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I paid $500,000 to start an Esports team…

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 2 581

  • Bettymcfetty
    Bettymcfetty Month ago +10153

    Toast being so enthusiastic about his team he’s such a good hype man LOL

    • silver2zilver
      silver2zilver Month ago

      You hear enthusiasm? I hear Britney spears voice crack, seriously why the hell does he always crack his voice like that

    • Law Rence
      Law Rence Month ago

      I would be if i paid 500k

    • NekoZilla
      NekoZilla Month ago


    • Ludo
      Ludo Month ago +4

      Ofc its like he was betting 500k on it

    • Heemu heezan 33
      Heemu heezan 33 Month ago +2

      half a million dollars on his team, ofcourse hes proud of them

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago +2674

    8:35 Sykkuno absolutely destroyed him and didn't even act like it was a big deal😂
    I love it

    • Vailing Bow
      Vailing Bow Month ago +8

      And Sykkuno wasn't even trying to keep fighting Sgares either XD he just went wherever doing his own thing.

    • mj
      mj Month ago +23

      he was probably thinking what a fun casual game while the other guy was going through it 😭

    • Braveclementine
      Braveclementine Month ago +39

      I love Sykkuno's nonchalant attitude. That's one of the reason I love watching him stream. It's so relaxing cause he doesn't get angry if he loses

    • daniel Delisca
      daniel Delisca Month ago +84

      Yea The “yea guys that was fun” had me diying💀

    • Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal
  • Yuna
    Yuna Month ago +1070

    Clear was an insane pick up. Phenomenal and consistent mechanics but also backed with incredible discipline. He knows how to coordinate with his team, play in the flow of the game, and can take over on the drop of a dime. He has game changing impact and is a definitive star player. I hope to see more of him and the team in future tournaments!

    • scrublord
      scrublord Month ago

      @lel cope

    • milodrinker174
      milodrinker174 Month ago +2

      @lel literally*

    • Anto’
      Anto’ Month ago +31

      @lel Who hurt you? Someone try to lecture you? You need some love.

    • hakdog bbq
      hakdog bbq Month ago +1

      He definitely plays moba

    • lel
      lel Month ago +6

      u not the thinker aight?
      so stop writing paragraphs on him when u dont even know himm understand
      like lidally.

  • Rei Kaze
    Rei Kaze Month ago +724

    Toast: I would not wish bread puns on my players
    Steel: *makes a bread pun at every opportunity he has*

  • Duneram
    Duneram Month ago +98

    18:45 We're not going to work at MC Donald's next Year - Man he deserved his job. He was obviously ready to sacrifice basically everything and bet on this team love it :)

  • felili 🐢
    felili 🐢 Month ago +139

    the members of dsg all collectively going "let's watch toast" made me tear up from how adorable it is.

  • Kole Chan-Lai
    Kole Chan-Lai Month ago +1752

    his genuine excitement, enthusiasm, and emotions makes it hard for you to not cheer for him and his team

    • FBAGameplay
      FBAGameplay Month ago +2

      But for a game I enjoy ofc xD however I never tried valorant, but knowing riot from league of legends I never wanted too either, and way too much counter strike gaming, it's bascilly cs:go - ow :p

    • FBAGameplay
      FBAGameplay Month ago +3

      For sure, this is a dream oppertunity :D wish I could get into a team like this, hype :O

  • ReturnDesender
    ReturnDesender Month ago +557

    The chills. The adrenaline. The relief. Outstanding job to you and your team! I've been watching since you first joined OTV, and went back and watched a ton of your Hearthstone videos. Made me genuinely happy that you were able to achieve this. I hope you can be the underdog that shows up all the billionaires who probably only have teams as an investment. Show them how it is done!

  • Ben Chuang
    Ben Chuang Month ago +25

    Giving Steel another chance is so life- changing. It really shows how warm hearted toast is. Sometimes lol.

  • Tezhars
    Tezhars Month ago +27

    Been following Toast since the first days when he used to stream hearthstone content and it feels so good to see how much he has evolved and all that he has accomplished. Best of luck in this new project Toast! Keep up the good work.

    • PG-Erk
      PG-Erk Month ago

      Fr from making meme decks on heartstone with a paper cutout on hisnface to running an esports team. Lifes crazy

  • GunplaNoobster
    GunplaNoobster Month ago +180

    Why did i found myself teary-eyed for this? Goodness toast, well played!

