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my boyfriend released his brand & I’m going undercover to be his first customer

  • Published on Nov 15, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Wendyskin
    Wendyskin  2 months ago +7553

    www.envisageofficial.com ❤

    • Carls cupcake
      Carls cupcake 24 minutes ago

      @Julia Mari it works now

    • 🌸Sakura.exe🌸
      🌸Sakura.exe🌸 16 hours ago

      I would love to support but 145$ for a black hoodie you could get literally anywhere? Yeah no

    • p i c t u r e   g i r l
      p i c t u r e g i r l 17 hours ago

      why is it so overpriced??? lame

    • Lulu Vlogs
      Lulu Vlogs 3 days ago

      @AJ R mine works!!! ❤❤❤ we’ll done you 2 with this brand it’s amazing! 🎉

    • Sukhwinder Kaur
      Sukhwinder Kaur 4 days ago

      Gurl 95$for a shirt??

  • 눈_눈infires
    눈_눈infires Month ago +671

    I say this with genuine confusion, why do so many new brands just take plain shirts and slap their logo or brand name on it?? I see this soooo often and I don't understand how it's successful and why companies do that. It's like just following the Supreme trend... I'm genuinely confused but I wish him all the best and looking forward to creative designs 💕

    • Nunya Beeznez
      Nunya Beeznez Month ago

      The brand name “envisage” just needs to be established more otherwise it’s hard to pay $95 for a tee right now. Time will give them that leverage and of course how well it takes off.

    • Cory
      Cory Month ago

      They do it because people are dumb and will spend money on it. Like the idiots who buy supreme t-shirts

    • Cheeky Cewn
      Cheeky Cewn Month ago

      Because creativity is dead.

    • SmxkingAlone Beats
      SmxkingAlone Beats Month ago

      ​@Bluepthe shirt is probably hanes or one of the common bulk buy brands. The quality is no better than a walmart t shirt, aside from having a hand sewn logo which doesn't change the actual quality of the shirt.

    • baconheadhair
      baconheadhair Month ago

      @눈_눈infires shirts with just a logo look cool and most people like simple shirt designs

  • Mihai Gorgan
    Mihai Gorgan 28 days ago +7

    I love that he has this imagination of what he wants to do and does what he needs ti be done

  • Gayane Khachatryan
    Gayane Khachatryan Month ago +6

    I think it’s another level of beautiful story when your love is your first customer. It depends on how you look at the situation ❤

  • Lesley Henderson
    Lesley Henderson Month ago +5

    Absolutely adorable...both of you...God Bless

  • Paris Cutler
    Paris Cutler Month ago

    Brilliant launch 🚀 and promo on a budget, you guys nailed it the brand looks awesome I wish you every success and will check out the site!!

  • Yaoilover Studio
    Yaoilover Studio Month ago +472

    The good person in me wants to purchase something to show support but the rational person saw the price and was like "why would I spend $145 for a jacket from a brand I don't even know let alone if I know the brand" lol

    • Daniel Orlova quinn
      Daniel Orlova quinn 12 days ago

      Not you falling for their fake video

    • Yujin
      Yujin 22 days ago

      @100 percent gaming yup, i agree. Some stuff sold from well known brand are usually a bit pricier, because they sell the quality and also the name.

    • 100 percent gaming
      100 percent gaming 25 days ago +1

      @Nunya Beeznez bro that's not how it work everyone know that this only worth 20-25 dollars and gucci one too
      But the difference is that those are brand they charge for their exclusivity and brand name while this is a new brand no one knows of.

    • Nunya Beeznez
      Nunya Beeznez Month ago

      Yesss, same. I think brands like Gucci and Prada can justify their prices because they have been around for a long time. New brands like his need to be established more to charge that much for a tee. But you know, I’m glad he went for it! I can give him that 💥

    • Selcc
      Selcc Month ago

      @Braxton Brock teach me sensai

  • Zoe Zilla
    Zoe Zilla Month ago

    I think whether or not if he sees this video he should be happy he has such a supportive girlfriend..
    Good for you, you are a diamond in a man's life don't you forget that...

