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Is Nothing hiding Something under the Glass?! - Teardown!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Its time to take apart the Nothing Phone! Thank you to Jurassic World Dominion for sponsoring a portion of this video. Jurassic World Dominion Extended Edition is yours to own on 8/16. uni.pictures/JWD You can find their Clip-Share here: clip-share.net/user/JurassicWorld Thank you ! Even though we can see some aspects of the Nothing Phone (1) from the outside... We cant truly see what's going on without analyzing it from the Inside. Today we find out how the Nothing Phone is put together and maybe even how many LED lights make up the glitch below the clear glass.
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  • MrHushCrush
    MrHushCrush 3 months ago +3615

    Wow can’t imagine getting sponsored by a movie company.

  • Liz 2055
    Liz 2055 3 months ago +181

    I like how companies are paying more attention to internals by adding Easter eggs because of your videos.

    • the air accumulator
      the air accumulator Month ago

      Nah just engineers having fun, especially in a novelty phone like this, no one cares about his videos.

  • Florin Arjocu
    Florin Arjocu 3 months ago +71

    80k likes already, enjoy counting the LEDs! 😀 Liked the challenge.

  • smashed_penguin
    smashed_penguin 3 months ago +15

    The battery may be easily removable but it seems like it would be quite difficult to get to it without scratching or bending any of the pieces that make up the back.

  • kie950
    kie950 3 months ago +1

    As awesome as the LEDs look I can't help but wonder if the light will bleed over the camera through the back glass and screw up night shots like a cheap clear case would

  • Libertarian
    Libertarian 3 months ago +2153

    The great majority of windshields are simply held in with just adhesive. Adhesive can be quite strong, especially when installed under clean room conditions. 3M VHB actually is used to hold in skyscraper windows and can also be used as the sole attachment method for enclosed trailer sides. You can have bad adhesives and bad installs which can lead to failure or can try to have adhesive hold beyond its limits, but when using proper adhesives you can build things almost indefinitely; let’s not forget mortar is at its core an adhesive linking concrete blocks together and has seen homes standing on these foundations for generations.

    • Gaurav Thakur
      Gaurav Thakur 6 days ago

      Furniture has a lot of adhesive too yk

    • Libertarian
      Libertarian 29 days ago

      @unprocessed emotions: This can be true for everything, including coatings. The notion that phones will come into contact with “chemicals” that can weaken or dissolve adhesives is comical to me as the only likely chemical that would contact phones would be water, or maybe glass cleaner, which isn’t volatile to most adhesives. Water can be a solvent but not for oil based adhesives and oil can be a solvent but not for water based adhesives there is no universal solvent and no product including those in harsh environments can be protected from anything. Adhesives and coatings work in horrible conditions and can hold up where strict material fasteners couldn’t. No solution is absolute for 100% of circumstances but adhesives are ever increasing in function and use.

    • unprocessed emotions
      unprocessed emotions 29 days ago

      It's not that adhesive isn't strong . it's that adhesive gets weak when comes in contact with certain chrmicals . skyscrapper windows will not come in contact with more than a handful of chemicals but a tiny handheld device will . depending on the user

    • Ronaldo Paralejas
      Ronaldo Paralejas 3 months ago


      ↘️CARDTOOLX ON INSTAGRAM⬅️ 3 months ago

      @Jonathan Cardtoolx 👆👆unlock mine permanently fast and reliable thanks dued

  • 1tan _freed0m
    1tan _freed0m 3 months ago +2

    The way the components are sitting in place is so pleasing to watch. And I think best android phone design ever when tearing apart. Cuz almost all Androids doesn't have very attractive internals

  • Ambuj Garg
    Ambuj Garg 3 months ago +6

    I really liked how the video ended! He was hesitant to show that he messed up the LED around the camera lens and hid it with his hand!😂😂

  • Eric Harrison
    Eric Harrison 3 months ago +1

    I'd love to see some designs acid etched into the rear cover along with some filters over the led strips to disperse the light into the etched designs.

  • Dhruv Pankhania
    Dhruv Pankhania 3 months ago +14

    There should be a challenge for Jerry to see that how many parts of a phone can he disassemble while keeping the phone turned on (exceptions like battery and mother board obviously)

  • Sensible
    Sensible 3 months ago +750

    I don't think the adhesive would become a problem unless the owner kept on tearing the phone apart.

