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High Stakes Poker Hates Pocket Aces!

  • Published on Jan 26, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Pocket aces are the best hand in poker but that's no guarantee they will always come out on top! We've all been through this heartbreak many times so check out how Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Sammy Farha, and many others handle it!
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Comments • 356

  • PokerGO
    PokerGO  2 years ago +9

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    • dtkodak123
      dtkodak123 2 years ago +1

      It's more than Disney+ or Netflix. Lolz.

    • female bush grasshopper
      female bush grasshopper 2 years ago +1

      @dtkodak123 Cost or content wise?

    • dtkodak123
      dtkodak123 2 years ago

      @female bush grasshopper cost... But content that's up to the user if he/she likes Disney content more than poker or vice versa.

    • Paranoid Android
      Paranoid Android Year ago

      Err what I mean a

  • James Prichard
    James Prichard 2 years ago +321

    “He’s got the weakest hand but the biggest heart.” Amazing commentating by Gabe.

    • NO PAIN ✌️
      NO PAIN ✌️ 2 years ago +10

      Tony G would be proud

    • Benjamin Jebb
      Benjamin Jebb 2 years ago

      I would have went all in with that set of 2’s

    • Hysteria
      Hysteria Year ago +1

      @Benjamin Jebb Of course. I would also if I knew the cards.

    • Kevin Facts
      Kevin Facts Year ago +2

      Try this in your local poker room and you get called in both spots.

    • JOHNizSiK
      JOHNizSiK Year ago +3

      My favorite comment ever from him is “there’s no way he can call” meaning he expected a fold. Guys raises and he says “see, just like I said , he didn’t call” LOL

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago +29

    Tom Dwan aged like 40 years in 15 years.. Incredible.

  • thebuilder86
    thebuilder86 2 years ago +401

    Tom Dwan was 22 years old here... winning a $919,600 pot and refusing to take any money back! THE BALLS ON THAT KID! LEGEND! DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Sohrab Moazami
      Sohrab Moazami 2 years ago +15

      That how he got there.. by not counting money counting games

    • DivineAtheistWannabe
      DivineAtheistWannabe 2 years ago +15

      Joey Dunlop I think it's going a bit far to call him broke

    • Atulesh
      Atulesh 2 years ago +3

      Is Tom Dwan broke ?

    • pauliep2020
      pauliep2020 2 years ago +18

      Dwan is not broke. He actually just played on the new episode of High Stakes Poker this past December.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith 2 years ago +6

      @pauliep2020 but he could be playing with someone else's money

  • ThePatriots010304
    ThePatriots010304 Year ago +91

    There’s nothing worse than playing a bad hand, hitting it on the flop and then folding it before the river. Looking at you Peter Eastgate.

    • Willee85
      Willee85 Year ago +3

      All I've ever seen him do is fold

    • niemand262
      niemand262 Year ago +7

      For real... I can't think of a worse plan than calling Tom Dwan on the flop without planning to call all the way down.
      But... and this is a HUGE but. Eastgate may have been hoping for Greenstein to raise rather than just call. Greenstein's tight early open range means he has very few deuces. Thus, if greenstein raises, and if Dwan folds, then Eastgate wins against Greenstein, who will check it down. Not a play I like, and probably a losing play, but it's the closest I can imagine to what might make sense.

    • tavbf
      tavbf Year ago +3

      Regardless of those millions he won in the main event Peter just seemed like he was playing out of his comfort zone money and competition wise and that affected his play. But the betting line sure looked like Barry had KKs or AAs and Dwan just woke up with a better deuce in a family pot. Once Peter just called Dwans raise of Barry’s bet without jamming Dwan knew Peter had a scared deuce and Barry flatting after leading into the field he had a scared over pair. Dwan also had a 10 so he raised helped him gain info right then and there and once Peter and Barry came along he knew what he had to do and he executed like a smooth criminal. So I can’t truly fault Peter but if he was playing a random $5-$10 game he would’ve been calling all the way.

    • ImMagnetz
      ImMagnetz 3 months ago +2

      Yeah, terrible fold.

