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Best Plays From NBA All-Star Starter Steph Curry | 2022-23 NBA Season

  • Published on Jan 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Stephen Curry is making his 9th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft out of Davidson, Steph is a 4x NBA champion and 2x #KiaMVP. This season, he’s averaging 29.3 PPG, 6.2 RPG and 6.2 APG for the Golden State Warriors.
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  • Jon Shadwell
    Jon Shadwell 2 months ago +267

    The things Steph can do against the BEST defenders, the TALLEST defenders, and MULTIPLE defenders is incredible. Never take it for granted because there’ll never be another like him.

    • Max Lee
      Max Lee Month ago

      @Gary yeah like without dame there would be threes

    • Gary
      Gary Month ago

      Was the 2023 all star game just dunkers and brick layers? Game was missing Curry.

    • Max Lee
      Max Lee Month ago

      cannon curry will be better

  • kara
    kara 2 months ago +381

    The man, the myth, the legend, the mouthpiece yeeter 🔥 💪

  • MJ
    MJ 2 months ago +128

    The real Golden State Warrior Legend Steph Curry...

  • Maki
    Maki 2 months ago +140

    Forever a legend

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 2 months ago +38

    Of course we can't have an All-Star starters list without having the greatest shooter ever and the reigning Finals MVP in Chef Curry still playing his best basketball picking up where he left off from last season's title run.

  • YouTube Watcher
    YouTube Watcher 2 months ago +90

    It's unfair that Curry had only been Captain one time. I don't know how the voting system works, but he and Lebron are the Kings of this era. Two titans mixed in one era, definitely the hardest era. So, it's unfair, it should be Curry and Lebron every year...

    • The life of Py
      The life of Py Month ago +1

      @Juan Isidro Acevedo agree with this logic. Front court has a bigger chance of being a captain

    • amae Ho
      amae Ho Month ago

      Durant is a great individual player but not a great team player. Remember basketball is a team play. He hasn't proven anything yet.

    • Juan Isidro Acevedo
      Juan Isidro Acevedo 2 months ago +2

      The voting is rigged for the Frontcourt players. 2 votes vs 3 votes. That means if 1,000,000 vote, then there's 2 million votes for the backcourt and 3 million for the front.
      With a larger pool of votes, it's easier for a front court player to get the "most votes" even if a back court player has a higher rate of voting.
      For example:
      Back court player gets 20% of 2 million = 400,000
      Front court player gets 15% of 3 million = 450,000
      Boom, front player is captain.

      OMAR ALMUHAYA 2 months ago +2

      @Let’s Talk Basketballnope sorry buddy

    • Paulparty16
      Paulparty16 2 months ago +2

      @Let’s Talk Basketball nah bruh

  • harsha hampole
    harsha hampole 2 months ago +21

    One of the greatest players nba has ever seen, no doubt.

    RED VILLA Month ago +17


  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech 2 months ago +64

    He's the face of the league

    • Nikitro
      Nikitro Month ago +3

      @Yung Jay216 fg% doesn’t tell you too much today when there is a true shooting%. Curry is averaging as many 3pt attempts per game as KD and Bron do together. And he is 5th in true shooting% of all time. KD is 11th Bron is 53th, so yeah Curry is more efficient that those two. Btw 3/4 players who has better true shooting% that Curry averages 0 3pt attempts per game lmao. Only Jokic who is 4th averages 3 3pt attempts per game, while Curry averages 9 3pt attempts per game. He is not comparable in this stat…

      OMAR ALMUHAYA 2 months ago

      @Jee Malejust wrong kid

    • Yung Jay216
      Yung Jay216 2 months ago +1

      @Clip-Share Watcher wtf are you talking about it’s a simple research. Lebron all time fg percentage is 50 percentage, Durant is 49 percent and curry is 47.4 percent. Lebron has been more efficient than KD & Curry combined.

  • intellectual gabe
    intellectual gabe 2 months ago +15

    I love how in the first clip even if it’s not home court everyone going crazy

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 months ago +2

    We all know curry deserves this no doubt. Been carrying his team the entire season

  • QB
    QB 2 months ago +16

    A Legend 9th Time All Star player Right Here.💯

    • Maple_Jordan
      Maple_Jordan Month ago +3

      he wouldve had more if it wasnt for his ankle injuries at the start of his career

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 2 months ago +40

    gonna shoot his way to a 2nd ALL STAR mvp.

  • lulabelle lewis
    lulabelle lewis 2 months ago +7

    He earns what ever he gets, the refs ignore the fouls , I worry that someone will intentionally hurt him, he works out, keeping his body healthy, so he can stand a lot if the abuse, that is , if the other players can keep up with him.

