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Peter Jackson colourises World War One footage - BBC Click

  • Published on Oct 14, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Click chats to Lord of the Rings director Sir Peter Jackson about his work bringing archive footage from World War One into the 21st century.
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Comments • 219

  • An Observant Traveller

    Seeing the WWI soldiers laugh and smile is touching.

  • PresidentialWinner
    PresidentialWinner 4 years ago +176

    That's..incredible! I can't believe they can restore it that well! Must watch, for respect and for curiosity. I'm glad Peter Jackson is doing good in the world.

  • Dagoth Ur
    Dagoth Ur 3 years ago +21

    It's incredible work they've done restoring it. I thought some of it was taken from a movie before actually watching this vid and learning about the documentary. The colour and smoothness, clear sound, it makes it feel like you're watching something that could've happened yesterday. And this war was so cruel and violent, what these people went through needs to be told. WWII is over saturated in media.

  • \\\\////
    \\\\//// 3 years ago +91

    This film was absolutely a masterpiece

  • SP-42
    SP-42 Year ago +9

    It's just incredible how the old footage can be restored to such extend! It's unbelievable and surreal!

  • HappyFeet
    HappyFeet Year ago +13

    This film is amazing. Its been a work of love for Peter Jackson. To see the horrors of ww1 like this it brings it home the horrors of trench warfare on both sides. God bless all our war heroes ❤️ 🙏

  • roro
    roro 4 years ago +224

    Jackson is doing to old footage restoration what cameron did to deep sea exploration. i love it.

  • Henryuuga
    Henryuuga 4 years ago +69

    They restored it really well done. Amazing.

    • Alex Cope
      Alex Cope 3 years ago

      The noises and voice are all fake,

    • User
      User 2 years ago +1

      @Alex Cope and?

    • Aidan
      Aidan 2 years ago +5

      @Alex Cope no shit Sherlock

  • DreamMachine
    DreamMachine 4 years ago +27

    This is just magic. Thank God for modern digital film editing. Digital also doesn't degrade over time like films do. Color films however were better than VHS tapes in the long run.

    • David Cheney
      David Cheney 2 years ago +3

      With the old films now restored, colourized, and now digital done. We can ensure such moments and the faces of the soldiers in those moments endure and continue to ensure that they are never forgotten. But we still should also treasure the old films as well.

    • alienigena fascista
      alienigena fascista 2 years ago +2

      Imagine how it will be in 20 years.

  • MS B
    MS B 4 years ago +720

    When I was a kid, I thought people in the past live in black and white and god only start to colorized us back in 80's.

  • Tatiana Granger
    Tatiana Granger 3 months ago

    This is so freaking touching. It took history and made it real. U can see the light in their eyes, the youth in their faces, and feel everything! Can u imagine how insane it would be if they did this to the holocaust videos? Wow! This needs to be shown to EVERYONE!!!

  • Peter Dawes
    Peter Dawes 4 years ago +16

    Didn't see how they were doing the restoration. Google AI was being used heavily to instantly restore images and remove artifacts from film which would take days for a human. I look forward to seeing this and hope they bring it out on Bluray. This is important work and allowing for the first time the release of historical archive footage to everyone, showing the conditions of the war. Peter Jackson was quite right when he says the veterans remember it in colour and we just look at it as a bygone era long past because of the antiquated filming technology of the time, but the colour and clarity of the restoration makes it look like it was so little time ago which indeed it was. We've evolved technologically so very fast in the last 100 years yet sadly our wisdom has not.

  • Chandler Cameron
    Chandler Cameron 3 months ago +1

    Man people sure smiled alot more back then even while in the middle of a war!

  • Wildshield
    Wildshield 2 years ago +4

    Well done, Peter Jackson, you have done a great service to documentary making. This shows the humanity of soldiers, its absolutely brilliant. Your life has been well spent Sir!

  • mafiaseargent
    mafiaseargent Year ago +1

    I saw this in theaters and it was fantastic!

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 4 years ago +5

    Brilliant , went to see it for the premiere a few weeks back. Really good the conversion is amazing looks so clear and nice. It's really good. You can see it in 3d. Hope they bring it put on br3d

  • ffotograffydd gohebwyr
    ffotograffydd gohebwyr 4 years ago +6

    This is very impressive stuff.Can't wait to see the full film.

