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DON'T PANIC - Hans Rosling showing the facts about population

  • Published on Dec 14, 2014 veröffentlicht
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  • Deitter Ronquillo
    Deitter Ronquillo 2 years ago +1235

    This was just an assignment for school, but I didn't expect to like and be interested that much to Mr. Rosling's entire presentation. This is very educational and interesting. Well done!

    • Sumaiya Uddin
      Sumaiya Uddin 2 months ago

      same and I watched entire video

    • D.B Cooper
      D.B Cooper 5 months ago

      *_Islamic caliphate_* _then and only then:_ *Europe*

    • sandra kael
      sandra kael 6 months ago

      Same, watching this for an assignment and gained a lot of knowledge

    • MyaGamingKat
      MyaGamingKat 6 months ago

      @Bruce Macmillan yes but the growth rate is decreasing.

  • Sam Levin
    Sam Levin 2 years ago +452

    Today I'm a data scientist, thanks to Hans Rosling. I learned from Hans that I need to better understand the world with the data and not with opinions. Rest in peace, legend!

    • Lucas
      Lucas 2 months ago

      Me too dawg

    • C_R_O_M__________
      C_R_O_M__________ 3 months ago +1

      Keep his legacy alive. Cheers.

    • Rebecca Ringler
      Rebecca Ringler 7 months ago +1

      The sooner we learn the elites have plans, the better. The opposite is love.

  • MrKeroMar
    MrKeroMar Year ago +158

    This is a great example of what "story telling" can do to transform dry numbers and statistics into something that keeps the attention of your audience high and inspires them.

    • 2Bit
      2Bit 5 months ago

      ... and if you talk really fast, no one can questions the fallacies.

    • BLUE JDM MR2
      BLUE JDM MR2 6 months ago

      I wanted to see ecological population graphs. Like Biomass totals of wild mammals, fisheries, insects, elephants in the Sarangeti. The status of food webs. For me that's the part that humans whether they know it or not, are tied to our natural world. Without a healthy natural world, you will not have a healthy human world. Just as example, in my life alone, co2 ppm has only ever gone up at an increasing rate, from about 340ppm co2 to 420ppm co2 in my life alone.
      Cuz if these rivers dry out and destroy our breadbasket regions, we are collectively fucked to the tune of several billion people. And there aint 1800s era hunting grounds if we wanna go live in the woods either.

  • Subharup Chakraborty
    Subharup Chakraborty 8 months ago +48

    The passion...the enthusiasm...the excitement....people like him show you its not the subject which is boring...its the way its being taught to you

  • Suzanna Howard
    Suzanna Howard 2 years ago +704

    It makes me sad how desperately he was hoping to live to 80 years old, but he died three years after this was released

    • D.B Cooper
      D.B Cooper 5 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Brenton
    Brenton 5 months ago +14

    I have never spent a near hour of my life more wisely, this man's optimism is so affectionate.

    • Michael Messina
      Michael Messina 2 months ago

      Did you happen to find this answer from the video by any chance?
      Roughly about 1 out of 7 people in the world live under extreme poverty.
      A. True B. False

  • Mulia Nurhasan
    Mulia Nurhasan 8 years ago +287

    only very few people in the world are like Hans Rosling; genius, compassionate and communicative. amazing.

    • Black Opal
      Black Opal 5 months ago

      @4theplanet Narcissism is the baseline for all animals. It's growing out of it, that is the human journey. We all take different paths, learn certain things at certain times. What's important is that you make an effort to keep progressing down that path. We can't know everything. Anyway, he's dead now. You can choose to remember his accomplishments or his failures, or both.

  • Steven Weibl
    Steven Weibl 2 years ago +254

    Isn't it wonderful when people do things for each other help each other ,nothing shameful about being kind to one an other ... kindness is not weakness it is strength.

    • Rogerio Luz
      Rogerio Luz Year ago

      @Joe Wood Good comment ! 👍

    • Doc Lex
      Doc Lex Year ago

      so why is noone kind to wild animals???

  • Mckenzie Mickolichek
    Mckenzie Mickolichek 3 months ago +9

    I'm doing an assignment for school. I have never been so interested in a presentation before. I was expecting this to be another boring long video but I loved it. I feel like I learned so much and I paid attention to everything he was saying. I wish he was still here to live in that top box.

