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Cocaine Bear | Official Trailer [HD]


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  • jimbob junior
    jimbob junior Month ago +4722

    Glad to see this bear getting more roles. I've been a fan since The Revenant.

    • Alex Arias
      Alex Arias 6 hours ago

      @The Cosmic Starman bruh no black face isn't cool! Even for bears! I'm boycotting this movie now..

    • The Cosmic Starman
      The Cosmic Starman 11 hours ago +1

      @Alex Arias they spray him with different colors for different roles .. the bear can easily lose weight and put on black bear paint like Joaquin Phoenix did in the Joker

    • The Cosmic Starman
      The Cosmic Starman 11 hours ago

      @Andrew Listing me and you both recognize this historical role & movie

    • The Cosmic Starman
      The Cosmic Starman 11 hours ago

      @MajorThrett EXACTLY

    • The Cosmic Starman
      The Cosmic Starman 11 hours ago

      @Mohamad Afif Azizi Zaidi yeah they did AMAZING on the bears makeup… same group who did Freddy Krueger!

  • Cody Carini
    Cody Carini Month ago +704

    Finally a movie with top of the line CGI and a rich well-written plot. The way the comedy flows into the horror makes for an exceptional experience, leaving family’s just on the line of wondering what they just watched. Perfect use of an A-List actor who, since Goodfellas, has never not been taken seriously. Just an outstanding casting and downright masterpiece revitalizing confidence for Hollywood in this uncertain time. Oscar winner for sure!

    • A180CombatBowser Game pro
      A180CombatBowser Game pro 6 days ago

      @Helvete_Ingres !

    • AxolotlQueen
      AxolotlQueen 8 days ago +1

      @Spasmolytic but the actors don't know that.

    • Spasmolytic
      Spasmolytic 9 days ago +1

      ​@AxolotlQueen you really think they'd give the bear real cocaine? the bear is just a really good actor. It's just flour.

    • Foxheadthepirate
      Foxheadthepirate 20 days ago +1

      I am expecting the bear to die in the end like maybe it overdosed after killing 8 people throughout the movie.

    • Bryce Prochazka
      Bryce Prochazka Month ago +4

      You're joking right 😏

  • Pat Gray
    Pat Gray Month ago +381

    I'm glad this documentary is finally receiving the attention it deserves

  • Hazzmat
    Hazzmat Month ago +140

    This is exactly the kind of ridiculous movie I want to see. Please make more like this! Love that Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays a cameo as a victim lol

    • wiinterflowers
      wiinterflowers 24 days ago

      @Chuck Buskee Which character was he? Was he the dude screaming at the kid about bear not climbing trees?

    • Chuck Buskee
      Chuck Buskee Month ago

      Lmao they put him in a fat suit

  • Gray Rook
    Gray Rook Month ago +54

    This looks like the most promising Comedy Horror flick we have gotten in years.

  • Diaz4Prez
    Diaz4Prez Month ago +3245

    Finally a movie for those of us who've been able to blend in with the other mature adults but our hearts can't deny what really amuses us

    • Patty Braithwaite
      Patty Braithwaite 17 hours ago +1

      Yup! That's us!

    • Terry Jackson
      Terry Jackson Day ago +1


    • Diaz4Prez
      Diaz4Prez 2 days ago

      @Sweet, Succulent Content Nectar WOW thanks I really appreciate it I never imagined it would get so many likes big thanks to everyone who gave it a 👍

    • Sweet, Succulent Content Nectar
      Sweet, Succulent Content Nectar 2 days ago +1

      This needs to be the movie's tagline! Or at least the pinned comment.

    • Bsd Nmd
      Bsd Nmd 5 days ago +1

      @Hannah Mabbott I swear Ill take this movie over marvel any damn day.

  • ehodges
    ehodges Month ago +36

    I actually can’t believe this is a real movie that actually looks alright

  • God Hand
    God Hand Month ago +4

    Wow i can't believe he actually got a movie. Thats crazy.

  • VadulTharys
    VadulTharys Month ago +18

    I remember when this happened, it was so freaking hilarious we made all the jokes that this movie is putting into it.

  • Spyglass 918
    Spyglass 918 Month ago +15

    When my friend talked to me about this movie I first thought he was joking, holy shit I need to watch this.

  • Benjamin Filbert
    Benjamin Filbert Month ago +5128

    What an amazingly uplifting story about a timid little black bear finally learning to unwind.

