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Why my son can read at 4 years old

  • Published on Jan 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Don't get me wrong, sight words have a time and place. But if we focus on teaching phonics FIRST, our little ones will have a much easier time learning sight words and why they're tricky. #shorts
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  • Toddlers Can Read
    Toddlers Can Read  Month ago +1296

    My son learned to read well before this age. Check here to see how I did it www.toddlersread.com/free-workshop

    • David Z
      David Z 2 days ago

      I can’t believe it 4 year old said a whole sentence

    • ich Weissnicht
      ich Weissnicht 6 days ago

      @Alice Black j

    • Aaron Salas
      Aaron Salas 14 days ago

      ​@Alice Black parents only have part responsibility in their children's education, that's why they have school because parents believe the schools should be able to teach their children in the most effective way possible but they don't

    • FairyLuv ♡︎
      FairyLuv ♡︎ 15 days ago

      I knew how to read at 3 and half i got in school at 2 and half

  • NoOneExceptional
    NoOneExceptional 2 months ago +56430


  • Strawberry_kat
    Strawberry_kat 14 days ago +89

    My mum was a hero she taught me and my brother to read from a very young age just before I turned 3 I think. Adults were amazed at this and I was praised in reception for my abilities as they was higher then all the other kids abilities

    • J.S Gamer
      J.S Gamer 8 hours ago

      @Abu Muzam you are write I'm not interested in study😔

    • Abu Muzam
      Abu Muzam 19 hours ago

      @J.S Gamer Expand your knowledge b4 making fun of someone. The sentence you have formed is wrong, and you don't know how to spell "spelling" yet you are still going to correct others 😂

    • Margaret Kreitz
      Margaret Kreitz 2 days ago

      ​@J.S Gamer spelling* also, "mom" isn't the only way to say it. People say "mum" as well.

    • J.S Gamer
      J.S Gamer 2 days ago

      Bro not mum splleling is wrong write splleling is mom 😂

  • Mrs.Shadow & Shade
    Mrs.Shadow & Shade  12 days ago +75

    Your son is absolutely incredible! You should be very proud!

    Oli SENPAII 2 months ago +77882

    i thought people could read by 4-5? He is good definitely...his pronounciation is grt

    • karrkulture2
      karrkulture2 19 days ago

      @Sura Cakir feels a bit late

    • DSXRF2
      DSXRF2 Month ago

      I learned how to read at 2 years old.

    • arii 99
      arii 99 Month ago +1

      I could read at 4-5 🙂

    • UserUnknown
      UserUnknown 2 months ago

      My baby brother learned how to read at 3, idk how but scares me

  • Jonathan McConnell
    Jonathan McConnell 20 days ago +187

    My mom taught me to read at a similar age with the book “teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.”

  • Fashion 235- Womens Clothing

    If only more parents realize their children don’t really know certain things without it being in sequence they would see how important sounding things out is. Thanks for this video

  • alex beau
    alex beau Month ago +4072

    He even displayed understanding in tonality when dealing with punctuation at 4. He will be a well spoken gentleman by the way he’s going.

    • chimmychuck
      chimmychuck 3 days ago

      ​@karton kutu 7 and 8 is wild, i was reading at like 2

    • Asshole
      Asshole Month ago

      @karton kutu Pour le coup, c’est votre système étasunien (je suppose) qui est assez mal foutu. Pourquoi attendre aussi longtemps? Les enfants n’ont-ils pas l’envie de lire des bandes dessinés/livres voir documentaires ou dessin animé sous-titrés?

    • karton kutu
      karton kutu Month ago

      @Ultracookienite I dont quite understand, sorry. Are you asking me how I know english? Its my second language, I was kind of forced into it in 3rd grade and I was fluent by 5th grade.

    • Ultracookienite
      Ultracookienite Month ago

      @karton kutu how would you know American?

    • lAm StRaNgEr
      lAm StRaNgEr Month ago +1

      @karton kutu ye i was talking about that

  • Tshego Mmamabolo
    Tshego Mmamabolo 20 hours ago

    Man, you are a great father ✌🏾🌹

  • Shreyas P
    Shreyas P 3 days ago

    Four years old boy can reading very well these sentences

  • Mohd Aziz
    Mohd Aziz 2 months ago +4141

    The last look of the dad was personal.