  • Beau Minnis
    Beau Minnis Month ago +3

    This is so cute oh my god, supportive relationships melt my heart

  • Donnie Diddle
    Donnie Diddle Month ago

    Wow I'm not into fashion and shit but I can say that I have seen and heard of his brand and he's got some nice clothes so know you guys made it well done 👏

  • WhereIsTheSauce
    WhereIsTheSauce Month ago +3

    That’s very cute, he put his all you can see how excited. I’m Commenting to come back when I can afford it cause rn I can’t but I will!

  • kashish Sharma
    kashish Sharma 2 months ago +133326

    Imagine his reaction after watching this video💀 like he was so happy about getting the first customer

    • Daniel Orlova quinn
      Daniel Orlova quinn 4 days ago

      @princesshh this video is also fake as hell

    • princesshh
      princesshh 4 days ago +1

      ​@Chatriya Landrum his stuffs expensive bro and there just t shirts and jackets

    • char faye
      char faye 12 days ago

      @Wendyskin i mean… i understand but how did he reacted though?

    • Daniel Orlova quinn
      Daniel Orlova quinn 12 days ago

      Considering it's fake i don't think he cares

    • Tejveer Kaur
      Tejveer Kaur 13 days ago

      @kashish Sharma I also agree

  • Alex Rémy
    Alex Rémy Month ago +1456

    So he’s basically just making an Essentials’ t-shirt, but it says Envisage instead? Such a creative person

    • Why not
      Why not 2 days ago

      @gambinahater88 wdym child slavery there were no children in this short now ur just coming up with excuses

    • gambinahater88
      gambinahater88 2 days ago

      @Why not i mean if i had the money i definitely could pay for a child labor sweatshop to send me printed black shirts and film a stupid ad with a woman where i lie and try to guilt-trip the audience to buy my shitty 2$ t shirts made with child slavery for 95$

    • BLACKTAN 🖤
      BLACKTAN 🖤 4 days ago +1

      ​@Ema Ragulskáwere you there watching him just sow the silver lable ONLY? No. He and his friends have worked very hard! You should appreciate it!! And let me just tell you, you are wrong. You really can't even sow the silver lable.

    • Doggo
      Doggo 15 days ago

      @Maryann Erika passionate about bland solid color clothing with the brand name on it and he’s selling that for like 4x what he made it for

    • Doggo
      Doggo 15 days ago

      Yea it’s like buying Gucci but more bland

  • Eminent Rhmyme
    Eminent Rhmyme Month ago +4390

    He’s sooo creative when it is literally a plain t shirt with the word envisage on it cmon😩😭

    • ﹏𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽﹏
      ﹏𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽﹏ 2 days ago

      @Semperfidelis did I ask you to say did I ask?

    • gambinahater88
      gambinahater88 2 days ago

      @﹏𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽﹏ no he just "designed" the very simple logo. It's printed on the shirts by child slaves in poor asian or african countries

    • DB World
      DB World 8 days ago

      Man don't tease them if I run a business it is going to be so hard guys don't judge

    • 111 Rhishish Ranjan
      111 Rhishish Ranjan 11 days ago

      😭😭😭 very costly

    • x_.Mizuki._x
      x_.Mizuki._x 12 days ago

      ​@Olivia Pff, yeah right, he totally made the fabric and thread.

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch Month ago +15

    Now I know what brand to avoid

    • my name
      my name 10 days ago +2

      don't worry, you would't be able to afford it anyways

  • Kitty the great
    Kitty the great Month ago +1

    Wow omg he did all that he is so nice and thoughtful ❤❤🎉😊 congrats

  • Jung Kim
    Jung Kim Month ago +1684

    💀Imagine his face when the shipments comes to their house😟

    • gambinahater88
      gambinahater88 29 days ago

      This is an advertisement

    • Vogel
      Vogel Month ago +1

      @Dozer really? Maybe it's just german youtube.

