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Daniel Negreanu Worst Poker Hands | High Stakes Poker

  • Published on Jan 12, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Daniel Negreanu was the biggest loser on High Stakes Poker and here are his worst losing hands in history!
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Comments • 0

  • Daniel Sewnig
    Daniel Sewnig 2 years ago +670

    "I think I had the deuce three of clubs" has to be one of the best unintentional needles in poker history

    • Superchalkster
      Superchalkster 2 years ago +119

      dude had 89 offsuit no club, lol

    • MCFoultier
      MCFoultier 2 years ago +52

      That was Intentional

    • Joshua Seth Hill
      Joshua Seth Hill 2 years ago +65

      Dnegs "You didn't have the deuce three of clubs I guess..." (said with thinly veiled sarcasm)

    • anthonyxdoe
      anthonyxdoe 2 years ago +43

      @Superchalkster he had 32clubs the hand before

    • Kymmberliestarr
      Kymmberliestarr 2 years ago +13

      It's fine. He's made plenty in poker not to mention his other businesses and investments. Everybody that's played poker for hours on end and for decades has made bad calls. We're just here on the internet watching and most wish they had his skill. He's one of the best in the world of poker but I digress. He's not even one of favorites but who am I to sit here and clown on one of the best. I'm not.

  • John Piassek
    John Piassek 2 years ago +137

    From 8:34 to 12:05 is brutal to watch. He knew he was beat the second Lindgren shoved, but couldn't find the fold.

    • L Jamieson
      L Jamieson 2 years ago +19

      @submersedrox it was in the tv contract, everyone was given a personality, they had to play up to it. Ivey, ice cold, durr maniac, Doyle, goat, dnegs soul reading pay off machine etc etc

    • Michael Bateman
      Michael Bateman 2 years ago +17

      Well the guy is a multimillionaire with unreal houses, cars, Awesome wife’s and lives basically everyone’s dream - maybe that’s makes it’s little less brutal lol

    • KAZPER
      KAZPER 2 years ago +1

      @L Jamieson nope, scott siever already said that they are like this but even more than what we see.

    • Jerome Lawler
      Jerome Lawler 2 years ago +2

      @submersedrox DN hardly ever berates his opponents EVERY SINGLE HAND, he mostly bemoans his bad luck, and you can hardly blame him in this hand with Lindgren
      But he coulda easily folded, I think he chose to ship it bcuz he's good friends with Lindgren

  • Mr X
    Mr X Year ago +68

    Take a second to think about how unlucky Daniel got in the JJ vs quads hand. There are so many turns where he doesn't have to go for his whole stack... the four of clubs is not one of those cards. The absolute disaster card in the deck for Daniel. Takes out 2 combos of 44 and brings in even more draws. JJ can't fold just yet and has such bad clarity on the river that he had to move in on the turn.

    • MultiBadger32
      MultiBadger32 Year ago +5

      It is a very interesting hand. If this is supposed to be a blunder reel, then I agree this is no blunder. I think in that spot all three plays are legitimate candidates for Daniel. Personally I shade away from the raise. Yes, the turn winds down the basic odds of Binyamine holding a four, but the information signal on his bet raises the conditional probability that he has at least one four - I'm not convinced you can discriminate very easily between the scale of those two antagonistic effects. For me, there is enough risk of one four (or better) in Binyamine's hand to avoid pricing him in for 35%.

    • Mr X
      Mr X Year ago +2

      @MultiBadger32 folding isn't an option as there are only 7 combos in David's range that beat Daniel. There is no just a four...

    • Jamie Satyr
      Jamie Satyr Year ago

      The problem is Daniel can't fold even when he knows he's beat. I saw him in a tourney calling an "All-in" from Phil Laak. Lucky it was a tie, but it was a pair of 9's. Insane. ;-)

    • James Hursiuiluiiiut
      James Hursiuiluiiiut 11 months ago +1

      I feel benyamine gives Daniel a couple of opportunities to get away from his hand here. He literally tells him to be careful at one point.
      So easy to say seeing the hole cards of course.

    • Jim Reily
      Jim Reily 11 months ago

      @Tim B Why ?