  • Loremae Tuvilleja
    Loremae Tuvilleja Day ago +1

    My 3 years old nephew can read too. Filipino is our first language but he can read English more and speak to it. I think because since he was a baby, hos already familiar to the sounds of how to read and repeat to watch the ABC sounds.

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Day ago

    He gonna be on a 12 grade reading level in no time

  • easton palmisano
    easton palmisano 2 months ago +2658

    My man reads better than half of my class

    • Olivia Patterson
      Olivia Patterson Month ago


    • Paul O'Boyle
      Paul O'Boyle Month ago

      That’s a good one

    • Nataliatg89 PW
      Nataliatg89 PW Month ago

      @ThePioneer let me guess,do they spell it as "uv"

    • ThePioneer
      ThePioneer Month ago

      Bro I've seen high schoolers spell the word "of" wrong : 💀

    • human
      human Month ago

      97% of my classmates read like shit (not me)

  • Shiyu
    Shiyu 3 days ago

    The look he gave at the end said,"what are you doing with your life?"

  • Hannah Playing Around
    Hannah Playing Around 8 days ago +1

    And thats how you get a “kids eat for free pass”

  • Wîld Fìrë
    Wîld Fìrë Month ago +2194

    Another reason he can read is because you’re being how a parent should be. You’re a great father.

    • Sushi
      Sushi Month ago +1

      I feel like that’s the main reason he can read, his parents actually helped him learn, meaning that he will be a more intelligent person growing up and have a much wider and more complex vocabulary

    • Alexander Källberg
      Alexander Källberg Month ago


    • human
      human Month ago

      @Wîld Fìrë i dont know

    • Wîld Fìrë
      Wîld Fìrë Month ago

      @human From memory..? At 2 years old….??? Were you alive before or something?

    • Apmire
      Apmire Month ago

      @human2!? That’s crazy. Ik 2 year olds that barely speak.

  • BestGamer
    BestGamer 20 days ago

    i remember me finally getting english properly, i used to be soo bad. But then, I just watched alot of youtube videos and now i am the best english speaker in my family

  • Singing World
    Singing World 6 days ago

    I learned to read 3 languages before 3..but his pronunciation is rlly great 👍

  • yekhtiari
    yekhtiari 2 months ago +1809

    What a patient and devoted dad.i admire him.

    • 범규
      범규 Month ago

      @Toddlers Can Read thanks

    • Toddlers Can Read
      Toddlers Can Read  Month ago

      @범규 If you haven't taken my free training yet, that would be a great place to start! I'm in the chat to answer any questions. www.toddlersread.com/free-workshop

    • _Itz_Raiven_
      _Itz_Raiven_ Month ago

      @Aqeel hmm? I don't understand

      FLORIN NECHITA Month ago

      @Kyra Queen

    • Aqeel
      Aqeel Month ago

      ​@_Itz_Raiven_"yes I did cus my mum told me" u urself don't know that.

  • Amber Tisdale
    Amber Tisdale Day ago

    So precious ❤❤❤

  • preshums
    preshums 10 hours ago

    his voice is soooo cute

  • Adriana Golden
    Adriana Golden 2 months ago +5779

    I taught children to read for 42 years. Phonics is king, but sight words are queen. You need both. You cannot sound out every word.

    • Pro-Castinator
      Pro-Castinator 26 days ago

      ​@*xNotlylaRblxx* bruh..

    • Macie Kriege
      Macie Kriege Month ago

      FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT that kids gonna be confused when he tries to learn more complicated words!!!

    • camelCased
      camelCased Month ago

      English seems a difficult language. I learned to read completely on my own because my native language has simple rules - all letters sound exactly the same way, no matter where in a word they are located.
      So, after bugging my parents with questions: "What's this letter?", I was soon able to read entire books without my parents having to actually sit with me and teach reading.
      I was about 5 then and I was pre-schooled at home. No kindergarten for me because I had some serious health issues. One of them was poor eyesight. That did not stop me from becoming an avid reader before even starting to attend school. I was the fastest and the most accurate reader in class... also, I was being bullied a lot because I had to hold books close to my eyes.