    • Dozer
      Dozer Month ago +1

      @Vogel not really..

    • Vogel
      Vogel Month ago +1

      @Dozer I'm just saying that if you go to Clip-Share in different languages, spelling does matter

    • Dozer
      Dozer Month ago +1

      @Vogel okay and what?

  • Daniela Violante
    Daniela Violante Month ago

    Thats so sweet awww that makes my heart warm 🥰💖

  • NTG
    NTG 27 days ago +6

    him: looks at the shipping address
    also him: that's definitely not where i live

  • Scott Button
    Scott Button Month ago

    Very supportive. Good work ! 👏


    I will support and get some for Christmas!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Stop procrastinating
    Stop procrastinating 2 months ago +26233

    It’s so beautiful to see him doing what he loves and what he’s passion about ❤❤

    • Vasu Nandigam
      Vasu Nandigam 2 days ago

      Procedes to make tshirt 100 bucks..

    • Why not
      Why not 26 days ago

      @TrenMonster wtf get a life

    • Sergic Alcantara
      Sergic Alcantara Month ago +1

      They must love how easily you’re manipulated. You should go buy a $100 t shirt from them 😂

    • Nestor
      Nestor Month ago

      💀💀 no I dont think its beautiful I just see them wanting to steal money off of people easily you can make this stuff at home under 25$ I'll say

    • Oliver YT
      Oliver YT Month ago

      ​@Scuba Steez It's not a scam.. but I'd say it's greed.

  • Aria Patrick
    Aria Patrick Month ago

    You go girl! Good for both of you. Keep supporting your man

  • Amy Hern
    Amy Hern Month ago +1

    Would like to see something super girly and pink with hidden pockets

  • Marlena Chavez
    Marlena Chavez Month ago +39

    The rug is $695, two t's @ $95 each and a double zip hoodie for $145... There are only four items on the website. Oh and you can purchase a gift card starting at $25. 😐

    • 🐐 Smith
      🐐 Smith 21 day ago

      ​@carlos Only the tag is handmade

    • Marlena Chavez
      Marlena Chavez 28 days ago

      Cool, someone will buy it.

    • carlos
      carlos 28 days ago

      because it’s handmade

  • Y2kKvitty
    Y2kKvitty Month ago +32

    the fact that everything is sooooo expensive

  • Keish
    Keish Month ago

    You are about to be his wife after this!🥺🥲🥰❤️I love this

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise Month ago +1

    The fact you guys sell bigger sizes as well it’s so lovely to see 🥺

  • Cerita Sandwich
    Cerita Sandwich Month ago +65

    I am a writer in wattpad, and I think I got so many views on my story. After sometime, a reader left a comment on my story "Where is the next part? Please make it soon" I am so happy about it, I told everyone about it. I am so happy that there is a reader that waiting me. Last moth, I found that the reader was my sibling. I am so disappointed ☹️

    • Cerita Sandwich
      Cerita Sandwich Month ago +1

      @🍒riz🍒 Alright, thank you. I am disappointed because I expected another. And it's hurt my expectations. But thanksss for it, I will try to be happy because of it

    • 🍒riz🍒
      🍒riz🍒 Month ago +4

      You should be happy someone close to you supports you, instead of being disappointed you should be happy they show their love for you anonymously even, not expecting anything back

    • Cerita Sandwich
      Cerita Sandwich Month ago

      @idontwannabemeanymore I don't write it anymore hehe

    • Cerita Sandwich
      Cerita Sandwich Month ago

      @eónid Thanks it made me better🤍

    • idontwannabemeanymore
      idontwannabemeanymore Month ago +7

      yoo drop the story name , ill check it out

  • Venom123ios
    Venom123ios Month ago +39

    Poor guy that’s like ur mom being the only one to show up for ur birthday party

  • bluebull2006
    bluebull2006 Month ago +4012

    2 years later: all the supreme people are wearing envisage now

    • Drunk Pixel
      Drunk Pixel Month ago

      @Sandra Ganaba i mean manners by language in above sentences.