    • Michael Messina
      Michael Messina 2 months ago

      Did you happen to find this answer from the video by any chance?
      Roughly about 1 out of 7 people in the world live under extreme poverty.
      A. True B. False

  • Ve1
    Ve1 2 years ago +138

    This video was actually interesting though, even though most of us are just watching it for the assignment in school, the graphs he uses are all very done, and the visuals and everything are top notch. Very inspiring and wholesome video. Anyway, AP Human Geo gang?

    • L0V3.M3.1
      L0V3.M3.1 4 months ago

      Yup! taking AP Human Geo in my freshman year of Highschool.

    • Ona Fox
      Ona Fox 5 months ago +1

      @Sanshita Vij Yessss

    • Sanshita Vij
      Sanshita Vij Year ago +1

      Economics ganggg

  • SheepNoMore
    SheepNoMore 2 years ago +110

    This is truly the most brilliant presentation I have watched ever. Truly enlightening and inspiring.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +2

      Except , Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

    • Orlando Miguel Alvarez Alfaro
      Orlando Miguel Alvarez Alfaro Year ago

      @François Badoux by "concrete proposal" I mean both the what and the how. While I don't expect for him to solve worldwide problems in a worldwide scale, what I mean is that we shouldn't say "when they get solar power", e.g., and could surely say more about "here's how they can get solar power".
      Like I said, very specific solutions are not the topic, but I feel like these documentaries/shows make people get the idea that this can be simplified, while that doesn't get you far in helping to the entirety of the dilemma
      I hope I'm being clear, and it was my bad to talk in facts when what I stated was closer to an opinion

    • François Badoux
      François Badoux Year ago +1

      @Everanon Please be specific. What data that he presented are you not convinced about? And what is your better source? Just your hunch?

  • Purbita Jannat Prova
    Purbita Jannat Prova Year ago +26

    My gosh, I cried at the very end while I was reading his book- “Factfullness” when I encountered he is no more…!. What an amazing human being he was. Mr Rosling you have changed the perspective of many people, lots of love, respect and admiration 😊

    • MyaGamingKat
      MyaGamingKat 6 months ago

      @BLUE JDM MR2 but he didn’t talk about any of those factors, because that is not what we are focusing on in this ted talk. But you’re right; we may be doomed

    • BLUE JDM MR2
      BLUE JDM MR2 6 months ago +1

      I dont like him. He's a rose tinted lenses hopium snake oil salesman.
      There's a lot of ecologically shitty things to point to, that denies us hope for the future.

  • clwireg
    clwireg 6 years ago +27

    This will forever be one of my favorite videos of all time. Rest in peace, Hans.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Hessam Alizadeh
    Hessam Alizadeh Year ago +32

    Watching Hans Rosling talks I learned that *time* is the missing element in most data analysis and statistical reports. The media and political campaign are even worse when supporting their agenda with statistics, since they only use a snapshot of data, stripping away the element of time.
    Hans was a great teacher whom I never met.
    RIP Maestro Rosling.

    • Elchupanibres
      Elchupanibres 9 months ago +1

      @4theplanet Ofc not, cuz then ppl might get offended that it is the humans that have made 100% of the problems we have today, due to overpopulation, and idiotic ideas, like progress.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +2

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Elly
    Elly Year ago +33

    I thought this was only a year ago. Then i see 6 years ago. Developing countries really is concern for the future. without youtube’s random suggestion i will never see this piece of art lecture. Its so informative that even i changed my whole perspective on building a family.

  • Bazza 132
    Bazza 132 4 months ago +7

    R.I.P to this man❤,I am watching this video a couple days after the world’s population hit 8billion and it’s crazy how accurate this was for being 7 years old

  • nope
    nope 3 years ago +64

    A true hero, he was. Rest in peace, Dr. Rosling.

  • ✨Kaitlyn J✨
    ✨Kaitlyn J✨ 2 years ago +2129

    Who else is watching this because it’s a assignment for school 😂
    Edit: omg tysm for 2K likes on this comment

  • Glenville Byron
    Glenville Byron 2 years ago +15

    As a Sociology lecturer, this video is a Godsend for me to share with my students on population studies.

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 10 months ago +5

    Thank you for many powerful presentations, Mr. Hans Rosling. Rest in peace

  • Alessandra Roberto
    Alessandra Roberto 2 years ago +7

    Excelente conteúdo. Excelente apresentação.
    Obrigada Dr. Hans Rosling.
    Sua vida fez diferença no mundo.

