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Golden Buzzer: Tom Ball WOWS The Judges With "The Sound of Silence" | AGT: All-Stars 2023

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Tom Ball receives the Group Golden Buzzer from the judges for his performance of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. See why Simon Cowell calls Tom "Susan Boyle's grandson."
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    Golden Buzzer: Tom Ball WOWS The Judges With "The Sound of Silence" | AGT: All-Stars 2023
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Comments • 10 788

  • Collin Arms
    Collin Arms Month ago +9058

    This wasn’t an audition. This was a concert. Absolutely stunning

    • Natacha Macaillant
      Natacha Macaillant 2 days ago

      Yes indeed ❤

    • kb.
      kb. 4 days ago

      Jealous of every single person in that crowd to have witnessed this in person. I would have criedddddd hearing this in person.

    • Alek Villarreal
      Alek Villarreal 5 days ago


    • SDR2408
      SDR2408 6 days ago

      This is exactly what I thought, not an audition, an exceptional concert

    • Tom G
      Tom G 10 days ago

      ​@The Great And Powerful Turtle I wouldn't by any means compare this to the "Disturbed version"..... The power isn't there! He is however an incredible singer...

  • Francis Castiglione
    Francis Castiglione 13 days ago +256

    The part I find so interesting about this, is the subtle changes he makes to the song (tempo/key/etc…) and, in my humble opinion, produces the best version of this song I’ve heard so far.

    • Daniel Lacey
      Daniel Lacey 14 hours ago

      ​@itsJaeger except Disturbeds version is 100x better than this

    • nitemare
      nitemare 19 hours ago +1

      Wrong. Because the best Version is the Disturbed Version.

    • No body
      No body 5 days ago +5

      The changes were actually made by disturbed's version, they are not his, the only thing he did was essentially tone it a little bit cause he can't reach Disturbed's vocalist vocal range.

    • Dia Smith
      Dia Smith 8 days ago +3

      The changes he made are so much more interesting than a lot of other covers while sounding very true to the original song. It's phenomenal.

  • Harley Linn
    Harley Linn 18 days ago +152

    By far the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen on AGT.

    • Suzette Bavier
      Suzette Bavier 6 days ago +1


      MALAKAH Banath YASHARAHLA 11 days ago +4

      He needs to record a Album. His voice is so soothing, smooth and he seem to be a nice/ charming young man. Absolutely blessed with a beautiful singing voice. 👍👍💯💪🎵🎶🎶

  • DVF
    DVF 21 day ago +122

    No matter how many times I watch this, every single time I get goose bumps. I find the performance playing in my head at times, too. Incredible. He should win and I hope he does.

    • Blank Snafu
      Blank Snafu 8 days ago +5

      Where you get goosebumps, I break down in tears. Every single time I watch and listen to him and this performance. I'm a 52- year- old man and Tom Ball's singing absolutely breaks me down. My goodness..

  • Mary Kinney
    Mary Kinney 8 days ago +29

    I’m 60+ years old and I have never comprehending the words to the song that’s completely as I did listening to Tom. His version emphasized the true meaning of this song like nothing I’ve ever heard. This was a concert not a contest.!!!

  • lovfrnd
    lovfrnd 17 days ago +89

    I've given vocal lessons and Tom Ball has a naturally MASTERED, voice and note, pitch. I know that I've listened to this at LEAST 15 times already and am still just, AMAZED at his talent! He makes you FEEL the song. And what a humble soul he is. His voice is like it's , heavenly!! Sorry Simon and Garfunkel BUT Tom took his rendition and took your song to heaven's ears!! Whew!! 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  • S0M3
    S0M3 26 days ago +1816

    2 years ago he was teaching me drama at secondary school and now he's in BGT and AGT, you got this sir!

  • Marly King
    Marly King 19 days ago +122

    My, hands down, new favorite male artist. I can't stop listening to Tom Ball 🙌🏻

  • Sofia Ribeiro
    Sofia Ribeiro 14 days ago +42

    I thought it wasn’t possible to make another version of this iconic song…Tom proved me wrong!!!! What a rendition!!!! Wonderfull!!!!