  • CribNotes
    CribNotes 10 months ago +4

    Calling Eric Lindren was probably Daniel's worst play on this video. $100,000 punt. Full Tilt. In Daniel's defense, he's a feel player and somebody spiking quads on the turn can jam your radar because the "vibe" is so rare it feels bluffy.

    • Spencer Bradley
      Spencer Bradley 6 days ago +1

      There wasn’t really any reasoning for Daniel making that call.
      He had just been getting absolutely screwed in that session over and over and over again, and he was just on pure monkey tilt at that point.

  • Jake Cooper
    Jake Cooper 2 years ago +1

    In the 2nd hand I think the only bluff Lundgren could possibly have had is Qd 10d. But against Daniel most of these guys know he is a calling station, especially when he has played the hand so strong. So it just can never be a bluff.

    • Cipher Serpicø
      Cipher Serpicø 2 years ago

      That type of play, didn’t really exist back then.
      It was impossible for him to be bluffing.

    • twown
      twown Year ago

      I also thought MAYBE QTdd or Q9dd, but that's giving Lindgren a huge amount of credit to turn that hand into a bluff there.

  • Lars Aas
    Lars Aas Year ago +10

    Would love listening to live commentary by Daniel on this !!

  • Tom B
    Tom B 2 years ago +96

    "You know when Daniel flops a straight? When the board pairs on the turn."
    -Barry Greenstein

    • Jamie Satyr
      Jamie Satyr Year ago

      Hilarious 😆😆😆😁😁😁

    • Andrew doctor
      Andrew doctor 11 months ago

      Funny. Too bad Barry’s broke 😂😂😂😂

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 11 months ago +1

      @Andrew doctor is he?

    • Andrew doctor
      Andrew doctor 11 months ago +1

      @Jonathan I heard it last time I was in LV for the wsop in June. But I can’t say for sure. But never see him playing the high stakes games anymore. Maybe he only plays private games now I don’t know. I probably shouldn’t have posted it as I’m not sure tbh

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson Year ago +7

    He's still my favorite player to watch. I just love his personality!

  • patburns600
    patburns600 2 years ago +12

    that double slap in the table 8:35 😂 poor Daniel

    • wasti82
      wasti82 Year ago +1

      Hellmuth vibes.

    • Toprak
      Toprak 11 months ago

      That's the most tilted I've seen Negreanu. He channelled his inner Hellmuth there.

  • MRCV
    MRCV 11 months ago +3

    The way he has always runned on this set ups, the poker gods definitely owed him one of this hands..

  • AOB
    AOB 2 years ago +41

    “That’s the quads look” is one of Gabe Kaplan’s best lines. 2:42

  • Evan Lee
    Evan Lee 2 years ago +12

    I don't know why, but Gabe's comment "I mean, you might have had 9-and-a-halves" is freaking hysterical to me.

  • twown
    twown 2 years ago +61

    The best hand is missing here, where Daniel folds the winning flush when Benyamin (smaller flush) raises Doyle (trips) on the river.

    • twown
      twown 2 years ago +1

      dein vater I can't find it. I've looked long and hard for that hand.

    • Moolers
      Moolers 11 months ago

      @twown Most of my favorite hands are suddenly gone from youtube for some reason. They must have deleted a lot of videos over the past few years.

    DHAXPEG DHAXPEG Year ago +5

    I really love Gape Kaplan's knowledge and his humour.

  • Rob Bauer
    Rob Bauer 2 years ago +4

    Daniel had such a rough run those first 6 seasons of High Stakes Poker. Bear in mind that this video doesn't include any clips from season 1 where he buys in for $1,000,000 and get whittled down a few hundred K just by losing all ins!
    Would love there to be some kind of database where we could see exactly how much the players are up/down over the course of the seasons, Daniel is certainly 7 figures in the red...

    • Sean Kiesling
      Sean Kiesling 2 years ago +2

      I think I remember him being down to 600k in that session making him a 400k loser. That's brutal... I blame the blue sunglasses
      To your 2nd paragraph Daniel mentioned he lost over 2 million in HSP

    • YaBoyVickk
      YaBoyVickk Year ago

      8 figures easy I think

    • Andrew doctor
      Andrew doctor 11 months ago

      You think he’s backed or it’s all (was) his own $$?

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago +1

      @Andrew doctor That's what I wonder about many of the players.

