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WHO’S MOST LIKELY TO | ROOMIES EDITION (Valkyrae, Fuslie, Sykkuno, Yvonne, Miyoung)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Pointless directioner
    Pointless directioner Month ago +1484

    Sykkuno not saying anything about Leslie accidentally hitting him with the thing, until she says sorry to him, and then going "help, help, she hit me" is such a Sykkuno thing to do😂

  • Annie
    Annie Month ago +1774

    15:05 the face Miyoung is making the entire time they talk about the tattoo is killing me 😂😂

    • sause king
      sause king Month ago +1

      I was hoping someone else saw it too

    • Leo Jacobo
      Leo Jacobo Month ago +5

      She did say "next question x2" 😂

    • Max Williams
      Max Williams Month ago +9

      She literally looks like she’s going to throw up.

    • Athasin
      Athasin Month ago +12

      Meanwhile she's holding up her face when the question was who was most likely to get a bad tattoo. Completely proving that she would not be the one. 😂

    • 🇯🇲⃠Kiidkif꧂
      🇯🇲⃠Kiidkif꧂ Month ago +2

      @eeeem234 +3 more nopes

  • Nicole Stephen
    Nicole Stephen Month ago +1064

    Leslie best parent I think. Girl gives good advice. Plus she has mom reflexes and patience. That being said I think they’d all be great if they wanted to.

    • Hari
      Hari Month ago

      @BRUTALITOPS Isn't it important to know how to cook for your children? Buying food all the time would just show your unwillingness to put some effort and would also diminish the importance of saving money, which is a wrong thing to teach children.

    • Charles M.
      Charles M. Month ago +2

      Leslie would be quick to judge because she was a grade A student so maybe the communication would be difficult.
      But I mean she's also a fucking streamer, the most degens of all lifestyles, so would she really be in a position to judge ? 😂

    • donFranko99
      donFranko99 Month ago

      @Angel’s Heaven parent should have other qualities too

    • Angel’s Heaven
      Angel’s Heaven Month ago +2

      @donFranko99 a parent is a caretaker

    • donFranko99
      donFranko99 Month ago +1

      I belive those are qualities of a caretaker more than actual parent. I believe Rae could be the best parrent. Helpful when needed but also tough at times. Same goes for Yvonne i guess

  • darkness
    darkness 2 months ago +268

    I love watching the roomies if only they had time to do this more than every 2 months lol

    • I Respect You  ˖
      I Respect You ˖ Month ago


    • MatsuHaru145
      MatsuHaru145 Month ago +3

      Agreed! This one and the previous one made me laugh so hard 😂 So fun! I hope they get to make at least one more in the very near future 😢

    • My Game Channel
      My Game Channel Month ago +13

      Yeah, they have to hire some kind of content creator director like Brodin who manage it.

  • SettingYouFree
    SettingYouFree Month ago +1292

    Yvonne: “I also think anyone here would just be a good parent”
    Miyoung: “I HATE CHILDREN”
    Sykunno: “oh same” 😂😂

    • Daniel Bee
      Daniel Bee Month ago +1

      @ChimChim & ChocoCones Didn’t ask plus hold the L LMAOOO

    • ChimChim & ChocoCones
      ChimChim & ChocoCones Month ago +4

      @Daniel Bee not everyone is meant to have children 🤷🏻

    • Daniel Bee
      Daniel Bee Month ago +1

      @Moonlight Didn’t ask plus stay mad LMFAOOOO

    • Jaqen H’ghar
      Jaqen H’ghar Month ago +2

      @Moonlight squeaker would make the staunchest pro-life motherfuker pro-choice in a heart beat

    • Moonlight
      Moonlight Month ago +7

      @Daniel Bee lol, 8 year old liking his own comments. Shouldn’t Leslie be making you cry on VR right now?

  • Meowdy
    Meowdy Month ago +2748

    After that clip of Leslie jumping into action when Tina popped Mr. Carrot, I’m convinced she would be a great mom. 👏🏽😂

    • achoo!
      achoo! 11 days ago

      @LemonDropLizz it's been a month ur late

    • LemonDropLizz
      LemonDropLizz 11 days ago

      @achoo! if you seriously believe that 2 sentences make a paragraph then you need to pick up a book

    • Joseph
      Joseph Month ago

      @Gabrielle Drake sorry my phone broke just got your notification. my only response is simply- no, this is not for you

    • achoo!
      achoo! Month ago

      @Gabrielle Drake i'm pointing it out bc of op comment lmao and it's been 3 days since i commented

    • Gabrielle Drake
      Gabrielle Drake Month ago

      @Joseph Shut your mouth. Them being annoying doesn’t give you a right to be transphobic… not once did they imply that being non-binary makes them better versed in this topic- they just replied to someone saying something about them being a mother (a term typically associated with ppl who identify as women) and corrected them. Fvck off & learn to argue without attacking peoples identity.

