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Hermitcraft S7 Episode 2: The Magic Clock PRANK!

  • Published on Mar 3, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 7 episode 2 starts with a prank on Grian for the zombie attack in the last Ep with a magic Minecraft clock. The grandfather clock will have sounds and a surprise at night. Also, we finish the massive starter base with a full interior design. The survival Minecraft starter house is a giant snail with a full interior and a crafting and storage room. I hope you enjoy the new Hermitcraft video!
    I hope you are as excited as I am for Hermitcraft season 7 and the amazing builds, bases and stories that will come from the new Hermitcraft S7 world.
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: clip-share.net/video/GrpRL4cdb8E/video.html
    Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
    TitiSurMinecraft's silent hopper timer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjjKJ...
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  2 years ago +2751

    Thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed the fun prank and the interior of the Larry! What do you want to see me do next?
    Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and ring the bell to be notified of new videos!

  • Hailoow
    Hailoow 2 years ago +3718

    A suggestion for Scar: put slime under carpets under Larry's ladder so that every time you jump out you won't take fall damage. Plus it can look like a slimy trail

    • Mazen Dude
      Mazen Dude 5 months ago +1

      True, but wouldn’t that make him a slug, only slugs have a slimy trail, actually I might take that back, I don’t know anything about slugs and snails, the only thing I know about a slug that it doesn’t have a shell, I mean we all know that, a snail has a shell, DUH!……

    • Benjamin S.
      Benjamin S. Year ago

      well thats just dum

    • Harun Sami
      Harun Sami Year ago

      That's a really nice idea

    • fun bwookie
      fun bwookie 2 years ago

      omg so smart

    • Green Ducks Rule!
      Green Ducks Rule! 2 years ago

      Or just slime

  • Ryan Kidder
    Ryan Kidder 2 years ago +873

    scar starting a hardcore series: "Hi guys, welcome to my series finale"

    • Lexer Williams
      Lexer Williams 6 months ago +1

      Now knowing that there is a hardcore world he did and didn’t die right away thank goodness hahaha

    • Shubhranshu Pandey
      Shubhranshu Pandey Year ago +1


    • Jango the Commenter
      Jango the Commenter Year ago +1


    • stick
      stick Year ago +2

      well he died early at a hardcore series lmao

    • Tomo Zat
      Tomo Zat Year ago +3

      Well this aged wel....

  • Chum
    Chum 2 years ago +1749

    When Scar has a purple bed but doesn’t know that in the olden ages purple dye was made of snails 🐌...

  • Clover Arcondas
    Clover Arcondas 2 years ago +350

    Scar: all you gotta do to turn it off is take a little snooze
    Grian: *immediately starts tearing into the walls like a madman looking for the mechanisms*

  • Truman Evans
    Truman Evans 2 years ago +355

    Scar in episode 2: "look at the skill, look at the knowledge"
    Scar in episode 1: "that's a bell I can't eat a bell"

  • GhostMiner
    GhostMiner  2 years ago +1249

    Scar: spends an hour building a clock.
    Grian: destroys everything.

    • Gay Satanic Clowns
      Gay Satanic Clowns 9 months ago +1

      @Kevin Pearson Way more annoying. It would ruin the content. Not to mention Grian has misophonia, which in this case means he gets really irked by the sound of a ticking clock. He can't have ticking clocks in his house because he won't sleep.

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago

      @Chaosstripe bu dum chhh

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago

      @GhostMiner lol

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago

      @WalkerYum ikr

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago

      @David Roddini lol

  • Kaylin Simone
    Kaylin Simone 2 years ago +2241

    First time watching hermitcraft. Thoughts so far
    Grian: pranks a lot
    Mumbo: redstones a lot
    Scar: dies a lot

  • Unsuspicious Dweller
    Unsuspicious Dweller 2 years ago +282

    He lives life on the edge...
    And keeps slipping off it.

  • kitty Haley
    kitty Haley 2 years ago +725

    Scar: Standing on top of Stan right now kinda makes me want to make a saddle up here so we can ride Stan around
    Me: STAN????? WHO IS THIS STAN????????

    • Brian Huther
      Brian Huther 2 months ago


    • WorldWings100
      WorldWings100 Year ago +1

      My name is stan!

