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Jason Bateman & Bill Hader - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • "Ozark's" Jason Bateman and "Barry's" Bill Hader full discussion from Variety's Actors on Actors series.
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  • Keith Bondar
    Keith Bondar 3 years ago +871

    Jason Bateman one of the most underrated funny guys of all time.

    • ruksana kabir
      ruksana kabir 5 months ago

      he not underatterd,,, he did so many fucking funny movies..

    • Faiz Ahmed
      Faiz Ahmed 10 months ago

      Bateman is far from underrated, he played the straight man to perfection on Arrested Dev

    • My Philosophical Drunken Persona
      My Philosophical Drunken Persona 10 months ago

      He is rated A list. Not sure how much higher he can get on the ratings.

    • Keith Bondar
      Keith Bondar 10 months ago +1

      @Roger88faction don’t forget we live in a world that people would rather video ppl in a car accident then helping ppl. Imagine being famous in this ridiculous world we live in.

  • Disco Freaque
    Disco Freaque 3 years ago +786

    Both actors that I love, full of charm and charisma both on and off the camera. And they're both also kind of underrated. I'm glad that they both have big hits with Barry and Ozark now

    • Anand Rai
      Anand Rai 10 months ago

      Yeah them and Jason Sudekis with Ted Lasso

    • FabFia
      FabFia Year ago

      Both hot...😂😍

    • Draven Arcane
      Draven Arcane 2 years ago +2

      Underrated people are not known worldwide and have arms full of emmy's haha!

    • Thought Garden
      Thought Garden 2 years ago +6

      Hader could have the top selling movie of all time and hed still be underrated, he is so genuine and it shows through these wonderful moments of humanity.

    • Jesus Herrera Comedy
      Jesus Herrera Comedy 2 years ago

      That and Tiger King are the only thing I watched in Quarantine

  • Rachel Cliffe
    Rachel Cliffe 3 years ago +205

    This format is so much better than press interviews, you can tell they avoid the cliche questions they get asked all the time, makes the whole thing much more sincere and interesting!

  • Kendra Winter
    Kendra Winter 4 years ago +1719

    Bill haders giggle cured my depression

  • Aly
    Aly 3 years ago +420

    Bill Hader truly has the sweetest smile and laugh in the world.

  • CA
    CA 10 months ago +24

    Jason is not only beautiful but he's a flipping comedic genius. I laughed so hard watching Arrested Development I cried.... that's hard to do! His timing and dry humor is impeccable. You deserve every ounce of love you are getting!

  • Sylvie Z.
    Sylvie Z. 3 years ago +1375

    Amazing interview. It did, however, leave me with a gnawing feeling that, damn, I just wish I knew who it was presented by.

    • Steph Ramirez
      Steph Ramirez 9 months ago +1

      ive been thinking about this comment the entire video lmao so funny

    • Wes wes
      Wes wes Year ago

      I think its Actors by Actors sponsored by Actors interviewing Actors...

    • daft banna
      daft banna Year ago

      @Baxtron X jeopardy

    • Baxtron X
      Baxtron X 2 years ago +1

      @Katherine Laflamme Who's Alec?

  • Birdman PB
    Birdman PB 2 years ago +84

    I love Jason Bateman. Dude has spent his entire life acting. It's interesting to listen to someone you can tell is a pro, and knows all the ins and outs

  • Jillian Gelok
    Jillian Gelok 3 years ago +646

    Bill Hader is the most beautiful human. I live for his giggles.

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 4 years ago +625

    if you like Jason Bateman, you must watch Game Night. very underrated, one of his best performances

    • underscore
      underscore 9 months ago

      “This is me crying during the film at the regal cinema. I imagine many people did the same.”

    • Bob
      Bob 10 months ago +1

      Game Night is really good

    • BJ L
      BJ L 10 months ago +1

      I bookmarked it. If you like 'silly' see him and Melissa McCarthy in 'Identity Thief'.

    • rodrigo reyes
      rodrigo reyes 11 months ago

      shit is funny as fuck LMAO

    • B
      B Year ago +1

      All of you guys have really cool opinions.

