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Doug and Pat on The Kemper Profiling Amplifier.


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  • Alexander The Meh
    Alexander The Meh 3 years ago +10

    After a year owning my Kemper and still going back to back with "real" amps. I can say that the Kemper is still a joy to own. I use a powered head with a 412 cab with green backs and v30's mixed. So most of my profiles I use are Direct ones profiled without the cabs. I really love the little toaster. Saying all that, I still love "real" amps.. Great time to be a guitarist.

  • RikH
    RikH 3 years ago +6

    great to see you guys with an open mind to this stuff, the Kemper is an incredible piece of engineering.

  • Sagging Gut
    Sagging Gut 3 years ago +6

    I've been thinking for a very long time about getting a kemper (I'm a home player, about to move into a flat/apartment from living in a house) and this video was really helpful. Every other video I've ever watched about the kemper I could never really hear any difference whatsoever. Finally I've found a video with comparison that actually seems to sound different - the kemper profiles had a noticeably flatter sound whereas the live amps had much more range to my ears. That being said, for someone like me - where volume is an incredibly important concern, the Kemper is the obvious choice. You get 80-90% as close whilst being able to maintain reasonable volumes (or use headphones)

  • Richard Wallace
    Richard Wallace 3 years ago +6

    I have a Kemper, it’s literally all I need. I got rid of everything else I had and got a bunch of Michael Britt profiles and I’m done! I have a friend that swore for YEARS when I using a Fractal that he would NEVER use anything but amps/pedals. He uses a kemper now....It’s seriously that nuts!

    • cardbored
      cardbored 2 years ago +2

      I did that too, for 2 years and then just bought a Friedman and re-built my pedalboard. The Kemper is a great tool and it sounds just fine, but for me it just wasn't inspiring to play at all. It's almost like a clinical tool where it does a job flawlessly but for me, I missed the tactile feel of "real" amps and pedals and the inspiration I get by changing things on the fly without having to drill through a bunch of menu's. I still have my Kemper Power Rack and Controller and don't plan on selling, for recording it's excellent, but for daily playing I went back to my "real" amps.

  • Documenting Ordinary Thoughts D.O.T.

    You guys should profile all of your amps and sell an “old school pack” and take some good money from us youngsters !

    • Marc Tejedor
      Marc Tejedor 11 months ago +1

      I'm buying it, no second thoughts about it.

  • cardbored
    cardbored 2 years ago

    I've had my Kemper power Rack for 2 years. I've spent hundreds on profiles from Mbritt, Tone Junkies and Sinmix. The Kemper sounds great and it's an amazing tool, but it's also sort of like expensive hospital equipment, it's too clinical at times. I just bought a Friedman head and re-built my pedalboard because I missed the feel of "real" amps. The Kemper (for me) shines as a recording tool, but for writing and inspiration I had to go back to "real" amps and pedals. I just wasn't inspired to play when I tried going exclusive Kemper. I do bring my Kemper Power Rack to live gigs though too along with my pedalboard, it's a lot lighter and I don't have to worry as much if it gets stolen compared to my expensive heads and vintage amps.

  • TA D
    TA D 3 years ago +6

    Great example of what the Kemper can do for all of us vintage guys listening on this channel. The Kemper is amazing! (More good news - prices will come down as time passes :)

  • Zachary
    Zachary 2 years ago

    Love these videos, guys! Hope you and your families are safe and well during these crazy times. Thanks for the informative and entertaining videos! Also, please do sell the profiles of your AC10 SRT's! I'm a Vox fanboy, and I have to play Kempers at church instead of my AC30tb6 because you know, volume. I would love some clean-ish profiles to play with form your sweet Voxes too! I made a few pretty good ones of my Vox, but I would dig some variation on that sound. It's actually been suprisingly hard for me to find exciting profiles. You would think not, but yea...

  • Ron Carter
    Ron Carter 3 years ago +21

    I have to say that's pretty cool, but you know if I could afford what a Kemper would cost, then I could afford two of my favorite amps and that would be just fine for me.

    • Patches the Jaybird
      Patches the Jaybird 2 years ago +1

      Ha, yep. I built a tweed deluxe and a tweed super, a couple other 5w SE tube amps, and refurbed an original Dean Markley CD30 all for much less than the Kemper. The Kemper would really be terrific in a small studio where space is limited, and a wide range of tones, and music styles would be recorded by session guitarists. To those who can afford it and want to use it... rock on!

    • George Karaspyros
      George Karaspyros 3 years ago +1

      exactly, and you only really need 1 or 2 great amps...totally pointless to pay all that and not have the real thing

    • Kelster Von Shredster
      Kelster Von Shredster 3 years ago +2

      strongly agree, having owned 3 kempers and 3 axe fx ii's

    • SoySauce HairDye
      SoySauce HairDye 3 years ago +1

      I like the kemper because I live in a place where I can't crank a real tubed amp to its optimal volume and the kemper lets me not miss on the goodness of a cranked amp. Its a fun tool to use, but I totally agree with you sentiment.

