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Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman Get Personal | WWE Raw Highlights 2/6/23 | WWE on USA

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • UnrealEntGaming
    UnrealEntGaming Month ago +3960

    Words cannot express how powerful this promo between Heyman and Cody actually was. THIS is professional wrestling at its peak storytelling. Everything about what was said between them was absolutely phenomenal and makes it worth that much more getting invested into. Amazing buildup and an amazing job all around!

    • LSSJ
      LSSJ Month ago

      @Jay W he's taken part in wrestling before actually. I don't know if he still does it considering he's got a career on Clip-Share but he has wrestled a couple matches. He also recorded his matched and uploaded them back when he was barely a youtuber. Lol this guys been around over 10 years

    • LSSJ
      LSSJ Month ago

      Yessir Alex

    • Chris Davis
      Chris Davis Month ago

      Bastion Booger never got his shot!

    • LD W
      LD W Month ago

      @UnrealEntGaming. If that's not a powerful promo, I don't know what is! As Joey Styles would say, "OH MY GOD!!"......Of course, that's when Joey wasn't doing his soundbytes of "CAT FIGHT!" or... "TO-TAL E-LIM-INA--TION!" 🤣🤣🤣

    • xXZinogreXx
      xXZinogreXx Month ago

      Woah Unreal i didnt know you watched wwe😂

  • Boozle
    Boozle Month ago +783

    One of the most underrated lines in this whole promo “I am just trying to win a wrestling championship and everyone wants to make it personal”

    • Christian James
      Christian James Month ago

      @Jason O'Daniel its not that serious guy

    • Anonymous Nate
      Anonymous Nate Month ago

      It's literally the line the entire promo is built around, how is it underrated... I swear the word "underrated" has become overrated in today's culture lol.

    • DJ Don Mega
      DJ Don Mega Month ago

      I pity the fool who thinks that line was underrated.

    • Lil Narm
      Lil Narm Month ago +2

      @Mike bruh, I love this

  • Odinson
    Odinson Month ago +111

    This is some of the best TV WWE has put out in years. This promo was just unreal and the raw emotion was spine chilling.

    • Hia Dei Kum
      Hia Dei Kum Month ago

      @Loose Screws Yeah, I haven't really watched wrestling in about 17-18 years I'd say. Once Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Stone Cold, The Rock, Davey Boy Smith, Steiner Bro's, Dudley Boyz, Road Warriors, etc quit wrestling I just lost interest.
      The product itself got bad in general after the switch to PG honestly.

    • Loose Screws
      Loose Screws Month ago

      Wrestling is dead. Even this gave me no reason o want to tune in anymore.

    • Hia Dei Kum
      Hia Dei Kum Month ago

      Watch the Psycho sid promo with Vince McMahon and his championship matches against Shawn Michaels

  • Matthew Price
    Matthew Price Month ago +530

    Major props to the crowd. They let Cody speak , no what chants. They make Cody look like a STAR✊🏾✊🏾

  • Josh Beitter
    Josh Beitter Month ago +293

    This promo was so good, you could see how real and personal this is going to be! WWE storytelling is getting so much better since Trips took over!!

    • Al North
      Al North 26 days ago

      @IKE NOT TURNER315 How can you forget the iconic "we chopee chopee your peepee" or Mae Young giving birth to a hand after sleeping with Mark Henry? Instant classics. Peak storytelling.

      IKE NOT TURNER315 Month ago

      @GaspoweR I couldn't have said it better 😂

    • GaspoweR
      GaspoweR Month ago +2

      @IKE NOT TURNER315 YEP for as much as the Attitude era was incredibly popular the story lines were more bombastic and outrageous, basically just a natural progression of the previous eras before which culminated in the whole Monday Night Wars and the WCW acquisition. Like what we're watching is legit good story telling that has so many interwoven story lines that somehow they're able to make it cohesive

    • Rentz Rundown
      Rentz Rundown Month ago +1

      @ssj2camaro21 there's absolutely zero chance this is Vince

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick Month ago +1

      @ssj2camaro21 Vice got fired.

  • Chief Smoke
    Chief Smoke Month ago +189

    Bringing reality to the show to get the audience hooked and even more invested is the greatest thing as a fan. Cody said it right I was just a guy trying to win a wrestling championship but everyone wants to make it personal 😂😭 love it!