    • Jawaharlal Nehru
      Jawaharlal Nehru 3 months ago

      @Sean KieslingDaniel is down 2.08 million in the first 6 seasons of hsp. Tom dwan is the biggest winner with 1.78 million up

  • thecactuus
    thecactuus 2 years ago +7

    The jacks v quads hand, Daniel didn't play it bad at all, but benyamine played it like a master, the way he questioned how much daniel had on the turn as he would do if he was semi bluffing repping a boat when board paired to knock out draws etc, plus everything else he said and his behaviour convinced Daniel he was good

  • The Guardian
    The Guardian 2 years ago +9

    This is great. There are so many vids of Daniel “mind reader” but for every 1 he gets right there are probably 100 he gets wrong.

    • Mezzo396
      Mezzo396 2 years ago +1

      prolly not

    • Anticomunista peruano 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Anticomunista peruano 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 years ago +1

      Anyway Dany is the second most rich póker player.

    • Martin Smrčka
      Martin Smrčka 2 years ago

      Surely not mr. The Guaridan. There is a reason why he is one the poker´s biggest legends and currently third in all time money list. But that doesn´t mean that call against Eric Lindgren wasn´t very bad.

  • Coolmacatrain
    Coolmacatrain 2 years ago +25

    I feel this video could easily be 29 hours long :)

  • TheOneHappyOrc
    TheOneHappyOrc 17 days ago

    Soooooo weird to watch Daniel losing and being upset about it. It's like watching video with Phil calm and winning.

  • Victor D
    Victor D 2 years ago +28

    Gabe Kaplan is no GTO commentator, but he's great. Best poker commentator on tv I've ever seen.

    • YaBoyVickk
      YaBoyVickk Year ago +2

      Nick schulman is top tier .. gabe voice just annoys me somehow .. really just unpleasant to listen to for a long period of time

      DHAXPEG DHAXPEG Year ago +6

      @YaBoyVickk I really love his voice, his knowledge, his humour.

    • BG
      BG 13 days ago +2

      ​@YaBoyVickkyou must be one of those new woke players

    • YaBoyVickk
      YaBoyVickk 13 days ago

      @jacksparrow3490 nah bruh I'm old school believe me..got my start when Carlos Mortensen won the main

  • Chaddd dd
    Chaddd dd 2 years ago +4

    He could have definitely got out of the hand against Lindgren. Dwan hand was understandable as it is Dwan. Matusow hand was unlucky to lose both.

  • Matthew Bottcher
    Matthew Bottcher Year ago +2

    18:44 lol same Daniel. I tried to think of what hands he would take this line with, and I could really only put him on AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AKc, AQc (obviously lol), and AJc. Given the limp raise pre-flop, I don’t think he ever shows up in this spot with any straight or straight draw, nor do I think he has a set or 2 pair. All those hands either fold pre or open instead of going for the limp raise. In the long run I think this is a -EV call cuz he’s flipping against half the hands Mike could have, and he’s drawing to only 2 outs against the other half.

  • DaChronical a little bit of everything!!

    Nobody can put an opponent on quads like in this situation, it’s very hard to put someone on a pair from the deal let alone seeing quads drop, at best they may guess trips but never quads

    • Mitjitsu
      Mitjitsu 7 months ago

      There were hands like KT of diamonds and A8 he could be losing to. It should have been an easy fold, but he was too tilted to see it.

  • Mark Devereaux
    Mark Devereaux Year ago +2

    "How do I always lose?" I ask myself that same question everytime i play

  • Juan Mancinas
    Juan Mancinas 2 years ago +151

    You could tell benyamine felt bad when daniel went all in. He did try to warn him....

    • Howard
      Howard 2 years ago +148

      I don't think so, he was just trying to be sly, Benyamin would check raise his own mother.

    • RoyFokerPoker
      RoyFokerPoker 2 years ago +7


    • Johnny Blud
      Johnny Blud 2 years ago +4

      @Howard 🤣🤣🤣

    • Johnny Blud
      Johnny Blud 2 years ago +2

      @Howard 🤣🤣🤣

    • david bolaños
      david bolaños 2 years ago

      Jajajaja 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • andrew harwell
    andrew harwell 2 years ago +2

    "I put him on quads" made Daniel go all in

  • Hornet Guy
    Hornet Guy 2 years ago +14

    Hand 1: eastgate calling a cbet on 742 with 33 facing a continuation bet from the PFR and 2 guys left to act behind. Wonder why this was basically his only appearance on TV poker post WSOP bracelet m

    • Mac of All Trades
      Mac of All Trades Year ago

      Eastgate was a solid tournament player who had a great run, but against those pros in a cash game, he was in waaaaaay over his head.

