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THE NIGHT SHIFT (OVERTIME): taking on miami with lana

  • Published on Jan 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • the return of the night shift vlogs! we're out of the studio for the next couple weeks. enjoy a buttery supply of some of your favorite influencer faces as we work from the road.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Samuel Fuglevig Søndergaard
    Samuel Fuglevig Søndergaard 2 years ago +16578

    “I didn’t get my own bedroom, so I had to share with Lana and Riley” - Mike with the biggest flex of 2020

    • Emiko
      Emiko 27 days ago

      Na I'd rather have a girl who hasn't been railed 1000 times

    • Bonox Gamer
      Bonox Gamer 10 months ago


    • Burd 606
      Burd 606 Year ago

      Logan was in the room to didn't you hear about him and Logan getting into it.

    • James Reedy
      James Reedy Year ago

      Thats my dream is to share a room with lana and Riley

    • Shay Clips
      Shay Clips Year ago

      Logan girl look like reekid

  • Bazzy2K
    Bazzy2K 2 years ago +4670

    This man is the luckiest man in the world Lana and Riley

    • joubire hero
      joubire hero 2 days ago

      tell me if he don’t have money what he have to be like to get her tell m what the normal think to to get a girl you have to be beautiful like her and u a boy or what you know what is man not woman in this ys ppl think man have to be like a girl or what

    • joubire hero
      joubire hero 2 days ago

      @championsgaming1 stop t pls hs a man not a girl

    • joubire hero
      joubire hero 2 days ago

      tell me if he don’t have money what he have to be like to get her tell m what the normal think to to get a girl you have to be beautiful like her and u a boy or what you know what is man not woman in this ys ppl think man have to be like a girl or what

    • joubire hero
      joubire hero 2 days ago

      @SANKET PATEL tell me if he don’t have money what he have to be like to get her tell m what the normal think to to get a girl you have to be beautiful like her and u a boy or what you know what is man not woman in this ys ppl think man have to be like a girl or what

    • Fat Tony
      Fat Tony 2 months ago

      Not really think about how stretched out they must be

  • Agent 1328
    Agent 1328 2 years ago +4730

    “It sucks because I had to share a bed with Lana and Riley” lucky

    • swmc8._
      swmc8._ 11 months ago

      Oh hell no. That’s basically like piping 70 dudes

    • Golden Boys
      Golden Boys Year ago


  • Jayani Croos-Peterson

    I've never seen any of lana's videos that are apparently popular, but I find her so kind-hearted and successful which makes your videos with her so fun and entertaining to watch. I came to your channel because I've been watching Impaulsive and I've gotta say you and your whole friend group are hilarious.

  • Kevin Bennersten
    Kevin Bennersten Year ago +3

    Bro this is the first video of you that i watch and im already in love bro, love to you man keep up the good work, we're all here for you no matter what ❤ looking forward to bring a Daily follower.

  • Josh
    Josh 2 years ago +17185

    I feel you Mike. I’d be upset too if I had to share a bed with lana&riley. Life is hard sometimes...literally

  • Bose Heck
    Bose Heck 2 years ago +8

    Mike I just wanna say I think you are a very great person and creator I love the vlogs and not just because of Lana because your life is fr entertaining

  • Venessa Hunt
    Venessa Hunt 2 years ago +1

    I'm subscribed Mike!! Keep up the cool vlogs my dude!! Loving all of it!! 👍😎👍😎

  • J 2003
    J 2003 Month ago

    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years, I miss this couple so much the videos were so fun

  • Kolton A.
    Kolton A. 2 years ago

    Love you Mike your so awesome name. Your words are amazing man you could be a motivational speaker man honestly. Keep up the amazing work man!

  • Hans Magallanes
    Hans Magallanes 2 years ago +3970

    I like how innocent and simple Lana's face when she is not doing her job.

