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Elderly Nun Traps Thief on the Roof

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an elderly nun traps a thief on the roof by removing the ladder.
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    Also in this video, a cat is placed in a cool sweater. A person uses a baguette vending machine. These guys test out static electricity. A photographer shows a close up of snowflakes.
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Comments • 8 487

  • Kosmo_Z
    Kosmo_Z Month ago +31270

    That finger wag is terrifying, I’m sure that the robbers will change their ways after that

  • Thunder bee
    Thunder bee Month ago +3546

    I love when daily dose puts the "do not attempt these are professionals" warning on stuff I cant even attempt to afford

    • Ice Cream Films
      Ice Cream Films Day ago +1


    • Mateo Gaming
      Mateo Gaming 29 days ago +1

      Frl and if I did have enough money to perform such actions I’d be the professional

    • lyn
      lyn Month ago +2

      @Ghxst no, it means they aren’t even going to TRY to afford it. Not afford to ATTEMPT it.

    • URappers
      URappers Month ago +2

      Skydiving is fairly cheap, but that medical bill wont be

    • Ngurah Bagus
      Ngurah Bagus Month ago +3

      "Do not attempt. These people have money. For training. And also for medical bills if the training fails."

  • under the seafoam
    under the seafoam Month ago +1544

    The way that little girl said "he died for our sins" with a blank stare 😂

    • St. Dennie
      St. Dennie 16 days ago +4

      That shit was hella disturbing.

    • Kristy Krusling
      Kristy Krusling 16 days ago +1

      You didn’t had to cut me off

    • Kristy Krusling
      Kristy Krusling 16 days ago +1

      She’s a big brain technically 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • wolvo
    wolvo Month ago +618

    That $1.60 line was elite humour, the timing, the delivery, the set up 👏🏽 absolutely flawless

    • Corey Tapp
      Corey Tapp 26 days ago

      ok didnt have to critic it though

    • Archfiend
      Archfiend Month ago

      pretty common joke tho

    • sree nidhi
      sree nidhi Month ago +2

      Fake or not had a good laugh

    • lyn
      lyn Month ago +4

      @Hoswoo your joke is not really-

  • Aspie Memoires
    Aspie Memoires Month ago +1109

    Being able to witness a moose shake it’s antlers is incredibly rare. That was amazing.
    We always found em in the road or in the forest, but to see one just so casually do that is awesome.

    • ciciamanda
      ciciamanda Month ago +2

      @ChloroDude it looks like it spooked him, which to be fair if i was just chilling and shook a bit and two huge antlers came flying then id be pretty spooked too

    • ireadysucks
      ireadysucks Month ago +1

      @Mister T Someone must’ve been driving around the forest playing Taylor Swift with their windows down.

    • Mister T
      Mister T Month ago +5

      I always thought they'd have a go at each other and lose the loose antler. That one just shook em off. 😂😂

    • Ucmh
      Ucmh Month ago +3

      @Ngurah Bagus I was wondering about that! I wanna know if it's usually both at once, cus if it is then there has to be something more they're doing to shed them.

    • Ngurah Bagus
      Ngurah Bagus Month ago +9

      Isn't one of the things that make it even more rare is the fact that it's both antlers at once? I was under the impression that it's more common to shed one antler at a time.

  • SilentGuy
    SilentGuy Month ago +180

    F for the kid that was changing grades. Depending on how hard the school goes that kid could get in an unimaginable amount of trouble

  • Prakh
    Prakh Month ago +9703

    I love how adults know how to use that slide better than the children themselves.

    • Younes Layachi
      Younes Layachi Month ago

      I regret using those slides wrong my entire childhood

    • Ucmh
      Ucmh Month ago

      I always said adults get kids so they have an excuse to play with Legos again. Probably true for other children's activities as well.