    • Dawn Fischer
      Dawn Fischer 29 days ago


    • Tired Fool
      Tired Fool Month ago

      how Yogi got his groove back

    • gavin dooly
      gavin dooly Month ago

      @I'M INZAYN I guess my inner child was hoping for cocaine grizzly. That would have been way more fucked.

    • I'M INZAYN
      I'M INZAYN Month ago

      ​​​​​@gavin dooly It's actually a Black Bear AKA "Pablo Escobear". Do a research next time before you act like know-it-all. What souce did you even get the Cocaine Grizzly, it's a Black Bear not Grizzly? American Black Bear is the largest Subspecies of Black Bear, some of individual exceed 600 or more. The largest ever recorded was 1000+ lbs. Some of Male grown Black Bear is comparable to average size Grizzly. The Bear in real story was 80KG but because it's a Movie they use a one of it's kind Big Grown Black Bear, if that makes sense for you. Btw Black Bear also have a fully Brown variant. (clip-share.net/video/rBvEaBNz-PY/video.html)

    • iamlost2
      iamlost2 Month ago

      @Cillian Cronin plus it's a movie, the movie folk can make it anything they want and make it do anything they want. sigh

  • Forrest Mosby
    Forrest Mosby Month ago +6

    ‘Inspired By True Events’😂😂😂
    I love it🤓

  • Hero EDM Music
    Hero EDM Music Month ago +5

    A timeless classic,one of out of this world music.

  • Government Sanctioned Weaponized Femboy

    While I'm mortified of bears (had a very close encounter with a grizzly when I was younger), this looks funny as hell

  • SlideshowBob
    SlideshowBob Month ago +4

    This is the best plot for any movie that Universal has ever created.

  • Totally Legit Youtube Person👌

    We're living in the timeline where Ray Liotta's last role was in a movie based on a true story about a bear going on a cocaine fueled rampage.

    • William Stanik
      William Stanik 13 hours ago +1

      Did you miss the ending of Goodfellas?

    • rolf ski
      rolf ski Day ago +2

      Don't mind the other timelines. This is the best timeline.

    • Scott Honea
      Scott Honea 2 days ago +1

      He has four other films in post-production.

    • Keith Wente
      Keith Wente 3 days ago +1

      @Jacob C
      Loosely....and I emphasize LOOSELY

    • Bsd Nmd
      Bsd Nmd 5 days ago +2


  • Gabe Mark
    Gabe Mark Month ago +11

    I've never heard the song in a trailer go so well with the point of the film since Kong vs Godzilla.

  • None None
    None None Month ago +2

    This bear is going places. Straight to the moon. 😲

  • Matt Gaetz on a White Ford Bronco

    Never in my life have I needed something so much, and never known until I received it 😂

  • user
    user Month ago +5

    im so hyped for this film

  • Slow Turtle
    Slow Turtle Month ago +3493

    Instant classic and destined to be labeled as a cinematic masterpiece.

    • Ansem Thewise
      Ansem Thewise Month ago +2

      Definitely lol finna do endgame numbers I'm tryna watch asap

    • •Snoopy•
      •Snoopy• Month ago +1

      @Jinerith That doesn't even look like horror, just looks like a comedy tbh. Me and my dad were laughing so much at this trailer

    • MV
      MV Month ago +2

      Like Morbius

    • trippieleaks
      trippieleaks Month ago +2

      @Slow Turtle don’t compare it to Scarface that movies a masterpiece this movie will not be

    • Jinerith
      Jinerith Month ago

      @Craig Wortham you tryna defend a bear on cocaine

  • Daniele
    Daniele Month ago +2

    Yesssss!!! Can't wait!!!

  • The Atomc_VELES
    The Atomc_VELES Month ago +2

    After what I just watched, I’m contemplating whether or not I had that cocaine or not

  • Julie Newman
    Julie Newman Month ago +1

    Two movies Ray Liotta starred in with cocaine.
    Goodfellas and Cocaine bear.
    If you haven't seen Goodfellas you must see it.
    Brilliant film. Rest in peace Ray Liotta.

  • Dupiterz
    Dupiterz Month ago +2

    Two words I never thought would be said together.

  • SpyNix07
    SpyNix07 Month ago +2659

    This is beautiful. Best true story I've ever seen. For five minutes, from the moment this bear ate the cocaine, to the moment it died of a heart attack it was the world's apex predator. And now it's on the big screen.

