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Why Everybody Hated Barry Bonds

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • jc dova
    jc dova 3 days ago +12

    As a Dodgers fan I can’t stand him but saw him hit number 713 in San Francisco into the bay. It was the most majestic home run I ever seen. I even cheered along Giants fans. That was an amazing moment. Gotta give respect where it’s due.

  • skinydayunstar
    skinydayunstar 16 hours ago +1

    With all that said, he still the best baseball player I've ever seen play

  • Doc
    Doc 5 hours ago +1

    I was very much cognizant during the period of his entire career. He was (is) a major league douchebag, but the atmosphere you've tried to create here wasn't really prevalent back then. The media, by-and-large, supported and defended Bonds. He was considered awesome, particularly during the "juiced years", and the home run record chases were widely celebrated. This feels like sensationalism and a rewriting of history.

  • Pookie2112
    Pookie2112 Month ago +30

    I say we have a drug league and see how far the human body can go

    • Jeff Finkbonner
      Jeff Finkbonner 7 days ago +1

      But yeah, I think the National League should keep the old school vibe with no DH and the pitcher having to bat. Then the American League can let them roid it up and even have multiple DHs in the lineup just to have more sluggers. Also allow runners to break up double plays at 2nd and collide with the catcher at the plate! Total bush league lol

    • Sub if you are against antifa and BLM
      Sub if you are against antifa and BLM Month ago +1

      I kind of agree with that. I mean they didn’t test for drugs back in the early days and especially in the golden age of baseball, everyone knows most players were all in feta means, but nothings ever said about that and they don’t have any kind of Asterix beside their records.

  • Flame-Sky
    Flame-Sky 11 days ago +4

    I saw Bonds personally in 92 in Pittsburgh and he was already the best. What most people don't know or realize is that in the 80's Leyland made the mistake of not moving Bonds down in the order. So Bonds basically was a lead off hitter for four straight seasons. So I'll give his rookie season a pass, but check out his 87 through 89 seasons. Bonds went 3 straight seasons of having 59 rbis, 58, 58. He lead lead off hitters in home runs those seasons. So if Leyland had moved Bonds down in the order in between Van Slyke and Bonilla, say like 4th then he would have had 90 to 100 rbis for three straight seasons. So among position players, Bonds finished 8th in WAR, 7th in WAR and then 3rd in WAR in the last three seasons of the 1980's. Had he been moved down to drive in runs his numbers would have been even better. Now when Leyland did move him down, Bonds batted in the 5th position and won MVP and they started winning divisions. He lead in WAR among position players in the NL 7 times in the 1990's. Consider that and games taken away from the 94/95 strike, and his numbers would even have been crazier.
    Good video, but what you didn't mention is that in 96 Bonds had the 40/40 and he was mad because they gave the mvp to Caminiti a juicer, then in 1998 he lead in WAR and achieved the 400/400 and everybody was all over McGwire and Sosa. So he got jealous, the media criticized the guy who wrote about the Andro and McGwire's locker, and Bonds was like okay, this is what you guys want, I'll give it to you. The rest is history.

  • Alan
    Alan 8 days ago +16

    Everyone is just mad that he has the hardest name in Baseball History

  • Cody H
    Cody H Month ago +1595

    They just hated Barry because they couldn't pull off an earring like him

    • Thunder OU Sooner
      Thunder OU Sooner 19 hours ago

      They hated him because he cheated

    • Andy Babb
      Andy Babb 20 hours ago

      Neither could he haha

    • Squid
      Squid 2 days ago


    • James Marsh
      James Marsh 25 days ago

      I never hated Barry... steroids don't give you a good swing!! And steroids been in the game since Mickey Mantle...

    • James Moore
      James Moore 27 days ago

      His chain bothered him when he was batting so he put that pendant on an earring like a g

  • Jack
    Jack 5 hours ago

    The more hate people have for Bonds, the more love I have for the guy. Keep it coming.

  • OkamiSan
    OkamiSan Month ago +26

    Bonds got HUGE. I remember walking by Benihana’s in Japantown, SF. Just walking by and I saw a huge head sitting at a table. Who’s goddamn head is that!?? I double back and it’s Bonds for sure.

  • Metsfan4life Bring ON the RINGS

    Excellent video. Really brought back memories of an era!