    • Billy
      Billy 19 days ago

      Eastgate not 4-betting preflop with the AK cost Barry a lot of money on that huge hand. Dwan would have never seen the flop

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne 2 years ago +23

    I love watching this era Dwan. You can see him figuring out the math when it's his turn with the rhythm he moves his head with. Then his eyes are like he retreats into a totally different world when someone is trying to size him up.

  • MatureOnly123
    MatureOnly123 2 years ago +125

    That is why I always fold pocket aces preflop.

    • Ary Setiadi
      Ary Setiadi 2 years ago +9

      u had no idea how many times I lost with pocket of aces preflop.

    • IZn0g0uDatAll
      IZn0g0uDatAll 2 years ago +8

      Well that’s just variance. If you canget your money in, especially heads up, then it’s always the right play.
      The great thing about going all in preflop with AA is that that play the best against it (medium suited connectors) are unlikely to call. You mostly end up against hands you crush: AK KK AQ QQ and so on.
      Then if you lose, it’s variance. You made a lot of money you don’t remember if you play them aggressively pre.

    • Freddie T
      Freddie T 2 months ago

      @Ary Setiadi we all lose with pocket aces its part of the game, but we win with them a lot more if you play enough poker.

  • rls725
    rls725 Month ago

    Barry said, "190 when the hand started" and then Sammy repeats it and laughs- that's such a subliminal trick by Barry and Sammy recognized it- basically conditioning him that they're going all in so just do it- HSP used to be so great, truly fascinating, I used to watch the new episodes on GSN right when they came out

  • Dave Fetch
    Dave Fetch 2 years ago +14

    Dwan morphs from Vulcan to vampire over time. One of my favorite players to watch.

  • Jack SPinner
    Jack SPinner Year ago +5

    I like how Brunson does the chip shuffle with just the chips on top. Much harder than normal chip shuffle.

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta 2 years ago +12

    Barry Greenstein is a class act

  • Junaid Niazi
    Junaid Niazi 2 years ago +40

    That Dwan move was all time special!

  • SuperSwede
    SuperSwede 2 years ago +69

    They missed the best comment by Gabe: "Barry is gonna remove the A from his name. He's gonna be known as Brry Greenstein from now on". Lol.

  • M equals 13
    M equals 13 2 years ago +85

    Getting trips and Aces to fold is Gangsta AF

    • Chum
      Chum Year ago +2

      i had treeps

  • Lee
    Lee Year ago +4

    Sammy "What are you talking about? Just get out of here. I hope he's not playing tomorrow"

  • R. W.
    R. W. 2 years ago +7

    25:53 the moment Dwans eyes lighten is hillarious. trying to be as professional as possible but everyone knows that is a good feeling.

    LEFTaTIP 2 years ago +5

    To be young and invincible = Thomas Dwan Jr. The very last A-A that got cracked with Barry Greenstein was epic. Barry said, "You want to take a couple of hundred K back"? and even though Dwan was behind, He just shook his head and quietly said "no" and then the A-A got cracked. Dwan = Beast in High Stakes

    • Bonzo's Sticks
      Bonzo's Sticks 2 years ago

      But even he admitted that he was extremely lucky throughout all the seasons of the show. Still a crazy good player.

  • nytobake
    nytobake Year ago +1

    Barry: i felt like i was going to hit something. Once is fine.
    This is just to show you, great players not only play on statistics but also according to their intuitions and choosing right spots to put their moneys in.

  • A Heroic Taxi Driver

    Barry had the worst instincts of anyone when it came to durrrr.

  • Ian O'Reilly
    Ian O'Reilly Year ago +1

    That first hand by Dwan is the best I’ve ever seen

  • Preskrasnaya Dy
    Preskrasnaya Dy 2 years ago +20

    What Eastgate did was so amateurish, especially as a Pro Player, you have to go all the way there, the odds Durr having a 2 is negligible, and if he has it, thats the game and accept it

    • Mercutio
      Mercutio 2 years ago +5

      Must be ptsd from similar hands...