  • Sedly Holmes
    Sedly Holmes 2 months ago +67

    *Lord Wardell Stephen Adams Curry II of House Golden State, The King of Iron Throne, Ruler of 4 Rings, The Most Valuable Knight in All Realm, The Warrior King, Second of his Name, The Human Torch, Baby Faced Assassin, The Chef, The God of Three, Lord of the Deep, Beyond The Arc King, The Sinker of The Threes, Brother of Splashes and The Greatest Shooter Ever Past ,Present and Future of All Time* ....
    You may approach and comment here

    • Winjer Horcerada
      Winjer Horcerada Month ago +1

      Big Agree that's My idol step ☝️🙏☝️

    • Doffy Donquixote
      Doffy Donquixote Month ago +2

      i like that

    • azanui manjo
      azanui manjo 2 months ago +4

      @Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl hahahhahahaha so sweet and accurate

    • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
      Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 2 months ago +6


    • newageslaves
      newageslaves 2 months ago +6

      Brother of splashes lol damn this is good

  • Lewas Paige
    Lewas Paige 2 months ago +3

    He is simply amazing

  • NBA PBA Update
    NBA PBA Update 2 months ago +3

    Stephen Curry still his PRIME 🔥🔥🔥

  • なるほどç
    なるほどç 2 months ago +15

    Curry is 9th time allstar and also 9th time allstar starter 😂 always favorite in guard position 😂

  • Abigail Sanchez
    Abigail Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    electrifying! well deserved spot as starter

  • RightRightRight UhHuhUhHuh
    RightRightRight UhHuhUhHuh 2 months ago +15

    Dude is astonishing.

  • BABY KniGHt
    BABY KniGHt 2 months ago +3

    I hope he gets his 2nd all star mvp

  • animesh ghosh
    animesh ghosh 2 months ago +6

    i can watch curry best plays everyday..!!!💯💯💯💯✔✔✔✔🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤😤

  • Tyree Powell
    Tyree Powell 2 months ago +7

    Steph Curry Is The Golden State Warriors 💛💙 Legend.

  • Jaime Lima Da Silva

    Quem fala que esse rapaz não e gênio, não entende nada de basquete ou é invejoso!😁🏀

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J 2 months ago +2

    1:45 i love how kerr daps up his assistant coach after curry hits this insane shot 🤣

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 2 months ago +3

    Man, Myth , Legend and a mouthpiece YEETER

  • Golden Fist
    Golden Fist Month ago +1

    My man can't catch a break from injuries! Now he would miss games for the next million years due to horrible leeg injury!

  • Derrick aka phios son and kid

    I like how he makes it look so easy to do but when u try it u airball 😂😂

  • alexander bronx
    alexander bronx 2 months ago +2

    El verdadero rey de la nba💗😍🔥🤔🔥💗😏😁👲💪👑

  • Paulparty16
    Paulparty16 2 months ago +4

    the only player who change the game of NBA SC30 🐐
    MJ23, SC30, KB8/24, LBJ, and Shaq💪

  • Ayman Zakout
    Ayman Zakout Month ago

    Are we gonna ignore how he scored a 2 pointer and they counted as 3 at 8:21 seconds

  • kakashi haa
    kakashi haa 2 months ago +2

    the greatest ever 🔥🔥🔥

  • Juby Morales
    Juby Morales 2 months ago +2

    The Legend Stephen Wardell “Chief” Curry ❤

  • Francis Quesnel
    Francis Quesnel 2 months ago +1

    " Steph Curry with 14 points here in the first quarter " resume of this seasons actually for the warriors 😂

  • khalil washington
    khalil washington 2 months ago +4

    The real MVP he goated my boy he coming

  • agent trolley
    agent trolley 2 months ago +2

    Proud father of Celtics - Stephen Curry

  • bdilla
    bdilla 2 months ago +1

    Look at curry so inspirational man

  • jennyrose Javier
    jennyrose Javier 2 months ago +5

    The GOAT

  • Marloke Rebolledo
    Marloke Rebolledo 2 months ago +1

    Curry fadeaway ufffff 🔥🥵

  • 𝐒𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐡 𝐍𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨

    My idol Steph ❤️

  • Insight 123
    Insight 123 2 months ago +4

    I never saw this, so smooth

  • Koh Smoger
    Koh Smoger 2 months ago +24

    Anyone complaining. Curry is one of the five best players in the league and argument neither Ja or Shai have claim to. Did you honestly think Steph who is one of the greatest players ever who his having one of his best seasons ever wasn’t going to start regardless of how the warriors are doing.