  • Eggsterer
    Eggsterer Month ago +75

    17:59 you can just hear someone screaming of joy, made me cry

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago +5139

    So on one hand he is sponsoring a team and making content for us, and on the other, he is going back to playing among us to raise fonds for it. I see this is an absolute win

    • BruhWtf
      BruhWtf Month ago +2

      @bQrsti my exact thoughts

    • bQrsti
      bQrsti Month ago +19

      "yeah im really sorry but i need to play amongus to earn some money to pay the salary of my boys"
      sounds hella wrong but its a win for all.

    • Srikar Maddula
      Srikar Maddula Month ago +6

      Whatever the first dude said

  • Lawrence Vander Wal
    Lawrence Vander Wal Month ago +82

    I nearly cried watching this. I've been following an orgless cs team for quite a while now, and your team reminded me of them. I hope they get picked up by a org that cares like you seem to.

    • D H
      D H Month ago

      May I know what team so that I can follow and support too?

  • ImABadTeammate
    ImABadTeammate Month ago +63

    I'm so happy that DSG qualified and can't wait to support you Toast and your team throughout this whole ride. LETSGO

  • Anthi Poteta
    Anthi Poteta Month ago +44

    This is insane i am so happy for everyone involved, its so wholesome to see people try so hard for something beautiful. Its really beautiful, cuz the emotional support from everyone cheering, the effort they put in for this one time chance and the fact they made it possible is truly what esports is about. Congrats and good luck!! Yall made me cry :'>

  • Randyprosup
    Randyprosup Month ago +166

    DSG going 9-13 against the guard is definetly a good thing! big potential!

    • Vailing Bow
      Vailing Bow Month ago

      @SorareScouts Because I like DSG and I know that Guard is good, lol. Get off your high horse.

    • SorareScouts
      SorareScouts Month ago

      @Vailing Bow then why are you talking lol guard is really good

    • Vailing Bow
      Vailing Bow Month ago

      @Walang Account Agreed. I didn't know about the Guard one. Idk much about Esports. I know 100T and Sens. That's it XD

    • Walang Account
      Walang Account Month ago +5

      @Vailing Bow Guard is like Tier 1 team smurfing tier 2 lol. DSG is really good on thier place right now

    • Vailing Bow
      Vailing Bow Month ago +1

      @QUITTER They did well tho.

  • PokeFanSia
    PokeFanSia Month ago +5714

    DSG clowning on billionaire team's is for sure going to be 2023 highlight

    • Star Collapse
      Star Collapse Month ago

      @Marco Tulio Londe It will be exciting to see new talents entering the scene not just from Brazil, but also all over the world. I'm really hoping to see the rise of a legend in Val, kinda like s1mple for CSGO. And I agree, people who have things on the line will definitely put 110% effort.

    • Desire
      Desire Month ago

      @Marco Tulio Londe seu inglês e bom 👍

    • Jorg Ian Floren
      Jorg Ian Floren Month ago

      meme worthy

    • Drakenottherapper
      Drakenottherapper Month ago

      @Ryuvereign NoLife obviously but they still have way more funding

    • Marco Tulio Londe
      Marco Tulio Londe Month ago +1

      @Materialist a good NA scenario will be beneficial for us in SA to, cause we don't have much opportunities to train against EU teams ( they kind getting closed in there country group). And i really support guys like toast how have the guts to put his heart in something he believes, here in Brazil we have a saying about eSports and why billionaire teams with high salaries usually don't work, if you get in the server playing for your plate of food you will do better, because you have to much to lose.

  • Calus
    Calus Month ago +22

    This is so fucking wholesome... As Rae once said "Toast is the main character and we live in his world"

  • John Colon
    John Colon Month ago +11

    Considering that the tournament where toast started to get his big name was a Hearthstone qualifier in which he clowned people with meme decks and then missed the top 16 because he slept through his alarm... this is really the only way this could have all happened, and I mean that in the best way.
    Fully support ya, both Toast and DSG! I'll be rooting for y'all!

  • Atlantamedia
    Atlantamedia Month ago +34

    I don‘t play Valorant but i was in tears because of you and your teams passion. That is what billionaires can‘t feel and see and i deeply hope this will give you the win. For sure in our hearts❤

  • CherryMoon
    CherryMoon Month ago +17

    Man, I rarely write comments or anything, but the initiative is so much worth the appreciation. Going balls deep into something so serious is just another level. Hope everything turns out well bot for you and your team. Wishing u guys all the best in the league.