  • Tyler Gregory
    Tyler Gregory Month ago +1667

    I genuinely think Paul Heyman was so proud of Cody and his father that he was breaking. I don’t think he was acting, I think he legitimately just loves working with Cody that much.

    • Damian Cross
      Damian Cross 28 days ago

      People said the same thing about the promo where Paul accused Vince of stealing his ideas. Because Heyman's NOT acting. He's shooting and turning that shoot into money. Roman Reigns and Cody aren't going to go and try to beat each other up for real, but it'll feel like they are because there's truth behind that conflict.

    • Gangster ghost
      Gangster ghost Month ago

      @💅Emily💅 right that what im saying he was honored but went back on script cause theres no way his dad would have said that when he probably never even knew roman

    • 💅Emily💅
      💅Emily💅 Month ago

      @Gangster ghost yeah but like I can tell Paul gave that look to cody like thanks I feel honored but I'm gonna go back on script

    • Stacy Hamilton
      Stacy Hamilton Month ago

      Your thinking is genuine or Heyman's breaking was genuine?

  • James Durbin Official
    James Durbin Official Month ago +114

    This is exactly what needed to happen! Full body chills!! THIS is Wrestling, right here. THIS is what makes you want to see a match. THIS gets the audience invested. I love Professional Wrestling

  • E7N1NE3 #
    E7N1NE3 # Month ago +122

    Cody Rhodes keeping the AEW type of promos in the big house .. Splendid

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick Month ago

      AEW has no type. It's generic.

    • StormSnake0618
      StormSnake0618 Month ago +8

      @Ian T. Essich Cody is the one to beat Roman. Not only is he on fire right now, but it'll show people in AEW that grass is greener on the other side of the pond too. Which in turn will make AEW start valuing the talent they have more and vice versa. Competition breeds excellence.

    • Ian T. Essich
      Ian T. Essich Month ago +2

      And that's why they're not going to let him go over Roman.

    • Colin Valadez
      Colin Valadez Month ago +6

      His promos worked so much better with WWE. He's definitely my favorite top baby face right now. I think a lot of people can agree with that too.
      Also, I think everything works better now we don't have to deal with the nightmare factory. And no offense to the nightmare factory but that Brandi and Arn it was all dragging him down.

  • Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington Month ago +20

    This is the kinda promo that makes me feel like a kid again and want to start watching again. Simply a masterclass in storytelling. Beautiful really. I’ll be watching Wrestlemania for sure this year. 👏

  • dstjamesRC
    dstjamesRC Month ago +59

    One of the best promos I’ve ever seen. This is pro wrestling at its best. When reality seamlessly meshes with storylines.

  • Mike Fox
    Mike Fox Month ago +25

    This is a Master Class in promos. This was an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish. Bravo!

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer Month ago +1989

    You can see Paul tearing up and Cody crying. This promo was very real.

    • Brave the hedgewolf
      Brave the hedgewolf 21 day ago

      This is a thank you that's way over dew

      UNKNOWN Month ago

      You bought a ticket

    • trappy
      trappy Month ago

      Wow you was dropped on Your head

    • MrEAW56
      MrEAW56 Month ago

      ITS FAKE!!!! SHADDUP! cornballs...

  • Linda
    Linda Month ago +77

    Mind-blowing promo... when it comes to Paul haymen he really knows his stuff. Not only Mike skills but actually his words have depth. And the emotion he displayed was sooo intense. And yet Cody just took it and ran with it. Absolutely brilliant. Oh I can't wait for this. 👍

  • Juanhunnid
    Juanhunnid Month ago +61

    Cody truly is phenomenal on the mic. ALWAYS delivering amazing promos!

  • Justin Abraham
    Justin Abraham Month ago +34

    Legendary. What a promo. Gave me chills. Made me smile. Made me happy.

  • Billy Huffman
    Billy Huffman Month ago +30

    One of the greatest promos in the last 30 years.

  • popeye697
    popeye697 Month ago +24

    Paul rebounded from that emotional moment to finish strong. Legendary

  • Vrinara
    Vrinara Month ago +666

    That promo between the two was AMAZING! It had everything. It had drama, it had passion, it had sadness, and it had pride. What a year to be a wrestling fan.

    • Raphael Wilkes
      Raphael Wilkes Month ago +4

      Yeah this was a good promo between Paul Heyman and Cody Rhodes

    • TheWordMercy82
      TheWordMercy82 Month ago +8

      Pride goeth before a fall! Love is NOT proud! Ooooooooooh Aaaaaaaaaaah!