    • 🔥JesusTooSleazyyy🔥
      🔥JesusTooSleazyyy🔥 Month ago

      @Drunk Pixel goofy🤦🏽‍♂️

    • -ollie-
      -ollie- Month ago

      ​@Xuratixfr💀 if you can't afford it or don't want to buy it don't, but leave the dude who made it alone

    • Alexis Nicole
      Alexis Nicole Month ago

      Let's not forget the essentials people

    • trinity.xoxo💕
      trinity.xoxo💕 Month ago

      @Xuratix “tee-shirt” it’s 5am go to bed.

  • WhirlwindT
    WhirlwindT Month ago

    My girlfriend and I laugh at these called "fashionable" clones wearing all black clothing. The Matrix was 20 years ago.

  • N Henderson
    N Henderson Month ago

    Passing out from lack of sleep is some of the BEST sleep! ☺️

  • Kaita
    Kaita Month ago

    This is the type of couple I wanna be in

  • 49 Keyz Beats
    49 Keyz Beats Month ago

    His gf is a whole vibe. I need her in my life

    LIFE OF MO Month ago +4

    Genius! Used girlfriends money and platform to start a clothing business but nevertheless, I support it. I’m glad he found something he is passionate about and I hope his brand does well. ❤❤ few people are able to find a passion that doesn’t feel like a job.

  • Sam Daniel
    Sam Daniel Month ago

    Imagine his reaction when the envisage comes to his home

  • LeilaKoch
    LeilaKoch Month ago +6798

    I love supporting small businesses, but I don’t have $95 for a t-shirt, since, ya know, college

    • Strawberry lemonade♡
      Strawberry lemonade♡ 8 hours ago

      @Offensive Voiceoversk

    • 1k subs with no videos
      1k subs with no videos 9 hours ago

      @You Dont but he was hand sewing it so I think he deserves it

    • Muhammad Imran
      Muhammad Imran 14 hours ago

      @Just tokyo💞 who cares, same thing

    • 💗sky_pink_girl💗
      💗sky_pink_girl💗 23 hours ago

      I was like bro I ain’t gonna buy something that’s $100 like wth but I do support but 100 no thank u

    • Marta Ribeiro
      Marta Ribeiro 10 days ago

      @My Everything💜 Ff'sthat still doesn’t make it realistic. It doesn’t matter if it’s hand sewn, if you didn’t sleep, if you gave your first born child for it come to fruition, that still doesn’t justify the price because nobody is gonna buy it for that much because that’s not the kind of quality you can see in the piece. If he had used a machine instead of doing it by hand you wouldn’t be able to tell in the final product. If you’re not able to make good quality products in a reasonable price then just don’t make them, not all businesses are meant to be and that’s ok. He chose to make it hard for himself by doing things by hand. You may want to be compensated for the hard work you did but you also have to be realistic.

  • mark moore
    mark moore Month ago

    $95 for a Plain T-Shirt with the word envisage hot glued on the back 😭😂

  • Sri Karthik
    Sri Karthik 17 days ago +315

    He's extremely creative...
    Proceeds to print ENVISAGE in a plain tee

    • Tur Noff
      Tur Noff 3 days ago

      ​@Daniel Orlova quinn exactly this lol, can't believe there are people falling for it too

    • cardboard believer
      cardboard believer 10 days ago +1

      exactly 😭that shit was hot trash

    • Daniel Orlova quinn
      Daniel Orlova quinn 12 days ago +31

      Right this is rich people acting like they work so hard

    • • ArTxSpAz •
      • ArTxSpAz • 15 days ago +44

      And make that $95 too lmao

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    He's so cute I'm sorry 😔 btw the clothes he created are beautiful

