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Michigan Highlights vs Ohio State - Michigan Radio Call

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Michigan radio call - Learfield
    Michigan finally takes down Ohio State
    Ohio State at Michigan highlights
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Comments • 570

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris Year ago +302

    Hassan Haskins will forever be one of the most legendary Michigan players after this game.. that hurdle where he dragged his nuts across a nuts back.. amazing

    • Pat Torres
      Pat Torres 3 months ago

      @Mike B. karma

    • Joseph Staller
      Joseph Staller 5 months ago

      @Helen coe this didn’t age well…

    • Zachary Liles
      Zachary Liles 6 months ago +2

      It was his Tim Biakabutuka moment

    • KGv2
      KGv2 10 months ago +3

      @Helen coe Got drafted! Mentoring behind King Henry

    • The truth
      The truth Year ago +3

      @Helen coe jj watt was a 2 star and was drafted first round. Your got nothing

  • dixonmixin10
    dixonmixin10 Year ago +119

    Oregon fan here, it felt SO damn good to beat Ohio State in September I can't imagine how great it felt for Michigan. And the snowy atmosphere in the Big House was perfect! Hope you guys get to the playoff you deserve it!

    • Brad Whisker
      Brad Whisker Year ago +19

      I spent much of my childhood in Oregon, and boy everyone there loved the ducks. They are my second favorite team behind Michigan, so seeing my two favorite teams beat Ohio state was amazing

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor Year ago +310

    Poor J.J. McCarthy, kid steps in in a huge moment, delivers a money pass, and nearly every broadcaster called it as McNamara's throw. Don't worry J.J. we see you and can't wait to see more of you in the coming years!

    • Aiden Yeatts
      Aiden Yeatts 4 months ago +1

      coming back to this comment. after he just dominated osu

    • Zachary Pearlman
      Zachary Pearlman 4 months ago +11

      this comment aged very well

    • PootieJones
      PootieJones 6 months ago +2

      This comment is so impactful now #LETSGOBLUE

    • Sean McMurran
      Sean McMurran Year ago

      Typical Michigan we have the greatest QB in football history and he has a QB controversy with a failure 5 star recruit. Now the first QB to ever get us into the playoffs has a QB controversy with a 5 star recruit.

    • Dong-ha Chung
      Dong-ha Chung Year ago +1

      I had to rewatch that a few times, too! He's got a very bright future! He put that right on the money. Huge throw!!!

  • Johnny Rico
    Johnny Rico Year ago +238

    in pain and anguish "I dont care about any of that, I just want to beat Ohio State" Lmao. Perfectly sums up the rivalry.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +714

    "I don't care about any of that... I just want to beat Ohio State"

    • PMaximus
      PMaximus 2 months ago

      Best line ever! !!!

    • Mahesh R
      Mahesh R 3 months ago


    • Mr. Melon
      Mr. Melon 4 months ago

      @Gun puppy Exactly, Michigan has the power run game and Ohio state has the air raid style. It will be an interesting matchup

    • Gun puppy
      Gun puppy 4 months ago

      @Mr. Melon We’ll see. Two very different, almost polar opposite styles of football, it’ll be interesting to see how they match up.

    • Mr. Melon
      Mr. Melon 4 months ago

      @Gun puppy 2001-2018 is not that far in the past what we mean by that is Michigan fans counting wins against Ohio state before the forward pass was even a thing. Besides that I think Michigan is a real threat to Ohio state and they deserve to be up there with the big teams but Ohio state is better, either way I guess we will find out soon.

  • MrANJohnson
    MrANJohnson Year ago +270

    This game was absolutely epic. I'm going to say this. The hiring of Steve Clinkscale, Ron Bellamy, Mike Hart and Mike MacDonald was instrumental. These guys came in and rewired, reprogrammed the entire football teams mindset, but most importantly, they quickly changed the Culture of Michigan Football. Lots of credit to coach Harbaugh for being a lot more hands off this year and letting these coaches LOCK-IN and trusting them to do their jobs. Michigan Football is back. GO BLUE! Now let's Recharge, Refocus, Recenter and prepare for Iowa. This was a big emotionally draining game, the players need to replenish and refocus. 3 more wins, but 1 game at a time.

    • jamo2006
      jamo2006 Year ago


    • MrANJohnson
      MrANJohnson Year ago

      @Joseph Woollard Facts

    • Joseph Woollard
      Joseph Woollard Year ago +1

      Don't forget Sherrone Moore offensive line coach. Absolute amazing job with the O-Line.