  • Connor.
    Connor. Month ago +34

    The storyline of a relative nobody going up against billionaires' teams and on top of that having a player who's looking for redemption is just too good

  • νιⵢիձԼ КιяⵜⴼιՇ ח

    "We are not going to work at McDonalds next Year" really had me mann... These guys really deserve this and I can't wait to watch this team putting up a helluva fight in the Challengers.... VAMOS DSG!

    • Arshan Grewal
      Arshan Grewal Month ago

      Yea he was talking on stream about how much he needed the money and it took a lot of stress off him

    • Merrick
      Merrick Month ago +1

      Yeah... like McDonald's gonna take them xD

    • the PANDA
      the PANDA Month ago +2

      he took a risk when he devoted his life to valorant tbh

    • Zerafin
      Zerafin Month ago +9

      Hahaha when they said that, it got me thinking how much the team has toast's sense of humour.

    • lost winter
      lost winter Month ago


  • Sarah Uzumaki
    Sarah Uzumaki Month ago +25

    I'm happy for the team :) it's nice to see good wholesome content and such enthusiasm into something you love. This is what playing games really is. That good feeling. Congrats on making it :)

  • Jordan Burd
    Jordan Burd Month ago +1

    This is so cool, Toast. Such a good way to give back to the gaming community. You should be super proud. :)

  • Jerrardo
    Jerrardo 20 days ago

    I cried watdching this, Toast deserves everything good that comes his way, Good luck to you and your team!!!!

  • jared_kc
    jared_kc Month ago +7

    Honestly I'm in tears and super excited for DSG and have never felt like this for an esports team. You can tell Toast's passion for DSG and we're all here for it

  • Tricus
    Tricus 12 days ago

    Incredible editing and pacing. I'll definitely be rooting for the team :-)

  • Entropy Law
    Entropy Law Month ago +1146

    FInally, a Valorant team I can genuinely root for

    • -LegendSeer-
      -LegendSeer- Month ago

      fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr

    • James Gonzales
      James Gonzales Month ago +3

      Fr fr. This is the first valorant team I’ve been so invested in since Team Toast in the OTV valorant invitationals lol

    • Xeuxy
      Xeuxy Month ago

      @AKIRA hehe

    • Sadie Crazy
      Sadie Crazy Month ago

      fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr

    • AKIRA
      AKIRA Month ago

      @Xeuxy You had one job..

  • Alfred
    Alfred Month ago +10

    I expected him to say "I just lost 500k with this win" but instead he said "I'm so happy I don't have to fire anyone", damn he's a good guy

  • [CG] enjoyer
    [CG] enjoyer Month ago +1

    i don't think people are realizing is not just that toast gets a little fun out of being an owner of a team but its about the chance he gave to the players, who get another chance in the last minutes and prove to all the orgs that they made a mistake not picking them up.

  • Laine Rinne
    Laine Rinne Month ago

    The way he's hyping the team! I love it! everyone starts at something.. 💖

  • YORU
    YORU Month ago +8

    I just found my new eSports team. I can just tell this means a lot to a whole bunch of people This is truly an underdog story and I hope you guys make it big.

  • h
    h Month ago +2

    wow this made me extremely emotional. im so happy for you and your team. so cool to see you do something that might seem impossible yet you still believe and give many people a chance to prove themselves. GO DSG!! i will be rooting for you guys

  • clover
    clover Month ago +2996

    We’re never letting Sykkuno vs Sgares go, are we?

    • Wayan Rudiantara
      Wayan Rudiantara Month ago

      @Grape juice it was an old video, they played Valorant for a sponsored stream

    • Keisha Marie Agudo
      Keisha Marie Agudo Month ago


    • chumz80hd
      chumz80hd Month ago

      you have no power to make this happen. Get over yourself kid

    • Zeee
      Zeee Month ago

      @RedSock yahh that one! Thanks

    • Leon Shirogane
      Leon Shirogane Month ago

      this is the internet. unless everyone forget and the video deleted. is will never be forgotten.

  • INFChowder
    INFChowder Month ago +14

    Watching you get so passionate about your team with Die For You in the background was unbelievably motivational.