    • Peezy Da BeatMonster
      Peezy Da BeatMonster Month ago

      @Koh Smoger lol that's all I needed to know ..lol u don't know enough basketball if u think averages make u better luka inefficient and worst on defense 🤦

    • Koh Smoger
      Koh Smoger Month ago

      @Peezy Da BeatMonster just in his averages

    • Peezy Da BeatMonster
      Peezy Da BeatMonster Month ago

      @Koh Smoger where's the evidence of Luka being better than Steph ???

    • Koh Smoger
      Koh Smoger 2 months ago

      @Benn Darayta Only Luka is a better guard than steph. There is no evidence shai, ja or dame are better in any way.

    • Koh Smoger
      Koh Smoger 2 months ago +1

      @Blxnkz™ No one with any sense is taking ja or shai over Steph. But whatever floats your boat

  • jose ramos
    jose ramos 2 months ago +2

    Best shooter of all time

  • Renz Patrick
    Renz Patrick 2 months ago +1

    0:43 look at the Rockets bench. Very satisfying to watch! 😅

  • Irish Jarminan
    Irish Jarminan 2 months ago +1

    All star 2nd mvp is coming 🥰

  • Bullroarer 1685
    Bullroarer 1685 Month ago

    Don’t know how non athletes view the shot at 3:20, but any baller knows how preposterous that shot is. More impressive to me than any of his look away threes.

  • Sheepdog
    Sheepdog 2 months ago +4

    If Jordan and other "GOATs" did not have athleticism, size, height, speed like Curry, I don't think they'll be great or even in a GOAT conversation.

  • Xepherina
    Xepherina Month ago

    Steph Curry will finish his brilliant career by being a starter in all stars

  • vzs
    vzs Month ago

    he can even make 3 pointers from inside the arc 8:21

  • DMoneyMurder
    DMoneyMurder 2 months ago +2

    8:20 wasnt a 3 but they counted it as 1

  • Mryna Hernandez
    Mryna Hernandez 2 months ago +1


  • Cyan Magenta
    Cyan Magenta 2 months ago +1

    They need to set a cap on how many consecutive times someone is team captain because Lebron has been captain for 5 years already and takes away the fun of it

  • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
    Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 2 months ago +2

    5th RING....COMING !!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💍💍💍💍💍

    XSGAME4U Month ago +1

    STEPH CURRY will be the FIRST PLAYER CHOSEN by LeBron or Giannis in the All Star game, GUARANTEED! ... Every other player's skill set can be duplicated, but his shooting and gravity makes him unique, as well as MUST-SEE-TV. You want that on your side.

  • 검정
    검정 2 months ago +4

    True Warrior

  • Primitivo Castro
    Primitivo Castro Month ago +1

    Wow! The Best , Steph Curry.

  • Montana EL Boss
    Montana EL Boss Month ago +1

    God bless you curry

  • Monsta Micz
    Monsta Micz Month ago

    cold-blooded Steph

  • Blxnkz™
    Blxnkz™ 2 months ago

    Shai deserved that spot

  • Catherine Teng
    Catherine Teng 2 months ago +1


  • MrB Jay
    MrB Jay Month ago

    Steph IS the best player in the league right now. If anyone has an issue with it have them come talk to me.

  • Skl
    Skl Month ago +1

    It's a pity Jordan Poole can't bother to learn from Steph, Klay, Dray or Loon, preferring to shoot even when Steph and Klay are asking for the ball. His selfishness extends to learning, as he remains poor in defense, rebounds and assists. He remains turnover prone under pressure, hogs the ball under pressure, misses his hogged shots under pressure. One game he will do very well the next game he does poorly. He is consistent in his inconsistency will ball play. And he's earning $140M and considers himself the equal of the Greats? On attitude alone I wonder if he will learn. I am praying that GSW finds a player who shoots as well as Poole but defends better, isn't prone to injury, can take criticism without jawing back, loves to learn, is humble and has high basketball IQ. Then GSW can trade Poole who loves to perform when a crowd is cheering and the girls are gushing.

  • bobo
    bobo 2 months ago +8

    Look at curry man

  • DJFactoryEditz
    DJFactoryEditz 2 months ago

    2023 All-Star Bench and Reserves for the West should be:
    Ja Morant
    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
    Demar Derozan
    Draymond Green
    Jordan Poole
    Andrew Wiggins
    Kyle Kuzma
    Lauri Markannen
    Anthony Edwards
    Zach Lavine

    • Sean Orly Bacongan
      Sean Orly Bacongan Month ago +1

      West should be

    • Sean Orly Bacongan
      Sean Orly Bacongan Month ago +1

      Zach, Demar and Kuzma they are on the east 💀💀💀

    • Random Facts
      Random Facts 2 months ago +1

      Warriors Bandwagon.I'm sorry but DRAYMOND GREEN?