    • Dylan Wilson Racing
      Dylan Wilson Racing 2 years ago

      Galaxy Mallow she still makes videos just not with other people

    • tic
      tic 2 years ago

      She doesn’t do porn anymore

    • VErSe
      VErSe 2 years ago

      Galapagos Finch it’s an opinion, just because of what’s you think doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong

    • FreeKAzoiD8
      FreeKAzoiD8 2 years ago

      @Nixks Right!

    • Salty Melon
      Salty Melon 2 years ago +1

      Galapagos Finch she doesn’t wear 5 layers of makeup, 99.9% of girls lose 3+ points without makeup

  • IzayaPresents
    IzayaPresents Year ago +3

    this is THE best video on youtube. it has so many influencers- i’ve come back to watch it at least 50 times

  • Bîģ bòńêř LĂMÃ

    Your family are proud of you girl

  • Eddie Diaz
    Eddie Diaz Year ago

    For a while I refused to watch your videos just cause of Lana, but I actually like your videos. Your videos are funny and well out together, and Lana just makes them better.

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores 2 years ago +2

    I know why mike and brad get along so well

  • Tiffanie Barnette
    Tiffanie Barnette 2 years ago +527

    I could seriously watch this type of content everyday... I don’t think people give Mike enough credit for how funny he is && how much of the “Real Logan Paul” he brings out! This Dynamic Duo is in incredible! 🙌🏻💖

    • Cory
      Cory 5 months ago

      People sleep on mike.. lol
      His real self comes out on vlogs

    • Joseph Dadulla
      Joseph Dadulla 2 years ago

      Lol, me too.

    • Stew BonBon
      Stew BonBon 2 years ago +1

      Tiffanie Barnette Great Point.

    • None
      None 2 years ago +1


  • Brooke
    Brooke 2 years ago +8

    I love how mike is like “I like this merch” and Lana instantly wants to promo mikes merch

  • Jose C
    Jose C 2 years ago +17

    Came here for Lana, and stayed caused this channel is lit

  • Anshul Rawat
    Anshul Rawat Year ago +1

    Mike makes amazing content 👍🏼

    JOSE MENDOZA Year ago

    este hombre tiene mis respeto es el puto amo y es un afortunado

  • Jack Denmo
    Jack Denmo 2 years ago +105

    Buddy has the chillest vlogs

    • kez kez
      kez kez 2 years ago +4

      Fawk bud, got that right @Jack Denmo

    • Michael T
      Michael T 2 years ago +4

      Woah the legend himself

  • Tristan koster
    Tristan koster 2 years ago +6

    I love rewatching your vlogs so much💯

  • itimelord
    itimelord 2 years ago +31

    “I didn’t get my own bedroom, so I had to share with Lana and Riley”
    *We all know what he did with them that night*

  • Dionne Fycf
    Dionne Fycf Year ago +43

    We all know damn well he was not sad about sharing a bed with Lana and Riley Reid 😂😂😂 I smell cap 🧢

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta Year ago +21

    "i didn't get my room so i had to share the bed with Lana and Riley" Dude seriously you did some great shit in your previous life.

  • uSwolo
    uSwolo Year ago +2

    6:25 trust me mike everything is gunna be ok. 🤣😂

  • Gap_nation
    Gap_nation 2 years ago +136

    Bruh I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s actually Logans social security

    • xMidgeWON
      xMidgeWON Year ago +3

      It was 1 digit longer than a normal SS number

  • User Name
    User Name 2 years ago +67

    I love how mikes upset to share a bed with lana and Riley. Every guy in the world dreams of that day 😂

  • Bruhsketit
    Bruhsketit Year ago +47

    I love how awkward Logan used to get around Lana.

  • SamB
    SamB Year ago +41

    6:22 mike = the goat of life

  • Daniel Fink
    Daniel Fink 10 months ago

    W vlog, bring this energy back!

