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34 Ingenious Intelligent Secrets & Tips That Work Extremely Well. Valued woodworking Tricks & Hacks

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #hacks
    I will introduce 34Hacks that are useful for woodworking that I use on a daily basis.
    I develop various instruments and tools.
    Click here for the plan
    0:00 【No.1 Center marker】
    0:14【No.2 Screw marker】
    0:50【No.3 Clip stopper】
    1:27【No.4 measure the diameter of a cylinder】
    1:54【No.5 Eliminate clogging of the sander】
    2:27【No.6 Circular saw dust collection】
    3:55【No.7 Trimmer stability guide 1】
    4:47【No.8 Router table】
    5:19【No.9 Trimmer stability guide 2】
    6:25【No.10 Hack of a used cruet】
    7:04【No.11 Hack with a rubber band 1】
    7:40【No.12 Hack with Cat Repellent】
    8:18【No.13 Reuse stuck brushes】
    9:11【No.14 Hack with a rubber band 2】
    9:52【No.15 Hexagonal hole jig】
    10:56【No.16 Screw knob 1】
    11:42【No.17 Screw knob 2】
    12:32【No.18 Screw knob 3】
    13:01【No.19 Make a screw hole】
    13:40【No.20 Electric caulking gun】
    14:43【No.21 Fill screw holes】
    15:31【No.22 Saw handle for dowels】
    16:04【No.23 Hole saw sander】
    16:47【No.24 Eliminate jigsaw roughness 1】
    17:14【No.25 Eliminate jigsaw roughness 2】
    18:21【No.26 Make a round bar】
    19:22【No.27 Sandpaper cutter】
    19:48【No.28 Don't throw away your bike's brake handle】
    21:37【No.29 Simple sandblaster】
    23:04【No.30 Change jigsaw to sander】
    24:49【No.31 Simple wire bender】
    26:00【No.32 Cyclone dust collector using trash can】
    28:49【No.33 Hack with a straw】
    29:38【No.34 Joining wooden beams】
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  • JSK-koubou
    JSK-koubou  8 months ago +334

    If you like the video, please introduce it to your friends and social media !

    • Fēn
      Fēn 8 months ago +24

      We have a whatsapp group where we discuss your jigs. 🤣

    • Marco Marco
      Marco Marco 8 months ago +10

      @Fēn what is? can you please share?

    • 3D4U
      3D4U 8 months ago +9

      33 for the win. What an awesome idea. Can't remember how many times I've had to empty small items to clean their trays. Thanks you.

    • Secretreader
      Secretreader 8 months ago +2

      Hey JSK Koubou, what is the compound you've used @ 21:01 ? Do you have a link?

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  8 months ago +5

      It's epoxy putty.

  • ProJob
    ProJob 8 months ago +30

    Jestem przekonany że jest to najlepszy kanał tego typu. A jakość wykonanych rzeczy jest na najwyższym poziomie. Filmy pana ogląda się z wielkim zaciekawieniem, prawie jak "ZRÓB TO SAM" Adama Słodowego. Pozdrawiam i życzę dużo nowych pomysłów.

  • Bill Parrish
    Bill Parrish 8 months ago +16

    Have used the 2nd hack for years. Very handy, quick, and cheap. Not with the screw in the end of a dowel, nothing that fancy, but just so long as it's perpendicular into any narrow scrap, so the one side of the screw's head isn't taller off of the flat surface of the scrap than the other, making the same measurement on both sides.

  • Artur A
    Artur A 9 days ago +1

    Świetne pomysły , przedstawione w przystępny sposób.

  • This is Not a Drill
    This is Not a Drill 8 months ago +66

    These videos are inspirational. You are a joy to watch. I keep saying to myself "I bought one of those, and this guy made a better one out of plywood!" I have also learned several great tips. Thank you!

  • Stan Giske
    Stan Giske 7 months ago +16

    Not only are your ideas brilliant, you take the substantial amount of time to nicely title and speed up appropriately with editing - to just the right degree. THAT is what makes watching your action packed 30 minutes infinitely better than seeing 30 seconds of a 30 minute video that is poorly (or not) edited video. Keep it up and also know that what your subscribers perhaps appreciate the most is the fact you labor significantly with the editing. Your vision for your end video is the icing on the cake - for us!