    • Elizabeth Podest
      Elizabeth Podest 12 days ago +2

      Look up "Sound of Silence" By disturbed. Another amazing rendition.

  • Christer Karlsen
    Christer Karlsen 24 days ago +108

    My god that was fantastic! And at approx. 4:33 he produces a pure tone that gives me the best chills. This is a masterpiece!😍

    • Jake Campbell
      Jake Campbell Day ago

      I've been running an analog and digital soundboard for 20 years, and I completely agree. Also at 5:38, he produced two separate tones at once which is absolutely incredible since reverb or effects isn't allowed to be used in auditions like this.

    • Lewis Jenkins
      Lewis Jenkins 2 days ago

      Holy that change in pitch - I love this song, it was totally unexpected. Love it.

    • David Russell
      David Russell 7 days ago +1

      It evokes the emotion of overcoming a difficult feeling and being okay, it's so cool!

    • The Stoic Chipmunk
      The Stoic Chipmunk 9 days ago +2

      It's so good!

    • AlteredScot
      AlteredScot 9 days ago +7

      fully agree. That note change made it completely new and gave it such a unique sound.

  • Shelby Knapp
    Shelby Knapp 19 days ago +50

    He’s one of the best singers I have heard and seen in very long time. He puts an incredible amount of them of expression. All of his songs, He help one understand a deeper understanding when he performing. Congratulations, Tom Ball!!

  • Jenn Alwayswin
    Jenn Alwayswin 23 days ago +37

    It has been 3 days straight...its 1245 am and im still listening to this angelic voice. My soul cant let go. This is beyond amazing!

    • Jenn Alwayswin
      Jenn Alwayswin 7 days ago

      ...and im still here 😩 I want to tattoo this song to my heart lol

    • The Lemurian Unicorns
      The Lemurian Unicorns 17 days ago +2

      💯 agree !!!! Beyond Amazing! I’m privileged to hear him sing !! Bring the angels down to us all Tom, we have been waiting 🕊🤍🕊

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +2718

    If you ask me, it's the most deserved Golden Buzzer in AGT history.

    • Anime Maniac 1.0
      Anime Maniac 1.0 6 days ago

      it's normal here in Philippines real talk

    • jeremiah kurtz
      jeremiah kurtz 10 days ago

      No I say nightbirdes performance

    • DBZKING04
      DBZKING04 16 days ago


    • Frederick Flavell
      Frederick Flavell 18 days ago

      One of the great performances ever, by a gentle soul.

    • Nick
      Nick 20 days ago

      Has nobody heard David Draiman’s version of “The Sound of Silence”from the band Disturbed???? If you haven’t your doing yourself a disservice because it’s AMAZING! Nobody even comes close to his performance.
      Simon and Garfunkel even heard David Draiman’s version and liked it so much because he actually hits the feeling the song going for when they wrote it. Simon said as far as he was concerned David now owns the rights to this song. That’s how good it is.

  • Roxanne Tallack
    Roxanne Tallack 13 days ago +61

    I must of watched this video 50 times and everytime it still gives me chills !! THE BEST I’VE EVER HEARD ❤️❤️❤️

  • UxoDian
    UxoDian 14 days ago +45

    I rarely watch an audition twice but I can this all day.... Wow! What a performance! He's a star already

  • TheRealConcertKing
    TheRealConcertKing 14 days ago +35

    This is one of the greatest vocal performances I've ever seen. Simply phenomenal.

  • Maryline C.
    Maryline C. 12 days ago +51

    I truly love this song 🥺
    Tom's version is probably the most beautiful i ever heard.
    Thank You ❤

  • Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris 17 days ago +31

    I absolutely love how proud Simon is of Tom. He is such a gifted singer and comes across as a very happy, modest individual. I hope he has a successful career in music. I will happily buy his album in a heartbeat!