    • Crystal Lilly
      Crystal Lilly Month ago

      Exactly, English has insane rules that make no sense. Also, so many words that are coming from different languages which changes pronunciation rules, or they have had the pronunciation changed once it was used in English. And, there is more than one skill to learn. Decoding the word so you can pronounce it is wonderful, but it teaches nothing about the meaning. But when we teach sight words they have context with them when they are used in sentences and they are usually very common words the child will hear. Also a lot of words with similar sounds/spellings are learned as sight words. Both things are very helpful for the whole process.

    • Catelyn H
      Catelyn H Month ago

      Spelling-sound combinations aren't always the best in english. When you project your voice during a project, you prOject in the prahject. When you read that, did you read it right? Red, rEd. Red, read, reed, read is of course the first and fourth sound the same and the second and third sound the same.
      It's tough when you have a trough of words, when you see the sea and treat yourself to bread and steak. Though rough, it is thorough. Just be kind to your kin and remember....
      Language is fucking hard.

  • suckmytoes. com
    suckmytoes. com 2 days ago

    how tf can he read better then me

  • I Play Games.
    I Play Games. 21 day ago +27

    So glad my teachers did this for me I elevated all.speech problems at 5 and talked as fluently as my parents more schools need to do this.

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 2 months ago +2627

    You can tell he has got amazing support system in place with amazing parents

    • Ry star
      Ry star Month ago

      @edamium Your tests were 2+2

    • m0l065
      m0l065 Month ago

      ​@Cats don't judge this channel is dedicated to education tips for children. he's not even showing the kids' face, he's just proving that this learning technique is more effective

    • VI B 18 Sayyed Mohammad
      VI B 18 Sayyed Mohammad Month ago

      bro just imagine he messed up one word and his parents are like jumping on him like you little piece of shit
      I actually had suffered through this that's why I commented this

    • edamium
      edamium 2 months ago

      ​​@Danielle Peralta-Locke I could speak and read 2 languages, tell the time all by the age of 2, my tests are usually full marks as well, maybe I should be moved up a grade

    • Cats don't judge
      Cats don't judge 2 months ago +1

      @Cowieman you will understand when you are cyber bullied then get depression all at the age of nine just because you got a phone a little too young

  • Roslaie Whiteley
    Roslaie Whiteley 2 days ago

    yes this is so true my mum taught me how to read at 3 from sounding them out, making kids memorise words is way harder for them

  • Lycan_Jedi
    Lycan_Jedi 18 days ago

    Yup and by the time he's in Elementary, he'll be on track to if not already be reading at a High School level.

  • Ian Klebar
    Ian Klebar Month ago +859

    That’s what you call a good dad

    • human
      human Month ago

      @Ian Klebar it looks better

    • Ian Klebar
      Ian Klebar Month ago

      @human it shows

    • human
      human Month ago

      i learnt how to read and nobody teached me

    • Fatima Abdulkadir Khalif
      Fatima Abdulkadir Khalif Month ago

      ​@Jack Smith🤣🤣

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith Month ago

      I can read at 3 and forgot how to read at 4

  • Sadie McSweeney
    Sadie McSweeney 11 days ago

    Wow he can immediately just say and read words like memorize

  • Cindy Thompson
    Cindy Thompson 20 days ago +2

    The kid is a fluent reader

  • kanji..x
    kanji..x 27 days ago +1000

    Asian children taught by sight at 3-4 years old be like:

    • Rxs31i
      Rxs31i 16 days ago

      @Dio so?

    • Dio
      Dio 16 days ago

      pathetic my 1 month 24 day old sister learned 3 languages and was able to read at 20 days old

    • Rxs31i
      Rxs31i 16 days ago

      I do agree im asian and i never learned to read or practice english and i live in a country that speaks a dif language and my sister speaks english at age 2-3

    • Creamshorts
      Creamshorts 17 days ago


    • Uzma Javed
      Uzma Javed 17 days ago

      I started to talk fluently at age of 3 and i learnt by sight soooo.... 🤣😅😅

  • Cyampah McCloud
    Cyampah McCloud 18 days ago

    Wow I am so proud of her son

  • Clxpedd-dad
    Clxpedd-dad 20 days ago +1

    *mista has joined the chat*

  • Thakur vijay Thakur
    Thakur vijay Thakur 2 months ago +2859

    I really like when parents try different things to raise their kids, they're actually putting in the effort

