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i just made the safest base in minecraft history.

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Today camman18 plays not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, Minecraft 100 Days, or any other Minecraft but challenge like that, but Minecraft short from camman18! It was HILARIOUS. #camman18​ #shorts​ #tiktok​ #short​ #Minecraft​
    This Minecraft but challenge makes the funniest Minecraft videos without any funny Minecraft mods! Somehow this is the NEW funniest Minecraft video / tiktok / short ever! Instead of any other Minecraft challenge in Minecraft 1.16.5, this is a Minecraft video in Minecraft 1.18 in 2022 (almost 2023)!
    The goal was to try to inform / speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me, camman18 from twitch / tiktok / twitter , playing Minecraft Java 1.18.2 and not Minecraft Bedrock.
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  • The Binkus
    The Binkus Month ago +16047

    Camman finding flaws in his plans then making jokes out of it

    • Flamin Tyres
      Flamin Tyres 3 days ago

      He is the joke

    • Heather McConkey
      Heather McConkey 16 days ago

      Secret nether portal in the middle of nowhere hiding in plain sight you can go up place yourself but if anyone ever find your you can break it and put everything into Ender chest then you can just break all your shulker boxes and run

    • That smell you cant find
      That smell you cant find 20 days ago

      Literally hid from his problem

    • eksboks148
      eksboks148 Month ago

      ​@MaxBloxXz wtf

    • Tri Phan
      Tri Phan Month ago

      Mc faction server flashbacks

  • Rage Gamer
    Rage Gamer Month ago +4283

    "the oldest trick in the book is sometimes the best one in the book"
    -Sun Tzu art of war

  • ballinbin and a stick
    ballinbin and a stick Month ago +250

    Chorus fruit be the bane of any base builders. It may take time, but works

    • overlord Helt
      overlord Helt Hour ago

      Just put water on its floor since chorus fruit avoids teleporting to water

    • Daniel
      Daniel 10 days ago +6

      Make a little crawlspace base where there are technically no air blocks to teleport into but you can still walk around

  • qualitycommentary🍷🗿
    qualitycommentary🍷🗿 Month ago +12987

    Camman is slowly becoming a Minecraft comedian

  • Interstellar
    Interstellar 28 days ago +144

    The safest base in Minecraft would be a base that cannot be found.
    The safest beses in 2b2t are the ones that are the furthest away from spawn.

  • God†Yuri
    God†Yuri Month ago +268

    The good thing about this is if your base got found you can just dig another hole and no one will ever know.
    Edit: Technically the whole Minecraft world is your base

    LORD HARI Month ago +4647

    Just make a base using Birchwood and
    Camman won't even think of robbing you.

  • Nidia Angust
    Nidia Angust Month ago +16

    *casually walks through the dsmp map*

    • Stickman
      Stickman 7 hours ago

      @Nidia Angust how

    • Nidia Angust
      Nidia Angust 2 days ago

      @Hypno yeah... and that's a sad thing?

    • Hypno
      Hypno 2 days ago

      @Nidia Angust I didn't know that was the dsmp map but you did

    • Nidia Angust
      Nidia Angust 3 days ago

      @Hypno i am genuinely not sure if you were trying to roast me because then you'd be calling yourself sad...too?

    • Hypno
      Hypno 5 days ago

      The fact you know that is sad

  • Help I'm lost at Walmart

    There was this argentinian smp where a bunch of guys covered their friend's base with obsidian and moved a bunch of ancient guardians to cover the whole place with fatigue, so I guess that's a way of doing it

    • Gabriel Barros
      Gabriel Barros 6 days ago

      Ever heard of ✨wither cannons✨?

    • salt
      salt 9 days ago

      Argentine home defence:

  • le frog
    le frog Month ago +4414

    Every 8 year old trying to hide his diamonds :

    • mint soda
      mint soda Month ago

      ​@Mad Jack so true

    • mint soda
      mint soda Month ago

      ​@Druki relatable

    • Oxygen
      Oxygen Month ago

      @Moortec Malai certified NPC

    • Dave
      Dave Month ago


    • Ohio Mrbeast
      Ohio Mrbeast Month ago


  • Bambett
    Bambett Month ago +26

    me when i forget to do the dishes

  • Alexandre Brosseau
    Alexandre Brosseau Month ago +19

    **Elder guardian leaves chat**

  • H20Dominic
    H20Dominic Month ago +2218

    How to make the safest base: make a base, and don't tell anyone you made a base.

  • Pajama Johnson
    Pajama Johnson Month ago +4

    The safest bases are ones millions of blocks away from everything else.
    The big downside is you have to go find a spot that is at least 10 million blocks away. That’s how a base stayed hidden for 8 years straight.