    • Legendary Anime
      Legendary Anime 2 years ago +7

      Agreed but I think his more worried about 10 10 there. Dwan is the type to have just about any 2X combo there too, but it's giving way to much credit. If they had run it out and the board paired with 2 more overs, then it's more understandable to lay it down. But yea like it or not, u going on a calling station there and looking it up. Otherwise why bother playing the 2 4 at all? Hope to flop quads??? Lol

  • Carson Claws
    Carson Claws 2 years ago +161

    Gabe Kaplan made this show the way that it was. “If he leaves some candy bars outside his hotel room.” Lolol

    • Raycefan
      Raycefan Year ago +6

      I think Gabe Kaplan is about the best poker commentator there is. He’s the Tony Romo of commentating, but for poker.

    • Raycefan
      Raycefan Year ago +1

      Norm Macdonald was pretty good too.

    • Galaxy Galaxy
      Galaxy Galaxy 11 months ago

      @Raycefan Norm who?

    • Raycefan
      Raycefan 11 months ago

      @Galaxy Galaxy MacDonald

    • Galaxy Galaxy
      Galaxy Galaxy 11 months ago

      @Raycefan Norm MacDonald who?

  • RGC2005
    RGC2005 Year ago +1

    Gabe Kaplan made this show. Excellent commentary from a great comedy writer.

  • 824
    824 Year ago +1

    Gabe is a true commentator

  • Tom Buikema
    Tom Buikema 2 years ago +1

    An unusual sight on high stakes poker... Daniel winning a big one! mind = blown

  • Michorizo
    Michorizo 7 months ago +1

    The way Tom dwan looks and puts his chips on the table is creepy af 😂😂

  • Stephen Vierling
    Stephen Vierling 2 years ago +10

    I love hearing Norm commentate.

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson 2 years ago +9

    Dwan was such a baller in that last hand

  • Tea Honey Lemon
    Tea Honey Lemon Year ago +1

    this video proves something very important : if you run bad, no matter who you are AND HOW GOOD YOU THINK YOU ARE you WILL LOSE .

  • JEJ 022
    JEJ 022 2 years ago +7

    Best part on the 2nd hand with Dwan bluffing both Eastgate and Barry was he called their hands after the hand. Durrrr is fckn legendary.

  • TekashiFN
    TekashiFN 2 years ago +148

    Video should be named : "GREENSTEIN Hates Pocket Aces"

    • Profit Specialists
      Profit Specialists 2 years ago +1

      The amount of pocket aces he got on the show is pretty mind blowing lol

    • Johnny TimeStamp
      Johnny TimeStamp 2 years ago +1

      He bought into his book Title too much, he was convinced he'd hit trips on the river every time.

  • edson cunha
    edson cunha 2 months ago

    O cara trincado teve medo ,eu pagaria pra ver a última carta.

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark 2 years ago +27

    21:15 barry declining running it twice even though hes crushed by the flop is so classy

    • Pavel
      Pavel 2 years ago +6

      It's all the same thing from an EV perspective

    • Chairman Meow
      Chairman Meow Year ago

      ...what? the less % you are to win the more you want to only run it one time.

    • Kavi Gosai
      Kavi Gosai Year ago

      @Chairman Meow not at all

    • willesnille
      willesnille Year ago +1

      @Chairman Meow No. Equity is the same. Running it more times reduces variance. It does nothing one way or ther other EV wise.

    • Chairman Meow
      Chairman Meow Year ago +1

      @willesnille You guys dont know what you're talking about at all. If you're a huge favorite you want to run it as many times as possible. If you're a huge dog, you only want to run it once. Its simple.

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla Year ago +1

    9:42 absolutely brutal.

  • Gabriel Vlad
    Gabriel Vlad 2 years ago +10

    And there was one more hand with the Aces losing: Mike Matusow with K8c vs. Ted Brunson with AA.....King on the flop and 8 on the river giving to "The Mouth" 2 pairs!

  • Martin N
    Martin N 2 years ago +23

    I never understood why Eastgate called with 2-4 off if he wasn't going to see it out even after flopping trips. Was he paying for the chance to flop a nut straight or something?

    • Jean Fortin
      Jean Fortin 2 years ago +2

      It was a family pot and dwan played it like he had a better 2, dwan read Peter had the 2 and played it like he had a better deuce, also dwans table image and card ranges, great play by dwan.