  • Gerard Mannigel
    Gerard Mannigel 2 years ago

    I use the Kemper for many years now. I made experiments over and over, listening to the real amp, and compare it to the Kemper tone in my Rec-studio.When I listen to the comparison in your video, I found a very clear difference between the Kemper (more dull) and the real Amp (quite clear) . With my profiles that I made, from my personal Amps, I could "not" hear such a difference between the real amp and the Kemper. Question: Did you made the "refining" process by the Kemper in your profiles ? Because I find, it's a "very important" step to get an authentic sound profile ! However, ... whats funny to me, I thought in first listening , that the "real amp" sounds a bit sterile, so I thought it was the Kemper. And the Kemper Profile sounds a bit more charming, nicer and rounder tone, that's weird to me ;-)
    Anyway, ... after some years of research with the Kemper amp, I would say that the "real amp" got still the 5-10 % more fine-grained in sound. Comparable to a "very good quality" camera resolution (Kemper), to a "HIGH END" camera resolution with no pixels (Real amp). That's the reason for me, to use the Kemper for rehearsing, practising, ...absolute fantastic !!! ,...but for a real take, while recording, I'd go to the real amp. Beyond that, struggling with real amps is way much more fun. I like switching on the standby, and see the tubes glowing, wow, that's awesome ( subjective, but for me it is) ;-))
    If you like to hear some of my guitar playing/performance, go to :www.studio-dinspel19.de/music/recording-light-shine/

  • R Tre
    R Tre 2 years ago

    The live amps sound a bit more "open" to me, but I suspect the profile can be tweaked in a recording situation to narrow the gap. Impressive technology. I don't find that I would have the need to a variety of profiles when playing out live. One good amp is enough for me.

  • I'll Be True-Official
    I'll Be True-Official 3 years ago +1

    GREAT video, great explanations.
    For me, the two are extremely close- but the Vox consistently sounds (much) better- it's more "musical", more beautiful, a more buttery sound. Interesting!

  • sintech67
    sintech67 3 years ago +3

    We're all thinking the same thing.. Wouldn't it be amazing to try the Profile for this amazing amp! Even if it's a taster to a full Profile Pack for the AC10 SRT, now is good!

  • Vital Nomads
    Vital Nomads 3 years ago +4

    I would like to see a video with the UA Ox amp with the hailed AC10 Vox. Thanks Doug and Pat, always love your show.

  • BeardedBlues Dude
    BeardedBlues Dude 3 years ago +31

    oh if Doug and pat profile their amps I might jus have to buy a Kemper :)

    • Seamus Dolan
      Seamus Dolan Year ago

      The true brilliance of the Kemper is for night club acts or gigs you can bring out an ampeg.svt a plexi a super reverb a sunn concert ,,and not risk back injury...20 amps little more 20 lbs!

  • Nick-O
    Nick-O 3 years ago +2

    Great show! Thanks for posting. I would like to get in line to purchase the profiles once you decide it is a good thing to do$! (;

  • OscarDad
    OscarDad 2 years ago

    man how did i miss the couple new videos for 6 mos. GREAT to see ya both again. Nice Job Jeremy, Ive always wondered how the Kemper works. Ive seen a show ( Paul Thorn band ) at the Aladdin where the guitarist used a Kemper into PA, and he sounded very good. Maybe in a studio / recording setting the better dynamic range of the real amp/ cab / speaker / mic would be noteworthy to the 5% of the population ( Tonehounds ) that have an informed trained ear - Live the Kemper was impressive. Thanks guys for an excellent show
    - Mark in Hillsboro

  • JohnnyG
    JohnnyG 3 years ago +1

    I thought the both the VOX and later GA40 was very slightly louder than the Kemper profiles. That volume difference masks the tonal difference a fair bit. So, it's hard to know how much of the dynamic difference was due to the volume difference.
    Regardless, the Kemper did pretty well ...................... probably close enough for a recording.

  • Red Out
    Red Out 2 years ago

    Love this show and these guys. Rock on !!!

  • SkullHeadWater
    SkullHeadWater Year ago

    It was really very easy to pick out the kemper, it has a sightly more compressed, processed, less natural tone. That said i was surprised out how close it was. Of course I custom build tube guitar amps, and constantly am playing through a basic crank tube amp with just a guitar plugged in. I love the natural tube crunch, to me there is no substitute . I don't like pedals because no matter how how " transparent" they are supposed to be it always adds a bit of unnatural compression/processed sound that I just don't care for. I could see this being good for live shows but recording should be done with an actual amp. imho

  • John Kelley Brown
    John Kelley Brown 3 years ago +14

    I thought they'd sound the same, but the real amp sounds more percussive. It has more punch.

    • Peter d'Entremont
      Peter d'Entremont 2 years ago

      So remember he is capturing it in the room with the 4X12 he even said the 4X12 would be on with the real amp. If the cab was in a room or isolation unit, you can’t tell the difference. This thing is voodoo magic! How did we win the war when Germans build stuff like this.

    • cardbored
      cardbored 2 years ago

      @John Kelley Brown That's great, I'm also listening on monitors, but it doesn't matter because Clip-Share compresses the audio down so much that these comparisons are ultimately pointless. They should provide flac files if anything.

    • Kevin
      Kevin 2 years ago

      I was surprised that they were so different. I thought they'd be closer. The core sound was very similar but the real amp seemed brighter and faster, less compressed. Still you can understand why they're so popular.