    • ericpaul72
      ericpaul72 Month ago +7


  • Tony Gunk
    Tony Gunk Month ago +28

    Paul almost couldn't hold back the tears. You can see how proud he is of Cody.

  • klaw547
    klaw547 Month ago +26

    I love when promos get real!
    Roman has a heck of a task leading up to Wrestlemania with his promos!
    These two set the bar HIGH!!

    • jzon3251
      jzon3251 Month ago +4

      Roman’s promos now give more clarity to the character he’s playing on TV. He’s playing the perfectionist faction leader that refuses to let anyone get anywhere near his level again. Roman has now taken the mantle of probably the best traditional heel in modern history because facing him is like facing god at this point of WWE and his promos with Brock Lesnar before WM and his promos against Jey Uso was extremely egotistical.

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor Month ago +27

    The fact that they both were crying during this promo said alot about just how much Dusty meant to everyone. RIP The American Dream

  • hoodievillian
    hoodievillian Month ago +53

    I've been a pro wrestling fan for 23 years and this was one of the best promos I've ever seen. If you look closely you can see a few people crying in the crowd. Can't remember the last time a segment emotionally captivated us so much. This was amazing.

    • Deanna
      Deanna Month ago

      Totally agree. 🥲

    • Drew Daskievige
      Drew Daskievige Month ago

      I remember watching in late 60's and 70's as a kid on Saturdays. Got into it again during the 80's, then again mid to late 90's. Who didn't like people trying to stand up to Vince like Stone Cold, and the Rock. Fighting against the NWO and the Authority factions.

    • D-Brent
      D-Brent Month ago +1

      @NYI Isles shut up and enjoy the show, lol

    • NYI Isles
      NYI Isles Month ago +3

      Honestly, in the last 23 years of WWE it isn't saying a ton. There have been some awful year spans.

  • ColdPhront3
    ColdPhront3 Month ago +42

    6:31 nearly made me tear up. That was such a realistic reaction to having words cut straight to the bone while trying to not show it.

  • EDW On Roblox
    EDW On Roblox Month ago +1769

    The fact that Cody knows he’s making a banger road to mania is awesome

    • ProjectBaby2
      ProjectBaby2 Month ago

      @Luis Santiago so he getting a bag isn’t that good

      JANIKOWSKI Month ago +1

      ​@Luis Santiago Sami zayn is a midcarder at best

    • Skorpio Savage
      Skorpio Savage Month ago +1

      @Luis Santiago This is gonna really upset you... Sami will not win at The Elimination Chamber 😂🖕🏾🔥😢😂

    • Tyler Stewart
      Tyler Stewart Month ago

      @Anthony Gilbertyou’re stuck in the past

    • Luis Santiago
      Luis Santiago Month ago

      He only returned cause of more money which is why money doesn’t solve anyone’s problems that’s desperation

  • Will R.
    Will R. Month ago +62

    This is the excellence in wrestling/sports entertainment that draws you in. These 2 are absolute pros at what they do. I’d legit buy WrestleMania on PPV to see this and we’ve really only started the road to mania. Nothing short of spectacular. Cody’s stock was already high for me, but this moment took him up a notch.

    • WinTrain
      WinTrain Month ago

      @DrRockkso I think Roman is going to lose 100% BUT BY COUNT OUT... So Cody won't retain the titles, they'll fight again and then Cody will win.

    • DrRockkso
      DrRockkso Month ago +1

      @Will R. He's 100% going to lose to Roman. I don't want him to, but Roman is the WWE's new Cena. They feed everybody to him.

    • Will R.
      Will R. Month ago

      @DrRockkso Nah. No way Cody loses.

    • DrRockkso
      DrRockkso Month ago +1

      Cody really is at the top of his game right now. Which is gonna make it so much more disappointing when they inevitably job him out to Roman at WM :(

  • Jeffery Cranford
    Jeffery Cranford Month ago +9

    I knew Dusty Rhodes personally he was always proud of his sons. I cried when he passed away literally!! Cody Rhodes is going to make his father very proud!!

  • nickpr.
    nickpr. Month ago +19

    This was absolutely amazing! We all know Heyman being one of the best talkers ever, but Cody has improved quite impressively and has really found himself.

