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International Legion Fighters In Heavy Firefight With Russian Forces Backed By T-90 Tank In Bakhmut

  • Published on Dec 4, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • An intense helmet cam video shows a unit of foreign fighters from the Ukrainian International Legion in a heavy firefight with Russian forces backed by a T-90 tank in the woods north east of Bakhmut.
    From the operator who filmed this video and shared it with us: " North east Bahkmut, black Team. Got sent on a op to push back the Russian line and so the Ukrainian could go back in and take it, we had to find a trench system with what we got told had 5-10 russian troops in also which we knew roughly but didn't know the exact position. Soo we patrolled up to the road which we knew it was near and the point man looked to see if he could see anything and we got contacted. The point said he see roughly 20-30 guys in a heavily fortified trench system also they had a t-90 tank as back up soo we had to retreat.We had a team of Ukrainian forces with us also."
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  • WarLeaks - Military Blog
    WarLeaks - Military Blog  3 months ago +2707

    From the operator who was so kind to share his experience with us: " North east Bahkmut, black Team. Got sent on a op to push back the Russian line and so the Ukrainian could go back in and take it, we had to find a trench system with what we got told had 5-10 russian troops in also which we knew roughly but didn't know the exact position. Soo we patrolled up to the road which we knew it was near and the point man looked to see if he could see anything and we got contacted. The point said he see roughly 20-30 guys in a heavily fortified trench system also they had a t-90 tank as back up soo we had to retreat.We had a team of Ukrainian forces with us also."

      VLADIMIR NIKIFOROV 3 days ago

      видимо хорошо вам дали прикурить😂так как вас там не должно было быть

    • MrKugelsicher90
      MrKugelsicher90 6 days ago

      @Влад Урусов like the 100k dead russkis? Lada awaits you commerade!

    • Зинаида Габышева
      Зинаида Габышева 6 days ago

      Где танк ?😂

  • Jsonny
    Jsonny 3 months ago +7479

    We live in such a crazy world. The fact I can lay in bed here in Australia and talk to a soldier about a video he posted of actual war combat is insane. My heart goes out to everyone fighting this ridiculous war.

    • Roger Johansson
      Roger Johansson 19 hours ago

      Natural Law Court of Justice proclaimed lawful, de-jure , recognition of the four regions referendum in Lughansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson.

    • Logan710
      Logan710 Day ago +1

      So crazy that here I am in the states, reading a comment from an Aussie, about a video of war footage from modern day Ukraine. Mindblown

    • Tyrese Longkok
      Tyrese Longkok Day ago

      not that crazy

    • Thought Police
      Thought Police 2 days ago

      @R P did you watch the lecture by Dr. Mearsheimer that I posted? But you are correct, people make choices, but there are consequences..

  • MuayThaiChamp
    MuayThaiChamp 3 months ago +988

    I can’t even imagine how terrifying it would be to be in a situation like this

    • Mike Luke
      Mike Luke 3 days ago

      ​@Denis ZharkovПутин это проблема
      проблема в экстремистских целях путина
      извиняюсь за мой плохой русский это тоже перевод

  • Steven Sanderson
    Steven Sanderson 3 months ago +1378

    Its crazy how unrealistic war looks when its captured at such a high resolution, watching much older war footage just has a different feel to it.

    • MabeZ
      MabeZ 3 days ago


    • Muay Thai Lion
      Muay Thai Lion 4 days ago

      @Steven Sanderson you’ve just been fed this image of war via movies and tv, this is what war looks like most firefights happen at 300m apart. War is a game ultimately and that’s why they get addicted to it. That’s my theory on the matter.

    • Osuna 1234
      Osuna 1234 8 days ago

      Man, they just exchange shots, it's realistic, if someone had died or something like that they wouldn't post it here

    • Banana
      Banana 22 days ago

      @Lil Herb You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

  • t—22
    t—22 23 days ago +124

    I always think how amazing it would be to have actual combat footage like this from previous wars throughout history

    • william gutierrez
      william gutierrez 14 hours ago

      Hell yea, Imagine George Washington with a go pro

    • t—22
      t—22 2 days ago

      @Olivier Bohmer They definitely were. And that’s your opinion. I would like to see footage like this from those conflicts, you don’t have to voice that you disagree.

    • Olivier Bohmer
      Olivier Bohmer 3 days ago

      @t-22 those wars were brutal man, I think it's best we don't get to see it. My grandfather fought in ww2 and my father in vietnam, they were shaken to the core and broken souls when they returned.

    • Андрей Лавриненко
      Андрей Лавриненко 6 days ago +4

      приїдь в Україну, сам побачиш

  • Mike F
    Mike F 3 months ago +587

    It's hard to see so realistic footage the middle of real war. My uncle died in Finland eastern front 1944. He's last days must had something like this.

    • MD Supreme
      MD Supreme Month ago

      @Lucar You are delusional

    • Scott Parker
      Scott Parker Month ago

      @ronin oshika than not then.

    • Moplar666
      Moplar666 Month ago

      Твой дядя был на стороне Оси?