  • lgerback34
    lgerback34 9 months ago +21

    Bateman's a very good interviewer. Asks interesting, thoughtful questions, actively listens and responds with good follow-ups, and doesn't make listening noises during the subject's answers. Really good.

    • Denise Rossiter
      Denise Rossiter 9 months ago

      That’s why his podcast “Smartless” is sooo great! Jason, Will Arnett & Sean Hayes have the best guests. Jason has the best interview technique while Will is such a smartass… it’s just so funny.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 years ago +133

    I loved every minute of this conversation..they're both absolutely amazing 😍

  • Nanci Lane
    Nanci Lane 2 years ago +69

    I've been in love with Jason Bateman my entire life! I realize he was mainly known for his comedy until Ozark but I saw him in a movie called The Gift and OMG...he played a sociopath like I've never seen! He can do comedy, he can do drama, AND he can direct. I've heard him in interviews and on podcasts and his self-deprecating charm and personality make him the perfect human being.

    • spartygirl121
      spartygirl121 9 months ago

      I tore out his picture from Teen Beat magazine and had him on my bedroom wall for years. Loved him since Silver Spoons (I know he was on other stuff before that but that's when my crush started).

    • Denise Rossiter
      Denise Rossiter 9 months ago +1

      Same!!! I’ve had a major crush on him since Silver Spoons. I just love him & I love Bill.

    • Jan Gilbert
      Jan Gilbert Year ago +6

      He’s been on tv practically all his life!

  • Dakota Sheetz
    Dakota Sheetz 3 years ago +18

    It’s amazing watching the body language of two comedy/acting giants as they communicate. Honestly one of the best interviews I’ve seen to date

  • Mariah
    Mariah 2 years ago +10

    I love them both for this. They're playing characters that have stressful and intimate relationships with death and the underworld right at their door. Their humanity just shines through in the most dreadful situations, and seeing them interview each other is making my lonely night in less lonely.

  • Sara Dickson
    Sara Dickson 4 years ago +283

    this is literally the perfect actors on actors its time for me to die happy

    • AlCaLu
      AlCaLu 8 months ago

      @Quentin Garcia-Ammann, your comment means zilch.

    • Quentin Garcia-Ammann
      Quentin Garcia-Ammann 8 months ago

      @AlCaLu keep digging that hole man

    • AlCaLu
      AlCaLu 8 months ago

      @Quentin Garcia-Ammann, because that's what life's all about, huh? Being fun at parties. What are you, 12? *Literally wasn't necessary - so what's your argument?

    • Quentin Garcia-Ammann
      Quentin Garcia-Ammann 8 months ago

      @AlCaLu i bet you're fun at parties

  • Shari Lucas
    Shari Lucas 3 years ago +157

    Jason doesn’t age. Love him.

    • remmingtonsteal
      remmingtonsteal 2 years ago +2

      @Shari Lucas I was gonna say, he's definitely aged visibly, but only because he's been relevant and talented his entire life to the point where we noticed because we couldn't stop watching him.

    • Shari Lucas
      Shari Lucas 2 years ago +4

      @Jack McGuire Let me change my statement: Jason has aged well.

    • Nicola Stamos
      Nicola Stamos 2 years ago +1

      How thru is that, I thought the exact same thing! He is very attractive and what charisma. hmmm

  • Caitlin Higgins
    Caitlin Higgins 3 years ago +27

    Two of my favorite actors/celeb crushes. Excellent shows, too.
    And congrats to Bill for winning a Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy tonight❣️

  • firsttimecaller longtimelistener

    It’s crazy both these guys have been making me laugh for years and are now both in amazing dramatic shows

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 4 years ago +196

    I really love Barry, one of my new favourite shows and Ozark is excellent

    • Rick
      Rick 3 years ago +6

      Barry is the shit and ozark is deep. Its like picking kids. I couldnt choose

    • Rick
      Rick 3 years ago +3

      Both shows amazing! I hope to see more of both of your storys for a long time to come.

  • Elinico Ritale
    Elinico Ritale 2 years ago +131

    Bill Hader is the imbodyment of "adorkable", and I love him for that.

