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Why wasn't Portugal conquered by Spain?

  • Published on Sep 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Why wasn't Portugal conquered by Spain?
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    ♦Narrated by:
    Royal Carter
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    Kevin MacLeod - Drums of the Deep
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    Nomadic Sunset by Alexander Nakarada @ SerpentSound Studios
    Lord, Have Mercie by Karstenholymoly
    ♦Sources :
    Parker, Geoffrey - The Spanish Armada
    Stanley G. Payne - A History of Spain and Portugal
    Álvarez Palenzuela, Vicente Ángel. "La guerra civil castellana y el enfrentamiento con Portugal (1475-1479)"
    Gerli, E. Michael - Medieval Iberia
    #History #Documentary

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  • Knowledgia
    Knowledgia  3 years ago +222

    Consider to learn more about SPAIN in World War 2, Here 📖 -> clip-share.net/video/F7C3KZ2Tmi0/video.html

    • Billy Corgan
      Billy Corgan 3 years ago +14

      Why that question? Would you like to be invaded by a foreign country?
      Portugal didn't want to be assimilated like Castile tried with Aragon Crown and got it.
      Watching this video, some terms are confusing. You're confusing a dinastic union with an invasion.
      In 1600, Spain wasn't a State or nation. It was a geographical term like Britain, Italy or Germany. So Castile was a foreign country for the different kingdoms of the peninsula (Spain). Portugal was as Spanish as any other person of the rest of kingdoms. The Portugal conflicts with Castile turned up because Castile was trying to control all kingdoms in Spain. Catalonia tried the same as Portugal in 1640 indeed. They were getting rid of the Habsburgs, not getting independence due to they were already indeed. When we talk about Spanish Crown, we're not talking about one state. It's about a Habsburg Branch possession of several separated states. Spain didn't start with the Union of the Crown's of Castile and Aragon in 1475 nor 1516. One of the many evidences is there was no flag of any state or nation called Spain till 1785.
      Aragon Kingdom remained independent till 1716 after the Nueva Planta decree signature.
      Spain was established during the XVIII century as result of the nationalisms period.
      Charles V[b] (24 February 1500 - 21 September 1558) was Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria from 1519, King of Spain (Castile and Aragon) from 1516, and Lord of the Netherlands as titular Duke of Burgundy from 1506.
      The Habsburg king was the only element that connected the multiple kingdoms and territories, ruling by six separate government councils of Castile, Aragon, Portugal, Italy, Flanders, and the Indies. The governments, institutions, and legal traditions of each kingdom remained independent of each other.[3] Alien laws (Leyes de extranjeria) determined that a national of one kingdom was a foreigner in all the other kingdoms.[4][5]
      Spain was formed as a dynastic union of two crowns rather than a unitary state, as Castile and Aragon remained separate kingdoms until the Nueva Planta decrees of 1707-1716.

    • REDON -2
      REDON -2 3 years ago +1

      @Billy Corgan
      I think you are wrong, the word Spain already exists before 1300, not as something official, but as something of prestige within some kingdoms of the peninsula, this is in the historical documents of the time. Before the invasion by the Moors, in the Bisigothic kingdoms, there was already a mentality to unify the peninsula, so this idea was already there for a long time. In this last decade, there is an obsession with naming Catalonia constantly, it is not more important than the rest, sometimes they were in favor, sometimes against, like practically everyone and with their different dramatic or victorious episodes, like everyone, so It is not essential or more important than the rest, for example, Valencia was a kingdom, and it is not given more importance than what it has, which is not more than the rest of the kingdoms of Spain at the time, and what we are today .
      On the other hand, the area of ​​Portugal was always a little at its own pace, in fact, in the reconquest, they did not participate significantly in the most important battles against the Moors once Portugal was almost completely reconquered, so the rest of the reconquered, it was the other kingdoms that fought, no matter how far they were from the border with the Moors, it was a job among all, except Portugal, whose contribution was very little or practically none. There is also something I have always wondered, if before Portugal, there was Galicia, does that mean that Portugal and the Portuguese descended from Galicia? It seems logical, Galicia was before Portugal and the language is almost the same, with different variations, but almost the same, this is a great question.

    • REDON -2
      REDON -2 3 years ago

      @Billy Corgan I do not know how your comment rectifies what I have commented on mine. The Portuguese people will be as strong as they want to say, but the rest of the peninsula and under the name of Spain, they have not only said it, but they have also demonstrated it. As for Catalonia, if you have talked about it previously in your comment, that's why I talk about it in mine. You see, for all the towns and provinces there are legends and poetry, sometimes true, sometimes a lie, I can find countless quotes or poems that talk about Madrid, Burgos, Valencia, Galicia, Andalusia and all the rest. Sorry friend, I still don't understand what you want to tell me.

  • Garabic
    Garabic 3 years ago +731

    Portugal has a really cool empire actually. Fascinating history, and one of the biggest empires to exist. That tiny little kingdom on the edge of Europe became a powerhouse, and that was impressive.

    • Jose Bessa Da Silva
      Jose Bessa Da Silva 3 years ago +75

      Tom Goldenheart , nop. You never hear about Portugal because Portugal is so stable that it does not make news. Only tragedy makes news lad.

    • pedro roque
      pedro roque 3 years ago +19

      Thanks man, im proud of being a portuguese but I wish I was born a portuguese navigator of the 16 or 15 century

    • Marpagapa L
      Marpagapa L 3 years ago +20

      Tom Goldenheart thats because portugal doesnt exist in the political/economical scene.
      but we still rule at a diplomacy level. bringing countries to a table is the only thing Portugal can achieve nowadays.

    • Garabic
      Garabic 3 years ago +2

      @pedro roque hey one question: when did the Portuguese language emerge as its own language?

    • yulixup
      yulixup 3 years ago +17

      @Garabic in the 1290s D.Dinis I made portuguese the oficial language of the court (replacing latin), but it evolved gradualy from galician portuguese over centuries

    ALMOGUERA IBM Paco Year ago +149

    A Portugal no hay que conquistarlo, ya lo tenemos como algo nuestro, a Portugal lo tenemos en nuestros corazones, somos hermanos y nos amamos y respetamos mutuamente.

    • Fernando Lopes
      Fernando Lopes Year ago +16

      Verdade, somos povos que se complementam com as nossas diferenças, partilhamos um mesmo espaço sem fronteiras.

    • Алек
      Алек Year ago +1

      In reality Portugal always behave in a betrayal bad willing way among Spain, this is more visible during the Great Spanish empire time. By becoming allies of the British against Spain. I see a lot of hate from the Portuguese but I guess actual Spaniards lost their pride long ago.

    • Joao Carlos
      Joao Carlos Year ago +8

      @Алек there's no hate from the Portuguese at the moment, grab a camera and a mic, go up to people and ask them what they think about Spain, it's a nice place with good people

    • André Costa
      André Costa 3 months ago +6

      ​@Алек Portugal and Spain relationship is better now than ever!

    • Stoned
      Stoned 3 months ago +2

  • ScienceMe
    ScienceMe 3 years ago +3483

    The real question is why didn't Andorra conquer both of them?

    • Bilimin Sırları
      Bilimin Sırları 3 years ago +409

      Andorra is waiting for WW3.

    • HJ S
      HJ S 3 years ago +28


    • Pedro Santos
      Pedro Santos 3 years ago +126

      Andorra doesn't like loud speakers as spanniards and fierce fighters for freedom as portuguese.

    • António Moreira
      António Moreira 3 years ago +59

      Andorra will beat them all! Run for your life! LOL

    • HJ S
      HJ S 3 years ago +35

      António Moreira yes 😂 and 1/3 of the people of Andorra are portuguese so will invaded in Portugal with our own people 😂

  • Amir‌Hossein‌
    Amir‌Hossein‌ 3 months ago +4

    Vamos Portugal ❤

    J C DE VARG 3 years ago +714

    Portugal y España somos países hermanos, ibéricos, y tenemos muchas cosas en común. Siempre que puedo visito el Algarve para disfrutar de sus maravillosas playas, de su rica gastronomía y de la hospitalidad de sus gentes. Adoro Portugal y me encantan los portugueses!!!!!! Un saludo desde Sevilla.

      FILZO GAMING 2 years ago +8

      Wtf are you saying

    • J C DE VARG
      J C DE VARG 2 years ago +72

      @FILZO GAMING Me encanta Portugal, lo siento por tí.

    • Arturo DeLaGarza
      Arturo DeLaGarza 2 years ago +10


    • MacieLuxcitania
      MacieLuxcitania 2 years ago +19

      @FILZO GAMING Learn Castillian and you will know.

    • Hello My Friend
      Hello My Friend 2 years ago +47

      As a Muslim Turk I must say, Portuguese people are the nicest and warm hearted people I've met in Europe. If I had the opportunity, I would move permanently there. Love Portugal and its people.

  • Gabriel NA
    Gabriel NA Year ago +36

    Este comentário é para os meus amigos portugueses: os nossos países são irmãos pela história, geografia e cultura; nossas histórias paralelas em um grau surpreendente. Acredito que terminada a era das conquistas coloniais (em que nossos países brilharam tanto) é hora de pararmos de nos ignorarmos, e por respeito mútuo (e talvez um dia por afeto) começarmos a imaginar quantas coisas mais poderiam alcançar juntos no contexto da União Europeia.. uma saudação cordial

    • Ban gica
      Ban gica Year ago +7

      Primeiro, DEVOLVAM OLIVENÇA !