    • Young Balut
      Young Balut Month ago

      @Lucar how many more men died in war back then? You sound slow

  • Bright Argyle
    Bright Argyle 13 days ago +44

    I think this is some of the clearest combat footage I have seen, incredible how common and advanced video recording has become.

    • Watchingyoutoo 79
      Watchingyoutoo 79 17 hours ago

      @Bright Argyle I was just pointing out the hypocracy of youtube celebrating the deaths of Russian humans while condemning and banning similar videos

    • Bright Argyle
      Bright Argyle 20 hours ago

      @Watchingyoutoo 79 I said this is the clearest combat footage I have seen, not that that means there might not be other video out there that is equally clear. I just haven't seen it.

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago

      Wow, what an insightful comment.

    • Watchingyoutoo 79
      Watchingyoutoo 79 Day ago

      You tube took down all the isis videos from 7 years ago then??

  • Call of War
    Call of War 3 months ago +2813

    To those wondering, if you're close enough to see the enemy's face clearly you are "decisively engaged" and someone(s) isn't leaving. This is why most engagements start outside that range and only get closer when victory is assured to finish off the foe.

    • Roger Johansson
      Roger Johansson 19 hours ago

      Natural Law Court of Justice proclaimed lawful, de-jure , recognition of the four regions referendum in Lughansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson.

    • Mohamed Mamdouh
      Mohamed Mamdouh 19 days ago

      So it's just flirting

    • Banana
      Banana 22 days ago +1

      @CloutSteezo This is international legion mainly they don't let you in without prior military experience.

    • Banana
      Banana 22 days ago +1

      @Jamie Sachtleben Yeah and its also the international legion. Most countries train their soldiers slightly differently so in a situation like this it can get quite confusing. Honestly I have never been to war and I don't want to but my god its not hard to see these things.

    • Banana
      Banana 22 days ago +1

      @Sumo kid Bro its not a video game 99% of soldiers have no idea where the other ones are lol. Its not like they have icons above their heads.

  • GeekFurious
    GeekFurious 2 months ago +112

    I used to play paintball with a bunch of combat vets and one time after a big outdoor game (100 on 100) a vet said, "In many ways that replicated real combat except no blood, no grenades, no one crying for a medic." This footage reminds me a lot of that day...

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago +1

      You're such a hero. Thank you for such deep comments on your airsoft and paintball saga.

    • Rattatumor
      Rattatumor 3 days ago

      Yes ) mess

    • Mohamed Mamdouh
      Mohamed Mamdouh 19 days ago +3

      Not just that in the game you are hundred percent know you won't really die and is calm and having fun unlike war feelings totally different

    • Jim Lahey
      Jim Lahey 25 days ago +2

      Its a little different bud.

    • Tino's WELT
      Tino's WELT 25 days ago +1

      That was also my first thought about the footage: Looks like magfed Paintball without color

  • Tom Kingston
    Tom Kingston 3 months ago +414

    I think the most chilling part is how quiet it is at first and then all hell lets loose.

    • funny3scene
      funny3scene 28 days ago +1

      Hell let loose

    • Pasquale Lamperelli
      Pasquale Lamperelli 2 months ago

      @Rogue Centurion that's exactly it!

    • Rogue Centurion
      Rogue Centurion 2 months ago

      @Pasquale Lamperelli and hell will follow

    • Pasquale Lamperelli
      Pasquale Lamperelli 2 months ago +5

      In urban combat that's a sign things are about to kick off. When things were loud and people were around, you knew the chances were slim. When you rolled into a town and there was nobody to be found....... better buckle up cause the ride is about to begin.

  • Ajay singh
    Ajay singh 26 days ago +22

    Millions of people fighting this war on the ground never may have imagined that after the costliest human tragedy in the great wars it'd come down to this, the war would come down to their own doorsteps just because some leaders in their own ego and insecurities still can't comprehend the value of life of a human being.

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago

      Wow what insight...kind of goes both ways for all leaders on all sides, not just one.

    • Spooky Daimyo
      Spooky Daimyo Day ago +1

      Say that to USA

    • Задрот без границ
      Задрот без границ 4 days ago +1

      No words, all emotions. Who would think there would be a war in 2023, and how damn unlucky I got getting born in the country that started it. I think military as a whole should come to end for mankind's sake

  • Leonardo 2903
    Leonardo 2903 2 months ago +58

    "A guerra é um lugar onde jovens, que não se conhecem e não se odeiam, se matam, por decisões de velhos que se conhecem e se odeiam, mas não se matam" - Erich Hartman

  • Alberto Orellana
    Alberto Orellana Month ago +15

    If you have experience in combat, you can clearly hear and recognize the close fire by the sound 😌

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago

      Wow! did you have experience? I'm so impressed.