  • Super Perez
    Super Perez Month ago +127

    Imagine getting jumped by six people and then being blamed for it😂

    • MB
      MB 5 days ago +1

      @Anthony Lombardo lmao imagine actually believing that

    • Anthony Lombardo
      Anthony Lombardo 12 days ago +3

      Sounded like every cop on African Americans.

  • Cmkred5
    Cmkred5 Month ago

    I just realized he seemed to have a similar thought process as Joey Votto. He was already great, saw how much money and attention all the hr hitters we’re getting, and said ok I’ll do that. I’ll take roids, put battle armor on my arm, stand over the plate, and pull every ball out of the park

  • Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D.
    Aaron M. Lambert, Ph.D. Month ago +690

    Statistically speaking, Barry Bonds is the #1 position player of all time in terms of being the most quintessential and record-setting 5-tool player (i.e., fielding, throwing, stealing, average, power) that the MLB has ever seen. Way back at the end of the 1993 season, Barry had already won 3 MVPs (’90, ’92, ’93), tied for the most in MLB history (making him a clear hall of famer already), only to be broken by himself by garnering a staggering 7 MVPs by the end of his career. Importantly, the very earliest time at which Barry may have been implicated in steroid use was not until after the 1998 season. By 1998, while he was still clearly a natty putting up natty numbers (albeit the best of all nattys), he also became the only player in MLB history with 400+ home runs and 400+ stolen bases, which still holds true to this day. Let that sink in. Furthermore, despite always being a potent power hitter, Bonds always hit for average and struck out far less than most of his power-hitting counterparts. He hit over .300 11 times and-aside from his rookie year-never struck out more than 100 times in a year (averaging only 83 strikeouts a year). Moreover, by this time in 1998, he had also won 8 gold gloves, the most by any left fielder in MLB history to this day. Finally, as far as that exclusive 400/400 club that I first mentioned, for which he is still the only member in MLB history? Well, he ended his career with 500+ home runs (763, all-time record) and 500+ stolen bases (514), a feat that leaves all other players in history 100+ further behind and for which he would have easily completed even if he remained as a natty until the end. Even though I grew up in Chicago and now live in Boston, Barry Bonds was my favorite player back as a kid and will remain my favorite player of all time by far. Although the Red Sox are now my home team ever since becoming a Bostonian 8+ years ago when I moved here for a position as a Harvard Postdoctoral Neuroscientist. On that note, I plan to launch my channel later this year and although most content will focus on neuroscience and biology, I will also focus on data-driven and science-based videos on some of my passions such as baseball. So feel free to sub in advance. Cheers.

    • James Delaney
      James Delaney 2 days ago

      Rickey Henderson

    • Nicholas Palandra
      Nicholas Palandra 3 days ago

      @Haller Gras maybe in his 30s lol not when he was young

    • Syan
      Syan 10 days ago

      And for all that text. He’s still a cheater. He’ll never be a goat. Stats don’t mean a thing when they’re ill gotten gains.

    • C C
      C C 12 days ago

      ​@Haller Gras Clearly you don't know baseball.

    • FC Lopez
      FC Lopez 12 days ago

      When you launching the videos on channel bro? A lot of talk mr doctor neuro 🤓

  • nick zigrang
    nick zigrang Month ago +19

    That big of a hat & shoe size change in a grown man tells us all we need to know.

  • wesfry03
    wesfry03 Month ago +6

    I love how you give so much context for both sides of every argument. Not making excuses but giving explanations

  • HossRoDah
    HossRoDah Month ago +24

    I met barry in seattle in 1996 5 hrs before the game outside the kingdom. he was nothing but nice to me. he didn't sign anything and wouldnt take pictures but he spent 20 minutes letting calming me down in the middle of a panic attack because i got to meet my hero. i do wish more people got to see that barry.

    • Dolphinsfan1920
      Dolphinsfan1920 Month ago

      Cuz he didn’t get that roid rage

    • Mark Ross
      Mark Ross Month ago

      I agree many times in the Clark bar adjacent to three rivers stadium, here in Pittsburgh, he bought a round of drinks for everyone. I have also interacted with him on a personal level and found him to be okay with me.

    RNB RADAR Month ago +18

    I’m a casual baseball fan but your videos have made me want to get more involved as a fan - thank you for all your content 🙏🏾

  • Cisco
    Cisco 9 days ago +11

    Bro was straight up villain 💀

  • Jobber Jim
    Jobber Jim Month ago +8

    I loved watching bonds play. I was told by the television that I was supposed to hate him, but I never did.