  • Leo Rowell
    Leo Rowell Month ago +3497

    I can honestly say having been at drama school with Tom, he is such a lovely genuine soul. So happy he’s doing well.

    BLAKE JOHNSON 11 days ago +50

    This audition gives me chills EVERY TIME!! Amazing!!

  • Olla Fasola
    Olla Fasola 5 days ago

    Goosebumps throughout the whole performance. Pure perfection! 💎

  • Experience Ingrid
    Experience Ingrid 4 days ago +2

    four voices in one body? It give me goosebumbs 😮👏👏👏

  • Walker Reid Strategies, INC.

    Single greatest vocal performance in AGT history. Just an instant serotonin boost. MY GOODNESS.

  • Julie Daniels
    Julie Daniels 4 days ago +2

    I can’t stop watching this! So amazing!I’ve downloaded to Spotify and hope I can get more of his performances

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Month ago +1003

    How can people with this much talent just walk among us like normal people and we never know

    • Rock And Roll
      Rock And Roll 18 hours ago

      1kth like

    • Rock And Roll
      Rock And Roll 18 hours ago


    • Dre in the kitchen
      Dre in the kitchen Day ago

      Right? We need to hear so much more from Tom.

    • NL3044
      NL3044 6 days ago +1

      It’s crazy, all he needed was a stage to reduce everyone to tears…… what a talent!

    • Ruth Kudadji
      Ruth Kudadji 8 days ago

      @Kevin Button he is not.God, Lord God, gave him that voice.

  • Anne Van Lienden
    Anne Van Lienden 15 days ago +23

    I need an official recording without the cheering through out because damn this is just insane! This would be on repeat a lot!

    • Leigh tee TV
      Leigh tee TV 7 days ago

      You can listen on Spotify

    • Ella
      Ella 14 days ago

      Gibt es auf Clip-Share 👍

  • fear1ess3
    fear1ess3 19 days ago +36

    I've watched this 6 times, have a heated blanket on my legs, and STILL I have goosebumps all over them.

    • Kenny
      Kenny 9 days ago

      Like omg get out of here girl

  • Eileen S
    Eileen S 9 days ago +17

    He chose the perfect song for an American audience and performed it with power, soul and originality. Superb!

  • Emeka Kingsley
    Emeka Kingsley 4 days ago +13

    The clarity.... Just sublime. He just keeps that roomy feeling that always accompanies this song. Never loosing it to the instruments

  • Clayton Alexander
    Clayton Alexander 19 days ago +31

    Brought me to tears mate. Just absolutely beautiful and flawless. You’re a credit to educators everywhere and I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers.

  • WhiteArtsMagic
    WhiteArtsMagic Month ago +1690

    He deserves everything coming his way. Seems like one of the nicest people in the world

    • Rachel Roberts
      Rachel Roberts Month ago +1

      i can confirm he is❤️

    • boltroneddie78
      boltroneddie78 Month ago +9

      Glad he’s a teacher. We need more guys like him to inspire children

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço Month ago

      Procurem viver em paz com todos e busquem a santificação, sem a qual ninguém verá o Senhor.
      Hebreus 12:14
      19 Arrependei-vos, pois, e convertei-vos, para que sejam apagados os vossos pecados, e venham, assim, os tempos do refrigério pela presença do Senhor.
      Atos Cap. 3
      Vedes então que é pelas obras que o homem é justificado, e não somente pela fé. Porque, assim como o corpo sem o espírito está morto, assim também a fé sem obras é morta.
      Tiago 2:24,26
      16 Porque Deus amou o mundo de tal maneira que deu o seu Filho Unigênito, para que todo aquele que nele crê não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna.
      17 Portanto, Deus enviou o seu Filho ao mundo não para condenar o mundo, mas para que o mundo fosse salvo por meio dele.
      19 E o julgamento é este: que a luz veio ao mundo, mas os homens amaram mais as trevas do que a luz, porque as suas obras eram más.
      João 3