  • Aceloolaloo
    Aceloolaloo Month ago +154

    I love how Mika just casually hangs out with them like "yep, spill more tea imma drink it all" 😆😆
    And Sykkuno and Miyoung's escape at the end 😆

  • aurelixie
    aurelixie Month ago +220

    lmfao their energy makes me feel like the quiet one in a group who’s the “outsider” 💀 love them tho

    • I I
      I I Month ago +1

      i feel that everyday, everywhere, in every single breath i take

    • Salah
      Salah Month ago

      @apple Lmaoo all too relatable

    • JJ
      JJ Month ago +1

      @apple damn...so true 😢🤣

    • apple
      apple Month ago +20

      Trueee lol and you feel left out with all their laughing even though they aren’t really excluding you and it’s just a you thing and you start zoning out and they ask if you’re ok and you say yes-
      sorry for my rambling- 🙂

  • Hamz
    Hamz Month ago +81

    Who most likely to go a week without a shower ?
    Fusile: “let’s actually think about this!”
    Everyone else: 👁️👄👁️

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio Month ago +41

    The best part of this all was watching Miyoung's facial expressions throughout the complete 'Let's get a tattoo' convo

  • Jazmine V
    Jazmine V 2 months ago +1952

    I love how Mika is just sitting in front of Rae, like a good boy 🥺

    • TeenyWeenyDork
      TeenyWeenyDork Month ago

      @Maki•TartRoll bubblegum katsuki is best katsuki 😤 lololol

    • Ara Calara
      Ara Calara Month ago +1


    • Maki•TartRoll
      Maki•TartRoll Month ago

      @TeenyWeenyDork me either,and that pfp is cursed💀

    • Kiki
      Kiki Month ago

      i didnt even notice him until ur comment lmfao

    • A M M A R
      A M M A R Month ago +1

      omg that’s Mieyong that’s so disrespectful

  • Nela M
    Nela M Month ago +13

    This was a very entertaining and very chaotic video to watch! I just love the fact that watching Mika is another separate video for itself. Clippers and editors, please, do your thing :)

  • EndeavorDC
    EndeavorDC Month ago +13

    I am nonstop laughing at Miyoung's reaction while they're talking about tatoo

  • Troveion
    Troveion Month ago +479

    so happy to see sykkunno and his mom bonding in videos like this

    • Eriseuuu
      Eriseuuu Month ago +6

      ​@Bill K would agree with op here. their dynamic (if to be compared to a family) would kinda be like this
      Yvonne - mom/eldest sister
      Rae - chaotic twin
      Leslie - funny older sister
      Miyoung - sassy younger sister
      And ofc syk would be the shy but secretly unhinged child 😂

    • Bill K
      Bill K Month ago +41

      *His moms

  • thelaurenshow
    thelaurenshow Month ago +17

    Mika looking at the person asking the question and then looking at the roomies when they start discussing is so cute.

  • oli
    oli Month ago +4

    "I only buy practical things"Valkyrae owner of like 20 swords XD

  • Snatch
    Snatch Month ago +203

    I'm so glad Sykkuno is feeling more comfortable during videos like this! Usually he's out of frame and we only get to see 1/4 of him but this time we got the whole experience! Thank you roomies and I hope you had a great time!

    • Alice Fay
      Alice Fay Month ago +7

      Stop making him look shy he's a confident sigma male

    • Crimson Heart
      Crimson Heart Month ago +13

      Really? ... I haven't seen sykkuno be shy on camera for a long time - and I feel when he does it lately it's more for the memes - he's much more confident now than back then

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le Month ago +3

    This video was so funny and scuffed! I enjoyed every moment of it. Literally dead. 😂

  • Gfitty
    Gfitty Month ago +5

    Sykkuno's "HUH?!" Into him trying to run away is absolutely hilarious 😂😂😂

  • dfloriza
    dfloriza Month ago +614

    Rae: "I don't buy anything weird"
    Also rae: Lobbied to get a $1k brick of silver in white elephant just to slap it 😂

    • Press to Skip
      Press to Skip Month ago +3

      Its a brick of silver. Its not weird and will always have a great value. I for one will also want a silver if ever i get a chance.