    • edyr
      edyr Month ago

      I got a real question
      why's it feel all voltaire in here

    • AidanK ART
      AidanK ART Month ago

      @Crikch Le well they're 26 and 25 y.o., so their childhood was quite a long time ago haha

    • OddOneOut 1
      OddOneOut 1 Month ago +1

      It reminds me people are 70% water.😗

  • Bruno
    Bruno Month ago +3169

    Seriously tho, props to that janitor for seeing what was happening and stepping in to check on her 👑

    • Daniel Crafter
      Daniel Crafter 13 days ago +4

      ​@K Locke- dude. Nothing wrong with **trying** to talk to a woman
      But if she's ignoring you or not interested, STOP
      It's not a difficult concept to grasp. Even toddlers get it.
      Think of it this way - wtf yiu wasting your time on someone that's not receptive to your vibes?
      Now, put down the keyboard and step away from Clip-Share - not everything needs an essay, cupcake 😘

      UNICORN JIZZZ 15 days ago

      @dzthfbn cbvm you can literally approach a woman anywhere. this is the problem with society today and why all the idiots are on dating apps.

      UNICORN JIZZZ 15 days ago

      @dzthfbn cbvm oh I had no idea you couldn't approach a woman at a bust stop? apparently it has to only be at a night club? wtf

      UNICORN JIZZZ 15 days ago

      if the guy was just trying to approach her I don't see a problem. he wasn't touching her

    • Simply Yellow
      Simply Yellow 20 days ago +1

      have you ever wonder why there's camera there?

  • Melu
    Melu Month ago +1702

    These 3+ minute videos have been so good. I always expect it to end but when it doesn’t it’s a nice little surprise

    • Alex Cisneros
      Alex Cisneros Month ago


    • psx2rulz2
      psx2rulz2 Month ago +1

      @welcmasher I'm not disagreeing, but they are posting shorts daily instead of just combining a few into a video

    • welcmasher
      welcmasher Month ago +2

      ​@psx2rulz2 it takes a lot of effort to make the vids

    • psx2rulz2
      psx2rulz2 Month ago +2

      It's too bad they're reverting back to every few days. Might as well be Weekly Dose of Internet. Shorts don't count

  • My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack 🎗

    I’m sure that woman appreciates that cleaner so much. We need men like that

    • Widdekuu91
      Widdekuu91 23 days ago +2

      @Thick Coconut When you are in a public place and someone starts harassing you and you feel like the only way out is to cause a scene and be loud (which, let me remind you, if what we get taught from a young age _not_ to be, whereas usually the boys are being told it's fine to be loud, because boys will be boys) then it's nice to have someone that interrupts this behaviour and saves you the trouble of having to cause a scene and defend yourself.
      As someone that has been in this position before, it can be overwhelming and scary to find yourself into a sudden situation like that. I've had people laugh and point, while a teacher did things that he should've been fired for. I asked him to stop, he did not. I would have _really_ appreciated it if a guy or a girl would have stepped in, to stop him.

    • Thick Coconut
      Thick Coconut 25 days ago

      @ww yet these women are happy that they are treated as mentally challenged childs. Incredible.

    • ww
      ww Month ago +6

      @Grim It's honestly insane how low people's view of grown women is, that they think women by default are so utterly inept and stupid that they need saving from a person talking to them. Literally treating women like they're children. Truly insane.

  • Robin Charles
    Robin Charles Month ago +722

    Seeing moose and other animals shed their antlers is so cool. 🙃 There are a lot of deer that live on our property, especially during hunting season. Years ago there was this giant buck that my bf kept seeing on the property with these insane antlers. My bf had hunted when he was younger but when he saw the buck and how amazing he was he decided to let him chill on the property and they would see each other once in a while. My bf went out in the woods one day and the deer had left his antlers right on the trail. He took them into the local wildlife center and the antlers were so big they ended up breaking the record, I think they still have them on display there. I like to think the buck left them on the trail intentionally to make sure my bf found them as a thank you. 🦌

    • Robin Charles
      Robin Charles Month ago +1

      @Timothy “tim finneagan” wakeman Hoping my chances might be a little better with how much time they spend here, it must be so cool to find some! 😊 There was this buck I saw a few weeks ago knocking his antlers against against trees and I think I've heard him or another doing that deeper in the woods, so I think maybe in the next few days I'll walk out there just in case.

