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Why You Don't Want Super Speed

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Super speed is one of the coolest super powers in comics because of heroes like the Flash, but would it really be that great in real life? Kyle has the fast facts on this week's Because Science!
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  • Because Science
    Because Science  4 years ago +4235

    This one was a lot of fun. Keep up the nerdy comments so I can feature them in the next vlog! Let me know if these "You Don't Want ____" episodes come off too negative, because that's not what I want. Also, I have something very special for you all next week...like...really special and awesome and I'm psyched for you to see it.
    And why spaghetti? Because The Onion: (voices.clickhole.com/the-problem-with-the-flash-why-doesn-t-flash-run-to-1825124068) -- KH

    • legendsneverdie
      legendsneverdie 12 days ago

      Do why you don't want to be immortal

    • maureen young
      maureen young Month ago

      Hi it's my fault first time watching

    • Diavolo
      Diavolo Month ago

      a train

    • TheDonteinferno
      TheDonteinferno Month ago

      the flash also has speed healing yet it is possible for him to move so fast that his bodies atoms disintegrate

    • Joshua Karr
      Joshua Karr Month ago

      You would starve to death almost immediately, even if you never took a super fast step.
      The brain would need to function at a very high rate, in order to comprehend the world as it would need to do at high speeds.
      That super fast processing would consume calories.
      I don't think human chemical digestion can go fast enough to supply that immensely hungry brain.

  • Slade
    Slade Year ago +10788

    Speed force is the ultimate plot armor of Flash , nullifying all ill effects

    • matteste
      matteste 10 days ago

      I bet Pucci disagrees.

    • Your workshop mate
      Your workshop mate 10 days ago

      ​@fabianplayz as long as the point get across. That's the main objective. Grammar is never the point.

    • zeankyle tapiador
      zeankyle tapiador 15 days ago

      Flash is plot armor but the plot is also making him slow for the plot

    • chickenBoneSucker
      chickenBoneSucker 18 days ago

      @Shreshth Mishra since he doesn’t have speed force his powers should also alow him to defy the law of physics and time he should be bulletproof and his bones should practically be impossible to break but I guess the movies didn’t think about this

    • Ultrakillfan
      Ultrakillfan 18 days ago

      All speedsters automatically get the speed force. so most speedsters have perfect eyesight when speeding up, and they all have an automatic power to not rip off limbs when grabbing people at super speed and not burning to a crisp when running. So all speedsters have an automatic plot armor, even the unimportant ones.

  • ShamerSpook
    ShamerSpook 3 months ago +1423

    So basically, If you want a superpower, you should also want abilities that go with said power.

    • chickenBoneSucker
      chickenBoneSucker 18 days ago

      @Strike Ultra I was talking about X-men quicksilver not that horrible version in the mcu lmao

    • Strike Ultra
      Strike Ultra 18 days ago

      @chickenBoneSucker well I mean we only saw so much of mcu quicksilver like what proofs or feats do we have about his strength or something like we never saw his base punches do anything like he punched cap in slow motion but not much

    • chickenBoneSucker
      chickenBoneSucker 18 days ago

      @Strike Ultrawell since marvel doesn’t have speed force quicksilver should have a ton of ability’s that come with his speed so he doesn’t die when he goes super speed

    • Take Money
      Take Money 21 day ago

      You would be bored.

  • Coeal
    Coeal 10 months ago +350

    Invincible had a superhero thats basically flash. and, i loved how this guy is so downbeat because of his power. he explains to his girlfriend that, because of his speed, and perception of time as a result, EVERYTHING moves in super, super slow motion. like, one word from her, to him, takes a full minute.
    and i just realized. they think his power is super speed, but its actually time. time moves painfully slow for him. making him appear to be moving fast

    • LXW arts
      LXW arts 3 days ago

      Red rush the perfect guy who never dies RED RUSH gonna save the day

    • Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus
      Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus 6 days ago

      @meemi doggo Eh, like all movies/TV shows, they severely under-played the actual described power. Otherwise it would be completely weird for the audience.