    • Gabriel NA
      Gabriel NA Year ago +3

      @Ban gica A Espanha não tem interesse em roubar território de Portugal, e Olivenza foi adquirida por uma das figuras mais desafortunadas e catastróficas da história espanhola: Godoy. Agora, mais de 200 anos depois, parece-me que, em primeiro lugar, devemos perguntar-lhes o que eles preferem

    • Brewsters millions
      Brewsters millions Year ago +7

      *Olivenza was founded by Spain* 🇪🇸, stolen by Portugal and *recaptured by Spain* 🇪🇸. If you don't like that, go eat some sopas dos pobres - i hear that's all you porkchops eat down there 🤣🤣

    • Gabriel NA
      Gabriel NA Year ago +3

      @Brewsters millions con esa actitud vamos a llegar muy lejos.. 🙄

  • Pedro Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho 2 years ago +2348

    I was a bit shocked to see the amount of historical errors this vídeo contains. Right from the start! Portugal was not Portugal while Leon existed, was Condado Portucalense. Just to mention one of it. And no the sea discoveries did not started with Cristovâo Colombo, Portugal was on the sea already 100 years prior from that event, just to mention a few errors this vídeo has.

    • account user
      account user 2 years ago +80

      mention them all

    • Pedro Carvalho
      Pedro Carvalho 2 years ago +240

      @account user, what is important in fact its to mention one very important point: Condado Portucalense was never took from Spain, never ever. Later in history, Condado Portucalense became Portugal but at that time, it was much bigger then it was when Condado Portucalense existed. If you get the facts incorrect right by the start you can understand what I am mentioning for. Condado Portucalense was fouded by D. Afonso Henriques and that was the first King and conquer the northen region, later on expanded below and kicked out the Mustlims from the region, on fights that succeed to other Kings and only then when they reach the complete south region, was considered what is today known as Portugal, this is just a simple resume.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 years ago +75

      Yes and the first ruler of the Condato Portucalense was D. Henrique of Burgundy a great knight who fought during the christian reconquest. He was given by Afonso of Castile and Leon this county in order to pay for his great military services. He was than recognized as "Count of Portugal"/Conde do Condado Portucalense.

    • Amina Zmit
      Amina Zmit 2 years ago +140

      I stopped watching when I read your comment, thank you for saving my time

    • Carla Pereira
      Carla Pereira 2 years ago +3

      why are you lying? where did you get these sources? all lie

  • Leonardo Freitas
    Leonardo Freitas 3 years ago +85

    I'm Portuguese, and you didn't mentioned the most important factor so far. The People. Portugal has some very tenacious people who don't accept defeat. That strong will and the advantageous terrain was keen in securing wins. You also forgot the most important Battle between PT and ES, Aljubarrota.

    • flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423
      flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 Year ago +4

      as a portuguese do u consider the romans as your ancestors ?

    • Tcb bct again
      Tcb bct again Year ago +14

      @flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 well i don't know how is it like in other regions, but in my city there's always a day every year where we dress like romans and organize a roman market and we do a staging of the Roman army. So yeah we do

    • flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423
      flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 Year ago +5

      @Tcb bct again .........LOL........u make me very happy..........after all lucitania was a roman province for centuries until it fell first to the sueves and later to the visigoths.......the question remains though at what time the "romans" in the iberian penincula stoped officially to call themselves as such after rome fell............

    • прежде нежели был Авраам , Я есмь
  • Entregas Delivery
    Entregas Delivery Year ago +52

    Sou brasileiro e admiro o pioneirismo português. Minha família começou com um português despachado ao Brasil para ser juiz de paz lá nos anos 1700.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 6 months ago +3

      Você é descendente de colonizadores.

    • Marus Dod
      Marus Dod 6 months ago +3

      @Anthony sem colonizadores não havia Brasil

    • Anthony
      Anthony 6 months ago +2

      @Marus Dod realmente não haveria Brasil, que é uma construção colonial. Mas haveria pindorama.

    • Yitu
      Yitu 3 months ago

      @Anthony Viva Portugal!

  • José Camacho Gutierréz

    I love Portugal, I'm from Spain and I lived 4 months in Portugal, they are so good people, and they are our brothers literally, we never will attack them, we DEFEND THEM.

    • Paulo Ferreira
      Paulo Ferreira Year ago +14

      Obrigado José, yo pienso la misma cosa de España, somos primos hermanos y nada mas !

    • Suwee Swenson
      Suwee Swenson Year ago +5

      We feel the same ..we love ❤ Spain

    • maria marques
      maria marques Year ago

      @Paulo Ferreira y nada mas.... mas confia en nuestros hermanos?

    • connect_or ..
      connect_or .. 7 months ago

      Nada mas tio!!!

  • Rui Leite
    Rui Leite 3 years ago +921

    The French did not sucessfully invade Portugal.They attempted 3 times and were always repelled by Portuguese and British troops.

    • Little Chestnut
      Little Chestnut 3 years ago +107

      And it wasn't just that, I can't believe how much disinformation is around these kind of videos. Portugal was already in Morocco and Spain was still fighting the moors. Then we helped them with our troops to defeat moors in south of Spain:
      "Supported by the armies of Aragon, Navarre, and Portugal, Castilian forces routed the Almohad emir of Morocco, Muḥammad al-Nāṣir, at Las Navas de Tolosa (July 16, 1212) and so removed the last serious Islamic threat to Christian hegemony in Spain. The way was now open to the conquest of Andalusia."
      We also invaded them but was a stalemate:
      "On May 12, 1475, Afonso entered Castile with an army of 5,600 cavalry and 14,000 foot soldiers. In March, 1476, after several skirmishes and much maneuvering, the 8, 000 men of Afonso and Prince João, faced a Castilian force of similar size in the battle of Toro. The Castilians were led by Isabella's husband, Prince Ferdinand II of Aragon, Cardinal Mendoza and the Duke of Alba. The fight was fierce and confusing but the result was a stalemate:[5] While the forces of Cardinal Mendoza and the Duke of Alba won over their opponents led by the Portuguese King -who left the battlefield to take refuge in Castronuño, the troops commanded by Prince Joao defeated and persecuted the troops of the Castilian right wing, recovered the Portuguese royal standard, remaining ordered in the battlefield where they collected the fugitives of Afonso.[5] Both sides claimed victory but Afonso's prospects for obtaining the Castilian crown were severely damaged.[4]
      “It was March 1, 1476. Eight thousand men for each side, the chronicles tell. With Afonso of Portugal were his son João and the bishops of Evora and Toledo. With Fernando of Aragón, Cardinal Mendoza and the Duke of Alba, as well as the militias of Zamora, Ciudad Rodrigo and Valladolid. The battle was long, but not especially bloody: it is estimated that the casualties of each side did not reach a thousand. Who won? In reality, no one: Alfonso's wing of Portugal fell under the thrust of Fernando, but Prince Juan's troops crushed their Castilian rivals. However, victory in this battle was not going to be military, but ... political. In fact, Ferdinand of Aragon, seeing that the clash concluded without winners or losers, hastened to give his own version of the facts. He sent letters to all the cities of Castile and Aragon and to several European courts.” [6]
      - In ¡Santiago y cierra, España! , José Esparza"
      But we helped them also against Napoleon, After general Wellington, born in Dublin, instructed our army and the English army to defeat the French armies, we invaded Spain to liberate them from the french, it was this anglo-portuguese army that liberated them and defeated Napolean forces up to the battle of Waterloo where Wellington defeated Napolean:
      You can see all the battles here:
      In the majority of battles throughout the peninsula there were more portuguese fighting to liberate spain than spanish... one of the most importante victories was the Victoria battle, there's a monument today also with the portuguese and english army reference:
      Then, our independence from their rule it was due to Catalonia Revolt in the same year, Madrid had to send their troops to Catalonia and so we were able to fight a much smaller army, thanks to Catalonia we have our independence:
      "also known as the Catalan Revolt was a conflict that affected a large part of the Principality of Catalonia between the years of 1640 and 1659."
      So, not only we defeated them most of the time, but we also went several times to Spain to help them.

    • Alexandre Soleiro
      Alexandre Soleiro 3 years ago +61

      The French conquered Spain.
      They couldnt conquer Portugal.

    • Rui Leite
      Rui Leite 3 years ago +24

      @Alexandre Soleiro the French didn't conquer Spain. Spain just let them trough as they were affraid that France would invade them

    • Alexandre Soleiro
      Alexandre Soleiro 3 years ago +29

      @Rui Leite you're wrong, France conquered Spain.

    • Alexandre Soleiro
      Alexandre Soleiro 3 years ago +19

      @Rui Leite napoleon's brother became the King of Spain, José I.

  • Dwayne Hicks
    Dwayne Hicks Year ago +182

    Portugal is a great country and met many friendly Portuguese people on many visits there , much love from the UK 🇬🇧🇵🇹

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões Year ago +12

      And your Long Bow archers surely gave us a precious help in the Battle of Aljubarrota. There were no archers like the Englishman and their Long Bow. And by the way, the most praised yew wood for these bows came from Portugal and Italy.