  • tomservo
    tomservo 9 months ago +3

    Dr. Rosling was a definite treasure, taken way too early. When I taught statistics I used to play his videos all the time in class.

  • imagetheory
    imagetheory 4 years ago +2

    I never met him, but I miss him. The world needs more people like Professor Hans Rosling. Phenomenal work and an exceptional presentation! Must watch if you want to get a better understanding of where we stand today as a human civilization.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • 수빈
    수빈 2 years ago +25

    his speech is so impressive and thoughtful hope I could continue with his work when I enter the university!!!

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • Jesper Hammarlund
    Jesper Hammarlund 6 years ago +1681

    R.I.P Hans Rosling. 1948-2017.

    • FactualCounterPoints
      FactualCounterPoints Year ago

      He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016 and passed away in February 2017.
      He had struggled with liver issues since he was 20.
      RIP Hans, you will be sorely missed

    • Robb Ball
      Robb Ball 2 years ago +1

      Thank You, Hans, for your life, your insight & Message!

    • Doug Fontaine
      Doug Fontaine 2 years ago +2

      A wonderful man, and such a shame that he died so young, and not being able to enjoy his grandchildren, which was his desire. It's good to know that his son has taken up his work.

    • Nadia Shireen Siddiqi
      Nadia Shireen Siddiqi 2 years ago

      So pre covid19
      Wonder how his son will tweak this model with covid19
      And what’s going on in subsaharan Africa

  • Joanne Taipei
    Joanne Taipei 4 years ago +14

    I truly hope these will lead people and the world to a better place.
    And Thank you professor Hans Rosling.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Alien M. Nuñez Rivero
    Alien M. Nuñez Rivero 4 years ago +4

    I can't make a judgment about the information presented, I don't even know if the data used is accurate but the topic itself is what most of the people should be interested in. Knowing that there are people interested in these matters makes me proud of mankind. This is the kind of videos everybody should pay attention to. Hans Rosling wherever you are, thank you and the whole team involved for the wonderful presentation and the amazing ability you have to present it.

  • Marius Lauritzen
    Marius Lauritzen Year ago +40

    I just love his presentations, I watch them over and over again. The graphics are gorgeous, and his way to use them is outstanding

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

    • Marius Lauritzen
      Marius Lauritzen Year ago

      @Samuel White Thanks for the tip Samuel, I will check it out!

    • Samuel White
      Samuel White Year ago

      I can reccomend you read his book "factfullness" it has much the same information as his presentations but it's a really good read, a short-ish book too

  • Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson 3 years ago +3

    Inspiring and sobering lecture. A true humanist.

  • Tensu
    Tensu 2 years ago +8

    R.I.P Dr. Hans Rosling. Thank you for your amazing work in data visualization and great compassion for all mankind. What an inspiring figure.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Franz Kies
    Franz Kies 8 years ago +17

    Just great, as usual, when presented by Rosling!! Have you ever seen statistics presented so informative and exciting/enlightening!

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago +2

      Franz Kies , or so incorrect

  • Joshua
    Joshua 6 months ago +5

    Really love Hans Rosling 's approach, he didn't ignore those watching online

  • Rasputin demands 100 subs !!

    An amazing timeless piece of work your legacy will never be forgotten Hans you inspired my teacher mr Jackson to start his geographer career

  • Sukhwant Singh Thaper
    Sukhwant Singh Thaper 9 months ago +1

    Extremely impressed with the graphics used in this presentation and equally impressed with the presentation skills of Hans and his energy. I had to go home for lunch at around 2 pm when this video started on my PC after I had watched Steven Pinker's TED video. Mr Hans presentation was so mesmerizing that I just sat spell bound and watched through the entire 58.50 minutes. Thank you so much Mr Hans for enlightening us in such a beautiful manner. Sukhwant Singh Thaper India

  • Siobhan Beatrice
    Siobhan Beatrice 3 years ago +2

    Wonderful man who cared so much for the world. Great presentation!! RIP. So happy I found his work.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • puneet puri
    puneet puri 8 months ago

    One of the best presenters who lived! RIP Hans deep respect

  • Marilyn King
    Marilyn King 8 years ago +60

    Hans and Gapminder are doing some of the most important work on the planet....turning the light on the current story, igniting hope by dispelling outdated stories. Please share this and Gapminder with people you know who care about our collective future. This work will raise hopes and ignite the desire to be part of this exciting time.