    • meemi doggo
      meemi doggo 6 days ago

      @Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus his death scene was already slowed down to his perspective

    • Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus
      Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus 6 days ago

      @apollo ... Yes. Worse than slow motion - experiencing everything at the attosecond level of speed. Thus - one second can be dragged out to nearly thirteen billion years.

    • apollo
      apollo 6 days ago

      OOF, so basically he's death was like dying in slow motion????

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films Month ago +192

    You forgot 1 thing, You would also watch everyone age while you don't.

    • SToXC_
      SToXC_ 3 days ago

      ​@Noah Boersma No, you dont understand.
      Time doesn't actually exist, time is a human invention, its relative to your speed.
      For you as a observer, light is actually pretty slow compared to universe size but here's the thing:
      from the point of view of a photon, moving at 100% the speed of light, he is EVERYWHERE at THE SAME TIME, cause this is what happens when reaching the speed of light, the concept of time stops existing, you reach positions instantaneously, light instantly reachs all the things it could reach, from the point of view of light.
      its basically the same for humans :) light looks instantaneous for us even if its wrong, but actually, it is right 😂
      so yeah, at 90% the speed of light, concept of time will still exist but as he said, its gonna be just a few seconds or not even to get there, its actually accurate "time", for the stuff travelling at this speed it would actually just have passed an Accurate "Earth" second, but from the earth, its been 8 years.
      you need to think that basically EVERYTHING you know as a "solid unchangeable knowledge" does actually CHANGE basing on the speed, even if just a little, cause light is stupidly fast and everything is a infinitely small % of it, so thats all the difference u could notice

    • Luther Mthembu
      Luther Mthembu 20 days ago


    • Noah Boersma
      Noah Boersma Month ago

      @Дима Иванов still a good 8 years before you arrive, light isn't that fast in the universe sadly.

    • Дима Иванов
      Дима Иванов Month ago +5

      @Soorya Bs no, it's not different. He's talking about time dialation, like, you know, when something moving with relitivistic speeds, it freezing in time.
      Like, if you get on a spaceship that can travel with 90% of speed of light and you will go to Alpha Centauri and back, it will take you something more that 8 years, but in a spaceship will pass like few days, or something.

    • Soorya Bs
      Soorya Bs Month ago +1

      It's different bro

  • Jalbesbe
    Jalbesbe 6 months ago +186

    The issue with super perception that usually goes with speedsters in many comics is that it's not really an on off thing. Everything is really slow to them at it's base rate, it can get even slower, but to start everything is already going so slow. This would be a brutal and hellish existence, especially if you're dying

    • void
      void 3 months ago

      @Cubed Uncertainty yh. in the comics its stated the flash has near light speed processing. so he can perceive things at near light speed. his super speed + incredibly fast perception, we could expect the affect of everything being frozen in time. in actuality, everything is moving but hes just so fast and can perceive things at such a fast rate that it looks frozen in time.

    • Cubed Uncertainty
      Cubed Uncertainty 3 months ago

      @void agreeable, most likely in the range of simple time dilation but it must be nearly impossible to do some tricks while in SuperSpeed without a thinking like at normal speed so there should be some, also it is shown in first season more like slower time than faster perception but these might be the same relatively speaking.

    • void
      void 3 months ago

      @Cubed Uncertainty fair point. but still the speedforce dosnt slow down time for the speedsters. if it slowed down time why dosnt the speedsters get slowed down either? they just have incredibly high levels if perception so that from their point of view, everything is frozen around them.

    • Cubed Uncertainty
      Cubed Uncertainty 3 months ago

      @void Time Wraiths appear rarely after time travel, and only if it had big changes in timeline.

  • Cartello Diamanti
    Cartello Diamanti 3 months ago +317

    Why this channel has never been in my recommended section is beyond me. I’m infatuated. Love realistic science theories comparing to unrealistic expectations. Awesome stuff bro 😎

    • Reflex
      Reflex Month ago +1

      I do want to say that he fails to realize that enhanced speed means also means super strength for your muscles to even get to that speed. If you don’t even have the muscles to generate that speed then you won’t ever have to worry about the speed itself destroying your body. In short the guy while he makes informative videos, forgot to pay attention to the easiest details to spot.