    • Brutalgruve
      Brutalgruve 3 years ago

      @John Kelley Brown Well, aren't you the one with assumptions. I did say "prob" aka "Probably", not you are. You assumed (#1) that I did not hear a difference and (#2) that I have inferior listening skills compared to yours lol.
      Well John, -in this video- I can hear the difference as just about anyone could, with out all your super awesome gear. BTW, you're assuming (#3) I do not have comparable. They did a rough job at profiling and did not do any fine tuning to "refine" the captured tone. I have heard fantastic professional reproductions that come so incredibly close to the real thing that, in a quality mix or on stage, you would have to be looking at the profiler to realize it is a profiler. Not suggesting it is going to replace the real thing, just makes real sense to have $100,000 worth of amp sounds for under $3K. I do own one and I am glad I got it. I have some MBritt and re-amp zone profiles that are just beautiful. Now maybe re read what I initially said...Buh bye

    • John Kelley Brown
      John Kelley Brown 3 years ago

      @Brutalgruve You are making assumptions.
      I'm using the computer I mix down music with, it's attached to a pair of HR824 mix down monitors through an Apogee Element 46 interface.
      While indeed I'm listening through Clip-Share, both the real amp as well as the Kemper are at the same Clip-Share disadvantage. So this *is* an apples to apples comparison. And yet myself and others can clearly hear the difference. Are you really not able to hear the difference? Maybe you should get better speakers.
      I've gotten great tones out of modeling software, such that without the real thing next to it, it's hard to know the difference, but right next to the real thing, the differences become obvious, as is the case in this video. What I find the biggest difference between real amps and modeling amps is that modeling amps sound like a real amp after it's been through the mixing process, but can't replicate the tone of a real amp in the room with a real amp live. I've considered getting something like a Kemper for live gigs so I don't have to drag around a heavy amp. Watching this video I was hoping this was the product that would come close enough, unfortunately it didn't. I don't think it can't be done, but we are at least five years from that happening. So give a closer listen to the real amp vs the Emperor's New Amp, this time not using computer monitors, use professional mix down monitors or a pair of headphones along the lines of Sennheiser HD650s. I'm sure your ears will pick out these differences as well.

  • Mladen Grubelic
    Mladen Grubelic Month ago

    Thank you for the video! Very informative and eye opening. The one thing I dislike about the Kemper is it's Jetsons' looks. Maybe they should enable the thing to give us a holographic projection of something resembling a proper amp. I own a nice tube amp collection (not even close to D&P's, of course) and I became really attached to the things. I'll keep them running as long as I can, because they make me FEEL a certain way. Someone once said when a good tube amp is dialled in just right, the air becomes ELECTRIC. It is a whole sensory experience. It is not just what you hear. I doubt very much digital gadgets will get us that in the near future.

  • Don Harrold
    Don Harrold 2 years ago

    The way Line 6 works is that they created a digital model for each of the components found in a typical amplifier (resistors, capacitors, valves etc). They then built these components into amp models following the engineering schematics for all of the well known amps. The guitar signal goes through a digital replica of the signal path through each amp giving a perfect replica and response in theory.

  • Richard Morris
    Richard Morris 3 years ago +3

    Great show. When Doug asks “Now, am I playin thru the Kemper?” That’s very telling. ... Good thing you were able to capture profiles of your old amps. Because they will die someday.

    • C. P.
      C. P. 3 years ago +2

      Some day about 50yrs after the Kemper is landfill.

    • Tempo Drift
      Tempo Drift 3 years ago +1

      Not to a point you can restore them.

  • Cool Rene
    Cool Rene 3 years ago

    I found, as in many other Kemper samplings, that the end result - although being 9X% accurate - sounds just a little "colder" than the actual amp. You've got the main characteristics recorded alright, less just a tad of the warmth you get with the original amp. Something you probably can tweak, but the small fraction of a difference lies there... Cheers guys: interesting video. GA40: the Kemper sounds a bit muffled. The live amp has got more sparkle and presence. I can see the advantages from a live performance angle, for a better balance through the PA but sonically, my gut feeling is that Kempers and their contenders tend to sterilize the sound overall. My 2¢...

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago +1

      Which is the reason for this show. We feel that the digital world, the people who are making products using the technology of today or promise of tomorrow are saying the same thing: you old timers are stuck in your ways and we're coming after you with these new great products. That's what they say. We're here to ask the question: did they succeed? And if not, did they at least give you a tool to use in your musical world whether live or recording or whatever? We won't be selling any of our vintage tube gear because for us, they are untouchable for tone but these amps are rare, sometimes expensive and slightly delicate so is this an option for people who say "this is good enough"? You decide. D&P

  • Andy Pessia
    Andy Pessia 3 years ago +1

    Id be all about that AC10 Kemper profile, sounded good! Obviously not as good as the actual amp but pretty dang close ;)

  • Visual Guy
    Visual Guy 3 years ago +3

    Just listening on a cell phone, the live amp recordings had a more presence and a livelier high-end. Not to say that couldn’t be dialed in with the Kemper. I’m sure it could be even closer if not dead on with Adjustments in post prod for recording. Nice video as always. You all inspired all my PAF shootout videos. Keep’em coming. And do another PAF shootout with the Righteous Sound RAF. They deserve some spotlight. I promise you’ll dig.

    • Visual Guy
      Visual Guy 3 years ago

      Cool Rene Right on!