    • hexxan007
      hexxan007 2 years ago

      @Kln Kat "(...) manipulating your fear in order to take political and financial control. You will see it, maybe this year, maybe next. (...)" Prophetic words, Kin Kat... Only did they put in something new into the game of money and power, a suspect virus which everybody eventually will be forced to get vaccinated for.

    • Dawna Jones
      Dawna Jones 2 years ago +1

      @Meridia's Bacon You can only do so much in 15 minutes so you have to choose what you focus on when pulling together the presentation. In your case, the focus is on what is missing. Hopefully you don't miss the value as a result.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 years ago +2

      @Kln Kat Not gonna lie, dawg. It's pretty cringe that you think your little rant actually has any substance and that anybody is listening to you, let alone remembering "hearing this as the years go by and you lose your naive innocence."

    • Kln Kat
      Kln Kat 3 years ago +2

      @J This is not meant to be targeting you specifically, but you (meaning students) will know you are grown up when you realize that authority figures are not all equally respected, equally scientifically rigorous or equally honest. In fact, most are not.
      You will learn that the UN and the EU are bodies of elite globalists who are desperately trying to socially reengineer the world into one world order - their order. In other words, they give the order and you bend the knee.
      Who came up with the global warming scam? You guessed it. The UN and the marxist professors running elite Universities are the so called experts manipulating your fear in order to take political and financial control.
      You will see it, maybe this year, maybe next. They will start to lose the propaganda stranglehold and the majority of the world's climatologists will be heard without retribution. They are talking now, so is the earth's physical record of climate. They are proving that the earth's climateis not changing from excess carbon dioxide, but the earth is thankfully greening because of it.
      Read the New Green Deal if AOC and you'll see it has nothing to do with conservation abd EVERYTHING to do with Socialism and destroyjng Americas economy, not to mention veganism. We will all be equally destitute and subservient and won't care about global temperature anymore. Small mercy.
      I know you will laugh now, the teachers have their hooks in your brain. Maybe some will remember hearing this as the years go by and you lose your naive innocence.

  • Hans Vetter
    Hans Vetter 3 years ago +9

    It's just great that Hans Rosling's son is continuing to carry forward this important work of enlightment to all of us!

  • Thanks Yahweh
    Thanks Yahweh 3 years ago +188

    I'd love to see this study again but with modern, 2019 statistics.

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago +1

      It will be even more interesting at the end of 2021.

    • i a
      i a 2 years ago

      We can fit the entire world population in the pitcairn island and no need to leave the island in search for food. It can provide food and water to 20 billion humans.

  • Xavier Valencia Baeza

    This is fantastic! Many tanks Mr. Rosling the inspiration and energy that your explanation provides.

  • Rafael Villa
    Rafael Villa 2 years ago +15

    Amazing presentation. I wish someone like him can take the task of his mission and education.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago +2

      Rafael Villa . You could, providing you were not taught in a British university.

  • ayub shaikh
    ayub shaikh Year ago +7

    Boy , he gave me hope ,…….. I was pessimistic , but his lecture is so encouraging ! Well done Hans……

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Nuhail Kusaibati
    Nuhail Kusaibati 7 years ago +215

    When your feeling down or going through hardships in life, just remember that there is 6 billion people wish to have the life you have.

    • JustGrapes
      JustGrapes 2 years ago

      I mean yeah, but that doesn't mean that your life doesn't have problems that affect you, even if they are much smaller than other's problems.

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago

      Yes! You are so right.

    • Mimi Jacobson
      Mimi Jacobson 2 years ago

      @bluskies1000 That was very inspiring and I'm thankful that you shared that. I used to be depressed, on welfare with 2 children to raise on my own, and a low paying job. I got a second job, and luckily I had my mom to help with babysitting, and with the two jobs I got a car, and then I asked to be laid off to go back to school, and that sent me to a week of getting to know me! and through that found out I was an entrepreneur and decided to start a business, and on my way to an evening seminar to enter business school, I stepped in doggy doo. After cleaning my stinky boot off as good as I could, I entered a dark room with a video showing the winner of last years 'entrepreneur of the year' award and she ran a dog daycare. It was truly inspiring. I went from wanting to be a fashion coach to being a dog daycare handler. 16 years later and doing over 100K in sales, I can't even remember the last time I was depressed. Too busy to be depressed. I am sad sometimes, realising I worked so much I didn't leave time for friends, so that sucked, but the feeling of accomplishment and value outshone it all. Thanks again for sharing! Mimi

  • eulalia solis
    eulalia solis 4 years ago +4

    my teacher was his student for like 2 years . Today she showed my class this but in parts that was only like 20 mins or so . i came home and decided to finsh watching this . i will say i loved it , yes bad things are happening in world and i didnt really think how any one can change it . but this professor who i didt even know existed has open my eyes and now seeing how things can change for the better . even tho professor Hans Rosling passed away in 2017 , i still believe that he had more ideas and different points of veiws on this world we call home.

