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  • Axial Jet
    Axial Jet 2 months ago +252504

    Ryan isn’t socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social.

  • tabboty!
    tabboty! 13 days ago +525

    i cant even explain it but these two drinks together are... the aesthetic i'm going for???

    • AiThrasherBOI
      AiThrasherBOI 5 days ago +3

      @tabboty! Sounds like something Starbucks would do.

    • tabboty!
      tabboty! 6 days ago +1

      @AiThrasherBOI honestly sounds kinda cool

    • AiThrasherBOI
      AiThrasherBOI 6 days ago +9

      Muddy Unicorns?

  • Stargazer ELITE 🤩😎
    Stargazer ELITE 🤩😎 18 days ago +140

    Bro just started a Starbucks civil war

  • twottwot
    twottwot 2 months ago +27341

    "we have to top it"
    pulls up with a regular ass looking drink

  • Did somebody say sLaY
    Did somebody say sLaY 5 days ago +46

    This feels like a fight between same class's different sections.

  • Haggard Pillock
    Haggard Pillock 3 days ago +13

    Second Starbucks employee is just beautiful

  • samantha lynn
    samantha lynn 2 months ago +3868

    “we have to top it” *gives him a caramel macchiato*

    • FunnyGaming
      FunnyGaming 20 hours ago

      i mean.. Caramel is my fav ...😋😊

    • Real Baljeet 🏳️‍🌈 ‍⃠
      Real Baljeet 🏳️‍🌈 ‍⃠ 13 days ago

      @ThatPizzaLesbian69🏳️‍🌈 lol

    • Casual_SSBU
      Casual_SSBU Month ago +2

      @Abighail Perez it’s atleast a vanilla bean of some sort. If you want something like this I’d say order a vanilla bean Frappuccino with raspberry and mango dragonfruit inclusions
      (Starbucks baristas professional expert opinion)

    • Abighail Perez
      Abighail Perez Month ago

      What’s drink A?

    • Casual_SSBU
      Casual_SSBU Month ago +5

      The drink they gave him was actual quite complicated and probably very delicious

  • Cairo Azzahra
    Cairo Azzahra 3 days ago +8

    Dudeee i wanna order that too!! Spill the ingredients 😩💳💥💳💥

  • OfficialxQuaxu
    OfficialxQuaxu 15 days ago +57

    Someone reward ryan with an oscar rn.

    • Ava 🤍
      Ava 🤍 9 days ago

      He is scared of nothing aha

  • bonjon
    bonjon 2 months ago +8391

    that second girl is unironically so pretty

  • Erin Lopez A
    Erin Lopez A 2 days ago

    That looks very fun:D Like a competition

  • Just_Spincer
    Just_Spincer 3 days ago +3

    The most wholesome competition :)
    Both drinks look pretty good tbh but the pink colour is just more attractive Xd

  • Erikh
    Erikh 2 months ago +14552

    the Starbucks A lady was so nice. couldnt see this at mcdonalds in a million years

    • gun with one bullet
      gun with one bullet Day ago

      ​@Nicky Joe what

    • gun with one bullet
      gun with one bullet Day ago

      ​@pr7ya did you not see the smile?!!?!? And the little "yeah!" :)

    • Breadcrumbs
      Breadcrumbs Month ago

      I saw 45 replies under this and I was like. “K boys, what nonsense are you arguing about this time”

    • Skye
      Skye Month ago

      Starbucks workers are incredibly kind for some reason. I'm not spending 7 dollars on my morning coffee but I can really appreciate the customer service

  • SOL F
    SOL F 19 hours ago

    okay i NEED whatever that pink one is stat

  • Guestygamez
    Guestygamez 19 hours ago

    The perfect employee

  • Jan
    Jan 2 months ago +19257

    i love how sweet and nice both the starbucks employees were

    • 🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈  ✔
      🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈 ✔ Day ago

      ​@Anders 💀

    • Talon
      Talon 14 days ago

      Yeah when the customer's the one who has to pay $20 for one iced coffee.