  • Venefica
    Venefica 2 months ago +23

    Thank you for this educational video that depicts contemporary warfare, it is easy for viewers to make judgements about the application of tactics; yet the context of this firefight and the war it is a part of must be remembered. It is not helpful to compare this firefight other than to firefights one has personally experienced, especially those of decades-past wars; that is a mental misstep and creates an internal obstacle to learning from the experiences that we are fortunate enough to have shared with us here. Civilians can indeed learn from this, because if it looks ineffective and awkward that is what war is like; it is easy to armchair quarterback when you are not shooting and getting shot at, but that feeds one's ego instead of one's understanding of warfare. That applies to everyone, but keep in mind that moments in life are not perfect for the most part; war is not about perfection or performing for the sake of entertainment. It is not for providing an educational experience either, as informative as I find footage like this; having been behind enough cameras I must also remind viewers of how little a single camera perspective actually captures.
    Feels weird to see keyholing debated in the comments, I remember hearing about rifles being designed to cause that from a bunch of people over the years... and about at least as many kinds of rifle, including the M16. However, you do not need to be a ballistics expert (much less a physicist) to understand why a bullet tumbling before entering a target is not advantageous; though it does help to have payed attention in middle school science class when they covered Newton's laws. Put simply, you always want your projectile to being moving towards the target more than in any other direction; movement in other directions is wasted energy and wasted energy means your projectile is much less likely to do its job if it even gets there. This is the opposite of the spin imparted by rifling! Rifling spins the bullet in such a way that it keeps the most energy going forward, but motion in other directions (a tumble instead that spin designed to 'stabilize' the path of the projectile) steals that energy so that by the time it reaches the target it has less energy. If it even reaches the target, because with reduced stability you get poor accuracy; this applies to projectiles in general, arrows have fletching for virtually the same reason.
    Once a projectile hits a target, it slows. This is something most of us intuitively understand and do not need any physics lessons on, so it should go without much more saying that the heavier and faster something is when it it hits a target the more energy it has to cause damage. And that affects how much it slows as well, so a faster and heavier projectile likely will slow less which means further motion before coming to a stop. When that is inside a human body, that can result something similar to a ricochet inside the body; while one may describe that as 'tumbling' (or 'bouncing') it is not tumbling in the same sense as 'destabilizing' in flight is tumbling. This is simply how the laws of nature apply in this situation, there are other more minute factors to consider if you want to nitpick, but this still holds true regardless of how the end result is seen and described; keep in mind what we see and how it came to be are not always immediately apparent, how things are described by witnesses can portray an incorrect take on what happened even if their experience is genuine. In short, if it is a rifle it is designed to keep projectiles from keyholing and destabilizing in general; with energy conserved the projectile will then do more damage whether it passes through the target or remains in it. Again, this is not rocket science even if some of the basic physics principles are relevant there too.
    That applies as much to stabilization of projectiles as it does to watching this footage, which is why the bigger picture is always important; in this case it the bigger picture zooms out to be knowing where a tank was dug in as has been pointed out. As well as confirming the predictable concern that the trench has three to four times as many Russian troops as these International Legion troops were told; that is one rule I do trust from veterans of many different wars, to take numbers as underreported in general; sometimes what goes unnoticed are tanks and other heavier forms of fortification that were either unseen or are new additions, like the 'bonus' T90 here.
    I am no a soldier, or a warfighter, an operator or whatever you want to call it; but neither were quite a few Ukrainians before their country was invaded, and though they may be fighting now it imparts another lesson in civilian resilience. Civilians must be prepared for disaster and conflict, and understanding these issues clearly is important to us because of that. This is why basic medical skills are important to everyone; when events disrupt civil society, civilians by necessity must have the skills and knowledge necessary for the circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances are fighting invaders, unfortunately. And the only way to be prepared well is to be responsibly prepared, which requires understanding over mythologizing. At the least anyone watching this can hopefully understand that continuing forward does not make sense, and retreating leads to a better outcome through a possibility of actually being prepared for what they found. Further, what was said about using AT launches to cover their retreat should make sense if you pause to think about what was said; any veteran can tell you their gear is heavy before they start adding things like anti-tank weapons and ammunition. Even uninjured, well-rested, and motivated it is easier to move fast with less of a load; and while actually hitting the tank would be a lucky shot in this case it is not something a human being wants to run towards in pursuit of the retreating International Legion and Ukrainian troops here.
    That is relevant to civilians because tanks are very dangerous even to other tanks, and so surviving tanks to the point of being able to fight back is the key to 'winning'. Knowing that even if trees slow the tank, that you also have to survive the soldiers that inevitably travel alongside tanks increases your ability to eventually fight back. Whether it is surviving hours or years to fight back, knowing enough not to get killed or captured is a necessary prerequisite for resistance. That is not cowardice or ease, it is the same thing troops in ever war have seen and known. It is what makes guerilla tactics so effective, in part; and knowing those things is something that increases the success of civilian resistance. And that applies to surviving the increasing individual terrorist attacks civilians have to endure in addition to the actions of terrorist nations, as well as natural disasters and other crises that may not be directly a result of human violence.

    • Mr. Mann
      Mr. Mann 3 days ago

      @JeFfRo literally what I came here to say. …the entitlement of people to think the world gives af about how THEY perceive the world around them.

    • JeFfRo
      JeFfRo 4 days ago +2

      Bruh just write a short story no one is reading this 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Diabolus
    Diabolus 2 months ago +302

    Automatic captions:
    - distant explosions = music
    - heavy shooting = applause

  • SALTii
    SALTii Month ago +2

    I love how at the start its just calm and nature but then it turns into a warzone

  • Snoke556
    Snoke556 3 months ago +96

    Wow. I've never seen a video quite like this. The fact that I can from all the way around the world is insane. It's such a shame this conflict has to continue

    • Pingu Rage
      Pingu Rage 3 months ago

      Have you also interested in the other conflicts. Which were not medially spread, because there was nothing to get cash^^?

    • Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스]
      Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스] 3 months ago +11

      Чапалах россию скорее НАТО закончит.
      R.I.P russia

  • lynnhart
    lynnhart Month ago +9

    It's indiscribable how deafening this combat must be, it's amazing these guys hear any call outs at all.

    • lynnhart
      lynnhart 21 hour ago

      @jmasik100 I’d love to join up, always wanted to go into the military since I was a boy. But terminal illness made that impossible, so the best I can do is donate to causes here and there. Though I’m also broke af, so that doesn’t do much either.

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago

      Maybe you should join them and hear it up close for real. Such a fantastic comment.

    • stallion
      stallion 6 days ago +2

      Most of them have comtacs

  • S4DG
    S4DG 3 months ago +1628

    its terrifying how quickly it goes from perfectly calm, just a little bit of artillery in the distance, to heavy machine gun fire.

  • The Wandering Struggler
    The Wandering Struggler 2 months ago +15

    Regardless of which side… a soldier is still a soldier… and it’s always painful, stressful, and depressing to see the reality of war. I don’t think most people understand the weight or gravity and treat it like a joke. I personally don’t want this war to escalate into WW3, but at the rate things are going it might. It’s scary to think about man. I’ve had nightmares about being drafted and my brother being my squad leader, us in the same special forces unit, in a firefight just like this one with the enemy….
    War is fucking heavy… especially when you see the dried up tears and the family/friends/girlfriend/wife pictures on your fallen combatants….
    No wonder all soldiers come home broken… I grew up in the hood… I can only imagine how much more stressful actual combat is than civilian shit…. 😅😅😅💀💀

    • HustlerTate
      HustlerTate 14 days ago

      I’m going to join the Swedish military after finishing high school. I’m hoping to get into the paratroopers and our airborne also known as fallskärmsjägare.

    • Chase
      Chase 19 days ago

      Would have to pass SF selection before you can think that. They would never put you and your brother in the same squad. Trust me.

  • L
    L 3 months ago +197

    Notice the guy with camera constantly scanning back and forth before making contact, “head on a swivel” that’s a good soldier right there.

    • star_fleet troopers || simulation development
      star_fleet troopers || simulation development 2 months ago

      @Liam Morris only fix the problems people pay attention to, thats something kinda similar i learned somewhere

    • L
      L 2 months ago

      @Liam Morris lol that’s interesting though. Good habit to form.

    • Liam Morris
      Liam Morris 2 months ago +2

      In Britain we are told to move our heads to look at our mirrors rather than just move our eyes. So the test examiner can see you're observing before you maneuver. So basically you can move your head and not pay attention to f*ck all. :D

    • Vassya Batareykin
      Vassya Batareykin 2 months ago +1

      Он уже мёртв 😂

    • star_fleet troopers || simulation development
      star_fleet troopers || simulation development 2 months ago +1

      i think you generally dont wanna be visible much for this reason 😬

  • Marconi Quirino
    Marconi Quirino Month ago

    Impressionante 😱 isso é o mais próximo da realidade que eu vi? E é assustador 😨 imaginem viver isso!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 months ago +51

    And to everyone saying all they’re doing is wasting ammo by shooting if they can see what they’re shooting at, you clearly don’t know what suppressive fire is.

    • David J
      David J 2 days ago

      Have any accidental discharges lately Rusty? Or should I say Dale.. *cha cha*

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A 9 hours ago

    Looks cold asf out there too that’s rough prayers to these brave souls.

  • Raskzak
    Raskzak 3 months ago +4419

    Imagine the stress of approaching a fortified position while only beeing protected by trees

    • Red Brix Animations
      Red Brix Animations 25 days ago

      Thin scattered trees at that

    • Gunter o' Dim
      Gunter o' Dim Month ago

      But in this video, they are not approaching the fortified position, but retreating. Because it is near Bakhmut, and there the Ukrainian troops are gradually retreating every day, and are preparing to give up the city.

    • Максим Таранников
      Максим Таранников Month ago +1

      @D.I.M.E Productions Hello, I am writing with the help of a translator, so the comment may look strange.
      After reading the comments, I realized that you understand weapons better than your opponents.
      Therefore, respect to you for your desire to eradicate mistakes and outright stupidity in terms of our weapons.
      Best regards from Omsk

    • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza
      Alexander Gabriel Alqueza Month ago

      Imagine commenting with freedom while they're at war.

  • David FitzGerald
    David FitzGerald 3 months ago +93

    It's always a victory when you live to fight another day.

    • DeepSeaBlue
      DeepSeaBlue 2 months ago

      personally, yes.