  • alia
    alia 29 days ago

    i’m so glad people are able to see how amazing toast is and how genuine he is i can’t wait for dsg to dominate the championships

  • Travity
    Travity Month ago +6

    this is amazing I love toast getting so emotional for his team im so happy they were able to make it

  • y Eva
    y Eva Month ago +5

    The passion is the most beautiful thing to seen in this cruel esports scene. This video made me tear up quite a bit. I will definitely rooting for DSG let’s goooooo

  • Emoa Cat
    Emoa Cat 5 days ago

    The team clearance for site entrying and retake, their plays are absolutely sick too 🔥🔥

  • malouff317
    malouff317 Month ago +953

    Seeing the POVs of his friends cheering is so heart warming ..

  • Jenny
    Jenny Month ago +2

    i was so incredibly invested in this video and team. the editing was amazing. good luck to dsg :)

  • JayRxacts
    JayRxacts Month ago +1

    i love that his friends also watched and supported him man

  • Godsent16
    Godsent16 Month ago +2

    Imagine if as a fan base, we could find a way to support the org. Not necessarily monetary, but like, offer different services like drawings for the logo or provide jerseys. I'm sure some people out there are much better with MS paint than Toast haha. An org built on its fans. It sounds cool as an idea. Also fantastical xD

  • Andrés Cheves
    Andrés Cheves 21 day ago

    Omg you can see his emotions in every match, IDK if they still playing but if they are, new fav team.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Month ago +12

    Your team will do great Toast, I’m cheering for you! DSG! DSG! DSG! You got this!

  • v k
    v k Month ago +1151

    18:45 from being the bread to bringing bread for others.... what a achievement toast. congrats

    • MAS SAM
      MAS SAM Month ago +6

      @VJ Ergina ahh i see, thanks for the clarification.

    • VJ Ergina
      VJ Ergina Month ago +67

      @MAS SAM Pretty sure he said "we are not WORKING at McDonalds next year".

    • MAS SAM
      MAS SAM Month ago +9

      i didnt hear it properly, does he said, "we are not eating mcdonalds next year?"

  • Peter P
    Peter P Month ago +4

    I am so happy seeing how hard they worked, how much they care, and how all his friends cheered it on too... but my immediate thought was "Damn, Toast can speed run e-sports ownership too!"
    I am so excited to see how far they go

  • Ekonthung. Murry.
    Ekonthung. Murry. 12 days ago

    "We are not working at MC Donald's next year" 😂😂😂😂.
    Good luck team DSG and Toast... hope your team grows to the top.... You have my full support.

  • Albert Lin
    Albert Lin Month ago +3

    "I'm so glad for them...each of them worked so hard for this"
    "This is all Ocean's credit, he built this team from scratch"
    Refreshing to see a team owner giving credit to everyone else. Hope the toxic culture of competitive e-sports doesn't kill his spirit.

  • SyKeusX
    SyKeusX Month ago

    DSG has quickly become one of the teams that im keeping my eye on from here on out
    GGs Toast!

  • Brorandy
    Brorandy Month ago +2

    What a bold move starting this org and building a team. It requires so much work and money to do what you've done and you absolutely nailed it. Incredible job, Toast to you and your team!

  • NNed
    NNed Month ago +720

    is it just me that started tearing up after seeing them make it

  • Yello Lcolo
    Yello Lcolo Month ago +2

    It's so great seeing your reactions to the games. I'm glad that the players are able to continue doing what they love.

  • Julie Thompson
    Julie Thompson 21 day ago

    I want to see him succeed. I also want to see him make Among Us content again.... It's a WIN-WIN~~~😆

    JAGGLAR Month ago

    toast got the best team he could get and it shows how much it means to him by his team making it into challengers

  • Probasaur
    Probasaur Month ago +1

    This is so cool to see hope more people follow your lead and continue to make positive impacts on what they're passionate about. Will be more invested in valorant and cheering for DSG!! Have been a fan since the early hearthstone days. Happy for all your success. Hope to one day be involved in esports as soon as im healthy again

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez Month ago +1

    Glad to see big name CS:GO players get a shot just like the high days of Esports.
    Would be great to get an introduction video of the players so we can get to know our hero lineup!

  • Mathew Sibonga
    Mathew Sibonga Month ago +852

    The fact he's thinking of making among us content again despite not really wanting to due to it feeling repetitive just to at least in some ways help maintain his org to keep running just by a tad bit more makes me understand how much toast is investing time, money and emotion which makes me happy and proud. Goof luck to DSG and whatever happens, I'm just happy to see the journey.