    • Brenna Braelyn
      Brenna Braelyn Month ago +3

      starbucks employees like have to be nice, they're interacting with customers all day. they usually don't keep the mean ones for too long

    • Cybella 💕
      Cybella 💕 Month ago +1

      ​@Mark Joseph Bacho lmfao

    • Cybella 💕
      Cybella 💕 Month ago

      You have to be to work there lol

  • Galaxymutant
    Galaxymutant 3 hours ago

    I would choose the first one too because it looks so so good ❤

  • Unoffical Mcdonalds

    Bros about to cause the 1st Starbuck's revolution

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori 26 days ago +4893

    1st one definitely deserves a raise. Girl went out of her way to create a Sundae with a color I didn't think Starbucks had. 😳

    • magdalena Sebastián
      magdalena Sebastián 4 days ago

      It's called the barbie drink

    • farah hallowed
      farah hallowed 8 days ago

      She slayed

    • Sis Team
      Sis Team 9 days ago +1

      I always get that drink I don’t know the name I just say the pink frap it’s sooooo good

    • Galaxy Requiem
      Galaxy Requiem 10 days ago +13

      @Kayda The pro nah I had it before it’s so good, I believe it’s a dragon fruit infused fappuccino with whipped cream, but I get it with no caffeine tastes better like that

    • hi
      hi 11 days ago +5

      Theyre known for their pink drink

  • Greenbean
    Greenbean Day ago

    what’s the ingredients for the first one 😔

  • Unoffical Mcdonalds

    I think the other Starbuck's either gave the wrong drink or forgot what they were trying to do lol

  • trmg
    trmg 2 months ago +28729

    Ryan just made these two starbucks friendly fire 💀

  • Lexi HD
    Lexi HD 59 minutes ago

    Wait that’s almost how I get my shaken espresso 😂😂

  • FØND
    FØND Day ago +1

    where can I get Tori’s number💀

  • Quavo
    Quavo Month ago +12176

    That First Lady won my heart, she just seems so proud of what she made

  • cecilia
    cecilia 3 days ago

    “ughh, i’m so quirky” 😩❤️😆

  • JustVaruN_
    JustVaruN_ 17 days ago +9

    I would have definitely fumbled for the 2nd cashier
    She is soo beautiful

  • Bearfin
    Bearfin 2 months ago +6325

    ryans the only one i would expect to make two starbucks fight

  • my channel
    my channel 4 days ago

    Ryan post more videos!!!

  • Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden

    My friend taught me if she has blue hair and works at Starbucks that shit gon be banging.
    (My friend had the blue hair while at Starbucks lmfao)

  • the crap- crap
    the crap- crap 2 months ago +3139

    20 years later and the two Starbucks are having turf wars to claim land

    • professional idiot
      professional idiot 2 months ago

      Update log, January 21st, 2074.
      We've fought for so long, we don't even know the cause of this bloody war. Some hermits say that it was over coffee, but everybody agrees that's completely absurd. Starbucks B is still continuing their relentless assault on 19th and Hampshire, but we still hold strong, hoping that we can win this war and see our families again...

    • ☆MCAgent8☆
      ☆MCAgent8☆ 2 months ago +2

      **Splatoon intensifies**

    • Samantha Lackner
      Samantha Lackner 2 months ago


    • Katana0132
      Katana0132 2 months ago +5

      @Minato_ok0 and then came along the robots

    • Minato_ok0
      Minato_ok0 2 months ago +9

      They hired 9 of the best mercenaries
      To see who is going to take over the land

  • Ssundee Funniest Moments

    Idk why, but I haven't tried Starbucks once 😅

  • sandorr clegane
    sandorr clegane 11 hours ago +1

    That second girl was so pretty

  • Derek Sanchez
    Derek Sanchez 2 months ago +24649

    "We have to top it" literally hands him a normal ass cold brew.

  • piere pierouu
    piere pierouu 4 days ago

    This man is playing with fire

  • Katie Overstreet
    Katie Overstreet 14 days ago +1


  • browtf??
    browtf?? 2 months ago +6892

    Long ago, the Starbucks lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Ryan Trahan attacked

  • Natasha' s TV pinky light

    I quite like letter A because it's color pink and it looks more fun,yeah a fun drink!!!