    • It not me It u
      It not me It u 3 months ago +7

      Especially when they’re recon. Call in artillery, level the fuckers and move in to clean up

  • -1nterruption -
    -1nterruption - 2 months ago +16

    Them bounding away from contact was a good move on their part. The enemy was pretty close to immediately gaining fire superiority which would have proved trouble for this unit. Glad they decided to maneuver quickly enough to break contact

    • -1nterruption -
      -1nterruption - 19 hours ago

      @jmasik100 1/121/FA former Soldier maneuvered though many dangerous encounters during our times in reaction to contact during our tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan

    • jmasik100
      jmasik100 21 hour ago

      Do tell us of your deep experience of tactical movement to contact. It's so engaging...and self-serving.

  • Johnny_Island
    Johnny_Island 18 days ago

    Absolute badasses, every single one of them.

  • DragonKnightJD
    DragonKnightJD 3 months ago +26

    My adrenaline got going just watching this, I can only imagine what this fighter felt.

  • Martin Chau
    Martin Chau 8 days ago +1

    Brave guys, facing that kind of volume of firepower, especially with tank backed up enemy position. It makes me feel how lucky I was back in Afghanistan, we were fighting under air and artillery support, we just call them if we want, but these guys don’t have any.

  • Faceless Man
    Faceless Man 3 months ago +457

    This is why communication is key. If anyone on the team knows the general direction of the enemy, they need to communicate that to the rest of the team. That way the others know in which direction they should lay their suppressive fire, and if they fall back, they know which direction to fall back to.

    • Chris Hall
      Chris Hall 3 months ago +1

      Distance, direction, description. Cmon guys.

    • Faceless Man
      Faceless Man 3 months ago

      @Dead Prepper Just speaking from experience. When I was in a firefight My buddy mentioned to me exactly where the fire was coming from... after the firefight. I was wondering why he didn't mention it to me during the fight, so I wouldn't be blindly firing at where I thought the enemy was at. Oh well, at least we won the fight still.

    • Dead Prepper
      Dead Prepper 3 months ago

      Your saying that upon initial contact a reverse azmuth has be taken?

    • Nigel Garage
      Nigel Garage 3 months ago

      @jundo mercury when you do this job day in day out you do!

    • M T
      M T 3 months ago

      @Ken Wes I read Sun Tzu several times and I play Squad. I know tactics!

  • BMF6889
    BMF6889 3 months ago +69

    Reminds me of when I was a Marine infantry platoon commander in Vietnam 1968-69.

    • Lil Sky
      Lil Sky 2 months ago

      Thank you for your service, sir

    • Rawhide
      Rawhide 2 months ago

      @Mark E you need a hobby

    • Pingu Rage
      Pingu Rage 3 months ago

      You mean you've pulled out?

    • Der Zieher
      Der Zieher 3 months ago +13

      @Griffin Coyne don't feed the troll 😄

  • Tyler Hassey
    Tyler Hassey 2 months ago +1

    I have a friend who was in the French foreign legion who decided to take his old identity back when his service was done and come back home to the states, he gave a few good combat stories when you gave him a few drinks and one of the craziest ones was where he was in Africa and he was going up against a technical and 20+ on foot, from what I could gather he was an anti armor guy since 90% of what he told us was how much it sucked to lug around AT-4s on top of ammo and his kit but him and the only other guy with anti armor fired and missed the technical so they were holed up in a small concrete house with MG fire bursting through the door and windows as well as AK fire never stopping, he said that was the only time in almost 10 years of military service that the enemy was ever close enough to need to throw a grenade, he got pretty quiet after that but said that frag grenades saved his life that day

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto 14 days ago +3

    I'm at home just playing video games and have too be at work at 8am. This man is in the middle of a firefight for the sake of his life. Damn. Sure is a crazy world we live in.

  • IDsfx TM
    IDsfx TM 2 months ago +18

    No matter how far you going,there's always a Brit with you

  • kebman
    kebman Month ago +1

    4:02 Looks like an accidental discharge. It's ok. I can't imagine the pressure in such a situation...

  • DoggoDude448
    DoggoDude448 3 months ago +2213

    The most scary part is that you never see the Russians.

    • Dominic Beniamin
      Dominic Beniamin 19 hours ago

      @World Tube There is no god.

    • Richard Nether
      Richard Nether Day ago

      Да, да. А мы вас видим😂

    • World Tube
      World Tube 2 days ago

      ​@Dominic Beniamin God give people free will, so people choose to do this

    • Andromeda
      Andromeda 2 days ago

      Yeah, it’s called T R E N C H E S.

    • Aaron Lee
      Aaron Lee 2 days ago

      @Alex Barboni I see so many people like you assuming the Russians are inept. Maybe the most effective meme on the American public, but hardly the truth.

  • Lucas Proffen
    Lucas Proffen 2 months ago +1

    This is terrifying to watch. I cant even imagine how scared some of those soldiers must feel under fire

  • Scar
    Scar 2 months ago +3

    "The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity." ~ Seneca

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris Month ago

    Blows my mind how much ammo down range is even at a target

  • ObzTicle
    ObzTicle 3 months ago +61

    This is probably the most insane war footage I've seen. All calm, get it just kicks off. This whole fight was crazy to watch.

    • Sha Hin
      Sha Hin 3 months ago

      Look up Iran-Iraq frontline

    • Denis Zharkov
      Denis Zharkov 3 months ago


    • Martin Ward
      Martin Ward 3 months ago

      @ObzTicle Look up "Goregris"...be warned none of their footage are censored

    • RenzitoARG
      RenzitoARG 3 months ago +2

      Calm? the operator is a rookie that is hyperventilating after half a magazine was shot.