    • litpickle7 Dutton
      litpickle7 Dutton 2 years ago +2

      I know I was just looking for comments about this

    • Campbell Bailey
      Campbell Bailey 2 years ago +2

      I was literally looking through the comments just to prove to myself I am not crazy and I'm not the only one who noticed that. Thank you

    • Park Chimmy
      Park Chimmy 2 years ago +1

      Stan loona

  • Nimae
    Nimae 2 years ago +172

    Scar: we should get a new shovel but we are totally out of iron
    Also Scar: *looks directly at iron shovel in his barrel room

  • Zion Trask
    Zion Trask 2 years ago +1809

    Everyone: has diamonds, enchanted stuff, and complete houses
    Scar: S N E L

  • Baroquenrolla
    Baroquenrolla 2 years ago +79

    4:18 'I'm going to become the richest hermit'
    *Becomes Mayor, gets diamond throne*
    Well played sir

    • R G
      R G Year ago

      @Bra!nStorm yes he got more diamonds at all

    • Bra!nStorm
      Bra!nStorm Year ago

      @R G Why? Because of his barge?

    • R G
      R G Year ago +1

      But Grian is still richer 😂

    • Hildcit
      Hildcit Year ago

      Well... with how things went, you should have added “stolen” in there somewhere XD

  • Roodney Felix Borges
    Roodney Felix Borges 2 years ago +19

    Seeing Scar dying so much made me ask myself who is the Hermit that holds the most deaths in a season record in Hermitcraft?

  • MattOK ᵀᴹ
    MattOK ᵀᴹ 2 years ago +126

    Scar: I want to be the richest Hermit on the server
    Iskall: i'm gonna collect 10.000 diamonds
    We will see how it ends
    (and yeah, I know I'm a little bit late)

  • nIkCaHa
    nIkCaHa 2 years ago +43

    "and on the back we have a toilet paper row, you never know when you will need that"
    Oh scar, you have no Idea how right you were

  • TheMagicMudkip
    TheMagicMudkip 2 years ago +611

    Ah yes, the adventures of GoodTimesWithScandalf, Bumbo Baggins and Samwise Griangee

    • AddyOnHerDesk
      AddyOnHerDesk 6 months ago

      @Dylan D'Acquisto ikr I was looking forward to seeing him on the big screen

    • Not random gamer
      Not random gamer 8 months ago

      Wizard chap, bumbo baggins and cod boy

    • Dylan D'Acquisto
      Dylan D'Acquisto 2 years ago +1

      @Rojomoon only the og's know Tom. He's not in the movies :(

    • hy
      hy 2 years ago

      Add iskall lol

    • mystic`ash
      mystic`ash 2 years ago

      I want to like but it’s at 420

  • cordy
    cordy 2 years ago +40

    i love watching scar because his experience in beginning a new file is much more like mine. all the other hermits have 50000 diamonds and fully enchanted gear at the end of episode one and both of these eps have basically been a death compilation

    • Chulitalola
      Chulitalola Year ago

      @Finn Sweeney WAIT....you guys are getting minecraft?!

    • Finn Sweeney
      Finn Sweeney Year ago +1

      @Zoe Kester you guys are getting diamonds

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago +1

      that is me to, im not good but its fun and i watch these ppl be like, 'i ONLY have 3 diamond blocks!' what the heck! bruh i have 3 diamond single thingies!!!

    • ♡
       2 years ago +4

      IKR I kinda suck at mine craft and I relate to scar more than the other hermits

  • Techman
    Techman 2 years ago +218

    “An over here we have the paper towel, and toilet paper rolls”
    If only he knew...

    • Techman
      Techman 2 years ago +1

      Ember Shalaz actually no, when he uploaded this the toilet paper extravaganza hadn’t started yet. It was a week or two after this video that I posted this comment, and in between was when everything happened.
      The timing had to be right for this joke, and y’all missed it. It doesn’t make any sense now lol.

    • Ember Shalaz
      Ember Shalaz 2 years ago +1

      This was uploaded 3 months ago...
      He does know

    • Isabel Castillo
      Isabel Castillo 2 years ago +1

      He DID know...

    • LC
      LC 2 years ago +1

      69th like

  • Alex Golden
    Alex Golden 2 years ago +15

    I like to bring gravel or sand to the nether. When you need to go down somewhere, you place the sand or gravel at the spot until it reaches the top. Then you hop onto it and break it until you're at the bottom!

  • ThatCanadian
    ThatCanadian 2 years ago +28

    Everybody: Do a barrel roll!
    Scar: Do a barrel snail!