  • fabio luiz andrade marinho

    Em tempos difíceis que vivemos um desafio global com a pandemia do COVID 19, é um alento crer nas possibilidades de um futuro melhor em uma palestra didática e muito esclarecedora.

  • Dalmatinka Devojka
    Dalmatinka Devojka 2 years ago +7

    This man has amazing lecturing skills! This was a pleasure to watch!

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • Kitty Fairhead
    Kitty Fairhead 3 years ago +43

    this is amazing R.I.P Hans Rosling

  • Sebastian White
    Sebastian White Year ago +1

    This chap is very good... sadly he's no longer with us. I can't say it any better than this person:
    @Kamachi Hahne He certainly had a great life, informing people about the world and helping many people across the world. Rest In Peace to a great man.

  • Eli O
    Eli O 7 years ago +4

    Love this man and his presentation! It is so inspiring! But I don't know if it's good for us the know all this, because thinking things are worse than they are make us want to change it more than we would otherwise..

  • Reppandee lepcha
    Reppandee lepcha 2 years ago +4

    Such an intresting talk. thank you sir....1 hr was never so short as this talk. Very informative and eye opener.

  • PVTfluffy
    PVTfluffy 3 years ago +35

    This presentation has such a different tone to anything coming out of 2019. It is refreshing and it gives me hope.

    • Robert Brandywine
      Robert Brandywine 9 months ago

      Well Peter Zeihan says that there is going to be a world wide shortage of food and at least 1 billion people will starve to death, possibly 3 billion.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +2

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • blwbisht
    blwbisht 6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing great man and his team⚡️ wisdom collective efforts leads to mind blowing results ⚡️⏳️ appreciate it

  • James Shewan
    James Shewan 2 years ago +606

    I was so happy when he got the bicycle!

    • kiwitrainguy
      kiwitrainguy Year ago

      @Gene Wickersham It wasn't explained that the cost of running a motor bike is much higher than for a regular bike: fuel mainly but also repairs if/when it breaks down. A regular bike costs nothing to run and any repairs would be a lot simpler and cheaper. I suppose the point I'm making is that the next step up is a bigger one than people might realise.

    • William Nordhausen
      William Nordhausen Year ago

      @Randy Marsh 99

    • Dudeguyc
      Dudeguyc Year ago +1

      i loved that part.

    • Gene Wickersham
      Gene Wickersham Year ago

      Give em a motor bike

  • Lotta T
    Lotta T 5 months ago

    Hans Rosling was the best speaker ever. ❤ May he rest in peace and may we carry his legacy!

  • Konshow Tsering
    Konshow Tsering 6 years ago +24

    One of the most useful video i have ever watched in Clip-Share... I enjoyed every words and every clips...Thank you Hans Roseling for such a beautiful topic..

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • allmostpeemypants
    allmostpeemypants 3 years ago +16

    Such a lost for human kind.. I remember when i watched this the first time years ago and thought how right he was Rip...Mr. Hans

    • MyaGamingKat
      MyaGamingKat 6 months ago

      @Peter Pfister why?

    • Peter Pfister
      Peter Pfister 2 years ago

      I hope he is not right about the African population quadrupling until the end of the century.

    • Erling Schrøder
      Erling Schrøder 2 years ago +1

      He is wrong. The only environmental facet he touches in this presentation is climate change caused by human made emissions. Emissions are only one of many symptoms of our level of consumption, and therefore, by omitting the fact that all parts of nature are degrading rapidly, his talk is only for people to feel good. Also, the though that the population in a democracy would vote to reduce their standard of living to a sustainable level (extreme loss of materialistic wealth for everyone) is just ignorant. Every drastic, effective environmental policy will, in a democracy, be implemented to late. Or maybe not, its all up to us now.