  • Superior Saiyan
    Superior Saiyan Month ago +23

    GOSH!!!!! This promo was insane!!! Had me on the edge after each on was done talking. Wasn’t expecting Cody to give props to Heyman. Wasn’t expecting heyman to give props to Cody’s father. Of course, without the twist at the end. This was great. They’re both geniuses

  • ColdTony
    ColdTony Month ago +22

    The fact it’s #7 tending is crazy A BIG W FOR WWE

  • House of UP
    House of UP Month ago +447

    It's been a long time since I've seen Paul look genuinely emotional. This was beyond phenomenal. Best Promo of 2023 thus far.

    • Manuel Perez
      Manuel Perez Month ago

      @Frank Ryan lol, fr? I think AEW is the worst modern day trash wrestling, an embarrassement. So Frankie, you are wrong. You must be wrong about alot of things in your life.

    • Frank Ryan
      Frank Ryan Month ago

      @Manuel Perez found the AEW troll

    • Daniel M.
      Daniel M. Month ago

      @Manuel Perez okay Mr. McMahon

    • Manuel Perez
      Manuel Perez Month ago

      @Daniel M. NOTHING in WWE happens off-script. NOTHING.

      TONY YOLO Month ago

      @Timothy Latham Low vibration attack attempt. Dots don't connect. Very forced. Poor kid!

  • ThurAcidPainasaurus Rex

    WWE story telling is back! They’ve been delivering some pretty great promos the past few months and they don’t disappoint at all

  • max Georgie
    max Georgie Month ago +13

    Making paul break character is a real talent! I love the emotion here.

  • R Q
    R Q Month ago +21

    You could see the moment he said the year Paul Heyman knew that story and he was all kinds of emotional. Takes a pro to bring it back from that. This was a huge moment for both.

  • Jimmy Stoll
    Jimmy Stoll Month ago +8

    this promo was so emotional and just perfection

  • AstroMonk03
    AstroMonk03 Month ago +15

    Cody’s face when Heyman said “you” says it all. People talk abt Roman’s facial expressions, but Cody is giving him a run for his money with moments like that

  • JN Woodard
    JN Woodard Month ago +517

    Paul was hit in the feels here, and that’s what it’s about. No stupid spots, no crazy stunts, no idiotic gimmicks; just good storytelling leading to incredible matches.

    • TwiztinUpBlunts
      TwiztinUpBlunts Month ago

      Ohhhhhkkkaayyyyyy 😂

    • pepe shadilay
      pepe shadilay Month ago

      No baron Corbin

    • David Holowitz
      David Holowitz Month ago +4

      And right before he spoke when Cody was done and it was sinking in you could tell Paul knew how good that was and how much it hit and you can tell right before he turned it on … “OK kid, it’s on”

    • ToiletFace
      ToiletFace Month ago +2

      Paul sold that promo bro

    • MrDude88
      MrDude88 Month ago +3

      Paul’s promo was a YesYesYesYesYesNo moment.

  • Mutant Lava
    Mutant Lava Month ago +5

    WELL DONE by both men. This promo was excellent and i couldn’t help but smile after cody’s last line

  • Sean King
    Sean King Month ago +9

    If anyone has proved their worth, if anyone deserves to dethrone Roman, it’s Cody. He’s one of the few legitimate stars left. A truly believable character that the crowd genuinely loves getting behind.

  • muxz
    muxz Month ago +6

    A masterclass in promo cutting right there. Instant classic.


    One of the best extended promos the company has put out in a very long time.

  • Jason Sauls
    Jason Sauls Month ago +9

    This was a very good segment. So much of what makes a good feud is the story you tell. Heyman is simply one of the GOAT on the mic and Cody has elevated his game. I think in the build-up there is a way to get people to genuinely care about Cody as much as they do for Sami (or close to it) and deliver a satisfying match.

  • Kyle Toshimitsu
    Kyle Toshimitsu Month ago +266

    Wrestlemania better not disappoint because this almost 10 minute promo is what’s going to bring a lot of people back to wwe

    • Mikhael
      Mikhael 2 days ago

      @Paul Silloway dude went and put on banger matches with some of the industry's top stars. Built a company, left amidst the toxicity there. Back in WWE putting on great matches and promos. Well deserved. How freakin old are you? 😂

    • US Agent Gaming
      US Agent Gaming Month ago +1

      @Paul Silloway Wrestling with a torn pectoral>>>>>>>your opinion on whether or not he deserves the title.
      Sami does NOT want to be world champion and he likely never will be world champion.

