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Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • PLAID Model S is stupid fast. And is better built than ever. But that yoke tho
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  • DragTimes
    DragTimes Year ago +11131

    Congrats Marques, the steering wheel buttons stress me daily.... should have placed the blinkers like Ferrari does, and some more buttons on the back of the steering wheel that could be customized, forward, reverse, etc...

    • Vincent Nguyen
      Vincent Nguyen Year ago

      @James S okay. Jealous much.

    • Vincent Nguyen
      Vincent Nguyen Year ago

      @M neither is getting laid.

    • Vincent Nguyen
      Vincent Nguyen Year ago

      You’re just to old to to remember where all the buttons are.

    • Harry "Nic" Nicholas
      Harry "Nic" Nicholas Year ago

      @IvoG yep.

    • Silimarina
      Silimarina Year ago

      @T R Better at what? 0.3s faster in 0-60? Do you think that 0-60 makes a car great? What are you, 12? And since when is Taycan 0-60 in 2.4-2.5s slow? Taycan is better at things that matter more. Like a better interior and exterior quality, better fit and finish, better ride quality, better handling, faster charging....

  • George Bethanis
    George Bethanis Year ago +1134

    The tesla steering "wheel" looks good, but is dangerous as fuck. The classic round steering wheel is a better design because it enables you to grab the steering wheel from any angle. Its more accessible, especially when you need to quickly grab the wheel with both hands to do a last munite maneuver to avoid something.

    • KyleWyle
      KyleWyle Day ago

      Everybody has those type of Cars I don't want a car that everyone has I'm used too seeing cars like that so yeah the car it self doesn't have any worth if everybody has the car it's worth nothing

    • anonymoose noname
      anonymoose noname 3 months ago

      @Oneshot1kill i’m 17 and agree, i like the idea of electric cars but teslas (and basically everything elon musk does) looks good on paper, but doesn’t work in practice

    • MeSaber
      MeSaber 3 months ago

      @Jake But then you cant complain you dont have any control either if you dont do as instructed.
      This Yoke is made for people who obey the traffic rules, that doesnt seem to be you according to your statements.

    • Jake
      Jake 3 months ago

      @MeSaber no one I have ever driven with keeps 2 hands on the wheel at all times

    • MeSaber
      MeSaber 3 months ago

      @Jake rules are rules you know. What you do on your own is not how everyone should do it. So the car shouldnt be adapted to the wrongdoers.

  • Badabing
    Badabing 10 months ago +81

    Love how innovative Tesla and Elon is in general. But sometimes there just is no reason to full reinvent the wheel.

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown 17 hours ago

    16:04 you are the tech forward person

  • Bosco Bontell
    Bosco Bontell Year ago +60

    Honestly speaking, I am for everything in this new model; however, I am against the new yoke; almost everyone has experienced this; if you're making a sharp turn that requires nearly 360 rotation sometimes, you slip grabbing the steering wheel, and you'll get hold of it pretty first because it's round. With this, I believe that it's not that easy to grab the yoke if you slip, and that's risky. Again, the horn they should have just stuck with the old method; how long will It take me to locate that button and I am also keeping my eyes on the road for some fools trying to cut me off at an exit or some dudes trying to cross when the lights are already green, that's an emergency situation, and I need my eyes on the road.

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams Year ago +1645

    Simple, critical analysis. That’s why I love this guy’s reviews.

    • ;-;
      ;-; 3 months ago

      @dr99 I just thought about it and what do you want a car journalist to review ? The engine ? It Doesn’t have one dude 🤦‍♂️ the only things to review is the seats, trunk, frunk, and tech

    • Mushman Peets
      Mushman Peets Year ago

      @Darrell Moore GTFOH with you religious biblical nonsense. We doing car analysis here, how did it turn into a religious rabble - babble blab fest. Go to your church and chill, fool.

    • vimal tirkey
      vimal tirkey Year ago

      @22Century Girl why do you criticize everyone

    • 22Century Girl
      22Century Girl Year ago +1

      @vimal tirkey why don't you be original

    • vimal tirkey
      vimal tirkey Year ago

      @22Century Girl alright do yours then

  • Steven Dumont
    Steven Dumont Year ago +16

    Marques, I'm a newcomer to your channel. Man, you are very thorough, very honest, and very real in your day-to-day reviews of EVs...Loved the F-150 Review, Loved the Rivian review, and loved this review. Great job staying objective for the weary and interested but more importantly to yourself! Great Job young man!

  • Angel Cairo
    Angel Cairo Year ago +5

    Do you think they could fix that with a software update? They could just disable the touch on the wheel as one turns. It does make me interested in certain small decisions with those items.

  • Vasilis A
    Vasilis A Year ago +4

    Dear Marque, that was a "word class" description about the most weird decisions Tesla engineers and marketing took.. the yoke.
    Really I enjoyed so much the way you approached and describe your experience with the steering wheel.
    This is the reason you have so many subscribers in this channel. You have a "charisma" as we are using to say in Greece.
    Keep up the good work you are doing!
    Take care 🙋‍♂️

  • Bright Right Info
    Bright Right Info Year ago +5

    When I started watching I had lots of thoughts in my mind about the steering's design, horn, and buttons and I was also thinking about our mind who does not has practice of this. But you discuss and explained everything very well. Thank you!

  • Chris Majestic
    Chris Majestic Year ago +677

    Fantastic video. As expected, you coveted a lot of stuff that other people didn't cover in their videos.