    • Alex Sze
      Alex Sze Year ago +2

      @Mac of All Trades I always have this 'rule of thumb', never bet your money on a tournament player.

  • East Portal
    East Portal Year ago +3

    2:23 even the dealer is disgusted with daniel's call hahahahah

  • Massive Moon
    Massive Moon 2 years ago +4

    12:15 in that context that wasn't a bad call. He was ok to lose his chips, not ok to get bluffed, and wanted to know what the other guy had

    • Sean Kiesling
      Sean Kiesling 3 months ago

      I mean at that point when someone shoves the river for 6 figures that's very polarizing....hes saying hes got the nuts or nothing...Daniel at that point only had a bluff catcher.. he mine as well just been holding Queen. Either one only beats a bluff. Like Gabe said out of all the calls that's one he really should have folded

  • Theis Nielsen
    Theis Nielsen 10 months ago +3

    “You didn’t have the 2-3 of clubs I guess” 😂

  • Semi-Conscious American-Joe

    If someone was to watch this video with no previous information, he would think DNegs was a horrible player who was taking a shot at higher stakes.

    • Cipher Serpicø
      Cipher Serpicø 2 years ago +5

      He’d be right.

    • Kupferdrahtful lol
      Kupferdrahtful lol Year ago +3

      @Cipher Serpicø you do know he is one of the most profitable players in the history of the game?

    • Cipher Serpicø
      Cipher Serpicø Year ago +1

      @Kupferdrahtful lol Yes.
      So is Phill Hellmuth.

    • daniel charlton
      daniel charlton Year ago

      @Kupferdrahtful lol no he isn't and isn't even close to being that lol

    • Kupferdrahtful lol
      Kupferdrahtful lol Year ago +1

      @daniel charlton he made 45 million playing poker

  • Mike Rage
    Mike Rage 2 years ago

    I watched this video countless times but just now realized the quad 4 hand. Daniel kinda added up his chips like Matt Damon on rounders lol

  • Matt Sivits
    Matt Sivits 2 years ago +9

    The 2nd hand is the worst....
    So many potential full house hands and he couldn’t get away from it because lindgren didn’t have enough behind to scare him off...
    When the board pairs i always slow down
    Edit.... last hand is even worse because as much as I don’t like the 2020 and 2021 Daniel I hate the mouth even more

    • Jerome Lawler
      Jerome Lawler 2 years ago

      I think he shipped it because he's good friends with Lindgren, same with Matusow in a different hand that wasn't shown here but from the same session, he knows Mike can sure use the money

    • Prashant
      Prashant 2 years ago

      That's what you should do, always being aggressive is not good

  • Alex_Bets
    Alex_Bets 2 years ago +14

    That 10, 9 hand vs the quad 8's. As much as it hurts, I would've had to lay that down. It's sick when you flop the nuts then by the river you feel something is wrong. Sometimes you just know. The hard part is listening to yourself.

    • David
      David 2 years ago +1

      He knew he was beat, he only called to get sympathy from the rest of the table

    • vvvs 2145s
      vvvs 2145s 2 years ago

      @David you don’t lose 100k for sympathy

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago

      I'm surprised he didn't check the river even though he did have a straight. That's just me though. If I have a guy calling me twice with a paired board, I'm a little concerned. I can't remember did Daniel pre-flop raise?

    • Free Flow
      Free Flow 2 months ago

      He behaved like a 5 year old kid. Disgusting to watch

  • Joon Pak
    Joon Pak Year ago +3

    “He felt it, he was right!” 🤣

  • Quetzal the Gamer
    Quetzal the Gamer 10 months ago +1

    It's not really fun to watch Daniel lose because he's a nice guy and doesn't lose his temper that much.