    • Susan Smith
      Susan Smith Month ago +1


  • JDS May 16
    JDS May 16 19 days ago +20


  • trooper99
    trooper99 12 days ago +18

    O M G WOWWW!!!
    Simon hit the nail on the head with "...Susan Boyle's grandson!"; brought me right back to her audition as well! Pure goosebumps during both! Tom''s got one helluva powerhouse voice and such mega talent! Great job👏👏👏❣️

  • MrPotatoHead
    MrPotatoHead 23 days ago +32

    You know you’re absolutely amazing at what you do when SIMON COWELL remembers your name, stand up and claps, tells everyone asking “just watch, he’s amazing”, tells you that you had a competition winning AUDITION, and gives you the golden buzzer as a bonus. Absolutely amazing

  • Bernipásztor Jacob
    Bernipásztor Jacob 19 days ago +16

    I have never seen ALL the judges hitting the golden buzzer together. AWESOME Tom, it brought tears to my eyes

    JOANNE PERLMUTTER 21 day ago +1

    Arrangement and phrasing were superb. He gave a new interpretation that I'm guessing even S&G would applaud.

  • tgmjr tgmjr
    tgmjr tgmjr Month ago +716

    I'm a musician for 50 years. He has perfect pitch. Awesome dynamics, tuning and a style his own. Truly fabulous. Awesome and very moving. Unique.

    • mani jr
      mani jr Month ago +1

      No one ask who u re 😮

    • toriless
      toriless Month ago +7

      Unlike the kid who was flat on the high notes, superfans are tone deaf. Thankfully the judges saved him from their defective ears.

      KING JERMARCUS Month ago +4


  • CVBelmont
    CVBelmont 14 days ago +16

    His tone is so... perfect when he says "sound" at 5:39 its crazy!

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne 19 days ago +39

    Was truly disappointed he didn't win but I truly hope someone comes forward to produce his music. He is brilliant. Beautiful voice that makes me tear up with joy to listen to it.

    • christine swift
      christine swift 2 days ago

      First time I’ve heard this WOW amazing

    • Carol M
      Carol M 13 days ago

      Totally agree and yet in a way, I feel he still won. A lot of people now know him, the standing ovations he keeps getting as well as during the songs. Plus the sweetest and most sincere heart ever seen!! He’ll go far just by being himself

    • Anne Leeson
      Anne Leeson 17 days ago

      Tom Ball should have won AGT All Stars. I hope he gets a contract, my family, friends and myself would be the first to be at his concert . Tom, you have to have a concert in Australia, we all love you.❤️👏😊

    • Shany Loukiantchenko
      Shany Loukiantchenko 19 days ago +1

      Agree 100%.

  • Marissa Frederick
    Marissa Frederick 20 days ago +18

    I have tears coming down my face. This guy is AMAZING.

  • Paul Bieleski
    Paul Bieleski 7 days ago +2

    I freakin love this song and this is one of the best versions I ever heard.

    • Occam's Stubble
      Occam's Stubble 7 days ago

      I always considered it just another S&G song. Had they done it this way, my attitude would've been different.

  • ThefightingCelt
    ThefightingCelt 18 days ago +22

    I'm a stickler for perfection or near perfection, and Tom's voice is top notch and that is why I'm drawn to this back time and time again. The truly great singers make it sound so effortless . Tom Ball is in that category.

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films Month ago +555

    Talk about a Brilliant performance! He's reaally good!

  • Björn
    Björn 14 days ago +12

    fantastic....the performance was amazing...but what he did at 4:34, I have no words, the best I've heard for decades.Thats what's music all about...well done!

    • kb.
      kb. 5 days ago

      It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it

  • Jadzia BUR
    Jadzia BUR 7 days ago +14

    Nie mogę przestać Go słuchać.
    Mógłby góry głosem przenosić. 😘🇵🇱

  • Lynn Montgomery
    Lynn Montgomery 14 days ago +12

    What an amazing soul. My goodness, you can not only hear him, you can feel his emotions. Phenomenal voice to say the least. Wow! Just WOW!