    • Mayur Dahiwale
      Mayur Dahiwale 2 months ago

      I've seen some reports of the white strip peeling off

    • MatlabPhile
      MatlabPhile 3 months ago

      unless the owner is Jerry.

    • ᴄᴜʟᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ
      ᴄᴜʟᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ 3 months ago

      @Beep Boop 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Aniruddh Kotte
      Aniruddh Kotte 3 months ago


    • C:\ DOS
      C:\ DOS 3 months ago

      @XXzenon Ionnex You are correct. If you really think about it, such as appliances and such, labels don't go falling off after 10 years, or even 25. The only time you have issues is when you go to remove the label or adhesive and try to reattach it, then it will not go on the way it was. Adhesive is used on many things and essentially never do the labels or adhesives come off on their own. The only thing I found that will actually break down over time is certain rubbers, they turn to goo, and foam, it literally begins to disintegrate after some time, but really never do I see something with adhesive just "fall off".

  • Astitva Anant
    Astitva Anant Day ago

    Nothing really has made this phone well. I quite like the compartmentalised sort of construction they have done here, ofcourse other companies do that too but Nothing has just made it look so clean

  • juwbr
    juwbr 3 months ago +3

    in case you did not know by now. The charging LED has to je activated in the settings first!

  • Valentin Zhekov
    Valentin Zhekov 3 months ago +2

    THIS is the real teardown video and more the lame dave2d effort! Thanks Zack! You're the real MVP! ❤️

  • MegaMan X
    MegaMan X 3 months ago

    In many ways this is easier to put back together than a HAC-001 joycon! 😅

  • frog's shadow
    frog's shadow 3 months ago

    It would be pretty cool to get different defuser colors and maybe even make different colored parts for the back to add your own flair to the phone beyond just white

  • Housseine Doucouré
    Housseine Doucouré 3 months ago +3

    The amount of the glue in the phone makes it really a "Nothing" phone.

  • Jimbobertson
    Jimbobertson 3 months ago

    I have a teardown grip case from DBrand on my iPhone XR. The amount of conversations that that darn case has started is amazing. One of my best purchases

  • delostboy
    delostboy 3 months ago

    Zack! The exclamation mark will only tell your charge level when the screen is facing down; you have to give it a quick shake and it will activate the function

  • Chris Kabigting
    Chris Kabigting 3 months ago +484

    I didn't expect to see Pokemon-labled cables lol. I think there will be a possible calibration issue with the fingerprint scanner after putting it back together. I saw that on another teardown vid. But I'd say this is a great teardown overall.

    • Dark GT
      Dark GT 3 months ago +1

      @Eric Harrison Oh Geez, duh, thanks for telling this secret. /s

    • Eric Harrison
      Eric Harrison 3 months ago +4

      @Dark GT See that little red bar like thing below the video? Did you know that it has a secret function that actually allows one to skip ahead (past the "sponsored crap"), or even back to watch that "sponsored crap" over and over until the hate and rage within finally has it's way with you (go on and try it). Or here is a novel idea...Don't click on the video that you don't want to watch.

    • Café Mólido
      Café Mólido 3 months ago

      Wonder if scanned the QR codes?

    • Siam Hossain
      Siam Hossain 3 months ago +2

      That makes sense why Pei had an Ash Ketchum profile photo on Twitter for a while lol

    • Suchit Vemula
      Suchit Vemula 3 months ago

      @Revanth kid 💀look who's talking. Why don't you go back to studying and let the adults talk

  • Nich Nac
    Nich Nac 3 months ago

    I really feel the fascination for the movies haha, love them all

  • ArthurTheThird
    ArthurTheThird 3 months ago

    Btw, if you add the contact "Abra" to your phone and go into the ringtones settings of the glyphs and set Abra to your custom contacts, it will unlock the music visualization in the glyphs setting. Its pretty fancy

  • Riyad Hasan
    Riyad Hasan 3 months ago

    The phone's build quality is top notch 🤤

  • Subhanshu Kamal
    Subhanshu Kamal 3 months ago +1

    Hey Jerry I am curious about those speaker balls. Can you do a loudspeaker comparison with and without those balls?