    • MassGradingTeacher
      MassGradingTeacher 2 months ago +1

      @Cartello Diamanti same here. These videos are fascinating. @Diego Ortega del Campo thanks for the recommendation. I went to his channel and remembered seeing the top video in my feed just yesterday. Will check him out.

    • Diego Ortega del Campo
      Diego Ortega del Campo 3 months ago +1

      @Cartello Diamanti np, enjoy science 🙌

    • Cartello Diamanti
      Cartello Diamanti 3 months ago +1

      @Diego Ortega del Campo I’ll go check it out right now. Thank you brother

    • Diego Ortega del Campo
      Diego Ortega del Campo 3 months ago +6

      go to his current channel, kyle hill. He wasnt happy in because science, so he left and created his own, very recommnded

  • RedSkies000
    RedSkies000 2 years ago +4541

    Surprised he never mentions the amount of calories a human body would need to sustain that much energy

    • LXW arts
      LXW arts 3 days ago

      The poops Flash will make

    • chav0machine
      chav0machine Month ago

      I knew a guy with super speed...he barely ate at all, and he stayed up all night and got skinny and paranoid.

    • yes
      yes Month ago

      @Mars Almighty Flashtime does not effect the friction of a speedster, its true, but if they fall, hinted multiple times in the show, their body gets damaged by alot, since for them they might be travelling in normal speed but to the outside world and REAL physics they are going like, 3 mach+ so, flashtime does effect the speedsters physically at some point

    • yes
      yes Month ago

      The calories were mentioned in the series of the Flash, as barry and Jesse said that a speedster needs to eat ALOT of food to run, and it's been seen throughout the show as wells, also considering star labs has a bio expert and a technological expert, my theory is that they MUST been created a fluid for barry to run, similar to the content of velocity x

    • person man
      person man Month ago

      Don’t forget the sheer durability required at even minor super speed. If a human being was going a hundred miles an hour if they made a single misstep they would be mince meat. If you so much as touched someone’s shoulder at that speed every bone in your arm is broken and they were are sent flying without a shoulder. That’s not even mentioning the amount reaction time required to not immediately trip and look like the world’s worst motorcycle accident. That’s not even mentioning how much it would take to slow down without breaking your legs.

  • Niskarsh Kumar
    Niskarsh Kumar 3 months ago +207

    There is that problem with super perception that every moment will feel be unbearably long.... even when he doesn't want it to.

    • Me King Tiger
      Me King Tiger Month ago

      @AIDAN PEREZ Speedforce entirely negates the heat build-up side effects, though.
      _Because Majik!_
      Otherwise, yeah, I agree. Him being able to toggle his perception whether semiautomatically or manually is BS and it amazes me how seemingly no villain has explicitly tried to exploit this weakness.

    • marauder15
      marauder15 Month ago

      Every superhero dies when people attack them while they sleep :D

      AIDAN PEREZ Month ago +1

      ​@marauder15 The thing about controlling speed of perception, it really doesn't work for some scenarios. Imagine you're Barry Allen experiencing time as a normal human does while he is talking to someone. Now imagine someone 10 feet in front of him that he does not see shoots him with a gun. He is currently experiencing time at human speed, and although he can change his perception instantaneously at will, he is not going to notice the bullet coming at him since at that moment he is experiencing time as a normal human does. An additional power he would need in order to see the bullet is a subconscious part of his brain that is constantly viewing things at his maximum speed of perception. It would need to automatically alert him when something dangerous is approaching and switch his current speed of perception to its maximum. In other words, he would need a "guy in the chair" in his brain at all times, like a "spidey sense". But the spidey sense does not work in a lot of super hero scenarios, like how would his brain know to switch on his super perception from a shooter he doesn't see whose bullet is going away from him in the direction of an innocent person. Also, going back to the original scenario, if the shooter was aimed at Barry 10 feet behind him with a gun whose bullet is faster than the speed of sound, there is no way a "spidey sense" could know that bullet is approaching until it makes contact with something that attached to him (best case scenario, something like his hair or his clothes). In this case, his brain would automatically switch on his super speed perception and alert him of which direction the danger is coming from (if not he might just turn into the bullet looking for the danger) and finally be able to get out of the way. This of course would not work if he is somewhere crowded while this bullet makes contact with the hairs of the back of his head. As his perception switches to super speed, his body would need to remain in normal speed until he finds a way to not touch anybody as he is moving at this insane speed. Even then though, the heat he is producing from moving at a speed where his perception sees the bullet as stationary object in the air would burn all the people around him. Maybe he will be able to find a way to move at a speed which allows him to dodge the bullet while burning the people around him minimally to where they can survive the burns, but if he was hugging somebody as the bullet makes contact with the back of his head hairs, he would have to kill the person he is hugging to dodge the bullet. I rest my case; there is really no way to possibly make super speed work in some scenarios even with all these secondary powers.

