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5 Reasons Why Game Development Is SO HARD!

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Let's be candid about why game development is so challenging!
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +12

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  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 3 years ago +752


  • D4RKeMVy
    D4RKeMVy 3 years ago +199

    I have NEVER commented on a Clip-Share video but this one hit home. Thomas, you are awesome. You have seriously given me a great deal of inspiration and motivation to get going with my career in game development. Best of luck with your release of Once Upon a Coma!! I’ll be in touch :)

  • Third Age Games
    Third Age Games 3 years ago +298

    This is so spot on. It's like you have to be 10 people at the same time, be fine with being in a cave alone for 2 years, and then be ok with getting up in front of a crowd of people and baring your soul.

  • HE360
    HE360 3 years ago +261

    A 6th Reason why game development is so hard? It's laziness and just sitting down in the chair and actually working on it; all while the brain constantly reminds you of the millions of other things that you could be doing and while the brain reminds you of how tired you are.

  • Codemaster Jamal
    Codemaster Jamal 3 years ago +50

    Bro, you hit home when you started talking about your family. It's kinda crazy how sometimes family and friends (especially here in the US) can discourage you from wanting you to accomplish your dreams.

  • Batman1st Doodle Jump
    Batman1st Doodle Jump 3 years ago +593

    Any job that you can make a living of is NOT a silly job.

  • Think Citric
    Think Citric 3 years ago +61

    You feel silly developing a game only if you care what other people think about what you're doing. Do what you think is right, be honest with yourself. If someone doesn't like it and thinks you're doing silly stuff - that's their problem, not yours.

  • Neca Boullosa
    Neca Boullosa 3 years ago +558

    I am 44 now. And I am changing my life right now, moving to another country with my wife and our little baby. I am also really considering start being a indie gamedev. Am I too old?? Maybe! I have been in the digital marketing business for 20 years now, but I’be used to code and I had created a few flash advergames in the past and also little educational games. Gamedev is my real passion, and I started to consider this again at this point of my life. Your channel is now a true inspiration for me because you really talk from your heart. Thanks.

  • Christine Black
    Christine Black 3 years ago +36

    I love how all of this applies to writing novels as well!

  • Vishesh
    Vishesh 3 years ago +67

    I'm 19 and a game design student and currently learning and experimenting everything on my own.

  • Mahmoud Mohammed
    Mahmoud Mohammed 3 years ago +5

    This! man thank you for expressing how we feel as an Indie developers, it feels great knowing that I'm not alone feeling that way! I'm just starting out (6 years) and I needed to hear that. good luck man! and keep these videos coming! lots of love from Egypt.

  • CaffeineInjected
    CaffeineInjected 2 years ago +18

    I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed trying to learn all the technologies and staying focused but thankfully I’m doing all of this as a hobby and I really enjoy it.

  • Jean-Noel Seneque
    Jean-Noel Seneque 3 years ago +264

    Why does it feel so? “So what are you studying”...”Game programming”. It feels like you are being judged as a person who hasn’t grown up. An art not taken seriously. Again it’s how I feel and may not even be in their minds.

  • Veronica Ng
    Veronica Ng 3 years ago +25

    Oh hey! 10 years in game for me as well! And yes is tough, but gets my bills pay, and is one of my passion 🙂 yes...deadline after deadline it can get crazy, thats why I got a lot of hobbies (playing music, knitting crochet, drawing etc) keeps me motivated and "not burn out". I've also learned to take it easy, esp I'm on a live game. Make sure I've take enough breaks to get my brain relax a bit. Previously I've got super stress out at times due to unrealistic deadlines and crazy amount of overtime. I've got lucky I'm in a great team now, less ot = happiness :) since I work in a team environment loneliness is not a problem, but yeah I can see why you get lonely :( is like me streaming my knitting, I was talking to myself hours...So many awkward silence. Looking forward to see more vids about gaming :)

  • zigieinc
    zigieinc 3 years ago

    Respect! Thanks for keeping it real...

  • Vengeance Aurelith
    Vengeance Aurelith 3 years ago +1

    Hey Thomas, I just wanted to say thank you. I needed this. That last one, number five...so true. I'm trying to step into the game development world for about two years, now, and number five has been my bane. So, again, thank you. I have a better perspective on this, now.

  • Billy Fluid
    Billy Fluid 3 years ago +4

    in the exact same boat... writting dialogue, family on the way and struggling to get done before holiday season hits. Thanks for this bro! really helped!

  • Richard Daskas
    Richard Daskas 3 years ago

    Yes, I can definitely relate to this! Trying to stay productive and appreciate the chance to be able to work as a game developer can get tough sometimes. The silliness perception factor is a real thing, unfortunately.

  • john calentine
    john calentine 3 years ago

    I hear you Thomas. Sometimes there seems to be a stale feeling. A mountain of uncertainty we must climb. Stay strong, stay humble, and persevere!