    • Chaume Lo Conqueridor
      Chaume Lo Conqueridor 10 months ago +2

      @Duarte Simões kingdom of Aragón>>> all kingdoms

    • J Gray
      J Gray 6 months ago +3

      @Duarte Simõesthe British and Portuguese have always had a mutual admiration for eachother as allies for hundreds of years. I’m glad this still stands to this day, love from a Canadian Brit 💜

  • Carnalez The Best Camper
    Carnalez The Best Camper 3 years ago +3111

    Why wasn't Portugal conquered by Spain?
    Because we won most battles even though we were always outnumbered.

    • Joel Filipe
      Joel Filipe 3 years ago +90

      verdade tavam e com medo ahah

    • Evilpimp
      Evilpimp 3 years ago +167

      Portugal are a bunch of campers that's why, come out and fight like a real man

    • Celia Osborne
      Celia Osborne 3 years ago +10

      Good reply!

    • eclips_total
      eclips_total 3 years ago +17

      @Evilpimp true

    • Luana Ferreira
      Luana Ferreira 3 years ago +325

      @Evilpimp but they did win, and that's what counts. Only a fool would march to their death knowing very well of it. Portugal was smart for not fighting "like a man" as they clearly would have lost for logical reasons.

  • Hernan Martinez
    Hernan Martinez 3 years ago +2411

    *Spain:* France, can you help me to invade Portugal?
    *France:* Yes, let's go!
    * France invades Spain and Portugal *
    *Spain:* ._.

    • Sephikong
      Sephikong 3 years ago +100

      He did not lie
      Always make sure that your contract can not be interpreted another way

    • pedro f.
      pedro f. 3 years ago +146

      If you're talking about Napoleonic wars... It wasn't like that man. It was France who wanted to invade Portugal and asked for permission to the Spanish king. Once inside Napoleon ordered to take all the peninsula. Also, it's a mistake to speak about countries at those times. They were monarchies and wars were not decided by countries but by kings. There weren't citizens still... It's a really common mistake committed by people when talking about these subjects.

    • David Agostinho
      David Agostinho 2 years ago +31

      napoleaon put his brother as king of spain, who's laughing now... that's what you get from trying to betray your iberian brothers... we had spies everywhere, when the french and spaniards arrive in lisbon, the portuguese royal family was already miles away in the atlantic direction brazil. rio de janeiro was the capital of portugal after that, until you kicked the spanish and the french back where they belonged.

    • pedro f.
      pedro f. 2 years ago +30

      @David Agostinho You should, as I have already said, learn the difference between kingdoms and present-day countries. For the rest, Portugal without Great Britain would have achieved nothing ...

    • kkz97
      kkz97 2 years ago +28

      @pedro f. weird that even without britain u lost battles with 4 times more soldiers like battle of Aljubarrota

  • Manuel Pinheiro
    Manuel Pinheiro 2 years ago +1173

    Today Portugal and Spain are good neighbours Many of us like to spend some time on holidays on the other country and have friends there. A happy end therefore and let's remain as it is

    • mrcommando2012
      mrcommando2012 2 years ago +31

      Glad to hear, was kinda wondering about that

    • Sam
      Sam 2 years ago +122

      Spain and Portugal aren't brothers, but we do get together on hating the French

    • Bob Weiram
      Bob Weiram 2 years ago +34

      Too bad Spaniards have a hard time understanding and speaking Portuguese.

    • ツ
       2 years ago +13

      @Bob Weiram I don't speak portuguese but I can understand it 😂

      SLAVA UKRAINI 2 years ago +14

      When I was in Portugal, cars with Spanish plates were tagged (from the dust of sand) with the word "Porca". This was on a parking lot for a zoo...

  • p0rt0b0y
    p0rt0b0y Month ago +4

    I'm from a Portuguese background and can confirm there is no hate for our Spanish brothers, there is rivalry yes, especially when it comes to football but never hate. Spain is a beautiful country with beautiful people, much respect.

  • Freedom Lovin'
    Freedom Lovin' Year ago +6

    What's amazing is we think of borders as being fixed, but in a relatively short amount of time, things change rapidly. Most likely we will see many more changes to countries' borders in the coming years.

  • Renato gomes Costa
    Renato gomes Costa Year ago +128

    Nas escolas brasileiras nos ensinam a odiar Portugal. Depois de adulto é que tive a oportunidade de conhecer a história Portuguesa. Parabéns Tugas, vcs são diferenciados!

    • Chaume Lo Conqueridor
      Chaume Lo Conqueridor Year ago +11

      Naqueles da mesma América Hispânica, eles só ensinam coisas falsas para difamar a Espanha, mas isso não se reduz apenas aos hispânicos americanos, começou quando o rei da Espanha era rei da Holanda e começou uma campanha de difamação, os ingleses os ajudaram a ser seu próprio país e então... Inglaterra atacou a Holanda, busca por "Lenda Negra Espanhola"

    • Renato gomes Costa
      Renato gomes Costa Year ago +11

      @Chaume Lo Conqueridor Sem dúvida nenhuma, se o Brasil tivesse descoberto um continente ele faria o mesmo.

    • João Miguel
      João Miguel Year ago +20

      É hilariante pois, se pensarem bem, os Brasileiros são os Portugueses que colonizaram o Brasil.
      E qualquer coisa que tenham feito de mal foram esses mesmos Portugueses/Brasileiros a fazer e não os Portugueses de Portugal.

    • Julio Serra
      Julio Serra Year ago +1

      Diferenciados porque? Concordo que pegam pesado com Portugal nas escolas mas eles tb não foram santos. Uma coisa é defender uma história mais equilibrada, outra é babar ovo e ignorar os muitos pontos negativos

  • lemonboom
    lemonboom 3 years ago +2267

    4:12 "in 1578, King Sebastian of Portugal died."
    No he didn't! He just disappeared! He will probably come back one day to retake the throne...

    • br3menPT
      br3menPT 3 years ago +19

      he died...

    • Avante Lvsitania
      Avante Lvsitania 3 years ago +323

      ... in a foggy morning, will return the Veiled King!

    • Carlos Marxo
      Carlos Marxo 3 years ago +35

      He died fighting for the glory of Portugal, in a last attempt cavalary charge over the enemies. He is represented in our bloody red flag.

    • ICanSeeY0u
      ICanSeeY0u 3 years ago +82

      In a morning full of mist... and probably starve to death because of taxes XD

    • bmc09
      bmc09 3 years ago +65

      Just like my dad

  • Fábio Costa
    Fábio Costa 2 months ago

    I personally get chills just by learning portugal`s history, warrior people who always were few against many, and fought bravely against the romans, then the muslims, spanishes, were the first to explore the oceans and managed to become the first global empire. As a brazilian I am proud of my portuguese ancestry.

  • Jorge meraz
    Jorge meraz 3 years ago +25

    Am Mexican and strongly allign with Portugal's amazing history and achievements so much

  • Nt Mn
    Nt Mn Year ago +135

    I think Portugal lucked out. It’s a beautiful country, and the Portuguese are incredibly friendly. I loved it there when I visited in the summer. Spain is cool too, but I just really liked Portugal.

    • Cut de Pie Fails
      Cut de Pie Fails Year ago +16

      Fck luck, wayyyy too much was sacrificed for this to never had happened, since the day 0 of Portugal

    • loladas9
      loladas9 Year ago +13

      Yeah we lucked out, with one of the worst economies in Europe

    • Hayati
      Hayati Year ago +3

      @loladas9 at least poor with nice beaches, not like Slovakia for example 😅

    • Alexandre Gonçalves
      Alexandre Gonçalves Year ago +6

      We fought with our blood to keep our country .

    • Torosentao
      Torosentao Year ago +7

      For me Spain is better, diferent culture and friendly people, is very similar to Portugal, Iberian Peninsula is just the best.

  • Pitmatix
    Pitmatix 3 years ago +40

    A salute to Portugal from England. Our oldest ally (and apparently the oldest alliance still in force in the world) since 1373! (we like the Spanish for putting up with so many of our most irritating expats too though).

    • Ignacio
      Ignacio 2 months ago

      Your oldest lackey.

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      you love stealing our best footballers too

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    Força Espanha saudações de Portugal ❤🇪🇸

    • Rafael Abreu
      Rafael Abreu 3 months ago

      I looked into your channel and as expected... you are Spanish making comments denigrating the image of Portugal.
      A Trojan horse, a kid, a troll.
      If you are portuguese, translate this slang and give it a meaning:
      "levas-me uma berlaita nas fuças que engoles a cremalheira e cagas chuços"

  • WardrobeDweller
    WardrobeDweller 3 years ago +19

    Some things to keep in mind:
    -Both were some of the most militarilly powerful nations in Europe throughout the last 900 years or so, being mostly evenly matched, especially when it came to naval warfare.
    -Both always had powerful allies.
    -Portugal, and Spain to a lesser extent, had many colonies in different areas of the globe, which meant that if they were to fight each other in an all out war, it would mean having to fight for way more land than neither of them could control all at once.
    It isn't a matter of whether Spain wanted to do it or not, it was a matter of how much trouble either of them would have to go through to fight each other.