  • chapter
    chapter Month ago +1

    this gotta be the highest resolution combat footage ive ever seen

  • JM
    JM 3 months ago +446

    This is what a real battle in the woods looks like folks. Most of the time you dont see the enemy. There's just horizontal rain of bullets. In thick tropical forest like here in the Philippines, the enemy could be as close as 10 feet. Any form of communication while on patrol is done through hand signs and whispers.

    • чебурашка вару💚
      чебурашка вару💚 5 days ago

      Одни профи смотрю собрались 😅😂

    • Alex A. Davronov
      Alex A. Davronov 15 days ago

      Well I can tell you that even on the plains the enemy is still not in clear sight lol. It takes a while to detect him by fire. If it's in trenches, you even fail to see it.

    • John David Acero
      John David Acero Month ago

      But what about all those expensive optics and LPVOs from these guntubers?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 months ago +46

    A buddy of mine is a DS at benning, and uses this to show new infantry recruits what contact looks like, and how to properly react to it.

  • Edward J Weber
    Edward J Weber 3 months ago +303

    Their bravery in the face of death is something to he admired. I can't say what I would do in a situation like this.

    • Mike Sabbe
      Mike Sabbe Month ago

      Pull back 1 by 1 and the other give covering fire, repeat. And look for others, leave no man behind. Last part RuZZia still have to learn :/

    • Hemulenssis
      Hemulenssis Month ago

      Nobody can know how they would react to a situation like this until it's them that's there.

    • Myron Gaines
      Myron Gaines Month ago

      @Nexi Nex mercenaries or volunteers

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve Month ago +4

    The fact that they survived a t 90 on foot is remarkable

    • MTX
      MTX Month ago +3

      well the forest protected them a bit,

    • dEt1ousㄖ
      dEt1ousㄖ Month ago +1


  • I’m an a380
    I’m an a380 2 months ago +2

    Holy shit.
    Ya know these games and stuff make it seem so emotional when something like this happens. But this irl is something unexplainable. Like. You know it’s there and it is happening but you just do your best

  • Dumny Lach
    Dumny Lach Month ago

    Modern warriors, I salute You

  • chaosXpert
    chaosXpert 3 months ago +890

    Here you can see how confusing and terrifying war is and why sometimes people, like civilians, can get hurt or killed in nearby area. Luckily this is in a forest and not near any civilian settlement

    • Sooner Keith
      Sooner Keith 2 months ago

      @Dirty Dan LOL. There is so much nonsense in what you wrote.

  • C. Shannon
    C. Shannon 3 months ago +1

    Amazing footage thanks for sharing. I hope both teams managed to fall back with minimal causalities and or injuries. Best of luck to all of you. And thanks for fighting this war.

  • discarding sabot
    discarding sabot 3 months ago +5

    In Vietnam marines, ie heavy infantry platoons of 40 men or so, would bring a 81 mm mortar. You could have pre-zeroed in on suspected position, and walked them in later. Plus never run behind a tree somebody else is hiding behind already and jump in behind them, you just gave away both of you.

  • wim -036
    wim -036 8 days ago

    Respect .all I can say

  • 1234falco
    1234falco 3 months ago +57

    This world is sick... its terrifying, sitting in a warm house far away and watching this hell these guys going through...

    • Souwth-bawston-is-fuh-luvahs
      Souwth-bawston-is-fuh-luvahs Month ago

      It’s always been this way, it was just easier to ignore the realities of what was happening around the globe when you couldn’t physically see it.

    • Dungeon Master
      Dungeon Master Month ago +3

      Don't feel sorry for those guys, they made a choice to go to ukraine, this is not their war.

  • pablobro
    pablobro Month ago +1

    Brave lads fighting there way out a ambush even wanting to got back to try n hit the tank crazy lol....glad there on our side

  • FoxtrotUnit
    FoxtrotUnit 3 months ago +322

    1:25 Shows you the importance of *active hearing protection.*
    Lowers volume of loud noises (gunfire), but *amplifies quieter noises* like the human voice.
    Also talking on radio helps, assuming more than one guy has radio (and assuming the radios are linked via cable to the active hearing protection).

    • Chris935
      Chris935 3 months ago

      @Average Demographic You can't at a given point in time, but you can have a system that dynamically adjusts. It'll turn down when loud things are happening, and turn back up when it's quieter. This won't help you hear a conversation at the same time as an explosion, but it'll protect you from the sound of the explosion in one moment, then allow you to hear a conversation afterwards.

    • Lukas
      Lukas 3 months ago

      @Hi Im Tealis yeah true there is some downsides but in the future helmets and headsets will become one piece that will save weight make them more comfortable and noise canceling tech will only improve.

    • David Rodriguez
      David Rodriguez 3 months ago

      @Hi Im Tealis It also depends how good your equipment is. I ran Peltar 5 with gel cups and they significantly increased comfort over the stock cups.