    • MyNameHere
      MyNameHere 10 months ago

      @B ???

    • B
      B Year ago

      Tell me you don’t actually use that word unironically.

  • Minimalist Alice
    Minimalist Alice 3 years ago +13

    My two favorite comedians in an interview together. My life is complete.

  • J
    J 4 years ago +22

    What a great interview! They're both starring in shows that they are directing, it's like they're sharing notes, cool to see

  • Razan Abed
    Razan Abed 2 years ago +9

    Being a day one fan of Jason I’m really proud of the recognition he’s getting

  • AlDhizslan
    AlDhizslan 3 years ago +90

    Bill Hader cures my depression just by breaking character.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle 3 years ago +30

    Stephen Root is such a good actor. Everything he's done is better thanks to his presence.

  • Justin Mix
    Justin Mix 11 months ago

    How the hell are these two not just bustin TF up at their banter all the way through??! 😂😂😂 I guess it prolly makes it even funnier when I’m laughing my damned head off all through at every other line, & their mostly just straight faced, movin right through & not even cracking smiles lol 😂 . I tell ya-for not havin much dialogue w/ them & only listenin in, this was really a f#%kin good time hangin w/ these two insane crack-ups🤪🙃😂👏. They should have a weekly show together or somethin; I could listen to this shìte all the long ass day, son

  • Shirley Wong
    Shirley Wong 9 months ago +2

    These guys know their craft. So impressive. Love Bill in Barry and SNL. Love Jason since Silver Spoons. ❤️

  • Maximilian C
    Maximilian C 2 years ago +20

    Jason had a smile on his face when Bill listed the things he liked. Betcha he loved the same things too.
    They love what they do.
    What I see is the glamour of Hollywood just comes in secondary for them.
    That could be why Jason still thrives despite his lowest point in the 90’s.

    • B
      B Year ago

      And to think Teen Wolf Too wasn’t his low point

  • Zarafsha Mahmood
    Zarafsha Mahmood 8 months ago +1

    These are two Geniuses I never thought I'd see interact properly but Variety is ⚡️

  • Brad Coleman
    Brad Coleman 3 years ago +13

    Two of my favorites. Great pairing. They're both genius at all that they do.

  • Dave Cote
    Dave Cote Year ago +2

    Two of my favorite actors. They did not disappoint me. They both always come across so likable and intelligent. I love it.

  • Julian Gandhi
    Julian Gandhi Year ago +4

    Barry and Ozark are two of the best series on tv right now! So damn good!

  • Vincent Prospero
    Vincent Prospero 2 years ago +4

    Both of these guys are incredibly funny. Just finished season 3 of Ozarks and Jason is unbelievably good. I had to re-watch that scene where Marty dominates Frank Sr. Wow!

  • Bruce Cooley
    Bruce Cooley 2 years ago +7

    Who ever would have thought these 2 would end up on 2 great crime dramas?

  • Hhla8485
    Hhla8485 4 years ago +9

    Bill and Jason are the best, both Barry and Ozark are spot on. Can't wait for the new seasons

  • Steve D
    Steve D 2 years ago +10

    Hearing Bill Hader say the midget thing at 23:00 knowing that it was John Mulaney who wrote that joke and it worked its way into his standup routine. Made my day.

  • Mark Rogers
    Mark Rogers 3 years ago +11

    This is the best mash up ever.
    Underrated Actors.
    They literally make movies better when they're in them.
    Bad Words
    Hot Rod
    Game Night
    The Sweetest Thing
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Olivia De Salvo
    Olivia De Salvo 2 years ago +11

    I love how they talk about working with actors and giving them the freedom to follow their impulses. That is such a dream and can be rare.

  • Joe 
    Joe  2 years ago +8

    When Bill laughs, I just can't help myself but to laugh

  • Ricky
    Ricky 3 years ago +73

    Bill Hader really helps me with my anxiety...💙

    • Beth Putnam
      Beth Putnam 3 years ago +8

      Yep. I love hearing Bill talking about how he manages his anxiety. He's become my therapist

  • Arnim Zola
    Arnim Zola 9 months ago

    One of the greatest crossovers of all time

  • Scarymonsters01
    Scarymonsters01 7 months ago +4

    Bill Hader being incapable of being photographed normally is hilarious. The very start of this video reminds me of the hilarious red carpet pictures where he just stood there awkwardly 🤣

  • Don
    Don 2 years ago +9

    13:58 was so genuine, “I know, me too”. His every day guy acting is like watching me in a film- I love it. He’s so good.