  • Ra Wa
    Ra Wa 8 months ago +8

    Genialne, Panie. 👍👍👍 Najlepszego!

  • The Dante Wolfe
    The Dante Wolfe 8 months ago +3

    I've seen some of your videos before, but this one got you a subscriber. I will dig through your videos and use the info here and in others to help myself. Especially if you did a video on that drill press. That looks awesome, and I need one!
    Edit: I am a bit surprised that you didn't show the Jig in #9 can be used to cut circles with your router, though.

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  8 months ago +3

      thank you.
      No9 is the jig introduced in the router 11 step below.
      I didn't notice your point because I was making circle cuts in that video.
      A new focal point.
      I grow with the opinions of my viewers.

  • Barry Christie
    Barry Christie 8 months ago +3

    This is a first .... you drilled holes in a bottle and they weren't on a perfect grid ... now I know the world is ending!!
    You sir are the kind of person the world needs more of, presenting ideas in a clear and concise manner, ideas which are actually useful ... long may it continue 👍

  • actionhomebuyers
    actionhomebuyers 6 months ago +7

    This just might have been the most valuable 30 minutes I’ll invest in this year!
    Concise, useful, inexpensive ideas presented quickly and in an easily understood way - GREAT JOB!!!

  • Bob Ibrahim
    Bob Ibrahim 8 months ago +12

    The clearest and most useful woodwork tips videos I ever watched!! Just perfect really.

  • Charlie Evergreen
    Charlie Evergreen 8 months ago +11

    Excellent video! Genuinely useful ideas that are inexpensive, easy to understand, presented with no nonsense. Thank you so much. Your thought process for creating the items you need is inspiring.
    Edit: Several of these are so good that I want to list my favorites, but can’t choose. That’s how many good ideas there are here. Impressive.

    • Сергій Грозний
      Сергій Грозний 7 months ago +1

      Прості але цікаві рішення не вкладаючи великих коштів,чекаю продовження і нових ідей!

  • MrDaneBrammage
    MrDaneBrammage 8 months ago +22

    A small improvement for the hexagonal hole jig would be a depth stop or indicator line to ensure the hole is deep enough for the bolt head.

    • ogre lg
      ogre lg 5 months ago +3

      еще одно маленькое улучшение - сделать круглую дырку и забить туда гайку

  • Courchaine
    Courchaine 8 months ago +7

    34 hacks and not a single dumb one, thats quite impressive! knew some of them but also learned some stuff that will be useful to me in the future =) a++ work on all aspects of the video!

  • Future Eon
    Future Eon 4 months ago +1

    👏🔧 Your videos are a treasure trove of valuable woodworking tricks and hacks! As an experienced engineer myself, I greatly appreciate the clear and concise instructions you provide. Your focus on delivering information without unnecessary embellishments is commendable, ensuring that viewers can grasp the concepts easily. The step-by-step explanations and detailed demonstrations truly showcase your expertise. I've been a loyal follower for a while now, and I must say, your work consistently delivers value. Keep up the excellent work, and I eagerly anticipate more ingenious secrets and tips from you! 🙌🪵🤩

  • John Colgan
    John Colgan 8 months ago +1

    Lots of brilliant ideas & solutions, many are so simple they are often overlooked. I have plans to implement several of them!

  • Clare Nicholson
    Clare Nicholson 7 months ago +3

    Not only have you taught me how to make various pieces of equipment or tools for my studio, but you've, more importantly, taught me how to think and brainstorm alternative ways of approaching a fabrication problem. Thankyou from Australia!

  • HumansnotAI
    HumansnotAI 8 months ago +7

    You are working at genius level.
    I am in absolute awe of your skills, creativity and imagination.
    Literally, the English language fails hugely to describe how great I think you are.
    Namaste x

  • Hidden Gunman
    Hidden Gunman 8 months ago +1

    Well thought out and very well presented. Thank you for clearly showing common sense ideas that aren't all that obvious to most of us. I do appreciate that your workspace is presented as clean and tidy. Thank you.

  • slunk007
    slunk007 8 months ago +18

    A great compilation of many of the useful hacks you have introduced on the channel. Really awesome.