  • Vasco Townshend
    Vasco Townshend 3 years ago +12

    A key point you missed was the battle of Aljubarrota where Spain attempted to come into Portugal to march on Lisbon but they were so badly defeated by the Portuguese ( with the help of the english) that they, for had to abandon the whole campaign and let Portugal keep their independence

    • Jose Lugo
      Jose Lugo 3 years ago +1

      Just as at the Battle of Alcazarquibir the Muslims and Jews in the Maghreb kept their freedom from Portuguese colonialism.

    • lopazio
      lopazio 2 months ago

      The disporportion of forces was not the same. But that Alcazar quibir battle was just crazy and a bad decision that ended up fucking up our destiny. The king was a crazy kid that wanted to prove himself and he got killed in the battlez things got really fucked up...

    • jp fg
      jp fg Month ago

      ​@lopazioaparently they found his body. Turns out, he died on foot and was hit multiple times in the head. God damn you Sebastião, what were you thinking.

  • Tiago Bras
    Tiago Bras 3 years ago +3042

    Well, it wasn't for lack of trying, but cada vez que eles cá vieram nós fomos-lhes às trombas

  • m Gonçalves
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    To me, the best thing the Portuguese left in Brazil was the Portuguese language. I'm Brazilian and I love all variants of the Portuguese language. Obrigada Portugal 🇵🇹❤️🇧🇷

    • Mardit  B.LLeshi
      Mardit B.LLeshi 9 months ago +4

      They also left their king in Brazil. But one of the main thing the king did there was the unification of all portugez colony i in one, and he was recognize by them as the king of all portugez land the king of brazil, without him the brazil would be split in many lands indipedent from each other.

    • Benjamin Clamote
      Benjamin Clamote 9 months ago +2

      Obrigado ,nao tivemos tudo errado

    • m Gonçalves
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      @marcelo cruz How is loving a language being brainwashed? Explain.

    • S. M de atocha
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      Portugal y España hermanos de sangre 👍👍👍🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Manu
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    As a Portuguese I am completely offended to hear you saying in such a simple and calm way, “Why hasn't Spain annexed Portugal yet?”

    • baero
      baero 3 months ago

      cringey video title fds :(
      we didnt get annexed coz we're giga chad

    • Português Suave Sem Filtro
      Português Suave Sem Filtro 3 months ago

      Leia melhor o titulo, não é isso que lá está.

  • Ric Nyc
    Ric Nyc Year ago +34

    Because Portugal and Spain couldn't not agree about the meaning of "largo".
    Largo in Portuguse means "wide", in Spanish it means "long".

    • jomanian mapping
      jomanian mapping 7 months ago

      if thats the case then why did the crown of aragon get absorbed to castile?

  • Korhil
    Korhil 3 years ago +1499

    Interesting fact: The Anglo-Portuguese alliance is the oldest alliance in the world still in force.

    • DaBaby
      DaBaby 3 years ago +16

      Korhil Truthseeker nah that’s the Scot-French one I think

    • Banana Blade
      Banana Blade 3 years ago +155

      @DaBaby Nope. He's right.

    • Chan Pasado Polska
      Chan Pasado Polska 3 years ago +82

      True. Portugal is english geopolitical creation.

    • Ejaja Frozarb
      Ejaja Frozarb 3 years ago +10

      @Banana Blade the Auld alliance is older, it is not continuous but it is older

    • kulturfreund66
      kulturfreund66 3 years ago +15

      Windsor treaty, 1386

  • anak ruteng
    anak ruteng 3 years ago +4

    Flores, from Portuguese which means "flower" is an island in the administrative area of ​​the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The name Flores comes from the Portuguese language "cabo de flores" which means "Cape of flowers". The name was originally given by S.M. Cabot to refer to the eastern region of the island of Flores. Finally used officially since 1636 by the Governor of the Dutch East Indies Hendrik Brouwer. A quite in-depth study by Orinbao (1969) revealed that the real name of the island of Flores was Nusa Nipa (snake island) which, from an anthropological perspective, was more useful because it contained various philosophical, cultural, and ritual traditions of the Flores people.

    MEL PELL 3 years ago +5

    Between 1580 and 1640, Portugal was subsumed by Spain. Portugal wasn't able to re-establish its status as an independent nation until 1640. Moreover, Portugal enjoyed extensive trade links (starting in the 1400s) as well as a solid alliance with England (later Great Britain), which likely helped to ensure Portugal's sovereign status through the centuries.

  • JJL
    JJL 9 months ago +30

    If the two nations united, history in South American and Africa would've been so different. Wow

    • Amanuel Yesuf
      Amanuel Yesuf 9 months ago

      How so? You mean you would've taken over from the french and the british In Africa?

    • JJL
      JJL 9 months ago +1

      @Amanuel Yesuf Their disputed colonies might've been more stable and intact is what I was mentioning, which would probably change history.

  • Nicholas Candal
    Nicholas Candal 2 years ago +17

    One can clearly notice that the Portuguese America by the time it had been lost was substantially larger, towards the west, than the initial piece of land they got through the changes in the Treaty of Tordesillas. In fact, during the Iberian Union, colonizers were encouraged to go west to see if they could find a path towards the Potosí mines. They never got there, but they left settlements along the way. When the Iberian Union was dissolved, Portugal's land in America was substantially larger.

  • Maria Justino
    Maria Justino 2 years ago +71

    Fact: Portugal was the first Templar country. This order played a very important role in the Foundation of County of Portucalense ( even in Portugal), not only the help they gave to King Afonso Henriques to conquer the lands of the Muslims; the education to the first kings of Portugal; and the impulse and protection they gave Afonso Henriques to declare independence from the kingdom of Leon. Even the name "Portugal" proves that fact: Port-u-Graal, the receptacle of the greatest Templar treasure and all its legacy..

    • Audio Videando
      Audio Videando Year ago +14

      That's a gross manipulation of language. Portugal comes from latin Portus Cale (way before the Templar Knights), known today as O Porto.

    • Gato Meteorologico
      Gato Meteorologico Year ago +5

      It's not proved to be a fact. The book that gaves port- u- graal, does say it's a thesis...when some read fact. Fact is not there. Althou, Portugal has a very strong Templar fingerprint that GOES all the way untill the ' Ordem de Cristo'

    • miguel araujo
      miguel araujo Year ago +2

      Knights templar, EDUIN PAIS from tomar that fought by side with Don Afonso Henriques

    • André
      André Year ago

      @Audio Videando Why is the oldest religious temple in Portugal, which happens to be over 7500 and Celtic?

    • André
      André Year ago

      @Gato Meteorologico Why is the oldest religious temple in Portugal, which happens to be over 7500 and Celtic?

  • DnBreakcoring
    DnBreakcoring 3 years ago +43

    I'm surprised you missed this, but there are two very important factors you didn't mention. 1) In 1385 the Spaniards with the help of the Aragonese, Italians and French invaded Portugal, and fought them in the Battle of Aljubarrota. The invading army despite its numerical majority was utterly and miraculously defeated by the Portuguese and English and after that, Castille was forced to recognise Portuguese sovereignty. This leads to 2) Anglo-Portuguese alliance, which is the oldest ongoing alliance in the world. This meant that Spain would have to fight both English and Portuguese navies and armies, which wasn't really worth it.

    • Jose Lugo
      Jose Lugo 3 years ago +4

      Thanks for acknowledging the existence of SPAIN in the XIV century!

    • little jimmy
      little jimmy 3 years ago

      i live about 11km from where the battle happened crazy to think my ancestors probably fought in that battle.

    • Jose Lugo
      Jose Lugo 3 years ago

      They are happy remembering how in 1381-82 the Englishmen slaughtered the Portuguese inhabitants of coastal towns because they mistook them for 'Castilians.'

    • Jean Lundi
      Jean Lundi Month ago +1

      @Jose Lugo No one is aknowledging it. Everyone knows it's Castilla. But since you need to boast about your worldly exploits....no one wants to see you sad, so we concede and use the word Spain. We know who we are talking about though :)

  • Gustavo Cunha
    Gustavo Cunha 3 years ago +68

    In 1808 when the king of Portugal, Dom João VI, fled to Brazil, he promoted the colony to an united kingdom to Portugal. Later on 1810's when Napoleon was defeated, Dom João was obligated to return to Portugal and left his son in Brazil to rule the country. Just then in 1822 Brazil got independent and became a monarchy under Dom João's son, Dom Pedro I. So Portugal didn't immediately lose control over his colony as said on the video

  • Antonio PT
    Antonio PT 3 years ago +61

    This video certainly did good with the youtube algorithm but, as stated in the comments, many facts that contributed to the continuous separation of Portugal and Spain were omitted and make it so the conclusion presented at the end to be plain wrong and completely missing out on major battles that existed between Portugal and Castille, in which the latter had the intent of conquering Portugal. For 60 years Spain and Portugal were governed by the same king, who was extremely unpopular among the Portuguese people and subsequently led to Portugal taking their kingdom back from Spain.
    I don't doubt some serious work was put into making this video but whoever did the research/wrote the script didn't do such a good job.