  • Eli Eats Flys 🪰
    Eli Eats Flys 🪰 16 days ago

    Bro my mom home schools my five year old brother and he struggles with words sometimes, ima make her watch this

  • SwaxzerRBLX
    SwaxzerRBLX 11 days ago

    Meanwhile everyone in primary school “ MY..MUM..TOLD…ME…NOT…TO…SWEAR…AT…SCHOOL”

  • Skiller Killero
    Skiller Killero Month ago +759

    When a 4 year old is more literate than the current US president

    • Skiller Killero
      Skiller Killero 25 days ago

      @Leslie678 you right though

    • Cyber Spartan
      Cyber Spartan Month ago +1

      @Quincee i think trump was better for commercial bussiness tho. gas prices were cheaper, more alliances, terrorist groups were afraid, so on.

    • Dfoos
      Dfoos Month ago

      @Infinite Uploadz complete media lies

    • Snock Lock
      Snock Lock Month ago

      @SmallGraphics I cant get in trouble for saying it now since my mom is the only person that got in trouble. I just like to show my intelligence without saying my IQ.

  • Mai Mukanya
    Mai Mukanya Day ago

    This is so sweet

  • Star Demon
    Star Demon 13 days ago

    Meanwhile i couldnt read at 4 was because I lived in a whole different country and there were no english words anywhere 😭

  • Masked Stranger
    Masked Stranger Month ago +751

    You’re probably a nice dad.
    Be proud of yourself!

    • Akash l Patil
      Akash l Patil Month ago

      ​ ua

    • Jesse Pinkman
      Jesse Pinkman Month ago

      ​@Rrtt Tfthxgman istg my parents gave me ptsd the first time i asked for help on homework 😭

    • Rrtt Tfthxg
      Rrtt Tfthxg Month ago +3

      Lil man can ask his dad to do homework with him without crying

  • Irene Huff
    Irene Huff 19 days ago

    He don't need a Oscar
    Oscar needs him

  • Cece
    Cece 15 days ago

    My mom said I would pretend to read books I'd memorized and I would cry because I wasn't learning to read in school yet.

  • Cats way
    Cats way 2 months ago +753

    Another reason he can read the words is because someone is working with him, one on one. Many parents don’t and just make the teachers at school do all the teaching. We have to be there for our kids, make life fun but also a learning experience.

    • Alem Bess
      Alem Bess Month ago

      @human Suit yourself.

    • human
      human Month ago

      @Alem Bess i give full credit to my brain for teaching me how to sight read and sound out words

    • Gabriel Aleer Lueth
      Gabriel Aleer Lueth Month ago


    • aezurefx
      aezurefx Month ago

      I could read at two, there's many others in this comment section who also learnt outside of school

  • ManFaceFighting
    ManFaceFighting 7 days ago


  • Damian
    Damian 15 days ago +1

    you’re in preschool in District four years older than your increase Gormley proud of you I hope you become a good student one day and you are the best leader

  • HuddyBoy27
    HuddyBoy27 2 months ago +1420

    Lil man can read better than the rest of my 7th grade class
    Edit: I’m not a lazy sped kid so no TYSM thanks for all the likes

    • human
      human Month ago

      @Rodolfo Custona i learned when i was 1year and 29 days old

    • Lynda Klouth
      Lynda Klouth Month ago

      Ha ha ha ha ha that’s not real right

    • jacob luevanos
      jacob luevanos Month ago

      I was speaking sentences when I was 1 and a halg

    • HuddyBoy27
      HuddyBoy27 Month ago

      @Jumento que anima :) im thirteen fyi

    • HuddyBoy27
      HuddyBoy27 Month ago

      I could talk and walk at 1 year and 7 months old and I read an entire book about dinosaurs at 3

  • Louiese Campilla
    Louiese Campilla 16 days ago

    When I was four I already can speak English because of television 😂

  • Drew blagden🤪
    Drew blagden🤪 17 days ago

    OMG he’s soooo Smart he need to go on Agt

  • Lyvella Rose♡
    Lyvella Rose♡ 2 months ago +677

    My mom is a kindergarten teacher and ever since I was 4 years old she would teach me how to sound words, so that I'll be able to pronounce words and read it correctly. Because of my mom, I am now one of the best speakers and debaters in class.

    • Lyvella Rose♡
      Lyvella Rose♡ Month ago

      @Roy Hoeksema Well most children have a hard time being able to read or write. Kindergarten starts at the age of 6 here in the Philippines.