  • Andy Babb
    Andy Babb 20 hours ago

    18:09 at least he used his kids as a prop

  • TheTEN24
    TheTEN24 Month ago +14

    Insane talent who didn’t need to cheat but inevitably did. Great video as always man, obviously a Hall of Famer too

  • End Comics
    End Comics Month ago +13

    I don’t care if he was an asshole that dude made baseball fun to watch

  • Need More Input
    Need More Input Month ago +12

    I was a kid living in San Jose during the 93-96 seasons, I was obsessed with baseball, the Giants, and Bonds. Was lucky to get to watch a bunch of Giants games on TV, I had no idea about the bad press surrounding Bonds so I thought he was amazing. He could've retired in '98 after getting injured and he would've been a shoe in for the HOF. He was the best hitter ever, and very good defensively, he belongs in the hall.

  • John Reznik
    John Reznik Month ago +2

    I mean why the hell were baseball players testifying at a grand jury. Who exactly was hurt by this. Am pretty sure mlb didn't refund their money from it

  • pigGRAY
    pigGRAY Month ago +27

    One thing you forgot to mention was BBs ability to steal bases.

  • Sa'ad Ghannam
    Sa'ad Ghannam Month ago +2

    He's a hall of famer in my book

  • Ace Cadetin
    Ace Cadetin Month ago +2

    I really do love your videos & story telling

  • Joe Sands
    Joe Sands 3 days ago +1

    He brought it ALL on himself.
    I'm sure he blames others, but it all started with the smug ass attitude.

  • Mr City
    Mr City Month ago +8

    I know these videos take lots of time to put together, So thank you for entertainment! I always look forward to your uploads. Great stuff!

  • superdave
    superdave Month ago +28

    Anyone else played with "Jon Dowd" on MVP baseball 2005? Lol

    • Elijah Zelonky
      Elijah Zelonky Month ago +3

      for me it was "Wes Mailman" om All-Star Baseball 2005

    • Mak10
      Mak10 Month ago +5

      Hahahahaha yoooo that guy hit nukes

  • Brayden Borrell
    Brayden Borrell Month ago +69

    Making everyone hate you is a really good way to get into the hall of fame

  • Lonnie Thomas
    Lonnie Thomas 6 days ago +1

    Love your braves hat. Go Bravos.!!

  • Erich Nagel
    Erich Nagel Month ago +4

    Bro you put videos together so well. I don’t even enjoy baseball that much but your videos are so crisp

  • Joseph Crunkilton
    Joseph Crunkilton Month ago +10

    One of my Juco coaches knew Barry at ASU. Everyone kept away from him.

  • Rollin Roby
    Rollin Roby Month ago +24

    It’s disappointing to hear that Bonds is so hated. He hit his 600th on my birthdate. As a result, I always kinda viewed him as my childhood hero.

    • UglyFinder
      UglyFinder Month ago

      As someone who's known him since he was 4 years old, he was always a good dude to my family and I. He had a hard childhood that nobody really brings up and he was raised to hate the media because the media was really racist towards his family and treated them bad as well. People that know him know that he was scapegoated. He's still the best, if not his godfather, to ever do it.

    • Mizer
      Mizer Month ago +1

      @Joe D cool story bro

    • Joe D
      Joe D Month ago +1

      I was 12 years old and in SF when he was approching his 600th, I may still have the shirt I got from some street vendor.

  • Jack D
    Jack D Month ago +2

    Best in any era. Literally

  • Tom Roddy
    Tom Roddy Month ago +20

    This is the story I’ve been waiting for you to tell.
    I’m proud as hell of you, Baseball Doesn’t Exist.
    Thanks for producing this story. ❤

  • Gregorio Leon
    Gregorio Leon Month ago +31

    Barry should be in the Hall bc you cant tell the story of the MLB without him

  • Zack
    Zack Month ago +32

    I'd say he shouldn't have gotten crap for the minor stuff but he for sure deserved to get shit for the more serious things. Plus teammates hate him as well, not just media. That being said he's still a top 3 player ever.

  • Fromulus
    Fromulus Month ago

    5:45 This is the moment Heisenberg became Mama Celeste.

  • Peter Arechiga
    Peter Arechiga 9 days ago +7

    I dont hate barry Bonds! He is and was the best ball players of all time! In my book you are a hall of Famer no matter what they say!