  • A. Jung
    A. Jung 3 months ago +380

    40k likes in just 3 hours after uploading! 👍😳 Looks like Zach should already start looking for his magnifying glass 😅😂

    • Akhilesh Sattanathan
      Akhilesh Sattanathan 3 months ago


    • Bart
      Bart 3 months ago

      114K likes - so far he HAS TO count them......... TWICE :)

    • JUST
      JUST 3 months ago +5

      😂 😂 😂 😂 he will definitely going to regret saying that

    • Lotanna Okogbuo
      Lotanna Okogbuo 3 months ago +13

      82k Likes. 😑 I’m expecting the numbers any time now

    • Bhaskar Jyoti Barman
      Bhaskar Jyoti Barman 3 months ago +1

      LOL 🤣

  • Devdutt Shenoi
    Devdutt Shenoi 3 months ago

    So excited for Jerry to upload/stream a video literally counting each LED on the back.

  • Danar Muhtofa
    Danar Muhtofa 3 months ago +1

    I think this phone have one of the most complicated structure, they did great job

  • Jackson Joseph
    Jackson Joseph 3 months ago +1

    Man I like this man's humour 😂 Now you'll have to count the LEDs 🤭

  • Clay Quarles
    Clay Quarles 3 months ago

    Sometimes the most important part is held onto the heatsink with thermal adhesive... the processor.

  • Skaizek
    Skaizek 3 months ago +441

    I'm really interested if transparent back of this phone has some kind of transparent protective, sticky layer to keep glass in one place if you accidentally broke back glass of your phone. If not there would be a lot of micro shards of tempered glass everywhere :C

    • 45Packages
      45Packages 3 months ago

      Its gorilla glass 5, just like a screen, it could shatter, but presumably it just cracks and stays in one piece depending on the drop height. I saw a drop test vid and it did crack but stayed in one piece (waist height). Its not sturdy enough for me tho, the main aesthetic of the phone damages to easily

    • aleks138
      aleks138 3 months ago

      phone backs have been glass for many years now

    • Afternoonbot239
      Afternoonbot239 3 months ago

      @tim fagan broke brown brother here

    • Limerence
      Limerence 3 months ago +2

      Iphones have full alluminium plating on which the back glass sits. With this phone i see 0 structure to keep glass shards and dust out of the housing. Not to mention the screen repair requires a full new alluminium housing with it?? Don’t drop this phone if you have it :p

    • tim fagan
      tim fagan 3 months ago +4

      "Broke back glass" is this the moder sequel to broke back mountain?

  • James Lentsoane
    James Lentsoane 3 months ago

    Today's sponsor really got you going there...even allocated more time than usual. Movin' on up👏👏👏

  • Jwaleet Painter
    Jwaleet Painter 3 months ago +1

    I can just imagine Zack counting all the LEDs after this video had already crossed 50k mark while I was watching the dissection.

  • Paulo Sousa
    Paulo Sousa 3 months ago

    It's always a pleasure watching these videos

  • Black Helmet
    Black Helmet 3 months ago +1

    I'm curious how do the speakers sound like when you've removed all the tiny foam balls

  • Nep
    Nep 3 months ago +334

    You seem so happy with your sponsor, like you’re genuinely excited about it. I’m so happy for you! Congrats!

    • kydrythm
      kydrythm 3 months ago


    • Asher GZ
      Asher GZ 3 months ago +1

      He's excited for the moolah such a sponsorship assures

    • Rinnegone
      Rinnegone 3 months ago

      @UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 lol who tf is jerry

    • Lord Zuzu
      Lord Zuzu 3 months ago +2

      laughs in sponsorblock

    • Bram Weinreder
      Bram Weinreder 3 months ago +13

      @UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 who's Jerry?

  • loewph
    loewph 3 months ago

    Looking forward to the teardown skin!

  • blue jeans cult
    blue jeans cult 3 months ago

    Those led lights on the back greatly helps for battery consumption

  • Aizaz Ul Haq
    Aizaz Ul Haq 3 months ago

    There was no one in 20-teens(2010,2011...) who thought 16 MP camera was tiny, but since companies starting using Massive cameras UpTo 108 MP and Samsung planning to launch 200MP camera, Its safe to say 16 MP is indeed tiny

    EKLYPSE 3 months ago

    Achievement unlocked!!! Well done man!