    • Cool Rene
      Cool Rene 3 years ago +1

      I've checked your videos on the Righteous Sound RAF pickups: they sound awesome. Rather than comparing to the Lollars, where one can hear quite a difference, I would say they are the closest you can get to a pair of CustomBuckers, if not the original PAFs (out of range price & rarity). For 300 $ a pair, the Righteous Sound RAF pickups are definitely a very good deal for those in search of the authentic PAF tone. Cheers !

  • Smellytele
    Smellytele 3 years ago

    A really valid point made about "modeling" exposing players to a wide array of amps. I learned I wanted a Plexi-ish amp from using the Plexi plugin I downloaded for my UA Apollo.

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 3 years ago

    Even through the camera, I can hear a significant difference in the lower mid range of the amp against the profile. The amp has more low mids. I don't think that that is too difficult to fix, and maybe trying the refined function a few times would get the profile closer to the sound of the and. A pretty good profile, anyway!
    I am not knocking the profiler or the profilers! I own one myself, and I really enjoy it!

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago

      We're not hearing the mic on the camera ever, all guitar tracks are either the live mic on the cab the Vox is playing through or the SM58's we're talking through recorded in Pro Tools and added in post production. That way we get as close to "apples to apples" as they say as we can for the sounds in the show. D&P

  • Fabio Suenaga
    Fabio Suenaga 3 years ago

    Wow! I'm impressed with you guys! Way to go!

  • vidsforsquids
    vidsforsquids 3 years ago

    That’s a great amp ! The Kemper captured it at about 75-80%

  • Simon van der Heijden
    Simon van der Heijden 2 years ago

    I would LOVE to pay for this profile. Is it for sale yet, or will it be for sale??

  • John Pandolfino
    John Pandolfino 3 years ago +1

    Amazing......these amps have come a long way..... I had an early line 6......sounded like crap after a while .....

  • macgrory
    macgrory 3 years ago

    Jeez! That was an eye opener. Close enough for me! I can see why they are so popular now, but too many buttons for me. I can't even figure out how to use a 1 button looper, how the hell would I ever get along with this thing?

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 3 years ago

    You could get a neutral sounding 100 watt solid state amp head, a 2x12 or 4x12 cab loaded with some very efficient quality speakers and just have 3 or 4 different profiled preamp pedals set to your desired tones Marsh, Fend, AC for example ,saves all that faffing about , cheaper too.

  • Bobby Parks
    Bobby Parks 3 years ago

    Gotta say,that Heritage with those pickups with the Vox profiled on the Kemper sound frickin awesome.Thick,sharp.creamy and rawkin.Best tone I have heard through BT headphones.

  • Mike W.
    Mike W. 3 years ago +1

    The technology is getting closer and closer to the real thing and no doubt will soon get there. It still misses capturing the lively high-mid microphonic component. Can't be far off though.

  • budgetguitarist.com
    budgetguitarist.com 3 years ago

    YES! The boys are back. Modeling is ultimately the future - what a Kemper can do for two grand, one day they'll be able to do for a couple hundred bucks. I still love my tube amps, though.

  • Sonicblue1922
    Sonicblue1922 3 years ago

    Great show! Would be great if you made that Vox profile available.

  • Lé Polisher
    Lé Polisher 3 years ago +9

    In a mix noone would ever know. Plus an old amp could get stolen. I'm sold

  • Art
    Art 3 years ago

    Kemper? It's vintage now! These guys are truly authentic.

  • Frederick Thompson
    Frederick Thompson 9 months ago

    Once you get beyond the fact that these two stocking capped-dudes look like out-of-work elves, the channel offers up some useful commentary. This Profile segment is very well done. Thanks guys for the insights into how tech can change the music world in a good way...

  • 69Strat
    69Strat 3 years ago

    Great demo guys.
    Positive note: Better understanding of how the Kemper works now...😀
    Negative note: Now I’m gonna have to buy one of these to model all my Marshall Amps🤨
    Positive note: No risk of blowing a transformer😀
    Negative note: Now I’m gonna have to buy one of these😃

  • bradc32
    bradc32 3 years ago

    kemper looks and sounds great.im hearing the kemper adds compression compared to live amp? just my opinion...from my time playing gigs over the years these newer amps don't last the long haul like point to point amps and when they go it takes longer to get em going again
    good to see something a little different

  • Geoffrey Merrifield
    Geoffrey Merrifield 3 years ago

    Always keep in mind there are many levels of profiles. Some people have created some really great ones, there are lots of crap ones, and tons in between. Tone Junkie has really impressed me, tones and price.

  • Glenn Peterson
    Glenn Peterson 2 years ago

    I'm ready to buy your profiles when you do them.

  • Acoustic Guitar Blues
    Acoustic Guitar Blues 3 years ago +1

    The same thing always: the Kemper shaves off high end and is less harmonically rich. It's not subtle, but rather in your face obvious. It would pass a blindfold test in an overall mix, but that is not the test. OVERTIME, YOU WOULD START HEARING THE DIFFERENCE. The Kemper is fabulous in many ways, but it does not profile accurately enough.

    • lucasandguitars
      lucasandguitars 2 years ago

      it is even more noticeable in person. also an amp will cut through a band a lot more, whereas with the kemper you will have to play a lot louder. to be honest, if tweaked right, i couldn't tell the difference between a line6 pod and a kemper. but don't get me wrong, i'm saying the line6 is already pretty good... and that all digital paraphernalia can sound the same.

