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Joshua Bassett - Kristoff Lullaby (From Frozen: The Broadway Musical | HSMTMTS)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • What time is it? Time to show who’s best in 𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰 in this unforgettable summer camp experience. Season 3 of is out now with new episodes premiering every week!
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    Music video by Joshua Bassett performing Kristoff Lullaby (From Frozen: The Broadway Musical | HSMTMTS). © 2022 Walt Disney Records
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  • DisneyMusicVEVO
    DisneyMusicVEVO  2 months ago +28

    Watch all your favorite HSMTMTS official videos now 🎶

  • ✿Cai
    ✿Cai 2 months ago +1441

    Okayy but can we just talk about Ricky’s character development like- the kid who couldn’t handle change is singing about how his perception of love is now changed. His love for Gina is so selfless and pure compared to his love for Nini which was rooted in insecurity… my boy Ricky Bowen has grown so much since season 1 🥹❤️

    • Quaffie
      Quaffie 17 days ago

      @✿Cai i suppose, i feel like the show has turned to shit tho tbh, the turning point for me was when they added in jojo siwa.

    • ✿Cai
      ✿Cai 17 days ago +2

      @Quaffie read my other reply, I meant romantic love and clinging on to a relationship with her, not their platonic friendship

    • Quaffie
      Quaffie 19 days ago +1

      lol how is his love rooted in security, when they were best friends since kindergarden.

    • M Vp
      M Vp Month ago +2

      @Joy Fulford there's always gonna be bad blood between characters lol, that's in all fictional shows specially Disney.

    • Kiley Gilbert
      Kiley Gilbert Month ago +2

      @Joy Fulford Ricky dated nini first so you can’t count that and he also was dating Lily which Ej didn’t date or show any interest in .

  • Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley 2 months ago +508

    Joshua Bassett has been so good this season. Now Ricky has matured, is loving someone selflessly and fully found his spot in theatre it's allowed him to really shine and be genuinely charming and funny. Pining is a good look on him.

    • Ahmed Yusuf
      Ahmed Yusuf 2 months ago +7

      I feel like this season Josh wasn’t even acting when he was doing his goofy scenes that’s gotta feel good for him his just goofy in real life

  • Alohana
    Alohana 2 months ago +279

    When he looked at Gina and said "you've gone and changed it kid." Meaning his perception of love changed when he met her AHHHH my heart jumped through my chest. I love them so much💕💯

    • jeno's left shoulder
      jeno's left shoulder Month ago +1


    • Mica Brown
      Mica Brown 2 months ago +8

      @Ruby frempong 100% they better say togetherrrr but I justttt love the whole song in allllll😭

    • Ruby frempong
      Ruby frempong 2 months ago +5

      I think when he met her he didn't know she had this much impact on his life

    • Mica Brown
      Mica Brown 2 months ago +3


    • Ruby frempong
      Ruby frempong 2 months ago +7

      they have earned are happy after ever happy

  • Kittyover9000
    Kittyover9000 2 months ago +360

    And this is why Ricky was casted as Kristoff! I hope everyone who thought he should have been Hans sees this. Not only does it make sense voice wise, but it also makes sense song wise. “What Do You Know About Love?” And “Kristoff’s Lullaby” make WAY more sense for Ricky then they ever would have for EJ or Jet.

    • Kittyover9000
      Kittyover9000 2 months ago +6

      @Molly_parker_18 yeah I can agree with that. But honestly idk what character his voice would have been good for in season 2. EJ had a great voice for Gaston. Seb probably could have been the beast tho, but I don’t see Ricky as a Chip. The casting with that season was weird lol.

    • Molly_parker_18
      Molly_parker_18 2 months ago +8

      Yeah I personally don’t think his voice fit for the Beast in season 2 but his voice really fits for Kristoff.

    • Brenda B
      Brenda B 2 months ago +8

      Also, EJ directing the show and getting a lead role would not have worked at all. Like If you just think about it for a bit, the casting was so perfect!!

  • Austin 123
    Austin 123 2 months ago +67

    If you look into the lyrics of this song, you can see how similar Kristoff and Anna are towards Ricky and Gina's relationship.

