Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! - EXPERIMENT: CHICKEN VS CAR

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: CHICKEN VS CAR
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    Intro by Sphinxcorp
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  • Julia Queiroz
    Julia Queiroz Day ago

    Nem sei como vcs gosta desse canal só estragando coisas que pode comer ele só pensa nele porque tem pessoas que precisa de alguma comida e ele estragando precisando de celular e ele quebrando

  • Fabricia Franca
    Fabricia Franca 3 days ago

    Gente vocês não tem idade de respeitar comida não vocês ficar desperdiçando comida passando roda de carro em cima tem tanta gente precisando de comida por que que vocês não doem em vez de ficar gastando

  • Johvs
    Johvs 3 days ago +1

    You said u were going to crush a duck in the thumbnail but in the video nuh uh
    Clip-Sharers these days they cant stop clickbaiting

  • Retamero83 Retamero
    Retamero83 Retamero 4 days ago

    Videos repulsivos. Aplastar alimentos. Imbeciles

  • Monolito Nero
    Monolito Nero 4 days ago

    have you finished spamming this crap? and don't try to crush animals 😡😡

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  • Our world
    Our world 4 days ago watch this video

  • from my balls
    from my balls 4 days ago


  • Julia Almeida
    Julia Almeida 5 days ago

    ASMR? 😂🤣🤣😂

  • Julia Almeida
    Julia Almeida 5 days ago


  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 5 days ago

    So a PS4 controller can survive this but it can’t survive getting accidentally dropped?

  • Randi Mendoza
    Randi Mendoza 6 days ago


  • Randi Mendoza
    Randi Mendoza 6 days ago

    Btw that controller was stronge

  • Randi Mendoza
    Randi Mendoza 6 days ago


  • Glenn Mcminn
    Glenn Mcminn 7 days ago

    Prank you!!!!!!!!!he I got you good

  • Glenn Mcminn
    Glenn Mcminn 7 days ago

    I hate your videos hahaha

  • АЙЗАДА Мекенбаева


  • Zainab Rizvi
    Zainab Rizvi 8 days ago

    you are just wasting so much food!!shame on you!!

  • Germaria,Alves Moreira

    Hafhauhkqo hahjahj kdnabu kanabu bahdu javaj falo portugues tava suando

  • Santiago Rendon
    Santiago Rendon 10 days ago


  • Ananya
    Ananya 10 days ago +2

    Hey just asking! Who cleans all this up after the video? Just asking.. Like👍 who was thinking about this.

  • PinkyRose 2019
    PinkyRose 2019 10 days ago


  • Kristina Nikulina
    Kristina Nikulina 10 days ago

    this is click bate

  • Paulo Linhares
    Paulo Linhares 10 days ago

    Your just wasting your money and wasting stuff

  • Eliana Silva
    Eliana Silva 11 days ago

    Porque não me deu um videogame eu queria um joguinho para mim só tem você ia dar um murro na sua

  • Trains and adventures tv

    1 like=1 prayer for chicken

  • Pichu Blitz
    Pichu Blitz 12 days ago

    Bro das ist essen!!!

  • Canal do Matheus cr4ft


  • the king of Atlantis
    the king of Atlantis 13 days ago

    when I saw the duck I froze

  • soaima shahnawaz
    soaima shahnawaz 13 days ago

    Pagla bhot marunga pagle
    salanoob food ko waste kar ta pagal

  • The Usual
    The Usual 13 days ago

    If feel like when they were taking a picture of that thumbnail and finished the person in the car was all like "Move the Chicken! Move the Chicken!" because they know they'd get in trouble for actually killing a duck with a car, so they put it there then moved it.

  • Sauarav Kumar
    Sauarav Kumar 13 days ago

    To every one talking about mercy for duck or chicken.......Why u eat them.......U really have double standards

  • Madhavi Patel
    Madhavi Patel 13 days ago

    Please give this to homeless people

  • Vanitha Chandrakanth
    Vanitha Chandrakanth 13 days ago

    Why do waste money

  • PewDieMika
    PewDieMika 14 days ago +1


  • Taiba pinapple
    Taiba pinapple 14 days ago +1

    Did anyone have glitch on their video at 0:32
    Like if you did

  • Manoj Sri Vasan Shanmugavadivel


  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 14 days ago

    Yoo ps4 for the win not even broken that's durable

  • Elías gt 24 re loco
    Elías gt 24 re loco 14 days ago

    La miniatura es clickbait

  • محمد محمد
    محمد محمد 15 days ago

    انتوا ولاد حرام

  • Lion BoyTM
    Lion BoyTM 15 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Summer Widdop
    Summer Widdop 15 days ago

    Omg all this food and drink you could give it to charity so the poor and homeless people could have it you mean people!

  • Nikoletta Mindenszky
    Nikoletta Mindenszky 15 days ago

    Ez étel pazarlás valakik éheznek vagy nagyon szegények ebben a videóban meg szét nyomják őket😥

  • oyun prosu
    oyun prosu 15 days ago

    Nimet lan

  • Affan Wajid
    Affan Wajid 15 days ago +4

    Omg so much food just give it to the homeless not hating

  • Rachelle Concannon
    Rachelle Concannon 16 days ago +2

    If you're actually smashing that check you I'm literally calling the police

  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar 16 days ago


  • I Eat pain
    I Eat pain 16 days ago

    I swear to god if you kill that chicken in the thumbnail

  • Merdan Avağ
    Merdan Avağ 16 days ago +1

    Keşke bor gün seninde kafanı ezselerdi

  • Ishwar Singh
    Ishwar Singh 16 days ago

    Very much food wasted

  • Ishwar Singh
    Ishwar Singh 16 days ago

    You are so bad

  • M S RAJA
    M S RAJA 17 days ago

    Bhakk chutiyapa total

  • Samy Nazef
    Samy Nazef 17 days ago

    1:33 u fucking bitch

  • Nicolas Santos
    Nicolas Santos 17 days ago

    You pased of the limits

  • Lailie Yancey
    Lailie Yancey 17 days ago

    Click bait! Why do people do that?!

  • atiya nadeem
    atiya nadeem 17 days ago


  • アフロ太郎
    アフロ太郎 17 days ago


  • Nisha Yadav
    Nisha Yadav 18 days ago

    Iss bkwas Ko log dekhte bhi yar believe nhi hota , or subscribe kaise krdete h bhai inhe.🤔

  • Iamluinsta Pagayona
    Iamluinsta Pagayona 18 days ago

    Dude!!! Quit wreking good stuff!!!😔

  • Hayden Mcguire
    Hayden Mcguire 19 days ago

    Ya I did to glitches are bad