  • Julie Hilse
    Julie Hilse 2 years ago +781

    Scar: “I’m so proud of this clock design”
    Grian: *breaks it ASAP*

    • DOGE
      DOGE Year ago

      @Joe The Juggalo lmao sounds like you’re projecting

    • Dragonflies __
      Dragonflies __ 2 years ago +1

      @drew I really said Grain XD I'll fix that, my bad

    • drew
      drew 2 years ago +2

      @Dragonflies __ hehe, grain.

    • Dragonflies __
      Dragonflies __ 2 years ago +3

      @Joe The Juggalo This is an extremely late response but I don't see how you can say you not disrespecting Grian when you said that he is "very pushy, rude, and disrespectful." That seems like an insult to me. Almost nobody is attacking you on not suscribing to Grian. It's fine dude, I'm not suscribed to most of them. I can see where you are coming from, but I disagree. To judge someone on something they did a long while ago is kinda dumb in my opinion. A lot can change in two years. With Grian saying that a certain kind of building in his eyes is ugly is his opinion. Although I think that he does need to word his opinions differently. Also, nobody thinks that you're a bad guy. Most of us are handling this disagreement respectfully.
      Anyways, in the end we all love hermitcraft. I'm sure we can all move on and just enjoy the series

    • potential dog
      potential dog 2 years ago +1

      @Joe The Juggalo dude you didn't have to rewrite the whole Bible twice

  • Escoblius54
    Escoblius54 2 years ago +11

    Scar: wants to be richest hermit
    Scar now: Laughs in diamond throne

  • Winter warrior
    Winter warrior 2 years ago +478

    "the one diamond to rule them all"

  • Vayne Stain
    Vayne Stain 2 years ago +20

    17:47 “we got our toilet paper and our paper towel rolls, you’ll never know when you need both”
    He was right.

  • Neptune
    Neptune 2 years ago +12

    Scar: using his fist to mine dirt.

  • Albert Wolszon
    Albert Wolszon 2 years ago +8

    Hello! I'm new to your channel, I got to know about you from Grian's first Hermitcraft episode (not a regular watcher at all). I like you style of play and commentary! Cheers!

    • SpokyTV96
      SpokyTV96 2 years ago

      magst du auch Kekse???

  • Attila I. Leszl
    Attila I. Leszl 2 years ago +191

    First diamond name: "stressed carbon"

  • Chumon In Chains
    Chumon In Chains 2 years ago +11

    So I came over here from Grien because I wanted to see this end of the prank....and I now am subbed and bingeing because you are just too adorable. I want to listen to you giggle forever. X3

  • WaifuuMania
    WaifuuMania 2 years ago +13

    Scar quote of the year: "...we need to get some squishy chairs..."

  • Chickade EX
    Chickade EX 2 years ago +40

    Scar: Hoppers are expensive in the early game
    Mumbo trades a bunch of Iron for honey

  • Ben Bennett
    Ben Bennett 2 years ago +9

    Ahh the good ole days when scar had a front door!

  • The Daily Toast
    The Daily Toast 2 years ago +66

    I've never seen such a beautiful snail
    Wow, my first comment on hermitcraft 7 is about a snail

  • Roman Briggs
    Roman Briggs 2 years ago +4

    Scar! That interior looks so beautiful!

  • Tristan Lassche
    Tristan Lassche 2 years ago +772

    " The jungler"
    "The jingler"
    "The jangler"
    Finally, after all these years, i have them all.

  • Constortix
    Constortix 2 years ago +5

    Scar: says their is a exp farm while visiting village and marks coordinates
    Also scar: tries to destroy spawner

  • serendipity
    serendipity 2 years ago +13

    scar: *in reference to Larry* "I wanna put a saddle on Stan here"
    also scar: names his snail larry

  • truecrimereader
    truecrimereader 2 years ago +123

    scar: “i’m the poorest hermit in the server”
    grian: “i’m about to end this mans whole career”

    • M
      M 2 years ago

      Can you stop with this dead meme.

    • :“Chelsea”:
      :“Chelsea”: 2 years ago

      TinyR _awesome his wizard career

    • The cat
      The cat 2 years ago +1

      A stack of like(64) Then I like it

  • Celestabelleabethabelle
    Celestabelleabethabelle 2 years ago +18

    I love how excited you get about seeing cats, cause I really love cats 💛💛

  • Clayton Carter
    Clayton Carter 2 years ago +9

    "I need a shovel but I'm out of iron." As he walks by a shovel

  • meisty
    meisty 2 years ago +2

    I've watched the series so far about 3 times so far, and each time I watch it, larry looks better and better every time

  • Kurian Siby
    Kurian Siby 2 years ago +6

    scar, put a water pool next to Larry's ladder.
    Love Larry's interior.