  • •••
    ••• 2 months ago +553

    “what do i know about love? everything i thought i did you’ve gone and changed it kid” as he looks at gina 😭😭😭
    no because it’s so fitting, when you compare how selfish his love for nini was and how selfless it’s been for gina this season… 10/10

    • Austin 123
      Austin 123 2 months ago +15

      Meaning of:
      Everything I thought I did
      You've gone and changed it kid
      You're what I know about love
      "Kristoff realizes that you can find love at first sight. When he says “You’re what I know about love” this shows that he has fallen in love with Anna."
      Ricky realizes his feelings towards Gina this season. Him looking at Gina while he said 'You've gone and changed it kid' then looks back down. It was essentially him signalling to her about the lyrics he is about to say, which is him telling her that he likes her and is in love with her, basically.

    • Yolanda
      Yolanda 2 months ago +23

      @Kezya Pineda same because it’s so accurate 😢he’s grown so much as a character . His feelings for gina were always there, but this time he was very selfless about it

    • Flowerteenagger
      Flowerteenagger 2 months ago +4

      @Kezya Pineda x2

    • Kezya Pineda
      Kezya Pineda 2 months ago +27

      why am I crying over a youtube comment analysis about two fictional characters?

  • Oscar Julian Gonzalez Carreño

    Nini A.K.A Olivia Rodrigo being present during the performances supporting her friends was the perfect goodbye for her character.

    • Glitch cape
      Glitch cape Month ago +1

      @saif she is

    • saif
      saif Month ago +1

      @Glitch cape she's no longer on the show, this is her last season

    • Glitch cape
      Glitch cape Month ago +1

      @Tommy DeVito dude it’s on twitter

    • Tommy DeVito
      Tommy DeVito Month ago +1

      @Glitch cape where did it say that and where can I find it cause I haven’t seen that anywhere

    • Glitch cape
      Glitch cape Month ago +1

      @Tommy DeVito yes she did but she will still be in a few episodes from California

  • JJ Castillo
    JJ Castillo 2 months ago +265

    Ricky’s voice is so amazing! His character improve a lot this season.

  • andrea_official
    andrea_official 2 months ago +358

    Kristoff’s song never cease to be magical.

  • WeenWeen
    WeenWeen 2 months ago +257

    This whole scene is very comforting for some reason

    • justziah
      justziah Month ago +1

      exactly omg🙁 i thought it was just me

    • Nessa
      Nessa Month ago +1

      I know exactly what you mean. I always get a huge smile on my face while watching it.

  • Valeria Anchante
    Valeria Anchante 2 months ago +123

    I still can't believe how well this song fits Ricky's development and his relationship with Gina

  • Henrique Silva
    Henrique Silva 2 months ago +255

    My Ricky Bowen as always with his amazing solos. How I love Joshua's voice OMG.🤧❤️
    Meu Ricky Bowen como sempre com seus solos incríveis. Como eu amo a voz do Joshua OMG.🤧🇧🇷

  • J T
    J T 2 months ago +333

    After being a Ricky and Gina shipper for 3 years and being called every name in the book by other parts of the fandom I finally got my rina kiss. I am going to be smiling all day.

    • evelyn ♡
      evelyn ♡ 2 months ago

      @• liaxpea • gachatube I shipped RINI SO MUCH until I realized Liv is leaving the show so there was no point. I will miss RINI and PORTWELL!!! :)

    • evelyn ♡
      evelyn ♡ 2 months ago

      @• liaxpea • gachatube Fr

    • • liaxpea • gachatube
      • liaxpea • gachatube 2 months ago +1

      I honestly shipped all 3 😭😭😭 rini , rina, and Gina and EJ . I didn’t care what happened as long as they were all happy tbh.

    • Jazlyn Singh
      Jazlyn Singh 2 months ago

      RIGHTT !

    • evelyn ♡
      evelyn ♡ 2 months ago +9


  • Nicholas garrick
    Nicholas garrick 2 months ago +166

    Ricky is amazing! His character has improved so much this season
    Kristoff lullaby was so beautiful had me in tears the way he look at Gina was so cute they were always meant to be so happy Rina ship has finally sailed 🤧❤.