    • WokeNFree
      WokeNFree Year ago

      @Carlos Sales I think Doug Demuro gets the Car review nod. Has a system like Car and Driver for ranking cars.

    • Darrell Moore
      Darrell Moore Year ago +1

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      Ancient Semitic Direct Translation
      Yad - "Behold The Hand"
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    • Benito Smith
      Benito Smith Year ago

      @HD_POWER didn’t ask if you cared thou and I didn’t ask or cared to ask if you had anymore cars or if it’ll be your everyday car just so play saying the horn is in a weird location 😂 lol

    • HD_POWER
      HD_POWER Year ago

      @Benito Smith I don't care. This won't be my everyday car to stab a horn! It's similar to the guy who make fun of Lambos because to be able to make then start the engine you will need a long process. Or Pagani etc. These cars need Special Unique Funky Experience.

    • Nicholas Conklin
      Nicholas Conklin Year ago

      He did what 😢😢😢😢

  • Joe Spavin
    Joe Spavin Year ago +6

    A really great review Marques. First time on this channel and impressed with your knowledge and thoughts on the Plaid. Keep up the good work.

  • Tushar Gupta
    Tushar Gupta 4 months ago +2

    I really like the tech and the speed of the Tesla Plaid, but that yoke is a no no for me. It is too much of a danger and I know that I will be falling off a cliff in no time. Gonna stick with a full steering wheel. I really hope they don't make such a decision in model 3 and model y.

  • Marcos Pereira Bento
    Marcos Pereira Bento 11 months ago +1

    Thanks for the great video! To answer your question, think one could have the option for a regular steering wheel or the yoke! Think that would actually better sales as some drivers are not so keen on the change! Maybe Tesla will reevaluate this in time 😅

  • Al Johnson
    Al Johnson 10 months ago +5

    Good review. I just got my 2022 Plaid. As a 40+ year driver, even "I" learned the yoke in a few drives. For me the challenge is going from my Model X (Raven) to the S plaid. That's when I have to recall/react to the Yoke all over again, or the steering wheel and multiple stocks. Not an issue, but an observation. Secondly, when I got my first Tesla it seemed odd that Tesla didn't have a blind spot warning in the mirrors. Now as the software and hardware has progressed, it seems that Tesla's long-term plan is not for the person in the front (the monitor, if you will), monitors the car to drive, park, lane changes and traffic, etc. So the yoke may be an evolutionary step. When, if Level 4 is achieved this year, or nest in Elon-time, the person in the driver's set won't need touch haptics and human feed back to "monitor" the cars movement. Consider driving on the highway in FSD, the role is more monitoring than driving (assuming auto lane change, etc. enabled).
    Great, and concise review as always!

    • Chris De Wet
      Chris De Wet 6 months ago

      As a long time gamer, driver (30 odd years) i tend to drive with one hand and strong hand just rests on my second left seat (our steering wheels are on the right of the car). The yoke reminds me of the first controllers for ps2 that came out and i remember people yelling how uglly and unyieldly it is. Fast forward a few years and i dont think i am even bothered by my hands operating my controllers. I think with new muscle memory people will adapt. Im thinking they should have two versions, yoke and steering wheel. As for the buttons, at some date in the future someone will 3d print clicky things that will be able to go over those buttons and change it. Some will adapt, some wont. Remember people muscle memory can be retrained.

    • King Iam
      King Iam 7 months ago

      could of gotten an even better more comfortable vehicle for the same price. tesla is way overpriced for a subpar vehicle

  • 0ldB0y
    0ldB0y Year ago +3576

    Me as a broke and poor person that I can't afford a bicycle, watching carefully the video of Marques and very worried about the steering wheel problem :)

    • emes
      emes 2 days ago


    • Imran
      Imran 6 days ago

      Then you need to start working or pursue higher education.

    • Hard Choices Official
      Hard Choices Official 13 days ago

      Same bro preparing for the day Where I’ll become rich

    • Reality
      Reality 17 days ago


    • The Truth
      The Truth 22 days ago +1

      😂your not alone 😂

  • Liam Welsh
    Liam Welsh Year ago +3

    I think the yoke its self is fine as well and it's the buttons that are a problem. The big one for me is the horn. The horn is something that you need to be able to use in an instant. I can think of many times where I was cut off and if I honked a second later, I would of been hit.

  • Lawrence Ospina
    Lawrence Ospina 8 months ago

    Good review. The wheel would seem to take some getting used to. I think the change from portrait to landscape is good. Although that's probably just personal preference

  • Love EL Pierre
    Love EL Pierre Year ago +1

    Hey @mkbhd, would you take a yoke steering with buttons, but as a remedy to the forward/reverse issue, institute a jet pitch mechanism? Like maybe have a locking feature so it’s not accidentally triggered when you’re driving down the road, but after releasing it would allow you to push to go forward, or pull to reverse 🤔 I think that would be interesting

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Year ago +1

    Highly agree on the wheel. It's not broke and we're all trained over decades to feel the car that way. Excellent video, really good points.

  • Rick Kilbrai
    Rick Kilbrai Year ago +457

    I love tech, big touch screens, etc., but some physical buttons are actually a very good thing in a car.

    • Matej Žižanović
      Matej Žižanović 5 days ago

      I absolutely hate big flat screens in a car... I cant believe this is the trend now. Im disgusted.