    • Jade Solstice
      Jade Solstice Month ago +6

      Tbf, that brick of silver won't lose its value 😅

    • dfloriza
      dfloriza Month ago +1

      @Boartank hey, i bet if i had one, i'd do it too haha

    • Boartank
      Boartank Month ago +18

      She really loved that brick and I see the appeal. I collect rocks bro.

  • felili 🐢
    felili 🐢 Month ago +2

    Leslie would actually be a great mom not just from the clip of her and Tina popping Mr carrot but also her little behaviours shows she's really caring ❤️

  • jolene
    jolene Month ago +6

    “who’s most likely to have an intense fetish”
    i mean sykkuno does have a thing for the ones that swim.. and have fins and a tail 🫣🫣

    • Subspicion
      Subspicion Month ago +2

      That's not a fetish. That's a way of life.

    • Ibrahim Ismaila
      Ibrahim Ismaila Month ago

      You are such an amazing fan, text me on Telegram with the name above 👆there are gifts for you🔜🎁🍾☑️

  • TheCyborgFalcon
    TheCyborgFalcon Month ago +7

    13:20 I like how Leslie gets mad that Sykkuno suggests she'll be 40 by 2035 even though that is literally just a fact lmao

  • Just___Iz🥀
    Just___Iz🥀 Month ago +3

    Ahhh I love the roomies! They need a channel for just the Roomies together!

  • Isaac N
    Isaac N Month ago +203

    If a roomies had a dedicated channel I would be addicted.

  • Shoshone Rhiana
    Shoshone Rhiana Month ago +6

    It would be hella funny if the roomies did like a silent library video 😂

  • Awais Rafiq
    Awais Rafiq Month ago +612

    Sykkuno is just casually wearing the flame sweater.

    • J G
      J G Month ago +7

      Bro will be fly for the duration of his time in this living arrangement

    • Jose Alfonso
      Jose Alfonso Month ago +13

      its so troll 😂

    RGG III Month ago +3

    When they asked who’s going to be the best parent, my mind instantly went to Syk being asked by his kid about how babies are made and then dodges the question.
    “Dad, how are babies made?”
    “Uhhm. Ahhh. Oh look! Your school bus is here.”

  • N S
    N S 2 months ago +8

    love all the roomies! so much fun!

  • iman
    iman Month ago +5

    i love how mika is such a good boy throughout the whole video

  • Dahl
    Dahl Month ago +3

    Yvonne saying she doesn't want to be on a show where girls have to coexist and share a space with guys, the face sykunno makes 😂😂 8:33

  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why Month ago +5

    I love how you can track the timeline when these videos were filmed from Miyoung's hairstyle.

    • Subspicion
      Subspicion Month ago

      And I don't think she's ever had a hairstyle or colour she didn't suit instantly.

  • Nathaniel Mason
    Nathaniel Mason Month ago +3

    Rae literally has a wall of swords. She's def the one who buys the most useless stuff lol

    • michie babes
      michie babes Month ago +2

      Having a collection is useless? I mean the purpose of doing it is to make yourself happy.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +2

    I wish I had a friend like Sykkuno

  • Subspicion
    Subspicion Month ago +2

    On the fetish side I could imagine Miyoung being into that like super artistic and fancy looking Japanese shibari stuff.

  • Rom dom
    Rom dom Month ago +151

    Rae- rich auntie, cool but can be pretty loud and sassy
    Leslie- auntie thats like your mom basically, she can be a little weird but she cares alot
    Yvonne- your chef bestie that loves to cook. She gets flustered easily like in anime.
    Miyoung- the weird younger sibling that keeps to herself, can be surprisingly smart sometimes
    Sykkuno- the shy capable older sibling who everybody secretly admires. He likes teasing you

  • Heaj
    Heaj Month ago +1

    These are some of my favorite videos you guys post.

  • John Carlos Arañez
    John Carlos Arañez Month ago +1

    I like how real friendship they have

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +2


  • Bingus4Life
    Bingus4Life Month ago +1

    15:27 Miyoung regretting life decisions 😂

  • Glaudge
    Glaudge Month ago

    fuslie is the one most likely to get the *regrettable lover* tattoo that she thought was super cute in the moment. rae would get a tat that was hella deep that she changes her mind about later

  • MitchAPalooza
    MitchAPalooza Month ago

    Sykunno would constantly troll his kids lol and I’d love it😂

  • David Hwang
    David Hwang Month ago +4

    Ahh, Sykkuno with that flame sweater looks amazing and I'm sure Rae will post a pic with them matching soo- oh wait, she lost hers...ohh...