  • Sergio Zarate
    Sergio Zarate Day ago

    Tranquilamente podría pagar mi entrada para ver a este artista. Impresionante 💪💪💪

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith 7 days ago +1

    A stunning rendition and performance. He should compile a list of songs with his own sound. I would buy it.

  • Panda bear singer
    Panda bear singer Month ago +611

    I like the fact that this golden buzzer didn’t have a sad story most like every singer on the show he really got a beautiful voice hope he wins ❤

    • Rachel Roberts
      Rachel Roberts 16 days ago

      yeah but he didn't use it to his advantage or mention it for sympathy views

    • AiCDragon
      AiCDragon 24 days ago

      ​@Michelle Bakker its called Americas Got Talent... not Americas Got a Sob story.

    • Rachel Roberts
      Rachel Roberts Month ago +1

      yeah but he didn't say that in the interview to make a sad story

    • Dr. Christopher Johnson
      Dr. Christopher Johnson Month ago

      Hello, I hope you're safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness, prosperity, and love all over the world, I would love us to be good friends in honesty and in trust if you don't mind. I'm Doctor Christopher Johnson from San Francisco, California, where are you from if I may ask?

    • Samuel
      Samuel Month ago +6

      @Michelle Bakker which is fine, but their sob stories should have no effect on how they are judged during a talent show.

  • EJ L
    EJ L 19 days ago +24

    This guy nailed it!!!! My mom showed me this the other day and I had absolute chills. It takes a lot to give me chills when singing a song.

  • NK Bobcat
    NK Bobcat 15 days ago +1

    What a well-deserved recognition of a great performance!

  • Timo Kuper
    Timo Kuper 19 days ago

    Godlike, never had more goosebumps than after listening to his voice.

  • Kat krabkat
    Kat krabkat 20 days ago +5

    I was stunned by his performance! I grew up with the Simon & Garfunkel version and loved it (also love Disturbed version) but this was just incredible! I wanted him to win so much.

  • Jeanne Carstens
    Jeanne Carstens 8 days ago +1

    I did not want this young man to stop singing.

  • Susan Ruiz
    Susan Ruiz Month ago +910

    He is such a polite, modest young man! I wish him every success in singing and in whatever else he decides to do.

  • Cynthia Price
    Cynthia Price 17 days ago +5

    This is what a 100% true talent is!!! I just watched it for the first time yesterday night and he is just WOW!! I can’t stop watching it. His voice is so calmly and gives me all the feels😌. He is the winner!!! He has to be!

  • Xcalybur
    Xcalybur 19 days ago +10

    You can see the amazing heart in this man. He deserves this and more.

  • Niagaran
    Niagaran 6 days ago

    Once in a while and audition comes along that is beyond amazing, this is one of those times and brings me to tears. Yes it ranks with Susan Boyle who is why I am here to see, hear and feel this!
    Thankyou Tom ! 🤩

  • Craftaholics Creations
    Craftaholics Creations 22 days ago +20

    Perfect example of someone finding exactly what they were meant to do. Incredible gift!!!

  • julian groenendijk
    julian groenendijk 5 days ago +1

    After 100 times of listening i still say this is the best focal agt or bgt ever had in all these years well done you shouldve won this in my opinion

  • Tony Aliano
    Tony Aliano Month ago +464

    That man REALLY knows his range, pushed to his peak and didn't try to reach while also giving the song his own unique sound. Amazing performance.

    • Pseudo Nym
      Pseudo Nym Month ago

      @Josh Grady Agreed. He's so good. He's hitting high notes almost like Jimmy Herrod. This is my favorite musical performance on AGT.

    • gebbadson
      gebbadson Month ago

      I was searching for this comment, thank you! He was kinda holding the high note till the end, which made the final chorus in the key change even better! Love this.

    • The Operatic Realtor
      The Operatic Realtor Month ago +3

      When he demonstrated that level of self knowledge and sang his voice while honoring the song I shouted.