    • Дима Иванов
      Дима Иванов 2 months ago

      But what it would be like semiautomatic trigger powerd thing? Like, if you run your reaction and time perception is boosted, so even with running at 65% SoL you'd feel like 5 MPS jog, but if day is slow, you don't rush and don't even doing stuff quick, your perception is normal, but you still could notice flying bullets and stuff like that, and it would trigger your super speed time perception.

    • marauder15
      marauder15 2 months ago +8

      No, it does not because his speed of thinking and perception would accelerate with his movement, because that is the only way he could control both at the same time, so he could experience every moment at the speed he wants it to be experienced.
      Just because you have listened to the song "The Ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's Big Ego, you should not assume that Barry has no control over his acceleration and perception.
      It is more like if you have an otpion to watch a full documentary or a highlighted version, you would prefer to watch the short version so you can spend more time with other things, same with Barry, his attention spam might became very short because he can experience time in a completely different level, so he will not spend time with anything unless it is really stimulating or important, that is how you know what a polite guy he is, acting with others as if they would not waste his time.

  • Raistlarn
    Raistlarn 6 months ago +66

    Perception of time would also be one of the worst powers if you can't deactivate it. It would be like being paralyzed with every second being a lifetime, and don't forget how difficult it would be to do anything. Walking would take a lifetime in your mind just to take a step, breathing another lifetime. It would be absolute hell if you can't control it.

    • GraveUypo
      GraveUypo Month ago +1

      i would love to have doubled or tripled perception of time. that would be already enough to be super human in almost every way (you can learn things 3 times as fast, you have reaction times 3 times as fast, you can think 3 times as fast and so on), and life would feel 3 times as long.
      the downside is that every non-natural light source would be flickery as f***

    • BenGSynth
      BenGSynth 3 months ago +1

      Well it would be some kind of cyborg technology so I'd imagine it has an on/off switch.

    • Ah Shit Here We Go Again
      Ah Shit Here We Go Again 4 months ago +4

      Now imagine you can move at normal speed in that perception. It would still be horrible if you returned to normal perception after that, because too many things would happen quickly for you to adjust to in one second.

  • MaikoR
    MaikoR 9 months ago +81

    I think since characters like Sonic are born and made with super speed powers, their brain can think extremely fast and their limbs are resistent to the force they produce. Plus, like it's shown in certain games, Sonic needs a little bit of movement before going super fast. But when he doesn't use any acceleration, he isn't using all of his potential.

  • Arnab Dey
    Arnab Dey 5 months ago +16

    One must acknowledge that he can write and draw everything flipped opposite so well.

    • GSOGaming
      GSOGaming 5 days ago

      Was just thinking of this

  • Graham Davies
    Graham Davies 5 months ago +7

    Super speed has always been one of my top choices when asked this question. But I have always assumed that part of having this super power includes addressing all the physics problems that would need to be addressed to make it work. Therefore your super speed super power is actually giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

  • 我的家
    我的家 11 months ago +2619

    Having Thor Odinson explain the science of why super speed would be detrimental while writing backwards perfectly is something I didn't know I needed.

