

    DOCK got the best hands
    DEE got the speed
    AJ got the routes
    MMG got the best arm

  • Mason Andrade
    Mason Andrade Year ago

    You know papa had to pull a fast 10,000

  • Anthony Paoletta
    Anthony Paoletta Year ago +1

    Where that grip boost at now 😂

  • dane antoque
    dane antoque Year ago +1

    cmon now dee is you not using GB 🤣

  • J- SHERR
    J- SHERR Year ago

    Should’ve added that it was for 10k in the title 😂

  • james to much sauce reynolds the great

    Muscle milk dee 💪🏽

  • Reversed
    Reversed Year ago +56

    Dockery tried to cheat outa two dead plays cause he got babied of the line

    • Cam
      Cam Year ago

      @Teron I watched the second one back in slo mo and he didn’t yank him, and they didn’t even call PI so that shit don’t even matter. They just said run it back bc it can’t end like that, he got faded up it’s simple but they wanted more action in the last play. He fr won but they was on sun bullshit honestly. And I watch everyone here but dockery so I’m fs not meat licking.

    • Teron
      Teron Year ago +2

      @MJC just because your pushed doesn’t mean the play is over, you still have to fight and get to the ball. If you catch it out of bounds it’s out, whether you were pushed there or not. Don’t know why tf you keep saying that. The second, HE CLEARLY YANKED DEESTROYING BACKWARDS AND WAY FROM THE BALL. ITS IN 4K MY GUY QUIT CAPPING LIKE A DUMBASS. HE PUSHED OFF PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND THATS WHY THEY RAN IT BACK AGAIN. ON THE THIRD PLAY DOCK TRIED TO GET PHYSICAL AND GOT SAT TF DOWN. I DONT CARE ABOUT EITHER OF THESE DUDES, THERE IS NO BIAS. DOCKERY DIDNT COMPLETE THOSE CATCHES FAIR, PLAIN AND SIMPLE BOY.

    • MJC
      MJC Year ago

      @Teron The first play, he was pushed out, but we won’t count it ig lol. The second play, he literally caught it in bounds, no push off, that was a clean catch. Like how in the world do you not give him the win there? The third catch, Destroying put his hands on him first initiating contact, so Dock responded by getting physical as well. It wasn’t PI on either player, it was just a good catch on great defense. Mfs in here can’t accept that Destroying lost three times and have to come up with excuses sounding like a bitch.

    • Teron
      Teron Year ago +2

      @MJC the first would’ve been blown dead the second dockery stepped out of bounds. At that point he is no longer an eligible receiver. Yet they let the play continue and let him have a chance at fighting for it, but he literally caught the ball out of bounds. Look at the cones. You have to have 2 feet inside of those cones for it to be considered a catch. Everyone else involved in the match said he was out, yet he cried like a punk cause Dee muscled em. MMG said good defense and AJ said he was pushed out. Dockery: “can we run that back?” No bruh.After given another chance dockery ran another fade, this time he place both hands on Dee and pushed him back away from the ball (mad because of the previous play) . That’s offensive pass interference and a punk move to do in any setting. Mmg clearly said that was not the way the game was going to be ended and so did dee. If it was legal to just yank people away from the ball, you would see people doing it every play. It’s not, and that’s why it was redone. And on dockerys very last attempt the play was blown dead after he fell. Very simple. Question is, HOW THE HELL are any of the catches In your book?

  • Blanco
    Blanco Year ago +1

    Dee actin like a bih at the end. Dockery got the W

  • Zee
    Zee Year ago +1

    Yo finally they dropped this, they recorded this like 4 months ago.

  • john sheridan
    john sheridan Year ago +2

    At least Matt got 1

  • ThtKiddJavion
    ThtKiddJavion Year ago

    GRIP BOOST ! 😂

  • Braden Kendall
    Braden Kendall Year ago +2

    Bro dee need some gripboosts

  • Insidious Kid21
    Insidious Kid21 Year ago +1

    Dee like mt when something goes wrong all he do is cry 😭

    • Insidious Kid21
      Insidious Kid21 Year ago

      @Jeremiah wdym🤣 all he does is through fits

    • Jeremiah
      Jeremiah Year ago

      When has MT ever cried? Just say you a hater and go bro 😭

  • aldo gutierrez
    aldo gutierrez Year ago

    My boy mmg the most unathletic athlete