    • AndroidTASer
      AndroidTASer 10 days ago

      but if you go to the nether and go break bedrock at 100/200 height and fly w elytra in 10 min and go place 10/14 obsidian and go to it and repeating it again.
      by Me

  • Ace_
    Ace_ Month ago +29

    This guy deserves an OScar for that base💀👍

  • Lampo
    Lampo Month ago +2187

    It's all fun and games until that one player using x-ray finds you 🤣

    • Lance Mason
      Lance Mason Month ago

      Well to fix that cover ur unground base with lava x-rayed can't see trough the lava so they will think ur only way to get out now portals

    • Unknown;-;
      Unknown;-; Month ago

      I just stopped laughing when I saw this comment. straight face

    • Pollination
      Pollination Month ago


    • UpdateFreak
      UpdateFreak Month ago

      That goes for every base

    • Random Gaming Stuff
      Random Gaming Stuff Month ago

      So true lol

  • NiuSkayz
    NiuSkayz 16 days ago +1

    Yes, placing blazes near wooden fences and blocks is the safest thing to do when you want to defend your base

  • Ray 21
    Ray 21 Month ago +3

    The best real base is the one with a decoy. All you have to do is to build that box covered in lava, while in reality you live in the opposite direction, and let everyone know that the obsidian box is your base

  • The waffle house has found its new host.

    Bro is a literal genius at this point

  • 100msSnipes
    100msSnipes 10 days ago

    imagine doing some terraforming and finding camman crouching in a hole

  • Star
    Star Month ago +2

    safest base: make a base and tell everyone you didn't make a base

  • Indigo Cool
    Indigo Cool Month ago +418

    Dude this is literally what I do in early survival worlds to avoid monsters. Dig down 3 blocks, replace the top one, and wait.

      CITRONYTE Month ago

      Big flaw : you can't tell whether its getting daytime or nighttime
      Even bigger flaw : its probably boring waiting until daytime just dig 6 and 1 block wide and place a bed (if it was 4 you'll suffocate)

    • NinJoCool Gamer
      NinJoCool Gamer Month ago

      Didn’t we all lol

    • Jinaro
      Jinaro Month ago

      @Zerta 007 I replied to the wrong person 💀

    • Jinaro
      Jinaro Month ago

      @LightPinkGamer ohh mb I replied to the wrong person

    • Zerta 007
      Zerta 007 Month ago

      @Jinaro he said “You forgot the torch. But yeah”. Where the freak do you see “creeper”

  • João Leote
    João Leote 11 days ago +1

    There was this one time I was playing realms with my friends, but everything went bad and the enemy discovered the location of my base. They were coming through the nether to raid, and in fear, I dug a hole and hid there with crouch. And yet, somehow, when they arrived one of them immediatly came to my spot and killed me. I'm still not sure how he found me

  • iGetNoBitches
    iGetNoBitches 16 days ago +1

    X ray: I'm bouta end this man's whole career

  • Matthew Clements
    Matthew Clements Month ago +120

    Build that obsidian box with a elder guardian under it and a cow farm inside for milk

    • Bibek Das
      Bibek Das Month ago

      69th like
      I didn't went to the cow farm for milk!

    • reubenwizard
      reubenwizard Month ago +12

      All fun and games until someone brings a wither

  • War Hammer
    War Hammer Month ago

    Best way to win a enemy is to not reveal your plan.

  • Floccinaucinihilipilification

    Never let them know your next move:bed rock

  • Sleepy Zeepy
    Sleepy Zeepy Month ago +4331

    Terrain fixers/builders don’t exi-
    *HOW THE F-*
    Ok lemme edit that again..
    *WHY THE F-*
    Ok lemme edit this again
    *this isn’t even a good comment what the hell is this*

  • Reznar
    Reznar Month ago

    Such a masterpiece of a base so exquisite

    I AM NOOB Month ago

    Ah yes, the oldest trick in the book to survive your 1st night...

  • Panzerkampfwagen
    Panzerkampfwagen Month ago +169

    I could imagine someone going: "Hmm yes, this area needs to be flattened for my new build project" and then they find you

  • peanut ee
    peanut ee 12 hours ago

    Bedrock farms has left the game

  • Am airplane brrrpppptttttt

    That's literally what I do to hide from my friends lmao


    At this point, it’s just better to leave the game entirely and build your base in your backyard

  • Zaq Wsx
    Zaq Wsx Month ago +2

    or get yourself elder Guardian so players cannot mine through. Build some contraption around him so you can move him away when you want to build. Since elder Guardians have PersistenceRequired:1b they won't despawn. Surround your base with blocks that cannot be exploded with tnt and here you go.

  • ThatFridge
    ThatFridge Month ago

    If you ever feel useless, watch this video and rethink.