    • Randy
      Randy 3 months ago

      @Goofy's Bandit well explained but the cheap $40 electronic ear pro doesn’t have dynamic hearing, they cancel out all sound when a loud noise is present. You need something like the peltor 300’s which are like $150 to still hear low decibel noises while gunfire is present

    • Hi Im Tealis
      Hi Im Tealis 3 months ago

      @K S as I stated in a previous comment, it’s additional weight regardless. That being said, it’s alright mounted on a helmet but if I don’t have a helmet with rails, I’m not going to bother with peltors unless it’s a range and there’s very little movement involved.

  • Darryl Douglas Marbaniang
    Darryl Douglas Marbaniang 2 months ago +3

    Many people have even gone around, saying that tanks are now obsolete, but I disagree. Sure, new weapons to combat them have been introduced but it's only a matter of time before tank technology catches up to counter those as well.

  • Caleb Vue
    Caleb Vue 3 months ago +19

    The adrenaline is unimaginable.

  • Eugene
    Eugene 6 days ago +4

    Элевен о клок, понятно с кем идут основные боевые действия

  • Demetric
    Demetric 2 months ago +1

    May god watch over these brave men

  • datseb997
    datseb997 Month ago

    4:01 was that an ND into the ground at that guys foot behind the tree? Or an incoming round? Wild footage man!

  • Michael Birchall
    Michael Birchall 3 months ago +977

    I encourage everyone to play Airsoft in a forest like this. It's scary how easily you can get "killed" without even seeing the "enemy".
    I can't imagine what these guys are going through!!!

    • Black Paint
      Black Paint 2 months ago

      @Chuggon Estimatef russian KIA is 96k? Where dud you get this info? The US estimated a total of about 100k CASUALTIES, which includes injured soldiers as well which very ofter are 5x the amount of KIA.
      You are delusional

    • Michael Birchall
      Michael Birchall 2 months ago

      @dXb No Shit Sherlock!

    • dXb
      dXb 2 months ago

      Airsoft is nothing like real combat.

    • Maka
      Maka 2 months ago

      @Valhura77 How is Russia winning? What territory have they taken these last months. So far they keep losing territory without pushing back. Now its Ukraine on the offensive and winning. Nowadays iraq military isnt powerful but back then at the start of the war they definitely were in the top 5 strongest militaries.

  • bruh
    bruh 2 months ago +4

    Infantry is scary, not like the video games where you have a radar to know where the enemy is

  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey 3 months ago +2

    Excellent footage. Some of the best I've ever seen.

  • ShmitGaming
    ShmitGaming 9 days ago

    Omfg that’s SUPER DETAIL! Especially near the end when one shoot the rocket !

  • David Tatti
    David Tatti 3 months ago +6

    2:15 This is a Leader right there, seconds later checking his mates while falling back in stages.

  • Two Wheels Touring
    Two Wheels Touring 3 days ago +1

    Got night time patrol written all over it. 👍

  • Nperez1986
    Nperez1986 3 months ago +880

    It gets scary and harder when you're facing a competent enemy...no matter who they are.

    • RC
      RC Month ago

      @HDaviator they really are

    • CaptainUseless21
      CaptainUseless21 2 months ago +1

      @Levon Yeah. The T-90 thing was definitely BS. Had they been against one of those. It would have had now issues wiping out their entire squad with HE shells and coaxial MG's.

    • Haythem sandel
      Haythem sandel 2 months ago

      @Rex Sceleratorum Go take a look at a map for your sake..

    • Rex Sceleratorum
      Rex Sceleratorum 2 months ago

      @Haythem sandel Most of the occupied land was taken by the Russian Empire long ago in 2014. And it will be ironic if Ukraine retakes those sovereign territories because Putler started this war.

    • Haythem sandel
      Haythem sandel 2 months ago

      @Rex Sceleratorum Try to look at an actual map and see if that figure holds up they kept 90% of what they took, excluding Kherson and some wastelands in Kharkov

  • Jammet Leopard
    Jammet Leopard 3 months ago

    How is it even possible to fire this many rounds and just never hit? Am I glad these guys were lucky.

  • tacmed2007
    tacmed2007 2 months ago +15

    Well they did very well on the initial contact, a well coordinated fighting withdrawal. And the fact is that it look like they didn’t even take casualties, which is outstanding so well done boys❤

    • Inesh Arroyuy
      Inesh Arroyuy Month ago +1

      it is difficult to suffer losses in a battle in which there is no enemy.

    • SirXavior
      SirXavior 2 months ago +2

      I was going to say the same thing, they also made the right decisions. Making the right decisions will dictates if you'll survive another day.

  • kronoskalifa
    kronoskalifa 34 minutes ago

    ES increíble como se escucha el ambiente de combate.

  • Mykola S.
    Mykola S. 2 months ago

    Extremely thanks, honour to all guys who joined the armed forces of Ukraine in the fight against ruzzian invasion.

  • Ponti Game
    Ponti Game 5 days ago

    i play airsoft, this battle is similar to the game we usually do, we also usually use colored duct tape to mark opponents and friends, but this is real. this is really crazy.
    armed contractors clashed in foreign countries, which then suffered civilians.
    which profit from politicians and military contractors

  • Rafe B
    Rafe B 3 months ago +873

    You can see the bullets hitting the ground right next to them. This would be terrifying

    • Elina Ufimskaya
      Elina Ufimskaya Month ago

      Скорее всего они уже мертвы.

