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$339 vs $14 Japanese Curry: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Professional chef Yuji Haraguchi of Okonomi and Yuji Ramen and home cook Daniel are trading Japanese curry recipes and hitting the kitchen. We set Daniel up with an eye-popping $339 worth of ingredients and Yuji’s recipe, sending only a modest $14 worth of goods back the other way. To assist Daniel with Yuji’s extensive ingredient list and intricate recipe, food scientist Rose dialed in to lend some expert advice. Which curry are you asking for a second serving of?
    Find Chef Yuji and his restaurants on Instagram at @haraguchiyuji, @okonomibk and @yujiramen_bk
    Follow Daniel at @iamdanielvictor
    Keep up with Rose at @rosemarytrout_foodscience
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    $339 vs $14 Japanese Curry: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious
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  • Epicurious
    Epicurious  Year ago +254

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    • Sangsstuff
      Sangsstuff 4 months ago

      Does it include more Daniel? I feel like we need more Daniel in our lives!

    • Nicole Deere
      Nicole Deere 9 months ago +1

      Is this recipe on there?

  • PsionicDude
    PsionicDude Year ago +7505

    I like that Yuji doesn't look down on the premade curry mix. He respects it as a staple of regular home cooking that common people love.

    • zaki bakar
      zaki bakar 2 months ago

      truthfully, every time I ask a Japanese person how to make Japanese curry, they literally just lead me to golden curry and say that most people in japan just use it

    • juan camilo rodriguez
      juan camilo rodriguez 3 months ago

      @Synceroxawe use it all around Colombia, widely used

    • ChristIsKing 🕊
      ChristIsKing 🕊 3 months ago

      it's delicious! 😋

    • Dakao Do
      Dakao Do 3 months ago

      @ermonski Frank likes to play up talking smack about some of the off-the-shelf supermarket ingredients (like Kraft grated parmesan cheese), but I'm sure it's just a mock-snob act to ham up his role. He sounds too down to earth to actually be that way. :D

    • Christian Brown-Lambert
      Christian Brown-Lambert 3 months ago

      @commatoes yeah magi is pretty essential in caribbean kitchens more so for soups than anything didnt realize how much it’s used outside of the caribbean def wasn’t expecting it to be so widely used in europe definitely interesting

  • Renata
    Renata Year ago +6229

    I like chef Yuji, more of him please.

  • glossaria2
    glossaria2 Year ago +2665

    PLEEEEEEEASE give us more of Chef Yuji!!!
    We always complain about chefs that substitute or add in a bunch of extra ingredients... Chef Yuji just goes ahead with what he's given and MAKES UDON and rice flour for chicken katsu and an onsen egg. 🤯 Absolute next-level.

    • Keim Xiao
      Keim Xiao 4 months ago +1

      @FF18Cloud gordon ramsay

    • FF18Cloud
      FF18Cloud 5 months ago +5

      I keep wondering, who adds random ingredients to their foods? I never see that going on in this series

    • Bea Shemma D. Sayson
      Bea Shemma D. Sayson 11 months ago +3

      That girl pro chef too

    • Emerald Nicki
      Emerald Nicki 11 months ago


    • falsenames
      falsenames Year ago +180

      This also seems to be a reaction from Epicurious from negative comments from pro chefs adding a bunch of random things in previous videos. Personally, I like this format better because it showcases what a person with training and years of experience can do with random stuff people will have around the house. Chef Yuji really shined in this episode with his creativity and explaining things in a way that it just sounds like everything he is doing is something you can do yourself. And I will be trying to make this curry.
      Chef Yuji's reaction to Daniel's well made curry was great too. Hope to see these two paired together more in the future.

  • Zelphia Ellerson
    Zelphia Ellerson Year ago +3193

    This was such a fun episode. Bearded Daniel with his unusual wardrobe choice. Calm, cool Rose with her encyclopedic culinary info. Chef Yuji allowing his fun side slip through every now and then. Delightful. Oh, and the really interesting ingredients, too!

    • Hoxus
      Hoxus Month ago

      Imagine thinking your opinion matters lmao..