    • Shafer Hart
      Shafer Hart Year ago

      the video also didn't have soul. They basically recite historical factoids (or not so much facts as some have pointed out). The algo recommended me this but i don't think I'll watch other videos from this channel if this is what they do: recite mindless facts about history. Yuck. Not sure how this got this many views.

  • Moquaji Moges
    Moquaji Moges Year ago +4

    I always thought that the reason was because Portugal got united while all the other kingdoms in Iberia where still trying to expand. You are more willing to preserve your home if you feel like it is your home.

  • Rui Dias
    Rui Dias 3 years ago +189

    Na realidade a História de Espanha e de Portugal estão interligadas. Jamais estarão dissociadas. Muitos dos portugueses e espanhóis partilham sangue nas suas linhagens, ainda que se esqueçam constantemente. Há séculos sonseguimos ultrapassar as guerras territoriais e hoje somos bons vizinhos. Outro facto evidente é que partilhamos muitos pontos de vista políticos. Existe carinho, respeito e admiração mútua. Afinal temos tanta coisa em comum!! Viva Portugal e viva Espanha!!

    • Diogo Rodrigues
      Diogo Rodrigues 2 years ago +4

      Infelizmente tal não é propriamente verdade ainda hoje. As últimas tentativas de invasão não foram há séculos, foram há décadas. Nos anos 70, Portugal esteve quase para ser invadido pelas tropas republicanas espanholas e tal não aconteceu somente porque o comunismo foi travado por cá e por lá a monarquia foi implementada (o monarca tinha grande empatia para com Portugal).
      Quanto à linhagem, tens razão. Devido à história da Reconquista Cristã e ao repovoamento de grande parte do território, muito do território português atual é uma completa mistura de linhagens mas quase todas têm origem na Península Ibérica.
      - O Minho e Trás-os-Montes são as únicas regiões que tem uma linhagem própria. No entanto, há uma exceção: a zona de Miranda do Douro, que tem uma linhagem emparelhada com a asturiana e leonesa;
      - A zona da Beira Litoral e o Oeste tem linhagens essencialmente bascas. Já a Beira Interior tem uma linhagem asturiana, mas também basca.
      - A zona de Lisboa tem curiosamente uma linhagem proveniente da região de Madrid.
      - O Alentejo e o Algarve têm uma linhagem de galegos. A única exceção é a zona de Nisa, que parece que foi povoada com gente do atual sul de França/Provença.

    • Jaime Nôro
      Jaime Nôro 2 years ago +4

      @Diogo Rodrigues vejo muita generalização e alguma escolha menos feliz de palavras no seu post...

    • Diogo Rodrigues
      Diogo Rodrigues 2 years ago

      @Jaime Nôro Generalização onde? Por apresentar uma história que não é contada nas escolas portuguesas?!

    • Diogo Rodrigues
      Diogo Rodrigues 2 years ago +3

      Pode parecer estranho para muitos portugueses, mas o iberismo continua bem vivo em Espanha e é inclusive algo político. Basta acompanhar os jornais espanhóis centralistas para perceber isso...

    • Manuel Silva
      Manuel Silva 2 years ago

      Os Portugueses partilham muitas coisas com os Espanhóis mas, o sangue Português tem 40% de ADN Basco, como teem os Berbers, entender que Berbers não são Arabes, e muita percentagem de RH -...

  • joao morato
    joao morato 4 months ago +1

    i would say that the alliance with England was a major part why Spain didn't try to conquer Portugal, also the role Brazil took during Napolean invasion, cemented that alliance

  • Pedro Catela
    Pedro Catela 3 years ago +18

    Muito simples de explicar emtrês palavras: Identidade própria muito forte, inteligência singular e diplomacia (um verdadeiro exemplo desde o início até ao presente)

    • Breno de Melo
      Breno de Melo Year ago

      Dom João VI mesmo foi gênio ao fazer a inversão brasileira

  • Uncle Vanya
    Uncle Vanya 2 years ago +13

    Big shout out for the alliance between Great Britain and Portugal. Allies since 1373! It makes Portugal one of the only countries in the World the British never invaded (although we did of course fight the French and Spanish there).

  • Mark JN
    Mark JN 3 years ago +19

    Imagine how good a combined Spanish and Portuguese football team/league would be!

  • lopazio
    lopazio 2 months ago

    In the early days, the Iberian Peninsula consisted of various separate countries with distinct cultures. However, following the Reconquista, there was a strong push to unify them into a single nation. One by one, these territories fell under the control of Castilla, with the exception of Portugal.
    Portugal, despite being surrounded by the sea on one side and facing a powerful neighboring country with a large army on the other, managed to maintain its independence against all odds. It's incredible to think that Portugal should not have existed logically, but thanks to the resilience of its people, it not only survived but thrived.
    Seeking resources for self-defense, Portugal took to the seas, embarking on an extraordinary journey that ultimately led to one of the most significant events in human history: full-scale globalization. They established the first true global communication network, connecting Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. This endeavor brought immense wealth to Portugal and left an indelible mark on the world.
    Portugal's identity is deeply rooted in its perpetual resistance to becoming Spanish. In a way, it depends on Spain to define its purpose. This concept has been instrumental in Portugal's historical narrative, even if it remains largely unrecognized by many Portuguese people.
    So, thank you Spain! ❤

  • David Eduardos
    David Eduardos 3 years ago +2

    Maybe you could make some more videos about this relationship between Portugal and Spain. I just think this is such a hidden gem from History that I would love to learn a little more about. Thanks for this amazing video.

  • Jay Fielding
    Jay Fielding 6 months ago +3

    Fascinating pair of countries. Incredible that they rose to such enormous power alongside each other.

  • S M
    S M 3 years ago +169

    I spent 6 weeks in Portugal and it was one of the best experiences I had. Everyone is so warm and friendly, the country is very beautiful. Portugal feels like home to me. Considering moving there in the coming years! I’ll noã falla portugués (horrible spelling) 😹🤙🏻 the most useful sentence when in Portugal to me

    • Sarah P
      Sarah P 3 years ago +10

      Bring money.
      Portugal is a lovely country, it's just a pity that the way it's ruled leaves its own population unable to enjoy it due.
      One can live in Portugal but it's extremely hard to live of Portugal :(

    • Ana Ramos
      Ana Ramos 3 years ago +6

      @Sarah P Can you rephrase what you said? Some of your sentences are not very intelligible

    • Cristiano Sousa
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      @Ana Ramos 'not very intelligible' phahaha

    • Ana Ramos
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      @Cristiano Sousa What's the big deal? Don't you know what the word means? Look it up.
      You must be one of those annoying kiddos that are experts on "inglês de praia"!

    • Gary Suter
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      Couldn't agree more Portuguese people are great, spent 5 Months there and got to know them well.

  • Silva
    Silva 3 years ago +637

    "There is, in the most western part of Iberia, a very strange people: they are not governed nor allowed to be governed" Roman General.

    • Ricardo Moura
      Ricardo Moura 3 years ago +24

      Essa frase foi de Julio César

    • Akhi Sohaib
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      Unless you’re Moroccan/north african* then anything goes in due time

    • tzarye14
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      Had never heard this one before.

    • guillegui
      guillegui 3 years ago +20


    • Bryan Rolax
      Bryan Rolax 2 years ago +47

      @tzarye14 It's from Galba, one of the 4 Emperors in the chaotic 'Year of the Four Emperors' that ensued after Nero's death. Did a quick search, he spoke of the Lusitanian tribes.

  • Carlos Cabrita Pacheco
    Carlos Cabrita Pacheco 3 years ago +63

    Portugal has a strong connection with Galiza, since that the kingdom of Portugal had converted itself into an independent state in 1143 from the Portucalense county that was once part of the kingdom of Galiza etc ...
    that wasn’t mentioned too ...

    • Alexandre Soleiro
      Alexandre Soleiro 3 years ago +4

      Os territórios da Galiza pertencem, por direito aos Reis de Portugal, pois estes são os sucessores dos Reis Suevos (dos Reis da Gallaecia).

    • alexdrummerspain
      alexdrummerspain 3 years ago +3

      Alexandre Soleiro mais ben é ó revés seguindo a tua lóxica

    • D L
      D L 3 years ago +2

      I may be crossing my stories here, but isn’t Galiza one of the seven Celtic “nations” (or regions, more accurately)?

    • Sara GM
      Sara GM 3 years ago

      @D L Yep, that's also true.

    • Pedro Nuno Silva
      Pedro Nuno Silva Year ago +1

      Hello! That's not true! Galiza and the Condado Portucalense (there was no Portugal before 1143), were part of Castilla Leon, as 2 Condados, later on, called "reinos", but the Condado Portucalense was never really merged with Galiza. There several reasons for that. Among them there's the fact that Afonso VI has rewarded his sons in law Raimundo and Henri of Bourgogne for their role in the Reconquista, giving his daughters in marriage and the lands of Galiza to Raimundo and the Condado Portucalense to Henri. It's true that, for some years, Raimundo rules on both sides, but he was unsuccessful to assure the lands conquered to the arabs, and soon he was replaced by Henri. Henri and, later on, his son Afonso Heriques, supported by the local nobles, eager of their independence for the authority of Leon, forged the way to build the Portuguese Kingdom... Other reason for Galiza and the Condado Portucalense never becoming a single country was the religion factor: at that time it was undisputable that Santiago Compostela was a major Catholic place in Europe, but Braga has also a old history and vital importance in the west peninsula. This rivalry prevent that a real union between the 2 "countries" was possible, despite the similarity between the 2 people, including the use of the same language... the galician...