    • Ruby frempong
      Ruby frempong 2 months ago +5

      he look at her like no one is in the room and I totally loved it

  • Ísis Dore
    Ísis Dore 2 months ago +97

    Ricky looking at Gina while singing "What do I know about love? Everything I thought I did you've gone and changed, kid" had me SCREAMING at 4am

  • cool beans
    cool beans 2 months ago +55

    joshua’s lower register is BEAUTIFUL wow

  • Valeria Rojas
    Valeria Rojas 2 months ago +76

    I love Gina and Ricky together but man... watching EJ seeing that moment was very hard, he deserves so much better and to be happy, even if that means he doesn't have a gf and if he does, i hope they pair him with someone who is in the same page as him. Joshua did such a good this season, especially with the songs.

    • ErickSoares3
      ErickSoares3 2 months ago +10

      The actor who does EJ is also pretty amazing. In less capable hands/writing, EJ could have been quite unlikable but here, the actor makes him look sympathetic and you even feels sorry for him (he might have messed up, but his intentions were good)

  • Catey
    Catey 2 months ago +60

    Beautiful voice and rendition, Joshua did a terrific job. So happy seeing this song from the musical make it to the finale! So much meaning for Ricky and Gina packed into a song about their on-stage characters - brilliant writing this season.

  • Denwell Pilapil
    Denwell Pilapil 2 months ago +117


  • Haley Potesak
    Haley Potesak 2 months ago +42

    The way he looks at her when he says you’ve gone and changed it kid is everything

  • Aoife Byrne
    Aoife Byrne 2 months ago +92

    Josh’s voice is just incredible 😍🫶🏻hearing him sing this is magical

  • GM
    GM 2 months ago +52

    Ricky Bowen finally made a CHOICE.... he had Nini and Gina in the same room... and HE chose love.

    • GM
      GM 24 days ago +2

      @Ashlynn Marie Same scenario applies for season 1 then... Ricky only chose Nini once Gina was forced to move away and cut all communication with Ricky.
      Even in the flashback scene Ricky was doubting himself on whether he chose the correct girl, plus Ricky himself admitted he wished Gina never left him (force him) to chose Nini when Gina came back for one day to East High.
      Besides Tim admitted the car kiss change the trajectory of the show (and the show wasn't even premiered when he decided Gina and Ricky was gonna be the endgame).
      But hey respect your opinion and your passion for your ship.

    • Zara Latif
      Zara Latif Month ago

      Ricky and Gina are good together, but I think friendship is better for them. It’s because whenever this show makes a relationship, they break it up and the characters are gonna have bad blood. Now everyone is gonna be tried, then broken up, then heartbroken.

    • Panda Express Tae
      Panda Express Tae 2 months ago +8

      @C Buddy totally agree, that’s why Tim said that during s1 and 2 it was always wrong timing but right people for Rina (but he also mentioned he wanted their relationship to be slow burn which is perfect for me), that’s why they didn’t get together during those seasons, and the finale is what he said the perfect time is for both of them to finally be together, as they both have grown individually and are a much better version of themselves now. Ricky and Gina were really meant to be together now since s1 homecoming(said by Tim himself) some people are really just in denial now 😂.

    • GangShi
      GangShi 2 months ago +9

      @Ashlynn Marie ? Ricky broke up with Nini. He's the one who realized that he didn't like who he was when he was with her. He set that aside. Why in the hell would he be back with her when HE BROKE IT OFF?

    • Ashlynn Marie
      Ashlynn Marie 2 months ago

      @C Buddy I never said that they were right for each other, but I also don’t think that they were toxic. They just had other plans in life. But Gina was also overstepping her boundaries a lot especially when Ricky was still with Nini.

  • Mauricio Ortiz
    Mauricio Ortiz Month ago +4

    Bro hits it out of the park every single damn time it’s crazyyyy

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D. 2 months ago +79

    His voice is so angelic 💜

  • stories in frames
    stories in frames Month ago +8

    "you've gone and changed it, kid" as he looks at gina ❤ i love those two.

  • E!GeeGee
    E!GeeGee 2 months ago +18

    It's a shame they didn't do Monster but Kristoff's Lullaby is also a good song because it also tells a lot about Ricky's story in this season

    • Everett Baxter
      Everett Baxter 2 months ago +3

      The series should have totally had Kourtney singing Dangerous to Dream and Monster from the Frozen musical besides Let it Go.