    • Manzo Family
      Manzo Family 13 hours ago


    • ʙᴀᴛsʏ
      ʙᴀᴛsʏ 5 days ago

      @Twisted Whiskers It
      happened in the true story it was inspired from, so.

    • Andrew Howland
      Andrew Howland 8 days ago

      ​@Rick Sanchez
      The post mortem autopsy revealed only 2-3 milligrams of cocaine had been absorbed into Pablo's blood at the time of death. He was high, but sadly not as high as we all would have hoped.

    • Twisted Whiskers
      Twisted Whiskers 11 days ago

      Thanks for the spoiler,.

    • Meatball
      Meatball 23 days ago

      RIP bear. Rest easy with Harambe. Hope you are able to kills lots of people in heaven. 💙💚💜⭐

  • AZ Onyx
    AZ Onyx Month ago +1

    This could’ve been a pretty interesting horror movie.

  • Alexander Fernandez
    Alexander Fernandez Month ago +3

    About time someone make this into a movie.

  • estusflasks
    estusflasks Month ago +9

    well its about damn time this comes out

  • SoulSoundMuisc
    SoulSoundMuisc Month ago +6

    This is the only movie to get me hyped to go to a theater in, like, five years.

    • Bsd Nmd
      Bsd Nmd 5 days ago

      I havent felt this since Top Gun Maverick. Its not woke as fk and it's what we want, to be entertained

  • Julian Tapia
    Julian Tapia Month ago +2029

    If they wanted us to come running back to theaters, this is the kind of movie they should've offered sooner. I'm definitely going.

    • Earyummy
      Earyummy 8 days ago

      I am gonna go just to see the theater crowd. I bet it’s gonna be packed. Fun is back. Yay!

    • Aurora Montes
      Aurora Montes 10 days ago


    • drshades1
      drshades1 Month ago

      @Duke Dixon Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

    • B K
      B K Month ago

      @Duke Dixon This will teach her to make good movies rather than crap

    • Chuck Buskee
      Chuck Buskee Month ago +1

      @Duke Dixon nobody cares

  • Uzzydraco
    Uzzydraco Month ago

    I love everything about this

  • Matt Hanf
    Matt Hanf Month ago

    This looks awesome 👌

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago +1

    I love that this movie got made. ❤️

  • Lazy Dino
    Lazy Dino Month ago +2

    I loved the moment where the bear its "It's cocainin' time!" and cocained all over those guys. Bravo Vince!

  • Son-of-1
    Son-of-1 Month ago +1294

    Never thought I’d see a movie like this be made in this day in age out of fear of it not doing well, but I’m glad it’s happening. Hope it’s good

    • Ben R.
      Ben R. Month ago

      Shit I didn't know what TED was in theaters because I don't watch TV. I nearly took my 4 and 5 year daughters to go watch it. Glad my daughters didn't go because I thought it was a family movie. It was the opposite. When I saw SETH McFARLANe (the devil in disguise) name pop up I knew it was anti religious and every thing that could be obscene by society put in the movie. (every thing Seth McFarlane makes is just one big Tik Tok video)

    • Sierra Rose
      Sierra Rose Month ago

      @Abuglife6 I think I read somewhere the real cocaine bear ate the cocaine, ran 100 years then dropped dead. I just love that someone heard this story and thought "what if the bear, high out of its mind, went on a rampage" lol

    • Aaron Fraire
      Aaron Fraire Month ago +1

      @Deth Incarnate Dude, it's a movie about a bear going on a cocaine-induced rampage. It's clearly not the kind of movie that's supposed to make you think. Just sit back, turn off your brain, and have fun.

    • Aaron Fraire
      Aaron Fraire Month ago

      Yo can tell it's gonna be an instant cult classic.

    • Northfold
      Northfold Month ago

      I love this for the sole reason that it passed the initial pitch to a exec

  • Backwoods Films
    Backwoods Films Month ago +1

    If Cocaine Bear goes down as the last movie Ray Liotta ever made, then I'd say he won at life.

  • mikiimai
    mikiimai Month ago +1

    Wow this poped up as ad and I was intrigued by it so i clicked lol. Definitely will be checking out!

  • Alejandro Mata
    Alejandro Mata Month ago

    Movie of the century! As long as it ain’t woke 😂

  • Kivaer
    Kivaer Month ago

    Now I want the sequel to be about a bear called "Smokey" he was caught in a forest fire surrounded my magical leaves that brought him to a different world

  • j
    j Month ago +787

    It's crazy to say that a movie about a bear doing blow looks like the most entertaining movie to come out in a long time.