  • Abhishek Sinha
    Abhishek Sinha 2 years ago +31

    This vlog makes me sick
    The lifestyle you all enjoy is like one wouldn’t think of.
    Private Jet And Supercars McLaren Lamborghini
    Hats off to you all man for your Hardwork

  • Andrew Abdel
    Andrew Abdel 2 years ago +12

    when life gets tough i just remember that there's guys like mike who has to sleep with lana and riley in the same bed and that really puts things in perspective for me.

    • Val Perret
      Val Perret 7 months ago

      This comment is so underrated

  • tangleberry88
    tangleberry88 2 years ago +195

    These guys are living the dream. Anyone hating on them is jealous to the core. Every single one of us would want to be in their shoes. Who wouldn't?

    • Alexander Mercer
      Alexander Mercer 16 days ago

      I wouldn't be jealous at all, not even a dream I would want for it to happen.

    • Jogendra Joshi
      Jogendra Joshi 8 months ago +4

      I wouldn't. I watch this stuff sometimes just to be aware of what stupidity is going on in pop culture

    • Incognitojon
      Incognitojon 2 years ago

      ψOrak Θråk ofc it does but in the future or even a year or 2 it’ll be sad and depressing

    • FinaothaK
      FinaothaK 2 years ago +1

      Jonathan Sheppard well I mean in the moment that shit seems fun as hell

  • Ioannis Arzinos
    Ioannis Arzinos Year ago +11

    Mike: “Without this lady there wouldn’t be no Logan, no Jake Paul..”
    Logan’s mom:”No mike either”
    Y’all just gonna ignore that?

  • Bear The Nomad
    Bear The Nomad Year ago +7

    You know Logan seems to nice now. Im so glad hes matured to ust be a nice regular guy, seems like Mike influenced him a lot. You too as as sweet together as you and Lana

  • Chasin Bass With Brock

    Love the vlogs bro

  • Rachael Underbakke
    Rachael Underbakke 2 years ago +643

    “I have to sleep in a bed with Lana and Riley” bro you crazy

  • Celebrity Drama
    Celebrity Drama 2 years ago +284

    Petition to get to Mike Majlak to post more Night Shift videos more than once each week :)

    • chuckkky
      chuckkky 2 years ago +1


    • tech dodo
      tech dodo 2 years ago +1

      should rlly be daily

    • tatiana
      tatiana 2 years ago +2


    • DylanBeRad
      DylanBeRad 2 years ago +4

      Clip-Share Drama id pay for this

  • Rosemarie Drolet
    Rosemarie Drolet 2 years ago

    Whole squad looking like smart sweets wrappers 🍬 ❤️🧡💛💚💙

  • Omer Lakhani
    Omer Lakhani 2 years ago

    broo i like your vlog and it ok the way you support all people it is show how much your heart big

  • fly Q400
    fly Q400 3 months ago

    Just fixing the fluff ahaha mikes hilarious

  • JoshyXI
    JoshyXI 2 years ago

    You are living every guys dream. Legend.

  • Jamesizzlin
    Jamesizzlin 2 years ago +798

    “The degenerate alcoholics and drug addicts over here” it shows Logan with them flexin hahaha it’s awesome

    • bellonaut
      bellonaut 2 years ago

      best vlogs on youtube!

    • Zak Moon
      Zak Moon 2 years ago +1

      James Buchanan yep

  • Termsd
    Termsd Year ago +231

    After they broke up
    Clip-Share:let’s recommend this

  • Briana Almodovar
    Briana Almodovar Year ago

    i love how mike gets so close to logans face lol

  • NJ
    NJ 2 years ago

    Me and the boys in bridgend prison, wales love your content mike. We loved you before lana and we'll be here when she's not.