    • Timothy “tim finneagan” wakeman
      Timothy “tim finneagan” wakeman Month ago

      @Robin Charles yeah we have a few bins of antlers either from hunting or finding shedded ones, its farely rare to find the shedded ones but its pretty cool

    • Robin Charles
      Robin Charles Month ago +1

      @Timothy “tim finneagan” wakeman 🤔 I've never thought about going looking but that actually might be fun. I know every year I hear and see bucks in the woods by my house rubbing and knocking their antlers against the trees when it's about time to shed them, but I haven't really wandered off the trails to look. It would be cool to be able to find some myself and make something with them. 😃

    • Medipolis
      Medipolis Month ago

      Deer huntin, fuck yeah!

  • Danilozz
    Danilozz Month ago +31289

    The girl that said “he died for our sins” made me laugh so freaking hard, it was so wholesome and at the same time she kinda isn’t wrong

    • Hill Street Blues
      Hill Street Blues Month ago

      It's the best description of MLK's work I've ever heard.

    • Sleazy Schlock
      Sleazy Schlock Month ago

      @servant of Jesus Christ he died because of spears and blood loss not our sins don't spread lies

    • DuoDestroyer
      DuoDestroyer Month ago +1

      She’s not wrong

    • Native Afro-Ευrasian
      Native Afro-Ευrasian Month ago

      Martime Luther King Jr -> Martin Luther -> New Testament -> Jesus Christ

  • infallibleblue
    infallibleblue Month ago +247

    Kudos to the man who made his presence known. If you see something say something.

    • Mister T
      Mister T Month ago

      but but but... the internet incels/trolls will call you a white knight, totally destroying you(in their minds).

    • CuriousCanuck
      CuriousCanuck Month ago

      Easy to bark at a creep when you’re gigantic.

    • Becca Kim
      Becca Kim Month ago +12

      @Scratch Kanawatch he just said "AHEM" really loudly.

    • Pyritie
      Pyritie Month ago +5


    • Stockpile Thomas
      Stockpile Thomas Month ago +11

      @Scratch Kanawatch He just barked I think?

  • Waramz
    Waramz Month ago +106

    3:14 Yes there are some baguette vending machines here in France, and they're mostly used during closing hours of bakeries or in remote locations where local business cannot sustain (in small villages for example)
    They are either supplied by "nearby" bakeries or industrial bread makers so depending on the vending machine and the hour of pick up, you actually can have pretty good baguettes from these machines.

    • Magmafeline
      Magmafeline  Day ago

      One question what do baguets taste like

    • Brindle Bucker
      Brindle Bucker 20 days ago

      @Karl Hendrikse First of all, you buy them fresh. You don't get one and leaving it sitting all week and then bite into it. You tear it too- you don't really need to cut it. Just grab it and tear it like paper- squeezing it a little bit flat. Everybody at the dinner table might tear off a piece the size they want. You can spread butter and marmalade on it, or a bit of cheese. You can sop up juice with it. It's bread. You do bread stuff with it.

    • whyisblue923taken
      whyisblue923taken 29 days ago

      Do you have shawarma machines yet?

    • Anti ♪
      Anti ♪ Month ago

      @Karl Hendrikse Dude baguettes are so good you can do anything with them, put anything on it from butter to Nutella, eat it bare, make sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs of course, dip it in soups and eggs, toast it, and even after it gets rock hard there are some good recipes to still eat them, like "pain perdu" (Lost bread). There's a reason why we love baguettes so much, it's the perfect food.

    • poppy poppy
      poppy poppy Month ago

      @Waramz they are crispy on the outside and fluflly on the inside when they are fresh. Even better when they are still hot.
      Sandwichs.. or used to clean ur plate....
      You buy them daily. And if they do become rock hard cause you didn't eat it all... there is some recipes with it so you don't throw it away.

  • Aly B
    Aly B Month ago +108

    1:50 Also note the lady that walked over to be near the woman so she wasn't alone with him. Good to see multiple people helping others :)

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 26 days ago

      @Aly B he was saying ‘i’m going to cut you into cubes and cook you in my pot’

    • A B
      A B Month ago +3

      Or, you know, she just walked over there for other reason? She goes away before checking what happened, so I doubt she walked over so she wasn't alone with him.