  • Mark Duke
    Mark Duke 3 years ago +1

    Kemper had that one frequency that was in every sound.... just the sound of the unit. Sounded “pingy” and “chambery” to me..... like when a sound man uses excessive subtractive EQ on a monitor mix and then tries to turn it up louder.

    • Professional Procrastinator
      Professional Procrastinator 3 years ago +1

      Mark Duke Yep. That’s what you get when you do half a job in profiling an amp & comparing. They need to do the second part of profiling (labelled ‘refining’) & then they need to feed the profile & the original amp through a switcher into the same cab (turning off the cab function on the Kemper) to get that ‘amp in the room’. The Kemper is designed to give the amp through the studio monitors or a PA sound which has a different punch to an amp next to you.

  • Dunsys Guitar World
    Dunsys Guitar World 3 years ago

    Old? Absolutely no way guys! I always look forward to hearing what 400 years of proper Rock and Roll guitar playing experience has to say about such new fangled things 😀 Great to see you back. Hope you’re both well. Best wishes for 2020 from Edinburgh, Scotland. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Dunsys Guitar World
      Dunsys Guitar World 3 years ago

      The Doug and Pat Show I’ll see what I can find in the attic 👍

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago +1

      Doug will be in Scotland in the early summer tracing down his family Scottish roots. Also to pick up any donations of fabulous vintage guitars as part of the "Make Doug and Pat rich" campaign. D&P

  • 70 Footer
    70 Footer 3 years ago

    Really Great to have you back !! The Kemper is pretty good, BUT I found 2 that do the same thing better. The Fractal and the Universal Audio Marshall Super Lead , made together with Marshall. Again really great to have you back fellas!

    • Den Dannon
      Den Dannon 3 years ago +3

      Better than basically perfect? Fuck off.

  • Mark Grimm
    Mark Grimm 3 years ago

    when are the profiles going to be up for sale i'm ready to purchase them

  • Lou Sekoya
    Lou Sekoya Year ago

    I 'm an amp guy and would never ever use this radio like gear , a JTM45 on top of a 4X12 is a thing of beauty !..Lol
    I think it's nice that you can put a few beers behind the Kemper , refrigerated would be awesome !! Enjoyed the video, well done guys.

  • Antti Miettunen
    Antti Miettunen 3 years ago

    Refining the profile also 'tunes' it to whatever guitar you use so you kinda lock it in to that specific instrument rather than just have it be a general profile of the amp.

  • Nazmo King
    Nazmo King 3 years ago

    Wow Doug and Pat doing a Kemper - far cry from their beloved PAF tests😇

  • Nicolas Rivera
    Nicolas Rivera 2 years ago

    amazing. Where did you guys shared the profile files?

    JC SERRANO 2 years ago

    Sounds good but the warmth of the real deal is incomparable !!! 😍😍👍👍🤗🤗🎸🎸

  • Mike Oxley
    Mike Oxley 3 years ago

    I saw Joe B. once years ago in Apple Valley, MN, outside. He was using the Marshalls then, and had the plexi shields in front of his cabs. But, his guitar was super loud that night, and it actually was hurting our ears. We stuffed TP in our ears, and it didn't really help. That was the loudest concert I had seen, since seeing Deep Purple in the early 70's, who were the loudest band in the World then. Last year I heard a guy use a Kemper live in a club. There was a digital artifact that I didn't like. But, I've watched video's of the new Kemper Stage, and it sounds very good!

  • J Wright
    J Wright 3 years ago

    Great sounding amp. Where can I get the AC10 profile?

  • johnwrench4speed
    johnwrench4speed 3 years ago +1

    Technology is great. No question about it, the Kemper can duplicate the sound characteristics of any amp but if it breaks I can't fix it. However, if my tube, point to point wired, amp breaks it is simple enough for me to fix. I have had enough experience over the last 36 years with computers, etc. to know they all eventually fail. My motto is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). Stick with analog.

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago

      We totally agree, the two amps in this show were 55 and 63 years old and working great. Our idea in doing this show is to ask the question about how it sounded and maybe suggest a use for products like these, not to replace the great sounding amps we have. You still need great sounding amps to make it work which we have lots of. Also the reason for us to do it is we're old school tube amp guys, we don't own any stock in Kemper and we wanted to see what it could do. D&P

  • Todd Flowers
    Todd Flowers 3 years ago

    From one "vintage" guitarist to a pair of them , good to see you back at it ! 😎🎸
    I wonder how many new amps are bought and returned after the owner captures it's profile ? I think it is an issue, thoughts?

    • Todd Flowers
      Todd Flowers 3 years ago

      @Voodooradio1 It was when they first came out according to the 2 places I by my gear from .

    • Voodooradio1
      Voodooradio1 3 years ago

      Its not an issue. I use the AX8 (as well as being a tube amp owner/lover), and the amount of profiles readily available is staggering. Users can also share the profiles that they create with their own tube amps on the AXexchange. There would be no need to go out and buy the physical amp just for the purpose of profiling it. It has already been done with just about any amp you can think of, 7 ways from Sunday.

  • Sven Horlemann
    Sven Horlemann 3 years ago

    I play tube amps over 35+ years now. and the Kemper is the only digital offering that competes with it. Which makes sense, as its a sampler (profiler). Modelling (writing software to sound like a specific amp) until now sounds different and much less desirable to me. And in productions modelling lacks the third dimension. Kemper or tube amp = no such problems. Anyone sceptical coming to my studio A/B my ENGL and its profile couldn't tell the difference. That is good enough for me.