    • Paul Silloway
      Paul Silloway Month ago

      @IsoVertex definitely doesn't

    • IsoVertex
      IsoVertex Month ago +3

      @Paul Silloway cody definitely deserves it

    • Paul Silloway
      Paul Silloway Month ago

      @Raphael Wilkes Cody doesn't deserve anything, he was basically handed a title shot

  • mattanthony0814
    mattanthony0814 Month ago +10

    Every wrestling training school needs to use this as a promo masterpiece

  • Rob The Savior
    Rob The Savior Month ago +13

    Seeing Paul Heyman go back and forth with Cody Rhodes with emotional promos involving Dusty Rhodes was fantastic.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez Month ago +9

    The greatest promo to an historical event! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome job to you both!

  • Trey
    Trey Month ago +9

    Sunday Night at Wrestlemania is going to be incredible. They have built this perfectly… The best storyline in the last decade.

  • Finns life
    Finns life Month ago +7

    This has to be the most emotional segment I have ever seen before, you can tell none of it is a show, but very real details between them.

  • C. Box
    C. Box Month ago +383

    Speechless. The true life aspects of the story, mixed in with Heyman’s impeccable heel manager persona. Then to see the shift in Cody’s personality at the end. Absolutely fantastic.

    • Thomas Cunningham
      Thomas Cunningham Month ago +1

      Literally I was like okay Paul how wiek the tribal cheif feel if- oh nvm

  • FedorMachida Last
    FedorMachida Last Month ago +7

    I absolutely loved this promo! Powerful and great, imo.

  • Nick Salazar
    Nick Salazar Month ago +7

    Paul has extreme knowledge about the business and the talent As well if someone isn’t talented and he knew Cody has what it takes to be the next champ this wrestlemania event is going to be good 🎉🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Jeremy Stanley
    Jeremy Stanley Month ago +7

    I was there! The emotion went through the whole arena during this promo.

  • SporePunch
    SporePunch Month ago +8

    Cody and Paul are incredible on the mic and this was powerful stuff. Great chemistry in this promo. Looking forward to Cody taking those belts off Roman.

  • Nunya Bizness
    Nunya Bizness Month ago +9

    It's been a long time since WWE made me genuinely care about it. Whoever let this segment happen, thank you!

  • Mistrudels
    Mistrudels Month ago +602

    The "thank you paul" chant is everything. Paul Heyman is one of the best things to ever happen to WWE

    • Robert Mack
      Robert Mack Month ago

      ​@Mikgwerd I would love for him to bring it back for "one night only"

    • Reginald Redd
      Reginald Redd Month ago

      In pro wrestling period

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick Month ago

      He's a second rate announcer.

    • Deanna
      Deanna Month ago

      It should have been more! 😭

    • metropolis
      metropolis Month ago

      He Did a lot for Austin to. Let him do whatever promos he wanted.

  • ghostfacedude93
    ghostfacedude93 Month ago +7

    Paul looks ready to cry. Before the promo went to back to storyline, it was genuinely moving to allow these two to have this moment.

  • Zodiak The Mystic
    Zodiak The Mystic Month ago +5

    Things like this are what wrestling needs more of, emotional connection, story, life. It's one of the things that makes it such a great business, we've gotten away from that and its good to see some glimmers of it again.

  • Malik Martin
    Malik Martin Month ago +11

    Everything about this promo was superb, and with the talent in the ring I’m not surprised. Well done Cody and Paul 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • The World Of Yoyo
    The World Of Yoyo Month ago +8

    This makes me want to watch wrestling weekly. This is a storyline we need

  • Allen Dejesus
    Allen Dejesus Month ago +16

    What an amazing promo from start to finish gave me chills HHH is doing something special with the WWE right now

  • Onyroo
    Onyroo Month ago +349

    These two just demonstrated that there are levels to professional wrestling. When you take two dance partners who are some of the very best, you get greatness as a result.

  • Ryman 78
    Ryman 78 Month ago +7

    Amazing promo. Paul is one of the best, seems like a stand up guy too. Cody surely had so many positive influences. Happy he is getting his time to shine.

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker Month ago +7

    This is such a powerful promo between Heyman and Cody ✨ 👏 🙌

  • Patrick Forney
    Patrick Forney Month ago +7

    Paul Heyman is an absolute master at the craft and a treasure. High tier promo here. And it's just getting started.