  • Torosentao
    Torosentao Year ago +18

    Love from Spain to Portugal, good neighbords and very similiars our culture and all, Iberian peninsula is the best!!

  • Carmela Barujel
    Carmela Barujel 2 years ago +12

    I am from Spain and I see the Portuguese as Iberians just like me. We have the same DNA and we are brothers. We are both the native people of the Iberian peninsula and we are proud of it. 😊

    • PJ M
      PJ M 2 years ago

      Intenta convencer un catalán eso!😅😅

    • PJ M
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      @Carmela Barujel mira yo soy británico y después de 20 años aqui soy más español que un catalán!🤣🤣🤣

    • Carmela Barujel
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      @PJ M Lol! 😂😂

  • Arcadia Berger
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    It's interesting how things which can *_SEEM_* natural and inevitable at a glance, like the union of Portugal with Spain, Spain joining the Axis, or Canada with the U.S., turn out to have good sturdy reasons why they don't happen.

    • jayjay electro
      jayjay electro Month ago

      And the common sturdy reason is always the same: the British Empire that refuses to perish.

  • monteira77
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    The Spanish speak so loud we could hear them coming miles away.

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      Now we cough🙄😂
      Saludos desde Españita

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      @Joaquin Cimas lol, it will pass, stay safe, all the best.

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      themailman43 not only the Portuguese but all living things "blessed" with ears...

    • monteira77
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      themailman43 it's cod fish, better in that sentence.

  • Felipe Koeller
    Felipe Koeller 3 years ago +6

    I guess climate and geography of the border between the two countries also played a role in preventing Portugal being invaded by the Spain. There are desert land and arid places in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula that isolates the main populated areas of both countries.

  • LCardoso17
    LCardoso17 2 years ago +2

    Very good video, some details are off or not totally correct, but for a non iberan prespective I appreciate the effort to go into this rivalry with effort and with details and not keeping it too short, so, nonetheless it was very satisfactory

  • Valentin R. Dominguez
    Valentin R. Dominguez 11 months ago +6

    In a survey from a few years ago, approximately 70 percent of Portuguese favor a union with Spain.

  • Inês Gama
    Inês Gama 3 years ago +2

    Gostaria só de dizer, q o ensino de história em portugal nos favorece sempre. (provavelmente noutros países é a mesma coisa) gostaria eu de encontrar alguma batalha q perdemos nos manuais. E tudo o q acontece de mau é falado muito brevemente, o q, sinceramente, é uma pena... Muito gostava eu de ter um ensino em história com imparcialidade, mas whatever.

  • Krasnaludek
    Krasnaludek 2 years ago +11

    This is like asking why USA didn’t conquer Canada or why Germany didn’t conquer Denmark. There is a tribal element that transcends borders, while reinforcing those very defined boundaries. Portugal is very distinct from Spain.

  • Brick
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    The amount of portuguese people here yelling random stuff does put a smile on my face lol
    Força Portugal, de qualquer maneira

    • RMO
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      Elder Grumper So, what the hell are you doing here?

    • Penguinlover2k19
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      Elder Grumper as if your country could do better

    • Jose Lugo
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      New technologies of production of food by means of bacteria will free the countries of the world from the blackmail of the self-righteous holier than thou of MAGA.

    • IRon Alpha
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      The only people that care about Portugal is......... Portugal

  • reset123451
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    It is very difficult to conquer Portugal when you have the French, English, Dutch, Ottomans trying to destroy you at the same time.
    It's like asking why Germany didn't conquer Austria

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 3 years ago +15

    We hear it all the time dont we? We were "lucky" for being the oldest nation, lucky to formed an empire, lucky we resisted Spain for centuries. We are even lucky we are the Euro Champions. Portugal as seen from Spain or France, is always "lucky" on its achievements

    • Jose Lugo
      Jose Lugo 3 years ago

      Lucky as King Sebastião.

    • Guigo
      Guigo 3 years ago +1

      @Jose Lugo what are you talking about? He will come back...

    • Jose Lugo
      Jose Lugo 3 years ago

      Hope he'll come unlike in Michael Jackson's Thriller.

  • Altair Meirelles
    Altair Meirelles 7 days ago

    Força Portugal

  • Slow Motion Tours
    Slow Motion Tours 3 years ago +2

    And it´s also important to say that in the "Restoration War", in 1640, the portuguese up-rising benefited from the fact that more or less at the same time there was a strong up-rising in "Cataluna", "Cegadores" up-rising ... therefore a very significant part of the spanish army went to Cataluna to smash that up-rising ...

  • Chema Acosta
    Chema Acosta Year ago +7

    As a Spanish I must say we are lucky to have a great nation with marvellous people as a neighbour. Portugal has its own parallel history to Spanish. Portugal if plenty of polite and kind people. We have many analogies, in the origin and history, but completely independent

    • Pedro Freitas
      Pedro Freitas Year ago +1

      Thank you! We also love beautiful and mystical Spain! Saludos hermanos!

    • Joao Nogueira
      Joao Nogueira Year ago +1

      The destiny of Portugal and Spain is the same. It has always been. Unfortunatley we didn’t end up yet in the same political entity. Hopefully one day it will be reality achieved through merging naturally and not imposition.

    • Valentin R. Dominguez
      Valentin R. Dominguez 11 months ago +3

      The English have worked to keep Portugal and Spain separate because they know what the consequences of a united Iberia would be.

    • Ignacio
      Ignacio 2 months ago +1

      @Valentin R. DominguezAccurate

  • skynet3d
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    The important question is: why wasn't Spain conquered by Portugal?

    • LearningFromHistory
      LearningFromHistory 3 years ago +87

      Why wasn't Castille* conquered by Portugal. Spain (Hispania) was the whole peninsula back then. Portugal was the western part of Hispania.

    • A-Aron
      A-Aron 3 years ago +74

      because they are no were near as strong as spain e.e

    • Camps 1262
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      Because we portugueses are kinda OP so we let them have their territory like "ok u can have that no big deal... only cause we are kind " XD

    • João Soares
      João Soares 3 years ago +5

      @LearningFromHistory BS

    • Leonor Gonçalves
      Leonor Gonçalves 3 years ago +109

      @LearningFromHistory Portugal is older than spain.

  • Igor Coura
    Igor Coura 3 years ago +5

    One more thing: sthe Bragança dinasty were very important to the British, when it was consolidating itself as a major player in the modern world. It was a huge chunk of land neighbour to Spain, then the (arguably) biggest power in the Atlantic seas.
    Think of it like Japan was to USA in the Cold War, or Turkey to European Union nowadays.
    After the Iberian Union, Portugal never recovered itself well enough. When it was very close to be a power again, came the Earthquake, then the revolutions.
    So Portugal relied heavily on Great Britain. One evidence of this were the absurd treats that Portugal accepted from the English. It's not lack of competence, but a pragmatic view of who was the "boss".
    And Britain was indeed an awesome ally! Much better than Spain and France. It was the British who escorted the Bragança Royal family to Brazil, in order to guarantee their allies survivor even with the territory conquered by Napoleon.
    In the end, Portugal was a middle power who take the most of what it was given, not an incompetent superpower.
    At least, until fascism arrived...

  • Cátia Azevedo
    Cátia Azevedo 6 months ago +2

    *Even during the Iberian Union (1580-1640), there were 2 separate but allied countries: 1 king with a double crown.* Felipe II of Spain was acclaimed in the courts of Portugal as D. Filipe I. Everything was written in the courts of Tomar: administration, taxes, currency, Portuguese empire, language, customs and traditions, everything remained as before, in separation, even if they were allies in foreign policy. From 1620 onwards, little by little the tax promises were being broken, and this provoked the dissatisfaction of the Portuguese bourgeois and nobles... Who in 1640 staged a coup d'état.

  • Art of Mike O'Brien
    Art of Mike O'Brien 9 months ago +20

    Thanks for sparking interest in history! One observation about the visuals though.. Are those ai generated "artworks" ? I think showing real art pieces would have a much better impact : )

    • John Wick
      John Wick 9 months ago +3

      You should start a historical channel and show “real” artworks

    • Corneilus Donaldson
      Corneilus Donaldson 8 months ago +2

      This video was made 3 years ago, AI artwork hasn't taken off yet

  • Jorge Duarte
    Jorge Duarte 3 years ago +1

    Portugal and Spain are Brothers . Lot of respect between both .
    No need to be only one ....we work together when is necessary.

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett 8 months ago +2

    I am spanish and I have never felt abroad when I've been in Portugal. I have always considered an anomaly that the peninsula is not united. Historically the main culprit of that is England. Portugal receives way less tourism and their economy and salaries are poorer. Together we would be more powerful in Europe, part of the G7 and unbeatable in sports. I think the main concern of portuguese people is the defense of their language. But.. is there any other country in the globe which protects regional languages as Spain does? Plus lot of people in the peninsula would become bilingual spanish-portuguese since both languages are quite useful and similar. Both languages would increase the number of speakers.