  • angelo bouhoutsos
    angelo bouhoutsos 3 years ago

    Hey Doug! How are you! Great stuff, how does your ac 10 sound without the mod- tubes?

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago

      The AC10 sounds about the same with the pre tubes switched but it gets loud faster and that has an affect on the tone circuit. In our show on the AC10 where we had three of them they all had a different tube configuration so it's worth checking out in case you haven't. D&P

  • Foxy The Bold
    Foxy The Bold 3 years ago +1

    This was wonderful - Thank you ... btw ... the original amp won every time :-)

  • Jim Mc Dougall
    Jim Mc Dougall 2 years ago +2

    Wow, I found a show that moves at my speed, and age group 😉

    MICHAEL WU 3 years ago

    Pretty dam similar. I think the kemper is a no brainer for me... I want one

  • Ivan Rohal
    Ivan Rohal 3 years ago

    I am surprised by how big the difference between the original and profile is. BTW I can not decide which one is nicer...

  • Forever
    Forever 3 years ago

    Cool episode. Overall the real amps seem to have more dynamic range, less compression and a clearer top and bottom end. Perhaps the Kemper can be tweaked to compensate, but I'm not selling my tube amps any time soon. (and I own a HX Stomp)

    • Forever
      Forever 3 years ago

      Just to add, not to say the Kemper is bad in any way. I'm curious if you noticed any feel difference between it and the real amps. My HX stomp is overall more forgiving than my real amps. Not a bad feel, but not exact either.

  • Critical Mindset
    Critical Mindset 2 years ago +1

    The Fractal Audio Axe FX III will replace all your amps. Not the Kemper. Real modeling, indistinguishable to the PLAYER, not just the listener, and done at the component level.
    A profile is an IR. Like an IR, it is narrow, and completely dependent upon the skill of the individual taking the snapshot, and the quality of their signal chain. There's no accounting for input and output filtering, or more importantly gain stages. It's really just a linear EQ. Not ideal in my opinion.
    Amps were fairly low power until the Beatles played Shea and had those 200W Vox' built. Technology has finally dwarfed the tube amp. All but for the most stubborn purists who hear with their eyes.

  • Mark Duke
    Mark Duke 3 years ago +1

    Yep. That Kemper is a great idea, but once again it’s something that tries to do so many things it doesn’t focus on doing the one thing really well

  • voxsupreme
    voxsupreme 3 years ago

    Wow - once again Your show is just the best! I just wonder: How old are You guys? Are You like me, 70 years and still so much in love with Vox amps, and of course old Gibsons and Fenders ..? PS Doug´s guitar playing is mind bending original, although he plays standardy riffs, and yet not. I get goose bumps everytime he starts his slow climb along the fretbord from a Fat E-string to a Howling high E, filled with intricate turns and fast runs DOWNWARDS, which really is unusual. Gosh! What is the inspiration to Your playing - or is it just coming from inside yourself? Anyway - I´m flabbergasted ... Thanx from Sweden!

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago +1

      Doug is understandably completely flattered by your comments on his playing as we both are for the show comment. We won't say how old we are but like you we continue to love guitars, amps, playing them and talking about them and now we get to world wide, no age limit here. D&P

  • Fox 86
    Fox 86 3 years ago

    Haven't watched the video yet but it's great to see you guys again!

  • Anthony Tye
    Anthony Tye 3 years ago

    Great to have you back and hear some real guitar playing please do a demo of the JB Norm Burst Epiphone replica as he is a buddy of yours!!

  • Peyote Pete
    Peyote Pete 3 years ago

    Kemper is awesome... It's more than I'll ever want but for the price I can buy the real amp and all the pedals I'd ever use with it. Still have a grand and a 12 pack to go with it

  • Nizo Dizo
    Nizo Dizo Year ago

    The Kemper sounds like what you want an Vox AC10 to sound like.
    The Kemper sounds like what you want a Gibson GA40 to sound like.
    Just save up a few bucks and buy what you like.

  • aunt jenifer
    aunt jenifer 3 years ago

    That digital sorcery sounded splendid!

  • Mark Duke
    Mark Duke 2 years ago +2

    I own the Kemper and though a real amp sounds great it can never get close to the FOH mix I have with the Kemper.

  • tmitz73
    tmitz73 3 years ago +2

    You're never too old to Rock Guys!!! How old are ya anyways? My friend is 58 and is still stage diving and taking his pants off on stage! You can't kill Rockn'Roll!

  • Patches the Jaybird
    Patches the Jaybird 2 years ago

    Wow, no new videos in awhile. Between the blindfold video and this Kemper video, the chase for vintage tone is ended? Wow, these videos are like coffin nails. But, no worries, I still enjoy tube amps, vintage Les Paul's, PAF pickups and various PAF replicas. Hope to see you two in future videos.

    • Patches the Jaybird
      Patches the Jaybird 2 years ago

      @The Doug and Pat Show Thanks for the reply. I have really enjoyed all of your videos that I have watched so far. You guys are awesome! Stay healthy, and self isolate in your guitar room!