    • themandownthehall
      themandownthehall Year ago +1

      For the offense, I think most of that goes to Hart. Last year and in prior years the RB would get the ball and not follow the blocks and get nowhere. This year you see the RB grab the blocker's jersey and just use him as a battering ram to blast his way through. That opened up a lot of options to the offense and that's due to Mike Hart

    • Pistongreg
      Pistongreg Year ago +1

      Beating Ohio state is our Super Bowl

  • Ryan Splenda
    Ryan Splenda Year ago +242

    "I don't care about any of that. I just want to beat Ohio State!" - gotta love Dan Dierdorf!!

    • Blu Cheer
      Blu Cheer 11 months ago

      Spot on!

    • Dustomatic
      Dustomatic 11 months ago

      @Michael Miller 🙄

    • Michael Miller
      Michael Miller Year ago

      @Clarence Walder no I do think Michigan will become a dynasty

    • Clarence Walder
      Clarence Walder Year ago

      @Michael Miller at least be honest with I disagree a little but time will tell

    • Michael Miller
      Michael Miller Year ago

      @Clarence Walder yes

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen Year ago +155

    These voices will always echo in my head every Saturday during football season….the greatest duo to call the games ….thank you guys!!! What a way to go out!! HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!

    • M_J Bo
      M_J Bo Year ago +1

      @Book Of James to the 30 touchdown Michigan

    • M_J Bo
      M_J Bo Year ago

      @Book Of James so true so so true

    • Jay Zachary
      Jay Zachary Year ago +1

      I'm I missing something here ?? These guys are "AWFUL" !!! The color guy sounds drunk and the play by play guy is ten seconds behind the play !!

    • c r
      c r Year ago

      @Book Of James really they must be bad at announcing then

    • Book Of James
      Book Of James Year ago +3

      Amazing to listen with VIDEO. The times Ive had to just listen in the car I havnt the slightest clue whats going on 75% percent of the time.

  • Go Blue
    Go Blue Year ago +60

    I could listen to this on repeat every second of everyday for the rest of my life (I'm 29)...Thank you Jim and Dan so happy you guys got to out on this note. GO BLUE!

    • Dong-ha Chung
      Dong-ha Chung Year ago +1

      I've only seen this replay about 20 times since The Game. It simply does not get old!!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

    • dennis brown
      dennis brown Year ago +3

      Im 76 and listen over and over. Go Blue!

    • jay det
      jay det Year ago +2

      I too am 29 and feel the exact same way brother. Been a long time coming. Go Blue!

  • jamo2006
    jamo2006 Year ago +271

    I love how Dierdorf is straight yelling when Michigan scores - last game announcing, who gives AF :) :) Go Blue!!!

    • jamo2006
      jamo2006 Year ago +4

      @Ethan Hill not a network broadcast - it was audio from a local Michigan Radio team.

    • Ethan Hill
      Ethan Hill Year ago

      Don't know why he was assigned to broadcast. That's grade F move by network. What else might DD do but exult during record-setting effort by HH?

    • Duckarmy
      Duckarmy Year ago +3

      Go blue

    • Plays in Vain
      Plays in Vain Year ago +1

      So thats who it is. I knew he sounded familiar.

    • Damon Harper
      Damon Harper Year ago +1

      Hell Yea

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett Year ago +38

    One of the best moments I've ever been apart of! Got on the field to celebrate with the Wolverines, Unbelievable moment in Michigan football history!

    • Mark G
      Mark G 7 months ago

      Livin I the past.

    • Bobbyo60
      Bobbyo60 Year ago

      What would you call the ten previous years???

  • Jon A. Scholt
    Jon A. Scholt Year ago +75

    Haskins performance is right up there with Biakabutuka's 313 yard game in '95 against an undefeated Buckeyes team. Go Blue!

    • JW28🇺🇸
      JW28🇺🇸 Year ago +1

      That Biakabutuka game will never be touched. I remember that game. Seemed like every time Tim touched the ball he was running for 20+ yds.

    • Orgeeba Harvin
      Orgeeba Harvin Year ago +2

      I was thinking more like Chris Perry when they beats OSU in 04.

    • scootdaws25
      scootdaws25 Year ago +1

      I was there!! Timmy was amazing!!