  • E K
    E K 2 months ago +19

    The way he looks at her and says to her everything i thought i did you’ve gone and changed it❤

  • Moses Galbearth
    Moses Galbearth 2 months ago +12

    When it comes to music this man is truly one of the greatest artists of all time

  • Brooke Curtis
    Brooke Curtis 2 months ago +33

    His voice has changed so much since season 1 and i love it ❤️

  • Asian Panda
    Asian Panda 2 months ago +40

    What I love about this is that they got this from Broadway and its something I didnt see coming when they announced theyll be doing frozen

  • Rain R
    Rain R 2 months ago +35

    It was so sweet to see Nini show up for him. They’re not a couple anymore, but they will always be best friends

    • Zara Latif
      Zara Latif Month ago

      I would of liked to see how Ricky and nini’s friendship was bc I’m the series we only see the romantic side of them but GODD they’re like soulmates but not meant to be i mean it was so special I would cry if I had a relationship with someone like that 😭😭😭

    • ItzAdrian
      ItzAdrian 2 months ago +6

      They been friends since they were young kids. A couple or not, she still cares about him and their friendship.

  • Hannah Wiseman
    Hannah Wiseman 2 months ago +21

    1:15 the moment where ricky looked at gina, that line was so perf for their kind of relationship

  • Lauren D
    Lauren D 2 months ago +48

    the boy who was afraid of change singing about how gina changed his perception of love 💓💓💓💓💓

  • MusicVideoPlaylistChannel
    MusicVideoPlaylistChannel 2 months ago +75

    Joshua Bassett - Kristoff Lullaby (From Frozen: The Broadway Musical | HSMTMTS)
    What is this hollow kind of helplessness I'm feeling
    This type of terror is new
    And the fact that I can hardly breathe is now revealing
    How much I've changed 'cause of you
    You light the world for me
    You live life fearlessly
    Braver than the bravest of us do
    You trust, you hope, you dare
    You choose to feel and care
    I thought that I was strong til I bumped into you
    What do I know about love
    What do I know about love
    Everything I thought I did
    You've gone and changed it, kid
    You're what I know about love
    (2022/09/15 1:09(JST))

  • moon_sie
    moon_sie 2 months ago +5

    still obsessed with Joshua's version 💗

  • Rissa
    Rissa 2 months ago +14

    What a character development Ricky was from season 1 til now 👏

  • João Lucas Angelotto
    João Lucas Angelotto 2 months ago +8


  • Gabriella Genoso
    Gabriella Genoso 2 months ago +9

    Joshua’s voice gives me chills. I really admire him😍💓

  • Ty
    Ty 2 months ago +67

    Unpopular opinion: Josh’s lower register > his higher register

  • pau
    pau 2 months ago +14

    josh's voice in this song is angelical.

  • Catey
    Catey 2 months ago +8

    It almost feels like they chose Frozen for season 3 just so Ricky could sing this song 🥹

  • City of Mon
    City of Mon 2 months ago +42

    *Ricky:* What is this hollow kind of helplessness I'm feeling?
    This type of terror is new
    And the fact that I can hardly breathe is now revealing
    How much I've changed 'cause of you. You light the world for me
    You life fearlessly
    Braver than the bravest of us
    You trust, you hope, you dare
    You choose to feel and care
    I thought that I was strong 'til I bumped into you
    What do I know about love?
    What do I know about love?
    Everything I thought I did
    Ricky: *[looks at Gina]*
    You've gone and changed it, kid
    You're what I know about love
    *All these seasons she has helped him figure out so much that his answer has always been Gina.*

    • Zara Latif
      Zara Latif Month ago

      I think this show is only for Ricky and Gina like how she’s casted as Anna and he’s casted as Kristoff it’s the “ hsmtmts showmance “ like how Nini was Gabriella and Ricky was Troy and the song and their duet like

    • Reyes Reviews
      Reyes Reviews 2 months ago +3

      @Brandon Bennett well I think after the homecoming that's when Ricky started developing feelings, but he pushed those feelings away when he got back with nini, so im glad they were able to finally get together

    • Brandon Bennett
      Brandon Bennett 2 months ago +6

      @Ruby frempong it did but a lot of that was his messed up home life needing closure with nini and the fact she moved away when I think he would of actually choose her over nini in season 1

    • Ruby frempong
      Ruby frempong 2 months ago +3

      it took him a long time to figure out his feelings for her

    • Brandon Bennett
      Brandon Bennett 2 months ago +8

      Gina is his soulmate like with Gina she wasn’t the plan she was a major surprise for him as well they’ll be future Broadway stars together

  • Daisy Miller
    Daisy Miller 2 months ago +13

    why isn't this on Spotify!!!!