  • TA Music
    TA Music 3 months ago +421

    I’m pretty sure the LEDs on the back only show your battery percentage when it’s flat on the desk, not when you’re holding it. Great video as always!

    • TheSH1N1GAM1
      TheSH1N1GAM1 3 months ago

      @11I1I11I source?

    • Jaeden
      Jaeden 3 months ago

      @Deny the difference comes with the fact that it's Carl Pei we're talking about. He knows how to sell hype.

    • Shaurya Dwivedi
      Shaurya Dwivedi 3 months ago

      @Deny overhyped sure.. but I'm getting one pretty soon, and I'll bet I'll run it for 5 years. Although yeah, the phone will run out of software support till then ig

    • Lee Squires
      Lee Squires 3 months ago +1

      He doesn't read the comments as someone already told him this before.

    • Combustion69
      Combustion69 3 months ago +3

      @Deny Salty clown cant get his hands on one 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon 3 months ago

    It would be a lot cooler to see the actual internals

  • Craig Comeau
    Craig Comeau 3 months ago

    Looking forward to receiving my Watch 5 Pro and putting it through its paces. Unfortunately I used my 100 credit voucher on the Bluetooth version before realizing the LTE version would be really useful for me so I ordered the LTE version with no discount and will be sending the Bluetooth version back

  • Baked Zizi
    Baked Zizi 3 months ago +1

    Can't wait to see you count the LEDs

  • Charles Rock
    Charles Rock 3 months ago

    Great teardown are satisfying to watch

  • Morpheon_xyz
    Morpheon_xyz 3 months ago +587

    To be honest, they've definitely done something different on nothing, and I like it! This teardown has definitely been interesting due to the different way this phone's been assembled and put together.
    Congrats on the sponsorship too! 😋

      ↘️CARDTOOLX ON INSTAGRAM⬅️ 3 months ago

      This dued here unlock my 👆👆👆device permanently fast and reliable thanks dued

    • ritesh kumar
      ritesh kumar 3 months ago +1

      @Pushendu is Live!! bruhhh...u seem to not know anything about lenses. a good plastic lens performs more or less equal to a glass lens and in some situations, it actually performs better. vivo and sony did use glass as lenses but it didn't provide any noticeable changes. and no a 1 mp camera can never get 10% of the quality of a 10 or 12 mp sensor in a million years. u r literally the only person i have ever seen defending those 2 mp shits on a phone. not to mention nothing isn't a part of chinese bbk corporation. it's a separate brand based of london, not china. if that ''assembling'' is so easy, then why don't u try and build your own phone company? the design, what components to use, ui, optimizations, price, advertisements, updates, are the most important things in a phone. by your logic even apple doesn't have ''original'' iphone since most of their parts come from outsourcing from samsung, sony, corning, tsmc, etc. every phone is just assembled by companies, and if a company just ''assembles'' a phone, it's still their first product.

    • Pushendu is Live!!
      Pushendu is Live!! 3 months ago

      ​@ritesh kumar 1st tell me one thing, what mega pixel have to do with "QUALITY" of the lens and image produced?
      2 mega pixel is shitty compared to 8 megapixel? How?
      Fyi, any 1 megapixel GLASS lens will produce better image than a 10 megapixel Plastic/sapphier/acrylic/polycarbonate lens.
      Then explain me, why a fully chinese brand is considered to be their 1st products, they had been doing this from years, billions of sku's produced.
      Assembling is not called 1st product.

    • ritesh kumar
      ritesh kumar 3 months ago

      @Pushendu is Live!! bruhh..it's literally their first ever product. and why it's shitty? it costs 400 usd and offers decent specs for the price. not to mention, it's probably the only android besides pixel at this price which doesn't use a shitty 2 mp macro and depth sensor with a trash 8 mp uw. it has a metal body, a beautiful display with consistent bezels and a really nice design with a decent 778g plus chip.

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 3 months ago

      Meh, the phone caught my attention on the outside not the inside. Maybe this Oneplus guy will put high end chip next time. I have oneplus 5t and 8t.