    • Jacob
      Jacob Year ago

      Haskins is from my area too, was a freak in high school, STL got dudes

    • just a white guy with a rocket launcher
      just a white guy with a rocket launcher Year ago +2

      I'd be so embarrassed to imagine the ohio state offensive offensive defensive line. They got pulverized and straight up embarrassed on both sides of the ball all game. Disgusting performance from their linemen and it showed #GoBlue

  • jan munce
    jan munce Year ago +51

    As a Canadian who just loves college football this was an absolutely wonderful game to watch. To see a team dominate in the running game at such a level was truly amazing. I’m more of an SEC fan so going to be great game between Georgia and Michigan for the title. Congratulations wolverines, a great win much deserved. Stay safe from Newfoundland

    • CSBassist
      CSBassist Year ago

      Love to newfoundland from alabama

    • Jason Alexander Charchan
      Jason Alexander Charchan Year ago

      Michigan vs GEORGIA in the semiis!

    • Gary Rentschler
      Gary Rentschler Year ago

      Harbaugh doesn't have the killer instincts of Ryan Day unfortunately. This Iowa game will tell a lot!! Sure they got fired up for Ohio St. Can you do THAT against pop gun offense Iowa? Or are you going to allow them to hang around? If they play nice with Iowa, they're just asking for it!!!!

    • Brian B
      Brian B Year ago

      long may your big jib draw

    • Brent J. Peterson
      Brent J. Peterson Year ago

      cool eh?!🙃🙂🏈🇨🇦

  • Weston Mendez
    Weston Mendez Year ago +26

    Didn't play it here, but well after the game was over, Jim and Dan talked a while just taking in the big win with the crowd completely covering the field. Dan was talking, took a big pause, and just let it all out saying on the air "GOD, I HATED GETTIN' MY ASS KICKED BY OHIO STATE!!" Legend

  • JStevesOnFire 119
    JStevesOnFire 119 Year ago +28

    Thank you for everything Jim. You ARE the voice of M football. And will be missed! Congrats Dan for getting to not just a win, but a dominant win!! GOBLUE!

  • Lions fan
    Lions fan Year ago +34

    Personally for me this was more special than beating Washington State in the Rose bowl for the split national championship. Don't get it twisted that was beautiful, but seeing the field at Michigan Stadium after the game ended was to me in my 50 years the most special moment I've ever seen in watching Michigan football!

    • Tim DeCoursey
      Tim DeCoursey 11 days ago

      ​@Gmail User Your timeline is mixed up. Richrod was there for the loss to Toledo. Lloyd had already planned to retire and was convinced to come back for one more year when they lost to App State. He was probably going to retire anyway at the end of that season anyway.

    • Gmail User
      Gmail User 6 months ago

      I'll say this... the decade+ decline to mediocrity of the Michigan program started with ONE game. That game was a home loss against Appalachian State. It was literally the beginning of the ending for Lloyd Carr, and the beginning of the ending of a nearly 40-year run of prominence. I remember talking with a Michigan Booster during the week after that loss, and he was saying "it's time for Lloyd to move on", and I said "you do that and you will long for the days of a 75% winning percentage, and meaningful Bowl games. After Michigan lost to Toledo, Carr's fate was all but sealed, even though he won his final game - a Bowl victory over the Tebow-led Gators. The absolute nonsense that happened after that season, beginning with Rich Rod, and culminating with Hoke, was so difficult to watch and endure, especially as a lifelong fan. This game was the culmination of a long recovery journey back to National relevance as a program. Harbaugh still has a way to go to match his legendary predecessors, but his .730 overall, and .743 Conference win percentage is a big step in the right direction. Ohio State has been DOMINANT in the BIG, really since Carr's departure. We'll see how good Michigan actually is this season, after their pretty "soft" schedule thus far. I'm optimistic, but also realistic. OSU, and even Minnesota (yeah, I said it), and PSU are LOADED with talent! I'm just glad this "rivalry" is no longer a foregone conclusion prior to kickoff. Go Blue!

    • Nathaniel Lathy
      Nathaniel Lathy 11 months ago +1

      As an Ohio State fan beating Michigan in November will be sweet but not as good as beating Miami for National Championship in 2002 season or beating Alabama and Oregon in 14 Playoff.