  • PushServer
    PushServer Year ago +1

    Just the thought of Bill Hader and Cruise together in Tropic Thunder still makes me laugh...

  • Rick K
    Rick K 2 years ago +3

    Ozark is Jason's best work so far, definately multi-tasking well on this show and what a great cast. Laura Linny I like in many of her films including The Truman Show. There's one point in that film where her charactor doesn't know how to handle Truman once he knows his life is a TV show. When she freaks out you see Wendy Byrde sort intense worried look. Julie Garner is definitely one of the break out stars I guess. I like how every third word she sais F_XC Ozark is definitely one of the best on Netflix

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle 3 years ago +28

    I haven't seen Ozark, but I'd watch Laura Linney read the paper. Quietly, or even to herself. As for Barry, it's one of the best things on TV and the best comedy since Veep finished.

    • Senthil Velan
      Senthil Velan Year ago +1

      U know when u wake up everyday hoping to catch upto a series? The last time that happened to me was Breaking Bad. And now It's Ozark. I'd say that it's on par with BB

    • Lance Mannion
      Lance Mannion 3 years ago +1

      Watch Ozark. If you're a fan of breaking bad type TV, you'll love it!

  • Elena 9.7.
    Elena 9.7. 3 years ago +36

    Man Bill is so freaking cute, and when he laughs I just melt seriously❤

  • Just Another Blader
    Just Another Blader Year ago +1

    Big ups to comedians who branch out into drama and excel in it! Barry and Ozark are def in my top 5 shows that are currently running.

  • mammamiia08
    mammamiia08 2 years ago

    I love these! It's so fun to see people who know about the art of acting (or directing) and ask each other curious questions and feedback.

  • Manchester Is Blue
    Manchester Is Blue 8 months ago +1

    two of my favorite actors, barry and arrested development are both immense

  • Roxy D
    Roxy D 2 years ago +1

    How did I miss this! These two together. Can we segue this into them working together? 😁 They’re both amazing. Interesting talk.

  • Pawky
    Pawky 8 months ago

    I had a dream that these two were my neighbors, and we walked down the the street cracking each other up. I woke up and typed their names into Clip-Share and found this. What a trip.

  • Mike C
    Mike C Year ago +2

    Two of my favorite actors / comedians helping us get to know each other. How great was that?

  • Lisa Brockway
    Lisa Brockway 2 years ago +1

    It's crazy how easy these guys can be silly and serious. I automatically think Bill is funny and Jason is serious, then I start thinking about what rolls they play and it's like...oh yeah, Bill can be really serious and Jason is hilarious. Two very talented people.

  • Ken G
    Ken G 2 years ago +6

    3:50 is the essence of Jason Bateman's genius. He drops the joke subtly and seriously.

    • Ken G
      Ken G Year ago

      @B obviously. It's the delivery. Few do it better

    • B
      B Year ago

      Sooo Sarcasm?

  • Kaiya Fireforge
    Kaiya Fireforge Year ago +3

    This is fantastic. These two are my favorite male actors in Hollywood at the moment.

  • Denise Rossiter
    Denise Rossiter 9 months ago +1

    Two of my favorite people in entertainment……EVER!!!! I could watch them do this for days.

  • Night5225
    Night5225 10 months ago

    Bateman is terrific on The Outsider. He has a monologue towards Ben Mendelsohn’s character about the role he played in the latter’s late son’s life. It’s very moving.

  • Drew_Films
    Drew_Films 2 years ago +4

    They're such good actors they make you forget they're in a room full of people getting recorded lol

  • Evocati Augusti (PLVS VLTRA)

    Jason Bateman is a real and only a handful of actors who have pure hearts

  • Jasmine Arreola
    Jasmine Arreola 3 years ago +23

    Jason bateman is a work of art.