  • Tetsujin
    Tetsujin 2 years ago +3

    Scar, I had an idea:
    The Nether is going to be reset when the Nether Update comes out, and as a result people are generally inclined not to build there. But looking at it another way it could be an opportunity to create a limited-time attraction, something Hermits would only be able to experience for a few weeks or months, and would then vanish in the reset.
    I thought maybe some kind of monument or museum of everything the Nether was before the Nether Update - but since you're a wizard maybe it could be like a wizards' festival or something, like a magical traveling carnival that pops up in a conveniently-located otherwordly dimension, operates for a bit, then tears down and relocates to another plane. Whaddaya think?

  • Mitch K.
    Mitch K. 2 years ago +332

    1:10 Scar missed the perfect opportunity to call the very British Grian "Our friend across the pond"

    • Zoe Kester
      Zoe Kester Year ago +1

      @Gayd tru that

    • Gayd
      Gayd 2 years ago +6

      Good thing he will have plenty more chances

  • GDog_Cracker
    GDog_Cracker 2 years ago +4

    The diamond should be called “Scars Wizard Gem”

  • John Noir Smith
    John Noir Smith 2 years ago +2

    Scar has got to be the most optimistic guy EVER on Clip-Share! Such feelgood videos

  • Dato Mekinulov
    Dato Mekinulov 2 years ago +5

    Scar : having his first diamond and being proud of it
    Mumbo and grian : having 3 stacks of diamonds full diamond gear and making some backup diamond gear in case they die

  • Pie Emoji
    Pie Emoji 2 years ago +6

    17:48 never know when you need paper towels and toilets paper

    • smelliott
      smelliott 2 years ago

      BaldBoyHalo once I heard him say that I went straight to the comments

  • Myst
    Myst 2 years ago +1

    The snail is so cute. Love the content scar, I wish you would show more of timelapes of even clearing/building of land to see all the stuff you hermits really have to go through to make this all happen.

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi 2 years ago +6

    20:55 the snail could have scars on his shell that would open up the whole bedroom space and let windows be

  • Wayward Boy
    Wayward Boy 2 years ago +4

    Yo Scar, live ya content. Did ya pick a name for the diamond yet cause I was thinking it could be The Scarlosiphers Stone #diamondname

  • mountain jay
    mountain jay 2 years ago +12

    "I'd like to thank you for putting me back in my snail shell" TMBG

    • contrapasta
      contrapasta 2 years ago

      This has been playing in me head since he decided to build that thing.

  • Albatroaz
    Albatroaz 2 years ago +714

    Scar: "The snail is named larry"
    Also Scar: "Stan"

    • RyanGoForIt
      RyanGoForIt 2 years ago +1


    • Matthew Kidder
      Matthew Kidder 2 years ago +1

      clearly the snail's name is Larry Stan Potter

    • JJ
      JJ 2 years ago

      I assumed Stan was the name of Larry's shell.

    • Albatroaz
      Albatroaz 2 years ago +1

      @Anden.mp3 he should just call it stan #diamondname

    • Daniel Lay
      Daniel Lay 2 years ago +4

      Who can blame him, Stan is a great song

  • Darcy James
    Darcy James 2 years ago +7

    His giggle cracks me up every time

    • Tim Harsch
      Tim Harsch 2 years ago

      He not only looks like a wizard, he sounds like a wizard.

  • CubZee!
    CubZee! Year ago +1

    2020 me: loving hermitcraft s7
    2021 me: rewatching hermitcraft s7 after season ended

  • Onyx Flame
    Onyx Flame 2 years ago +1

    Scar: we have all kinds of lovely new blocks to decorate with!
    Also Scar: *pullars up with dirt*

  • Mach
    Mach 2 years ago

    Such a cozy interior, taking inspiration from you for my own starter base!

  • Tristan Goncalves
    Tristan Goncalves 2 years ago +84

    0:37 “a fancy piece of diorite” *iskall wants to know your location*

  • killy chan
    killy chan 2 years ago +4

    I just realized, by the way the crosshair moves (like in your inventory) I'm guessing you're using a controller. Compared to some other hermits. :o

  • Omeed Huemiller
    Omeed Huemiller 2 years ago

    For a good window in your bedroom, I suggest a skylight in the ceiling. It is less visible from outside the shell and works well with the loft feel of the bedroom, making it feel like it is in the air.