    • a Perez
      a Perez Month ago

      I am not going to be the one who fucks up 666 likes. Hail Santa!

    • LexAsakura
      LexAsakura Month ago +1


    • Mobius Flammel
      Mobius Flammel Month ago +3

      @RCGshakenbakeI think it mostly says that Hollywood is more averse to risk than it used to be, and the era of relatively lower budget comedies and action movies being everywhere is over. They are more focused on blockbusters that bring in mountains of cash.

    • Sponsor Skip Man
      Sponsor Skip Man Month ago +2

      @Berj Bedrosian I was watching some Clip-Sharer I got an advert for violent night and I didn't skip it I watched all 2 minutes and 30 seconds of it because it was absolutely hilarious

    • RCGshakenbake
      RCGshakenbake Month ago +2

      Says so much about Hollywood doesn't it?

  • Your Mama
    Your Mama Month ago

    I never even imagined they'd make thus a movie😂

  • Microwave
    Microwave Month ago +1

    Once we saw the movie title me and the boys already planned a date to watch it

  • Marc Reyes
    Marc Reyes Month ago +1

    Im here cause of mr ballen, holy shit i didnt expect this story to be true

  • LivingDeadGirl
    LivingDeadGirl Month ago

    Omg!!!! I can't wait!

  • M K
    M K Month ago +5091

    Give this bear an Oscar. Not only did it do cocaine in such large quantity, it also didn't die of a heart attack immediately!

    • EmDub
      EmDub Month ago

      well it took a shotgun blast to the back to kill Tony Montana after 100 shots to the front

    • The Ethicist Philosophy Show
      The Ethicist Philosophy Show Month ago

      Fun Fact: The only non-human actor to be nominated for an Oscar was Bart the Bear in 1988.

    • Matt Broyles
      Matt Broyles Month ago

      I hate to be the one to tell you this, but they went through like 40 bears and a lot of cocaine making this movie.

    • cruizerdave
      cruizerdave Month ago

      @Monkadelic no it’s really not.

    • cruizerdave
      cruizerdave Month ago

      I don’t think clearly fake looking cgi bears get Oscars.

  • 000000111111100011
    000000111111100011 Month ago +1

    I am from the year 2055 and i can confirm this is the undisputed Nr. 1 on the IMDB Top 250 films of all time - my wife and myself sacrificed our firstborn son in a satanic blood ritual just to travel back in time to see the cinematic release again.

    • Bsd Nmd
      Bsd Nmd 5 days ago +1

      I remember you! I kicked you out for crying after the ending credits. What was up with you?

  • tiny
    tiny 29 days ago +1

    I can't believe this is real I thought it was fake 😂

  • Cory Avila
    Cory Avila 18 days ago +4

    Okay, something must be wrong with me. I have already watched this like 10 times and can't get enough! This is the best trailer I've ever seen for a movie. Hilarious! Can't wait....

  • Jamestopia
    Jamestopia Month ago

    I can’t wait to see it

  • Zohir Chérifi
    Zohir Chérifi 2 months ago +3087

    Give this movie an Oscar already

    • Cole Downing
      Cole Downing Month ago

      @yorkiyorkxxbetter than the M-She-U

    • Capricorn Black
      Capricorn Black Month ago

      @Michael Navarro 🤣🤣🤣

    • The Ethicist Philosophy Show
      The Ethicist Philosophy Show Month ago

      Fun Fact: The only non-human actor to be nominated for an Oscar was Bart the Bear in 1988.

    • Amuro Ray
      Amuro Ray Month ago +1

      @Yurt the Silent Chief this isn’t a major movie. Look at it again. It’s just a corny horror comedy film. Nothing more.
      If this is what you use to talk about the standards of movies, then no wonder.
      Movies like this have been around for decades. Only a few exceptional ones ever get remembered. But you’re currently getting to see every film come out. That’s how it’s in “reverse gear.”

    • codars
      codars Month ago +1

      @X Your Broker “He telling by his joy”
      I don’t understand Spanish very well. I’m sorry.

  • skeetorkiftwon
    skeetorkiftwon Month ago

    This entire film is based on the "I love cocaine" bear meme. Well, and the true story.