    • Zaque X
      Zaque X Month ago

      just one problem. In media like the flash tv series, what happens is that he does not move faster than everything else, it is that everything else moves slower. This would negate the leg problem, the perceivement problem and the problem of being one shotted by your own attacks. It would also solve the problem of accidentally killing everything around you, because it is not that you are moving at speeds that would destroy everything, it is that everyone else is moving so slow that you can do whatever you want in what THEY perceive as a fraction of a second

    • bevy
      bevy Month ago

      Or mr beaaaast

    • Cisco XGN
      Cisco XGN Month ago

      @Yes Of course I'm home?

    • Ant
      Ant Month ago +1

      he is writing backwards then the video is flipped

  • astrand
    astrand 11 months ago +38

    This guy is the nerd I'll hear through lunch time to hear his impressive calculations and his critical thinking

  • Jesus Diaz
    Jesus Diaz 7 months ago +9

    I like the idea of super perception without super speed imagine being shot at and then using it and just thinking about everything but being able to do nth like the bullet would eventually start digging into you and still you’d just be sitting there thinking about it

  • MrStanley85
    MrStanley85 10 months ago +6

    I am wondering if the compressed air that would build up in front even allows for an insect to be further compressing that pocket of air and collide with you instead of being directed to the sides. To not get burned you would need a bubble of air surrounding and shielding you that moves along somehow :D

  • Nanite
    Nanite 2 months ago +4

    Another issue I thought of is it could cause serious heart issues. Like imagine your legs running faster than the speed of light, how in hell will our hearts even pump enough blood to make it possible? it could literally explode.

  • The LPN05Fan
    The LPN05Fan 9 months ago +1

    I love how these Videos, even four years later, don't at all feel aged or worse than current ones. Tells alot about the Qualityconsistency.
    Thanks Labteam and Kyle!

  • Not a person
    Not a person 2 years ago +2046

    One thing that has always confused me is how speedsters like the Flash don't go insane due to their perception of time.

    • Pelican
      Pelican 7 months ago

      Red Rush in invincible had this problem where it was really difficult for him to hold a conversation becaude he'd get bored

    • Lukson
      Lukson 7 months ago

      Because he can scale his perception of time, like humans but we can't really scale it, we perceive time super fast when we are least aware of it, like during sleeping, and we perceive time slowest when we are most aware of it, like when doing a very boring task, but theres always a middle ground for our perception, i imagine its pretty much the same for the Flash as well but he has more control over it.

    • STM
      STM 9 months ago

      Jim's Big Ego made a great song about this, the ballet of Barry Alen, there's also an SCP about this.

    • Nunya Bizniz
      Nunya Bizniz 11 months ago

      @Tantris it's a comic book character who defies the explanations of reality in this video. Flash doesn't experience time dilation and doesn't cause nuclear explosions in his wake when he is moving lightspeed and beyond because of the speedforce. The speedforce is sentient. Comic book logic defies real world physics.

    • Tantris
      Tantris 11 months ago

      @Nunya Bizniz Watch the video and explain how it makes sense that Flash doesn’t just slow down time

  • Gabriel X J
    Gabriel X J 2 months ago

    I love all of these videos. Why did I wait so long to subscribe??? Using real, basic physics equations with such interesting and out there ideas is incredibly entertaining!

  • Treyplayz
    Treyplayz 5 months ago +4

    I remember watching this so long ago 😭
    Glad it popped up on my home page cuz I feel the nostalgia of watching this years ago and then acting like I'm a genius to my friends knowing they didn't know this

  • Megananium
    Megananium 4 months ago

    Ive always liked to think about if speedsters were actually always going really fast but purposefully drawing out everything they did so everyone else could percieve it while still having incredible reaction speeds

  • joshua O'Connor
    joshua O'Connor Month ago +1

    You know, I always thought that the flash got around a lot of these problems by just phasing most of the time when he runs so he goes through bugs and avoids the clothes burning off issue, maybe the lightning that he produces is one of his superpowers where he jettisons internal heat build up in muscles by just converting the heat into electrical energy, or also his suit also has the whole using the material the space shuttle uses for re-entry as well

  • whoareyou
    whoareyou Month ago +1

    You explain that whole gravity thing way better and more interesting in less time than my physics teacher

  • FreshVexMilk
    FreshVexMilk Year ago +1140

    fun fact: if you travel a sizeable portion of the speed of light, the air molecules in the atmosphere would not have enough time to move out of the way, (much like the compression, only more... spectacular) so fusion would occur at the points of contact, triggering nuclear explosions. how fun

    • Redprice
      Redprice Month ago

      @BigIron sonix booms are now nuclear explosions!1!1!