  • q q
    q q 4 years ago +16

    Peter Jackson is a legend

  • RayRayYT
    RayRayYT 3 months ago

    The worst feeling hits when you realize they are just people just like us.

  • 10 11
    10 11 2 years ago +2

    Obrigado Sr Peter pan Jackson por sua boa vontade!!!

  • Vice Roy
    Vice Roy 3 years ago +1

    Thankyou peter Jackson for restoring the footage , especially adding color !

  • Andy Something
    Andy Something 4 years ago +21

    This looks incredible - cant wait to see it!

  • cOzie
    cOzie 3 years ago +3

    I really love this sort of thing, I hope there is alot more to see from all restorer's of old film. I particualy like the old footage from San Francisco, Market st 1906.

  • Luis Balmaceda
    Luis Balmaceda 3 months ago

    Black and white does not give it justice, bringing color to it is such a breathtaking feeling… those are people!!!! Dead but their kids are our great grand and they kids are our grands and their kids are our parents!!! .. it’s mind blowing !! Thank you!!!! It makes you reconsider and appreciate the sacrifices many made without knowing the end product/ end war.

    MARÍN Year ago

    Muy buen trabajo. Bravo!!! Very good!!! From Spain 👏👏👏👏

  • Solur
    Solur 3 years ago

    I always imagine old times in black and white and people always heard some static noise, or with video game graphics and everyone could hear background music and see HUDs... or everything looked like a painting. I really want to imagine old days just as they were; colorized footage, well documented live-action movies and reenactment will help.
    Sorry for that, it’s a silly thing bothering me and wanted to spit it out.

  • Knapweed
    Knapweed 3 months ago

    I think the B & W jerky, blurry images distance us from the past and leave us feeling we are looking at some kind of alien creature. The incredible remastering of these images presents the past as humans, just like us but with worse dental plans. I think it brings History alive.

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell 4 years ago +10

    I wonder if Cameron and Sir Peter Jackson would ever work together on a film so we could enjoy both of their talents in one great film?

  • Anton G.M. Bouman
    Anton G.M. Bouman 4 years ago

    Geweldige film, mooi gedaan !

  • BabyBoomerChannel
    BabyBoomerChannel 4 years ago +1

    This is a true gift. Thank you PJ

  • M base
    M base 3 months ago

    It's a lot of work, But well worth it.

  • q q
    q q 3 years ago +1

    that's actually incredible

  • Danial XIV
    Danial XIV 4 years ago

    I want to watch the whole documentary.

  • Lemmi7810
    Lemmi7810 2 years ago +1

    Imagine livin in that time beeing filmed and you say to your buddy one day people will watch us in 3D

  • Fisk the Lombax
    Fisk the Lombax 3 months ago

    This makes it feel like WW1 happened only a few decades ago. You feel their humanity.

  • John Galactus
    John Galactus 4 years ago +7


  • Markoman
    Markoman Year ago

    Amazing that it's the same guy that restored the Beatles, Get Back.

  • _.aN1me._
    _.aN1me._ 6 months ago +1

    me thinking these ppl died to protect Britain and ppl seeing their besties being shot of killed and I'm imagining that was my bestie I am litterly breaking down into tears while writing this

  • The Last Guitar Hero
    The Last Guitar Hero 4 years ago

    that is truly astonishing

  • Pt S
    Pt S 3 years ago

    Incredible movie.

  • Minnesota612
    Minnesota612 3 months ago

    Funny and amazing how people actually looked shy and shocked to sees csd

  • VirtualiiTY
    VirtualiiTY 3 months ago

    75% of the people you see in the videos died a horrific death. Rip and respect to all 🫡

  • jvogler_ art
    jvogler_ art 3 months ago

    Crazy how a lot of the men fighting look to be about 45 years old to mid 50s

  • Tadeo de Wiesent
    Tadeo de Wiesent 2 years ago


  • God 4.
    God 4. 3 years ago

    Whoever did that is a good editor

  • kaczynski S
    kaczynski S 3 years ago

    Colourising is good if well done, shockingly bad if done poorly. One rather hastily colourised clip of Germans at the end of WW2 depicted a surrendering German general with the stripes on his breeches left in the grey of the original black and white film - in fact they were red.

  •  Canuck Progressive.
    Canuck Progressive. 9 months ago

    Anyone see Peter's first film "Bad Taste"? It was really funny. I think he was still a film student at the time.