    • Stairwave
      Stairwave Year ago

      @Skylancer727 the buttons on the steering wheel can be used to change volume

    • Skylancer727
      Skylancer727 Year ago +1

      @One Of Zero Yeah I can't live without physical buttons. I just can't get good muscle memory for touch screen controls especially if they update the firmware and move things. At least give me a physical nob for the audio volume and AC. Those two are ones touch screen controls either can't be as accurate with or are harder to just go to and change on the go.

    • Classified
      Classified Year ago +1

      @One Of Zero Couldn't have said it better
      Kinda a deal breaker for me
      Same thing with the first manned SpaceX Launch Rocket can't see any button only one big ass screen it feel to cartoonish for me

    • Classified
      Classified Year ago

      Thank you!

  • Kathy VanDoren
    Kathy VanDoren 5 months ago +4

    Great review as always Marcus. I appreciate your objectivity, candor, and the fact that you are well spoken. You know what you're talking about and your sentiments reflect what a lot of people are thinking about this car. The yolk is one thing, but there should be raised buttons on the back of each side of the steering wheel for the turn signals(as with some Ferraris) and the horn definitly needs to be placed in the middle again. That is a safety issue to prevent people from lane drifting, stepping out in front of you, roundabouts, or Slackers who aren't watching the stop light turn green.
    I really love the car, as long range, but as it is now, the buttons, not the yoke, are a DEALBREAKER. Safety is important. Why doesn't a car with so many cameras provide a 360 bird's-eye view for parking when cars that cost half as much do?!

  • Tim Wong
    Tim Wong 10 months ago +3

    I have installed the yoke on my 2018 model 3 and really like it. The big difference is that my model 3 has the two stalks and makes it easier to use, without the extra functions on the yoke. Did not take a long time to get use to, have always driven with my hands on the nine and three o’clock position.

  • InsaneFlying
    InsaneFlying Year ago +11

    Very interesting with the yoke... here in the uk I'm taking driving lessons and we're taught to steer with a push pull method and not to cross our arms over when moving the wheel.
    With the new yoke you're basically forced to spin your arms around to steer..

    • aaron hall
      aaron hall 11 months ago

      Dont “feed” the wheel, its dangerous

  • Harry Giles
    Harry Giles 6 days ago +1

    As usual for you this review adds in so much detail that everyone else misses. Thanks Marques!

  • Vivek Sevak
    Vivek Sevak Year ago +1227

    This car seems like a whole lot of "engineering solutions to problems that don't really exist"...

    • Medon Home Improvements LLC
      Medon Home Improvements LLC 7 months ago

      There are those who "get it" and those who don"t. You obviously are one of those who don"t!

    • Shoaib K
      Shoaib K 7 months ago

      Unsurprisingly people are trying to justify these things because they believe in the “brand” and how it’s going to be the new norm to have something as stupid as the yolk

    • Trevor R
      Trevor R Year ago

      @DunkMcFunk hand over hand

    • DunkMcFunk
      DunkMcFunk Year ago

      @Trevor R But you have to constantly let go of it to readjust your hand position when turning. it's not better in any way

    • Nicholas T
      Nicholas T Year ago

      @M My, my aren’t you touchy?
      I just thought you might want to relate your experiences with your new Plaid. I was assuming you had one, because you know, you’re obviously so rich, judging by the way you were running people down (with negative opinions on the yoke) by suggesting that they couldn’t afford one.
      So clearly you have one, don’t you M? Tell us all about it.

  • Sandy Bearr
    Sandy Bearr 3 months ago

    good review! totally agree with the cons -- some traditional car's physical buttons or gear handle (knob) exists for reason . They allow driver to make fast, precise and instinctive reactions in vital situation based on the muscle memory, and drivers don't need to look down to the screen to play with it all the time , providing more attention to focus on the road rather than to find the certain touch screen menu. Maybe because Tesla is propagating the AP and driverless cars idea , it de-emphasis the drive's importance ? Just my own thought -- based on a driver's experience

  • Mark_B
    Mark_B 6 months ago

    If I may, I have a couple recommendations to Tesla. First, some, or all of the buttons can be deactivated at moments of yoke turns beyond 90 degrees. Also, because the outer edge of the “yoke” still moves in a circle, I suppose a spin-able knob can be mounted just above where the hand grabs onto the yoke for a lock-to-lock motion that would mimic the round motion of a steering “wheel”.
    Note to Elon Musk: if you find this recommendation useful feel free to send me a check.

  • My own show
    My own show Month ago

    Great review, valid points. Interesting that they don’t make these observations before production 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Connor Abdulai
    Connor Abdulai Year ago +1

    I think in tears of the steering wheel making a half circle with the horizontal downwards would have been a good starting point to get people use to it.
    So by adjustment you can either do NSEW depending on view that is post preferable.

  • nicole nyte
    nicole nyte Year ago +668

    The story about your registration getting sucked into the abyss then shot out like a receipt was sending me my man

    • Philorg Neopolotin
      Philorg Neopolotin Year ago +1

      I’m literally amazed to see you here. Been checking up on your Twitter and channel every so often and was unsure what to think. Hope you’re doing well!

    • Jay Pryor
      Jay Pryor Year ago +2

      I am older. And yes you are right the buttons and all the new changes are a little scary. But overall I liked your review and the car! First time watching you, nice job.

    • Kareem Abdulmajeed
      Kareem Abdulmajeed Year ago +7

      I don't think I've ever laughed this hard over someone explaining their misfortune.

    • Raphael Lee
      Raphael Lee Year ago +1


    • Mohamed Ismail
      Mohamed Ismail Year ago +9

      I watched you in 2017 from clash royale.