    • Hypnaxtic
      Hypnaxtic Month ago

      @Xuvial isnt that what omniman did to that one city that invaded earth? he just flew around that planet so fast that nuclear sized explosions happened everywhere

    • Rainer Büsching
      Rainer Büsching Month ago

      let alone consider what happens if you hit a particle as small as a grain of dust :)

    • Gareth Baus
      Gareth Baus Month ago

      @EinSofQuester lol.

    • EinSofQuester
      EinSofQuester Month ago +1

      @Gareth Baus atomic boom

  • wilson rawlin
    wilson rawlin 9 months ago

    Enjoyed watching and hearing this personally. I always process this when watching the current super hero movies. Physics just won't let me accept it as remotely possible. ;D

  • Ethan Brandt
    Ethan Brandt 7 months ago +2

    this is always why I preferred the ability to slow down time for everything but yourself that way you'd still technically have super speed but at the same time had time to think about what the hell is going on

  • greentiger332
    greentiger332 6 months ago +1

    its fun to watch these after I've taken a few physics classes. I knew he was going to jump to acceleration when he talked about velocity not being the issue.

  • CG Mehta
    CG Mehta 11 months ago +3

    I'm currently in AP Physics C and we learned about the Atiobatic heating of gasses in closed systems lol, we did a similar lab to the one that he showed with the bicycle PUMP

  • NarnYod
    NarnYod 3 months ago +5

    The Speed Force literally saves him from all of that, it manipulates physics

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 3 years ago +6052

    The ability for this dude to write backwards is impressive.

  • Frodo Falk
    Frodo Falk 5 months ago +2

    What if the "super speed" is based in slowing down time of everything except yourself rather than speeding yourself up? That solves quite alot of the issues atleast

  • Jabel Acenas
    Jabel Acenas 10 months ago +1

    Very informative. I love your detailed explanation and humor. Also i love your looks, like thor

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail Month ago

    i was just bored then saw the eye catching title. congrats on having a new subscriber!! i really like how you deliver your thoughts well and explain the consequences of having only super speed without and super powers protecting you.

  • Rob Van Gessel
    Rob Van Gessel 5 months ago +1

    Of course, in a comics universe, I always assume the super power in question is always accommodated by features needed to protect him or her.

  • Shalom Merced Montes
    Shalom Merced Montes 10 months ago

    This is way better than sitting in a classroom for an hour trying not to fall asleep

  • Ace2Frostii
    Ace2Frostii Year ago +2953

    can we just appreciate how effortlessly he's writing backwards? that alone is a super power

    • Luis V
      Luis V 5 months ago

      I think he’s writing normally, but flips the footage so it looks normal to us

    • ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂
      ꧁GlorifiedGremlin꧂ 5 months ago

      Cmon now yall gotta be smarter than this lmao

    • Purple Dev Ill show You Mari Juan, A!
      Purple Dev Ill show You Mari Juan, A! 5 months ago

      "I can write my name upside down and backwards, in cursive."

    • Astro
      Astro 5 months ago

      Damn lot of people doesn't have humor in them

  • EpicStoffer
    EpicStoffer 11 months ago +2

    Ever since I was a kid, I'v thought about the issues surrounding super speed, especially the one you bring up, about having to avoid insects (or a milllion other things, that would effectively be an immovable force at that speed). Though I always came out shy, of figuring out the logic behind whether or not a high enough perception (to avoid the blur effect), would allow someone with the powers of "The Flash" to percieve, and move said objects away?
    Keeping in mind that the perception is that of the flash's, it sounds doable but ultimately insanity inducing tediousness. Though to be fair, as the flash has said that his perception is in *constant effect*, he must have found a way around the issue somehow I'd imagine

    LONE WOLF 2 months ago

    Would be´dangerous to have super perception speed? (Without super run speed) Like being able to see everything in slow-motion when you want / need to. What would be the consequences of it?