  • HylianKirby
    HylianKirby 2 years ago +2

    Every time he said 'Nether Crystals' I thought he said 'Ender Crystals', and I was like, *"NOBODY'S AT THE END YET!!"*
    Then I realized that's his fancy nickname for *Nether Quartz.*

  • GreyKid
    GreyKid 2 years ago +77

    I love how Grian could tell it was Scar immediately because of the misspell

  • Eevee King
    Eevee King Year ago

    After seeing all of season 8 so far, loving last life and watching last season of last life has now lead me to last season of hermit craft! Thank you for doing what you do scar ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ebsolas
    Ebsolas Year ago

    Note for me later: Redstone bit, Silent Etho Hopper Clock 9:37
    Also this video covers a good noteblock design for a ticking clock shortly after

  • The Sean Show
    The Sean Show Year ago

    This is hilarious watching scar do redtsone while knowing it 😂

  • Steven Weyhrich
    Steven Weyhrich 2 years ago

    I still feel like this is the best thing anyone has built in Season 7 yet, this redstone grandfather clock. Bravo!

  • CasualTaxEvasion
    CasualTaxEvasion 2 years ago +152

    there was surprisingly much space inside that snail

    • the feral goldfish
      the feral goldfish 2 years ago +2

      Not to be a stickler or anything but you should probably say “there was a surprising amount of space” just so it sound more correct

    • the feral goldfish
      the feral goldfish 2 years ago

      Yeah but I guess when you build a giant snail that is what you get

    • Epic SB
      Epic SB 2 years ago +10

      Snails have a ton of space in their shells
      Take Gary as an example

  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden 2 years ago

    Returning to watch Scar for the first time ever. The zombie prank brings back memories

  • VoidWalkerOblivion
    VoidWalkerOblivion 2 years ago

    I think a skylight in the bedroom would look really nice, without disrupting from Larry's shell too much.

  • Caroline
    Caroline 2 years ago

    I can't believe how much space you managed to get out of the inside of the shell! Three floors and the rooms don't feel small at all! Amazing build!

  • Akward Squid
    Akward Squid 2 years ago +1

    The floor you walk into the house on is the 1st the floor under it is the basement/2nd floor and the floor above the doorway is the 3rd floor or an attic. Depends

  • Scott Owens
    Scott Owens 2 years ago +203

    Ladders: Have been around for ten years
    Scar: We're learning to walk on ladders now

    • drew
      drew 2 years ago

      @Archi-world Studios we sacrifice children to the stone cutter, all hail the stone cutter.

    • Godzilla
      Godzilla 2 years ago

      @Archi-world Studios Its just another saying for often lol xD
      All I'm saying is when I'm doing builds like his but waaaaay smaller I use those all the time!!!! I will probably spend like 25% of my time filling shulker boxes with stuff that comes out of the stone cutter lol

    • Scott Owens
      Scott Owens 2 years ago

      Wow, nearly 200 likes! I've never gotten that many before.

    • Godzilla
      Godzilla 2 years ago +4

      And he said he didnt know what the saw table was for!!! A master at terraforming and he doesnt use that thing religiously? Lol

    MIKERUPTION 2 years ago

    I love these whimsical builds like Larry and Scara! I hope Scar has more of these ultra-creative builds up his wizard robe's sleeve.

  • Isaac Adams
    Isaac Adams 2 years ago

    I am going to love this season especially since grian made the redstoners go after him

  • FozzenSir
    FozzenSir 2 years ago

    Lovin' the creativity of the magic clock!

  • Garin Black
    Garin Black 2 years ago

    Scar I love your vids. I find it crazy for you to keep positive even in terrible situations.

  • Ben Schweitzer
    Ben Schweitzer 2 years ago +747

    Make the diamond’s name “The Scarcerers Stone” (as a Harry Potter reference) because you’re a wizard, Scar.

    • French_Toast
      French_Toast 2 years ago


    • moony
      moony 2 years ago

      It's yer a wizard, not your

    • Void Vacancy
      Void Vacancy 2 years ago

      Ok boomer

    • Void Vacancy
      Void Vacancy 2 years ago

      That’s not a whoosh they get the joke their just saying because I think Scar is from the UK (IDK I’m new to his channel)

    • Guillermo Toro
      Guillermo Toro 2 years ago

      What means smh?

  • IndigoGollum
    IndigoGollum 2 years ago

    Since optifine makes light from light sources you're holding, couldn't you make an armor stand hold a light source? It probably wouldn't prevent mob spawns, but it might be cool to have more lighting options.

