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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 19 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

  • Published on Sep 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 19 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Grian is back on hermitcraft the minecraft server making progress to his build and making more diamonds!
    This video's release was delayed 2 days due to the sad passing of Her Majesty the Queen.

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  • Christopher Georgia

    It's hilarious to think that the entire premise of this season is based off of Scar stacking some diamonds

  • Kat E.
    Kat E.  +2

    I love how the second Grumbot says "My Grian was sorry too" the entire fandom just unanimously went "ah okay, grumbot killed a man"

  • IeatElmerGlue

    Grian: dont start a resistance. dont start a resistance. Literally everyone else:

  • Anna Broomfield

    Grian standing the corner whispering "don't start a resistance" on repeat to himself is one of the funniest moments ever

  • Everett Liu

    I’m waiting for an episode named “GIVING IN” to come out where Grian finally starts a resistance.

  • Aglae Juarez

    I think it would be hilarious if everyone else starts a resistance against the King and Grian just... joins the king for whatever reason.

  • Totally Not Sydney Dumoit

    Grain will 100% start a resistance by the end of the season

  • SirSimon
    SirSimon  +272

    I noticed something interesting grian makes grumbot say "GENERATE CONTENT" but when impulse asks grumbot what to do he says "father 1 wants you to generate content". So it seems grumbot was able to override Grian's input to say something else. So it seems this grumbot has more power than we thought.

  • WilderBaton

    I love how they scrambled from the party like cops showing up IRL


    The keyword to what Grian has been saying is

  • Peyton BoyG

    When Grumbot told Grian, "My Grian was sorry too", that made me shocked.

  • k98killer
    k98killer  +56

    The "SURPRISE" horn was a pretty perfect addition to that chaotic scenario. It was literally the last thing Ren heard as everyone scattered lol

  • Soraine
    Soraine  +4

    Grian: remove

  • confoozledfox

    The second I saw that “property of the crown” on The Entity, I knew the king had to go. Even if it’s not Grian, someone out there needs to start a resistance.

  • Rebecca Walsh

    Grian: I’m resisting a resistance Also Grian: let’s steal more diamonds from the statue

  • Fkill TheMidnightKnight

    "Don't start a resistance, Don't start a resistance, Don't start a resistance." Grian, Sir, You will, You will start a resistance, And I will support it.

  • Denmark _217


  • Unpopular Opinion

    I love how most of them simultaneously say “the king’s here”😂

  • king of penguins

    Grian: remove the

  • minisamuri47

    Grian may not be able to take part in a resistance, but maybe someone else can...perhaps a poultry themed masked vigilante of sorts.