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  2 years ago

      Well, we have to admit that we're slow at getting the videos done but more are on the way. We will be bouncing around between old/new LP comparisons and some other stuff we can't remember right now but all good. D&P

  • NO TALK Guitar Amp Plug-ins Reviews

    Had AxeFxII then AxeFxIII for years. Was ok but was always more pleased when plugin on real amp. And one day a had a try at a party as the son of a friend had one. And... it changed my life of guitarist. It’s incredible! No any modeler can achieve this result.
    Now I’m 100% happy, and Overloud TH-U use similar tech

  • Ozzy Pete
    Ozzy Pete 3 years ago +6

    I own a Kemper and here's a few observations I have made...
    1. The sound that comes from the Kemper is a recorded type sound, NOT the sound of the am,p if it was right next you. Think of the sound, as what you would hear if playing through an amp and the speakers were in an iso booth and the mic was sending the signal to the Control Room. What you hear is the monitored sound. That will throw some players if they are only used to playing their guitar through an amp that is with them in the room (speakers & all)
    2. Compare that sound against the actual signal chain & on first pass it is close to 95% the same. The two sounds will be different, ever so slightly, BUT if you blindfold tested that, my bet is you couldn't tell which was which in a Control Room playing test...
    3. I am surprised how the Profile responds to playing ..... I have a very nice clean Fender Deluxe Reverb Profile that I use as a pedal platform. But if you dial that Profile up, it breaks up as the volume increases, just like a Fender Deluxe Reverb from that era would. Turn down the volume (either on guitar or Profiler) and it cleans up....
    4. For the travelling musician gear like the Kemper are godsends. Quite a number of touring festival level acts use Kempers or other technology like the AxeFX for their main back line as it reduces transport costs. Acts that are privileged to get promoters chasing them, CAN have the Kempers put into riders on contract and all they have to do is turn up with a USB stick (loaded with their profiles) for their back line sound!
    5. If you are recording and get a unique sound from a signal chain, you can capture that sound and load it onto a USB stick. THEN when you do shows, the recorded sound is just an upload away. No arguing with FOH engineer about how you got that sound in the studio.
    6. Weight. This goes back to transportation.... The Kempers weigh a lot less than an amp head.... At a pinch you can put it in as overhead luggage on an aircraft...
    7. Sound Level Restrictions at a venue. "TURN THAT AMP DOWN" often means the death knell fora good sound, but with the Kemper that is not too much of an issue as the Kemper can be turned down volume wise but still retain the hot amp tone. Send it to FOH/PA and it's still rocking. ALSO, the Kempers aid the philosophy of silent stages.....
    8. In a crowded bar, 400 people watching and dancing to an act, there is no way they could detect you are not using a real amp or a Kemper, if you do the Profile right in the first place. It's that close to the real amp even on first Profile pass....

    • Simon van der Heijden
      Simon van der Heijden 2 years ago

      @Ozzy Pete Don't forget TopJimi's profiles ;)

    • Ozzy Pete
      Ozzy Pete 3 years ago

      @J S Yes Britt Profiles are very good. As are Amp Factory, Michael Wagner & The Tone Junkie....Tone Junkie has an extensive video selection on You Tube to check out, tutorials are very helpful as are the Kemper Official ones.
      I tend to use my Kemper as more of an amp library and just dial up which one I want to use, but there is a lot of tweaking that can be done to the Kemper profile once you do dial it up.... Tweaking will tailor the sound to what you want to hear. You can also, I believe, import commercial I.Rs and reformat them into .kpr profile cabinets for sue within the Kemper system.

    • J S
      J S 3 years ago

      Thank you for this review and real review of how it works for the guitarist. I have expensive amps and do NOT want to buy another. BUT there are others that I want. I am really considering buying a Kemper and selling all but my most cherished can't live without amp and buying some Britt profiles.

  • aunt jenifer
    aunt jenifer 3 years ago +2

    The kemper sounded nice and crunchy and articulate, more so than the actual vox.

  • Gussy Wellz
    Gussy Wellz 3 years ago

    awesome episode fellas and Doug u sound amazing!! cheers!

  • bob dillon
    bob dillon 2 years ago

    There is a difference prefer the real thing but would be a good bedroom amp if the
    price wasn't so crazy.

  • Geo Arthur
    Geo Arthur 3 years ago +1

    You've crossed over to the dark side lads, it's over .. lol love you guys and still the best on you tube, and, I had amber spirit of 59's n my Les Paul before you lol great show .. I'm tempted .. peace, from N.Ireland .. cheers Doug & Pat.

  • iTrove
    iTrove 3 years ago

    I am constantly baffled at the output speaker from the Kemper (digital) systems. no one seems to talk too much about that. So if you sitting in a room noodling what are you actually listening to that gives accurate sound? I mean for the last 50 year the difference in speaker matched w/ circuits for tubes etc made different tones. Not everyone is going through a computer for recording.. some just want to hear the sound while playing.

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  3 years ago

      This is just a guess but we think that because it's a computer (doesn't make its own sounds via preamp etc) that you would have to plug it into an amplifier, either the one available with it from the factory (and then into speakers of your choice) or you could plug it into another amplifier/combo of your choice that would give you a flat enough sound to hear the sound of the profile. This is this "alien" stuff we spoke of. We're pretty sure in these times we live in that there would be numerous user groups or blogs suggesting all kinds of applications like you describe from Kemper users. For us we recorded it the same way we record our pickup demos or amp demos. Hope that helps. D&P

  • Samuel Rutherford
    Samuel Rutherford 3 years ago +1

    I figured it would sound like crap. What a magic killer lol

  • saltydog
    saltydog 3 years ago +13

    You should have asked him to post the FREE profile for us so we could all try your amp.