  • Alondra I.R
    Alondra I.R Month ago +317

    Miyoung making the faces is funny during the whole tattoo conversation 😂

  • YongYing 7337
    YongYing 7337 Month ago +1

    Can’t wait for part 2!! This is fun hehe

    • Ibrahim Ismaila
      Ibrahim Ismaila Month ago

      Congratulations great fan, you have been picked, claim your prize with the name above on telegram🎁

  • SurvivorPlayz
    SurvivorPlayz Month ago +7

    brah who would hack Valkyrae and change the name to Tesla 2024 of all things

  • Yinmn_Obsidian
    Yinmn_Obsidian Month ago

    Ayo that’s insane! Yvonne has the same birthday as me 😭😭 that’s crazy! 🎉
    This was a blast to watch, and I normally don’t watch stuff like this 😂😂

  • CY MO
    CY MO Month ago +1

    I have just finished watching Wednesday on Netflix and I saw a photo of Rae, and realized that She low-key looks like Wednesday Addams😭lol😍♥️

  • Skye 🌻
    Skye 🌻 2 months ago +198

    ANOTHER WITH THE ROOMIES!? YES! Seriously, I'm gonna be so sad if ever they decide to move and part ways as roomies someday, but I will savor every moment they have with each other 😭❤️

    • Jess H
      Jess H Month ago +8

      @Tom D I said it how rae said it. Pretty much tar said they have staying together next move. Not confirmed but talked about. She also said that there may be one or 2 less of the roomies or one or 2 new roomie if they do stay together.

    • Tom D
      Tom D Month ago +9

      @Jess H your sentence makes no sense at all

    • Jess H
      Jess H Month ago +20

      Rae did say on stream last night it’s not confirmed but next time they move that have talked about all staying together give or take someone less of the group or someone new to the group

  • YoungS+
    YoungS+ 2 months ago

    Love me roomie videos! Let's gooo 😀

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1


  • hitomitomtom
    hitomitomtom Month ago

    Love this group.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago +41

    The difference two months can make, Sykkuno looks so much more comfortable and confident here :)

  • Declan
    Declan Month ago

    when all your friends are famous enough to have a bday that you can google rather than checking facebook lol

  • Samantha James
    Samantha James Month ago +1

    Rae!!!! As a girl with thick hair, I completely get not washing your hair for a week thing!! Its hard to style it anyways and if we washed it everyday…. It’d be a pain!!

  • billylo1992
    billylo1992 Month ago

    Just saw this and now im thinking roomies unpacking would be fun

    zSILENTT Month ago +1

    3:53 my favourite part lol

  • m84winzi
    m84winzi Month ago

    Judging by the pokemon streams... Rae do have the memory and attentionspan of a goldfish :).

  • Cdog Allen
    Cdog Allen Month ago +1

    A true test of friendship

  • x Riizo
    x Riizo Month ago +1

    Ahh was waiting on this ever since it was teased! I know it's going to be fun!

    • Ibrahim Ismaila
      Ibrahim Ismaila Month ago

      Congratulations great fan, you have been picked, claim your prize with the name above on telegram🎁🎁🍾☑️👆

  • Zia Breau
    Zia Breau Month ago +1

    I couldnt imagine Miyoung or Sykunno having a fetish😂

    • Ibrahim Ismaila
      Ibrahim Ismaila Month ago

      Congratulations great fan, you have been picked, claim your prize with the name above on telegram🎁

  • RoleplayJustyce
    RoleplayJustyce Month ago

    Rae needs to get somebody to make subtitles for her videos 😔. The auto-generated sucks lool

  • Alex Love
    Alex Love Month ago +1

    Miyoung is not having it lol while syk rae and les are excited abt getting tattoos

  • Thrax
    Thrax Month ago +1

    i was just staring at mika the whole time lol

  • Ashlyn Tatiana
    Ashlyn Tatiana Month ago +1

    miyoung looks like an idol in that picture oh my

  • silhouette
    silhouette Month ago

    See, they can just google their friends birthdays bc they’re all famous 😭

  • sebastien yang
    sebastien yang Month ago

    I jsut realised that Rae could pull off a Wednesday cosplay

  • Evan Bazely
    Evan Bazely Month ago

    Let's gooo another rooomie vid❤️

  • paglo1989
    paglo1989 Month ago +67

    They're all so funny together! This group of people always puts me in a good mood 😁
    Btw. Not Leslie still confusing taking a shower with washing her hair 💀