  • James Grace
    James Grace Month ago

    My fav player ever. Best ever imo

  • Bread And Circuses
    Bread And Circuses Month ago +6

    It's about time you've done a video covering the biggest villain in MLB history, Barroid.

  • M Maranta
    M Maranta Month ago +1

    He was the best hitter I ever saw and I saw him play a lot. Don’t know about his personality. His father was my favorite player when I was a kid.

  • custombimmer
    custombimmer Month ago +23

    a slump in the mid 90's vs the Braves pitching was not uncommon

  • fefetron
    fefetron Month ago +2

    Great video, as always

  • tzd1310
    tzd1310 Month ago

    Awesome video man. What a career.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    Love this channel

  • Matthew Dixon
    Matthew Dixon Month ago +144

    “The pirates were becoming the best team in the game.” - last time these words will be spoken by man.

    • Vik
      Vik Month ago +2

      The curse of Barry Lamar Bonds

    • spsawyer22
      spsawyer22 Month ago +2

      I cried when Sid Bream scored. I was 10. Little did I know I'd never see them win an actual pennant game again

    • Bob Taylor
      Bob Taylor Month ago


  • Misty Rains
    Misty Rains Month ago +28

    They hated Barry cause everytime they ask him another question he just hit another homerun "No comment"

  • El Cee
    El Cee Month ago +11

    Barry ex-communication was necessary to prevent the record books becoming even more laughable

  • O1993
    O1993 Month ago +2

    7:53 so not as bad as Nagasaki?

  • john crace
    john crace Month ago +5

    BB was the best player in MLB long before he took steroids. He actually had a HOF career before Steroids.

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly Day ago

      Looks like he was on that crap from 1999 to 2004 given his age, and the incredible amount of homers he hit in such few at bats! I personally consider his 3 MVP's with the Pirates as his only legit ones !

  • bjr04
    bjr04 Month ago

    Sound like ppl was hating on Barry

  • Cody C
    Cody C Month ago +93

    Thanks for telling us the story of Bonds before steroids, it’s not a story often told even though he had a HOF-worthy career before the roids. And a HOF-temper too.

    • Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez
      Lord Paul Philipp Fernandez 11 hours ago

      I think that's the reason why Bonds was hated. He's already a Hall of Famer before he even retired. The steroids basically destroyed any credibility and reputation that he managed to accomplish.

    • Unusual light
      Unusual light Month ago

      Look at his 98 season especially the advanced metrics, his OPS was unreal but not a soul was paying attention

  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor Month ago +7

    The most anticipated video on this channel ever

  • Dustin Bohde
    Dustin Bohde Month ago +11

    Every upload is pure gold man

  • UnsolicitedBirds
    UnsolicitedBirds 18 days ago

    1:52 same swing!

  • true williams
    true williams 13 hours ago

    FINALLY! Thank you for a video that doesn’t put a halo over this guys head. I tell people all the time that his steroid use was an extension of his personality! He was an extreme narcissist and complete sociopath.
    Here’s what’s crazy, you left out a ton of other stories like how he’d greet newly signed pitchers every spring with “I homered off you, you, you” or how he never traveled with the team. He was a psychopath!

  • Clark Candiotti
    Clark Candiotti Month ago +1

    haha where did you find the clip of Barry talking with my dad? Barry was an awesome guy to me and my family (even though he is a cheater, he is a very nice guy)

  • Cam Schuster
    Cam Schuster Month ago +61

    Best baseball channel on Clip-Share hands down.

    • Justincredible
      Justincredible Month ago +1

      Foolish Baseball is also great highly recommend!!

    • Brizz
      Brizz Month ago

      @Peltimies that’s your opinion

    • Megas Doux
      Megas Doux Month ago +5

      I don’t even like baseball and I don’t miss any of his videos.

    • kyle
      kyle Month ago +3

      @Peltimies facts

    • Peltimies
      Peltimies Month ago +8

      Best sports channel.
      I wish we had a guy like this for every sport.

  • Supplemental Sense
    Supplemental Sense Month ago +7

    Barry was the face of steroids only because he was the greatest player ever to take steroids. Who could you say had a better eye at the plate than Barry? Ted Williams is the only answer. Bonds was probably a headache to deal with in the clubhouse and certainly had a war with the media, but he is a top 10 player of all-time. He is now like Pete Rose, remembered for all the wrong things. One things is certain though, he will always be a massive part of MLB lore and history.