  • Danika Nelson
    Danika Nelson Year ago +175

    I'm not only going to congratulate Michigan for their win, I'm also congratulating Michigan and Ohio for their best rivalry in college football. Now that was epic money right there🤑❤

    • B Mor
      B Mor Year ago

      @Derek Jones this year though ?You basing everything off this on year.. do you really deserve to be in the college football playoff? With a loss to Michigan state ? But if not y’all than who else right ??.🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Derek Jones
      Derek Jones Year ago

      @B Mor We won the big ten championship by 5+ scores

    • B Mor
      B Mor Year ago

      @Derek Jones yes you are Michigan hasn’t been talented enough to compete in their on conference let alone on a National level and Ohio while being consistent they’ve come up short more times than not and it’s been due the lack of overall talent most the time

    • Derek Jones
      Derek Jones Year ago

      @B Mor Am I wrong? How many times have the Buckeyes been in the playoffs after beating us? And did Michigan make it after beating them this year?

    • B Mor
      B Mor Year ago

      @Derek Jones ok 👌🏿

  • jay det
    jay det Year ago +11

    Dans passion is so beautiful, im glad he was able to witness this. This all brought tears to my eyes. These boys are special, Go Blue!

  • The flushing Toilet
    The flushing Toilet Year ago +25

    It’s a shame Jim Brandstatter is retiring he was a good radio announcer he’s been the voice of Michigan Football for a long time it’s gonna be hard getting used to the new announcers

    • rosc0e
      rosc0e Year ago +2

      I think Jon Jansen is gonna step in and if so he will do a phenomenal job :)

  • does it come in black?

    Man it’s been a couple days and watching these TD’s is still giving me goose bumps!
    〽️HAIL!! 🤘
    Edit : @8:01 them boys are freight training 💪

    • rosc0e
      rosc0e Year ago +1

      I woke up today (big ten championship Saturday!) and immediately turned this video on. I’ve been taking everything in all week

    • just a white guy with a rocket launcher
      just a white guy with a rocket launcher Year ago

      @Danny Bo ohio state fans who do bring that up still have to know the record overall is 59-52-6 in Michigan's favor and it won't ever change

    • Danny Bo
      Danny Bo Year ago +3

      What are yall so excited for that's just 1 win in 8 years....... Sike that's something them loser fans of NOHIO State would say but this is LETSSSSSSSSGOOOOOOOOBLUEEEEEEE

    • jay det
      jay det Year ago +2

      I cant stop watching probably never will honestly. God is great to have blessed us with this.

  • JohnnyBlaze
    JohnnyBlaze Year ago +48

    “Ohio state is vanquished!” Stg that’s how it feels 💯😭🙏🏼 That game next year is going to be rockin! Go Blue!

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob Phillips Year ago +6

    Listen to Dan scream “YES” makes my day. True passion and energy

  • Rob B.
    Rob B. Year ago +118

    Dan Dierdorf “I don’t care about any of that. I just wanna beat Ohio state.”

    • goldeneve
      goldeneve Year ago +4

      Dan quote is now immortal just like he did when he call MNF 1994 Broncos chiefs….”Lord you can take me now I seen it all”

  • Nameless
    Nameless Year ago +3

    I'm watching this in April and I'm still living on the high. Ten long excruciating years we have waited for this moment and it has finally happened. And it is all on recording to enjoy again and again. Although the final game was a real let down, this season was one heck of a ride.

  • James Santangelo
    James Santangelo 8 months ago +1

    Was at this game. Nothing will top the energy, the noise, and jubilee from beating Ohio State. This was incredible start to finish.

  • Utube Utube
    Utube Utube Year ago +13

    Congrats to these AMAZING MICHIGAN MEN! Well deserved careers & enjoy your retirement. Blessed to have heard u call this game! GO BLUE!!!〽️

  • Charles Hunsinger
    Charles Hunsinger Year ago +5

    I am going to miss Dan and Jim. Love both of them. Very fond memories growing up listening to these guys in the day.

  • Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Hell yeah!! this is perect thanks for doing this!! these legends will be missed

  • BennieFicial _
    BennieFicial _ Year ago +28

    I love how even the radio announcers had JJ confused with Cade. JJ is usually the Option running QB. But his pass was so on the money, everyone thought it was Cade 😂

    • Samir Timilsina
      Samir Timilsina Year ago

      Gus Johnson did the same as well.

    • BennieFicial _
      BennieFicial _ Year ago

      @Matt Kimbro Gonna be JJ

    • Matt Kimbro
      Matt Kimbro Year ago

      JJ has a cannon arm. Dude is a 5 star recruit. It's gonna be really interesting to see who gets the job next year at QB.