  • gravepilot
    gravepilot 11 months ago +1

    The steering wheel is my favorite part of the car, idk why everyone in the comments are hating on it

  • burtnolan
    burtnolan 7 months ago +1

    I’ve been driving for 58 years and would LOVE TO TRY this new system! I don’t think it would take but 10 minutes to fall in love with it. Not a single worry.

  • Ker Kare
    Ker Kare 6 months ago

    Dude I love your reviews! Glad to see your still putting out great content. I am waiting on my Long Range Model S Red.

  • Macumbeiro
    Macumbeiro Year ago +3

    I would have made the steering wheel transparent if visibility was the issue, I bet there exist some material that can be used that is safe and practical.

  • Epppi
    Epppi Year ago +295

    Cannot imagine turning my "wheel" 200 degrees for a round-a-bout then having to find the turn signals for exiting the round-a-bout. Mind-boggling design.

    • Miguel Jardim
      Miguel Jardim Year ago

      They could add drive by wire to make the angle of rotation 180 degrees instead of 360. Problem solved, hands don't need to move on the yoke plus touch sensitive buttons won't be pressed accidentally.

    • Win Coffin
      Win Coffin Year ago +1

      @Autunite My prediction: Tesla will begin to offer a round steering wheel, and some fixed solution (old stalk??) for blinker etc... for European customers. Then, and only then, it'll become an option in the U.S. At least that's the best I can hope for....

    • ymcpa73
      ymcpa73 Year ago +2

      @Filip Yokes are used on race cars that don't have turn signals and never try to parallel park. That is why the turn signal and gear selector stalks were placed right next to your hands for easy access.

    • ymcpa73
      ymcpa73 Year ago +2

      @T D Actually most of the things about this car are good. The choices for the steering wheel are bad.

    • Sid
      Sid Year ago +10

      Another issue with the yoke is that you have to “cross the wheel” while turning it; your arm crosses the airbag, so if you crash while turning you’ll break your arm with the airbag going off. Whereas a standard wheel allows you to “feed the wheel” and remain as close to the 9-3 mark as possible, your arm doesn’t cross the wheel.

  • pjlenz
    pjlenz Year ago

    Great breakdown. Car looks dope, only issues are the steering wheel & breaks in my opinion.

  • Nelson Hollins
    Nelson Hollins 8 months ago

    You've definitely given me something to think about. Maybe I missed it, but I thought the steering wheel was optional from the regular steering wheel. I'll have to reevaluate!

  • Marc Wettmer
    Marc Wettmer 8 months ago +1

    Honesty and sharing the unbiased own view is key in success and retaining credibility. And this is why i love your videos/reviews so much! Exceptional work...over and over again!! Keep it on. Greetings from Switzerland

  • Roberto Manue
    Roberto Manue Year ago

    Good review Marques
    Honestly tesla been a top tech manufacturer I’m really surprised how they introduced this airplane steering wheel (yoke) without applying a progressive steering rack
    This type of steering wheel (yoke) shouldn’t never go over 90 degrees sideways, bmw introduced in 2004 on 5 series (e60 and e61) progressive adaptive steering system for parking!
    Complete turn of the wheels on one turn of steering wheel
    Would be a different experience with 90 maximum turn of the yoke … don’t you agree?

  • Esteban Lee
    Esteban Lee Year ago +839

    The horn should be the easiest "button" to hit, having to reach that button in an awkward position could cost a life. I thought that was regulated and changing the position was illegal.

    • name name
      name name Year ago

      @jon vanbrunning read the manual to honk a mfing horn? Get real.
      You'll defend tesla for anything.

    • Insane RAR
      Insane RAR Year ago

      @T K LMFAO this has to be the funniest comment I've read today, and I've been watching nothing but shitposts. "people barely honk in America" is a blatant LIE. I highly doubt you live in America, because that statement is ignorant AF.

    • T K
      T K Year ago

      @Enzo Morf no ones apologizing, I’m guessing a Tesla reasoning other than “ they did it to save cost” which it might not. I dunno how the hell haptic touch pads are ever cheaper than plastic/ metal analog buttons. You either like their design or not. You wouldn’t be the first person to not like somebody’s design and you sure as hell won’t be the last so stop acting like it’s the end of the world.

    • T K
      T K Year ago

      People barely honk in America. if they’re in actual danger Tesla is hoping their tech will respond faster than a person anyways. At least that’s what I believe they’re aiming for.

    • Hugo Gijzen
      Hugo Gijzen Year ago +2

      I think that you need to read the manual for the horn is rediculous.

  • ralphg63
    ralphg63 Year ago +1

    Great video. Thank you for thinking out loud. This 58 yr old would have a hard time with no creature comfort buttons. The forward and reverse swipe hidden behind the wheel is a fail. I would love to drive it once, but not want to own it for a daily driver

  • Widdermaker
    Widdermaker Year ago +1

    Excellent abridged review. I love everything about the new Model S’s and X’s EXCEPT THE YOKE!!! I have a 2016 Model S P100DL with perforated seats and free unlimited Supercharging (and an opening pano sunroof!). Only 51K miles. I think I’ll be keeping it for awhile. Unless Tesla offers a regular steering wheel. BTW - my 2016 Ludicrous Model S listed for $160,900 - $6K more than the new Plaid Model S. Luckily we had the $7,500 tax credit back then. Maybe we will again!