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago

      I don’t think he could have foreseen the pandemics, floods, fires. I think he’s wrong now

  • Abdul Ghuffar Mohiuddin Sheikh

    One of the best lesson I have learnt about life in present time, thanks for spreading such an education

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago

      Abdul Ghuffar Mohiuddin Sheikh , it’s flawed.

  • CjD
    CjD 5 months ago

    That bicycle made my heart sing with so much joy for that African family…. We need more startups for our African brothers and sisters!

  • Martijn Lambrecht
    Martijn Lambrecht 3 years ago +43

    Watching this in 2020 and appreciating him so much!

    • John Bougae
      John Bougae 2 years ago +1

      His talks look out of touch with reality. The growth of the third world will destroy this planet.

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago +1

      Looking at the planet today I think he is wrong.

  • Jamal Badamassi
    Jamal Badamassi 2 years ago +5

    incredible!! Look how important the bicycle is to him, and the joy it brought him and his family. Mashallah

    • FXBurs
      FXBurs Year ago

      allahu akbar
      nothing is possible with allah

  • Brett Richardson
    Brett Richardson 8 years ago +7

    This is just a wonderful video -- and this knowledge can have a direct effect on helping us achieve our global goals. One thing I would like to see: I've heard it said that cell phone technology is being used by many poor people to help them move beyond poverty. I would be interested to know if Professor Rosling has any opinions about the use of cell phones in the developing world. Best wishes to all....

  • joe macleod
    joe macleod 2 years ago +2

    i really like the way he uses slides and graphics to portray his ideas 10/10 respect Mr.Rosling

  • Davis Holman
    Davis Holman Year ago

    As an American baby boomer, I remember the horror of seeing news stories
    of starving children in Bangladesh. We were taught ‘over population’ was a problem constantly back then. This presentation has had a profound effect on me. IT WORKED! The powers that be did exactly what they claimed needed to be done - they lowered the birth rate significantly. Birth control advances were a huge part of it also. I enjoyed seeing Dr. Rosling’s presentation very much. And I am happy to say, have done my part - I have three children & 5 grandchildren. You’re welcome!😜

  • Lorenzo Locatelli-Rossi Salt Experience

    Marvelous, wonderful, this should be shown to the world. You are an exceptional person and I thank you for sharing your knowledge…. And humour! Tak!

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    Best presentation of all time. Too sad Hans never made it to that top foam block.

    • John Mitchell
      John Mitchell 3 years ago +8

      Yes - the best. I'd love to know the secret of how they did the graphics, so that the whole audience, the cameras, and also Prof Rosling ( often behind the charts ) could all see them at the same time. Brilliantly executed with sound effects backing the graphics. And if he was reading autocue - I can't detect the presence of one. Word perfect rehearsed. Were the graphics added later just for the video recording ? If so - how did he know exactly where to stand with his left-to-right walks behind them ? Just superb. My thanks and respect to all involved.

  • Jasmine Gittens
    Jasmine Gittens 2 years ago +6

    Didn't expect to fall in love with this documentary so much. Wish he was here today, we need an updated video on Covid-19 and depression in children :(

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    Naitos 6 years ago +5

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  • FactualCounterPoints

    RIP. Sadly Hans died in 2017 of pancreatic cancer.
    A huge loss to the world of this truly great man

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    victor 4 years ago

    Parabéns professor. Obrigado.

  • Lukas Alexanian
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    • AG
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  • Vilius Šiugždinis
    Vilius Šiugždinis 5 years ago +7

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    Thokchom Jayshree 10 months ago

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  • Roger Antaramian
    Roger Antaramian 2 years ago +1

    This was very informative.
    I'm not sure the rate of replenishment will stay above that of consumption. But it is posisible with advances in tech & behavior.
    I'm going to share this beautifully done presentation with my friends, familly, & colleagues - certainly fitting of a wide audience.

  • Carl Bernroth
    Carl Bernroth Year ago

    Hans Rosling really did kick the bucket too soon. The current chaotic state of environmental politics really needs someone as down-to-earth and pragmatic as Hans.

  • Nestor Matos
    Nestor Matos 2 years ago +3

    Hans you left us with insight and your presentation was so full of optimism, it's so rare. Great Vid!

    • Everanon
      Everanon 2 years ago

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  • Kozuki Yamato
    Kozuki Yamato 6 months ago

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  • smokindomain
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    Please watch this whole film! It needs to be shown in every school on the planet!

    • Everanon
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      smokindomain . Teachers, leave them kids alone. They get enough false information.