    • dyotaro
      dyotaro Month ago +1

      @TheMan yeah... That's what I said

    • TheMan
      TheMan Month ago +2

      @zandaz3 I mean, it was a ten-second clip, yeah.

  • Tobias Ferguson
    Tobias Ferguson Month ago +26

    Bro the fact that everytime I watch his videos he reminds me that this is "MY Daily Dose of Internet" is kinda heartwarming ngl

  • リックン
    リックン Month ago +7488

    First we got a wizard that trapped policemen in mud,now we have an elderly nun that trapped thief on the roof.We're truly in the best timeline.

    • Higo Nakamura
      Higo Nakamura Month ago

      @Lost Banner
      "May God forgive you, cause we won't" - those nun, probably.

    • gonk droid
      gonk droid Month ago


    • Maltavian
      Maltavian Month ago

      amd she was extremely buffed at the thumbnail

    • ERTY remains
      ERTY remains Month ago

      Finally people invest their skill points on religion/magic

    • keistopherc
      keistopherc Month ago +1

      Somewhere in 2023 we got switched back to the RIGHT timeline.

  • Ocul Warrior
    Ocul Warrior Month ago +35

    That's a timeless game room. It's like owning a ship, you never actually have to replace those.

  • slingodeluxe
    slingodeluxe Month ago +40

    Hats off to catching the moose loose it’s antlers. I can’t even begin to describe how rare that is to see or catch, it’s the rarest thing I’ve ever seen on this channel. I’m literally in awe I’ve seen it and I spent many winters in the north country surrounded by moose

  • patriotadam13
    patriotadam13 6 days ago

    I don’t watch this channel for months at a time, that way I get more than my daily dose

  • crucified whisper
    crucified whisper Month ago +4

    I just wanna say thank you for the time and effort you put in and making the vids longer, I know it takes hours of work and just want say thank you for making us all smile 😃

  • Blue Spectrum
    Blue Spectrum Month ago +11

    Love how that cleaner scared the pred away just by grunting lmao

  • Maritess Villar
    Maritess Villar Month ago +5246

    Can we appreciate how serious and confident that girl was

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 24 days ago

      @GAND-OZZ read david icke’s ‘the biggest secret’ and then refute the hundreds of sources he references in it. don’t continue arguing until you’ve done so.

    • GAND-OZZ
      GAND-OZZ Month ago

      @Bob Musil Seems less reasonable than a flying ghost creating everything. (And yes, I decided to use the insult version. Mainly because that’s how you see the God.)

  • Phoenix OMEGA
    Phoenix OMEGA Month ago +11

    This episode was full of winners! Great job, man!

  • i_Plague
    i_Plague Month ago +37

    This has gotten be one of the best Daily Dose's this year, amazing truly a work of art.

    • Marsha Wargo
      Marsha Wargo Month ago +2

      @Michael Bronson at least he credits the original clips! We don't have to go through tons to find the interesting ones. I'm sure it's not easy to do.

    • TheHolyPeanut
      TheHolyPeanut Month ago +8

      @Michael Bronsondamn chill bro 💀 what the poor dude do to you??

    • Michael Bronson
      Michael Bronson Month ago +3

      It's just a compilation of clips he found on the internet bro. I bet ur one of those ppl that think a homeless guys shit on the sidewalk is a 'work of art' too

  • OriginalJoke
    OriginalJoke 26 days ago +2

    A true hero, stopping the train with such ease

  • Alinaswe Selebi
    Alinaswe Selebi Month ago +11

    Thanks DDoI. Your wholesome videos always give a good start to the day. Much love from South Africa👍🏾

  • common_possum
    common_possum Month ago +5

    that cat nonchalantly enduring the hail storm is the most accurate representation of my life to this day

  • Medi Ding
    Medi Ding Month ago +3033

    I like how the moose darted away after the antlers fell off, like he was running away after throwing off a cheap disguise.