  • Giorgos Iliopoulos
    Giorgos Iliopoulos 2 years ago +11

    Just my 2 cents...
    I think the hand against Dwan was the worst out of them all. From the beginning to the end.

    • calinator51
      calinator51 2 years ago

      That's Dwans LAG image causing a player to make big mistakes.

    • Tim B
      Tim B Year ago

      Agreed. It was probably one of the worst plays I've ever seen at high stakes.

  • StephenRahrig
    StephenRahrig Year ago +4

    How do the dealers count the chips that fast

  • Hawkey Hockert
    Hawkey Hockert 2 years ago +15

    8:35 Never seen Daniel get so irritated other than with Deeb during the “going south” argument

    • Andrew doctor
      Andrew doctor 11 months ago

      Deeb can be as annoying AF….. i mean Shaun you mean Freddie I guess though My bad

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 2 years ago +2

    Daniel once said "You wanna know how I flopped the nuts? Because I'm behind on the River." 🤣

    • John Spence
      John Spence 2 years ago +1

      no barry greenstein said it...how do you know daniel has a straight, the board pairs...

  • woncho1
    woncho1 2 years ago

    Yes he’s so unlucky so many times at High stakes poker but I’m happy to say he’s still playing his A game today 😀🤙👍🏻

  • Lolwhatajoke
    Lolwhatajoke 2 years ago +5

    thats why daniel is a pro, even against quads he has a couple plans

  • jack woods
    jack woods 10 months ago

    Benyamine Told Daniel to Be Careful...He Even Mentioned "Quads" to Daniel After Daniel Said "Squats"...Almost Seemed Like Benyamine Was Trying to be Nice and Warn Daniel...Daniel Went All in Anyway

  • cr0mag
    cr0mag Year ago +6

    In the last hand he absolutely made the right call, it was already a large pot and 50/50

    • Jamie Satyr
      Jamie Satyr Year ago

      He should still fold with just a pair of 10's. He just can't let a hand go. 😆

    • Crypto Mojako
      Crypto Mojako Year ago +1

      @Jamie Satyr nope its a big pot and he has a big chance already. he has a pair its 50/50 it goes down to the river flush lol

    • Alexander Kings
      Alexander Kings Year ago

      @Crypto Mojako ¿Why the turn and river were played twice?

  • Thenoles1424🤣
    Thenoles1424🤣 2 years ago +76

    Who else can relate to the quad look lol

    • dana Olsen
      dana Olsen 2 years ago +23

      Sat down at a table 1-2 no limit. I bought in with 200 bucks (standard buy in) 10 x the big blind. I was dealt pocket pair of 6's and called a standard 30 dollar raise. 4 people at the table called and the flop was K68 hearts. I flop a set and the lady across from me goes all in; guy beside her folds and another calls and I call. I figure I am up against a flush draw or an open end straight draw. To my amazement the lady has 2 pair K - 8 The other guy has a belly buster straight draw with 4-5. I cant believe my luck the turn cards comes off and a J hits then the river is a 6. Quad 6 's for 600 bucks first hand.

    • Clos Ri
      Clos Ri 2 years ago +1

      @dana Olsen Love to see it.

    • Richard
      Richard 2 years ago

      Lol and look hungry when you hit it 🤤

    • Ainsley Harriott
      Ainsley Harriott Year ago +1

      You have that French traditional devils island shirt on

    • Sydney Carton
      Sydney Carton Year ago

      Nah. Shouldn't you look happy when you get quads? Lol.

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris 2 years ago +7

    Watching Daniel lose is starting to be much more fun to watch than Phil Hellmuth losing!

    • Sludge
      Sludge 2 years ago


    • jash daftary
      jash daftary 2 years ago

      Not even close

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago

      That's because Phil's song and dance is getting old.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Year ago

    There is NOTHING you can tell Doyle Brunson. He has seen it all.

  • Rocc Lee
    Rocc Lee 2 months ago

    Eric: “….alll in.”
    Daniel: *outburst*

  • Strange W A V E
    Strange W A V E 2 years ago +6

    Gabe has a weird habit of saying someone is gonna take a lot of time to think when it's only been like two seconds.