    • M. Lee
      M. Lee 2 months ago +1

      You are wrong to blame England as if they’re the enemy. Both England and Portugal established the alliance together. Portugal has a completely different national identity and wants to remain separate. And Spain struggles to unite Catalonia and Basque, so how will you handle Portugal?

  • Daniel Conde
    Daniel Conde 3 years ago +28

    This was a very well put out video; never the less, there was some mistakes here and there.
    But may I put some more wood into the fire? 😀
    1 - There's no real consensus on the year Portugal was founded, and as a non Portuguese I think it was easy for Knowledgia to assume the year of 1128, the year the Battle of São Mamede took place, for its aftermath established Afonso Henriques as _de_ _facto_ Count of Portugal. But ask any Portuguese to choose if the correct year was 1139 (Battle of Ourique, very shrouded in mistery and legend, but widely accepted as a decisive move towards independence), or the more widely accepted 1140, and register the answers. Notice that 1143 was the year the King (pardon me, the Emperor of all Hispania) Alfonso VII (Afonso Henriques' cousin) recognized Portugal as an independent kingdom. Quick question: Portugal broke out of the Iberian Union in 1640, and Spain only recognized it in 1668; so, for a Portuguese national, which date is to be celebrated today?...
    And for getting it yet more confusing: Countess Teresa, Afonso Henriques' mother, signed documents as "Regina de Portugal" (literally "Queen of Portugal") from as far as 1117. So, interpretation is a b*tch.
    2 - Easy to get unnoticed, but the southern Portuguese territory of Algarve was object of dispute from Castillian king right after its definitive conquest by the Portuguese - on the grounds that a part of it belonged to a Taifa (Muslim Kingdom) from which ruler was a vassal of Castille. This was cleverly solved by Afonso III of Portugal... by marrying a Castillian princess.
    So, after Alfonso VII attempts of bringing Afonso Henriques to his knees, this was the 2nd display of "Sorry, not interested!" from Castille/Spain over Portuguese territory.
    3 - This one was severely underlooked: the Crisis of 1383-85. By a disastrous treaty, king Fernando of Portugal, which only daughter was married to the king of Castille Juán I, literally gave away Portugal's independence to its grandson by Juán and his daughter. So, when he died in 1383, Juán I claimed the Portuguese throne, which wasn't his by right. This and the threat of loosing independence sparked revolts, and not 2 but 3 claimants emerged (all named John, to make it more confusing).
    Castille invaded Portugal at least 3 times if I recall it correctly, besieging Lisbon one time, trying to invade the Center then, and finally clashing at the Battle of Aljubarrota, one of Portugal's most finest hour. "Sorry, not interested!", 3rd Act.
    4 - Portuguese Expansion, that initiated the Age of Discoveries and founding the very first European Overseas Empire, begun in 1415 with the conquest of Ceuta - still held by Spain after 1640, but which flag is a Portuguese municipality model with the cross of São Vicente and even with the Portuguese arms in the center. Focus for the next 83 years was to explore the African coast, and reach India by sea, which eventually happenned in 1498 under the command of Vasco da Gama. By the beginning of the XVI Century the conquest of key positions in India and even Arabia granted the Portuguese the "possession" of the Indian Ocean.
    There's strong evidences that the Portuguese already knew, before the Treaty of Tordesillas, that land existed where is today Brasil. The very Meridian of Tordesillas was pushed back into the New World, by Portuguese request. Brasil only begun to get wide attention some decades after.
    5 - Portugal lost huge portions of its Empire during the Iberian Union - which started quite well, with Portuguese navy having to participate in the so called Invencible Armada - mainly to Holland. Up untill the Restoration War (1640-1668), Portugal had to fight to bring back to its control Northeastern Brasil and Angola, but lost Sri Lanka and other colonies forever to the Netherlands. Not to mention that Portuguese troops had to participate in the many wars Spain was engaged on in XVII Century Europe. "Sorry, not interested!", keeps going...
    6 - Thanks for bringing up the "Questão de Olivença". Portugal was gratuitously invaded in 1801 by initiative of the hated (both in Portugal as in Spain) minister Manuel de Godoy (only God knows why nicknamed "Prince of Peace"...), and lost the town of Olivença. The Trreaty of Badajoz established peace and the recognition of the loss of Olivença.
    However, Spain and France signed the secret Treaty of Fontainebleau, in which decided to split Portugal in pieces, that were to be happily distributed between both countries... This alone nullifies the Treaty of Badajoz, as an agression. Furthermore, Spain, still allied with Napoleon, allowed French troops to cross the country for the 1st French Invasion of Portugal, which led to not only the escape of the Royal Family to Brasil, but also of a large number of noblemen and businessmen, leaving Portugal to its own chance, and elevating Rio de Janeiro to the condition of capital of the Portuguese Empire for years to come - something inedit in the History of colonial empires. So, Treaty of Badajoz ripped in pieces, again.
    And finally, possession of Olivença by Portugal is not a matter of interpretation, but a _de_ _jure_ internationally recognized fact. 1815 Treaty of Vienna establishes crystal clear that Spain must return it to Portugal, such Treaty signed by Spain. The only confusion born by interpretation is that it was decided to be done "as soon as possible"; so, for Spanish Governments and rulers, "as soon as possible" can be considered as 200 years, and counting. "Sorry, not interested!", with a sprinkle of Legal abuse.
    Portugal does not recognize Spanish possession of Olivença, and even people of Olivença started to ask Portuguese State authorities to issue them a Portuguese Citizen Card.
    7 - Bonus for Portuguese Geography: half the country is flat. Good day, sir!
    Final question: as a Portuguese, I am Iberian... but not Iberist. It is easy to assume sometimes that with similar culture and background has to come political union, which is a dangerous fallacy - ask Catalonia about it, by the way. Furthermore, as a Northeastern near border natural, my culture and Galician and some Castillian cultures and background are very, very close together. It's a bound we happily share with each other. But from there to claim a Federation/Union on the Iberian Peninsula, man, goes a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long distance.

    • Vítor PIRES
      Vítor PIRES 3 years ago +2

      Top👌👍👍👍 Parabéns Daniel!!!

    • Daniel Conde
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      @Vítor PIRES Obrigado! 👍

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      @Daniel Conde vira-lata

    • Juan Vélez
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    • Jorge Almeida
      Jorge Almeida 3 years ago +2

      Muitos parabéns pela resposta. É isso mesmo.
      Pelos vistos, houve muito saudosista do Franco e votante do Vox a comentar aqui neste video. Esta extrema direita castelhana ainda não percebeu porque é que foram sempre corridos de cá, e porque, a continuar como estão, o atual Reino de Espanha não vai durar mais que 50 anos. É só os catalães manterem a pressão, e os bascos começarem a perceber que a fonte dos seus problemas do dia-a-dia não estava na ETA, mas sim na Moncloa e na demasiada moderação do PNV e dos seus Lehendakari

  • Luís Maciel Costa
    Luís Maciel Costa 3 years ago +2

    It wasn't conquered because Castille suffered a devastating defeat in the Battle of Aljubarrota (1385), which can be considered one the 4 major battles of the 100 Years' War.

  • Oscar Ortigoso
    Oscar Ortigoso 2 years ago +1

    La historia hispánica es ejemplo de lo que significa la lucha personal al defender unos valores. Europa debería dar las gracias a la gran labor hispana en su imperio mundial... peleando durante 200 años con piratas de todas las nacionalidades... hispanos imperio mundial

  • Jose Luis Rosales
    Jose Luis Rosales Month ago +1

    España fue una gran potencia Mediterranea (por el imperio aragones en Cerdeña, Sicilia y Napoles ) y una pontencia continental poe sus posesiones en flandes, sus intereses dinasticos en Austria y Alemania etc. Luchando constantemente en Europa contra Francia mayormente. La politica portuguesa fue siempre atlántica con otros aliados (Inglaterra basicamente), destinada a ultramar y al comercio. España tenia un rey que de facto actuaba junto con los Habsburgo como emperadores de Europa. Algo que no pasaba por conquistar a nuestro vecino Atlántico que no era un problema en absoluto para los objetivos imperiales de España. Nunca quisimos ni hubo necesidad de conquistar Portugal. Cuando estivimos juntos tan solo compartiamos un rey. Pero nunca mantuvimos la misma geopolítica. Esa es la razón.

  • Alvar2001
    Alvar2001 2 years ago +1

    In fact it wasn´t as much Portugal vs. Spain as Portugal vs. Castilla, that is more balanced and each crown tried to conquer each other crow, Castilla to Portugal in XIV and Portugal to Castilla in XV, both failed.

  • Deitanum P.
    Deitanum P. 5 months ago +2

    I hope Portugal and Spain will be one in the future again. We are brothers.

    • Jean Lundi
      Jean Lundi Month ago

      Tell you what. If you grant independence to the different regions in Spain.....and afterwards you'd like us to come together. as equals in some sort of economical federation. Maybe. If you don't know history or Portugal and see it as just something cool 'because Portugal is pretty much an offshoot of Spain anyway so let's just "bring them back"'....then you need to study more of our history.