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 24 days ago

      @Mike Oxmall replying to bots enables them to get around algorithms which are otherwise trying to stop them

    • gravyz2cute4u
      gravyz2cute4u Month ago

      @OddOneOut 1 Your comment reminded me of "somebody toucha my spaghet"
      I'm sorry 😅

    • OddOneOut 1
      OddOneOut 1 Month ago +2

      "Ha HA, Who am I NOW?! SPAGHET!" < ---someone near the moose

    • FRIKIN maya
      FRIKIN maya Month ago +1

      @Wizard Suth just like a minecraft moose would

    • gravyz2cute4u
      gravyz2cute4u Month ago

      He was trying not to get caught littering

  • Spider Savour
    Spider Savour Month ago +13

    Man this episode was packed with internet a whole lot more going on then recently 💪 keep it up DDOI

  • shhessh
    shhessh Month ago +12

    I love how the cat was sitting like an air bender .

  • Margaret Lynch
    Margaret Lynch Month ago +1

    After watching Daily Dose we always feel better, it's bright, funny we now know there are so many others like us out there. Hallelujah

  • superawesomepayton
    superawesomepayton Month ago +1

    Im loving these daily videos to just help me through the.. day?
    I just hope its not too overbearing on you since it used to be like a weekly dose of internet which is a big change

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly Month ago +1

    Just curious, how do you pick what you use in your videos? You always pick the best mix of videos!

  • BeastMaster09
    BeastMaster09 Month ago +2980

    I love how deer and moose get scared when they shed their antlers.
    They’re like “OH MY GOD MY ANTLERS FELL OFF!”

    • Macedonian Crusader
      Macedonian Crusader Month ago

      Stop saying God's name in vain

    • manofsan
      manofsan Month ago +1

      "I'm unarmed! Defenseless! Run away!"

    • Nick Maclachlan
      Nick Maclachlan Month ago +1

      @dullbrowny Nope, it just happens every year, they grow back larger the older an animal gets. They grow in the spring and are mainly used to attract females during the rut in autumn, They fall off in December as an energy saving device during the cold as a fully grown set can weigh up to 60lbs.

    • arcguardian
      arcguardian Month ago

      @dullbrowny that's dumb, the antlers would normally protect it from predators, even if just for intimidation.

    • Average Duck Enjoyer
      Average Duck Enjoyer Month ago

      "OH SH-T NOT AGAIN!"

  • Yugesh KK
    Yugesh KK Month ago +14

    Sometimes i wish the video never ends...

  • Asvin Thakur
    Asvin Thakur Month ago

    Just ending my day with laughter and fun watching daily dose of internet vids. Probably will go to bed tension free.Feeling addicted

  • You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do

    As a Canadian living in the Rocky mountains, I assure you that moose shedding antlers is not unique or rare. We find them everywhere. I've turned one into a cat lounger shelf in my living room.

    ABCKidsc ROBLOX Month ago +5

    I love how fast the moose just runs away startled after having its antlers fall off, must have been a relief to get all that weight off its head.

  • Serious Spike Sam
    Serious Spike Sam Month ago +2

    I actually found a pair of reindeer antlers while walking on a swamp. Since they were really tiny we figured that they used to belong to juvenile. I gave them to my sister as a souvenir of sorts.

  • mackit
    mackit Month ago +2478

    It makes me so happy knowing that there are people out there who are learning about the shape of a snowflake for the first time. It’s something I take for granted but it’s actually really amazing.

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 22 days ago

      @Galen Burnett “you little child” he says being a person most likely in my age range (15-25)

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 22 days ago +1

      @Skeleton there’s so much you don’t know you little child

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 22 days ago

      @Galen Burnett i never knew someone would be so upset over smth so simple

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 22 days ago +1

      @Skeleton that’s a cute little phrase you memorised

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 23 days ago

      @Galen Burnett dont take it so personally

  • 悟空孫
    悟空孫 Month ago +3

    i always wait for every cat appearances from your compilation clip, love it!

  • Micaela Prime
    Micaela Prime Month ago +157

    We need more people like that cleaner in the world! I have been in that situation and it can be super uncomfortable 😢

    • Rudolph de Rainbow
      Rudolph de Rainbow 9 days ago

      ​@Somal1anWarlordSpeaking from experience?

    • Jacob Peters
      Jacob Peters 17 days ago

      @DarkCoreX girls do that automatically, not sure what u mean

    • DarkCoreX
      DarkCoreX 18 days ago

      @Jacob Peters We really need an international, annual day where all stereotypical gender rolls switch place, that way we can start saying "that guy wasn't even that handsome anyway".