    • Elenore Of Mystic Forests
      Elenore Of Mystic Forests 3 months ago

      @MasonTheTransDumbass its number 5, number 5 killed my brother

    • MasonTheTransDumbass
      MasonTheTransDumbass 4 months ago


    • Galileo Humpkins
      Galileo Humpkins 8 months ago

      @goldfish425 now number 5

    • goldfish425
      goldfish425 9 months ago +2

      @Steveofthejungle8 AIN’T NOTHIN BUT A HEARTACHE

  • w2gMk
    w2gMk Year ago +993

    What some people might not understand, the home cook being allowed to call up Rose is possibly the most Home Cook thing ever. No one doesn't google a video to use a new ingredient for something they want to try!

    • Bea Shemma D. Sayson
      Bea Shemma D. Sayson 7 months ago +1

      @theatog basically the same conclusion i got now, so 10/10

    • theatog
      theatog 7 months ago +10

      @Bea Shemma D. Sayson I will try to rephrase that. Daniel calling Rose = normal home cook people googling. This is the most realistic part. Some people might not realize it was realistic.
      How did I do on the transribe? lul

    • Yung Lynda
      Yung Lynda 9 months ago +22

      my aunts are always calling up my mom to get their recipes right!!😂

    • Bea Shemma D. Sayson
      Bea Shemma D. Sayson 11 months ago +14

      People don’t google? Or people google? I got a little confused on the wording

  • Deborah C
    Deborah C Year ago +656

    More Yuji please, he's wonderful and uses ingredients in an unexpected way

  • Another
    Another Year ago +307

    Omg, honestly, the greatest episode of swapping the ingredients. Daniel cooked like a real pro. And Chef Yuji made masterpiece from regular ingredients. More of them, please!

  • A W
    A W Year ago +3828

    It looks like Epicurious had been keeping Daniel trapped in a dungeon and he had to fight his way out to make this video.

    • sa2xi
      sa2xi 4 months ago

      I laugh every time I see Daniel’s shirt after reading this 😂

    • mousekale
      mousekale 8 months ago

      I thought he became a pirate.

    • chilibreath
      chilibreath 9 months ago

      Daniel knows what he did!

    • Rissy Rose
      Rissy Rose 9 months ago


    • Priscila Buch Guth
      Priscila Buch Guth 9 months ago

      You know what?
      I had the exact same impression hihihi
      Lose the beard, Daniel! Pleeeease!

  • Sachnix
    Sachnix 9 months ago +347

    Daniel making a stupid pun, laughing at having made said pun, then quietly going "I hate myself" is a mood and a half

    • axes
      axes 2 months ago +1

      I wasn't ready for it and it made me laugh lmao

  • javin
    javin Year ago +3040

    Daniel's face lit up when Yuji said it was the best curry he'd ever had, it was priceless.

    • biku
      biku 2 months ago +1

      @star he is definitely, i thought he was just explaining bot acc stuffs, and i thought it was a real person, but after reading it through the end, i finally learned, it's amazing to know that knowledge and he will definitely strive in the internet as a media and information literate

    • LordDragox412
      LordDragox412 4 months ago +1

      @star Ha, imagine thinking I have friends! What am I, a socialist? /s

    • star
      star 4 months ago

      @LordDragox412 You must be a cool friend lmao

    • Ondowuzz
      Ondowuzz 4 months ago +2

      @LordDragox412 wow.. I learned so much reading your comments. Never knew there's something like this on Clip-Share. The world is rather scary, I guess..

    • LordDragox412
      LordDragox412 4 months ago +6

      @chester lai The checkmark is real. It's just that checkmarks don't matter anymore on Clip-Share, as anyone with 100k subs can get one. Buy subs, apply for a checkmark and you get it, no need to be a real person or have a real channel as the verification process is a joke without human supervision. And Clip-Share doesn't care - the bot account is still there 7 months later, still has a checkmark, and zero action has been taken by Clip-Share to deal with the bot. What a great website.

  • Marshmcmallo
    Marshmcmallo Year ago +611

    the way Daniel's eyes lit up when Yuji said it's the best curry he's ever had, so precious

    • H T
      H T Year ago +28

      I feel like he just went wild when he heard Epicurus was fitting the bill lol, he did call it his "dream curry"

  • Eldibs
    Eldibs Year ago +134

    I like this pro chef. One look at the ingredients and he says "I can work with this."

  • werty grinbery
    werty grinbery Year ago +528

    Daniel went from a student to father in a matter of weeks holy moly
    The beards suits him great though

  • Leanna Rene
    Leanna Rene Year ago +710

    I know we're all here for the food, but Daniel is clearly entering his Zaddy era, and I am all about it

    • Allan Hernandez
      Allan Hernandez 4 months ago

      @Confettiii Studios lmfao!!!