  • DoomerGate Blazze
    DoomerGate Blazze 2 months ago

    They need to also give Dane Miller dollar Dame a little love

  • Juan Isidro Acevedo
    Juan Isidro Acevedo 2 months ago +1

    The voting is rigged for the Frontcourt players. 2 votes vs 3 votes. That means if 1,000,000 vote, then there's a pool of 2 million votes for the backcourt and 3 million for the front.
    With a larger pool of votes, it's easier for a front court player to get the "most votes" even if a back court player has a higher rate of voting.
    For example:
    Back court player gets 20% of 2 million = 400,000
    Front court player gets 15% of 3 million = 450,000
    Boom, front player is captain.

  • Venicia Asuncion
    Venicia Asuncion Month ago +1


  • Henry McGill
    Henry McGill 2 months ago +15


  • Deondre Clark
    Deondre Clark 2 months ago +1

    Steph is great but if it's just based on a season and not a career this should be SGA's

    • Yung Jay216
      Yung Jay216 2 months ago

      @Deondre Clark you’re drunk kid. Curry has better stats all around and better team.

    • Deondre Clark
      Deondre Clark 2 months ago +1

      @angelo you don't know what that means clearly

    • angelo
      angelo 2 months ago

      recency bias at its finest

    • SauxcyNba
      SauxcyNba 2 months ago +1

      @Josiah Howlandyea the worst offense in the league when he's off the floor is stacked 😂😂

    • Kaden
      Kaden 2 months ago +1

      @Josiah Howland Lost Gary Payton II, Otto Porter, and Bjelica. All vets who contributed in huge ways especially Porter and Payton. To discredit Curry because of his “stacked” team is a pitiful excuse. Based off your logic Giannis, Jokic, KD, Embiid, Tatum, and Morant should all be ranked lower cause they too have “stacked teams”.

  • Oliver Moon
    Oliver Moon 2 months ago +1

    GOAT conversation.

  • Occasion Cards
    Occasion Cards Month ago

    ....a "Curry Moment" in Boston.

  • Aristide Yao
    Aristide Yao 2 months ago +1


  • PFGuo87
    PFGuo87 Month ago +1

    @0:18 - is it just me or did the ball curved in?

  • Dante Hnt
    Dante Hnt 19 days ago

    75 points, 8 assists

  • gunwoo park
    gunwoo park 2 months ago


  • juniorlopez510
    juniorlopez510 2 months ago +1


  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    curry is my goat❤❤❤

  • Luka doncic
    Luka doncic Month ago

    mouth piece yeeter Curry zone🎮🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan 2 months ago

    The best shooter

    FRANKLIN JOSE pedro Month ago +1


  • Deku ve
    Deku ve 2 months ago +6


  • Winjer Horcerada
    Winjer Horcerada Month ago

    That's My idol step ☝️🙏☝️

  • nhat vo
    nhat vo 2 months ago

    best player in the world

  • Gary
    Gary Month ago

    makes shots in the face of men 6'7 up

  • Joel Akuoko
    Joel Akuoko 2 months ago +7

    curry is the best

    • Diether Santos
      Diether Santos 2 months ago

      Agree but our man got ejected yesterday atleast we won 😂😂😂

  • Alvin Vivar
    Alvin Vivar 2 months ago

    #30 🔥

  • J Jack
    J Jack 2 months ago

    Should’ve been shai curry missed to many games but he’s to popular

  • Josue Exe
    Josue Exe 2 months ago

    0:03 Midorima from Kuroko no Basket be like:

    AFRICA-INFO+ Month ago

    Magic curry

  • Montana EL Boss
    Montana EL Boss Month ago +1

    The all time 3pointer

  • Montana EL Boss
    Montana EL Boss Month ago +1

    The best scoring steph curry

  • Alfred Lu
    Alfred Lu 2 months ago +7

    always all star

    • なるほどç
      なるほどç 2 months ago

      Always starter not even become as reserve in his 9th time allstar selection

  • bediljowo code
    bediljowo code 2 months ago

    SC30 🔥

  • Mohamed All ali
    Mohamed All ali Month ago

    I love Steph curry I want to take a picture with him and his signature and shoot some hoops but I’m from UNITED ARAB EMIRATES I just want to know where do they play what country and what town and what street please !!!!!

  • Dan Moreta
    Dan Moreta 2 months ago

    “Do that dance gator”

  • mhscjuve34
    mhscjuve34 Month ago

    some people said he doesnt deserve to be a starter ahahahahahaahahaha

  • jerson
    jerson Month ago

    Iba ma ang galaw ni stephen curry parang controlado ng mapia

  • Lee Pascual
    Lee Pascual Month ago


  • Curvo
    Curvo 2 months ago

    best shooter , nobody can tell me wrong

  • GeloBeats
    GeloBeats 2 months ago

    most views in all best play from all stars