  • Gunny Sgt
    Gunny Sgt 11 months ago +7

    Great video! Like you said, the Tesla fit & finish makes it a hard pass for me. I would have thought they would have concentrated on a true luxury model with all of the upcoming competition. As it stands, the Mercedes EQS and Lucid Air would be on my short list. I suspect the "yoke" will go away in time as it looks ridiculous.

    • Gunny Sgt
      Gunny Sgt 8 months ago

      @Mr Bleich Except the Tesla [Plaid included] isn't the fastest car on the street or even a true sports car. That aside I do see your point but still believe Tesla positioned the Model S more as a luxury vehicle and sort of forgot the luxury.

    • Mr Bleich
      Mr Bleich 8 months ago

      That isn't the focus. Imagine being the fastest car on the street, then crying about interior perfections. lol simple

  • S. Chris H
    S. Chris H Year ago +5

    Beautiful car, great video, that yoke and new shifter are absolute deal breakers for me. Epic fail by Musk for not allowing an option here. I don’t see this sticking.

  • Damion Dice
    Damion Dice 23 days ago

    From a safety standpoint I think the yoke is an amazing invention. The touch buttons though ruined it.

  • crmags
    crmags Year ago +1

    Removing the steering wheel stalks, changing the horn removing the shifter, these weren't problems that needed to be fixed.
    Most of those functions are not something you want to be fumbling around trying to get the touch sensor to work.
    Definitely non-starters for me.

  • Affluent Nerd
    Affluent Nerd 7 months ago

    I ordered one for delivery this fall, and I completely agree. The yoke is cool, the formless touch sensitive buttons are terrible, and even worse is the horn situation. I'm actually really pissed about how stupid this is when the rest of the car is so amazingly cool and well done.

  • Corus
    Corus Year ago +2

    With some improvements on the signaling and the display overlap, among other things, the yoke is here to stay, for practical reasons. I believe we get used to it, and more especially future drivers, we will have fewer accidents as a result of having to turn the steering wheel more than necessary, more especially at sharp curves.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Year ago +334

    *Me, a broke 20-something year old watching a review of a $140k car*
    You know what? The steering wheel is the deal breaker for me

    • Alex Valdez
      Alex Valdez 5 months ago

      @Solder Me Cold I fix ac halp price of you.

    • Solder Me Cold
      Solder Me Cold Year ago

      I don’t have air conditioning, but I do have a full leather wrapped steering wheel with physical buttons. Luxury

    • Software Phil
      Software Phil Year ago +1


    • Josh TheTechnoShaman
      Josh TheTechnoShaman Year ago

      me: I'll wait for the next generation model.... In the next lifetime.

    • ah yes
      ah yes Year ago +1

      Me with my $3000 honda accord

  • David Lawson
    David Lawson Month ago

    I reckon the next major update to the Model S will give the option of normal or Yoke.
    I drive a Model 3 and find the drivestalk on the right of the steering wheel brilliant, as well as the normal indicator stalk on the left, and should use those with the Yoke in the Model S. Or maybe just change the touch buttons for Drive etc to actual buttons.

  • Vams
    Vams Year ago +5

    Yoke steering wheel is not inconvenient, but we are used to the wheel-shaped steering wheel as we always used it in cars, so it feels like that. It is probably a matter of habituation in our brain.

  • jmsmiandrew
    jmsmiandrew 9 months ago

    i probably watched the first 10 seconds like 10 times lol. the reactions to the takeoff are awesome

  • magloire israel
    magloire israel 11 months ago

    Great review and the car is great but we need old school options for the signal the steering and the horn ✌

  • Zed
    Zed Year ago +1826

    BMW driver stereotype: never uses a signal while changing lanes.
    Tesla driver stereotype: turns on both signals, the windshield wipers, honks the horn and turns on the radio while making a turn

    • duglandp
      duglandp Year ago


    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi Year ago

      Thats all of tesla signals for you

    • Julio Torricelli
      Julio Torricelli Year ago

      That's for the people with big egos , to show how they ignore everybody around them.

    • Don R. Wetter
      Don R. Wetter Year ago

      Best comment yet 😂

    • TalesOfWar
      TalesOfWar Year ago +2

      @Robert P People tend to notice the BMW (and Audi, more so) because they also drive like twats while ignoring the turn signal. It's like the icing on the cake of their douchery.

  • Peter Conley
    Peter Conley 7 months ago

    My first car, a 1997 Saturn SL2, had horn buttons at 4:30 and 7:30 on the wheel. It was really dangerous having to find them when there was more than about 60° of steering lock.

  • Marvin White
    Marvin White Year ago

    I enjoy your reviews! You have a great talent of communication. The very best to you.

  • Erik Vermeulen
    Erik Vermeulen Year ago +1

    Great video..respect for Marques.. an excellent, honest, knowledgable impression of my dream car.

  • rusty728
    rusty728 Year ago

    Awesome job on this video, but this yoke would not be for me.... I’d switch it out for a regular wheel from the other Tesla models.

  • Mathijs
    Mathijs Year ago +891

    It's clear this car is made for America, imagine going round a roundabout and having to indicate you are going off while turning that yoke around.

    • David H
      David H Year ago

      @Brandon Yammine You're required to indicate as you exit a roundabout in Australia. And there's a lot of roundabouts in Australia.

    • André
      André Year ago

      @Barry Not true. It's mandatory to indicate when leaving a roundabout in Europe. You can get a ticket if not (or be blamed if having an accident).

    • I am The one
      I am The one Year ago

      We don’t want it either as in “Americans” who wants to push a button to signal a turn like tf.