  • •••
    ••• 2 months ago +23

    this song is so rina-coded… tim’s mind is exceptional idk

  • My-Kim Nguyen
    My-Kim Nguyen 2 months ago +18

    He loves Gina so much I’m screaming.

  • T Nation
    T Nation 2 months ago +28

    Omg this parallel to Gina watching him in season 1 on stage then nini watching Ricky about to walk in and sees him singing and looking at Gina omg ❤️

  • Dj sports
    Dj sports 2 months ago +11

    I will forever miss rini but Rina is just perfect for Ricky he’s so selfless about her and even tho he did love nini for a long time it wasn’t the right type of love

  • Bruno
    Bruno  2 months ago +12

    he is AMAZING! he deserves more

  • Felizia Music
    Felizia Music 2 months ago +17

    i love Kristoff lullaby! this is my favorite version after Jelani's ! 💗💗

  • Bella Carpenter
    Bella Carpenter 2 months ago +8

    I’m so ready for them to upload this on Spotify

  • cb edits
    cb edits 2 months ago +6

    “You’re what I know about love”❤❤❤❤❤❤so beautiful

  • TropicIsland
    TropicIsland 2 months ago +6

    Honestly I adored his voice and just him in this song

  • Chad Encantador
    Chad Encantador 2 months ago +2

    Oh Joshua!! Que talento, que voz y que galanura.
    Todo un perfecto Kristoff y con todo el potencial para ser un nuevo galán de Hollywood 😍👌😎

  • Carlos Eduardo filho Eduardo

    🙋‍♂️fantástico incrível show 👍👏🌟

  • Chad Encantador
    Chad Encantador 2 months ago +1

    O Joshua!! What a talent, what a voice and what a gallantry.
    A perfect Kristoff and with all the potential to be a new Hollywood heartthrob 😍👌😎

  • Zane Scott
    Zane Scott 2 months ago +7

    Can't wait for season 4

  • Alexia M
    Alexia M 2 months ago +1

    I can’t I loveeeeeeeeee this show!!! It makes me so happy and I can’t wait for season 4 and I’m praying that we get more then 4 seasons!!! Love you Joshua your amazing and I was blessed to go to your tour!! ❤❤❤🥵🥵❤❤❤

  • Lil Maori小毛利
    Lil Maori小毛利 2 months ago +8

    Lovely… HSMTMTS really made my Summer 🥺💖

  • Lillianna Matthews
    Lillianna Matthews Month ago +1

    What is this hollow kind of helplessness I'm feeling?
    This type of terror is new
    And the fact that I can hardly breathe is now revealing
    How much I've changed 'cause of you
    You light the world for me
    You live life fearlessly
    Braver than the bravest of us do
    You trust, you hope, you dare
    You choose to feel and care
    I thought that I was strong till I bumped into you
    What do I know about love?
    What do I know about love?
    Everything I thought I did
    You've gone and changed it kid
    You're what I know about love

  • ImTryingSS
    ImTryingSS 2 months ago +2

    Forget character development or whatever this song is everything specially sang by josh holy crapp I cry everytime

  • Dan Lusadi
    Dan Lusadi 2 months ago

    I'm in love with this song🤩

  • nick v
    nick v 2 months ago +2

    i love how rich and gentle this is

  • Liza Harris
    Liza Harris 2 months ago +6


  • Julia Pacheco
    Julia Pacheco 2 months ago +4

    Joshua's voice is the BEST!!!!
    And Nini's face OMG

  • Michael hartfelder
    Michael hartfelder 2 months ago +4

    Such a beautiful song

  • Gilang Setyawibawa
    Gilang Setyawibawa 2 months ago +12

    It was at this moment that Ricky realized his feelings for Gina

    • HokageBreezy
      HokageBreezy 2 months ago +19

      He already knew he had feelings for Gina since episode 5

  • That Nerdy girl Tarini
    That Nerdy girl Tarini 2 months ago +4

    Ricky: What do I know about love?
    Me: well, from the past 3 seasons, not a lot my boy