    • Confettiii Studios
      Confettiii Studios 4 months ago

      @Allan Hernandez Someone here is lying omg 😭😭💀

    • LaschaeEternal
      LaschaeEternal 11 months ago +10

      No. I came for Daniel. Man is aging so fine.

    • wpc456cpw
      wpc456cpw Year ago

      @Fred Tuttle LMAOOOO

    • Fred Tuttle
      Fred Tuttle Year ago +11

      Entered his DILF arc in the last month or so XD

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 months ago +12

    Oop. Daniel has embodied his final form as a bona fide daddy. Especially when he’s cracking dad jokes like, “Will it taste it gooey or will it taste ducky?”

  • Jon France
    Jon France 9 months ago +71

    I can't get over how well Daniel plated his curry, it looks straight out of a high class restaurant

  • Thais Fernandes
    Thais Fernandes Year ago +284

    This was really fun to watch. Chef Yuji was so humble, creative and respectful with the recipe he got. Daniel reaction was priceless, heartwarming to see. Bring both the guys more, Epicurious!

    • Priscila Buch Guth
      Priscila Buch Guth 9 months ago +7

      You know what: seconded!
      In so many episodes I felt like the chef just did not respect the home cook by adding “pantry” ingredients only they would have in a pantry…
      Chef Yuji makes sure we can replicate it at home (even the egg we can try in a very low heat)

  • Kenn Stransky
    Kenn Stransky Year ago +203

    This was such an interesting video to watch as I have never made a Japanese curry meal before so that was all new to me. Daniel's facial expression while he was trimming "the beast" was priceless and I can honestly say that I could not have done that while a camera was aimed at me. An incredible tie at the end showed me that anything it possible with curry.

    • downthispath
      downthispath Year ago +10

      I tried making it last year and my god, I can't stop thinking about it. It was super easy too! There are loads of simple videos you can follow. Just get the Golden Curry box. It was honestly super easy. Try it!
      I want to cook it again but I need to buy the curry mix from my local Asian store as it's cheaper there.

  • Molly Voss
    Molly Voss 3 months ago +57

    I had no idea udon noodles were made so easily

    • Abraham Hsu
      Abraham Hsu 2 months ago +2

      I know right, just all purpose flour and water!! Crazy

  • Amogh Phadke
    Amogh Phadke Year ago +73

    Helo Epicurious. I was wondering if I could get a job as the leftover eater for the channel. My previous experience includes finishing all my family members' food, running buffets out of business, and setting the local Cici's Pizza slice record. I would love the opportunity to be a part of this great show by being able to finish the wonderful food to make the cleaning easier. Thanks

    WINuFAIL 7 months ago +20

    Yuji showing not just genuine surprise but joy at how good Daniel's turned out is amazing. I LOVE this channel!

  • Noah Elzas
    Noah Elzas 2 months ago +2

    We need more of Chef Yuji. He respects all people and ingredients. Also he is an awesome chef. I personally love him!!!

  • Jeremy Kyle
    Jeremy Kyle Year ago +76

    I think this is my favourite episode of this series. Daniel definitely did Yuji's recipie justice and his plating was outstanding

  • Aragorn
    Aragorn 6 months ago +14

    Love Yuji, the second chef apart from Esther who actually sticks to the ingredients given to him instead of grabbing stuff from their own fridge! That's the mark of a great chef in my opinion.

  • *Account ID*
    *Account ID* 3 months ago +82

    This series shows that having high quality ingredients can do a lot for food quality, but that will never be a substitute for experience

  • lildredre
    lildredre Year ago +98

    Their reaction at 19:04 was so pure, their joy and shock is what we need in the world :)

  • MissEmoPunkRocker
    MissEmoPunkRocker Year ago +51

    This kind of content on Epicurious is getting more and more wholesome! From only getting to see each other’s presentations in the past episodes to getting to try each other’s versions? Not to mention getting the opportunity to meet each other in person? Really wholesome!

  • MusicLover96954
    MusicLover96954 Year ago +60

    Chef Yuji is great! More videos with him please. Also, Daniel did an awesome job as always!

  • Luis Galindo
    Luis Galindo Year ago +74

    Yuji is such a G! He can make magic. I love that level of knowledge and creative application thereof!