  • kelvin teoh
    kelvin teoh 8 months ago +2

    There are some very practical tips here which I have been holding off buying tools for. Now I don't have to spend money on some of them. I have one question though, what type of hot melt glue do you use for the tightening knobs? I've tried making some myself in the past but they didn't work because the glue lacks rigidity. Similarly for the hole filler you used to hold the bolt. Most of the time the new thread would strip under very light pressure. I tend to use epoxy but you have to apply oil to the bolt or they'll be locked when the epoxy hardens.

  • Кирьян Гуглоёбов

    Уважаемый мастер, моё Вам почтение и огромная благодарность! Всегда нахожу то, что можно почерпнуть в Ваших видео.

  • Sarah Humble Ketcher
    Sarah Humble Ketcher 4 months ago +1

    Ijust want to let you know that your videos have ignited a desire in my 8 year old daughter to become a engineer, like both of her great grandfathers. She unfortunately never got to meet them but I am a SAHM/avid DIYer and her father is a contractor. You have made the steps of our next assignments so easy to follow and understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Andy bilak show
    Andy bilak show 8 months ago +1

    This video is a prime example of how to make do with what you have.
    However, it takes a good bit of experience to not only envision making your own tools, but the skill to make it happen. Thanks~!

  • Mahir Yuruyen
    Mahir Yuruyen 5 months ago +2

    You really do great work, I appreciate it. The materials you use, the way you do business, your regular and meticulous work are admirable. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of your work.

  • MrGarethGreen
    MrGarethGreen 8 months ago +19

    This was a great video!
    Most woodwork channels would have done 5 tips in 20 minutes and taken all of 2023 to show them all. Great content as always!

  • Fayik A
    Fayik A 8 months ago +12

    Очень четкий и чистоплодный мастер. Спасибо!

  • masoud ahmad
    masoud ahmad 8 months ago +1

    You really never run out of ideas man, your brilian,thanks for these simple yet great hack's

  • Amilton Jr.
    Amilton Jr. 7 months ago +2

    Sua criatividade não tem limites. Parabéns.

  • Paul Rowden
    Paul Rowden 8 months ago +1

    I just wanted to say that having endured several of these 'tips and tricks' over the years this is the first one I've saved. that's because it has a large number of really useful ideas in it, some I have seen before like the elastic band on a paint tin but many are completely new to me.

  • celso tura
    celso tura 8 months ago +1

    Eu aprecio muito seu trabalho! É fantástico...eu sou entusiasta de trabalho com madeiras ..e infelizmente machuquei seriamente meu dedo...não deixe de cuidar dos seus..eles são muito valiosos!

  • Viorsa
    Viorsa 8 months ago +4

    Excelente recopilación de buena información, la inspiración y la creatividad elevadas al máximo nivel, un vídeo muy largo para mí gusto, quedaría mejor dividido en dos, pero solo es mi umilde opinión gracias por compartir sus conocimientos y experiencias, un saludo cordial y por supuesto un gran like desde Narón (Galicia) 👍🤓😜

  • StamD65
    StamD65 8 months ago +2

    Extraordinary work and ideas. Can You please tell me which aluminium profiles You use? Also, what about the rubber end support bolts? From which company You buy them?

  • João Mendes
    João Mendes 2 months ago

    Muito inteligente! Soluções muito criativas para problemas normais e que podem ser adaptados a outras situações...

  • Steve Silva
    Steve Silva 8 months ago +1

    I am a retired mechanical engineer and "home-shop" inventor. I have found your channel to be the best source of useful techniques for small home shop work. Very impressed with the quality of your designs and the Clip-Share presentations.

  • Eric Rudawski
    Eric Rudawski 8 months ago +1

    Really appreciate all your work. Thank you!

  • Keith Olson
    Keith Olson 8 months ago +1

    Nice! Some thoughts:
    1. #2 (0:14): If you chuck the screw in a drill and then hold the head flat against sandpaper/etc., the edge of the head will become sharp, leaving an even better line.
    2. #3 (0:50): A bit of cork/rubber/etc. between the clip and the ruler will help hold the former in place better.
    3: #6 (2:27): Instead of drilling a lot of holes, you can cut a series of slots with a Dremel. That will both catch more sawdust--as the slot will be *much* narrower than holes--and save a *LOT* of time. (Make sure that the exhaust slots/holes are greater in area than the input for maximum efficiency.)
    4. #15 (9:52): If you drill out the cutting end, you will have more empty space for the cut wood fibers, so you won't have to repeat the cut/clean process when making deeper holes.