    • BennieFicial _
      BennieFicial _ Year ago

      @Cameron W Thank God there’s no more Patterson overthrowing receivers to a safety for an pick 😂

    • BennieFicial _
      BennieFicial _ Year ago

      @Cameron W JJ usually underthrows his receivers. Cade is usually on the money or sometimes overthrows. But hardly ever throws where it can be intercepted.

  • Rich
    Rich Year ago +12

    Thank you so much for pairing highlights with the radio call. Brandstatter has such iconic energy. SACK TIME

  • Jive Patrol
    Jive Patrol Year ago +3

    Going to really miss Jim and Dan! Their insight and enthusiasm are unparalleled. All the best to both of them in retirement and thanks for many great years calling Meeeechigan football! 🙂🙂👍👍

  • No Ma'am 979
    No Ma'am 979 Year ago +21

    I’m from Texas I have to admit this rivalry is definitely one of the best in the country!!!
    Michigan is the only school I would go to outside Texas or A&M !!!! Congrats wolverines

  • Chad Robert
    Chad Robert Year ago +4

    I have grown up with Beaver Stadium in my backyard so I’m a Penn State fan and I tend to say I bleed blue and white. But I gotta say I was so pumped up for this game. I loved the atmosphere that day, the tradition, and the history and the gray day of snow it was Americana and old time Big10 football at its finest I was standing in my living room watching this game the entire time. Obviously I was rooting for Michigan but all Year I saw something in Michigan I hadn’t seen in years and I just had a feeling something was gonna happen that day on the last Saturday in November. Michigan over the past 6 years has had some of the same disappointments as Penn State has had and I honestly sometimes feel the Nittany lions cause me to much grief for their mediocrity and just lameness at times that I want to jump ship. And Michigan has always been my 2nd favorite big10 team always. Wish I would have grown up 15 minutes from Ann Arbor instead of State College. Now we’re locked in with Franklin and it’s like oh my what do I have to look forward hopefully competitive games like this

  • Smurfy Montana
    Smurfy Montana Year ago +4

    That first touchdown gave me chills GO BLUE

  • jason hughes
    jason hughes Year ago +7

    You don't realize how much this video means to me. I live in Ohio and cannot get the radio broadcast, but always wished I could hear Dan and Jim for any game. This is my first time hearing them and their excitement, while short, still the best these ears have ever heard. I would buy this broadcast and video if I could!!!

  • Mike B.
    Mike B. Year ago +1

    Haskins & Hutchinson's efforts in this game will forever be mentioned in the same breath as the other Michigan great. Their dominance in this game were as incredible as Woodson, Harbaugh, Howard, A-Train & Biakabutuka's.

  • FreddyB 2K4L
    FreddyB 2K4L Year ago +9

    I will remember this game for the rest of my life….we’re finally back in the National Championship talk. 🤩

  • Alex couture
    Alex couture Month ago

    I have never cried more than that day I was so happy to be a Michigan fan

  • M_J Bo
    M_J Bo Year ago +15

    Love it! Jimmy B and Danny D what a regular season game to go out on! Make it count in Indy

  • Mike M
    Mike M Year ago +24

    Harbaugh pulled a Namath "Guaranteeing" a Victory ! And like Namath, He came through in Spades...He went back to the blueprint from his Stanford days, to the 49ers and the past sucessfull Michigan teams using the Power running game with one of the Top O-Lines in the country and dominated the line of scrimmage...Just like the D-Line has this year..This team found a Real Identity this year which was lacking in the past recent years...GO BLUE!! Lets bring Home the National Championship now for that school down south to be envious of!!

  • Will Hopson
    Will Hopson Year ago +1

    Florida fan here randomly listening to this on a Sunday night. Always liked Dan Dierdorf on Monday night football and always kind of wondered what happened to him so glad to hear him on this and maybe I’ll try to find him on a Michigan game on one of the radio apps

  • Josh Jacobs Jingleheimer Schmidt

    dan excitement is UNMATCHED. damn im going to miss them, but what a story book ending to their careers🙌

    • shadytnu24
      shadytnu24 Year ago +1

      Dan gets goin...but any long-time Michigan fan knows the one who's excitement was unmatched is the late and great Robert Frost Ufer.