    • Josh Grady
      Josh Grady Month ago +12

      When he came to the second chorus I was just begging for him to swing for the high note and I got goosebumps that I thought would pop when he did. Holy hell he's talented.

  • Shawnee Fenton
    Shawnee Fenton 16 days ago

    he truly truly did an amazing performance of sounds of silence

  • Ruben Galvez
    Ruben Galvez 21 day ago +25

    That version touched my heart so deeply ...

    • Ruben Galvez
      Ruben Galvez 15 days ago

      @Ironspeed … Thank you

    • Ironspeed
      Ironspeed 15 days ago

      He's amazing. If you'd like to hear a similar version, check out Disturbed's version. Equally as awesome

  • illudiumq36spacemodulator
    illudiumq36spacemodulator 23 days ago +31

    He is a natural. Man his voice range is phenomenal

  • Athenkosi Ngadlela
    Athenkosi Ngadlela 3 days ago

    The fact that he did not win, its just beyond me. All performances were incredible. I keep coming back to listen to this one.

  • Bobcat Bigpaws
    Bobcat Bigpaws 25 days ago +22

    Well you can tell most the world loves Tom with 10M views so far. He is just honestly amazing like Howie said. He looks to be such a great person and a voice to go with it. I would love to see him in a concert. He would bring the house down for sure. 🤩👏👏👏👍

  • Jennifer Lawson
    Jennifer Lawson Month ago +889

    Tom is such a beautiful soul. His heart and gentleness and voice is what the world needs right now. What an incredible human being inside and out.

    • Dr. Christopher Johnson
      Dr. Christopher Johnson Month ago

      Hello, I hope you're safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness, prosperity, and love all over the world, I would love 💚us to be good friends in honesty and in trust if you don't mind. I'm Doctor Christopher Johnson from San Francisco, California, where are you from if I may ask?

    • Mahesh Hardasani
      Mahesh Hardasani Month ago +1

      Nice comment

    • Love Sponge
      Love Sponge Month ago +1

      Wow...my dear I was searching for words to express how wonderful this young man is and how beautiful he sang, then I came across your comment and you just said it all. I must admit you had me teary-eyed while reading. Just loved your comment and loved this young man ....he deserved the golden buzzer and he deserves to win...so beautiful so talented. God bless him.

    • clownin dan
      clownin dan Month ago +2

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ are you still banned from coming within 100 yards of a school?

    • Lgiestas Giestas
      Lgiestas Giestas Month ago +1

      Tom has a great voice 👌 but really we need a stronger voice to straight up the world today.... .

  • Brian Buchanan
    Brian Buchanan 20 days ago +3

    I have always thought most of the singers on AGT were second tier to most of the exclusively singing competitions like the Voice and American Idol, but this guys is insanely talented. You usually get one or two wow moments in a great performance but this guy just kept them coming.

  • Jason Mantell
    Jason Mantell 15 days ago +8

    He knew exactly what he was doing. Legendary performance. What a talent, indeed!!

  • Shawna Barker
    Shawna Barker 22 days ago +7

    I only fell in love with this song due to Disturbed. However, this is the first time that I've actually gotten chills. Hope you win this time around, Tom!

  • Esther Page
    Esther Page 5 days ago

    Every time I watch this, it brings me to tears, such a wonderful voice and performance. I would be very proud to have him as a grandson. In fact I am so proud of him anyway because he is such a lovely soul.

  • laura mackenzie
    laura mackenzie Month ago +819

    Cannot stop playing this. His tone and vocal range are outstanding AND he just seems like such a lovely guy. What a beautiful, flawless performance.

    • Dr. Christopher Johnson
      Dr. Christopher Johnson Month ago

      Hello, I hope you're safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness, prosperity, and love all over the world, I would love us to be good friends in honesty and in trust if you don't mind. I'm Doctor Christopher Johnson from San Francisco, California, where are you from if I may ask?