  • T P
    T P Month ago

    I had no hope for the future of cinema. These days very rare to find anything creative or new. Cocaine Bear is an absolutely brilliant idea! Thanks to those who were brave in writing a check for the many millions this may have cost. To those who were brave in asking for that check. You will be rewarded with my opening night purchase of a ticket!

  • Agent Holmes
    Agent Holmes Month ago

    Some people going to be disappointed, bear died minutes after his first dose ( which was couple of pounds or bag full of cocaine)

  • Flame Wolf 29
    Flame Wolf 29 Month ago +1

    There is an irl bear that ACTUALLY ate 200 pounds of coke, there was a brief 5 minute period where it was the most apex predator before having a heart attack

  • Ricardo Coss
    Ricardo Coss Month ago +136

    This looks better than anything Disney is putting out.

    • Elvin Garcia
      Elvin Garcia 18 days ago +1

      @Cory Avila Jon Favreau

    • Cory Avila
      Cory Avila Month ago +9

      If Disney made this movie the bear would be gay.

    • Jelani Tarik
      Jelani Tarik Month ago +4


    • N M
      N M Month ago +6

      Ooh thank you for reminding me to see if Critical Drinker has done a review! 😄

    • Ashley Oasis
      Ashley Oasis Month ago +2

      Disney make the bear a peado

  • Sai Satwik
    Sai Satwik Month ago +7

    These are the kind of movies that I want to see more of. Just pure feast for our minds to process.

  • Daniel Sliwa
    Daniel Sliwa Month ago

    I was excited! And then the trailer started … o.0

  • CardinalChaos22
    CardinalChaos22 Month ago

    This has the same energy as Sharknado.

  • Jonah Rains
    Jonah Rains Month ago

    Thank GOD! An original movie! Not a sequel, prequel, reboot, remix, reimaging or regurgitation. Not another d@mn cookie-cutter superhero movie! Not another watered-down, weak, woke movie telling me I should hate myself. A fun, crazy movie where I can go in and enjoy a bucket of popcorn and get away from the real world! Looking forward to it!

  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 2 months ago +3983

    The movie no one asked for, but the movie we definitely needed

    • Nikki G
      Nikki G 6 days ago

      @Zach Kennedy SHADDAP!!

    • Ant
      Ant Month ago

      @C Asaying people are lame for finding this funny doesn't make you look cool it actually makes you seem lame

    • Vault Hunter 777
      Vault Hunter 777 Month ago

      @Joshua Rogers Sr. So? I still think it'll be alright. I am allowed an opinion and so are you. Don't go see it then plain and simple.

    • MR.WILSON 💀
      MR.WILSON 💀 Month ago

      @Joshua Rogers Sr. Welp atleast we get somethin.

    • Joshua Rogers Sr.
      Joshua Rogers Sr. Month ago

      @MR.WILSON 💀 it’s a comedy 😂
      And it has zero to do with the true story, other than a bear got it’s paws on cocaine. The real story is.
      “Bear stumbles on drug cartel dumped cocaine; bear eats cocaine. Bear dies ~FIN~
      that’s the real story. Boring, pathetic and sad that drug running losers killed a bear lol.
      Dumbest movie of 2023 coming in hot!

  • Alexander Del risco
    Alexander Del risco Month ago +1

    Man, I feel sorry for that bear and the people it killed or attacked. There’s a reason why they made drugs illegal in the first place people!

    • Papi Max
      Papi Max 12 days ago

      the bear survived and now lives in oklahoma

  • Megan B
    Megan B Month ago

    For those of you that don't know, there's a true story about a bear overdosing off eating a shit load of Cocaine that he found in somewhat of a similar fashion. If you google 'Cocaine Bear' or 'Pablo Escobear' you'll find the story. Just absolutely fucking wild!! hahaha! 🤣

  • B O B
    B O B Month ago

    When i saw this i literally yelled “WHAT THE HELL IS COCAINE BEAR?!?!”

  • everything what i see

    Joe Rogan gonna love this movie 😂

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago

    A day before my bday lol this movie better get movie of the year 😂

  • Weston Saunders
    Weston Saunders Month ago +1

    this looks hilarious

  • Random Southern
    Random Southern Month ago

    0:30 First of all it happened in Georgia. Second of all the bear didn't kill anybody. Third the bear died happy.
    Fourth the bear is now on display in a Kentucky mall.