  • Café de Taza
    Café de Taza 2 months ago +2

    I liked so much Yuji's attitude with the premade curry, he was like "I use this when nobody is looking"
    (Why in the hell is my house smelling like someone is making bread, I'm so confused right now XDDD)

  • Syd 22
    Syd 22 Year ago +50

    I smiled so hard at the end. They both did so well. Learnt so many new things as I always do from these chef vs home cook vids.

  • BL33
    BL33 2 months ago +1

    i like how naturally curious daniel is, even if he doesn't exactly know what's going on at times haha. This is perfect for him

  • Christy Murray
    Christy Murray Year ago +15

    Yuji is my favourite chef so far. So knowledgable, and yet so friendly at the end. I learned so much!

  • Chronically Nerdy
    Chronically Nerdy Year ago +139

    Without the geoduck, Daniel's guess of $150 for the remaining ingredients was $30 short. I don't think that's his closest guess ever, but I just thought that was interesting. The price of the alcohols and proteins in these videos can change the final total so much if the home cooks aren't familiar with them. I think they've figured out most of the 'normal' fancy chef ingredients are going to be $5 more than they cost at a regular supermarket.

    • falsenames
      falsenames Year ago +6

      If I were on this show, I'd just guess "One million dollars" with a Doctor Evil pinky to the mouth.

  • DeadCatSwag
    DeadCatSwag Year ago +28

    Daniel did a crazy good job, the look on Yuji's face was of genuine happiness. You love to see it.

  • AK Honkila
    AK Honkila Year ago +367

    No matter how many times I hear ”geoduck” pronounced correctly, it always takes me by surprise.

    • Avocatobigpp
      Avocatobigpp 2 months ago

      @jyodee _ same

    • You thought it was DIO, but it was me Rianonnn!
      You thought it was DIO, but it was me Rianonnn! 10 months ago +12

      As someone who’s native language isn’t English I don’t understand why it’s not a gweduck or guiduck, that would make this word less confusing

    • falsenames
      falsenames Year ago +18

      @Wave English is a horrible language for spelling, as most words are adapted from foreign words to the point that we have spelling bees as a competition to see if you can figure it out. It's a mish-mash of Germanic and Latin based vocabulary, with a ton of other random stuff thrown in. With a fallout from early English spelling being entirely up to the decision of the writer, even native words are not great. You cannot guarantee that you can guess the spelling of a word without seeing it, and can't guess the pronunciation without hearing it. The word "slough" has four different correct pronunciations based on which geography you are from and whether it is a verb or noun.
      Considering that "geoduck" came from a Nisqually word from the Washington State area, it's amazing that the current pronunciation even loosely resembles the native word at all after Anglicisation.

    • Roarkybear
      Roarkybear Year ago +37

      Every time I see the word, I picture a cross-bred pokemon. An odd combination of geodude and psyduck/golduck.

    • spartaman64
      spartaman64 Year ago +4

      @Wave colonel

  • Jonathan Cao-Nguyen
    Jonathan Cao-Nguyen 9 months ago +4

    Daniel is so great in these videos. He has such a great spirit during these challenging tasks and you can see that he really loves learning it all

  • stegoooo_
    stegoooo_ 2 months ago +2

    Everyone wanting more of chef Yuji,, but im all ears for Daniel!! we need to see more of him too.

  • Krista Badolato
    Krista Badolato Year ago +18

    This series and 4 levels are some of my favorite cooking videos on Clip-Share. I'm never disappointed, especially when rose is in the video

  • huckleton
    huckleton 9 months ago +8

    really appreciate how open-minded daniel is about weird-looking japanese ingredients. as someone raised by a licensed japanese chef i nearly SCREAMED when i heard the "i'm going to make udon noodles"

  • JNeepshow
    JNeepshow 7 months ago +4

    I thought I was going to hate this one but they both respected the ingredients and did the best they could.
    And can we talk about the plating from the amateur? Dude's got serious talent

  • Sage Piotter
    Sage Piotter Year ago +81

    We all know why Daniel was laughing at the geoduck and I am so here for it.

  • Sephira Skye
    Sephira Skye Year ago +38

    I’m so happy to see Yuji again! He’s so thorough about explaining his process and is very adept at cooking. I’d love to see more of him on here :)

  • charm
    charm 4 months ago +1

    I love watching Yuji, more Yuji please!!! (I did NOT read the previous comments saying the same thing before I wrote this! I guess a lot of us feel the same way!)

  • Flax Marcus
    Flax Marcus 4 months ago +1

    Chef yuji is so humble 😊

  • The Fattest Hagrid
    The Fattest Hagrid 7 months ago +4

    Very interesting to see a professional chef like Yuji, cook with approachable ingredients.
    Definitely learned something for my next curry there.