    • Izzy Aisa
      Izzy Aisa 2 years ago +8

      Cause Eastgate was a lucky one hit wonder nit

    • QualityTheGamer
      QualityTheGamer Year ago +1

      Dwan didn’t know he had a deuce lol he was a fantastic player but you’re overestimating him lol. Guarantee if you could ask Dwan he would tell you he would have check folded turn if he though Eastgate had a 2

    • Tdnarb
      Tdnarb Year ago +7

      @QualityTheGamer I'm not sure that is accurate. I remember watching this hand on the show, some of the guys were betting on what everyone had and I believe someone guessed that dwan had a 2, and dwan points to eastgate and says "he had the 2". I think he knew pretty much dead on what everyone had, put eastgate on a weak 2 and barry on an overpair. I could be wrong though because it was years ago I saw this.

    • Hai Dao
      Hai Dao Year ago +1

      @Tdnarb you're right mate after the hands over everybody was debating it and Dwan looked over to EastGate and said he got the best hands. I think whats hard for Eastgate is his bankroll and how he's stuck between a very nit opener Barry and Tom Dwan. Great play by Dwan

  • Thomas Mason
    Thomas Mason Month ago

    Durr never fails to amaze me, very ballsy

  • 88mphDrBrown
    88mphDrBrown 2 years ago +17

    Dario looks ten years older than he did on the big game.

    • Situacionando
      Situacionando 2 years ago +2

      Because of the old good days lol way before went broke

  • Laberge
    Laberge 2 years ago +1

    That Greenstein hand has always made me laugh

  • thebuilder86
    thebuilder86 2 years ago +96

    LOVE TOM DWAN! "I had it..."

  • CribNotes
    CribNotes 2 years ago +2

    What the hell was Doyle thinking? Was he trying to rep a flush draw hoping Negreanu didn't have one?

  • Angus Black
    Angus Black 2 years ago +3

    I love hear gabe commentate

  • Dave M
    Dave M 2 years ago +62

    does High Stakes Poker hate Aces or just Barry Greenstein?

  • SusFactfinder
    SusFactfinder Year ago

    I remember the first ever poker tournament I played in I got eliminated by pocket aces

  • Mariners Rich
    Mariners Rich 2 years ago +8

    Barry just might fold pocket aces from now on

  • Richard Ramos
    Richard Ramos 2 years ago +8

    He got the weakest hand but the biggest heart.

  • BreakingCoin3
    BreakingCoin3 2 years ago +1

    The fact that east gate folded was a bad fold. The only hands that beat him are pocket 7s, pocket 10s or A2 which is extremely unlikely.

  • DC
    DC Year ago +1

    Didnt know Derek Brunson was a poker player as well as a MMA fighter

  • Dylan Moriarty
    Dylan Moriarty 2 years ago +1

    Jennifer Harmon can’t be at one table without hacking up a lung every 10 seconds. Scares the shit out of me cause I never know when it’s comin.

  • Joseph Wehbe
    Joseph Wehbe 2 years ago +3

    Viffer: *Bets trips on the flop*

    • R. W.
      R. W. 2 years ago +3

      raises trips on the flop ;)

  • Stephanie Lynn
    Stephanie Lynn 2 years ago +3

    Tom Dwan is the bomb.

  • Rotciv T
    Rotciv T 2 years ago +10

    Barry, next time you picked aces, please fold it pre flop. 😁

  • yetideti
    yetideti 2 years ago +4

    Dwan looks like a nerd, but has the boldest character.

  • Basti Phantasty
    Basti Phantasty Year ago

    9:42 lol he got left hanging 😂

  • Dan H
    Dan H Month ago +1

    Haven't seen this many aces get cracked since playing on Pokerstars

  • Cassius Roth
    Cassius Roth 2 years ago +4

    Norm Macdonald commentating? Poker? This is amazing? Yes

  • drexrexx
    drexrexx Year ago +1

    23:59 some just takes a bite of food didn't like it and just stashes it on the food line. Elegance

  • 4y
    4y 6 months ago

    Even if it's a weak deuce, I think Eastgate has to go for it, especially against Tom Dwan

  • MrKarmaface
    MrKarmaface Year ago +1

    Peter Eastgate has to look back on these hands and be kicking himself for being so nitty 🤣😂

  • Michael Chau
    Michael Chau 2 years ago

    Whenever someone cracks aces on the table, I always like to rub it in by saying dodge those bullets lol...