    • Darin Whitehead
      Darin Whitehead Year ago

      Are they retiring?

    • Lions fan
      Lions fan Year ago

      This being the last home game these 2 great gentlemen will ever call, damn what a great way to go out!

    • Jleed989
      Jleed989 Year ago

      Let’s hope there’s lots more this year

  • New Usurname
    New Usurname Year ago +3

    Now this is how you call play by play ! I listened to this highlight while working in shop and I literally could see the field & plays!
    Great game and congratulations!
    I know if both teams show up my Hawkeyes vs Michigan 2021 should be a classic.
    Lets go Hawks!
    Swarm baby!

  • Anthoney Zerbe
    Anthoney Zerbe Year ago +6

    Our O-line was about to rip that boy in half haha. Love seeing the big boys getting involved sticking up for a brother.

  • Duneedon
    Duneedon Year ago +6

    Zinter was a goddamn wrecking ball during this game...so impressive. He just took his man, or MEN, and pushed the Bucks the hell off the line almost every damn time.

  • Ted Levine
    Ted Levine Year ago +4

    i am so grateful having had the opportunity to be there, My last Michigan/Ohio State game before this game was fifty years ago,

  • 〽️ichigan 〽️ade

    This wins for all myb90s babys especially the ones who grew up in the Lansing area. We dealt with non stop hate from MSU fans and Ohio fans for 20 years. All throughout Middle school hs college and years after. This win means everything to us🙏🏽〽️

  • Dong-ha Chung
    Dong-ha Chung 5 months ago

    "I don't care about any of that! I just want to beat Ohio State." Spoken like a true Michigan Man! I love this sentiment by the Michigan Radio announcers.

  • Bend Dover
    Bend Dover 11 months ago

    I could watch it 100 times, and it would never get old.

  • Bronson Barth
    Bronson Barth Year ago +7

    Gonna miss ya Jim. LOVED hearing you call the games.

  • Jason Moose
    Jason Moose Year ago +1

    When the announcer said "I don't care about any of that, I just want to beat Ohio State!"
    As a Michigan fan who has also suffered for so long, I felt his pain!

    • Simply_TheGreatOne
      Simply_TheGreatOne Year ago

      Man you ain’t never lied!!! So serious and hilarious at the same time

  • BIG 4 Sports News Official YouTube

    Sucks I won't be able to hear Dierdorf anymore. Always brought the energy to the booth, to Michigan sports (State of Michigan) he was like a tuned-up Ernie Harwell. Not on the same level as Harwell but still outstanding in the booth

  • James Bowen
    James Bowen Year ago +1

    The play at 6:31 was when I knew Michigan was going to win this game. A perfect pass from from a kid who supposedly wasn't a very good passer. Ohio State's defensive back had great coverage but there's no way to defend a perfectly thrown pass. Michigan regains the lead two plays later and would never give it up again. A phenomenal team effort by Michigan who was clearly the better team on this day.

  • Treg Brown
    Treg Brown Year ago +3

    Their voices will be missed. Thank you gentlemen

  • Laughing Hyena
    Laughing Hyena Year ago +6

    The excitement in the announcer is priceless!! 😂😂😂😂 it’s like he asked God to let Michigan beat Ohio before he dies. He’s ready to go now.

  • M. Williams
    M. Williams Year ago

    Jim Brandstatter called all of Barry Sanders' games when the lions drove him to the field. His voice is iconic to us Michiganders who were around then.

  • Ty Benjamin
    Ty Benjamin Year ago +1

    This is coming from a forever 305 Miami Hurricane fan. Michigan looked amazing and they just handled OSU like the Buckeyes were a bunch of little kids. Congratulations Wolverine nation, you guys should beat Iowa today. I just wish the U would do something like this

  • jflogoblue
    jflogoblue Year ago +3

    I am as proud and thrilled as Jim and Dan are that there last broadcast of "the Game" was a Michigan beat down of Ohio state for a Big Ten Title shot and a national title year for the wolverine nation. !!GO BLUE !!

  • Joe Davis
    Joe Davis Year ago +2

    Good work, man. I need more of these from the Michigan season.

  • Chuck Schaefer
    Chuck Schaefer Year ago +3

    There will never be another Bob Ufer, but I sure enjoyed listening to these guys for the last many years.