    • Miguel Jardim
      Miguel Jardim Year ago

      They could add drive by wire to make the angle of rotation 180 degrees instead of 360. Problem solved, hands don't need to move on the yoke plus touch sensitive buttons won't be pressed accidentally.

    • Миша Ларченко
      Миша Ларченко Year ago

      @Freedom of course u do, somewhere. In Europe you have one every 100 meters in the city

  • Mehbob Pasha
    Mehbob Pasha 11 months ago +1

    I ve been driving since so many years and with all my experience i must say that the safety lies first in the hands of the driver that is the steering wheel if it is compromised for looks than the all are at risk while driving becoz the driver cannot make quick responses while in any situations which requires very quick response. so its a bad idea for changing the wheel design at all.

  • marty lanz
    marty lanz Year ago

    The steering yoke takes a little getting used to but it is fun. My complaint is the sliding shifter on the main screen, I would rather have the soft were option, to have a SIMPLE D and R touch button on the screen in the upper left location instead of sliding arrows or as an option. Marty Lanz

  • 1Mikesofocused
    1Mikesofocused 2 months ago

    Question how long does it take for it to complete charge from a low charge like roughly how many minutes/hours?

  • Duncan James
    Duncan James Year ago

    All I think they're really missing is a customizable dial below the touchscreen, for audio, temp, etc

  • Brooks Holt
    Brooks Holt Year ago +6186

    I expect 3rd party steering wheels being real popular to combat a lot of these yoke and touch button issues. If they can be retrofitted and function 100%.

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu 6 months ago

      @Vance exactly

    • Vance
      Vance 6 months ago

      yeah everybody wants to know about the steering wheel, when does he talk about that? im not gonna scrub this whoel freaking video jeez man make some time stamps in your videos

    • Javian Brown
      Javian Brown 6 months ago

      @SwissnessVd There will me some that like it, even if it’s objectively less practical, all this would be fine if there was a version without it or a way to change it without pissing Tesla off. Options aren’t a bad thing

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu 6 months ago

      @SwissnessVd yoke is a joke man. Especially if you drive only in Europe.

    • Javian Brown
      Javian Brown 7 months ago +1

      @TheLeewi98 You'd be surprised. The beauty of many cars is that you can kind of change what you want to fit your preference and needs and more than half the time that means going via a 3rd party. The main problem is just that Tesla doesn't like when you mess with your car and many people don't like everything that's on it by default (cause we're all different)

  • Logan Jackson
    Logan Jackson 7 months ago

    Absolutely amazing review! you knocked it out the park once again..

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael Hardy 10 months ago

    For a yoke to function properly, it needs to only turn 90 degrees in each direction.
    This would need it to be steer by wire with force feed back and no actual connection to the rack and yoke. Allowing it to stop you from over turning at speed.

  • raxx
    raxx Year ago +14

    Dude the present day is insaaane. These days and even more in the future, we'll be like "how fast does your car go?" "163 MPH but it will get increased to 200 MPH the next software update"

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam Year ago

    What I want to know is how does it do on the curves and what is the high speed stability like? Software can fix suspension setup and aerodynamics

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +546

    That steering "wheel" is a perfect example of design over function

    • 先生CherryPepsi
      先生CherryPepsi Year ago

      @Malik Emad Okay that means nothing lmao

    • Eric Glueckert
      Eric Glueckert Year ago +1

      @xWris3 it's a steering yoke, even some articles say so, I know about yokes in planes.

    • xWris3
      xWris3 Year ago +3

      @Eric Glueckert No it's not a yoke, a yoke is used on planes and you can pull and push with those. This is just utter shit and as Alex said, a perfect example of design over function.

    • Eric Glueckert
      Eric Glueckert Year ago

      It's a yoke.

    • Vinny Pro
      Vinny Pro Year ago +8

      That steering wheel looks like it would be just awful to drive with.

  • TheUtgardian Channel

    I actually think stoping people from using the horn when someone gets in their way will force them to the the actual right thing wich is dodging, I've seen so many people using the horn instead of braking or turning and then just crashing when it was avoidable

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 Year ago +11

    I remember when I used to be anti EVs and then someone told that I never have to go to a public place to refuel my car again. That's a huge selling point to introverts like me. 😄

    • Robert MacCready
      Robert MacCready 11 months ago +1

      So, you don't travel more than 100 or so miles from your house? You've never sat waiting to get a charger slot? Spent hours in the back of a truck stop in line for a charger?

  • Danny Danix
    Danny Danix Year ago

    I watch your videos esp. electronic gadgets and you're definitely a tech-head with a pretty much unbiased opinion. But most of all you speak clear and explain well. But regarding this Tesla S Plaid I have to admit a friend that test drove it loved the speed, acceleration but the steering wheel is soooo uncomfortable. It's like a F1 race car, pretty ridiculous. THANX 4 THE VIDEO !!

  • Edward Florentine
    Edward Florentine 6 months ago

    I actually quite like the touch sensitive buttons. I wouldn't really be a fan of physical buttons

  • Reeve
    Reeve Year ago +1587

    The yoke is a deal breaker for me, aside from the fact that well, I’m poor.

    • viperswhip
      viperswhip Year ago

      You can get the steering wheel replaced quite easily.