    • Mark in the MIX
      Mark in the MIX 3 years ago

      @TheChicagoTodd I checked out the site. It has hacked and unsecure warnings.

    • TheChicagoTodd
      TheChicagoTodd 3 years ago +1

      @Bubba Hotep Actually....I had posted that comment while I was still watching the video and was trying to be funny, in a sarcastic way. The funny thing is, when I got to the end of the video, they actually said they WOULD be profiling some of their amps and WOULD be available for purchase on their site. I'm not a regular to this channel, and of course it would be cool if we were able to get some *free* profiles of hard to obtain vintage amps, which they seem to have a really cool collection of. However, in the end, I wouldn't expect *free*. I'm guessing despite how it may look to the casual viewer, this is actually a business, not just some cool old dudes sitting on their porch shooting the sh*t. :-) Just my opinion of course.

    • Bubba Hotep
      Bubba Hotep 3 years ago +1

      @TheChicagoTodd Nothing there about this video or profiles ....

    • TheChicagoTodd
      TheChicagoTodd 3 years ago

      @Mark in the MIX You will find these in the "Pat and Doug" online store, and I think they are having a "First week of the decade" sale.... LOL... ;-)

    • Mark in the MIX
      Mark in the MIX 3 years ago +1

      I seriously was expecting this to be free profiles for the viewers to try.

  • TheHobbyist
    TheHobbyist 3 years ago

    That GA40 profile is killer too. Do you have it on Rig Exchange ?

  • Mark in the MIX
    Mark in the MIX 3 years ago +1

    We need a good "link" to the website and options to get the Doug and Pat merchandise and hopefully some cool profiles. The site seems UNSECURE

  • Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    Just haven't played a modeler/profiler that does it for me. Totally understand the convenience of it but the response, attack and dynamics just aren't there for me when I've plugged in. I could live with it in a small studio situation but live, no. Not yet anyway.

  • G R
    G R 3 years ago

    The Kemper's a few years old now - I imagine it'll be refreshed shortly. I bet they don't hold their value like a good valve amp does if that's important.

    • G R
      G R 3 years ago

      @Professional Procrastinator I think you're missing my point - all digital gear becomes obsolete pretty quickly, the Kemper maybe replaced as early as NAMM, I don't know. If the old models are fully backwards compatible that will help if not, values will nose dive

    • Professional Procrastinator
      Professional Procrastinator 3 years ago

      G R They’ve held their value ever since they were released with zero changes to the hardware so the evidence so far is they easily hold their value like a good valve amp (and more than some). 🙂

  • William Paul
    William Paul 3 years ago +1

    There was an amp called Hiwatt once upon a time.. you guys should look into it.🤷‍♂️ rock is dead” as Morrison once said

  • Ethan Dorsett
    Ethan Dorsett 2 years ago

    Hey Doug and Pat do you have an email I could send to y’all? I have a few questions about pairing a rare Marshall amp jtm 145 (one watt) and it was originally paired with a T652 Marshall Branded celestion. I was wondering what speaker would be closest to these as these speakers and cabs are as rare as hens teeth. Love the show!

    • Ethan Dorsett
      Ethan Dorsett 2 years ago

      The Doug and Pat Show thank you just sent!

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  2 years ago +1

      You can see our email at the end of the shows but just in case we're not blocked here for sending it - thedougandpatshow@gmail.com D&P

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker 3 years ago

    awesome show,first time watching,will watch from now on!...………...cheers from Tuscaloosa,Al.

  • Jeff Benson
    Jeff Benson 3 years ago +6

    Make sure that you get him to set the clock on your VCR while he's there.

  • Cliff DYkes
    Cliff DYkes 3 years ago

    Thu does a good profile of amps on their rig player much less expensive if a stand alone for less than 200 came out with the ability to load profiles that would sell me and probably a lot more

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 years ago +2

    To me all the Kemper profiles sound a bit more dampened compared to the real amp, I can't help it... of course you can tweak that, I guess.

    • Geoffrey Merrifield
      Geoffrey Merrifield 3 years ago

      Blind tests would reveal whether your perception is true or dampened.

  • cor vdb
    cor vdb 3 years ago

    I am sorry, I give the thumbs up before watching because I am just glad there's another episode even if it sucks, which doesn't but I wouldn't know because I am gonna watch it now...

  • Sthackenberg
    Sthackenberg 3 years ago +1

    Need the profiles guys 😉

  • emmoiv
    emmoiv 2 years ago

    Doug, what kind of picks do you use? And what's your volume and tone knob range you use on these beauties? Thank you Doug and Pat for your offerings.

    • emmoiv
      emmoiv 2 years ago

      @The Doug and Pat Show It is, I appreciate it.

    • The Doug and Pat Show
      The Doug and Pat Show  2 years ago

      Doug uses medium gauge hard plastic picks that say "Cool" on them, white and black and they both have a raised surface that makes them easier to grip. The volume and tone on the guitars is tone at 10 unless stated, guitars between 8-10. If that's what you mean. D&P