  • Calvin M.
    Calvin M. 9 months ago +3

    It's insane how I like Yuji's carry more! The difference in ingredients is radical, but this video proves presentation even with cheap products can look better than with expensive ones!

  • Junaid Hill
    Junaid Hill Year ago +56

    Chef Yuji is so adorable, love when he cooks 🤍

  • MeteorCat07
    MeteorCat07 8 months ago +4

    I love how Yuji just looks over the ingredients he got and is ok with them, saying he can work with them, while Daniel is just questioning what the in the devil's name he's supposed to do with the high-end ingredients before him lol.

  • naras
    naras Year ago +12

    Yuji bringing in the authenticity everywhere he goes!!!

  • daemon2426
    daemon2426 11 months ago +10

    Golden curry is finally something I can get in the South at Walmart. It's so good and so easy to use. I really liked this episode a lot.

  • francesca
    francesca 6 months ago +2

    love how incredible charismatic they both are, just in very different ways

  • Seth Watson
    Seth Watson Year ago +5

    This is my favorite one by far!!! Keep Daniel and Chef Yuji coming for more! Such a fun pair

  • Bob
    Bob Day ago

    I love that this series is so gentle, supporting the home cooks with the info and time they need to pull off the complex chef recipes & I always learn something useful for my home kitchen firm the chef’s techniques with the cheap ingredients. A lesser channel would set the home cooks up to fail for “drama”.

  • HaleStormTV
    HaleStormTV Year ago +6

    Outstanding video! Absolutely loved watching Chef Yuji and Daniel cook my favorite of all Japanese dishes. These two are just so wholesome. Hopefully we'll see more of them together!

  • Aaro C
    Aaro C 2 months ago

    This is EASILY my favourite episode of the series. Loved EVERYTHING about it!!!

  • Nathan Uber
    Nathan Uber 6 months ago +1

    I just love Daniel’s vibe,, you can tell he appreciates and celebrates all the little things 🥳 such an overall mood booster and would be a great friend to have haaa

  • Fonti Kar
    Fonti Kar Year ago +8

    Chef Yuji was so taken away by his recipe! So humble but so genius!

  • Nikki
    Nikki 4 months ago +1

    Can I just say that the combination of Daniel and Yuuji for an episode is just. So wholesome???

  • Kendall Nace
    Kendall Nace Year ago +2

    Yuji left a lasting impression on me since the 4 levels Ramen video. He just seemed so passionate and well versed in everything he does. Lovely to watch ☺️

  • Justin Hong
    Justin Hong Year ago +14

    The recipe and ideas may not have been Daniel's but his plating was beautiful, even Chef Yuji was blown away

  • Kisa
    Kisa 11 months ago +2

    lol these guys both killed it and yuji enjoying his dream curry so sacred of a moment to watch

  • Sakio N
    Sakio N Year ago +6

    This episode really sums up why Epicurious is my favorite channel. Interesting content that’s both new and useful, well edited videos, and chefs with great personalities and presentation.

  • RyderKRose
    RyderKRose Year ago +15


  • Aidan Browne
    Aidan Browne 11 months ago +1

    More of Daniel and Yuji please this was such a good episode!

  • Dark Angel V
    Dark Angel V 4 months ago

    É incrível como as duas receitas parecem ser muito boas

  • Tallface
    Tallface Year ago +27

    Yeah that ending was adorable. The face on Yuji when he realizes it's hella good.

  • Truth_
    Truth_ 5 months ago

    Both are so humble, and there is no better feeling than someone loving your food

  • zoe
    zoe 9 months ago +1

    this was an incredible video. both of these chefs are amazing people and were very entertaining. i loved their energy.
    i also feel like i learned so much! i have a few boxes of golden curry at home, this definitely opened up my eyes and inspired me to get creative with the curry. i love curry! can’t wait to see some more videos with Yuji and Daniel.

  • TOPminKWON
    TOPminKWON 4 months ago

    Chef Yuji is so humble!!! He is amazing!!!

  • Marco Farish
    Marco Farish Year ago +3

    The idea that the next day the leftovers are genuinely better is so true. It's the same with authentic Indian food. there was a buffet I'd frequent back in the day that was significantly better in the evening than in the morning b/c that food has been cooking literally all day. Like you can't tell me saag paneer today is better than saag paneer tomorrow, it's literally not true

    • Crow Demon - The Archives
      Crow Demon - The Archives 4 months ago +1

      Some dish truly taste better the more you cook them lol
      Especially for like, soup and stews.