  • LuminiteLaserYT
    LuminiteLaserYT 2 years ago +7

    No one:
    Literally No one:
    Scar: HAHA clock goes tik tik bong

  • Jude Pisarczyk
    Jude Pisarczyk 2 years ago

    Just recently subscribed, amazed at how cheerful you are, Scar

  • Folkbits
    Folkbits 2 years ago

    Rewatching a new season whilst they havent upload a hermitcraft episode is fun

  • 2000er
    2000er 2 years ago +537

    I finally got it, when scar was standing in the entrace of grians hobbit hole. He's Gandalf, Mumbo will be Bilbo and Grian will be Frodo. Now we only need some dwarfes and elves and the story is complete.
    Arkenstone (could stick to a future story (like I guessed above.))

    • KookieMonster 176
      KookieMonster 176 2 years ago +1

      I know I'm late, but since scan is gandalf, he should make a cart outside of mumbo or grian house and fill it will dispensers that ha e fireworks in them

    • t a y l o r r 🌊
      t a y l o r r 🌊 2 years ago +1

      iskall is a dwarf cause he lives in a mineshaft

    • a navy blue mystery
      a navy blue mystery 2 years ago

      i saw a comment that said grian should be peregrian took

    • Joshua Felten
      Joshua Felten 2 years ago +2

      But scars skin looks more like dumbledore

    • That Ain’t Bro
      That Ain’t Bro 2 years ago

      Arkenstone as in The Heart Of The Mountain?

  • Biggie New_and_improved

    The best part of this house is that if you need to get to the floor below, you can just open the trapdoor beneath you😂

  • tarina bee
    tarina bee 2 years ago

    Love that snail. He looks amazing.

  • Ivan TheAwesome
    Ivan TheAwesome 2 years ago

    Scar! You could add a sunroof/nightroof on the top of Larry's shell and make a nice cozy balcony :)

  • Megan
    Megan 2 years ago

    17:40 you use stonecutters to make stairs and walls one at a time and slabs two at a time, cutting down on leftovers (and I think stairs come out cheaper too)
    Sadly doesn't work with wood

  • Anelo Lunaris
    Anelo Lunaris 2 years ago

    For the bedroom you should do a skylight window with brown stained glass

  • Lettiei Petah
    Lettiei Petah 2 years ago +2

    Scar is gaining subs so rapidly. I can’t wait for a special episode of hermitcraft when scar hits 1,000,000 subs. I hope everyone on hermitcraft comes to celebrate

  • ScientistCat
    ScientistCat 2 years ago

    It's difficult to place yourself exactly against the ladder whilst going down, because you naturally walk past it. You should put some sort of railing there, maybe three trapdoors surrounding that top part like a box (but oak ones, so they look kinda like actual railings?)

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed 2 years ago +1

    Not sure which is more scary: Scar doing redstone or Scar already making accidental mob farms. Scar, Please light things up this season?

  • adumelial rothstein
    adumelial rothstein 2 years ago

    Loved that clock for Grian wrg! Name your first diamond Lucy - as goes with the song.

  • Selenny
    Selenny 10 months ago

    First off amazing video! I smiled the entire time because you radiate such a warm and happy energy. You are definitely my favorite content creator so far !!
    Secondly, man I wish I watched you sooner But even tho I am super late at the party:
    #DiamondName : Scarmond! It's a mix of your name and the word diamond. Because in every diamond is a piece of us ^^

  • Moss the Lemon Eater

    Other people building a starter base: *cozy little house*
    Scar: ✨*Snail*✨

  • madzapple
    madzapple 2 years ago

    So glad to see what was inside that shell. Saw it on Grian's jungle bandit pranks. Ascetics is not my strong point in Minecraft but your skills are inspiring me to try harder.

  • Indumathy
    Indumathy 2 years ago +144

    A sentence I never thought scar would say"I am the poorest hermit"

    • Afloat
      Afloat 2 years ago +2

      *somethings wrong here*

  • LittleRedSummoner
    LittleRedSummoner 2 years ago

    Love your videos, keep up the good work ☺

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee 2 years ago

    If you make armour stand staff this season, you should use the smaller stands to make them look like magical elves that are in your service.

  • Akshay Vijayrj
    Akshay Vijayrj 2 years ago

    You could have used a detector rai with a minecart and observer and red stone for the bell. The observer can detect the rail and ring the bell.

  • Renskieee
    Renskieee 2 years ago

    How are you so good at building? Your base in season 6 was the best

  • Two Chickens Gaming
    Two Chickens Gaming 2 years ago +206

    Scar: **Has bread in other hand**
    Also Scar: **Switches to berries to eat**