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SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 CAMPING

  • Published on Sep 18, 2021 veröffentlicht

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  • G
    G Year ago +33

    They should do one where they are all on the bad team but they just think the other team is on the good team. I think it would be quite funny

  • Zoe Orrell
    Zoe Orrell  +428

    Gib actually came so prepared for camping... a towel, deodorant and toilet roll!

  • Sohan Mohanty

    Gib was bloody hilarious in this

  • Piyush
    Piyush  +1

    I like how Gib and Vik changes the whole vibe of the team. It’s perfect pacing having the good team be wild at first then chill with vik and vice versa with the bad team

  • Assad Idzhazovich
    Assad Idzhazovich Year ago +3


  • Suzy
    Suzy  +69

    Haha I love Gib I wish he was in more videos

  • MemerMan
    MemerMan Year ago +3

    Editing this must’ve been a nightmare, big up editors 🤙

  • Ruby Kaur
    Ruby Kaur  +404

    The "are u a therapist" killed me off 😂😂😂 gib was top tier in this

  • Sydney Lindsey
    Sydney Lindsey 21 day ago +80

    ethan’s wallpaper being straight cheeks>>>

  • aaliyah johnston

    I come back every few months to watch this vid just for gib, he’s so funny

  • Just my Life
    Just my Life Year ago +1


  • Biggy Nooby

    Vikk is trying to lift morale and be enthusiastic, Tobi is just goin with the flow, and then Ethan is just outright lifeless

  • Umar Haq
    Umar Haq Year ago +7

    gibs craziness makes harry look well adjusted

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing Year ago +6

    I respect tobi for putting up with vikk and behz’s constant whining

  • Owlfie
    Owlfie Year ago +2

    Gib is absolutely hilarious. When he swapped teams I couldn’t stop laughing at everything he does.

  • Tanner Goodmanson

    Gib and Harry are basically the same person lol

  • Rashid Alokozay
    Rashid Alokozay Year ago +353

    When gib joined the bad team, their team was so much funnier and they had much mroe fun and that final meal with gib Ethan and tobi was so chill

  • Ben Alderson

    Bro gib has have me laugh for the last hour and 30 minutes. One of the best sidemen Sundays. Bang it. Well done

  • Michelle A.
    Michelle A. Year ago +5

    Josh should set one of these up where both teams are secretly the bad team. So there’s no good team and they don’t know that.

  • Connor Burback
    Connor Burback Year ago +356

    Ethan pointing and saying “this way” when Vik has a blindfold on is gold😂