  • Baron von Limbourgh
    Baron von Limbourgh 8 months ago +16

    Some very creative solutions here, a lot of stuff you wouldn't really think of as when facing a particular issue.
    Very inspirational! Thanks

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    Quentin Reid 8 months ago +1

    WOW my mind was absolutely blown by no.26. From the various methods ive seen for making different dowel sizes, this is by far the simplest easiest and quickest way ive seen. No.20 was also pretty clever. I was skeptical at first like "whats wrong with a caulking gun?". Then l i remembered that unless you have a really nice gun, it can be very hard on your hands if theres a lot of caulking to do or the material is especially thick and hard to push. There were a fair few other helpful ones i have to remember but those two really stuck out to me.

  • Ess Enn
    Ess Enn 7 months ago +2

    Koubou-san I hope you can make a lot of Yen from these videos, if not patents. I love your simple techniques. It has been wonderful to see what you have shared with us. Many thanks

  • Sharon Stroud
    Sharon Stroud 7 months ago

    Just ran across this video while scrolling and I am amazed at your wonderful tips. Just retired and decided to try my hand at woodwork and you have taught this old lady quite a few tricks! I will continue to follow you. Thanks!

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    CarlosGlatzos976 7 months ago

    Can not choose the one favourite trick because they all are awesome and you are a hell of a very skilled precision woodworking wizard! The straw-trick was the thing I could not imagine existed! Always wanted to get rid of sawdust out of the screw drawers. Used a strong magnet in cotton bag in the past but then every screw got magnetized. Brilliant! Thanks a lot.

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    Richie Tyndall 7 months ago

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    Some excellent ideas, clearly presented. Not all the items you are using are available here, but still great inspiration 😊

    • Ronaldo Ball
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      Scale it to what's available in your region and offer / request alternatives .

    • cortedemico faqU
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      @Ronaldo Ball yeah. i saw the garden punji sticks and thought "nails through materiel. OK."
      i ain't ever seen this product before... oh, well.
      witness and overcome.
      the whole point of this seems to be "get creative and solve a problem."

    • Anzori Krikheli
      Anzori Krikheli 7 months ago

      @Ronaldo Ball ლ

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    Once again you have raise the level way above the standard.
    Domo Arigato Sensei.

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    • JSK-koubou
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    I was afraid this was like a "five minute craft" video....
    Well, look out!!! this kind of content is sought after, meaning other channels are going to get "inspired" by your work.

    • JSK-koubou
      JSK-koubou  8 months ago

      Unfortunately, viewers tend to prefer such videos.
      I am currently researching thumbnail images.

    • DidnDiDo
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      I hope you find the sweet spot of popularity and quality thumbnail-wise!

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  • Kane McIntyre
    Kane McIntyre 8 months ago

    Dude is a genius! Can't tell if he's time traveled back from the future with new ideas, or from the passed with old ideas inspired with new technology!
    Some of these you get the idea quick! My favorites are the ones, where at first I'm scratching my head, then all of a sudden it hits you like a stroke of genius... or in my case, a solid palm to the forehead 🤦‍♂️

  • Henry Rossouw
    Henry Rossouw 8 months ago

    A genius and artist at work.Well done Sir.

  • Miguel Angel Montesdeoca

    Ese taller suyo es toda una inspiración a la creatividad e ingenio!!
    Muchas felicitaciones, Saludos

  • Странник Странник

    Как всегда,не перестаёшь удивлять ♥

  • Al Nik
    Al Nik 8 months ago

    Превосходно. Кое-что из этого я у тебя уже видел, но много и нового. Особенно радует что все твои задумки не для вида. Ты этими приспособлениями работаешь, ты ими сразу делаешь другие вещи. То есть всё работает по настоящему.
    理想的には。 これは以前にもいくつか見たことがありますが、多くは新しいものです。 あなたのアイデアがすべて見せびらかすためのものではないことは特にうれしいことです。 これらのデバイスを使用すると、すぐに他のことを行うことができます。 したがって、すべてが実際に機能します。

  • SwitchOFF ToGettaGrip
    SwitchOFF ToGettaGrip 4 months ago

    Absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing these straight forward tips, tricks and hacks, brilliant !