  • Ghostark1983
    Ghostark1983 24 days ago +1

    The speed force has a protective field to stop you from dying instantly plus the field also makes it easier to see and protects everyone else you touch for that amount of time

  • Nutmeg does stuff
    Nutmeg does stuff 6 months ago

    When you think about the concept of the flash's enhanced perception, can he like turn his brain down to like 'idle mode' almost and go back to at least nearly a human level, or does time just always pass trillions of times slower for him? If it's the latter, how on earth does he hold a conversation?

  • The Normemegian
    The Normemegian 6 months ago

    the definition of super speed to me is being able to control the passage of time around you while not changing it for yourself

  • God-Level Threat
    God-Level Threat 3 years ago +766

    Actually, speed like the flash wouldn't be that bad, considering the Speed Force negates all negative effects.

    • hydrolito
      hydrolito 11 months ago

      He eats more than regular people so has to spend more money on food.

    • Jennifer McConnell
      Jennifer McConnell Year ago

      @Glazed_Waffle multiverse theory doesn’t say absolutely anything is possible. It’s only what’s possible within the laws of physics.

    • Jennifer McConnell
      Jennifer McConnell Year ago

      Saying “actually” to a physicist explaining the implausibility with science when writers come up with a magical force that solves everything

    • Glazed_Waffle
      Glazed_Waffle 2 years ago +2

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    • Glazed_Waffle
      Glazed_Waffle 2 years ago

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    Edit: Forgot to mention, she is only barely faster than a bullet (I forgot the caliber but I think it was 9mm)

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      SAURABH JARODIA Year ago +3

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    • t posing ISG
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    • Reflex
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      @lovemir Actually he does and it doesn't really take a lot of searching to really find some extremely broken feats. He has an infinite mass punch which is confirmed to be infinite mass and has fought against beings that transcend the very concepts of dimensions which would be far beyond any finite numbers to demonstrate his physical capabilities. I'm assuming you don't read any comics so you might just think that he's just very fast which is far from what he's shown in the comics.

    • lovemir
      lovemir Month ago

      @ReflexFlash is by all means still human and possesses no outstanding physical capabilites aside from being fast that being said it all changes once he enters flash time where everything is frozen in time including their mass which makes it easy for Barry to lift.
      Also your logic is right and an example of such logic would be A-Train a speedster in The Boy's universe, not only is he very strong he is also very tough even without using his speed as seen when he was literally pulling a train using nothing but sheer strength.

    • name the fifth
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    • Reflex
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  • Joao Henrique Neuhaus
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    Having the perception of centuries in seconds seems an accurate definition of a curse for me. Unless you have absolute control of your brain to the point where you decide when you think and perceive time as a normal human, or super fast, you're basically cursed to live an eternity of you being the only one alive, you won't interact with persons anymore, because a simples sentence of seconds would looks like hours in your mind where 1 second is 1000(shooting low...).

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    SKYRANGER Year ago +863

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    • Some Guy
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    • RogueCloud56
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    1. Makes you extremely fast (the thing he talks about in the video)
    2. Slowing down others around you

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    Your horizontal acceleration is limited by how much force you can apply on the ground.
    You can't apply more force on the ground than your own weight in Newtons.
    Therefore, the only way to reach faster speeds is to increase the downforce!
    Maybe speedsters need massive spoilers like F1 cars.

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    • Ben Tennyson
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    • Chipie Gg
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      @Malik K. if that's the case you can make excuses for everything, (oh yh he pushed that 80kg wait its because he held on to it that he could do it) so to avoid this tell me why you think you can't put more newtons in to the ground then your own weight for horizontal movements. Btw the f~1 argument does not hold because they also create upforce because there is a lot of air going under the car

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    • Egoist
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