  • dalton
    dalton 2 years ago +6

    when you realize that mike is
    a universal hype man

  • Byron Hollington
    Byron Hollington 2 years ago +745

    This channel is probably the most underrated thing on Clip-Share right now

  • Micheal De Santa
    Micheal De Santa Month ago

    Mane, I would love to just to be on this trip

    K_RYPTO Year ago

    Mike says he is going to sleep but we really know what he's going to do

  • Foos3y_OW
    Foos3y_OW 3 months ago +1

    “I think TikTok will last for another year and a half”
    God I wish he was right

  • Uğur Çamtaş
    Uğur Çamtaş 2 years ago

    u guys owe me this kind of events cuz I'm in a fkn extraordinary boring quarantine for covid19 in my home.. After all this shit gone , u gotta take me to ur events from my country. see ya soon. P.s : I want to meet with Riley

  • dark gaming888
    dark gaming888 2 years ago +8425

    this man here really sleeping with both lanna and riley.
    gg man you have beaten life

  • Daniel Merrido
    Daniel Merrido Year ago

    Wonderfull vlog. :D

  • Brady Badeau
    Brady Badeau 2 years ago +14

    Mike must be so unlucky to have to share a room with Lana and Riley

  • cotto4040
    cotto4040 2 years ago +1

    Imagine getting upset over having to share a bed with Lana AND Riley?!

  • That account
    That account 2 years ago +8

    This is the best piece of Clip-Share content I have ever seen

    • Tommy D
      Tommy D 2 years ago

      Flight Lol no cap

  • DroneTube
    DroneTube 2 years ago +32

    I didn’t really see mike as someone who I would watch on Clip-Share, but after this video I think the complete opposite, this was some great content and I would love to see more, keep up the good work.

    • Mats
      Mats 2 years ago

      Same its great

  • Robaroo
    Robaroo 2 years ago

    gosh. riley reid is such a media darling. i hope she gets picked up mainstream.

  • Helena Chen Jiang
    Helena Chen Jiang Year ago +6

    Logan: Tells social security number
    Scammers: It’s free real estate

  • dane perry
    dane perry Year ago

    Good videos ,hope lana stays with Mike .

  • Hungry Bird
    Hungry Bird 2 years ago +2

    This won’t end well in years to come 😂

  • Tanner Burleson
    Tanner Burleson 2 years ago +37

    Vlogs like this is going to be the thing that gets you to 1 million subs before you know it. Hopefully you keep the night shift going as well though, I love everything you’re doing. Keep it up man!

  • Mihir Jebley
    Mihir Jebley Year ago +2

    This is where it all popped off for Mike

  • Nick B
    Nick B Year ago +8

    3:45 - 4:00 is the best part of this vlog

  • 009 009
    009 009 Year ago

    11:4 the funniest moment 🤣🤣🤣

  • KauiGG
    KauiGG Year ago

    Steve’s part is so fucken funny “my name is Steve will do it and I buy drugs from
    Bradley”😂😂 also at 4:08😂😂😂

  • Patrick Lindencrone Stehr
    Patrick Lindencrone Stehr 2 years ago +135


    • Govinda Kumar
      Govinda Kumar 2 years ago +2

      Yeah that's because of Logan whole team maverick and his friends living life because of Logan. I think this private jet and free parties even this whole squad all sponsored by jake and Logan.

  • icloser
    icloser 2 years ago +41

    Mike: *asks Jake* Can you give us advice on how to beat someone who is bigger than you?
    Jake: .-. Bring a *KNIFE*
    This killed me 😂😂😂🤣

  • Cam’ron Ajjali
    Cam’ron Ajjali 2 years ago

    Imagine walking down the street and hearing...
    Holy shit that’s Lana Rhodes!

  • Ishaaq
    Ishaaq Year ago +3

    I feel like mike is the only one including a bit of Logan who actually likes the U.K. peeps

  • Dermilos .69
    Dermilos .69 Year ago

    I like how he completely covered up her name in the podcast and just says it in this video

  • TTIG
    TTIG 2 years ago +712

    Mike is like a guy who's been a virgin all his life but when he gets connections with famous people he just starts calling up random pornstars to compensate for having lived his whole life as a virgin.