    • Victor
      Victor Year ago

      @Raymond Jack Visibility? well thats true even tho visibility with a normal steering wheel was any problem anyways, safety on autonomous driving mode? how is removing the upper part of a steering wheel any safer than having the whole thing? actually u don't even touch the steering wheel when the car is driving itself so whats the point? since a circular steering wheel is way more ergonomical when driving manually, touch surface door customization? idk what u mean by that, and a touch surface can be easily implemented on a circular wheel instead of a yoke wheel so that's not an advantage

    • Raymond Jack
      Raymond Jack Year ago

      @Victor And no one asked for the iPhone either

    • Raymond Jack
      Raymond Jack Year ago

      @Victor Let me repeat myself here. When the iPhone came out, trust me you could not see any advantage to it over buttons. Now you see it, because you have no choice.

    • Victor
      Victor Year ago

      @Raymond Jack im pretty sure no one and i mean no one asked tesla to make a steering yoke to be implemented in their cars, so no im not just talking about myself there buddy. And a touchscreen has multiple advantage over a keyboard phone, tell me what advantage a yoke has over a normal steering wheel. Ergonomics certainly isn’t one of them

  • Bob Leone
    Bob Leone Year ago

    Great insights. Thank you Marques. Best of luck with the PLAID!

  • Andres
    Andres Year ago

    Car is beautiful man the interior looks great for the amount you pay, that’s always been my downfall with my 3p

  • Ekko City
    Ekko City 10 months ago

    This guy is amazing, he notices everything. He need to be a consultant for most companies he reviews :)

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 10 months ago

    It’s a great idea for 3022. I can see where Tesla is going and this Yoke makes sense in the grand scheme of that future. AI driven cars with little to no human interaction?! It would make sense that you wouldn’t need the traditional controls.
    But the major con right now is that we live in a hybrid reality. Where majority of the cars on the road are neither fully autonomous or only partially autonomous.
    So I agree, I would have transformed the steering wheel into a yoke over time.

  • AJ Haywire
    AJ Haywire Year ago +1322

    The thing about classic wheel with stalks is I can indicate, use the horn and wipers immediately regardless of the steering wheel position. Not being able to do any of these at an instant is alarming.

    • Kathy VanDoren
      Kathy VanDoren 5 months ago +1

      Well said, I agree. Tesla definitely needs to do something about both issues especially the horn. The horn is a safety feature especially for people starting to turn into your lane on double lane highways . As for the wipers, the problem there is turning them on accidentally while turning that yolk around which I've seen other people do on Clip-Share.

    • Just Jack
      Just Jack 5 months ago +1

      turn will be an issue... thats not even drivable where i live. why so many electric cars when the grid is so limitted 💁

    • Voltaire
      Voltaire 7 months ago +1

      @bones 68 I have saved lives with my horn. I live in NYC and have to drive down to Manhattan and Brooklyn a lot from Queens. People here have no regard for their lives

    • bones 68
      bones 68 7 months ago

      @Voltaire ive never seen the horn save anyones life, its just for pissed people or to be used to get someone's attention from outside their house

    • Javian Brown
      Javian Brown 7 months ago +1

      @Richard Bear in mind it's an electric car so it has no sound. You'll probably need to use it for Pedestrians, Cyclists and even animals especially if you can't stop quickly enough. People won't hear you coming in an electric car


    It’s honestly an amazing vehicle… however the brakes are atrocious. I highly recommend upgrading the breaks and going to unplugged performance.

  • M the Guy
    M the Guy 11 months ago

    Ive worked all my life, making 250k/yr now and debt free. I still can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a car that appears it’s going to lose 50% of its value in 36mos. Also, can understand how anyone under 30 can afford one if they’re working towards anything that will get them to retirement.
    Great video and presentation

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan Year ago

    Whats interesting is that not the reaction of different passengers eCh time the car is launched, its marques reaction...the force on his face everytime he puts the foot down.
    Serious power under that motor

  • Dave smith
    Dave smith Year ago

    Hope the steering wheel is safe enough for someone who been driving for 30 years with the regular ones.

  • thewhofan
    thewhofan Year ago +5184

    Officer: "Can I see your license and registration please?"
    You: Sorry, my car ate it"

    • 👺samurai boi
      👺samurai boi Year ago +1

      Sorry elon musk stole my license and my registration is at my office

    • Hassan HB
      Hassan HB Year ago


    • Prakhar Gupta
      Prakhar Gupta Year ago

      Silicon Valley fans: Let the officer drive the car in ludicrous mode

    • HoneyLemonYT
      HoneyLemonYT Year ago


    • Michael
      Michael Year ago +1

      Oh fuck i spilled the half chewed cherrys out of my mouth directly into my Phone when he began to talk about it. Sick thing. Didnt laugh like that for monthes.

  • S W
    S W Year ago

    Is there something you can attach to the yoke to make it (feel like) a complete steering wheel?

  • Andy K
    Andy K Year ago

    You have a great deal of tolerance towards the new steering control, but I am sensing in your words that it’s time to rename it to joke steering. With all being said, if they wanted to make it somewhat right, it shouldn’t turn more than 90deg either way. Improved fit and finish clearly evident @2:24 - front door moulding peeling up.

  • Rex Arms Crypto
    Rex Arms Crypto Year ago

    I see a very good opportunity for someone to create an extension for this wheel to make it "normal"

  • mynametrong
    mynametrong 10 months ago

    Just imagine... an entire team of engineers and designers create one of the greatest performing cars in the world, and they all collectively agreed that ruining that with an ugly steering wheel was a good idea. Whenever I have imposter syndrome at my work, I'll always think back to this car to make myself feel better.

  • Tedward
    Tedward Year ago +1054

    Those steering wheel buttons would drive me bonkers. Can't wait to get my hands on the Plaid.