    • Samuel Hernandez
      Samuel Hernandez Month ago

      Listen to disturbed version, live on conan

    • paula dautremont
      paula dautremont Month ago +4

      I have heard this song for years, but this is the first time I have broken down in tears.

    • Peg Lenga
      Peg Lenga Month ago +3

      ME TOOOOOOO!!!

    • Benjamin Miller
      Benjamin Miller Month ago +1


  • Dawn Mulder
    Dawn Mulder 3 days ago

    Goosebumps…every single time I hear him sing this song.

  • kevin garcia
    kevin garcia 10 days ago

    Omg impresionante una de las voces más hermosas que he escuchado en mi vida !

  • Medicated for your safety

    I’ll be first in line to buy this dudes first album❤ what control, what range. I’d give my right arm for this guys vocals ❤

  • Angel Zhelyazkov
    Angel Zhelyazkov 14 days ago +2

    What a great guy! Great talent!
    Cheers from Bulgaria!

  • Andre Toujour
    Andre Toujour 13 days ago +13

    Sound of silence ?
    An incredible voice and he blew the roof off !

  • VintageCR
    VintageCR Month ago +714

    This wasn't an audition. This was a personal statement that shows how good Tom really is. He nailed it!

      SHERRI LYNN L JOHNSON 15 days ago


    • BRT LNG
      BRT LNG 17 days ago

      watch Disturbed - The Sound of Silence. this was their version though he just made it a little bit different

    • Lucia Bovo
      Lucia Bovo Month ago


    • judy hiller
      judy hiller Month ago +7

      Awesome . Brilliant. Stellar. Beautiful. I'm so glad you chose AGT to perform your gift. I'll think of you"The Sound of Silence"

    • Theme Master
      Theme Master Month ago +3

      That's pretty much what audition means. People personally show what level they are.

  • Andy Skw
    Andy Skw 3 days ago

    Tom's voice is so uplifting. His voice quality reminds me so much of when Whitney Houston was at her peak. Clear diction and powerful and moving.

  • Lía Silva
    Lía Silva 18 days ago +5

    Ele é tão diferente de tudo e de todos, ele é todo único, sua voz é impressionante, não tem como não ouvir até o fim 🥰👏👏👏👏

  • Bahroedyn Goefygoober
    Bahroedyn Goefygoober 17 days ago

    This is the BEST CONCERT i ever see 😍😍😍
    This guy is full of Blessing 🥰

  • Linda Kesul
    Linda Kesul 6 days ago

    His rendition was stunning. The best version ever.

  • Bonnie McDermid
    Bonnie McDermid 3 days ago +1

    For such a young man to take a song that we heard growing up and bring it back to a new life and meaning was awe inspiring.

  • Mom Cat22
    Mom Cat22 Month ago +774

    When he switched from chest voice to head voice, the goosebumps came out to play. What an amazing performance. Hard to believe he's still a schoolmaster and not a recording artist.

    • Brent Nealy - Ace Ruffstuff
      Brent Nealy - Ace Ruffstuff 11 days ago

      @larushka1, well you're blindfolded. Disturbed has the best version when it comes to that song, even better than the original.

    • Brent Nealy - Ace Ruffstuff
      Brent Nealy - Ace Ruffstuff 11 days ago

      @Krakoid, Disturbed

    • Sandra Gruhle
      Sandra Gruhle 13 days ago

      Teachers don’t teach for the income, but the outcome, and it is beyond rewarding and gratifying. Been there; done that.🥳🥳

    • larushka1
      larushka1 Month ago

      @artofcod I think this is better than Disturbeds

    • larushka1
      larushka1 Month ago

      @CandleLight1974 What’s your point?

  • shelley herbert
    shelley herbert 20 days ago +4

    A record label would be crazy not to sign Tom Ball on. His voice is beyond expertise..its angelic!

  • Claudia Stevens
    Claudia Stevens 13 days ago +10

    I can't believe he did not win. He is great!!

  • Phylana Ladd
    Phylana Ladd 24 days ago

    That young man made me cry. Powerful, humble, beautiful soul.