  • hey.
    hey. 4 months ago

    Both finals look very delicious it's just that Yuji's meal was bunched up. While Daniel's was more spread out kind of like fancy. But they did swap plates soo

  • luv
    luv Year ago +8

    this made me soooooooooo happy!!! always great to see daniel and i love chef yuji so much!!! just so wholesome, my new fave episode

  • Super X
    Super X 5 months ago

    chef Yuji so amazing i looovvedddd how he is soooo respectful

  • Io
    Io 9 months ago +1

    Very interesting video! Idk about Daniel’s choice of wardrobe but he took that challenge like a champ. Chef Yuji made me hungry, more chef Yuji please!!

  • MommyAshleyAnn
    MommyAshleyAnn 7 months ago

    I need all the Daniel content. He's freaking fantastic.

  • Eva B
    Eva B 11 months ago +2

    This is great content 💟. Positive and supportive energy and some original things and tips to try at home.

  • Hannah Ashley
    Hannah Ashley 8 months ago

    they are a superior duo. Both are so easygoing and chill. Please have them return together

  • From The Ash
    From The Ash Year ago +289

    I never expect we can swap the purpose of all purpose flour for Chicken Katsu, it changed to Udon instead.
    Rice changed to rice flour, for chicken katsu.
    What a brilliant moves!!😍😍😍

  • Sharon Chu
    Sharon Chu 9 months ago +1

    I love chef Yuji. I will watch every video you post with him at least a dozen times.

  • Nick Harkes
    Nick Harkes 9 months ago +2

    I don't care what anyone says, I love Daniel's joke. Great Dad energy!
    Plus, totally rocking the bearded look!

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 9 months ago +1

    The surprise on his face, it almost feels like chef Yuji has never put Uni in a curry before, but Epicurious said, "give us your most expensive curry recipe", so he went for it.

  • LeHaFu
    LeHaFu 3 months ago

    I never saw a curry like that wooow! Looks so fancy!! And there are oysters, geoduck and bacon and watermalon radish. So many different ingredients

  • Ein Reissack
    Ein Reissack 9 months ago


  • Samuel Johansson
    Samuel Johansson Year ago +21

    This might just be my fave episode so far!

  • Jake Algie
    Jake Algie 6 months ago

    Chef Yugi looked like he was about to tear up, both curries looked amazing 👏

  • HA KU JU
    HA KU JU Year ago +1

    Dude, Chef Yuji is insane! I love his attitude, would really love to see him again.

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A Year ago +1

    It would be cool if there was a separate segment before swapping ingredients which would explain what the chef and home cook would’ve done with their ingredients with a walk through. Then we would see what each of them would do for the dish after the swap.

  • Kim Cancino
    Kim Cancino 6 months ago

    Always love Daniel's energy! That geoduck looks really weird.

  • LlamaWaffles555
    LlamaWaffles555 2 months ago

    A bit late to the party, but chef Yuji was fantastic! Hope to see more of him!
    and yes i know he did more episodes, got em queued, just wanna see MORE haha

  • Anna Charles
    Anna Charles Year ago +14

    Daniel just always know how to make my day!

  • daileydestruction
    daileydestruction 7 months ago

    Chef yujis reaction when he tries the curry is so genuine most people fake a reaction trying food

  • TXC
    TXC 8 months ago

    I haven’t watched many episodes of this show, but all the cooks I’ve seen so far are extremely charismatic and likable.

  • aileelovesrain
    aileelovesrain 8 months ago

    With the experiences Daniel being with professional chefs it would be so next level he would be on the professional chef side in the future episodes

  • Nana Bowana
    Nana Bowana 9 months ago

    Loved this episode! Chef Yuji was awesome, and I'm always a fan of Daniel.

  • Tiana
    Tiana Year ago +9

    By far, the most adorable episode yet.

  • Cody Westlind
    Cody Westlind Year ago +3

    Chef didn't bat an eye at the ingredients he was given. Lol what a boss

  • P R
    P R 6 months ago +1

    I love Yuji's enthusiastic response "I can worth with this"

  • Sea
    Sea 7 months ago

    I like this show because it one, shows me how every professional chef never writes down a actual recipe, and two, that you don’t need expensive ingredients to make good food.