    • Grim
      Grim Month ago

      @JAWWAD first off people can be evil. secondly i just hate people

    • user
      user Month ago

      it was cringe honestly

  • tit griffin
    tit griffin Month ago +2

    I remember seeing snowflakes for the first time as a kid and my mind was absolutely blown realizing that they actually look like that

  • Jessica Coots
    Jessica Coots Month ago +2

    thank you so much for your videos. you always brighten my day

    LEGENDOFPAUL Month ago

    The baguette vending machine is for people who want something to protect themselves when going out at night.

  • Cordless
    Cordless Month ago +2138

    PSA to all theives- DON'T mess with the Nuns

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 20 days ago

      @Wise Monkey gibe a man a feesh, he eet fora daaay. teech a man. gibe a.
      noooo nooo noo no no

    • Wise Monkey
      Wise Monkey Month ago

      @apdroid geek If you give someone who's trying to rob you what he wants, then he'll rob again. If you give someone who's trying to rob you a beating, he may think twice.

    • Do you Lift
      Do you Lift Month ago +1

      She had nun of it

    • Esprero: On-Brand Soap
      Esprero: On-Brand Soap Month ago

      nuns be scary

    • No idea Who I am
      No idea Who I am Month ago +3

      Make them angry and they’ll bring out their Nun-chucks!

  • Magnificent Muttley
    Magnificent Muttley Month ago +4

    The cat pouch at the end made me laugh out loud!! 😂😂😂

  • individualwoman84
    individualwoman84 Month ago +5

    The cat so calm through all the chaos 🤣🤣

  • 3786373
    3786373 Month ago +1

    The last one with the cat made me laugh 👍 Cool mix as always! ❤️

  • Lance Wright
    Lance Wright Month ago

    Imagine stealing from a charity. If there's someone who deserves to un-exist, it's them.

  • Lucinda Colquhoun
    Lucinda Colquhoun Month ago +4031

    props to that cleaner for seeing the situation and helping that woman out. we need more people like him in this world

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 21 day ago

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    Thanks for the tip I was just about to start my plane 🙂

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    I had no idea they were so structured, intricate, and lovely.

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    DumbFridge Month ago

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    Your voice cheers me up when I'm depressed

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    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 20 days ago

      @Prototype X i don’t think you have anyone at all in your boring life

    • Galen Burnett
      Galen Burnett 20 days ago

      @Herr Jemeneh but, if you’re a civil and decent person, you don’t soil your fingers hanging around on that website. so how else would we see them?

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  • Majax Plop
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    • demonsluger
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      @A guy named Kirby xd yeah i know but its all connected because almost any site when you consent are going through your phone its scary to read what you actually consent to.

    • D Byers
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      I laugh at you. Alexa laughs at you. My phone laughs at you.
      *We are good now. Do not question us again.*

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    That shit had me rollin.

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  • Velocity Raptor
    Velocity Raptor Month ago

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  • Elizabeth Pollock
    Elizabeth Pollock Month ago +1208

    For those who do not know, snow collectively looks like a white blanket on the ground, but each snowflake has its own unique pattern, never to be repeated somehow. It's insane!!! People have tried documenting all the different patterns, even filling countless books with images caught on black tarps. It's amazing! It gives a whole additional meaning to "snow is magical." I loved this video; the skydiving clip was insanely beautiful!!!

    • CallyWasHere
      CallyWasHere Month ago

      Everyone knows, but also it’s happened before

    • haha Yuck
      haha Yuck Month ago

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    • MrWildbill47
      MrWildbill47 Month ago

      @Nuno Silva -- While this is true I suppose there is more than enough prints on record to put the probability pretty low, at ;east to date none have been found.

    • Esprero: On-Brand Soap
      Esprero: On-Brand Soap Month ago +1

      I think this is common knowledge by now, after all it *is* a term of phrase.

    • Amazingzing
      Amazingzing Month ago

      It's wild to think how stupid people are. This had been on the internet for ages. And yes, there is many identical snowflake had been found. There is Clip-Share video about that too. SMH!