  • Music2327
    Music2327 2 days ago

    Each time I think to myself, ‘He can’t top that… can he’, he does something even more amazing than the last.. truly incredible!

  • Jon M
    Jon M 7 days ago +2

    I’m so torn between this and Disturbed. Tom’s tone is perfection, the way he moves in and out of the high to low notes is heavenly.

  • Amber Armstrong
    Amber Armstrong 25 days ago +747

    Who watched this multiple times because his voice is so amazing? I did

    • Dona deAvera
      Dona deAvera Day ago

      Me too

    • Lucy Witherwax
      Lucy Witherwax 2 days ago +1

      I have listened so many times that I can play it in my mind.. So very precious and beautiful.

    • dennis jamieson
      dennis jamieson 3 days ago +1

      Me to bring tears to my eyes and I’ve watched this several times. Over and over I love his voice

    • Melissa Echols
      Melissa Echols 4 days ago +2

      The last singer I listen to at night b4 bed, night after night after night! Love his voice LOVE ❤ ❤

    • Bea Kälin BeVegan
      Bea Kälin BeVegan 5 days ago

      At least a hundert times ...till now😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Brock Jensen
    Brock Jensen 18 days ago +5

    It's so cool being able to see his performance get better and better as he becomes more confident with the crowd cheering him on

  • Fakruldin Zakaria
    Fakruldin Zakaria 15 days ago +4

    4 golden buzzer.. Tom deserves it.. amazing voice, sensational

  • George Akoto
    George Akoto 24 days ago +23

    This version is also awesome. I loved the version by "disturbed" but this is also incredibly great. Such a talented and humble likable young lad. You are blessed sir. May God preserve you

    • Mimosa Sheldon
      Mimosa Sheldon 14 days ago

      Couldn’t see anything special in this version, but, Disturbed totally nailed the song, even better than the original.

    • Sméagol
      Sméagol 14 days ago

      I'm so glad he had the guts to do something new. So cool!

  • jayizatlast
    jayizatlast 17 days ago +3

    Sound of silence is one of my favourites and I could just listen to his version over an over again

  • Suzie Rao
    Suzie Rao 4 days ago

    There are no words for this young man, except….AMAZING VOICE!!! Absolutely amazing. It is so nice to see a young gentleman, with such a beautiful voice..Sounds of silence never sounded so good. Keep your dreams open and have a happy life young man. Good luck in your singing career.

  • Elaine V
    Elaine V Month ago +408

    What makes Tom truly stands out is the way he articulates every word so beautifully when he sings and the control he has on his breathing. What an incredible performance!

    • Bee Bee
      Bee Bee  Month ago +5

      After watching over and over I would have to agree. He can get the song’s message across SO clearly. And then his vocals are from another realm altogether. It makes the total experience very powerful

    • Dr. Christopher Johnson
      Dr. Christopher Johnson Month ago +1

      Hello, I hope you're safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness, prosperity, and love all over the world, I would love 💚us to be good friends in honesty and in trust if you don't mind. I'm Doctor Christopher Johnson from San Francisco, California, where are you from if I may ask?❤

    • Parker Brown-Nesbit
      Parker Brown-Nesbit Month ago +8

      And the sheer ease with which he sings. There's no strain at all

    • Bunyodjon
      Bunyodjon Month ago


  • mjvalente2004
    mjvalente2004 4 days ago +6

    Awesome. I was captivated from the first note. His interpretation of this classic song will become a classic on its own!

  • Moyra LC
    Moyra LC 15 days ago +1

    Tom I can’t stop listening to your extraordinary and beautiful voice. You are truly wonderful!

  • John Burditt
    John Burditt 13 days ago +13

    You can just see Simon's expression... he's thinking... this guy is IMPOSSIBLE and yet I knew it was coming. Tom is the absolute GOAT of the universe

  • Chris and Kris Holiday
    Chris and Kris Holiday 8 days ago +5

    his voice fills the whole stage and echoes throughout the theate... unbelievably amazing!