  • HAST3
    HAST3 3 months ago

    This is is the first sponsored segment that actually interested me, great job man!

  • Gavin Rodrigues
    Gavin Rodrigues 2 months ago

    I noticed a yellowish colour on the LEDs, at first I thought my phone was defective, thanks for the teardown!

  • Big Man
    Big Man 3 months ago

    I love that fact that the inside of this phone isn't like the other androids, but like apples, and i have to say, its beautiful

  • Mikko Angelo Banzon
    Mikko Angelo Banzon 3 months ago

    We will love to see a durability test for Rog 6 or the pro. :)

  • Baytown Studio
    Baytown Studio 3 months ago

    Adhesive is smashed down by the glass back, so it won’t ever go anyway or move around. Too tight to move.

  • Utpal Mandal
    Utpal Mandal 3 months ago

    Wow ! I love Nothing phone's camera. Cool tone and aluminium frame.

  • rootbrian
    rootbrian 3 months ago +1

    Surprisingly it was functional after being left on while disassembled. That device is truly modular.

    • rootbrian
      rootbrian 3 months ago

      @Rogelio Cano Yeah, if the SOC was removed (if that was possible), it would black right out. The equivalent of yanking the processor right out of the computer (if it was just held on by pressure alone).

    • Rogelio Cano
      Rogelio Cano 3 months ago

      I mean he didn’t remove any vital components.

  • Ozayr Mansoor
    Ozayr Mansoor 3 months ago

    Question: how do you sponsor a part of the video? Is it the cost to make the video divided by the length multiplied by the length of the content sponsored?

  • Kevin Wells
    Kevin Wells 3 months ago +58

    Watching you do these disassemblies is amazing. As a guy that used to design some of the first computer motherboards (not the very first, but close) I could still, back then hand solder components, and not need magnification. I owned a company that continued this design work, as things shrunk and shrunk, and my vision deteriorated. I fixed that with consultants of course, and various contractors. It's still amazing to me to witness what you can do in your videos. For me designing circuit cards, and hybrid chips was just a matter of magnification in the CAD system, but for you to do what you do... it's still just amazing. Have I said amazing yet? Thanks for another great video.

    • Abigai Rey
      Abigai Rey 3 months ago +1

      Wao Mr. Kevin that is amazing

  • Aleyamma Thomas
    Aleyamma Thomas 3 months ago +6

    9:10 if this video gets over 50k likes i"l count all of the internal led's
    After 12 hours: the video gets 65k likes
    Come on jerry count all the led's waiting for the video

  • mrofinUtortxoF
    mrofinUtortxoF 3 months ago

    adhesive is not a problem for internals. you may remember, that back panel is also held by only adhesive and it can last almost forever* (*for device to be used and become obsolete).

  • Isaal Suli
    Isaal Suli 3 months ago

    You have to turn that on in the settings for battery charging progress. It's turned off by the default, so you have to turning on

  • FannyMcFee
    FannyMcFee 3 months ago

    I was really happy to watch the sponsors because it was really cool to see a movie company sponsor you

  • Kevin Berg
    Kevin Berg 3 months ago +55

    I’d imagine that the rear glass sandwiches most of the adhesive attached items, so they aren’t going to come loose unless the rear panel falls off.

  • Oxford Striplin
    Oxford Striplin 3 months ago

    1st Congratulations on the sponsorship! I'll be picking up through your link this week.
    2nd looks like you're devoting a video to counting the LEDs... when I started watching, you're currently at 68k likes

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 3 months ago

    Poor Jerry having to count all those led lights haha!

  • Haze
    Haze 16 days ago +1

    i actually have a nothing phone with the back glass lose so you can just open it easily (i bought the phone quite early so i got one of the defective units but noticed it after the return period ended so ill have to fix it isnted of replace)
    cosidering the phone is littrally open from the inside and u can pry off the glass even when i droped it in water multiple times, i could littrally see moisture inside the glass it still works fine so its great in the water proofing department
    if somone doesnt know the phone shouldnt be water resistant if the back glass in removed and mine basically is

  • Tech Minute
    Tech Minute 3 months ago

    Please upload a video of you counting the LED lights 💡 , that would be amazing.