  • Jon Becher
    Jon Becher Year ago +4

    Can't love this video enough!! Jim and Dan are the best homers 🤣

    • Mike Honcho
      Mike Honcho Year ago

      At least Michigan gets Dan Dierdorf. OSU has Jim Lachey and he's awful.

  • G H
    G H Year ago +1

    I could watch this on repeat for 365 days

  • Derek Nolan
    Derek Nolan Month ago

    These guys are the best radio broadcast I have ever listened to. I love them so much

  • Angel Cruz Jr
    Angel Cruz Jr Year ago +1

    Congratulations to the wolverines from a buckeyes fan , take it all the way Blue

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 7 months ago +1

    17:08 I get chills every time I listen to that call

  • Blake Corum’s Burner

    Months later I still feel the energy

  • Pistongreg
    Pistongreg 10 months ago

    I have watched this video over 50 times and I still can't get enough of it

  • Anthoney Zerbe
    Anthoney Zerbe Year ago

    The Voices of UofM Football. Truly going to miss them. Won't be the same

  • C W
    C W 11 months ago

    Most satisfying college football game of all time in my personal opinion. I played for the University of Colorado on scholarship on their National Championship team, but graduated before I had the opportunity to go up to the BIG HOUSE for the miracle at Michigan. Michigan was my second choice coming out of HS. I'm glad I chose Colorado, but I often dream about what it would have been like to be on campus at Michigan and play in the big house. Funny thing is my family is from Columbus Ohio. Go figure

  • Iloveresses7
    Iloveresses7 8 months ago

    8 months later and I'm still watching these highlights

  • Vesubio Romo
    Vesubio Romo Year ago +1

    I have watched more highlight videos of this single televised event than anything else on Clip-Share ever and it ain't even close.
    I'm just happy for Jim. And I'm happy for Dan, too. And I was glad to witness the world's largest, outdoor, cold-weather party. Unforgettable.

    • Todd Cunningham
      Todd Cunningham Year ago +1

      Same for me, and I live in L.A. and have no real ties to Michigan, though I did visit The Big House when I was in Ann Arbor and several friends are alums. This game did indeed have an epic feel with the relentless ferocity of the Wolverines on both side of the ball all game long and just an incredible setting and atmosphere. I love this radio call --Dan Dierdorf's opener is a classic-- and recommend 'Cinematic Highlights' for other true believers.

    • Vesubio Romo
      Vesubio Romo Year ago +1

      @Jamie Smith Yup. Priceless.

    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smith Year ago +1

      So i'm guessing you've already seen the 8 minutes of just the post game celebration without any commentary, just natural sound and various shots? (Jim Harbaugh, Michigan fans celebrate on field after beating Ohio State in ‘The Game’ | CFB on FOX).
      110,000 people all happy at once.

  • Spektral
    Spektral Year ago +1

    My legs hurt after this game because I was jumping ALL game. So excited! GO BLUE! Also i am so late to commenting

  • Fran Tic
    Fran Tic Year ago +7

    Hassan Haskins is money. He won’t just go down. He grinds out every inch he can. It’s a testament to his conditioning and strength and sheer will. He is so fun to watch.

    • InspectorDanos
      InspectorDanos Year ago

      Yes! He gets tackled and then gets three more yards

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez Year ago

    Literally got chills listening to this!! Dan Dierdorf personified everything we were all falling.. now does anyone have the OSU radio call 😂😂😂 GO BLUE! HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

  • Rustin Cole_W
    Rustin Cole_W Year ago +5

    Iconic voice. Such a big part of my Life. Win the Championship for him!!

  • Matt Meador
    Matt Meador Year ago +2

    Best game of the year by far. The stakes could not be higher for both teams on rivalry week

    • edit nosmirc
      edit nosmirc Year ago

      I think Bama vs Texas A&M and Bama vs Arkansas were my favorites but this game is up there with them for sure.

  • sweatergame
    sweatergame 4 months ago +1

    I beg you to make another video like this one for this years game. I love the Michigan radio highlights more than anything

  • Shagg Nasty
    Shagg Nasty Year ago +7

    Gonna Miss you Jimmy B!!! Was great with Mark Champion and the Lions radio as well!!

  • BlazeloflGlory
    BlazeloflGlory Year ago +3

    "Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes". Go blue all day!

  • Joe Pyper
    Joe Pyper Year ago +2

    I’mma Wolverine in Columbus. My whole life. Went to The Game in Ann Arbor as a youngster. I love these kids playing a game I love. My oldest is a Wolverine. My youngest is a Buckeye. I’m living the good life. GO BLUE!!!