  • Sone
    Sone 2 years ago +1

    tom dwan is insane

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 years ago +1

    (Knock on wood) But I usually only lose w/ Aces when I play that online bingo poker.

  • L R
    L R Year ago

    What I've learnt from this video is just because you have aces deffo doesn't mean you will win the pot


    My favorite is at 8:05 Go ahead and smile like the joker bro....YOU GOT VIFFED!!!

  • OKG2000
    OKG2000 Year ago

    i heard alot of pros say overall they are down life time with AA....because you either win a small or medium pot or lose a BIG one

  • 23v0lv32
    23v0lv32 10 months ago +1

    Dwan owns Greenstein every time loooool

  • crulio
    crulio 2 years ago +24

    Dario looking like the lead singer of an Italian Creed cover band, gets felted and then left hanging by the guy who took all his money. Rough session all the way around.

  • PMC05
    PMC05 2 years ago +3

    To this day I’m 🤯 by that eastgate vs durrr vs bg when east gate mucks trip 2s just like it did back in the days when this episode premiered I guess eastgate didn’t want none lol durrr in hsp very legendary stuff

    • PMC05
      PMC05 2 years ago +2

      @bwalsh1105 yes ur right sorry corrected it already ty 👍🏽

  • garylp3
    garylp3 Year ago

    How Eastgate folded twips against Dwan.

  • Daveyfadess
    Daveyfadess 3 months ago

    I wonder if Minieri still has that cross necklace

  • Boogie Thug Rose
    Boogie Thug Rose 2 years ago +1

    9:42 took his chips and left him hanging!!

  • R.E.D27
    R.E.D27 2 years ago

    Aces get cracked heads up all the time yet kings will beat out 3 people. So infuriating.

  • MeidoVegeta 9000
    MeidoVegeta 9000 2 years ago +2

    To get trips and aces to fold on such a dry turn is good for Dwan but questionable from the other 2. Especially Eastgate.

  • Antônio Fernando
    Antônio Fernando 2 years ago

    More WSOP!!!!! Pleaseeee ! 😭

  • Olde Retired Treemahn
    Olde Retired Treemahn 2 years ago +1

    21:19 Sammy want to run it twice. Nice offer. Greenstein says no. He could have
    Aced on the river. Oh well

  • Lolwhatajoke
    Lolwhatajoke 2 months ago

    why does gabe say that about running it twice for dario? "gets the bad news, decides to run it twice anyway" 8:35

  • James Vitucci
    James Vitucci 29 days ago

    Eastgate gets one of the best possible flops for 4 2 offsuit and still gets scared off LOL

  • Justin024
    Justin024 Year ago +1

    Gabe is the GOAT

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma 2 years ago

    Win small ones, lose big ones.

  • Kip Valentine
    Kip Valentine 2 years ago

    Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  • Atlas Zack
    Atlas Zack 2 years ago

    why is Barry getting screwed every time

  • Rossi Ramcharitar
    Rossi Ramcharitar 2 years ago +1

    Hate poker when you run it more than once...

  • Taureg
    Taureg 10 months ago

    amazing I didn't know Norm Macdonald did commentary for that show

  • David King
    David King 2 years ago

    More like this!

  • warren nunn
    warren nunn Year ago

    Love it

  • DS Portraits
    DS Portraits Year ago

    Tom dwan is a fckin enigma 😆😆

  • bigwyatt77
    bigwyatt77 2 years ago +4

    Haha swear that’s norm McDonald didn’t know he was into poker that’s dope

  • Mean- Streak
    Mean- Streak Year ago

    Barry should just fold AA from now on.

  • Edward Knight
    Edward Knight Year ago +3

    RIP Norm McD

  • Saint Soldier Music

    Barry must hate aces

  • K
    K 4 months ago

    They should recaption the title to cracking Greenstein Aces.

  • ted evans
    ted evans 2 years ago +1

    I wonder when running it more than once , when players are "all in " , started ? Our dad taught us the old school way , no wild cards or anything other than straight poker when it was his turn to deal . When others would add wild cards when they dealt , the dealer rotated in our family games . If I could afford to be in one of these games I would not run it more than once , It is like adding wild cards , just not the same outcome . Too many people call "all in" when they think they can have extra outs , but "all in" should be taken more serious .