    • Roy Hoeksema
      Roy Hoeksema Month ago +1

      Is it not common for children to be able to read at that age in the US? I remember us having written tests in pre-school (4-5yo)

    • Pippa Dawg
      Pippa Dawg 2 months ago +1

      @Lyvella Rose♡ Most students catch up in comprehension in a couple of years, but some never learn to read for pleasure. Still when it comes to reading most of us are mere amateurs. I would love to read professionally but I don't think that is a real job unless you count lawyers and editors and I don't. The only way to learn to pronounce words correctly is to actually hear the word spoken aloud. You can either ask someone or look it up online. Phonics isn't going to take you past grade school. It is just a tool to help you learn the basics, but you need to graduate to a dictionary and online pronunciation guide. Usage is an entirely different problem and the best way to improve your usage is to read.

    • Lyvella Rose♡
      Lyvella Rose♡ 2 months ago

      @Pippa Dawg From my perspective, I honestly agree with you. I have depended on my skill way too much back then, and because of it, it effected me drastically. But, eventually I learned more after a couple of years. I won't say that I'm a professional in reading or pronouncing words correctly, cause I make mistakes as well.

    • Lyvella Rose♡
      Lyvella Rose♡ 2 months ago +2

      @Redzard Imagine vividly insulting a person because of their specific likes and interest in the internet just because they gave their opinion openly.

  • Jesus Saves Lives
    Jesus Saves Lives 18 days ago +1

    This method is gonna work for me to teach my kids without being overwhelming for us. Thank you for the video!

  • Lucy Baisden
    Lucy Baisden 10 days ago

    I learnt how to read before I started school by sounding words out. then at school, I did sight words and I finished all of the sight word levels within 6 months compared to others who took 2 years. but for me, the sight words were more about pronunciation than reading

  • Em.
    Em. 2 months ago +644

    The smile growing on his face is wholesome.

    • samthegamer5120
      samthegamer5120 Month ago

      @Clutch god gamer and damn walkin at 1 years old sheesh

    • samthegamer5120
      samthegamer5120 Month ago

      @Clutch god gamer i learned to read at 2 years and 7 months

    • ME x2
      ME x2 Month ago

      ​@Clutch god gamer 💀

    • Clutch god gamer
      Clutch god gamer Month ago

      Yup but i learned to walk when I was 1 years old
      That's a good achievement on my part

  • Melody529
    Melody529 16 days ago

    Me who can speak both of my main languages (English and Chinese) at 3 years old: 🗿

  • Ava
    Ava 19 days ago +1

    He slays!

  • りくRiku
    りくRiku Month ago +608

    That’s what my mom did with me. Knowing how to sound is most definitely the key to learning how to read, because it immediately trains your brain to think quicker

  • Gamingxaylex
    Gamingxaylex 16 days ago

    I recognized words before I could even speak💀

  • Luke I.
    Luke I. 9 days ago

    I was behind on sight words in kindergarten and was put into a “learning assistance room” or whatever. My mother taught me how to just sound the words out and magically my reading improved.
    Fuck the public school system, my parents were better at teaching than these people who sit around and complain about low wages all day.

  • Callum Perry
    Callum Perry 2 months ago +696

    He’s a smart kid he’s going places I didn’t talk until I was like 4 years old the fact he’s already reading sentences is amazing

  • Michael AKA vlone-_
    Michael AKA vlone-_ 14 days ago +9

    Tbh I don’t even know how I learned how to read😭😭😂😂

  • Jonathan Mamone
    Jonathan Mamone Day ago

    He Learned to spell at the age of 4 he is the first smallest person that can sound out I think 👏

  • Sara Love
    Sara Love 2 months ago +704

    My 6 year old son reads amazingly well because of both sight reading and sounding words out. They can work together, they don't have to be enemies. He sight reads words he knows, but when he gets to one he doesn't know he works on sounding out the letters

    • Carolyn Chadwick
      Carolyn Chadwick 2 months ago +2

      PS - & Other methods. Close observation is necessary throughout to identify problems & take corrective action as possible, before it becomes permanent. If it cannot corrected, help the child learn to compensate.