  • Jesper Leong
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    who else is clapping when he got the bicycle
    i was pretty emotional

  • Jeff
    Jeff Year ago +3

    seems like everyone should watch this. Fantastic stuff!! Kept my interest through the entire presentation.


    This man was a prime example of living your dream. Why? Because. One must work to survive. And if you can find or create a job that gives you this much joy, well your truly truly truly blessed. People- especially you young ones here for a school assignment- PLEASE please please PLEASE put all of your effort into getting into a line if work that you truly love, and I mean ALL of your effort- do this while your young, because then the rest of your life can be spent in enjoyment, because your work which takes a great percentage of each days time will be spent in an enjoyable atmosphere which will allow your happiness so much more when your not at work. PLEASE DO NOT DO DRUGS- I was a successful WAAAAY smarter than average student and employee who thought I'd never ever touch hard drugs but here I am at 39 still hooked on heroin, because I didn't feel I could handle things when my dad died and million things on top of it. That was 20 years ago. Please, if your using you MUST stop now, after 20 years and 24 times in rehab and dozens of outpatient programs I still can't seem to quit. Don't let this become you please it's like living in hell on earth.
    Much love.

  • Qilin Xue
    Qilin Xue 2 years ago +9

    24:30 This hit hard... Rest in Peace Hans.

  • helena19995
    helena19995 2 years ago +27

    Having been a statistician myself (before I decided to sell my soul to the corporate world) I truly appreciate what Hans does. However, I don’t believe the food part is sustainable when looking at the larger picture. We already see deforestation in many parts of the world which is massively harmful to the environment, wildlife, etc and ultimately all of us.

    • jason simms
      jason simms 10 months ago

      @Ole-Egil Hvitmyren why is deforestation bad in the first place? Europe and the us deforested their countries and whiped out all the large herbivores and they are two of the most successfull regions in the world.

    • Ole-Egil Hvitmyren
      Ole-Egil Hvitmyren 10 months ago

      @jason simms given that about that time the British Isles and Iceland, among others, were completely deforested for building materials and firewood, that's not as much of an aha moment as you seem to think it is. Many countries have started responsible forestry, many have not. I don't think we should stop there. We can do better.

    • jason simms
      jason simms 10 months ago

      We have more trees today than 100 years ago

    • Ole-Egil Hvitmyren
      Ole-Egil Hvitmyren 11 months ago

      @Georgios Doumas If you think that the solution is enforced population limits and veganism, you missed more or less the entire point of the presentation.
      Ironically I think lawns are a bigger problem than meat in western lifestyle. Looking at the big picture, rain forests are not deforested to make more pork, they're deforested to make margarine and cooking oil from palm oil. There's now a shortage of sun flower oil in Europe, and restaurants are forced to choose between no longer deep frying potatoes or going back to palm oil for their deep fryers. Which is absolutely silly, as those potatoes could have been eaten boiled/mashed instead, giving much more nutrients for the same energy and not wasted all that oil. So air frying, baking, boiling, mashing etc is something you can do to your food instead of deep frying to save huge amounts of rain forest.

    • quelorepario
      quelorepario 2 years ago +5

      star cruiser you clearly aren't really up to date to the current state of agriculture, and you also lack of perspective. Just because we have surplus today, it doesn't mean it will continue tomorrow. It is akin to saying that you will always have the same production level of gold and oil, and extrapolate that production to a hundred years and say that everything will be fine and that we will have an overabundance of supplies if we keep going as we are. That is not how it works.
      First of all resources are finite, secondly it is precisely this mentality that is destroying a biome that is designed to be unlimited, but we are exploiting it so efficiently that we are destroying natural ecosystems.
      This is the problem that we inherited from the "green revolution", it saved us back then because of how efficient it became, but now it became a problem we became so efficient that we are in the verge of disrupting complete biological communities to the point of driving them into extinction. The adoption of industrial models into the exploitation of natural resources is leaving a very toxic and those externalities are destroying the very resources that generates our food.
      Just intensifying whatever we are currently doing to compensate the fall of productivity without understanding the underlying problem would effectivrlt drive ourselves into extinction if we end up destroying the food chain.

  • Chase
    Chase 2 years ago +2

    This guy is such an engaging statistician! Great presentation of data

  • jAy GErVAiS
    jAy GErVAiS Year ago +1

    Fascinating and delightfully entertaining! Who'd ever think these descriptive terms would be used to describe anything to do with statistics. Well done!