    • ArchaicDemon
      ArchaicDemon Year ago

      i don't think you understand how running it twice effects the game. you have the same equity both times.

    • ted evans
      ted evans Year ago

      @ArchaicDemon I must not understand , so tell me , if player X is all in , they run it once , and player Z has him covered , then , X loses , with playing 1 time , he is done . If running it 2 times , Z wins the first 1 and X wins the 2nd one , don't they split the pot and X is still in ? I thought the object in poker is to win as much as possible ?

    • Delta Phi
      Delta Phi Year ago

      @ted evans Running it more than once reduces variance from pot odds in the long term even if the odds of subsequent runs can change slightly from the first since you are removing cards and outs from the deck. With only two players, it also has the chance that a split 50-50 pot allows both to make a small 'profit' from the hand from the chips other players folded into it.

    • ted evans
      ted evans Year ago

      @Delta Phi I thought the object was to get their chips and eliminate the other players ? If you are ahead , why give the other person more chances ? I guess I am just old school , keep it simple , trust nobody , and no mercy , when it comes to gambling .

    • Delta Phi
      Delta Phi Year ago

      @ted evans the change in odds with each run is of course miniscule. Running it multiple times is also more common with televised cash games like these because a lot of these guys are actually friends outside of the game too so it is more forgiving in a sense. It also can prevent someone from losing all their chips too quickly and thus leaving the table which could be bad for tv ratings.

  • Kshitij Anant
    Kshitij Anant 2 years ago +1

    Everyone is playing like a fish it seems. Barry is Raising j9 in position on the flop when the SB cold 4B. And he puts in around 500 BB with AAs on the flop.
    Mineiri goes all in on paired 10 board when viffer could have countless 10s.

  • female bush grasshopper

    Sam Farha is my favorite player

  • allamericanasian
    allamericanasian Year ago

    greinstein should just fold aces when he gets them

  • OG Grinder
    OG Grinder 2 years ago

    Look at dawn before he turned ugly from all that “squinting” 😂😂😂😂

  • SABN
    SABN 2 years ago +8

    Gabe Kaplan was the number one reason this show was great. Even above the world class players. His commentary is irreplaceable

  • Bud Fox
    Bud Fox 2 years ago

    wonder if that J9 from barry was before or after he had his aces cracked by dwan's QK ! doesnt feel like barrys style to go broke with top pair kicker 9...

    • JEJ 022
      JEJ 022 2 years ago

      It was before the KQ Dwan hand

    • Marshall Fitzgerald
      Marshall Fitzgerald 2 years ago

      He's got top pair and Runner Runner straight and flush draw right ? He thinks he's good and he thought Dwan was bluffing him... So it's one of two choices, either Dwan has a big overpair or he's trying to make a move. I think Barry really just instinctly thought his j was good and raised Tom 100k hoping he'd lay it down. Tom raises and Barry already has 150k in he can't fold now. But I'm not sure why Barry would put Dwan on a bluff given the action pre flop. 20kish raise preflop? I think that's what happened though.

  • Dani
    Dani 2 years ago +28

    At the end of the day AA is just a pair.

    • IZn0g0uDatAll
      IZn0g0uDatAll 2 years ago

      And a pair very unlikely to improve. Amazing hand heads up preflop but that’s pretty much it.

    • Dani
      Dani 2 years ago

      @IZn0g0uDatAll And still they often play it like they can't loose.

    • IZn0g0uDatAll
      IZn0g0uDatAll 2 years ago +1

      Yeah. It’s very hard not to get excited and married with your hand. Thing is, postflop you still beat every pair imaginable (and two pairs if the board pairs). It’s not bad, but not amazing considering you lose to everything else and almost never block any straight, full houses and so on.

    • Kevin Facts
      Kevin Facts Year ago +1

      Multiway it's a nite mare. But short handed or even short stacked it's a brilliant hand. It's really good in spin and goes or bounty hunter format. Also grest if you have a nutter on your table as a big heads up pot could be brewing and you know you will at least start with the best hand. 😎

  • Garden Samurai
    Garden Samurai Year ago

    barry three in a row oh my god