    • Carolyn Chadwick
      Carolyn Chadwick 2 months ago +1

      @Sara Love - EXACTLY! The more we learn about the entire process, the more complex it is. Seeing the mouth & facial expressions when speaking are vital - justification for NO masks. Hearing, the mechanics of speech, comprehension, phonetics, definitions, etymologies of words, etc. Individual defects & anxieties, whether from birth or acquired, able to be overcome with speech &/or hearing interventions or therapies. One difficulty is hesitation stammer, which can be caused by a great variety of issues.
      Therefore, an excellent basic teaching technique is the Phonics method, using sight words, sounding out,

    • Meja K
      Meja K 2 months ago +1


    • Thora Risan
      Thora Risan 2 months ago +3

      That's how we teach it here too, start with letter-sound connections, and then start memorizing sight words. It's really important, especially for reading efficiency and for kids with reading difficulties like dyslexia.

  • Meta's Domino Tricks
    Meta's Domino Tricks 12 days ago

    I wanna cry. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ahmad Qishawi
    Ahmad Qishawi 3 days ago

    Aww he's so cute❤😊

  • Bob
    Bob Month ago +1140

    Why does this kid read better than half the people in junior high?😂
    Edit: thx for the likes, I’ve never got this many before😊

  • TommyG853
    TommyG853 7 days ago

    Your boy is so fast at reading

  • Connie Roberts
    Connie Roberts Day ago

    He’s smart😂

  • Itswillvidshorts
    Itswillvidshorts 2 months ago +505

    This is what parenting should look like!♥️

    • Audrey Doyle
      Audrey Doyle Month ago

      For neurotypical children, yes. For neurodivergent, absolutely not

    • Yuuto_ALG
      Yuuto_ALG Month ago

      Asian parents and Muslim parents looking at this comment: ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ

    • Good Man
      Good Man Month ago

      He might not be four

    • Bachira
      Bachira Month ago

      having to go to school as a 4 year old, nah fuck that

    • 레저용[RV]Vern
      레저용[RV]Vern Month ago +2

      It's not the same for everybody 💀

  • Itz_Gacha Layla 💖

    He’s smart enough bro 🤩

  • flop fan
    flop fan 21 day ago

    Me, who was able to type at 2 and at 9 years old was able to type 110 wpm:

  • CookieMe
    CookieMe 2 months ago +685

    as an asian i can confirm that your kid is really good at pronouncing. we asians started reading from like 3-4 years 💀
    man i meant reading a bit FLUENTLY so the average is 3-4. they start reading small words at 2..so pls stop saying it's 2

    • GreenElmental
      GreenElmental Month ago

      no it is 1. well thats when i learned to speak
      im asian too

    • Kyla Barber
      Kyla Barber Month ago

      @zennie 💓 Slay

    • Ally Fin
      Ally Fin Month ago

      @MinutePlant it's normal in the UK, Idk about the US

    • Craig Boone
      Craig Boone 2 months ago

      i am central european and for me its the same

    • Tanishk Kaushik
      Tanishk Kaushik 2 months ago

      Well it depends where you are living ,in India we are expected to not only know how to read in english but also hindi and if there is a regional language by the age of 5

  • 💕Nia💕
    💕Nia💕 Day ago

    True, I knew how to read at 4 before kindergarten, and this is how my parents did it. Teaching my future kids this way, sight words aren't a good teaching strategy.

  • Tristan Labuschagne
    Tristan Labuschagne 7 days ago

    Reading at 4 is common in my area I had entire conversations with much older people at that age,read my first comic somewhere around that time

  • Nabil
    Nabil Month ago +775

    You can see how proud he was ..

    • GreenElmental
      GreenElmental Month ago

      ​@jamol 1. finally someone spoke early

    • jamol
      jamol Month ago

      @CreeperGames360 nice

    • CreeperGames360
      CreeperGames360 Month ago

      ​@jamol 3

    • jamol
      jamol Month ago

      from what age can you read? I can since around 1.5 years old

  • Melania Valerio
    Melania Valerio 15 days ago

    My mind at first: I hopped into a Coffee Shop☕️☕️

  • Tommytbone
    Tommytbone 21 day ago

    This is one of those videos that always pop up on my shorts but I still am not tired of it.

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago +547

    My cousin is 3 years old and he literally speaks perfect English than most of us

    • gecko • 89 years ago
      gecko • 89 years ago Month ago

      @Sana Kashif I don't think anybody believes what you just said. I couldn't even talk.

