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Chess W Rizz

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 598

  • Rajat
    Rajat Month ago +6966

    "A man can leave the london, but the london never leaves the man." - me trying to quit the London

    • RAY
      RAY 2 days ago

      I don't want to play Sicilian after playing it for thousand times but want me to do so😅.

    • D42
      D42 11 days ago

      play on dark mode then

    • Alekhine’s Gun
      Alekhine’s Gun 27 days ago

      @Ka1z3n editz London is a fruity opening

    • Ka1z3n editz
      Ka1z3n editz 27 days ago

      @Alekhine’s Gunwhat?

    • CyberShaheer97
      CyberShaheer97 Month ago

      I didn't learn the London

    GHOST Month ago +4255

    Well they don’t call him the chess rizzard for nothing

    • Wackster
      Wackster 13 days ago

      Fools a real chess gamer sacrifices the king.

    • 0124 VIPUL SUTHAR
      0124 VIPUL SUTHAR 13 days ago

      ​@icedwavvy if it THE ROOOOOOK he would have sac 😂

    • Smip
      Smip 26 days ago

      Levy rizzman

    • GHOST
      GHOST Month ago

      @Point Man maybe, I mean they should

  • DrahcX
    DrahcX Month ago +1232

    Girl: let’s go out
    Levy: chess
    Girl: what
    Levy: chess

  • Wiltini
    Wiltini Month ago +1363

    Why would I need a girl when I haven’t blundered my Queen

      SASHILA KHATI 21 day ago


    • Cryptic Official
      Cryptic Official Month ago

      @Jan Videk 😂😂😂
      I’m from England but that’s good.

    • WUBBY
      WUBBY Month ago

      Perfection 🎯

    • Ivory AS
      Ivory AS Month ago

      Legit one of the hardest chess takes I've seen, lmao.

    • Kai Kidd
      Kai Kidd Month ago


  • Matthew Song
    Matthew Song Month ago +1578

    Levy’s stare carries unbroken and unspoken rizz

  • Peanut
    Peanut Month ago +137

    “What do you do on fridays?”
    “My queen.”
    “Ooooh, you got a girl?”
    “No, like I play the queens gambit.”

    • Xuan Bach Nguyen
      Xuan Bach Nguyen Month ago +1

      "Mating people"
      "Yeah, they can't even play the Caro Kann"

    • Peanut
      Peanut Month ago +9

      @im sacred I feel honored that a bot has decided to reply to my comment.

    • im sacred
      im sacred Month ago +1

      This is the clip u all looking for :

  • Matthew Song
    Matthew Song Month ago +91

    Strange how its called the London system but the Queen is still on the board

    • Axel Bonal
      Axel Bonal 12 days ago +1


    • McLean Macsko Handjaba
      McLean Macsko Handjaba 21 day ago


    • Yayatsuma
      Yayatsuma Month ago +7

      I mean, she's not doing anything much, and it's hard to tell with a digital chesssboard, she might just be... lying there

    • DPX
      DPX Month ago +8


  • Jaytori
    Jaytori Month ago +725

    Bro is the Magnus Carlson of Rizz

    • RD Typhon
      RD Typhon Month ago +1

      ​@Ozan Özenir rizz stands for chaRISma

    • Jacob McDowell
      Jacob McDowell Month ago

      @Ozan Özenir it moves 2 squares in any direction. Got added in chess 2

    • Darko1077
      Darko1077 Month ago +2

      Bro is the Levy Rozman of chess

    • Salami Dude
      Salami Dude Month ago

      @Bladesthe joke flew over ur head huh

    • Blades
      Blades Month ago

      @Rafe Pisarik bro that’s a knight

  • Matthew Song
    Matthew Song Month ago +400

    and here, Levi sacrificed… THE RIZZ

    • D4W1LL13
      D4W1LL13 Month ago

      @Michael Esser flirting with someone successfully

    • Michael Esser
      Michael Esser Month ago

      Can anyone explain the w rizz meme to me ?

    • yaboitrix3
      yaboitrix3 Month ago +1

      no he cant because that would mean checkmate

    • Phant0mGameZ
      Phant0mGameZ Month ago +2

      That makes no sense he has W rizz he doesn’t sacrifice it

  • iyad charef
    iyad charef Month ago +43

    "At friday night I play the london"
    Her:"you mean in london?"
    "No I mean pawn d4 and then b f4"

  • Terq
    Terq Month ago +63

    There’s a reason they call him Levy Rizzman

    • Adi Xxx
      Adi Xxx Month ago +1

      Ey someone thought the same pun as me lol

    • Anuj Tiwari
      Anuj Tiwari Month ago +1

      This one's actually good, underrated comment tho

  • Firebone PG
    Firebone PG Month ago +10

    The Rainbolt of Chess

  • Azalea
    Azalea Month ago +4

    that’s actually some really nice teaching for chess beginners, much appreciated

  • Rastapharaoh
    Rastapharaoh Month ago

    I would like to thank you for making me love chess. Now I’m hooked on your videos, and practicing on apps. Blessings to you Gotham Chess!