  • Joe Cletly
    Joe Cletly Month ago

    Ngl this is heart warming

  • giggi banegas
    giggi banegas Month ago

    Hell yeah ima buy some bro❤

  • deepwater-jew
    deepwater-jew Month ago

    Had a coworker that decided to quit his job to start up a "high key me clothing line" down in Houston. Which I'm all for starting your own shit, but I definitely wasn't for that. The majority of his shit was just t shirts with giant shitty iron on designs, he was charging $200 for that shit lmao. Then two months later he comes back to work, then goes on to tell me about how nobody wanted to buy anything, and then started blaming it on him being discriminated against because he's black.

  • Eladio Olaer
    Eladio Olaer Month ago

    Wow! Kinda partner so supportive. 🥰

  • Shannon Hendricks
    Shannon Hendricks Month ago

    I’m gonna buy just because of this video! Look out for AVONDALE AZ!!! 🎉

  • Its_zyrah
    Its_zyrah 28 days ago

    ignore all the mean comments . he’s so creative!!! imm gonna buy som today.

    ABHAY Month ago

    Friends:"so what you guys think about marketing "
    One guy: "my girlfriend"

    LESLIE FERRAO Month ago +6

    Such a caring and wonderful thought
    Love this girl. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Deester2000
    Deester2000 Month ago

    I love the clothes but unfortunately it's a bit to expensive for me

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Month ago

    I'm buying one! Good luck guys.

  • JcSantaCruz
    JcSantaCruz Month ago

    could’ve been creative by marketing instead and have someone do the work based on his design

  • J.M
    J.M Month ago

    Great way to market your clothing brand, lmao instead of paying huge for fb ads and other marketing strategies.💀

  • Noob Kiddo
    Noob Kiddo Month ago +4

    I imagine his reaction when he found out you make a video promoting his brand.... He would be so happy ❤

  • MrKnokUdown
    MrKnokUdown 11 days ago +9

    “ ever since me, and my boyfriend, first started dating I knew I was going to make a fake commercial for his business of over priced clothing and act like its a real story 🥰”

  • Rico Ricky
    Rico Ricky Month ago

    He is a keeper impressive man

  • Longshlong
    Longshlong Month ago

    Bruh I was about to go show some love and support till I saw a t-shirt for 95$
    Hard pass. I’ll stick with Nike and adidas

  • El paso da pa6ol ti

    Sooooo many clothing brands I get confused sometimes feels like there are way too many

  • BreLaJonez
    BreLaJonez Month ago +56

    Her: “He’s so creative”
    Him: literally copies Balenciagas basis for the logo & their plain logo tshirt designs

    • vics
      vics Month ago +1

      LMAOOO W comment

    • EmmaAppleBerry
      EmmaAppleBerry Month ago +2

      B word be banned henceforth my dude

  • Jessica R.
    Jessica R. Month ago +162

    right now $95 for a tshirt is out of my budget, but i can’t wait to see his more creative pieces. i wish you guys the best of luck & success

  • annmary joson
    annmary joson Month ago

    im so happy congrats

  • Life with your Boy Riley

    In a relationship we build each other

  • Stacie R
    Stacie R Month ago

    What a sweet post … you are a lovely girlfriend and so sweet and lovely!!!! I will look up his line just because he has to be such a good boyfriend to get such admiration and sweet love…

  • H
    H Month ago +6

    I also didn't do well at school and started clothing brand called "Edgey Dropout" featuring tattooed drop outs. My company didn't do well and now I'm in debt. I should have listened to Asian parents telling me to be a doctor! #emotionaldamage

    • vSongbi
      vSongbi Month ago +4

      Sorry but 🤣🤣😂

  • C. v.kannen
    C. v.kannen Month ago

    Your a good girlfriend ❤

  • Damn Dooshie
    Damn Dooshie Month ago


  • k11
    k11 Month ago +471

    This is the most genuine looking "shameless plug" ever 👍🏾

    • I Am Superior.
      I Am Superior. 21 day ago

      @neto_fir well , i didn't, sooo

    • neto_fir
      neto_fir 21 day ago

      @I Am Superior. no need to be rude, i js asked nicely

    • I Am Superior.
      I Am Superior. 21 day ago

      @neto_fir Do you not know what a plug is? Is you dumb?