  • Techno Priest
    Techno Priest 3 years ago +52

    Spain and Portugal.
    Great allies and great nations!

    • Techno Priest
      Techno Priest 3 years ago

      Miguel Vieira really.who are you talking about.

    • Hugo Antunes (Art with Blender)
      Hugo Antunes (Art with Blender) 3 years ago

      I agree with Miguel. Also the england, same thing.

    • Techno Priest
      Techno Priest 3 years ago

      @Hugo Antunes (Art with Blender) oh please.enlighten me.when did Spain or Portugal backstabbed other country.

    • Luis Fonseca
      Luis Fonseca 3 years ago

      @Techno Priest lemme see, 1383, 1640 and Franco's plan to invade Portugal after 25th April Revolution, yes, backstabbers

    • Techno Priest
      Techno Priest 3 years ago

      @Luis Fonseca ah yes.franco ruled Spain in 1640 and 1383

  • Angelo Reis
    Angelo Reis 3 years ago

    In History Portugal and Spain were really big that the two kings got together and divided the world in two as they both had a lot of colonies. Portugal navy was one of the best on the world at the time even christopher columbus studied his naval skills in portugal.

  • Eladio Lopez Quintas
    Eladio Lopez Quintas 2 years ago

    You should check the Roman borders of northern Portugal. The first Kingdom on the Iberian península/ Europe was Gallicae ( nowadays the Autonomy of Galicia, Spain.

  • David Southwell
    David Southwell 2 years ago +15

    Heróis do mar! As armas 🇵🇹

  • luisaguiarsantos
    luisaguiarsantos 2 years ago +13

    During the "iberian union" (1580-1640), Portugal remained a distinct kingdom with its own code of laws, currency and separate administration. The union was only at the top, a dynastic union (a "shared king") and new taxes had to be approved by the Portuguese Cortes (parliament). It was when these liberties and autonomy began to be questioned by the common king in Madrid in the 1630s that the Portuguese, by their part, became convinced that the dynastic union should end. And it was rather easy to separate: they had only to cut the union at the top (the "head") because the "body" was distinct. Restoring a separate dynasty, and a separate king, was the great deed of December 1st, 1640. A war against Spain had to be fought (till 1668) bacause the Spaniards were not happy with this. But, really, we were independent all the time.

  • Christopher furtado
    Christopher furtado 2 years ago +4

    Viva Portugal!!! 🇵🇹

  • Marlon Abadi Ponce de leon

    Orgullo de la historia del nuestro continente orgullo de venir de una familia que gobierno Sevilla antes de los almorávid y de mi león
    Puxa León
    Viva portugal
    Viva España

    • HJ S
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      Marlon Abadi Ponce de leon de acuerdo hermano! Viva ESPAÑA y Viva PORTUGAL!

    • David Blanco Garcia
      David Blanco Garcia 3 years ago

      Viva el Bierzo

  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos 3 years ago +510

    "Why wasn't Portugal conquered by Spain?"
    Because Portugal is a true nation-state, not a bunch of people who hate each other kept together.

    • Tisha
      Tisha 3 years ago +53

      Because Portugal was a pirate empire well alligned with other euro pirates that kept it separated from Spain to prevent the existence of a major empire that could actually create first world countries in America, instead of making sure nobody does a single university un centuries, like putugal in america.

    • Krol Jola
      Krol Jola 3 years ago +81

      @Tisha damn boi, i think u are forgeting the fact that the spanish where pirates as well. And portugal has been and still is one of the most peacefull countries in the world, ranking at 3 most peacfull in 2019 and 2020. Spain still has conflict with catalunha wich still whant their independance, so pls know ur history mate

    • Krol Jola
      Krol Jola 3 years ago +41

      @Tisha also, the main focus of our discoverys was not only to get richer but also to spread christianity. We made churches in brazil and other countries in africa. Dont forget your conquistadores that completly eliminated the people of south america. Pick up a book mate u got some learning to do

    • Tisha
      Tisha 3 years ago +19

      @Krol Jola
      You dont know what youre talking about. Spain wasnt a pirate empire, it made the leyes de Indias and founded universities un America which Portugal didnt, also the constitutions worked for spanish americans too, which didnt apply in brazil
      Peaceful doesnt mean anything, peace is the order set by the victor, war is when that order is lost and theres a fight to build the next order. Normally, "peaceful" people are either cowards or people who want to preserve an existing order and therefore, theyre against war.
      Spain doesnt have a conflict with Catalonia, its a catalan conflict since it has always been less of 50% of its population the ones who want seccesion.
      Also, spain has that issue because its too kind with traitors, thats why Portugal is centralist and never allowed priviledges over the gaelic part of Portugal, as well as never give self gobernance or universities to their american territories
      Also, all european countries hace exterminated their terrorists but Spain wasnt allowed, and even today theres eta terrorists protected in belgium

  • Vlad Odobleja
    Vlad Odobleja 2 months ago

    It's incredible that Portugal bordered Spain even în Latin America !

  • intravenousradio
    intravenousradio 3 years ago +12

    Calling the non-portuguese part of Iberia "spain" when referring to before the reconquista is a huge anachronism. I mean you have all of the small kingdoms on the map too.

  • Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator

    The more surprising situation is, why didn’t Galicia unite with Portugal?

  • Maria Valente
    Maria Valente 3 years ago +230

    As a Portuguese, I can't watch this. We look like the underdog, but open a history book, you'll get your answers without making yourself look stupid. You're Welcome.

    • crpth1
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      @SaltEnjoyer - Speak for yourself... ;-)

    • Paula Moreira
      Paula Moreira 3 years ago +18

      @SaltEnjoyer Honestly??? I don't think so😂

    • SaltEnjoyer
      SaltEnjoyer 3 years ago +16

      @Paula Moreira Well, did you been to Spain? Everything cheaper and then you got things like gas that is a everyday use half price. Then their average wage is like 70% superior to ours. Sure the Portuguese are good, if they are Politics, mostly socialist. You should compare the taxation in Portugal compared to Spain in everything, from the hobo cizitens to the companys, this Country is a joke and every month our debt increases ( yes real debt, not GDP that is useless when a Crisis hits and everything starts closing) and the wages are a joke. Several Eastern Countrys already got more economic power then us, funny joke.

    • Paula Moreira
      Paula Moreira 3 years ago

      @SaltEnjoyer agree... infelizmente

  • HYpeR Entertainment
    HYpeR Entertainment 2 years ago +1

    Castile is different from Castille. Castile was the kingdom, Castille was a city. The double L in Spanish is pronounced like a Y. Castile is pronounced as "Cast-steel".

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon Gonzalez 3 years ago +21

    Lucky us to have such incredible neighbors. Spain and Portugal always sister nations

    • William Berry
      William Berry 2 years ago

      Like the US and the Caribbean Islands and Canada

    • Luis Jeronimo
      Luis Jeronimo 2 years ago

      But as brothers each one in their home ...

    • Luis Jeronimo
      Luis Jeronimo 2 years ago

      But you are always welcome to my home ...brother (lol).

    • William Berry
      William Berry 2 years ago

      @Luis Jeronimo Luis are you from Portugal or Spain?

  • Gloriaimperial1
    Gloriaimperial1 8 days ago

    Spain did conquer Portugal: during Philip II's claim to the Portuguese throne. He was the son of a queen of Spain, born in Portugal, Isabel of Portugal. The Duke of Alba defeated the Portuguese in 1580, at the Battle of Alcántara. And the Marquis of Santa Cruz defeated the combined Portuguese-France fleet, occupying the Azores Islands in 1582.

  • Tiago De Carvalho
    Tiago De Carvalho 3 years ago +2

    Portugal may not be a big country like Spain. But can assure you we would never let that happen, we are strong people and with a big will to make Portugal a good country in the future.
    And also we have padeiras with wooden spoons

  • Vitor Passos
    Vitor Passos Year ago +1

    England. The oldest alliance in the world was that of England and Portugal. Spain knew not to cross the line and every time it did, it payed a heavy price.

  • Captain Obvious
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    Why wasn't Soviet Russia conquered by Ireland?

    • Knowledgia
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      That's a question I always ask myself

    • Omar_xx Nader
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      Cause they had more potatoes

    • Rui Dias
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      @Omar_xx Nader muahhh!!!!!!

    • zalle1
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      The Irish were so drunk that they all drowned trying to swim towards mainland? Maybe?

    • Jose Lugo
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      Because of "Connacht or Hell!"

  • guilhasludatej
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    the real question would be "why hasn't Portugal conquered Spain?"

    • Gorka
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      thats ridiculous question xD

    • Renato Azevedo
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      @marvin silverman , 😂 the English “ cojones “ would be a big help ...

    • Rändajad Nomad
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      Because we don't want it.

      JDHENRIQUES 2 years ago +7


  • Miguel Huerga Galiana
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    Long live to Spain and Portugal

  • Robert Beerbohm
    Robert Beerbohm Year ago

    For some of on other sides of the world,. what this documentary does is open our eyes there is way much more to the layers of conflicts and consolidations than many today don't comprehend. That there is some accidental conflation of facts and time lines is OK. History is always a work of art in perpetual motion.