    • Masteroogwgay mids
      Masteroogwgay mids Month ago

      wait, isn't that overdue? I tought the normal age of learning how to read and write is 2

    • gecko • 89 years ago
      gecko • 89 years ago Month ago

      If he wants to go to Harvard he is going to go to harvard

      XTR NEELAN Month ago

      I remember reading shit while i was three

    • Mr.Raptor
      Mr.Raptor Month ago

      Yeah, I noticed your English isn't particularly perfect.

  • Ashley Branham
    Ashley Branham 5 days ago

    You are a good teacher keep teaching them you could do it

  • Darren Henry
    Darren Henry 14 days ago

    That is a smart child

  • Anya paudel
    Anya paudel 2 months ago +683

    He’s a smart boy. I hope your dad teaches you so much.❤

    • Dixi - Chan
      Dixi - Chan Month ago

      @Renz axel Elepaño what 💀

    • Renz axel Elepaño
      Renz axel Elepaño Month ago

      @Dixi - Chan lol did you try to wrong me because you can talk at six?

    • YouTube's search is suck
      YouTube's search is suck Month ago

      ​@Divization I can read only when I was 8 years old but can speak English at 4 years old
      And yes I do not use English as main language or used them on daily basis 🗿

    • Nic Saunders
      Nic Saunders Month ago

      @Divization same

    • Potentialbread
      Potentialbread Month ago

      4 years old is not very young to learn how to read. I learnt to read at 4 years old and my brother learned to read at around 3y 11 months old

  • fatima renteria
    fatima renteria 14 days ago +1

    I don't know how I learned how to read I just straight up just read

  • SHL24YW 💙🧡
    SHL24YW 💙🧡 21 day ago

    I'll be honest. I can't read till I'm 7. Parent keep making me memorized words by sight 😢 don't let your children be like me to all the new parents out there. On the bright side, once I caught up with reading from sounds, I became the brightest one in class 😊

  • Nicolas Paez
    Nicolas Paez Month ago +573

    As a hispanic speaker, learning word patterns made me improve a lot my pronunciation in English instead of memorize every single word

    • The Master Blaze
      The Master Blaze Month ago

      There's 26 letters and approximately 44 phonetic sounds in English. Learning it is no small feat.

    • Jennifer Aguilera
      Jennifer Aguilera Month ago +1

      Isn't that how Spanish speakers learn to read? It's still hard for kids though. Now I when I was learning English it was different, it was more word for word. I guess my brain did learn a lot of new words I had never heard by associating sounds though.

    • Barney
      Barney Month ago +6

      ​@Roxanne Quiamco cringe

    • Angelina A.
      Angelina A. Month ago +7

      I thought that's how everyone learns new languages... starting with studying alphabet. All my teachers of english, german and spanish(they're all not my mother tongues) started with introducing alphabets and all the letters to me

  • they online
    they online 21 day ago

    Man this kid is smart👯‍♂️👯👯‍♀️👯🍄🍄

  • karma morton-ross
    karma morton-ross 13 days ago

    as soon as i turned 3 my mum chucked the dictionary at me

  • DanGames!!!
    DanGames!!! Month ago +700

    Wow, I hope this kid becomes the best reader ever.

    • Stefandiggsyoat
      Stefandiggsyoat Month ago

      @Alexa_Strawberry Queen04 bro Reading level is adult

    • Alexa_Strawberry Queen04
      Alexa_Strawberry Queen04 Month ago

      ​@StefandiggsyoatCap cause I knew how to read when I was 3! I know impossible but the answer is that I just love reading☕

    • shinzo
      shinzo Month ago

      Oh my gosh guys the best reader ever!