    • Hayden Goodall
      Hayden Goodall 3 months ago

      "I'm a Derrick!,...... And Derricks don't run!". Howsit Progressing Mr/ Ms Canucks, there was no film school in NZed 35 - 40 years ago, so Pete learnt by trial n error film making, reading film mags and viewing copious moving pictures. How could you not chuckle as one of the protagonists exclaims" I'm born again! ". (twisted humour)

  • mx mars
    mx mars 4 years ago

    Peter Jackson is a hero

  • El Duro.
    El Duro. 4 years ago


  • Ganpignanus .Gianni
    Ganpignanus .Gianni 3 years ago


  • Claire • Shaw
    Claire • Shaw 3 months ago

    Someone should digitally enhance the hardy boys that series is so good

  • Zakiriel
    Zakiriel 4 years ago

    Really do hope to see this sometime

  • Gary Cody
    Gary Cody Year ago

    Thank you Sir Peter

  • CRIZtoFEN115
    CRIZtoFEN115 4 years ago +1

    Colorized war footages looks fucking great

  • Isaac Peachey
    Isaac Peachey 4 years ago

    Tell me why Peter Jackson looks like Slavoj Zizek with more life energy.

  • Harry Robins
    Harry Robins 2 years ago

    "Audio has been added in places", well yes, there's a completely new sound design which the majority of the selling factor of it.

  • Michelle Harper
    Michelle Harper 4 months ago

    Now they've all gone. With them a heart of a lion and the steadfast determination of a Britain bereft of the meaning of defeat.
    A generation of men and women that paid the ultimate price for you and me. I fear that my birth country has lost its way. We owe it to make that not so. We owe everything.

  •  Canuck Progressive.
    Canuck Progressive. 9 months ago

    Interesting about that 68mm film. Should give some high quality video!

  • hpygolkyone
    hpygolkyone 4 years ago +3

    I saw it in the theater. It was interesting and not what I was expecting. Peter Jackson is a loon, but I suppose that sometimes creative minds are a little off tilt of center.

  • Delarei Flaventitus

    I search for this just to take a glimpse of what this soldiers see by then.

  • Bond Forger
    Bond Forger 2 years ago

    The Power of Photoshop 😍

  • Prangmaster Flash

    would love to see the german/austro-hungarian version

    • DaveKP
      DaveKP Year ago

      If footage exists someone needs to get on it as a companion piece.
      This film is derived from the Imperial War museum collections and therefore going to have a commonwealth slant.

  • BanjoPars
    BanjoPars 4 years ago +4

    They shall grow not old
    They shall grow not old
    They shall grow not old
    It' not that difficult, is it?

  • Douglas Macgregor
    Douglas Macgregor 4 years ago +1

    I know this is about British soldiers, but I want to see this also. The U.S. got into this war late in the game.

    • Nick
      Nick 4 years ago +1

      Douglas Macgregor USA have no part in this. USA was a joke in this war a big laughing stock 🤣

    • Douglas Macgregor
      Douglas Macgregor 4 years ago +2

      @Nick Have you ever served in the armed forces? If not, just stop.

    • Nick
      Nick 4 years ago +1

      Completely off topic

    • Douglas Macgregor
      Douglas Macgregor 4 years ago +2

      @Nick All I know is that Americans have definitely sustained injuries and have gotten killed, since then from WWII onwards. My mom's uncle got shell shocked so badly he had to spend the rest of his life under residential care. I have personally been on details where the soldier either died in Afghanistan, or committed suicide after Iraq because he could not readjust. You can take your comfortable armchair position where you insult my country and shove it! If it was not for America entering WWII, Europe would have fallen to the third Reich.

    • Nick
      Nick 4 years ago

      No if it wasn't for Russia we would have dont Glorify yourself.

  • ceel y
    ceel y 3 years ago

    I thought my mom and dad saw the world in black and white before the 90s

  • Talapino Music
    Talapino Music 4 years ago +1

    They should restore all ww1 and ww2 footage like this .

    • q q
      q q 4 years ago

      all? I wish that too but that would take forever

  • Household Dog
    Household Dog 2 years ago +1

    It's great they are restoring victorian films that are going to be cancelled by a Twitter mob.

  • Undesignated
    Undesignated 4 years ago

    Good interviewer !