  • Lais
    Lais 4 days ago +1

    Jenna Ortega does part time ?

  • Iron
    Iron 2 months ago +3331

    imagine he says "the beef has begun" in a vegan resturant

  • Mashduby
    Mashduby 21 day ago +1

    Everyone is down bad for the 2nd cashier

  • Alanna Kane
    Alanna Kane 3 days ago

    Gives him a regular drink

  • BentleyYt
    BentleyYt  2 months ago +17311

    Bro that lady looked so happy

  • Amethyst A.
    Amethyst A. Day ago

    It’s the Burger King and McDonalds war all over again.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 3 days ago

    Fun fact: That pink color DOES actually occur in nature! I see trees with those colors often where I'm from. They're called Eastern Redbuds.

  • bruh
    bruh 2 months ago +3757

    i love how competitive she is over a starbucks drink 😭

    • Master-san
      Master-san 2 months ago

      Small things like that will make your job a lot more bearable, maybe even fun!

    • KrishKD
      KrishKD 2 months ago

      Yea bro the second girl looks like Kydae?

    • clxse1
      clxse1 2 months ago

      and still lost

    • Shadus of TSS
      Shadus of TSS 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, and didn't even try her hardest to get him a Good drink 😭

    • Shiki Yuuki | The Panda With Fangs
      Shiki Yuuki | The Panda With Fangs 2 months ago +12

      "YOU. HAVE. TO. TOP. IT."😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂

  • Donny
    Donny Day ago +1

    I didn't know Jenna Ortega worked at starbucks

  • Munch
    Munch 3 days ago

    1st one is really pretty tbh

  • Meeshio Mesum
    Meeshio Mesum 2 months ago +5865

    When some random employee is more beautiful then super models

      THIS GUY HD 2 months ago

      Yes people, I just replied to you all. Now stay awesome 😏👉👉

      THIS GUY HD 2 months ago

      @Excalibur Umbra you don’t read much of what you say do you 😂 you just compared fashion and supermodel to the same standards. It’s 2 different words. Cmon dude. Go to bed 😂

      THIS GUY HD 2 months ago

      @Bear! this guy gets it 😏👉👉

      THIS GUY HD 2 months ago

      @TrAsh_rAt_TV I don’t think you understand what I was saying at all. And I’m not really gonna tell you since 1 google search would answer your question.

  • VJ33
    VJ33 9 days ago

    I would risk it all for the second SB cashier

  • CosAlpha
    CosAlpha Day ago

    Your video's are good to watch 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Fortis Et Lenis Studios
    Fortis Et Lenis Studios 2 months ago +6092

    Starbucks A: **wins**
    Starbucks B: "Execute Order 66!"

    • shadow knoles
      shadow knoles Month ago

      @mooper3371 mike?!?!?

    • Raghav Pahariya
      Raghav Pahariya Month ago

      @n thanks

    • Jaydyn
      Jaydyn Month ago

      What does that mean?

    • doggo Ridinghood
      doggo Ridinghood Month ago +1

      But ik what order 66 means, I don’t mean to start beef with Star Wars fans out there

    • n
      n Month ago +2

      @Raghav Pahariya there are three trilogies of movies, which makes 9 in total. I personally recommend watching the trilogies in this order:
      1) 2nd trilogy (prequels, made in 1999-2005)
      2) 1st trilogy (originals, made in 1977-1983)
      3) 3rd trilogy (newest movies, made in 2015-2019)
      If you just want to watch them in the order they were made, then you’ll get the background information about Darth Vader *after* you watch the movies that focus on him as the villain. That’s why I recommend watching them in this order.