  • 管笑天
    管笑天 3 months ago +56

    3:30 'adhesive on its own usually doesn't last forever.'
    Samsung: hold my battery 🤣

    • qqii
      qqii 3 months ago +2

      @JerryRigEverything another example is the adhesive between the glass and frames of phones?
      In normal operation the adhesives don't suffer from upwards lifting forces (which they are weaker against if concentrated) but tiny side to side (which they are very strong against).
      Looking at the design I suspect adhesives were chosen for thickness, weight, and practicality. Screws would have been much bulkier and heavier. Plastic tabs would have added thickness. An adhesive is also the most practical for bonding disperate materials.
      Although there are some negatives in terms of repairability there's rwaosn adhesives are so ubiquitous from phones to car windscreens to even airplanes!

    • League of legends Shorts
      League of legends Shorts 3 months ago +2

      @JerryRigEverything got ya

    • JerryRigEverything
      JerryRigEverything  3 months ago +30

      Valid point.

  • SynthD
    SynthD 2 months ago

    Holy Gawd. Imagine this movie being even longer 💀

  • Madhav
    Madhav 3 months ago

    I bought a Nothing Ear 1 in August 2021, amazing sound,design etc. No doubt but, the adhesive in my bud one day just ripped off and the transparent lid on the bud just came out, so yeah Adhesive doesn’t last for long

  • Hyrax Matoi
    Hyrax Matoi 3 months ago

    The charge indicator exclamation point has to be enabled in the Glyph Interface setting, it does not work out of the box!

  • Drako
    Drako 3 months ago +1

    00:12 haven't seen Zack this satisfied and happy

  • Raed Skerek
    Raed Skerek 3 months ago +48

    "And honestly, having a rattling piece of plastic under the glass would be kind of cool, makes for a good conversation starter."
    - Can vouch. I carried my old bent phone for almost 2 years before finally finding something worth upgrading to, and people would casually ask me about it all the time lol, great ice breaker.

    • Raed Skerek
      Raed Skerek 3 months ago +4

      @Faris Mamnoon I slammed it on the floor after a pretty intense phone call, didn't break, just got bent. Was an absolute unit of a phone.

    • Faris Mamnoon
      Faris Mamnoon 3 months ago +1

      How did it bend tho

  • Dicky Kurniawan
    Dicky Kurniawan 3 months ago

    The most interesting thing about this cellphone, is that it is sponsored by the Jurassic Park film and this cellphone is almost like the back like an Iphone with a cover with LED lights that are very bright and attractive.

  • James Owings
    James Owings 20 days ago

    Since most phones are only kept for a year this adhesive idea could reduce costs and make phones more acceptable as a yearly upgrade to far many.

  • muayyad alsadi
    muayyad alsadi 3 months ago

    I believe the adhesive on the internal components will holdup will because there are squashed in place by a larger cover which is screwed in place.

  • Mario Nomadic
    Mario Nomadic 3 months ago

    Congrats on the new sponsor!!!!! Loved the movie.

  • JOY
    JOY 3 months ago

    Looks like someone's gonna count the little led 😂

  • Anna L
    Anna L 3 months ago +1

    For our animal lovers, the bottom adhesive (@ 5:00 ) looks like a little elephant 🐘 ☺️

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 months ago

    Ok so I love your content and am glad you got a sponsor you were so pumped for and I hope paid well but also a 2 minute ad read on a video shorter than 10 minutes is pretty feels bad. If they paid super well, thumbs up, I realized it was a long ad read a minute in and skipped the rest.

  • Joseph Altman
    Joseph Altman 3 months ago +1

    Although the speakers are tiny, they DO have balls!

  • Gandalf der Graue
    Gandalf der Graue 3 months ago +81

    7:45 I love, how they put the USB port right on the cable, it makes the port so easy to replace, as it's probably the component with the greatest wear&tear right after the batterie..

    • Gandalf der Graue
      Gandalf der Graue 3 months ago

      @LaidBackDeveloper You mean, most modern phones...
      Right, they eather put them on a daughter board or right on the cable...