    • neto_fir
      neto_fir 23 days ago +1

      uh wym?

  • visual ace
    visual ace 25 days ago +518

    $695 for a rug.. Your boyfriend is truly a huge dreamer

    • Gshshdhdh
      Gshshdhdh 2 days ago

      @Tur Noff all I said was that if it was "hand made" as in that's just a variable

    • Vasu Nandigam
      Vasu Nandigam 2 days ago

      @Gshshdhdh true, but why would i buy a handmade 700 dollar ruh when i could buy a 70 dollar machine made?

    • Tur Noff
      Tur Noff 3 days ago +2

      ​@Gshshdhdh if you believe it's hand mase only because she said he Hand saw a few things you deserve to pay more than its worth. Can't believe people fail for these tik tok adverts where they start a clothing brand and it's all hand sawn 😂🤡

    • Tour
      Tour 6 days ago +1

      @Gshshdhdh I’m into rugs, that rug isn’t worth the price, at least 150-200$ not 700$

    • SunflowerX
      SunflowerX 6 days ago +3

      I didnt believe you at first, then I checked and it’s true..

  • MsMilios
    MsMilios Month ago

    Awesome awesome. Happy for you normal people

  • angel dongol
    angel dongol Month ago

    95 $ for a t-shirt hell naahh!! 💀

  • Robert Steffan
    Robert Steffan Month ago

    Nah, idk what the comments are about. Idc, if I had my business running and the first people to show up were my closest friends, that'd mean so much more than random people. Thats the genuine people that want you to succeed so bad they are investing in you, not just kind words

  • Lastsnake
    Lastsnake Month ago

    Normally I wouldn’t buy things people promote just be an ass, but I can’t refuse something’s as clean as this

  • chaoseja_020599
    chaoseja_020599 2 months ago +1953

    It makes me happy knowing that someone who has gone through a bad break up is now in a happy and stable relationship. It makes me feel like there's still hope for me. I may be suffering from traumas caused by my ex who cheated on me multiple times and kept me as a secret, but as soon as all the acne and scars are gone, I'm stepping out into the world as a completely healed person.

    • Oliver YT
      Oliver YT Month ago

      ​@Sharon Tammy Zeus loves you.

    • Sharon Tammy
      Sharon Tammy 2 months ago +3

      Jesus loves you

    • asmara
      asmara 2 months ago +2

      I'm proud of you man👏👏👏👏👏

    • Lucifer Broke
      Lucifer Broke 2 months ago +4

      Same boat

    • Rebecca Baker
      Rebecca Baker 2 months ago +15

      Don’t wait for the acne to go, do it now!

  • Unfoldedace
    Unfoldedace Month ago

    $95 for a shirt 💀

  • RJ Goose
    RJ Goose Month ago

    That is one of the most undermining things you could do

  • Akal Chickering
    Akal Chickering Month ago

    I would buy something to show support... BUT ITS $145 FOR A SHIRT!!! Just call me broke to my face. lol

  • Tarrence
    Tarrence Month ago

    Aww thats soo cute

  • 🫥Avi🫥
    🫥Avi🫥 2 months ago +9867

    So happy for him and him pursuing what he loves ❤️❤️❤️
    Omg I didn’t expect to get over 10 likes . THANK YOU

    • 111 Rhishish Ranjan
      111 Rhishish Ranjan 11 days ago

      Very costly 🙀🙀😭😥😥

    • 🫥Avi🫥
      🫥Avi🫥 Month ago

      @Nestor even though it’s very expensive. You should be happy for him because he is pursuing his dream .