  • raychizl
    raychizl Month ago

    imagine being able to just google your friend bday

  • Zubungo The Best
    Zubungo The Best Month ago +1

    Yvonne would go to Takeshi's Castle

  • raychizl
    raychizl Month ago

    i have a freckle on my hand, so i will also be matching their dot tattoos LOL

  • Gloria Chisanga
    Gloria Chisanga Month ago +34

    I’m so glad that the roomies are gonna try to stick together when they move !!! I’m just so happy for them to have found such a great group of friends and they never fail to make me laugh :)

  • niaj0310
    niaj0310 Month ago +1

    One thing I can say is I love Mi young

  • michael
    michael 2 months ago +113

    we need to cherish the roomies era while its still here :,)

  • _Tagahanga
    _Tagahanga Month ago

    next roomie vid suggestion: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (on VR for extra chaos)

  • shawolKIMMY
    shawolKIMMY Month ago +1


  • Mockoro
    Mockoro Month ago +42

    It is funny how leslie is always lost when choosing and the other roomies are like “we all know for sure”

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman Month ago

    That was fun! :)

  • Everyone's drunk on something

    Miyoung is really gorgeous.

  • Bradley Porche
    Bradley Porche Month ago +9

    This episode is a roller coaster if you just watch Miyoung's expression the whole time.

  • Yulisa Garcia
    Yulisa Garcia Month ago +9

    They are all fun but Leslie’s endless confusing and random thoughts make me laugh so much I can’t 😂

  • J Cringey
    J Cringey Month ago

    If one person was at top, they could make a star...

  • ekalapink
    ekalapink Month ago +14

    5:36 I find this part funny because Sykkuno purposefully asked Yvonne to play league, on stream, at that time because he knew they had the shoot for the video scheduled and was just testing her lol

  • Planted
    Planted Month ago +1

    Possible team house name: Confusion Home

  • random546
    random546 Month ago +1

    wait theres massage chairs in cars wtf :OOOOOO im so poor lmaooo

  • Kali Foster
    Kali Foster Month ago

    @valkyrae you should react to stuff from “explore with us” they do jcs related stuff

  • takineko
    takineko Month ago +10

    Sykkuno is so casual with them, so different than he was a year and a half ago

  • rob phoenix
    rob phoenix Month ago +1

    The answer is definitely all of them! They're all in LA....so duh.... lmao

  • Phatdollz
    Phatdollz Month ago +19

    This is so much funnier knowing Leslie thinks showering means just washing your hair😂😂 she’s fully confused as to why they all picked her😭

    JESSICA🌸 2 months ago +37

    please make this a weekly thing. the roomie era will be missed

  • Marc Acabado
    Marc Acabado Month ago +35

    I can see Sykkunno being the same as Sasuke at being a parent.

  • Nicole Reacts
    Nicole Reacts Month ago

    I got lost when Sykkuno said “if Clip-Share signs me again”… Did I miss something

    • holly chrome
      holly chrome Month ago +1

      @Nicole Reacts yeah but after 2 years the contract ends so he’s probably talking about after that lol

    • Nicole Reacts
      Nicole Reacts Month ago

      @holly chrome I know that. But he wouldn’t normally say “if Clip-Share signs me again” if he currently has a contract with Clip-Share

    • holly chrome
      holly chrome Month ago +1

      he streams on Clip-Share now

  • NoH J-Raw Da Don Dada
    NoH J-Raw Da Don Dada Month ago +12

    Yoooo Miyoung’s face from 14:51-15:36 is just golden😂😂😂😂

    • Joy Mukherjee
      Joy Mukherjee Month ago

      she was like ... * get me out of here I dont know these guyz* xD

  • Nicky W
    Nicky W Month ago

    Personally, I don't think Rae would be a good mom to human kids cuz she openly admitted to hatting kids.
    People who hate kids should not have kids.
    Good pet owner, yes, but not kids.
    I first thought Sykkuno could be a good parent, but his more of a kid himself and that's not
    always a good thing, so I'm conflicted with that.

  • Meeca Bels
    Meeca Bels Month ago +26


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1


  • Gabriel Montalvo
    Gabriel Montalvo Month ago +1

    I Love this video!!!

    • Ibrahim Ismaila
      Ibrahim Ismaila Month ago

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  • koleen
    koleen Month ago +37

    Miyoung’s face when they’re talking about getting a tattoo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • bananasmooth33
    bananasmooth33 2 months ago +41

    rae speaking: first of all, second of all, third of all, i'll have u know, WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE'S TALKING ABOUT
    the subtitles: first of all, second of all, third of all, i'll have u know, *IT'S ME*