When Hip-Hop and D&D Collide - Key & Peele

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • A hip-hop fan joins his nerdy cousin’s game of Dungeons & Dragons, leading to an unexpected quest.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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Comments • 2 844

  • L.I. Terally
    L.I. Terally 3 hours ago

    oooh, ooh, super want to know what happens when them bitches have their OWN superpowers #metoo

  • snavarro688
    snavarro688 4 hours ago


  • Wayne Harris
    Wayne Harris 11 hours ago

    "I except Kanye the giants gods"

  • Chase Crosby
    Chase Crosby 12 hours ago

    He's a mental giant... tech n9ne
    Kanye the giant "the only God is me"😂😂

  • HIT Fitness
    HIT Fitness 14 hours ago

    2 ways of looking at this
    Pete Holmes did it first
    nice version/homage of what Pete Holmes did

  • J J
    J J 15 hours ago

    I play D&D and I approve of this

  • John Watters
    John Watters 16 hours ago

    "Bliiip. Slap that hobbit's d*ck off, yo."

  • Nathaniel Nasarow
    Nathaniel Nasarow 20 hours ago

    lol I've gotta try this in my next game

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay 22 hours ago

    Fucjin beginners luck

  • RyeTruth ReycruZ305

    They should do this with Bestie Boy’s Paul Revere

  • Lex Novilla
    Lex Novilla Day ago

    sometimes i watch a key and peele video and wonder how someone can talk this much while also being intelligent and fast

  • aliveandconnected


  • brandon moran
    brandon moran Day ago

    Slap the d*ck of that hobbit yo

  • j l
    j l Day ago

    These two need to be on Critical Role

  • Jeans Louissaint

    How did i missed this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jordan Hester
    Jordan Hester Day ago

    That was so great 😂

  • Curtis Stapleton

    I think id play this if it was hyped like that

  • Goosfraba
    Goosfraba Day ago

    i really want to see the end of their adventures.

  • Mike T
    Mike T 2 days ago +2

    This mite be their least funny skit ever.

  • alwaysxnever
    alwaysxnever 2 days ago

    I legit want to play a modern D&D now. .lol

  • ehrichweiss
    ehrichweiss 2 days ago

    Are you guys aware of D&D Gangsta Edition by Mann Shorts? They're here on YT. They have other editions as well.

  • Neil H.
    Neil H. 2 days ago

    The only part that's inaccurate about this is the DM being such a bitch about players just trying to get fantasy-laid

  • Fabian W
    Fabian W 2 days ago

    Sounds like a good game tho

  • Sesha Session
    Sesha Session 2 days ago +3

    "Eye of Odin opens up *rolls dice* 16 Titties falls out..." lol lmao!!!!

  • 0xDEADBEEF 29A
    0xDEADBEEF 29A 2 days ago

    You can tell it’s already dated b/c they said “The only gods Kanye worships is money and bitches”

  • ujustgotpwned2008
    ujustgotpwned2008 2 days ago

    Lol the nerdlaugh Key does at 0:19 has slain me, fellow travelers.

  • Solomon Wan
    Solomon Wan 2 days ago

    How are they so convincing in so many roles

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 2 days ago

    I've actually never seen this one

  • Godshizz T.V.
    Godshizz T.V. 3 days ago

    Facts grown men taking it to far

  • theFareulookinat
    theFareulookinat 3 days ago

    This legit makes me mad and happy ag the same time cuz i hate players like this

  • Edgar Gonzaga
    Edgar Gonzaga 3 days ago

    The way he was so chill while saying all this made me laugh thru the whole video

  • Matthew McNerls
    Matthew McNerls 3 days ago

    This is surprisingly accurate to how actual D&D is. You start serious ready to quest, next thing you know you huntin for bitches and disrespecting your own gods 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Demilo Avila
    Demilo Avila 3 days ago

    Mike from vandaveon and Mike lol

  • RV Life with Dj Darren


  • MaskeD RaveR
    MaskeD RaveR 3 days ago

    16 tiddies fall out?

  • hello
    hello 3 days ago

    This is how cyberpunk 2020 was created

  • hello
    hello 3 days ago

    I low key want to be in this d and d campaign

  • SamsonAKAK80
    SamsonAKAK80 3 days ago

    Kanye the Giant slaps that bitch

  • Sareph BTM
    Sareph BTM 3 days ago

    The pound around 1:49 always gets me

  • Rich Jebs
    Rich Jebs 3 days ago

    When you find a Key and Peele unwatched skit, it's like finding gold!

  • Levi Little
    Levi Little 4 days ago

    Talk about derailing lmfao

  • Youssef Dirani
    Youssef Dirani 4 days ago

    16 titties fall out

  • Kitanai Koneko
    Kitanai Koneko 4 days ago

    Blip slapped that hobbits dik off yo.

    KWEK DAA GREAT 4 days ago

    Tyler da creator

  • Jason
    Jason 4 days ago

    Not a very good DM...

  • Fabian Ariel
    Fabian Ariel 4 days ago +150

    Considering his chaotic evil alignment he was spot on with his actions.

  • smackyhead
    smackyhead 4 days ago

    New edition of D&D, B&B(bitches and booze)

  • bum bam
    bum bam 4 days ago

    00:19 LMAO fucking nailed that snob geek uncomfortable fake laughter 🤣👍

  • Wessel Roodhof
    Wessel Roodhof 4 days ago

    Who's the asian dude he looks so familiar

    • Christopher Villalobos
      Christopher Villalobos 2 days ago

      Looks like the pog face on twitch

    • Ruthwik Rao
      Ruthwik Rao 3 days ago

      Eugene Cordero - Mandalorian, Kings of Summer, Kong: Skull Island, Good Place

  • TG1982
    TG1982 4 days ago

    I think he came for bitches...

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist 4 days ago

    As usual, a disgustingly egoic socially and communal crushing devil that conquers the good peeps 😢🇺🇸🌎✌🏻

  • Sarah Perkins
    Sarah Perkins 5 days ago

    Dear cousin...

  • [TheLifeLessVampire]

    Sixten mofo titties. Dayuum

  • Nils Moberg
    Nils Moberg 5 days ago +3

    When the popular kid at school is down with the nerds

  • A. Mikey B.
    A. Mikey B. 5 days ago

    "Getting Bitches" and starting bar fights has literally been part of half the campaigns we've done. This is really realistic. ...minus the SUV. And the lack of rolling for initiative.

  • Kingsingh Squad
    Kingsingh Squad 5 days ago

    The only gods are Money and Bitches Yo !!!....Some real deep stuff

  • Anthony Darrow
    Anthony Darrow 5 days ago

    Exactly what all nerds need...a little poon!

  • I Am Buttdix
    I Am Buttdix 6 days ago

    Holy fuck Pillboi used to be fucken rad

  • Hush Bolman
    Hush Bolman 6 days ago

    As a DM, this is absolutely hilarious and painful to watch. Thank you so much for making this.

  • Joel Rodriguez jr
    Joel Rodriguez jr 6 days ago

    "16 titties fall out"