  • Marcus Punzalan
    Marcus Punzalan Month ago +9

    My man is getting w rizz with ease

  • Sotiris
    Sotiris Month ago +3

    Music: Op. 8/4, RV 297, "Winter" by Vivaldi

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago +1

    Your Friday nights are cooler than mine. *I usually watch a documentary* lol

  • Sulieman
    Sulieman Month ago

    these videos always kill me bro 💀

  • Jayvees
    Jayvees Month ago

    Great job on this video Levy that even got trending in gaming worldwide for Chess.

  • Omri Muhamed
    Omri Muhamed Month ago

    i love your style ...funny and serious at one

  • rohr verleger
    rohr verleger Month ago

    Jesus... well deserved sub xD

  • Manav Mishra
    Manav Mishra 17 days ago +2

    This is so f(duck noises)ing funny bro. These videos have such a funny freaking start

  • _Wxffll3
    _Wxffll3 Month ago +2

    "What do u do on Friday nights? "
    "Ohh u watch pawn? "
    "No, pawn d4 d5"

  • Milan Ivanovic
    Milan Ivanovic Month ago

    Every time, I fell for your intro. XD

  • St0rm
    St0rm Month ago

    I'm glad I'm able to hear the explanation for this game, I felt cheated without it before

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Month ago +2

    Instructions unclear: I am now in London playing checkers

  • Omar A
    Omar A Month ago

    More of these please 😂😂😂

  • Jow Bloe
    Jow Bloe Month ago

    Gotta Castle Queen-side though. Opens up the Fishing Pole even more.

  • Viraj Vaz
    Viraj Vaz Month ago

    Levy being honest about what he does on Friday nights 😂🔥

  • N.Shekhar Mishra
    N.Shekhar Mishra Month ago

    Bro gets me all the time with his hilarious start of videos

  • Sean O'Hara
    Sean O'Hara Month ago

    I like the new short format. Very clever and fun.

    • TheAntRules
      TheAntRules Month ago

      not original though, rainbolt was the first to do this format

  • Simon J
    Simon J Month ago

    This time you got me😂

  • Netec River | Netec Assassins

    So this is what I came up with.. The london. I thought I had my own special opening 😔

  • Lucien Freidel
    Lucien Freidel Month ago

    We need more for other openings

    HINATA SHOYO Month ago +1

    Bro graduated from rizzle university

  • Luca
    Luca Month ago

    Love these intros.

  • Brian Jr Vann
    Brian Jr Vann Month ago

    I love this series it’s amazing true sigma

  • RK legend
    RK legend Month ago

    I love the starting of your video 😂😂😂

  • Destess
    Destess Month ago

    love the rainbolt reference lol

  • bal
    bal Month ago +1

    I’m loving these

  • Let’s Go
    Let’s Go Month ago

    A true non-grass-toucher 👌👌

  • AHMETツ
    AHMETツ Month ago

    Im teaching chess with your videos thanks sensei

  • Hoyboy6
    Hoyboy6 Month ago

    I love the starts that he's added lol

  • DaniloCham
    DaniloCham 20 days ago

    (Friday night funkin)

  • Dewiana
    Dewiana Month ago

    Now i know how to not lose against gothamchess on friday nights 😅

    NONSENSE MOTON Month ago

    Very interesting what you do on Friday nights

  • abhimanyu tyagi
    abhimanyu tyagi Month ago

    How do I like this more than one🤣🤣

  • Imoisture
    Imoisture Month ago

    Immaculate rizzz my guy

  • Muhammed B.
    Muhammed B. Month ago

    Mann your in flames

  • jon williams
    jon williams Month ago

    Hilarious 😂 love it

  • Latios Exing
    Latios Exing 10 days ago

    I'm a competitive pokemon player... and I was just saying to a friend how conceptually is reminded me of chess. Now I'm obsessed with your videos. I learned alot and I've played 10+ games in the last day or so. Thank you for being so inviting in your content. Your deliver enthused me. I am ready to grow strategically 🎉