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago +1

      But Not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species.

  • Dawn Ibrahim
    Dawn Ibrahim 2 years ago +3

    God rest his soul!! He gave hope, and optimism in a world that is all to often pessimistic about the TRUTH! He gave us wisdom, and
    understanding that the TRUTH is there is more than enough in the world to go around.

  • Volunteer Abroad For Free

    This has to be one of the best presentations I have ever seen in my life

  • A Wee Scots Dog
    A Wee Scots Dog 6 years ago +5

    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of that Hans Rosling. I liked him very much.
    He showed how statistics and reason could be used to understand the world rationally and compassionately. He also understood the need to communicate these ideas in the best way possible.
    His achievement, in my opinion, was that he combined knowledge (in the form of practical experience and field work) with statistics and brilliant presentation in a way that enabled him to explain his perspective in way that was truthful, insightful and moving.
    Farewell Hans, you were a class act.

  • Gui
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    Wow!! What a presentation. Loved every minute of it. 🙏
    So sad to see the ones living in the $100 a day waste so much and I am one of them..😥

  • Hossain Shuvo
    Hossain Shuvo Year ago +1

    Amazing presentation. Loved the way it was presented and explained

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

  • Fred Calvert
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    • D.B Cooper
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      Hey hey! I am a grade 9 lol

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    24:00 It's so sad when he says about his dream to live longer, knowing that he already passed away ='(

  • Stephen Kuuzabuwe
    Stephen Kuuzabuwe 2 years ago +3

    Unforgettable Professor Hans Rosling! RIP. Ola, keep that fire and passion burning through the Gapminder Foundation.

    • Mia Mizuno
      Mia Mizuno 2 years ago

      oh no! I was not aware that he died. RIP.

  • Nook
    Nook 2 years ago +22

    This is for English, my review of this presentation:
    The statement that, “the World is much better than many of you think”, could not have been better said in the sense of modern day living. The talk of population and its changes have been ongoing for so long that we can either see the solution or be completely blind to it. I feel as if Professor Rosling has brought up a significant point considering what we have said over time, and that is that both poor and rich have misconceptions. No one is ever completely wrong because that is what an opinion is but what decides what ones opinions are is viewpoint and at times this may be twisted based on situation. The rich may blame the poor for different reasons and look down and laugh, the poor may say that the rich can change and see them as tyrants. Everyone is allowed an opinion but we are also allowed a choice in which we can change our situation based on our actions and them alone because no one is going to do it for us, hand it to us on a silver platter. The view of different life's from regions of the planet over time show these differences and what data we collect suggest that most people either are misinformed or not knowing at all about information and images of those far away. This just shows how people can blame and say things about a topic they know little of and claim they know what's right but Professor Rosling brings up an important point that not everyone is doing as bad as we picture them too, and not just because of the new and the only images we see but what we imagine others to live like as well. He, like many others, are trying to inform the public about the truth and explain that the world is doing better, and will continue to, than it was even as close to a day ago. I agree with his explanation and conclusion about population because as we see it, it is perceived as overpopulation, an over spread of resources, overuse of energy, and a disease to us and the world. How he sees it however is hope because we can sustain ourselves with the technology and resources we have amassed and what's left is how much we are willing to share and use. The information about life span rises as people get richer but it doesn’t change for those is poverty until their wealth rises, think about what it could have been if the rich stepped in and help. That is the idea Professor Rosling is giving to the people as best he can because having this mind set would make you reconsider, now not just thinking about overpopulation and running out of space and resources, but now how the population will peak with wealth rising. Not that was the point of explaining population but the other purpose of this presentation is to inform, share, influence and change how we see the world. People have their opinions and people like Hans Rosling would like to see more positive outlook from people so we can trying to better understand the viewpoint of others on the same world and begin to fix something that didn’t need fixing unless we understood it to a fuller extent.

    • 4theplanet
      4theplanet Year ago

      But not one word of how human population growth affects the rest of the planets species. Wake up!!

    • Nook
      Nook Year ago

      @Alshine Mondesir Full score.

    • Alshine Mondesir
      Alshine Mondesir Year ago

      What grade did you get?

    • Plo8monster
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      Good on you. Decentralized open-source shared resources are your future. Take advantage of a better world and beware of fear-mongers. All change starts with how we see things. Perception is the rule that manipulates the masses.

    • Lotus-Lee Tigten Lillevang
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