  • Mykaela^^
    Mykaela^^ 15 days ago

    I want that drink and tbh the other Starbucks was boring lol

  • Pickles💗
    Pickles💗 9 days ago

    the first drink is a venti vanilla bean with dragonfruit inclusions blended and on top

  • zyacsks
    zyacsks 2 months ago +11188

    second starbucks lady prettier than any model i’ve ever seen

    • xiaohuamao
      xiaohuamao 2 months ago

      I KNOW RIGHT, ah there goes the parade of simps going to that starbucks

    • Ryan West
      Ryan West 2 months ago

      She's not bad looking by anymeans but cmon she literally looks like 70% of the egirls out there idk what made her stand out to you 😭😂

    • Rice Witch
      Rice Witch 2 months ago


    • Cheerios man
      Cheerios man 2 months ago +1

      @Em A everyone is a pretty modle yay i feel special now thank you

  • Sweetest_fate Mel
    Sweetest_fate Mel 2 days ago

    “We HAVE to top it” …brings out the most basic looking drink

  • Germans_Lol
    Germans_Lol 2 months ago +11597

    That has to be the kindest ive seen a starbucks employee be.
    Edit: I would like to clarify its probably bc i go to the same starbucks like 90% bc its the closest to home

    • Mir H.S.
      Mir H.S. 29 days ago +1

      Oke but yk her ig tho? Asking for a friend 😗

    • Dodo
      Dodo 2 months ago +1

      Lol imagine getting insulted for being attracted to someone 🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒🕒 golf wanf flog gnaw

    • Natalina
      Natalina 2 months ago

      What Starbucks have you been going to

  • Rachel Sanders
    Rachel Sanders 12 days ago

    i love your videos so much❤😊

  • Rhea Jones
    Rhea Jones 16 days ago

    BRO he just making people thirsty 🤤😌

  • D
    D 2 months ago +3567

    the barista is freaking beautiful af😭

  • Goat
    Goat 19 days ago

    The star bucks logo💀💀💀


    That color occurs in nature! It’s called Dragon Fruit!

  • Jennifer Stacy
    Jennifer Stacy 2 months ago +8474

    I love Starbucks employees so much. Just ask them to make whatever creation they can imagine and watch them get so excited. EVERY time, it is waaaaay better than what's on the menu

    • Vanlynn
      Vanlynn Month ago

      @Pingu Have had this happen before. I dont like coffee but I like starbucks and everytime I forget what I like and ask them to just make something yummy and they get mad at me

    • pilot ///
      pilot /// Month ago

      Depends on the store cus try doing extra shit on rush hour you’re definitely gonna catch stares. Out here holding up the line and I gotta get these orders out 45 seconds or less just so you can get cavities? And best believe the people behind you too don’t appreciate it.

    • Paige
      Paige Month ago

      @Steven lmao right, I was thinking the same thing. I think maybe it’s an American thing because their businesses are so centred around entertainment.

    • lorenzo
      lorenzo Month ago

      and at the end of the day, we're underpaid and sistematically abused by company policies😃

  • John Parker
    John Parker 14 days ago +1

    I Picked The Pink/Purple One Before The 2nd Drink Showed Up Lol

  • Kaeifroth
    Kaeifroth 13 days ago

    forget the 1st starbucks drink, im inlove with the 2nd girl

  • Loh Cheng Huat
    Loh Cheng Huat Month ago +8364

    'A color that doesn't occur in nature'
    "Pitaya fruit has sobbingly left the chat"

    • The Bite Of 87
      The Bite Of 87 Month ago

      ​​@Drew Mayes Yup, it is pretty rare. A lot of things that look blue are just illusions caused by reflected light. Like how a blue bird is actually grey or the sky is purple, even. One of the few animals that are actually blue is an olive wing butterfly, look it all up :D
      Edit: typo

    • Dog man Real
      Dog man Real Month ago +1

      @McKinley Malbrough I don’t mean to be a living nerd emoji or anything but I really like animals so I just wanted to share the fact that flamingos aren’t naturally colored pink and instead are only colored pink due to the shrimp they eat

    • Jzkd2045
      Jzkd2045 Month ago

      Magnolia tree has left the chat

    • MaxyWaxy
      MaxyWaxy Month ago


    • Meenakshi Thakur
      Meenakshi Thakur Month ago +1

      What the hell are these names

  • _Co1e
    _Co1e Day ago

    Torrey looks like my 5 grade math teacher

  • Artzyhuman ☘️
    Artzyhuman ☘️ 19 days ago

    Ryan,you are quirky.