  • Nick Long
    Nick Long Month ago +2

    So many things said so many things unsaid so many moments used that were personal. So many personal reactions. So much playing off heartfelt words. This one was played real close. And it was awesome

  • Matthias Powerbomb
    Matthias Powerbomb Month ago +6

    This was phenomenal. This is professional wrestling.

  • Oni
    Oni Month ago +379

    This is being done with such masterclass. Slowly building it up, making it much more personal each week. Putting emotions and tears into this story this early, I cant wait to see what we get when we have just a handful of weeks to mania.

  • Wan Montana
    Wan Montana Month ago +5

    Great promo from both men. I can only imagine what the face to face promos between Cody & Roman will be like.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore Month ago +4

    That was real from the heart right there. Another emotional promo

    SLIIMM BANDIITT Month ago +6

    This is how you’re supposed to get everybody in the wrestlemania spirit

  • Michael_Scarn0403
    Michael_Scarn0403 23 days ago +1

    The fact that Paul not only broke, but teared up, shows how powerful this promo was.

  • Jon Gonzales
    Jon Gonzales Month ago +5

    GREAT promo that'll be remembered with some of the best Wrestlemania lead ups

  • 4EverSkuhdLife
    4EverSkuhdLife Month ago +513

    Without Paul Heyman The Last 25 Years Of Wrestling Isn’t The Same… God Damnit Thank You, Paul.

    • Red Rick
      Red Rick Month ago

      @JazzyJ1994 His company folded in under a decade and he stiffed wrestlers.

    • Less Me More He
      Less Me More He Month ago

      Paul Heyman nailed it out the park once again - very compelling tv with Cody's reactions, too! Glad it was shared here without cuts. Blessings, peace, and grace to you all on your journeys! ~ John 11:25-26

    • hhh
      hhh Month ago


    • Curtis Simmons
      Curtis Simmons Month ago

      Wwe doesnt need Paul

    • Bryan G
      Bryan G Month ago +2

      @Mr. Magma even more than that, I think the Dangerous Alliance goes back to 1989

  • MrHarris73
    MrHarris73 Month ago +2

    Cody has been absolutely KILLING IT on the mic these days. And you know Paul Heyman on the mic is always gold. This segment made the hair on my neck stand up.

  • Rikochet States
    Rikochet States Month ago +5

    This is top notch promo from both gentlemen. The build up to the fight is getting better and better. Looking forward for next week.
    Cody you bugger, you made me sweat from my eyes when you brought up your father, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes(rest in paradise). Then Heyman dropped that bomb at the end with the mic drop, it was perfectly timed well executed. It made it personal for Cody.
    Excellent promos.

  • Anthony Lombardo
    Anthony Lombardo Month ago +8

    This was a absolute beautiful promo between these two.simply master class


    This promo was absolute gold!

  • MrAwake2me
    MrAwake2me Month ago

    Great promos in wrestling really do still exist. They're just harder to find. We need more of them. A lot more.

  • chevynutz808
    chevynutz808 Month ago +570

    To see Paul get his flowers on live TV was special and so well deserved

    • Jordan Harris
      Jordan Harris Month ago

      @Lance Jones Paul Heyman actually has been in the business for 30+ years. He started in his early 20s

    • Lance Jones
      Lance Jones Month ago

      100% the dude is under 60 and he's spent 40+ yrs in the industry. Insane.

    • whoDatN4L
      whoDatN4L  Month ago +4

      Glad some people are starting to realize this. Dude has always been a great mouthpiece and manager. Imo one of the greatest managers ever.

    • Johnny Morningstar
      Johnny Morningstar Month ago +37

      He's truly among the few wrestling personalities you hate when you're young but appreciate when you're old enough to understand how necessary he's always been to the industry

  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan Campbell Month ago +1

    This is one of the reasons why I started watching wrestling again. Sure it’s not as believable & entertaining as the Attitude Era was, but it brings an nostalgic feeling back watching people fly around the ring and I still find it enjoyable to watch sometimes. Maybe if we get more hulky believable wrestlers again it might be almost like it was back in the day, but I doubt it.

  • Elohei Avraham
    Elohei Avraham Month ago +4

    "I am just trying to win a wrestling championship and everybody wants to make it personal" -Cody Rhodes

  • J O Delgado
    J O Delgado Month ago +5

    Awesome amazing promo !!! The professionalism! Impeccable!