    • **
      ** Month ago +1

      @vAgue pretty sure that among us part is not a joke. He was collecting people for the lobby on stream lol

    • Lila
      Lila Month ago +1

      @LukeDoky he mentioned in an interview that it was above $5000 per player, but he' not gonna reveal the actual number so he gave a min.

    • KrazyMeanie
      KrazyMeanie Month ago +3

      @vAgue I'm confused what exactly are you saying he's exaggerating?

    • vAgue
      vAgue Month ago

      @KrazyMeanie I know, I'm just saying he was over exaggerating and making a joke about among us, since I dont think he would play that again just to fund the organization

    • Weagles_Fan
      Weagles_Fan Month ago +2

      @Delson JM Probably not, seeing as Moist is not just a single team but runs across at least 4 games that I know of.

  • Brett Rolo
    Brett Rolo Month ago

    Amazing video, this is the beginning of something great.
    Such a historical piece this video is, great job!

  • Hayden
    Hayden Month ago +1

    proud of you and your team for what you have accomplished so far for such a short period of time. even though i don't watch valorant, i look forward to future updates

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim Month ago +2

    been a long time fan of toast, and it genuinely makes me so happy to see him get hype for his gang. Glad steals getting his second chance again too, truly underrated player. best of luck guys!

  • Crucible
    Crucible Month ago +2

    This is really cool. I hope DSG continues to perform very well and that the support comes in for this team to be able to continue.

  • Lakluz
    Lakluz Month ago +1

    From my favorite hearthstone streamer to a esports team owner. It’s been cool watching you over the years. Proud of you man keep it up

  • Ciplak
    Ciplak Month ago +871

    "we're not working at McDonalds next year"
    That brought back a lot of memories.
    Congratulations to Toast and Team DSG.

    • SaltySalman
      SaltySalman Month ago

      @OhNoNatsu BD

    • OhNoNatsu
      OhNoNatsu Month ago

      @SaltySalman where u from

    • SaltySalman
      SaltySalman Month ago

      @LordDragox412 thats the thing. people make way less money than the minimum wage worker so they cant afford as many eggs as the minimum wage worker

    • LordDragox412
      LordDragox412 Month ago

      @SaltySalman A person in your country can buy more eggs for minimum wage than an American can. That means you come from a richer country. /s

    • SaltySalman
      SaltySalman Month ago

      @LordDragox412 anyone making 15 an hour in my Country would be one of the highest earning person

  • Shut up internet experts!

    OMG. Tears in my eyes! I know im late but man this is a huge feat! Definitely gonna be the fans' favourite! Win or Lose im proud of you Toast! Screw these billionaires!

  • sahhhbrahhh
    sahhhbrahhh Month ago +1

    This shit was hype. Well done. Understanding the story behind the team always makes it more entertaining

  • Dinesh Singh
    Dinesh Singh Month ago

    I'm so happy for you, Toast! Genuinely stoked for you and your team's future success

  • Jaydawggg
    Jaydawggg Month ago +1

    There is nothing I love more and get more emotional over than when Clip-Sharers decide to start an esports team, moistcritikal, toast, and it actually works and they do well, its so motivating and achieving

  • Tony Karatouliotis
    Tony Karatouliotis Month ago

    you should try to make a league team aswell for lcs challengers , i m sure you have lots of people in this area of experties to help you and it would be good for the brand even if it flops.

  • Migara
    Migara Month ago +437

    "Let's go! We're not working at McDonalds next year!"
    the absolute joy in those words is i n s a n e

  • Jacob Rieser
    Jacob Rieser Month ago +1

    The ending of this video made me mf sob !!! Toast seeing your passion for the community of e-sports and gaming in general is inspirational :)

  • G2C6
    G2C6 Month ago

    well fking done man , keep on going DSG , we love you

  • Just Axelle
    Just Axelle Month ago +2

    Anyone else experienced goosebumps the whole video? Toast is just sooo genuine it makes me cry.

  • Chachi
    Chachi Month ago +1

    Congrats DSG! I hope there are other similar videos down the line. I would love to watch these recaps as I'm not the best at watching live games like this. So excited to see where y'all end up! :)

  • Mrs. Dani
    Mrs. Dani Month ago +1

    congrats on making everyone's dream come true

  • Viswaj Punyapu
    Viswaj Punyapu Month ago +80

    At 18:57 I feel like the "We are not working at McDonalds next year" really shows that the people who go pro are truly dedicated to this game and they understand that if they lose they might be broke, but they are still committed even with such risk. Either way congrats Toast, I'm looking foreword to the game against The Guard, 2 hours and 3 minutes from now. Good work for getting this far and good luck on future games my favorite youtuber!