  • Shaina シャイナ
    Shaina シャイナ 2 months ago +4426

    The first lady was so sweet her smile genuinely made me smile too !!!

    • Imam FN
      Imam FN Month ago +1


    • Hasan Syed
      Hasan Syed Month ago +2

      not sure how I found myself on this side of the internet.

    • AJ
      AJ Month ago +5

      Probably loves her job

    • Elsang Dorj
      Elsang Dorj Month ago +2

      @paul pedroso yes yes yes!

    • paul pedroso
      paul pedroso Month ago +2

      @Elsang Dorj no no no

    iTOCAPAOLA🤍 13 days ago

    I like the pink one more… because it so good🤤

  • Anderson Castillo
    Anderson Castillo 14 days ago +1

    i love the nice cute laddy from the first starbucks she made mi nigth

  • Klein
    Klein 2 months ago +5533

    I swear to god baristas are 100% hotter than actual models.
    How tf did this get so many likes lmfao? Thanks Gs

    • Denzel Navarro
      Denzel Navarro Month ago

      ​@Kajiib Ahmub Gwashalaup Juuhin Shuuhmaahd Jeherjin yeah

    • Anders
      Anders 2 months ago

      anyone know the second ones insta

    • Mata
      Mata 2 months ago

      I mean they look average

  • heyo
    heyo 5 days ago

    It's somehow really funny 🤣

  • Miriam Schueler
    Miriam Schueler 2 days ago

    we love u ryan

  • ThatOneEmoBoi
    ThatOneEmoBoi 2 months ago +1785

    The shock on the last girl was literally Wednesday Addams

    • Pvzgamer Legisniana
      Pvzgamer Legisniana 2 months ago +1

      ​@Where are they? Wrong its Yesterday.

    • Skitskert
      Skitskert 2 months ago +1

      What have you done

    • watcher
      watcher 2 months ago +1

      No way...

    • Riann Cluff
      Riann Cluff 2 months ago +10

      Dude she seriously looked like Jenna for a second

  • PieceOfKurt
    PieceOfKurt 9 days ago

    Where's the beef?

  • Chuli_
    Chuli_ 11 days ago

    Employee number 2 a baddie fr fr

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme Month ago +1466

    Ok but why is Jenna Ortega working at a starbucks?

  • Lena
    Lena 14 days ago


  • Toxic_ ACE
    Toxic_ ACE 14 days ago +1

    the second girl is sooo fine

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug Month ago +6550

    I absolutely love this video. He didn’t make it awkward or make their lives harder. I feel like he actually made their day just a bit more interesting and now they have a funny story.

    • Nina Dee
      Nina Dee Month ago


    • Einnoc Zepog
      Einnoc Zepog Month ago

      ​@Swagskii what-

    • Swagskii
      Swagskii Month ago +1

      ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

    • Edwin Setiawan
      Edwin Setiawan Month ago +13

      You knew americans. The one with more sugar wins.

    • Aj
      Aj Month ago +2


  • Nathan Teremchuk
    Nathan Teremchuk 10 days ago

    Make them do more "BEEF"

  • That_Weirdo
    That_Weirdo 2 days ago +1

    I used to go to a mental hospital with someone named Tori and she looks exactly like her…I know it’s probably not her but it was just cool and reminded me of good times with Tori…

    • That_Weirdo
      That_Weirdo 6 hours ago

      @Super saiyan anne I really don’t know 😭💀

    • Super saiyan anne
      Super saiyan anne 11 hours ago

      The hail why is this one of the top comments

  • gun with one bullet
    gun with one bullet 22 days ago +895

    "We HAVE to top it guys"
    "Here is your regular ass looking drink"

  • Ivory & Gold
    Ivory & Gold 12 days ago

    he shouldn't have shown the first drink at the second Starbucks and just asked them for a really fun drink too and then compared them.