    • Joe Vazquez
      Joe Vazquez 2 years ago

      It seems that way but maybe the tape is edited ? Idk

  • thekidcudi
    thekidcudi Year ago +1

    Moral of the story, daniel only loses to quads

  • Lefty Nef
    Lefty Nef 2 years ago +27

    Lol daniels in a mild state of shock right now , gotta love Kaplan

    • Andrew Ryan
      Andrew Ryan 2 years ago

      Yeah, Little quips like that is why he’s my fav commentator

  • berk arslan
    berk arslan 2 years ago +6

    I don’t know why it would be hall of shame. This guy has had a solid career.

    • Sludge
      Sludge 2 years ago +3

      No one wins every hand...except doc holliday.

    • Richard
      Richard 2 years ago

      A good career being all Loosey goosey

  • Sam Moussa
    Sam Moussa 2 years ago

    Daniel jinged his hand, not only once, but twice.

  • tavogp
    tavogp 2 years ago +10

    Watching Daniel NEgreanu loose these massive pots makes feel better about my little 1/2 downswing of 800$

  • In All Honesty
    In All Honesty 2 years ago +45

    There are so many bad hands from him, you could make a netflix series out of it

    • LL GG
      LL GG 2 years ago +35

      That’s what happens when you play on tv for 25 years.

    •  白猪猪🐷ExpatRights
      白猪猪🐷ExpatRights 2 years ago +2

      "hes been raised on the river 4 or 5 times, and he's called every single one of them".... lol .. proceeds to call it off, again

    • Lolwhatajoke
      Lolwhatajoke 2 years ago +3

      @LL GG thats also what happens you have tens of million of dollars of that pokerstars money

  • lakmanone
    lakmanone 2 years ago +13

    Matusow is so nervous if there lays his last money on the table.😅

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago

      Mike is a different cat when the stakes are very high.

  • Verrrifried
    Verrrifried 2 years ago +4

    Gab has some great commentary.

  • Brian Maloney
    Brian Maloney 2 years ago +3

    First time I've ever seen Negreanu show anger

  • Sjekkkk
    Sjekkkk 10 months ago

    Hands overplayed like a beginner XD even for that time I think its pretty badly played by Daniel, because he can/could read hands really well.

  • scbluesman13
    scbluesman13 11 months ago

    "You didn't have the 2-3 of clubs I guess..." LOL

  • Razzefrazze
    Razzefrazze Year ago +2

    He almost went full on Helmut on the quad 8 hand.. I was expecting him to stand up and start complaining to the commentators

    • Tim B
      Tim B Year ago +1

      Another full house honey!

  • Madabawi88
    Madabawi88 2 years ago +1

    Daniel: You got 200k Durr? How many people in these old games always asked Durr for money when the bust

  • CribNotes
    CribNotes 10 months ago +1

    Tom Dwan was running so hot back in those days he actually asked Daniel "No straight flush outs?" after Benyamine showed his quads.

  • twown
    twown Year ago

    precisely 16:09 to 16:13 is the low-point of Daniel's poker career.

  • Ravishing Beast
    Ravishing Beast 2 years ago +3

    Daniel should have run the JJ vs quad 4's hand at least 3 times. Daniel could have hit a J on the river for an even worse beating.

    • Aaron Myers
      Aaron Myers 2 years ago

      He's drawing dead. A J on the river means he still loses.

  • john doe
    john doe 9 months ago +4

    9:03 thanks guy who can see the hold cards that can summarize Daniel should fold, but there's a bunch of hands you could play trying to snipe a hand with any 8, or A,J,Q (or any pocket) for 2 pair, failed diamond flush, failed inside straight. And the whole point of a bluff is raising that "AQ" / two pair is "because you wouldn't just raise a two pair". So your bluff can hinge on that. I want to see these geniuses make these observations, NOT SEEING THE PLAYERS CARDS so when the player turns over a bluff, they can look like idiots.

  • CribNotes
    CribNotes 10 months ago

    Haha!! Look at Peter Eastgate's face @ 5:43 watching Daniel cough up $200,000 to Benyamin's quads. Eastgate had just won the World Series Main Event but watching nose bleed cash game action probably made him feel like puking.

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago +1

      Like those main event winners coming to the high stakes cash games thinking they can hang with the big boys and then they pretty muck go broke .

  • Skyler Jones
    Skyler Jones Month ago

    Getting beat by quads when you turn the nut straight is a sick feeling.