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat 8 months ago

      Lol...that's a strange collection of sentences. So the steering wheel drives you insane, yet you can't wait to buy it? XD I'll just get a Porsche instead, they're cheaper!!

    • 0ss1346
      0ss1346 Year ago

      @6ixshot he is the opposite of a tesla sheep? Drives an old porsche

    • Robert Frank
      Robert Frank Year ago

      Concerning the steering wheel seems to me that Tesla forgot that Tesla cars are not driven on a formula one racing course but on normal streets where frequently harsh angles are to be maneuvered.

    • 1999Supercooldudeman
      1999Supercooldudeman Year ago

      Drive you bonkers? So the one that you want is like the one of Willy Wonka's?

    • Automotive Bespoke
      Automotive Bespoke Year ago

      Did you say bonkers

  • jeno826
    jeno826 Year ago

    I had a chance to drive one yesterday. OMG !!!!!! Now I know what formula one cars must feels like. The acceleration is unbelievable!

  • Bela Oxmyx
    Bela Oxmyx Year ago

    Perhaps Tesla should make the yoke an option for those who feel the yoke is a deal breaker. That would be the best way to judge it’s acceptance or rejection.

  • Justaman
    Justaman 11 months ago

    I agree with you and others in the comments. The wheel needs fixing in future models. Imagine needing to use the horn during a turn when it's upside down! You're all like looking for it and while you're doing that it's too late! haha

  • TM
    TM 8 months ago +1

    Tesla is a prime example of fashion over function

  • LiveLifeTasteDeath
    LiveLifeTasteDeath Year ago +944

    Tesla: How do we make Autopilot necessary?
    Answer: Make the steering wheel unsafe to use.

    • name name
      name name Year ago

      @snaplash hilarious

    • Stephen Boss
      Stephen Boss Year ago


    • Martijn van Gammeren
      Martijn van Gammeren Year ago

      @King Naru The Tyrant Yes it is a dramatic change for a steering device wheel, yoke whatever. Peugeot makes has smaller steering wheels than others because that makes driving more sporty(their words). However the hazard light button also is in different places for different car brands/models. That is also something we need and or use often when you are driving towards a traffic jam for example( Europe we do this) So that is also I needed to relearn a couple of times. So I think this steering yoke is just new and we have a fear of change. This is not unsafe but adjusting to something new. I've also seen Mclaren P1 and other models with more GT race steering wheels that are road legal.

    • King Naru The Tyrant
      King Naru The Tyrant Year ago +3

      @Tilmann Giese ​ Key wording there is "slightly", most turn signals, horns, windshield wipers, etc. are in the same general spot with the same levers and buttons across all makes and models which are the most important buttons when driving. You can't afford to be looking for those buttons at all. This is more akin to switching the brake and gas pedal positions and telling people to get used to it even though it is literally the only car to be that way. Yes, people can eventually get used to it, but the muscle memory change is going to cause issues and even preventable accidents for some.
      Wheel into a yoke is not a "slight" change. Its fairly dramatic, even people driving it for hundreds of miles are ghost grabbing.
      Also I wasn't being sarcastic when I asked "what", so you getting offended about it is hilarious.
      Reason why I asked, is because you seemed to be implying that they can't drive unsafely with this wheel with that sentence.
      Im going to leave this conversation here, you seem to not understand how changing a fundamental part of a car out of standard with everyone else (for no practical reason other than aesthetics), increases risks and therefore unsafe.

    • Tilmann Giese
      Tilmann Giese Year ago

      @King Naru The Tyrant you have to get used to literally any car. Button placements and everything is slightly different every time. That is absolutely no reason to call this wheel unsafe.
      Oh no, I missed a word, how dare I!

  • munkymind
    munkymind 10 months ago

    Unfortunately, with nearly all hi-tech products, the engineers and decision makers make choices to please themselves (expert users) rather than what would work best for the majority of their users. Also, Marques makes an excellent point about procedures that are now ingrained in our brains and muscles. In a automobile, making these types of changes can be dangerous. I have a Tesly Y reserved, however some recent events and changes are giving me pause. Elon's recent tweet that "almost all input is error" really troubles me regarding the future. That comment is blatantly false, arrogant and indicates disdain for us mere mortals who don't feel the need to turn over every aspect of driving to a computer. Marques, I just discovered you with this video. Your presentation is outstanding. I very much limit my subscriptions, but I am subscribing to this channel. thank you.

  • Austin Källström

    I think the yolk can be fixed with a lower/variable steering ratio, which is better anyway. People are so used to flailing their arms around multiple times for a simple turn. It's archaic.

  • Nivesh Proag
    Nivesh Proag Year ago

    The yoke thing, I havent checked but I'm 100% sure you'll be able to buy the top part of the wheel online and simply attach it there. The horn on the other hand...what were they thinking.

  • bigJIMstream
    bigJIMstream 8 months ago

    Touch buttons appear to be a disaster. The horn is a legitimate safety hazard. There is absolutely no reason not to have the horn in the center of the steering wheel. Thanks for the review.

  • Big Pun
    Big Pun Year ago +90

    Such an honest review - Thank you Marques for being honest and not just giving a fanboy review!!!

    • OverRide
      OverRide Year ago +4

      LOL, right. This yoke crash everything good you can tell about this car. This should be stated in the first seconds of the video, "BEWARE" with 72 points Comic Sans. You literally couldn't make most fundamental thing in a car, more shitty than it is now. Ridiculous...