  • Lost nemesis
    Lost nemesis Month ago +2

    just on baseball. I never really understood it especially considering over half the league (conservative estimate) were using steroids so it was unfair to single him out yes he was a big name but he was not the only one who lied.

  • Christian Jon Lewis
    Christian Jon Lewis 11 days ago

    I feel like they, they being everyone that spoke bad on him just didn’t like Barry Bonds cause he was him and him being an asshole didn’t make it any better

  • MrFreeagent505
    MrFreeagent505 Day ago +1

    I never hated barry i thought it was unfair how he was portayed but mark mcguire got less harsh treatment

  • Andre the Giant
    Andre the Giant Month ago

    I like the, parking spot strike against him. May want to edit that out.

  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris Month ago +20

    I was just thinking, "man I really want a BDE video right about now." 30 mins later here we are! Hell ya man the matrix is nice sometimes

  • Aidan Wolford
    Aidan Wolford 21 day ago +14

    I love how this video is made. It’s sad music with his controversies, the stuff he did wrong, then the music gets fast and basically says “THEN BARRY BONDS DESTROYS THE BASEBALL AND WINS EVERY AWARD KNOWN TO MAN”

  • King Dingaling
    King Dingaling 6 days ago +4

    Those Pirates teams were Dope
    Bonds , Bonilla , Van Slyke , Bell , Lind , Drabeck
    Fun to watch .
    But Braves became The Team of The 90’s
    Ok , maybe NL Team of The 90’s
    After Yankess end of the decade run
    But for the overall decade 91-99 Really it was Braves
    They “only” Won 1 but were in The Playoffs every season
    and in The World Series %60 of those

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin Month ago +2

    Unarguably the Best hitter of all time

    • James Anthony
      James Anthony Month ago

      Unarguably? How about Ted Williams? At least it's debatable.

  • MerkSau_
    MerkSau_ Month ago +30

    Its my birthday and I couldnt ask for anything better than a new BDE video

  • AriesThaGemini
    AriesThaGemini Month ago +1

    I just wanna say that after finding some slight interest in mlb through gaming your channel has truly made me a fan of the sport. I used to always say baseball is slow and boring but you’ve helped me understand the culture and just how insane things can get on the baseball field. Truly captivating.

  • Ryne Wallace
    Ryne Wallace Month ago +187

    “Ruth did it on hotdogs and beer” Ruth was shooting up horse steroids for breakfast 💀💀😭😭

    • Neil Bowman
      Neil Bowman Month ago

      @Pranav Arora Literally? Where's the proof? It's alleged. Which is a pretty phony way of drumming up publicity. He had an abdominal surgery and missed some time....but is there proof that he did what you say? And if there is then list the sources that aren't alleged.

    • Neil Bowman
      Neil Bowman Month ago

      @Uncle Bullhorn Before and after Jackie Robinson is kindve a ridiculous benchmark.

    • Erich Von Manstein
      Erich Von Manstein Month ago

      @Uncle Bullhorn yes, ruth did "face the best pitching if his era"

    • Gee Em
      Gee Em Month ago +2

      I did it on hot dogs and beer. *pats gut*

    • Luis Fermin
      Luis Fermin Month ago +2

      Babe Ruth would’ve never been as good as bonds was

  • Archangel taku£
    Archangel taku£ Month ago +2

    I wasn't even into baseball when I found your channel and now you just got me into the sport

  • Frisco Hippie
    Frisco Hippie Month ago +1

    The greatest to ever do it cry to your mom if you think otherwise

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones Month ago +3

    This makes me like him even more

  • Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας

    I didn't hate him.

  • Around The Bases
    Around The Bases Month ago +16

    You should do a video on Rick Ankiel

  • Jake Steinberg
    Jake Steinberg Month ago +2

    My dad and older brother won tickets to the 1996 All-Star game in Philly. This guy, at age 12, got to eat at the dinner banquet with some of the players the night before the game, and sat next to Barry Bonds.
    The asshole never said a word to my brother the entire night, despite sitting next to him.

    • ZikaLoko F1Challenge
      ZikaLoko F1Challenge Month ago

      The guy didnt give a shit to anybody, so probably he wouldnt talk to you unless you started the conversation

  • zedramer
    zedramer Month ago +1

    Galaxy brain meme:
    Barry Bonds the greatest HR hitter of all time = small brain
    Barry Bonds is the most toxic player of all time = slightly enlightened brain
    Barry Bonds is the best player ever to draw walks = Galaxy Brain

    • Dan
      Dan Month ago +1

      Mr. Guaranteed 1st Base

  • Miner727
    Miner727 18 days ago +1

    You still need to hit the ball even if you take steroids

  • Jenny Vega
    Jenny Vega Month ago

    very interesting video about Bonds!! Giants Forever!