    • TTIG
      TTIG 5 months ago

      @Cory says the virgin commenting on a 1 year old post

    • TTIG
      TTIG 2 years ago

      @Anthony g yea, sure man

    • Anthony g
      Anthony g 2 years ago

      @TTIG lol I hate mike I think hes a clown..but these are facts

    • TTIG
      TTIG 2 years ago

      @Anthony g didn't need to show how much you praise Mike man, ya coomer

  • Do Cool Stuff
    Do Cool Stuff 2 years ago +3

    Is it just me or did David Dobrik already take this trip with his friends awhile back?

  • lanchenba
    lanchenba Year ago

    I get jealous of Mike 😂✌️

  • lxnely
    lxnely 2 years ago +44

    Who else is here to only hear stories about Lana? 😂

  • Lysol
    Lysol Year ago +1

    Mike:Who is this girl?
    Josie dancing
    Mike:Oh no she’s back!

  • zach wilson
    zach wilson 2 years ago +183

    All this vlog does is make me realize about how shitty an boring my life really is

    • unknown
      unknown 2 years ago

      zach wilson so change it🙌🏻

    • Spencer J
      Spencer J 2 years ago

      Hey there’s famous people who didn’t “catch their break” until later in life.
      Start with what you have, and work towards where you want to be.
      Let’s go!

      LAW GAMING 2 years ago +1

      zach wilson just wanna say.. “same here man.”

  • Elijah Logan
    Elijah Logan 7 months ago +1

    Still getting recommended a year later , u look good with a shaved face mike

  • Sara Ewalt
    Sara Ewalt 2 years ago

    Miami Nights are a must do experience for all couples they are the best #MagicCity

    SMEVAN Year ago +11

    Mike, if you didn't score with Lana and Riley. . .
    you can never score again.

  • Adam A
    Adam A 2 years ago

    That intro was amazing

  • Terrick Turpin
    Terrick Turpin 2 years ago +88

    I laughed really hard when mike said he was sad that’s he had to share his bed with Riley and Lana 😂

  • Derek Hu
    Derek Hu 2 years ago +9

    “We have to stuff 16 people, and we only got 7 bedrooms...” poor Mike, I guess 7 bedrooms really isn’t enough.

    • Ali
      Ali 7 months ago


  • K whatNext
    K whatNext 2 years ago

    Still the best vlog yet

  • Pure Finesse
    Pure Finesse 2 years ago +3

    I watch Nelkboyz channel and Logan’s and Steve’s and mikes this was so cool to see them all kicken it and Bradley Martyn

  • Calvin
    Calvin Year ago +4

    6:29 that's a man coming off of one hell of a good night of sleep, probably the best he's ever had

  • 4head
    4head 2 years ago +2685

    Wtf he’s serious about this dating thing with all of our favorite step sister

  • LeeCulvers
    LeeCulvers 2 years ago

    Logan seems more like his quiet mature self in these vlogs

  • Zayn H
    Zayn H 2 years ago +1

    Gib lasted as long in the fight as half of us would with lana rhoades

  • boi c
    boi c 2 years ago +11

    imagine looking like THAT and cheating on someone who looks like THAT

  • Dale Nelson
    Dale Nelson 2 years ago

    That's the way to enjoy life right there

  • Cj Hardee
    Cj Hardee 2 years ago +3035

    Literally no one:
    Lana: has thumb in mouth

  • Roberto Serrano
    Roberto Serrano 5 months ago +1

    Imagine having to share the bed with Lana Rhodes and riley?!!!
    That must suck!

  • Dylan Flores
    Dylan Flores Year ago +1

    It’s difficult to think that they are not together anymore :(

  • Cristian Mestre
    Cristian Mestre 2 months ago

    The Ultimate Clip-Sharer-TikTok video… God I wish I was Mike!! 😭

  • Jaythevibe
    Jaythevibe Year ago

    Mike gives me hope

  • Pixydust411
    Pixydust411 2 years ago +4510

    Can we just respect that he is in bed with 2 of the Most watched Women on Earth!

  • Dominic Colangelo
    Dominic Colangelo Year ago +2

    Best intro! 🤣