    • zred
      zred Month ago

      i learned how to read when i was 2 and a half, and learned simple maths like additions and subtractions when i was 5

  • Angel
    Angel  2 days ago

    I learned to write at the age of 2-3 and read at the age of 2-3 too 😳 self pride 😗

  • hcatto
    hcatto 12 days ago

    really odd that it’s not a global thing for children to start reading at 4, it’s best that you give them the grasp of letters while they’re still 3, they’ll almost always learn how to read at 4 alone if you do

  • hoh autumn vibes 🩰
    hoh autumn vibes 🩰 2 months ago +850

    As a linguist I can say one thing:
    Phonics helps decode language, meaning it helps with spelling, which helps with reading. But in order to learn to read, an able reader must read regularly to the person

    • Skele Man
      Skele Man Month ago

      ​@Amy Albernaz no but it is, otherwise people would be pronouncing KITE as KIT-EH

    • Sammy Gillespie
      Sammy Gillespie Month ago

      @&yLand Sounding also doesn't make sense in many case. "Four" and "our" would be pronounced the same, for example. And many of the words definitely don't work if you sound out individual letters, requiring knowledge of grouped vowels at a minimum.
      This kid can read because he's being engaged with and absorbing information.

    • rabidsamfan
      rabidsamfan 2 months ago +1

      @&yLand Decoding (sounding it out) and comprehension (understanding what you read) are two different skills. Reading uses both. But trying to go with the shape of words leads to word guessing.

    • Teresa Ellis
      Teresa Ellis 2 months ago

      @Marina Raiu agree.I take advantage of all the webs vastness.I have noticed...in my nephew...he doesn't know how to study.I always took notes and read by chapter.I knew how to pull out the most important ideas to keep on hand to reference back to study.Teaching kids how to do this is a lost tool.Im not saying it's the best tool but it is one.Every person learns different .

    • Amy Albernaz
      Amy Albernaz 2 months ago

      That is so untrue I’m sure it cellars helps but it’s not necessary for one to learn to read.

  • Vigilante_deku66
    Vigilante_deku66 13 days ago

    I learned to read at four! I don’t know many who have the same feat

  • Cooliospidersonic22
    Cooliospidersonic22 18 days ago

    Wow,he read at 4 years old I am just astonished

  • MinisterKampfflieger
    MinisterKampfflieger Month ago +613

    He's so smart, I hope he grow's up to be a nice kid like he is now and his pronounciation is extremely good too.

  • Ummey Tayeba Hoque
    Ummey Tayeba Hoque 4 days ago

    i always wondered how could i read the first novel of my life at six, i guess now i know.

  • dunialagos Lagosdunia
    dunialagos Lagosdunia 17 days ago

    Bro I already learned how to read English at 2-3years old and my first language was spanish

  • Bridget
    Bridget 2 months ago +230

    This is sweet.
    My son was reading at three. We read to him daily (usually by his demand), I turned the subtitles on everything he watched, and we did flash cards for letter sounds. He is on the autism spectrum so that probably had a lot to do with it too.
    Now I teach kindergarten. I love teaching them to read. Once it starts clicking 😭 One of the best things.

    • cintn buzun
      cintn buzun 2 months ago

      ​@Ben Chanthat's so cap🤣🤣

    • Durple Dumpster 2
      Durple Dumpster 2 2 months ago

      I learned to read at 2, I was so addicted to license plates I would read every single one in each parking lot. Then I started reading picture books and eventually simple graphic novels.

    • Kristi Clowers
      Kristi Clowers 2 months ago

      Mine read at 3 also.

    • Ben Chan
      Ben Chan 2 months ago +1

      I was able to read at three years old because my kindergarten was bilingual and was teaching everyone to speak and read both english and chinese yes chinese at three the school system is mad

    • RooferScale
      RooferScale 2 months ago

      My son is on the spectrum and I'm teaching him to read so this is encouraging :)

  • Rj paja
    Rj paja 10 days ago

    His voice is very cuteee❤❤

  • hi
    hi 8 days ago

    I thought every kid knew how to read at 4 ngl

  • 90chops
    90chops 2 months ago +613

    Best dad who teaches there son the sentence❤

    • Matilda Litsey
      Matilda Litsey 2 months ago

      @Gooney You see typos so much you have learned to speak in typos.

    • Dlusgur
      Dlusgur 2 months ago

      @The beanlord /\/\/\ thats what i said

    • Lisa_Queen
      Lisa_Queen 2 months ago +1

      Yep my sister too teach her child to speak now he can speak! In age of 3

  • smg3
    smg3 21 day ago

    His voice is so cute 💕😍♥️🥰.

  • Camplayz
    Camplayz 21 day ago

    That’s how I learned too, I am bilingual so English isn’t my first language, my parents taught me to sound out words and now I won my school’s spelling bee