    QWERTYUIOP🤣 3 days ago

    He’s bussin

    SINGH 2 months ago +2671

    Finnally a green haired lady that is super friendly

    • Infu Riated
      Infu Riated 2 months ago

      @Ar plays cuz I'll never be him

    • Infu Riated
      Infu Riated 2 months ago

      @Toad68 ew

    • NËNO
      NËNO 2 months ago +1

      ​@Toad68 But you have pronouns too...

    • quandal
      quandal 2 months ago

      @Toad68 ok /

    • MelonLord
      MelonLord 2 months ago +1

      ​@Toad68 you learned about pronouns in second grade, OH WAIT YOU ARENT IN SECOND GRADE YET -_-

  • Jillian Post
    Jillian Post 17 days ago

    manager: “i own both” him: “IDC!!”

  • Itz.TocaBrii
    Itz.TocaBrii 13 days ago

    Both were good!

  • Josh Burris
    Josh Burris 2 months ago +1347

    as a Starbucks operator, the winner looks like a Barbie frappe. for anyone who wants to try it: vanilla bean frappe with heavy cream, raspberry, dragonfruit, and strawberry puree in the cup for extra fun

    • Mightiflier
      Mightiflier Month ago +1

      @Josh Burris thanks brother!

    • Josh Burris
      Josh Burris Month ago

      @Mightiflier it does :( the only frappe youd be able to have (at least at my location) is a sugar-free vanilla frappe (with or without coffee) with double syrup and no base !

    • Josh Burris
      Josh Burris Month ago

      @99centlips only really when its super busy, and even then i dont rly get annoyed i just wont make it super pretty. when its slow i get excited to make them !

    • Holywaffle
      Holywaffle Month ago


    • PlanetEmersyn
      PlanetEmersyn Month ago +3

      @Marblez: you should try a vanilla bean frap, with strawberry and raspberry inclusions mixed in

  • Yoanna Tarango
    Yoanna Tarango 6 days ago


  • CL’s TV - Origami
    CL’s TV - Origami 2 months ago +6546

    Ryan never disappoints us

  • Bob Dietz Nupsons

    Starbucks... its everywhere

  • Amanda Cross
    Amanda Cross 8 days ago

    I love that the caption of this vid is just “Starbucks” 💀

  • Toastlotl
    Toastlotl 2 months ago +1161

    Why are both the baristas so pretty wtf 😭 I swear there's something in the Starbucks water

    • Ruddy Nes
      Ruddy Nes Month ago +1

      @Toastlotl people think it’s okay to be rude to heavier people because they need someone to punch down on. 90% of the people making these comment are miserable

    • Toastlotl
      Toastlotl 2 months ago

      @Ahmad Ali Baig is her smile not a facial feature?

    • Ahmad Ali Baig
      Ahmad Ali Baig 2 months ago

      @Toastlotl sure. But I think it's pretty telling that u call her pretty and then didn't describe a single facial feature.

    • Khergit
      Khergit 2 months ago +1

      ​@HIMADRI I'm not in disagreement with you there.

      HIMADRI 2 months ago

      @Khergit And those features have quite a large range whose boundaries are very vague. On top of that, that range doesn't consist of absolute numbers, but more like a colour spectrum, slowly transitioning from one to another. Now ofcourse there are some features which would be universally seen as absolutely beautiful and others as absolutely ugly. But in the middle, opinions vary quite a lot. There are indeed quite a lot of people who find fat people attractive. Not obese, just with bit more flesh. And her facial features aren't too bad here either. I would say a definite 5.5 which can go upto 7 based on personal preferences.

  • piky_kit
    piky_kit Day ago


  • Samana Kazmi
    Samana Kazmi 2 days ago

    'the color that doesn't occur in nature'

  • Nerd Nation
    Nerd Nation 2 months ago +808

    Bro started a civil war 💀

    • papa_p1ne
      papa_p1ne 2 months ago

      between the nazis and Germany 💀

    • Priyanshu
      Priyanshu 2 months ago +1

      I was just about to leave the comment section but then my eye vision fell on this comment and i reopen the comments just to crack by this comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Cayden THE ROCEKY BAIBOA 2 months ago +2

      ON GOD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jayde Medina
    Jayde Medina 15 days ago

    Now they would not like each other and try to see if they have the best store or restaurant or not