  • mkleck
    mkleck Month ago +8

    That was the best segment in years, unbelievably authentic and memorable

  • Ragna Gaming
    Ragna Gaming Month ago +8

    The moments that they (clearly) went off script and got emotional...not to mention, after hearing what Cody had to say, the look on Paul's face and the reaction he had was one of "I don't even want to finish what I'm scripted to say, I just wanna hug you, son". You can tell, storyline aside, there is a lot of love and respect between these two men. I could imagine them incorporating that into a storyline later with Paul as Cody's manager.

    • Deanna
      Deanna Month ago little sneaky there! I love it.

  • Jamada Norris
    Jamada Norris Month ago +237

    I bet every wrestler that worked with Dusty in that locker room had tears in their eyes...this was a powerful and emotional promo!

    • Raymond Hopwood
      Raymond Hopwood Month ago

      @Jamada Norris
      Wasn't Roman talking about retiring anyway?

    • Well yunno so
      Well yunno so Month ago

      @Bigbudd0045 McIntyre Sheamus Reigns Rollins KO Jinder prettty much all of the guys who were in FCW to early NXT

    • Jamada Norris
      Jamada Norris Month ago +4

      We talking Vince, triple H Stephanie any wrestler hall of famer, retired whether ECW, WCEformely known as WEF Dusty was a wrestling icon, one of the greatest promo speaker on the mic! The universal championship should go to Cody and WWE championship should go to Jey USO
      And split the tag team championship up between K.O & Sammi Zayn and the other tag team belts should go to Drew & Shemus...
      it's to balance out and split those titles up back to RAW and Smackdown...Roman generated enough money to the company... it's time to give him a rest..let us miss him for a while then he comeback with a epic return for a good storyline.

    • MTRZGaming
      MTRZGaming Month ago +5

      @Bigbudd0045 At least 65% of the roster

    • MrKennyWilliams
      MrKennyWilliams Month ago +5

      @Bigbudd0045 most if not all of the late 2000s early 2010s nxt class for one

  • Medium Mike
    Medium Mike Month ago +2

    This is actually insane. Masterclass in promos wow. Lost for words watching this.

  • Dank Frank
    Dank Frank Month ago +3

    This story is going to be a classic, I can feel it already

  • Isiah 312
    Isiah 312 Month ago +6

    I was there during the promo! The energy was unreal lol

  • Michael Fogarty
    Michael Fogarty Month ago +3

    That was the best promo I have seen on WWE/WWF programming at LEAST since The Rock and Stone Cold and/or The Rock and Cactus Jack/Dude Love/Mankind promos.. maybe even further back.. great great job guys! It is appreciated and it will keep me tuned in too.

  • JoeNiceDJ
    JoeNiceDJ Month ago +2

    Storytelling. This is why we watch wrestling.
    As good as it gets.

  • SithLordBeast
    SithLordBeast Month ago +380

    That promo from both men was everything. The way Heyman delivered that last line was like an embracing hug only to receive a dagger in the back. It literally gave me chills

  • White Walker
    White Walker Month ago +2

    Great promo! Haven’t seen one this good in a very long time!

  • Zak King
    Zak King Month ago +1

    This is the first time in at least 4 or 5 years where a WWE storyline actually feels like a huge deal. This promo hopefully makes the rest of the locker room step up.

  • Color Static
    Color Static Month ago +3

    I got chills SOOOOO many times during this!! Elite segment!!!!!

    VT_HIKARU Month ago +4

    One of the most emotional and best promo in recent times

  • twitch_tv_pat
    twitch_tv_pat Month ago +3

    Paul Heyman is a living legend in wrestling , the way they are putting cody into this whole story is pretty great.

  • operations1000
    operations1000 Month ago +327

    THIS is exactly what Cody needed, phenomenal, real and reminding everyone just how important this really is!

  • Brennan Martinez
    Brennan Martinez Month ago +1

    Even though I don't think wrestling will ever match the pinnacle it once was, this promo right here are the stuff that dreams are made of.

  • glennxi
    glennxi Month ago +2

    I don't even follow Cody but this promo, intertwining past and present is extremely solid. Good writing right there.

  • SirCutEmUp
    SirCutEmUp Month ago +2

    The emotion is what Paul Heyman brings out of a performance 💯🤝🏾 and CODY channeled it perfectly