    • LaidBackDeveloper
      LaidBackDeveloper 3 months ago

      It's not out of the ordinary. Most phones do it

  • 𝙺𝚛𝚢𝚙𝚝𝚘__𝚖𝚙4

    "Just like a little lego"-never gets old😹

  • Dezirdt Uzurnaim
    Dezirdt Uzurnaim 3 months ago

    A white coating on the charging coil and NO white sticker covering it up would have looked sweet, imo

  • Siva
    Siva 3 months ago +1

    Hey Zack, 67k likes in under 15 hours, time to count the LEDs🤣

  • Rahul kumar
    Rahul kumar 3 months ago

    Just watched Carl Pei interview and watching his first Mobile device..This device really stand out from other devices.

  • Amr
    Amr 3 months ago +49

    note about the charging light, it turns off automatically so it doesn't waste power, in order to see the progress you have to shake the device horizontally.

  • Imlipong Jamir
    Imlipong Jamir 3 months ago +2

    80k likes .🌚 He'll have a hard time counting the LEDS .. ALL THE BEST

  • sahil More
    sahil More 3 months ago +1

    Can’t imagine jerry counting led’s 😂😂😂

  • thedarkknight1971
    thedarkknight1971 3 months ago

    As Hugh Jeffreys has already attempted to swap parts from 2 Nothing phones, and found that just stripping them down is painful enough, Nothing has followed Apple in more than just 'Similar' designs 😒... Yet again, aesthetics over practical design for repairability and lifespan... 😒 😎🇬🇧

  • Dennis Berg
    Dennis Berg 2 months ago

    I want to see the manufacturing process of how they make these now. Lol

  • Dario Saviors
    Dario Saviors 3 months ago +32

    Pretty clean assembly. And yeah, those little screws on the first layer are jewels.

  • Flamevell
    Flamevell 3 months ago

    Can't wait to get a phone case that would show the internals without me needing to open my phone

  • Nischal Thapa
    Nischal Thapa 3 months ago +1

    I am wondering how Jerry is gonna count those leds

    LUIS THE GAMER 3 months ago

    Can't wait for the Teardown of the Something Phone!

  • Some Random Shorts
    Some Random Shorts 3 months ago

    If I were to have my own phone company, I will put a secret message inside of my new phone to be released saying: "Hello Zack. Have fun with the teardown."

  • G Four Gadget
    G Four Gadget 3 months ago +168

    This is the only phone that doesn't need a Dbrand skin 👍🏾 on a side note, kudos to Nothing for making their battery easily removable. More companies should really do this.

    • Lian-Hui Lui
      Lian-Hui Lui 3 months ago +1

      This is the only phone that inspired dbrand to make skins like this phone for other phones

    • Aldy Pranatha
      Aldy Pranatha 3 months ago


    • Nighatron
      Nighatron 3 months ago

      @Nathan Brown I have replaced my redmi note 8 battery easily af. You just use a new adhesive tape to close the cap back to keep water resistance. Get your facts straight.

    • CMstacker
      CMstacker 3 months ago

      @Nathan Brown Agree. But in today`s anti repair world with "solid back panel/glass aesthetics" as a must (possibly because of wireless charging), the best they can do is not make you pry the battery out with force.

    • Nathan Brown
      Nathan Brown 3 months ago +11

      Its not easy when you need to take off the back glass, then good luck putting it back on while keeping the water protection. My LG v20 had a truly easily removed battery, it was a matter of pulling down on a back panel and swapping the battery. Nothing get no bonus points for their battery, it's still too difficult to replace.

  • plageran
    plageran 3 months ago

    gotta love their design and aesthetics XD

  • Creeper HP
    Creeper HP 3 months ago

    Imagine how amazing for both us and Jerry It would be if he gets a role in jurassic Park! I'd be happy to see so especially for him XD

  • somerando
    somerando 3 months ago

    Has no problem with back glass being held exclusively by adhesive but small bits and pieces held by adhesive is problematic? Despite being knowledgeable and talented at many things, I feel like he is far more clueless about the tech he works with than he appears, as evidenced by the use of razer blades to remove adhesive and poor battery removing techniques often demonstrated on this channel (though the Nothing phone's battery was easily removed this time)

  • Devin Bidwell
    Devin Bidwell 3 months ago

    I think you should have put it back together without all the white coverings so the internals can really shine :D

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  • EnhancedNightmare
    EnhancedNightmare 3 months ago

    The insides please me aesthetically. I really want some Gameboy color purple/ synthwave edition of that