  • makatak3
    makatak3 4 years ago +2

    pity NASA didn't look into this before they destroyed every inch of Apollo Mission footage, because "they had nothing to play it back on" which makes perfect sense because apparently they cannot go back to the Mood due to the technology used back then has also being destroyed

    • makatak3
      makatak3 4 years ago +3

      Lucidor Erik
      and my comment is about celluloid restoration, the topic of the show

  • Raq
    Raq Year ago

    I can tell Jackson didn’t help filming this piece...

  • Federico
    Federico Year ago

    The last smile

  • AlxBrb
    AlxBrb 4 years ago

    You forgot to tell us when it's going to be released and how to watch it.

  • Danial XIV
    Danial XIV 4 years ago +1

    this guy need to earn more then 1K dollar.

  • life of love
    life of love 4 years ago


  • glizzy goblin1922
    glizzy goblin1922 2 years ago

    Where can i find this movie cause id watch the shit outa it

  • Robert Prest
    Robert Prest 3 years ago +1

    68 mm film nice!

  • Brandon Reda
    Brandon Reda 4 years ago +34

    THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD -Gandolf the grey

  • Box Material
    Box Material 10 months ago

    Can't believe the only question I have is how long it took the wee girl at the tea party to realise her dug is stuffed.

  • कद्दू
    कद्दू 11 months ago


  • freeyourmind
    freeyourmind 4 years ago

    bbc did this well..

  • Robert Prest
    Robert Prest 3 years ago

    Where do you see this? 3D even better.

  • Francisco Carlos Amado

    Eles não puderam se desenvolver...boa sacada!

  • RPDX
    RPDX Month ago

    To think that his was more than 100 years ago. 👀

  • I Am Not A Bot
    I Am Not A Bot 2 years ago

    That’s so cool

  • Izzet
    Izzet 4 years ago +3

    my great great granda was in the war

    • Numanoid Jeff
      Numanoid Jeff 4 years ago +5

      I wish your great great grandad many thanks, for if it was not for him and many others during ww1 & 2 we would not be here today.
      I solute them all.

  • Sunil Anandatheertha, PhD

    Please, are there any b/w recordings of the Jallianwallah bhag masscre.. Worth colouring perhaps??

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 2 years ago

    Its Strange to see ww1 in colour

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 4 years ago +2

    It looks like a lot more than colorization.

  • Jansko_Alone_89
    Jansko_Alone_89 3 years ago

    que documental es para buscarlo xd

  • AS Roma
    AS Roma 3 years ago +2

    0:35 he was holding his smartphone

    AMAKL Year ago

    I think nowadays mostly we r going in the same path 107 years ago after invading 🇺🇦

  • Kev Curtis
    Kev Curtis 3 months ago

    Hey Peter Jackson any of the Maori Balalion...or old footage of Maori?

  • hosebeelion
    hosebeelion 4 years ago +50

    But where’s the women on the frontlines with a bionic arm that battlefield keep telling us about???

    • Yukon Cornelius
      Yukon Cornelius 4 years ago

      They've been cut out by the sexist making it. They are repressing the truth.

    • Efftup Smith
      Efftup Smith 4 years ago +6

      @Yukon Cornelius yeah, where;s that OTHER woman with the bullet deflecting wristbands and the lasso?

    • Diane Rose De Castro
      Diane Rose De Castro 4 years ago

      SJW fairytales ..

    • FukMaChups
      FukMaChups 4 years ago

      Battlefield V is set in WW2 but I know what yer getting at.

    • serdna565
      serdna565 4 years ago +1

      OMG. Please do yourself a favor. This film is to honor those men dying on a terrible war. And the women, they had a fundamental role in the war taking roles they never took before. Stop being such a baby and behave like a man. Women are fighting for what they consider are their rights, some are radicals (crying babies like you are) but those should be ignored and we should focus on the real discussion of the majority of them that are not radical. Anyways I am out of topic. Respect these men and stop being so childish man. Your discussion may be valid somewhere else, but not on this video.

  • 84Kega
    84Kega 4 years ago +3

    That guy smoking at 0:02 wins all the beauty contests

  • Beez
    Beez 2 months ago

    in 2023 young men can't even be bothered to shave or smile while getting paid 13$/hr to drop meat patties on an automatic cooking grill. Very different times

  • CreativeTours Florida
    CreativeTours Florida 7 months ago

    Visit Flanders and battlefields of Passchendaele, look at graves in thousands and remember those that did not come home !

  • craig shaw
    craig shaw 3 years ago +1


  • ngari
    ngari 2 years ago

    they'll be no need for that in ww3