    • Selu
      Selu Month ago


  • rosebosh
    rosebosh Month ago +4

    I love the journey you went through Toast!

  • carlos seijas
    carlos seijas Month ago +1

    Such a well-made video. The backstory, the edits, everything... Amazing video

  • Scuffy Chucky
    Scuffy Chucky Month ago

    Congrats brother! Couldn't have happened to a more awesome guy!

  • Heemu heezan 33
    Heemu heezan 33 Month ago +2

    I can feel how proud he is, i hope that half a million was worth it

  • XlMaryGamer
    XlMaryGamer Month ago +1

    the enthusiasm! the stress about your team AAAAAHHH ,HOPE THEY DO REALLY WELL IN THE FUTURE GOOD LUCK

  • Asmi
    Asmi Month ago +293

    This made me tear up😭
    The emotions and effort given by everyone is so nice
    I wish for their successful future❤️

    • Gary Hitt III
      Gary Hitt III Month ago +3

      No actually, why am I sitting in my car crying to a video of toast making an esports team and actually competing on a national stage😭

    • Nick B
      Nick B Month ago

      I thought I was the only one D'x

  • Steallar - Tu się gra!

    Damn, this is so great to watch. I'll be honest, I don't really watch your videos but I so freaking appreciate you getting so emotional for all your players. Amazing stuff. If I ever tune to Valorant league I know who I'll cheer for! :D

  • DxCollections
    DxCollections Month ago

    I am getting emotional as well T.T well done team!

  • ImpossiBlueTV
    ImpossiBlueTV Month ago +1

    Yo I'm literally at work crying rn. Proud of your guys! I didnt even know you were working on this project. GG guys!

  • SayOlee
    SayOlee Month ago

    that was the coolest video ive ever seen, legit im SO happy for you toast, i love u xx

  • Tsagaanbayar Mendbayar

    Dude, I always loved to watch your Among Us content. Let's make DSG the top. By the way, there is a Mongolian(same as me) guy which I was surprised to see. Very proud of genghsta for being impactful with the team.

  • Preston Playz
    Preston Playz Month ago +329

    man... it feels more nerve wracking watching you and your team from the sidelines. Hope you win the whole tournament not just VCT

    • goatszn
      goatszn Month ago +1

      Disguised Toast commented on my recent video I’m literally cryin 🥺

  • William Embry
    William Embry Month ago +1

    Haven't watched Val eSports before, but I think I've found a team to root for! DSG! DSG! DSG!

  • ItsmeJeanii
    ItsmeJeanii Month ago +1

    This was actually a lot more informative than I had expected it to be, thanks for explaining and this was cool af to watch!

  • JJ Hugo Jackson-Jones

    This is one of my favourite videos ever. So great. The second hand toast success and investment makes it so much better that they made it. Fuckin nice one.

  • Julsey
    Julsey Month ago

    I'm so happy for you and your team. You guys did so great.

  • LynxOwner
    LynxOwner Month ago +1

    Looking at toast nearly cry from the stress and excitement. Actually felt it all.

  • Snix
    Snix Month ago +973

    The Sykkuno v Sgares clip NEVER GETS OLD. 🤣

    • roki.
      roki. Month ago +34

      Sgares got DESTROYED and sykkuno acted like nothing happened at the end 🤣

    • Senatra
      Senatra Month ago +13

      it could be old, but will remain gold

  • The VirulentWaif
    The VirulentWaif Month ago

    It is so refreshing to see an Owner who's first thought after the win goes down is how much money they are going to make!. Toast is one of the few genuine people online!.

  • brosbrocaged
    brosbrocaged Month ago

    This is so sick!!! I love esports and have always wanted to compete since I was a kid haha, this is so amazing for me to see becuase it gives hope for me and others alike W vid W content creator W team

  • Reactive Replays
    Reactive Replays Month ago +1

    What an AMAZING video and STORY! I have played games all my life I am 32 years old now. I have watched esports here and there and have fell out of interest with them. Toast is the PERFECT genuine, humble, caring, interesting, and fun person to bring life into Esports. At least whatever he touches. Toast always starts with putting good people around him at whatever he chooses to pure into. Godspeed Toast. You are amazingly special man. Good luck love your videos.

  • jazzy
    jazzy Month ago +2

    love the vibe and all the hard work u put in