  • michael f
    michael f 6 months ago

    That was sooooo sweet! I love You Michigan!
    Go Blue!
    Now, this is another season!

  • Steven Haff
    Steven Haff Year ago

    Not really a diehard college football fan, but I did know of Michigan's futility against Ohio State lately. Nice job! One heck of a lot of people at that game!!

  • Theodorix Wynnfrith
    Theodorix Wynnfrith Year ago +2

    The more of Michigan I see the more like Georgia they look which is a compliment coming from a die hard bama fan, y’all look Badass and the Michigan Georgia game is gonna be a smash mouth slugfest that I can’t wait to see

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago +2

    My grandfather passed away the day before, we had tickets to the game. I like to think he was pissed at god he was taken so soon so god did him a solid and gave Michigan the W

    • Boomer T.
      Boomer T.  Year ago +1

      I'm really sorry man. Grandpa's always go too soon. May he rest in peace 💙 hope they can win it for him

  • Jack Pinewood
    Jack Pinewood Year ago +9

    I rarely pull for the Wolverines but I was so happy to see M trounce the buckeye nuts!
    Take the the Big10 Championship game!!....Sparty

  • Jon A. Scholt
    Jon A. Scholt Year ago +1

    I've watched this thing like 10 times now. And will probably watch it again. Hopefully I can switch it to a Michigan victory over Georgia highlight video!

  • TexasRocks HillCountry

    I'm so happy for Michigan!

  • Eddie Manni
    Eddie Manni 7 months ago

    Now that’s old school Michigan football love it

  • Jeffrey Chandler Jr.
    Jeffrey Chandler Jr. 10 months ago

    I'm a Wisconsin Badger fan but I watch this game rooting for Michigan glad Michigan was able to end their drought!

  • Darius Samuels
    Darius Samuels 11 months ago

    Mannn As a Michigan fan I come back
    To this every so often lol GO BLUE!!!!!

  • Sandra norman
    Sandra norman Year ago

    Dan is a hoot! Love how he “just wants to beat Ohio State.”

  • David Krummen
    David Krummen 4 months ago +1

    I wanna hear the radio call for this years win!!!! Go Blue! 〽️🔵🟡

  • Eliel Pakkala
    Eliel Pakkala Year ago +1

    We showed BALLS. Unbelievable...I'm still crying tears of joy

  • Rob
    Rob Year ago +2

    to me, the biggest difference this year is the offensive playbook revisions and play calling. Sure, there are other important elements, but compared to years past, that is the difference I see. The blocking schemes to get running backs and wide receivers in to the 2nd level untouched has been such a game changer.

    • Posi Troll
      Posi Troll Year ago

      @jayngo26 even better : it had been set up a week earlier when they paraded D. E. against Maryland with 170 yards receiving. All buckeye eyes were on him, fooling even the announcers, giving aj the extra half second he needed to not just run for a new 1st down but to score a td.

    • Di114n
      Di114n Year ago

      @jayngo26 yeah haven’t seen that sort of creativity . It was marvelous

    • jayngo26
      jayngo26 Year ago +1

      The play call on Michigan's first touchdown was SICK.

  • Peter Rodby
    Peter Rodby Year ago +2

    Imagine if the Wolverines had Ronnie Bell at their disposal, they would have been the most prolific offense in conference history.

  • Daniel Stankey
    Daniel Stankey Year ago +1

    You could see how Michigan was approaching this game at 9:18 of the first quarter - Roman Wilson catches a pass and starts heading out of bounds, then stays right in the white area of the out of bounds area so he can go an additional three yards (still out of bounds) to lay a hit on the OSU defender. They were going to hit everything in sight - offense or defense.

  • Collin Cronkright
    Collin Cronkright 7 months ago +2

    my favorite part about this video is the :14 second mark "i dont care about any of that i wanta beat ohio state" and we did and it was glorious

  • Mike B
    Mike B Year ago +6

    Ahhhh thanks for doing this! I love the radio broadcast

  • Chris
    Chris 9 months ago

    Greatest sports moment of my life

  • ironspider5972
    ironspider5972 6 months ago +1

    As a UM grad (1996), 11:25 is the best part of this video. GO BLUE!

    • Ray Rack
      Ray Rack 5 months ago +1

      Aww, dang missed 1997 (the first year I attended) by one year!