  • Leilah P.
    Leilah P. 2 months ago


  • Writers Realm
    Writers Realm 2 months ago +1

    So calming

  • Pola&Pola
    Pola&Pola 2 months ago +3

    I wish they released full versions of songs

    • Jess Brannon
      Jess Brannon 2 months ago +1

      This is the full version. It’s a sort song

  • megisaninja
    megisaninja 2 months ago +5

    when is this going on spotify

  • NinjagoLover2011
    NinjagoLover2011 2 months ago +5

    Shame we didn't get to see Gina performing "for the first time in forever" and "I can't lose you"

  • Megan Davidson
    Megan Davidson 2 months ago +6

    At first it kinda sounded like common sense but such a sweet song for him x

  • ᴋᴀᴇ
    ᴋᴀᴇ 2 days ago

    Ricky and Gina gave us what Disney took when they said Maya’s feelings for Lucas were the result of her trying to emulate and protect Riley. 😭

  • Keziya Glover
    Keziya Glover 2 months ago +1

    I love this song

  • Acherdeep Sawhney
    Acherdeep Sawhney 2 months ago +2

    Amazing ! :)

  • Kylie Ann
    Kylie Ann 2 months ago +2

    this is the season that made me amazed the most

  • Keziya Glover
    Keziya Glover 2 months ago +1

    I love this song

  • Elyonie Tillett
    Elyonie Tillett Month ago +3

    ricky chooses gina. He knows nini and gina are both there he sings to gina. It would be nice how we get a flashback where nini removes her letter and decides to leave because she realizes he fell in love with gina.

  • Maemae Desumala
    Maemae Desumala 2 months ago

    His Version is Wonderful

  • Cantando y Actuando con MICA


  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 2 months ago +1

    I love the people that think the series wrote this song 😭 it’s from the Broadway version go listen to all of it 😃

    • You Sup
      You Sup 2 months ago +3

      No one think that

  • Sheng Arroyo
    Sheng Arroyo 2 months ago +3

    Ricky Bowen, you always touch my heart.

  • MultiFireflie
    MultiFireflie 2 months ago


  • Keziya Glover
    Keziya Glover 2 months ago +2

    I love Ricky voice

  • Caitlin Michael
    Caitlin Michael 2 months ago

    is this gonna be put on spotify

  • Rositsa Popova
    Rositsa Popova 2 months ago +6

    im feeling weird thay this season's most emotional song is this one, and Nini's present on it too

    • Rositsa Popova
      Rositsa Popova 2 months ago +2

      also ricky is now 18 and calling others kids in the song :DD (it's a joke, I know that's from the original)

  • its_sat
    its_sat 9 hours ago

    Slay with Nini and Ricky their chemistry is still there

  • RenzoH FUT9
    RenzoH FUT9 2 months ago +1

    este momento con ej nini gina y richy me trajo recuerdo de l a primera temporada increible siempre jhos

  • Jessica Nunes
    Jessica Nunes 2 months ago


  • nicole
    nicole 2 months ago +14

    best finale EVER

  • sam lol
    sam lol 2 days ago


  • Yearly Bolaños
    Yearly Bolaños 2 months ago

    Josue ganándose mi corazón 🥹🤍

  • mlktea
    mlktea 2 months ago +15

    Nini looks so proud of her bff ☹️

  • Shreyas Owhal
    Shreyas Owhal 2 months ago +6

    This is the best thing that nini is there to support her best friend

    • ItzAdrian
      ItzAdrian 2 months ago

      Ik😭 everyone knows Kourtney is her bestie but Ricky was her original and 1st childhood best friend.

  • Robert Hanawahine-AuYoung
    Robert Hanawahine-AuYoung 2 months ago +1

    Ricky is so cool at singing

  • Emily Au
    Emily Au 2 months ago +1


  • Danah.b
    Danah.b 2 months ago +1


    • GangShi
      GangShi 2 months ago +1

      this is the full song. Kristoff lullaby has always been short.

    SAFFIREGOAT 2 months ago +2