  • Dominic Engracia
    Dominic Engracia 3 years ago +37

    Best 38 minutes I’ve spent hearing these two talents speak

    • Rick
      Rick 3 years ago

      Literally 38 37 mins. Im so envious of hater. That satisfying creative energy. Everything

  • Asha Mangal
    Asha Mangal Year ago

    this is something i never knew i needed. love them both

    • Eric Dane
      Eric Dane Year ago

      💞Thanks for your utmost love and support you have been showing me on my post. Just want to appreciate you for all your overwhelming comments and lovely remarks. I’m truly grateful for your nice words of encouragement, and I hope I can continue to bring you more interesting entertainment. Where are you watching from?

  • Silentlamb
    Silentlamb 10 months ago +1

    Barry and Ozark are MASTERPIECES

  • Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn Year ago +5

    For a comedy, BARRY has some of the most realistic Marines depictions ever

  • Umad
    Umad 3 years ago +5

    these guys should do a show together

  • Emma Grove
    Emma Grove 2 years ago +4

    Awesome one-on-one with two amazingly intelligent, down to earth, talented cool guys.

  • BusyVee
    BusyVee 3 years ago +7

    Love both of these actors and both of their shows 😍😍

  • I ❤ Spoilers
    I ❤ Spoilers 2 years ago +3

    Bill has been learning behind the production. Awesome. Definitely looking forward to more projects, maybe films.

  • Cecilia Florencia
    Cecilia Florencia 3 years ago +551

    This two men are so amazing and ridiculously attractive, or is it just me??

    • FabFia
      FabFia 9 months ago

      I love Jason, but Bill is just 😍😍😍😍

    • A. Pseudonym
      A. Pseudonym 9 months ago

      @Alexandra Giamanco Yeah Jason's voice is really nice. Hearing both him and Will Arnett together on their podcast is so soothing.

    • A. Pseudonym
      A. Pseudonym 9 months ago

      Bateman is attractive and has a calm and self-assured vibe about him. Bill is kinda goofy and seems uncomfortable with moments of silence.

    • B
      B Year ago

      @Alexandra Giamanco Why are you nit picking his nit pick. It’s a lose-lose Situation and nobody like a hypocrite.

    • MrsMelons
      MrsMelons Year ago

      I would like to be the meat between those two sets of buns, for sure. 😍🤩🥴

  • Steve Madak
    Steve Madak 2 years ago +90

    I had Covid and literally almost died. The worst thing Covid has done is stop the filming of Barry's third season.

    • emily
      emily 9 months ago

      have u seen it now? :D

    • A. Pseudonym
      A. Pseudonym 10 months ago

      imagine almost dying of covid and still saying that the barry hiatus was the worst thing that happened during the pandemic 😂 glad you're okay and hope you're enjoying season 3

    • B
      B Year ago

      @Shannon Elizabeth Why would he tell Bill that he had COVID? Seems like a conversation that wouldn’t really go anywhere

    • Daegu Boy
      Daegu Boy Year ago

      @cravingthesea really??! Holy shit that's great!

    • Chris Robinson
      Chris Robinson Year ago

      Barry is AWESOME!!!

  • sandra setin
    sandra setin Year ago +3

    I love Bill’s laugh!!!

  • Bushdoctorbeats
    Bushdoctorbeats 2 years ago +75

    NoHo Hank is one of the funniest characters in TV history.... "50/50 with Cristobal"

  • MacGomez
    MacGomez 2 years ago

    Big fan of both of these guys . Happy to see how much they love there craft and how it shows in the work they do... GB..

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 9 months ago +7

    Imagine a movie starring Hader, Bateman and maybe Hannibal Burress. That would be a hell of a trio.

    • nutella kira asmr
      nutella kira asmr 9 months ago +1

      Theres one called Paul which has Jason Batemen and Hader in it.

  • Michael A
    Michael A 3 years ago +5

    These two gotta do a show or movie together!

  • Andriki
    Andriki 10 months ago

    2 great guys in 1 room, I love both of them!