  • Reuben Yebra
    Reuben Yebra Month ago +1

    Everyone knows why

  • Bdablader95
    Bdablader95 Month ago +9

    Bonds is the embodiment of the villain with the talent to back his bullshit. No matter how much controversy, he's still constantly spoken of in high regards as a player, not a person.

  • yoitanthony
    yoitanthony Month ago +11

    As a Bay Area native who started watching baseball in the early 2000s, Barry bonds means a lot to me. Even as a die hard A’s fan, Barry made baseball cool here.

    • CJ
      CJ Month ago +1

      Fellow Yay Area native. Us A’s and Giants fans love to go back and forth all the time…but the whole Bay would pause and watch every time this dude stepped up to the plate. Best 5 tool player of all time, hall of fame or not.

  • Vincent Anderson
    Vincent Anderson Month ago +33

    Seems like you dialed the speed of your presentation back by about 20% and a little more defined structure to your scripts and I have to say it's awesome. Makes it so much easier to absorb the avalanche of info. Love it.

  • Zachary Amatore
    Zachary Amatore 12 hours ago

    Met the guy awhile ago when I was a kid. My sister wanted his autograph. Guys an asshole. He accused my sister of only wanting his auto so she could sell it. She was 8 years old.

  • Eagle Winnings
    Eagle Winnings Month ago +12

    I don’t care what anyone says. I’m a Braves fan in my 30s. I saw Bonds pre PEDS.
    Yes, he made a mistake due to his ego, a massive mistake and maybe an even bigger mistake by lying about it (ironically Raphael Palmeiro scolded and pointed at members of Congress for correctly accusing him of PED use.
    Bonds would’ve been a 1st ballot HOFer without ever even drinking a protein shake let alone taking PEDs. He was the equivalent of Bryce Harper during Harper’s MVP seasons except unlike Harper he provided 30-35 stolen bases and wasn’t a liability in the OF instead won 7 Gold Gloves.
    Think about how much THAT, pre PEDs, Bonds would’ve been worth.

    • doomtrain
      doomtrain 22 days ago +1

      Yeah he 100% should still be in the HOF, the dude was one of the best to ever play the game and far worse players and fellow cheaters have gotten in.

  • Coup de Gras
    Coup de Gras Month ago +2

    The inside track wasn't enough

  • jgom greenmo
    jgom greenmo Month ago +25

    can you do a video on babe ruth?

  • FTLnovaKid
    FTLnovaKid Month ago +3

    I am glad you finally made a bonds video. 😄👍

  • M Frankel
    M Frankel Month ago +2

    Amazing video on the life and times of Barry Bonds!

  • Andrew Pierce
    Andrew Pierce Month ago

    He would have been the GOAT without the roids. Now he’s only remembered for that.

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 9 days ago +4

    Bonds the Goat...and he's awesome

  • E J
    E J Month ago

    He's a d bag but still a great player. Doesn't seem like he matued or anything since he was 20 ha

  • Roque Medrano
    Roque Medrano Month ago +6

    Good video keep it up with the good content

  • Albinovevo
    Albinovevo Month ago +18

    I wish there was a Clip-Sharer that did stuff like this on the nfl

  • Blake Sankbeil
    Blake Sankbeil Month ago +2

    You get a like just for being a Washington fan, I know you were a good guy

  • tizzleforrizzle
    tizzleforrizzle 13 days ago +4

    Foolish baseball video on him is great. A real life anti hero. Narcissistic, yes. I love that he was real, and a liar, and a godamn monster.

  • BardBruv
    BardBruv Month ago +67

    9:49 lol i love how unfazed this reporter is and hits him back with "YOUR slump" and Barry knew he couldn't do or say anything

    • 2 Studly
      2 Studly Month ago +1

      barry DID have a response, but it was so damn lame

    • brie
      brie Month ago +2

      @Sean Jeffcoach?

    • Sean Jeffcoach
      Sean Jeffcoach Month ago +2

      Ha ha got eem!!!!!!!!!

    • Sean Jeffcoach
      Sean Jeffcoach Month ago +1