  • jordan Connor
    jordan Connor 2 years ago +11

    I dont know why Daniel tanks when someone bets everyone else knows he's already calling they might as well just put the chips in for him

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago

      The extra TV time helps him get sponsers(LOL).

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 2 days ago +1

    9:00 therein lies the problem; but he also knows how to bully people into straddling and playing bigger when he’s running hot.

  • Sydney Carton
    Sydney Carton Year ago

    Is it not possible Eric had a diamond flush on the 2nd hand? Why is that not regarded as a possibility?
    Sure it wouldn't make sense to call the flop but it wasn't a huge bet. Maybe he had a queen of diamonds.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Mike: I thought you had 9’s
    Kaplan: now that I saw your 10’s
    He knows exactly how these guys think lol

  • Billy Mabum
    Billy Mabum Year ago +1

    He didn’t call his hand. He literally said every hand other than quads

  • dave m
    dave m Year ago

    The ending was Karma at its finest

  • maliant16
    maliant16 2 years ago +2

    Not sure if Daniel ran worse or played worse on HSP. Both are up there for pretty bad.

  • Max VL
    Max VL 2 years ago

    Omg! The last 10 seconds of this video is classic!! I played it 5x!!! 😆😅🤣🤣

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas 2 years ago +19

    Call me crazy but when Benyamine said “I thought you meant quads” I perceived that as a HUGE tell

    • Pez
      Pez 2 years ago +4

      Benyamine being so quick to enter himself into jovial conversation with a smile was already a big clue. He was way too comfortable, even to be someone pretending to be comfortable.

    • Antjosh
      Antjosh 2 years ago +2

      Because youre seeing his hand

    • Justin Thomas
      Justin Thomas 2 years ago

      @Pez exactly

    • Fish Everything
      Fish Everything 2 years ago +4

      It was a epic reverse tell.
      I have it don’t bet, perceives as he is peacocking go for value. You can just never put someone on quads when the board is paired. If you do, you are not a profitable player.

  • Invincible Speaker
    Invincible Speaker Year ago +3

    "Wanna run it twice?"
    "You got a pair?"

    LEFTaTIP 2 years ago

    Dnegs. Is known to put players on hands and he prides himself on knowing what they have ..when its a small pot BUT when DNegs hits a flop, he gets married to it. I know its difficult but the hand vs Eric Lindgren is a hand he should've thought threw and folded. There were a possible 6 full houses not even counting quad 8's, at some point Daniel should've known he was beat. Painful ......but lucky the Poker sites backed most of the players.

  • Nujw Oayk
    Nujw Oayk 7 days ago

    DN is a horrible person, he needs more, if fact all results should be like this.

  • Merv Dubya
    Merv Dubya 2 years ago +2

    I have a feeling Matusow is winning money off Daniel just to pay him back with his own money later... like a backing, stake, or just straight loan. Lol

  • Frank Nuzzo
    Frank Nuzzo 2 years ago +1

    I want to see Daniel’s hands that aren’t on TV.

  • Herpus Von Clustus
    Herpus Von Clustus  2 years ago +153

    This is a great Gabe Kaplin compilation

    • ahgoonmyson
      ahgoonmyson 2 years ago +4

      ya big time, would love to see him comment again, him and aj were a great pair on this show

    • Herpus Von Clustus
      Herpus Von Clustus  2 years ago +3

      @ahgoonmyson hes commenting on the poker go high stakes cash game right now!

    • ahgoonmyson
      ahgoonmyson 2 years ago

      @Herpus Von Clustus ah cool thanks for letting me know, ill check it out!

    • Kira Dripkage
      Kira Dripkage 2 years ago +1

      I thought this was something else

    • Cameron Fay
      Cameron Fay 2 years ago

      I’ve always wondered does he call it live or is it staged that way

  • TheGlenGarrys
    TheGlenGarrys 9 months ago

    21:40 Dwan was close .. he had 9h 8s 😅

  • Jbsdhhg
    Jbsdhhg 2 years ago +3


  • Two Pyramid
    Two Pyramid Year ago

    Tom Dwan shouldn't be reminding Daniel that a straight flush draw has outs. Reading the board is part of the game.

  • Daniel Pasquali
    Daniel Pasquali 2 years ago

    Esse jogo, realmente, é só para os fortes...