  • dr. wolfen who
    dr. wolfen who Month ago +137

    Insert, every 'Factions' base to ever exist

    • Drake
      Drake Month ago

      yes indeed

  • VI-Quirino De Castro

    camman is just being relatable

  • Disturbded Doggo
    Disturbded Doggo 26 days ago

    Maps (with player locations) have entered the chat.

  • Faultedalloy
    Faultedalloy Month ago +382

    Pov: *You are trying to hide your search history from your mom*

  • Anonymuz
    Anonymuz Month ago +1

    “Sometimes the most simple is the best”

  • AngryAmber87
    AngryAmber87 22 days ago

    What you need to do is have a couple dozen layers as well as elder guardians stored within so anyone mining it gets mining fatigue

  • Mobead
    Mobead Month ago +1822

    x-ray resource pack has left the chat
    edit: since people always say “mom im famous” so ima say:

    • Beethoven lad
      Beethoven lad 12 days ago

      ​@ShadowRoseGaming you didn't have to do him dirty

    • NotFan10
      NotFan10 14 days ago

      @ARDA UÇAK ESP has left the chat

    • Sedwars
      Sedwars 15 days ago

      u don't have a dad

    • Erhan Ali
      Erhan Ali 20 days ago

      But I thought you didn't have a dad

    • Fangirl
      Fangirl 21 day ago

      What's a dad?

  • Potato Programs
    Potato Programs 19 days ago

    Locator map: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  • Sourena YT
    Sourena YT Month ago +1

    if you don't have a base then no one can destroy it 💀

  • T Cross
    T Cross Month ago +67

    Coming from a Minecraft architect here: add a slab so you can sleep on the job :)

    • Amethyst Rose
      Amethyst Rose Month ago

      Even if you stay in the crouched position, using the slab technique still lets people see your username, making the crouch pointless.

    • awesomecamera87 HD
      awesomecamera87 HD Month ago

      Yea by adding a slab above the head the player cant uncrouch but instead we could just enable the press once instead of holding option for crouching in the settings

  • Connor Wines
    Connor Wines Month ago

    Maps:About to end this mans whole carrier

  • Perseus Jared Kiel Salazar

    " back in my day the safest base was this "

  • Nizar Saidi
    Nizar Saidi Month ago +507

    Everybody is a gangsta until someone mines into the wall randomly!!

  • anantya56
    anantya56 Month ago

    sometimes the simplest option is the best option

  • Sourav Sarkar
    Sourav Sarkar Month ago +1

    First night to Minecraft be like

  • The guy who asked
    The guy who asked Month ago +272

    I can confirm this is the safest base.
    Back when I was a newbie I would do this until sunrise
    Damn good old days... 🍷🗿

  • m0on
    m0on Month ago

    "Bedrock has left the chat"

  • Hykalia
    Hykalia Month ago

    Get an elder guardian in a water box next to it, problem solved.

  • cjrsjr1234
    cjrsjr1234 Month ago +37

    "And after thinking for once" 💀

  • Will0w
    Will0w 6 days ago +1

    Mumbo Jumbo: Makes a complex base with lots of defenses in place
    Canman: h i l l

  • Jonah
    Jonah Month ago +1

    The ol' Techno technique

  • Derp Fisher Minecraft
    Derp Fisher Minecraft Month ago +74

    *Camman claiming that he invented this secret base*
    All the Minecraft players who stole diamonds from their friends and started running away from him : 🗿

  • Idk Bc idk
    Idk Bc idk Month ago

    Tries to go mining and finds some guy crouching

  • TheRandomBacon
    TheRandomBacon Month ago

    everybody gangsta until the x-ray kid pulls up

  • Madhav
    Madhav Month ago +9

    All good until you get breadcrumbs under your shift key

    • Cactusblade511
      Cactusblade511 Month ago +1

      Underrated comment
      Here before this blows up

  • Marie-Pier Edwards
    Marie-Pier Edwards Month ago

    *World Eater has Left The Chat*

  • Raphtalia
    Raphtalia Month ago +1

    Cam man just described every factions base

  • Rick Sanchez C-137
    Rick Sanchez C-137 Month ago +7

    The most awkward thing that could happen is the guy that's tryna find you has a map 💀

  • HenryZ310
    HenryZ310 Day ago

    Imagine someone using hitbox texture pack that can see players through

  • Dr. Adrian
    Dr. Adrian Month ago

    You forgot "remove the second layer of your skin" so they don't find you with that tab second layer thing ;)

  • Mr. Amongus
    Mr. Amongus Month ago +30

    The new secret base is me 30 days playing my Minecraft world.

  • Marco Sc
    Marco Sc 2 days ago

    2b2t players be like: ''technically if i calculate the coords of the flower 74 blocks away i know the coords of it.''