  • Flare
    Flare Month ago

    bro has that chess type rizz

  • Wally Smalley
    Wally Smalley 14 days ago +1

    The only reason you can promote a pawn to a queen is because the king has such incredible rizz he can just convince them on the spot to become his wife

  • Thelittleowl1
    Thelittleowl1 Month ago

    Mate I am hooked

  • Devin Nicely
    Devin Nicely 15 days ago

    Winter by Vivaldi in the background was the icing on the cake 😂

  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh Month ago +2

    Rizz God Levi

  • Cali Qm
    Cali Qm Month ago

    It seems like such a perfect setup and I'll never achieve it

  • The Fireball Bros!
    The Fireball Bros! Month ago

    ah yes the friday gambit, night variation

  • ZDFrostbyte
    ZDFrostbyte Month ago +7

    he sacrificed… HIS SOCIAL LIFE

  • Lad rakeo
    Lad rakeo Month ago

    What am i supposed to do on Friday nights other than mentally preparing myself for whats coming tomorrow

  • Lord Puff
    Lord Puff 26 days ago

    W rizz frrrr

  • kunno
    kunno Month ago +1

    Accurate I would say

  • Pogpanda
    Pogpanda Month ago


  • K K
    K K 18 days ago

    That "so we start" was epic

  • YeetBoi
    YeetBoi Month ago

    I just need to find out what the music in the background is called

  • QuarterMinty
    QuarterMinty Month ago +1

    rizz god

  • ערן-שליו חמדני

    I'm sleeping on Friday night. Why did you ask?

  • 3d Gamer
    3d Gamer Month ago

    Impeccable rizz

  • Arya Tonnes
    Arya Tonnes Month ago

    Me, binging chess videos on a Friday night:

  • Bib Nook
    Bib Nook Month ago

    Very bold of you to assume I play the london on Friday nights.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis Month ago

    Got me good lol

  • James Gardner
    James Gardner Month ago

    🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣 That intro was AMAZING!!!!!

  • it's jonaaaaaaah with 7 ays

    I dont understand anything about chess but I subbed for these shorts

  • תומי גדג'
    תומי גדג' 28 days ago

    vivaldi!!! so cool

  • anju gautam
    anju gautam 12 days ago

    Damn, my usual opening is to get my bishop to defend the c3 enemy pawn, and move my knight there forking the king and rook

  • nathan u
    nathan u Month ago

    I love these memes 😂😂😂

  • Happy Dogger
    Happy Dogger Month ago +2

    Bro's doing the rainbolt strategy

  • Tom Boi
    Tom Boi Month ago


  • Karabo Mathekga
    Karabo Mathekga Month ago

    I can't define how burst I'm inside 🤣😂🤣😂

  • KoKosiBG
    KoKosiBG Month ago +2

    I really like Vivaldi for this meme

  • The gaming sports
    The gaming sports 15 days ago +1

    This guy is the best

  • Extra_Cat
    Extra_Cat Month ago

    yakuza 0 disco music turns on when it's Friday!

  • normaldude
    normaldude 6 days ago

    So what do u do on Friday nights
    "So we'll start with D4" lmaooo

  • Ben 256
    Ben 256 Month ago +1

    Just a recommendation for shorts
    Can you teach me how to checkmate with a rook and king, I knew I could win, but idk how


    This title is very similar to my name.

  • The One Clutch God
    The One Clutch God 15 days ago +1

    Finally, the last thing humanity had to see. Levy making memes

  • DaBot Prodz
    DaBot Prodz Month ago

    Chess = rizz

  • W Abc
    W Abc 13 days ago

    Literally me playing chess this Friday night

  • ea sports, its in the paid dlc

    whats the song when Levy starts explaining what to do

  • pot.mp5
    pot.mp5 Month ago

    Godly rizz levy is once again doing his job

  • Subhra Pratim Sharma

    These videos are addictive

  • JMR Gamer
    JMR Gamer Month ago

    I prefer e3 on Friday nights, just to make everything more hectic

  • StevenDaze
    StevenDaze Month ago +1

    Levi is such a Chess Icon

  • Pretty Malepe
    Pretty Malepe Month ago

    Lol 😂 chess rizzz😏🤜🤛

  • FictionalWarrior
    FictionalWarrior Month ago

    "What do you do at friday nights?"
    "I sleep."

  • Medeis
    Medeis Month ago

    I see what you did there.

  • Nicholas Mays
    Nicholas Mays Month ago

    Love this lol

  • Toni Bobadilla
    Toni Bobadilla 23 days ago

    Ima be completely honest with you guys. I do this opening every now and then cause it looks like a cool triangle. I like painting the pieces on a board