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla Year ago +2

    I love how Benyamine says "flush draw." Its more like 'Flahdruoh'

  • gobigorange771
    gobigorange771 2 years ago

    Bad call Daniel against borrowed money. No person has ever lost playing poker with borrowed dough.

  • L Jamieson
    L Jamieson 2 years ago +8

    The most unluckiest player ever to sit down at a HSP table, facts.

    • J F
      J F 2 years ago

      Yup! He ALWAYS took a beating and pretty sure he owns some HSP records that nobody wants to own

  • Александер Коряков

    мой любимый ДАНИЛО НЕГР покера👍👍👍😁и его улыбка!!!

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 2 years ago

    I guarantee the pot Daniel put dwan on was pockets 8 and he already had one and dwan is an absolute buffer so you can let him off for that one

  • Justin Harrison
    Justin Harrison 2 years ago

    Lmao..he felt it..he was right

  • dat vergil doe
    dat vergil doe 2 years ago +2

    3 separate times his opponent turns quads 😂 that’s super unlucky. Unless it’s PokerStars then it’s just Tuesday.

  • xDHippy
    xDHippy Year ago

    Mimi cracking negraneu's flopped straight was satisfying as well.

    KEITH COSENTINO 2 years ago +18

    Dnegs cant find the fold EVER. for someone who has amazing hand reading ability its weird to think that they play very straight fwd back then and just call when they know they are beat every single time. While being considered world class.

    • John Spence
      John Spence 2 years ago +2

      lol the guy flopped a straight or oversets on 3 of these hands, doubt you would fold

      KEITH COSENTINO 2 years ago

      @John Spence check it out, he flopped a straight on High stakes poker too and called off then as well... Sometimes you literally have to fold a big hand.

    • John Spence
      John Spence 2 years ago +1

      @KEITH COSENTINO hahaha hilarious; I've played for 20 years, watched this when it FIRST aired. DNegs had a bad run especially when his mom died. The guys a cash player crusher and ran super hot in 2007 in the tourneys to a point where hes never going broke...so ya, its hard to lay down a boat vs gus hansen (who hit a 1 outer) and most his other straights were pretty sick spots. With the exception of this one and the one against uber nit Mimi Tran, he pretty much should be calling vs the specific opponents involved. If he's to be critized at all its his bluffing spots that he chooses (vs Benjamines quads) and his station off on a horrible board vs Dwan.

    • Steven
      Steven 2 years ago +4

      On the flopped straight hand, he needs to call $72,000 into a $160,000 pot. He needed 31% equity to call on that hand. If his opponent is bluffing 32% or more of the time, he SHOULD call. That’s why it’s not as simple as “do I have the best hand.”

    • Aaron Myers
      Aaron Myers 2 years ago +4

      @Steven While I agree with the math, I think it would be hard to argue his opponent, who is also one of the tightest players at the table, is bluffing 32% of the time.
      There are several instances of "coolers" like this where Daniel should be calling, like the set over set (turned quads) against Hansen. Hansen is a loose cannon and can bluff or shove with much weaker hands than that.
      In this case, 10/9 is pretty much at the low end of any range of calling hands that would win this spot. He doesn't even have the best straight on the river, and he's beaten by any flopped sets or many flopped two pair hands.

  • RGC2005
    RGC2005 2 years ago +3

    Gabe Kaplan, I miss his straight forward style.

  • That’s The One
    That’s The One 2 years ago +3

    Daniel really isn’t as good as people think. He’s sponsored a lot but in terms of actual poker playing he’s out of his league a lot with the pros

    • lovetownsend
      lovetownsend 2 years ago

      I mean yeah but whats winnin in poker? Money or success? Dan got plenty of dough

    • Richard
      Richard 2 years ago +1

      The sponsorship's have made Daniel a poker icon. I can understand that

  • Brian Thach
    Brian Thach 2 years ago

    Daniel looking like a pouty little kid on the second hand 🤣

  • Cameron Owen
    Cameron Owen 10 months ago

    Dnegs never cheers his own win after he was clearly behind because he knows how the other player feels and he remains silent out of respect.

    • curt hennig
      curt hennig 10 months ago

      Very true. Daniel is respectful.