  • Joseph Rowe
    Joseph Rowe Month ago +1

    I can't wait for the sequel 'Meth Bear'. Though the third movie 'Weed Bear' is probably a bit of a letdown because he eats the weed, then attacks a grocery store while eating all the pastries and then just sleeps the rest of the movie

  • Sleepingmonster
    Sleepingmonster 2 months ago +6770

    Love how this bear career is going in Hollywood. From Revenant to Prey now this movie. Give this bear an Oscar!

    • Shashank Vats
      Shashank Vats Month ago


    • Evelyn Kirkaldy
      Evelyn Kirkaldy Month ago

      @redhurricane24 Not a joke. Ignorant villification of bears that feeds into human fear and ultimately gets bears shot.

    • Shredkowski
      Shredkowski Month ago

      You forgot the Edge

    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong Month ago

      Will he loan it to Zelensky?

    • Evelyn Kirkaldy
      Evelyn Kirkaldy Month ago

      @redhurricane24 This kind of stuff helps villianize bears and creates bogus justifications for ruthless hunting of their species. Not a joke!

  • Juan Samudio
    Juan Samudio Month ago

    Glad to see the bear from Borat is being acknowledged

  • Austin D
    Austin D Month ago

    2023's Version of Dr. Do-Little
    🤣 This Movie is going to Be the Biggest Box Office Blowout of the last 10 years!!!! Thank You Universal & Whoever wrote the Script

  • forble
    forble Month ago

    Fun fact the last 15 minutes this bear was alive it was the dangerous creature alive for that time

  • Hon Bowlo
    Hon Bowlo Month ago

    Ain’t no way this dood actually made it into a movie😤

  • Xenia Martin
    Xenia Martin Month ago +543

    I think the most hilarious part about this is the fact that side from the comedy bits, this story is true. A bear did get into cocaine and for like 5 minutes or something, it was the absolute most dangerous animal on the planet before it did eventually die

    • Aquired skill
      Aquired skill Month ago

      @RoboNinjao the real story was 5 minutes long. The whole happening was only 5 minutes long

    • Xenia Martin
      Xenia Martin Month ago

      @Rick Sanchez no one is calling this bear 'lightweight'. who the fuck said that? and how the fuck are you comparing him to Paddinton?! A CARTOON BEAR!!!

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez Month ago

      I'm miffed where people are getting their 'minutes to death' figures from. This is a bear. Trust me, the bear had a great time and would've at least managed to craft a prolonged wank out of it before it copped it. Minutes you say? On kilos of cocaine? I'm not buying it. This bear would've likely forced itself upon you before it ate you. All I'm saying is Paddington was high as shit and loving life waaaaay longer than a couple of mins. You calling this bear a lightweight???? Good luck with that.

    • RoboNinja
      RoboNinja Month ago

      @tucker zenski Do you think the movie is 5 mins long? Like tf are you talking about.

    • Vitaliy
      Vitaliy Month ago +1

      @gavin dooly dude it’s black bear not grizzly. Also they not as bad as you say, I live in port Coquitlam BC and we have bears walk on the streets here everyday during spring, summer and fall. They just looking for food, eat berries, flip garbage cans but don’t attack people. Every time we see them everyone just steps back and let’s them pass.

  • Multiverse
    Multiverse Month ago +1

    That is 100 kinds of Awesome!!! :)

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid Month ago

    finally a good movie

  • SSP
    SSP Month ago

    This is the movie, Joe Rogan waited his whole life!

  • Brad Lafferty
    Brad Lafferty Month ago

    Brilliant original concept for a movie

  • TusslinTom
    TusslinTom Month ago +495

    I love how this never really happened with the real cocaine bear but this what you’d imagine from hearin the story for the first time, just the term alone “cocaine bear” it’s insane

    • Giuseppe Rana
      Giuseppe Rana Month ago +6

      @Chad Mr Ballen is the reason I even clicked on this trailer lol. I went from disappointment in the historical inaccuracy of the murdering bear to "ok this is actually funny"

    • alienangel777
      alienangel777 Month ago +16

      Don't forget that his name on the plaque at the museum is "Pablo EscoBear".

    • Chad
      Chad Month ago +13

      you should watch the mr. ballen review of this it is in very detail

    • The Mad Poet
      The Mad Poet Month ago

      Wikipedia says: "The Cocaine Bear, also known as Pablo Escobear or Pablo Eskobear, was a 175-pound (79-kilogram) American black bear that overdosed on cocaine in 1985." I doubt it went on a rampage but the page states it ate 40 containers of cocaine.