    • Nestor
      Nestor Month ago +3

      ​@🫥Avi🫥 💀 cant believe your cheering on to scammers 95$ for shirt & 600 for rug

    • Manuel
      Manuel Month ago


    • Dylan Nance
      Dylan Nance 2 months ago +1

      Selling things at a 5,000 percent mark up?

  • Armando Koshena
    Armando Koshena Month ago +1

    You just killed his dream 🤦‍♂️

  • Real memory
    Real memory Month ago +1

    That shits literally an essentials knockoff. Dude literally lost sleep over a bootleg🤣

  • Jennie Dutton
    Jennie Dutton Month ago

    Soooo, a $100 plain t-shirt with the name screen printed on it, a black zip up hoodie for $150, and a $700 door mat? Please explain how that is a "clothing line", where all of the "hard work" was put, and justify those ridiculous prices. 🙄

  • 2Murkemdre
    2Murkemdre Month ago

    greatttt marketingg, keep grindinggg

    SUPAW 2 months ago +12329

    Conclusion: He saved a ton on marketing by girlfriending you.

  • StretchH2O
    StretchH2O Month ago +1617

    These prices are insane, Wendy 😭

    • ANUJ
      ANUJ 9 hours ago

      My whole clothe collection cost 90 dollar 💀

    • Amare:0
      Amare:0 2 days ago

      @gambinahater88 stuiped I guess.-.

    • gambinahater88
      gambinahater88 2 days ago

      @Amare:0 yeah handmade by cambodian child slaves in a sweatshop, how are you stupid enough to believe this?

    • claire
      claire 6 days ago +2

      I think it a designer brand I read some comments and they said that's why the prices are so high

    • Your. mom😌🤌
      Your. mom😌🤌 10 days ago +2

      I mean, it is hand made, but yeah it is a little over priced

  • Ariana_Grande ♪
    Ariana_Grande ♪ Month ago +1

    I will buy something 100%

  • •♡Afraid♡•
    •♡Afraid♡• Month ago

    Your boyfriend watching this his face 😔
    I thought I had a real customer

  • neonspark63
    neonspark63 25 days ago +24

    Falls asleep while working at home in a full outfit, jewelry, and perfect hair... Either he hates being comfy and or maybe he's not asleep and knows he's being filmed

  • Skylynn Martin
    Skylynn Martin Month ago

    I bought something I love it thanks

  • brand_digger
    brand_digger Month ago


  • Mirallorne Starchild

    I love how supportive you are! I hope he knows how amazing you all are! Also: Where did u get those boots?

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    95 dollars for a tshirt 😭😭😭😭

  • Natascha de Rooij
    Natascha de Rooij Month ago +8

    Ooh I think that he found himself a cheerleader. She is always right there when he needs her. 🎼

  • Gratiela Zburlea
    Gratiela Zburlea Month ago

    I always wanted to make a clothing brand

  • DaMetroSD
    DaMetroSD Month ago

    bro the prices for a "brand" 💀

  • Joseph mother facking Richardson

    Ahhhh, yes a fellow worshipper he bares the mark of the pineapple

  • Yaint Sheet
    Yaint Sheet Month ago

    But he just put his logo on shirt and thats all😭
    And even the logo is in very nomal font style

  • Sophie Webber
    Sophie Webber Month ago

    Ngl this is really rude and mean, especially to your own boyfriend! I find it disgusting. He worked so hard for this. It’s honestly selfish

  • Ultraviolenceny
    Ultraviolenceny 27 days ago +1

    Aww I'm gonna look into buying . I just got my printers and sublimation machines . I'm so overwhelmed lol

  • harry winner
    harry winner Month ago

    So you want us to find your couple's lifestyle

  • Sango Kunene
    Sango Kunene Month ago

    Is it worldwide shipping?