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  • Linda Nitzschke
    Linda Nitzschke Month ago

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    Robert Ness Month ago

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  • Kaotic
    Kaotic Month ago

    Not going to lie. You've really thrown a spanner in the works telling me not to attempt skydiving. Having to tell my mother why I've already cut 48 pilot holes into her favorite table cloth for use as a parachute and don't even get me started on how I told John the plan was off when he was already half way through pre-flight checks on his brand new Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Thanks for this.

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    Your clips are so nice and relaxing, I feel addicted to them.
    For the last 3-4 years I've been watching you nonstop and even now I think of how amazing I felt when I found your channel.
    Keep up the good work pal, you're a Legend! 👍

    • Kousaburo
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    • alwaysuseless
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      @Tzunamy ID Hi Tzunamy. I was just teasing you. We all know what you meant, even though the way you worded the sentence lends itself to other interpretations.

    • Tzunamy ID
      Tzunamy ID Month ago

      @AmazingFireBoy1 Thanks man.
      I write comments only when I feel the need of saying something, and I've been watching Daily Dose for years now, and in this time my respect for him just keeps growing. I felt like I needed to express that in words, which I did with this comment. Writing a comment for someone simply for attention is pure stupidity and I find it embarrassing also, like why would you say something to someone if you dont even mean it?
      Only the thought that there are such people doing such stuff out there disgusts me..

    • AmazingFireBoy1
      AmazingFireBoy1 Month ago

      @Tzunamy ID Or replying works too. Just making sure you aren't just being supportive simply to get attention. I approve of your comment.

    • Tzunamy ID
      Tzunamy ID Month ago

      @alwaysuseless I guess I might have made a typing error which makes the sentence have a slightly different meaning.

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    • LilithanCrispiford the 3rd
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      @Claire Willow too much time? It literally took less than a minute to do 🤣
      What's your issue anyway? Because I commented on 2 comments saying the same thing? Seriously, you went out of your way to check that and then comment trying to start something. Irony 100.

    • عبدالله بن محمد
      عبدالله بن محمد Month ago

      @Questy if Jesus was God he would know the hour and he doesn't only God knows the Hour so basically Jesus is a prophet and God gave him miracles like many prophets. We don't need god to kill himself in order for our sins to be forgiven. We ask for forgiveness and repentance that all it takes.

  • Angu Makifor
    Angu Makifor Month ago

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    • Tyler
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      lunaticking pretty sure he didn't beat his wife. I'd rather hang out with him than Jesus.
      How did I insult Jesus? I didn't call him any names.

    • Galaxis
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      Religious bigots will follow you everywhere and most will never in their life realize that they are the ones who should be ashamed.

    • Tyler
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      @Jean-Christophe Tremblay I'll take them all please
      Thank you

    • Jean-Christophe Tremblay
      Jean-Christophe Tremblay Month ago

      @Tyler As many you want.

    • Tyler
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      @Jean-Christophe Tremblay ummm...
      How many good days am I going to get?

  • Shelley Ross
    Shelley Ross Month ago

    It's amazing to think billions of people have never seen snow but it's scary to know that it no longer snows everywhere it used to snow. There were blizzards where I grew up and now it barely snows at all.

  • VerchielxKanda
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  • pronav
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  • Spartan War118
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    • silversable
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      @DJ 91 yeah that is a very simple thing to get, for example the man who intervened is a good guy and the man who was acting weird was not a good guy is this situation. simple!

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error Month ago

      @Quasar Leon You missed the entire point. The amount of people out here who cannot figure that people don't step in for nothing and that people don't run away when they're being innocent is very disappointing.

    • Seraphim K
      Seraphim K Month ago

      @Masked Badass Mate that's the same bs you said in the last comment repeating it doesn't make it suddenly come true.
      If he had anxiety he wouldn't have even walked up or started the conversation.
      Also you can see her shaking her head multiple times if he was a decent person he would have just stopped talking to her after the first no but he clearly didn't until the cleaner intervened.

  • ಠᴥಠ
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    As someone who live in a tropical country I never knew snow looks like that up close. Wow 😀

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