  • Shantanu David
    Shantanu David 2 years ago +3

    My two favorite actors in comedy. And now drama.

  • Sherouk Youssef
    Sherouk Youssef 3 years ago +7

    Bateman is a treasure.

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Year ago +2

    Bill Hader has always struck me as being much like Jim Carrey, had he gone about 80% less crazy....very sweet, very intelligent, extremely funny man!!!

  • Hannah W
    Hannah W 2 years ago +1

    I am so obsessed with both of them... How is Jason Bateman still underrated

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Year ago +8

    I suspect Jason is often the smartest man in the room, but you'd never tell.

  • Luna Lynn
    Luna Lynn 2 years ago +4

    I could listen to the two of them talk all day.

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy 2 years ago +2

    Every time Bill hader laughs an angel is born.

    • Kimmy
      Kimmy 2 years ago

      @Jeanine Jeanine it's definitely not just you

    • Jeanine Jeanine
      Jeanine Jeanine 2 years ago

      This two men are so amazing and ridiculously attractive, or is it just me??

  • Paul Cervenka
    Paul Cervenka 2 years ago +2

    This is such a fantastic video in so many ways. Thank you Variety!

  • Ryan Torchia
    Ryan Torchia 2 years ago +8

    The big problem with this format of show is how much I want to see these two actually work together.

  • Luis Urena
    Luis Urena 3 years ago +5

    Bill Hader since Barry has snuck into celebrities i want to meet. He was always funny, but he has this genuine vibe and shyness to him that’s likeable

  • a closer look
    a closer look 2 years ago +5

    The behind-the-scenes look into SNL was fascinating to me. I watch that show a lot.

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 2 years ago

    The big plot swings and changes are such an unexpected flip that people can't get enough of it. Like when Del died...I was like...well fuck me running backwards I need to see more of this. lol. Good writing and directing allows this to happen where bad writing and directing would just look like "what?...that was stupid and doesn't make any sense" and won't work. Ozark and Berry are a few that can pull it off.
    i love how intelligent both these guys are. It just proves good comedy comes from intelligence.

  • grawlixes
    grawlixes 2 years ago +2

    What a fantastic conversation.

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 3 years ago +4

    4:00 I honestly don't know if every episode having its own arc is better than just having a 4 hour movie cut into 8 pieces. No one has ever done the latter, it may not be bad. Most people binge watch now anyways. I usually watch movies in pieces because I don't have time, and it works out pretty well. That's what I like about Barry, it's only 8 episodes and it definitely has more of an overall arc vs episodic arcs, so that's probably Bill's influence, and it makes the show more enjoyable. Episodic arcs tend to have the main story drag on and on, they're repetitive, and it's annoying.

  • Michael Robb
    Michael Robb 10 months ago +1

    I don't think I'ever ever seen two people not answer each other's questions quite so much.

  • Within Our Time
    Within Our Time 2 months ago

    Makes it even funnier how bill just laughs that other fellows egoistic behavior. Hilarious .

  • B.Barnes WS
    B.Barnes WS 4 years ago +127

    I’m literally watching Paul right now were these two play Government agents. That’s weird timing. Great movie too, really funny.

    • B.Barnes WS
      B.Barnes WS 4 years ago +5

      Shawna No, Paul was on TV then when it finished this literally appeared in my sub box

    • Shawna
      Shawna 4 years ago +4

      weird timing or is it called algorithms?

    • Theomite
      Theomite 4 years ago +3

      The outtakes with Hader are pure gold.

  • MyEnemy
    MyEnemy 3 years ago +4

    Jason Bateman ages at a much slower rate than other humans.

  • danielson68
    danielson68 2 years ago +2

    Normally hate hearing this kind of self congratulatory thing, but these guys are so unassuming and modest. Both have so much talent they don’t have to puff themselves up.

  • BJ L
    BJ L 10 months ago +1

    LOVE podcast SMartless with Jason, Sean and Will !

  • Pablo Fonseca
    Pablo Fonseca 4 years ago +16

    The gift of their combined knowledge is deserving of many Emmy's to come..

  • Céleste
    Céleste 3 years ago +9

    This made me smile no end 😊