  • efe the gamer
    efe the gamer 12 days ago

    the tnt user left the chat

  • Philip
    Philip Month ago +41

    Even safer as this: „Dig 6 BLOCKS in a hill and walk in, place 4 BLOCKS and crouch!“

    • Evan Hernandez
      Evan Hernandez Month ago

      I just had the perfect one. Dig 3 blocks down, place one above you, and then crouch.

    • Evil_GMR ;)
      Evil_GMR ;) Month ago +1

      Dig 1000 block get in place 998 block mine 2 blocks down then place 2 and

    • epikwastaken
      epikwastaken Month ago +2

      Dig 100 blocks in a hill, place 98
      Then dig 2 below urself and cover those 100

    • Rogercop
      Rogercop Month ago +4

      Dig 100 place 98 booom

    • Zachary Ling
      Zachary Ling Month ago +2

      ​@YT_Dev1lz Dig 14 blocks, place 12, crouch.

  • Figure
    Figure Month ago +1

    Pieray: im about end this man's whole career

  • The Last Moon Crown
    The Last Moon Crown 23 days ago

    Until someone starts to use tnt launchers to clear out the area for a new build...

  • Terminalvelocityrunner

    Idk if I’m under thinking this but what if you got a wool-lined base, in an ancient city, lined outside by several layers of obsidian, with a pit around the outside enough to ensure the warden won’t use its sonic boom at the inhabitants of the base?

  • TBH That Was Good
    TBH That Was Good 16 days ago

    X-ray: I’m bout to end this man’s whole career.

  • ThatBookReader
    ThatBookReader Month ago

    So safe!
    Thanks- ima use this design if ya don’t mind

  • lampen💡💡
    lampen💡💡 Month ago +12

    An idea for a new serie: speed running a random achievement

    • 6ProUp4
      6ProUp4 Month ago +1

      Julien Azelart already did that.

  • Haxalicious
    Haxalicious Month ago

    Guy spamming F3+A:
    I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • Sir Torus
    Sir Torus Month ago

    This is where the creeper says,
    “Allow me to introduce myself.”

  • Gibby hale
    Gibby hale Month ago +7

    Pie graph: Did you forget about me?

  • TewDifficult VODS
    TewDifficult VODS Month ago

    bro just made a factions base fr

  • Games For Noobs
    Games For Noobs 13 days ago +1

    bro just called out MUMBO JUMBO!! 💀

  • SaintMichael
    SaintMichael Month ago +5

    The guy with the chunk destroyer needing some space to build:🗿

  • Alternate
    Alternate Month ago

    Had us there in the first half, not gonna lie

  • LevitationMaster
    LevitationMaster Month ago

    Someone told me to do the new safest base thing while I waited for him to finish dinner so we could do a raid, what he didn’t realise was the raid already began. We came home with a couple of emeralds and no villagers left in the village

  • If u r reading this, u get a yeet!

    Literally something that every speedrunner do to hide from the hunters 🤣

  • SneakyBeaky1
    SneakyBeaky1 Month ago

    A captured warden would be nice

  • AxoGamerlover
    AxoGamerlover Month ago

    Xray texture pack: "imma bout to end this mans whole career"

  • taerjo965
    taerjo965 Month ago +50

    now that's the safest way to survive

    • Mackenzie Mai
      Mackenzie Mai Month ago

      How do you manage to copy a bot broo

    • Oreg Ratch
      Oreg Ratch Month ago

      Everybody is a gangsta until someone mines into Camman's comment section with bots!!

    • Oreg Ratch
      Oreg Ratch Month ago

      Everybody is a gangsta until someone mines into Camman's comment section with bots!!

  • DBG
    DBG Month ago

    Cartographers in minecraft:
    I gotchu

  • boysack
    boysack Month ago

    2b2t players:
    *its free real estate*

  • Frosty The Iceberg
    Frosty The Iceberg 21 day ago

    2b2t players:
    Ah yes, a dirt hut

  • William Hollinger
    William Hollinger 14 days ago

    Crouch is the easiest way to hide from friends my friend and I love to tease each other with this.

  • DaGard6573
    DaGard6573 Month ago +9

    camman is type of a guy that have found something useful for everyone but wanted a new one that maded by him. And he wanted us to build it too.

  • FoxFrostXP
    FoxFrostXP Month ago

    Reload chunks left the chat

  • Azteqc
    Azteqc 9 days ago

    F3+A: I’m boutta end this man’s entire career


    Camman really said "it's big brain time" and started using 100% of his brain.. Respect 🤝🗿

  • Whaeta
    Whaeta Month ago

    2b2t has left the chat

  • CoylerZ
    CoylerZ Month ago

    Bro took his brain to another level...

  • Trend boi
    Trend boi Month ago

    *Bedrock left the chat*

  • Merecoon
    Merecoon Month ago +12

    Honestly I did not expect that punchline. I thought it would be a normal camman informative video