    • Toyohime yes Watatsuki
      Toyohime yes Watatsuki Month ago +25

      This is probably what people think when they heard of term even if it's not this insane

  • Kai.K.Mera19
    Kai.K.Mera19 Month ago +1

    A Big Ass Bear on smack...
    But not just your average corner store monos
    He's on the good shit, the pure Columbian Coca

  • Misty And Opal
    Misty And Opal Month ago

    We are living in a world where there is a movie based on a true story of a bear on crack cocaine

  • Carol Rondou
    Carol Rondou Month ago

    I need to see this

  • Mandirigma
    Mandirigma Month ago +1

    Man, I'm watching this!!!😂

  • Shanitta Thompson
    Shanitta Thompson Month ago


  • Gustavo Reyes
    Gustavo Reyes Month ago

    Ain’t no way yogi did a line of someone’s cut off leg 😂 1:50

  • Abraham Park
    Abraham Park Month ago +1

    We know it's going to be a shit movie but we're still watching

  • ImaDrummer
    ImaDrummer Month ago +1

    Is it just me or can you not tell if this is a Comedy or a Horror.

  • SlowDrip
    SlowDrip Month ago +749

    The movie we all didnt know we actually needed

  • Randal Wung
    Randal Wung 16 days ago +1

    Y'know, action in movies is so ubiquitous these days, it's easy to take for granted all the skill and preparation and risk to life and limb taken by the unheralded stunt performers who make hilarious craziness like this possible. So mad props to the stunt bear-you rock!

  • MarvelFan2022
    MarvelFan2022 Month ago

    0:50, funny as hell

  • ok
    ok Month ago +9

    this is going to be a cinematic masterpiece and surpass every film ever made

  • An On
    An On Month ago +1

    When you get ripped and teared
    By a high as fuck bear

  • TheHardMode
    TheHardMode Month ago +443

    1:27 The look the bear gave and the guy realizing his powdered body kept me laughing for hours. 😂

    • TheWindTV
      TheWindTV 5 hours ago

      He was like: GIMME THE POWDER!!!

    • Matteo Axon
      Matteo Axon 6 days ago +1

      nice opinion champ 😂

    • eshswam
      eshswam Month ago +19

      I think it's funny the bear switched targets the moment he saw the cocaine

  • susan tovey
    susan tovey Month ago +3

    the fact that this is based on a true incident makes this 110% funnier and scarier

  • Ant R
    Ant R Month ago +1

    a bear doing cocaine.......Shiiiiiiiit. Anyone get that?
    I feel like the Shaun of the Dead cast should be in this

  • Steam Deck FTW
    Steam Deck FTW Month ago

    0:39 Skittles agenda subtly injected, that's the scariest part of the movie

    FISHY FISH Month ago +8

    I love that this was based on a true story. Obviously the real bear didn't survive long after eating the cocaine, but this is better.

    • Tyson
      Tyson 19 hours ago +1

      And the real bear didn't attack anyone

  • Jaxx Traxx Productions
    Jaxx Traxx Productions Month ago +2540

    This movie actually brings some horror b-movie vibes of the 1980s, gory and funny AF in that sense. And I'm surprised Ray Liotta made an appearance in this film before his passing. Also, the fact that Cocaine Bear is inspired by a true story, that's pretty hard to believe. Be definitely lookin forward to seeing this one in the theaters for real

    • Jaquavious Bon Jovi
      Jaquavious Bon Jovi Month ago

      @Gold bond Shaq you just proved his point 💀

    • Carol Bulzone
      Carol Bulzone Month ago

      Funny….the bear was looking for food, the coke killed him in a couple hours, Funny ?????
      Not !!!!!

    • Rich Weigel
      Rich Weigel Month ago

      @The Lobster right?! I seen him at Whole Foods the other day!

    • Gold bond Shaq
      Gold bond Shaq Month ago

      @Kevin Thompson You’re still trying to argue bro bro

    • Kevin Thompson
      Kevin Thompson Month ago

      @Gold bond Shaq You made the first reply to my comment to tell me how I was wrong about 80s movies. And you replied again, also to prove me wrong. That sounds like the very definition of arguing. And now you seem determined to have the last word. Prove me wrong.

  • John Rino
    John Rino Month ago

    They had me at Cocaine Bear