    • fishfingers1985
      fishfingers1985 3 months ago

      @SOVOKO!!! @3:00 to 3:05 splash of bullets hitting the ground right beside...

    • Фёдор Фёдор
      Фёдор Фёдор 3 months ago

      @Fun Dead только хотел это написать)

    • Rundatbackturbo
      Rundatbackturbo 3 months ago

      Yea it wasn’t accidental. Definitely cleared his rifle before reloading

    • wigz me
      wigz me 3 months ago

      @OBARI FAN looked like he tried to clear a stoppage and left a live round in the chamber for the dry fire, easily done but bad drills! firing a live round into the ground less than a ft away from you is dangerous, he is lucky he didnt hit rock and get a face full of copper and lead! Also, if your having to test fire mid combat, its bad prep.

  • Hazel
    Hazel 3 months ago +72

    The amount of bravery this takes is astronomical.

    • Evan Joestar
      Evan Joestar Month ago

      Yeah cause unlike in video games or movies, these soldiers can't even see each other.

    • Liam Morris
      Liam Morris 2 months ago

      @FiringallCylinders Adrenaline can be great it can also be f*cking disastrous. Great when things happen fast, once the pace slows and your shake uncontrollably it's a fking nightmare.

    • FiringallCylinders
      FiringallCylinders 2 months ago

      Adrenaline is a heck of a thing

    • Beavis
      Beavis 2 months ago +4

      Yeah for both sides

  • Jacob Fr
    Jacob Fr 3 months ago +1

    this is why joining the army requires intense training to be ready for situations like this

  • Brandon W.
    Brandon W. Day ago

    Just that ambience alone before the firefight was eerie.

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday 3 months ago +66

    4:01 almost shot his own knee off. Stay trained and continue to be safe

    • Warren Lewis
      Warren Lewis 5 days ago

      It looked to me like he was clearing a jammed riffle! Fired into the ground purposesly!

    • Emerald
      Emerald 27 days ago +1

      all these "military experts" commenting on a youtube video, do you even know what the guy in the video did?

    • TurnMeUpJoshTV
      TurnMeUpJoshTV Month ago

      Thought I was the only one who noticed

    • DragonOnCoke
      DragonOnCoke 2 months ago

      @Mike Honcho My guy I'm a Republican who voted for Trump this election and plan to vote for Desantis if he runs for the next term. Stop jumping to conclusions on stuff you know little to nothing about.
      Just because they *may* lose doesn't mean they should just give up, if it were america under attack you'd be begging other countries for aid.

  • M.R Bro
    M.R Bro Month ago

    Хай захищає вас Бог і дякуємо за допомогу

  • Anis
    Anis 3 months ago +746

    Imagine 10-20 years from now on the TV History Channel is going to have some awesome and yet terrifying footage for the story telling. What a time we live in ×_×

    • ISON
      ISON 2 months ago

      10-20 years ? i'm glad you're optimistic,

    • cassius969
      cassius969 2 months ago

      They probably will be able to pinpoint and time video material and just edit the existing video material to show what happened.

    • За Путина НОД
      За Путина НОД 2 months ago

      Я Русский , и покараю всех иностранных фашистов на своей украинской земле !

    • Reddy26
      Reddy26 2 months ago +1

      Awesome! Now that's what I'm talking about. The game in ukraine is so much more interesting to watch than playing COD.

  • DragnarDaBreaker
    DragnarDaBreaker 3 months ago +77

    I seriously doubt there was a platoon against them: no machine gun fire, no automatic grenade launchers. Bet their mission was just scouting to look for trench positions. Also distinguishing between T-90 and T-72 in a forest? You need x-ray vision for that.

    • Gunter o' Dim
      Gunter o' Dim 22 days ago

      @BB_Arcadia In Kyiv, almost no one died. The troops were withdrawn after 2 days. If they had fought to the death, this retreat would have dragged on for many months (this is always the case in war). But that did not happen. It was just that the groups of troops advancing to Kyiv realized the futility of the assault by such a small group (a couple of tens of thousands of fighters initially went to Kiev) and returned back to Belarus, from there they were simply sent to the fortified Donbass. It surprises me that the Russians even reached Kyiv in a couple of days and even partially began to capture the city, having so few troops. this speaks of excellent training and incredible mobility of Russian forces.

    • Rangerpl1322
      Rangerpl1322 Month ago

      There's no automatic grenade launcher because the rounds all got sold on the black market by the drunk company commander

    • James M
      James M Month ago

      Except you can hear the open-bolt sending rounds down range……

    • Tyler H
      Tyler H Month ago

      Probably 10 other ukranians tbh

    • Daniel Meier
      Daniel Meier Month ago +2

      @daniel parks yes thats 100% a british accent. Aussies sound vastly different.

  • Taneli Härkönen
    Taneli Härkönen 2 months ago

    Was that almost a hit on a knee at 4:02? 😳 I just can't quite understand why was the retreat so sluggish or relaxed 😯 It seemed the enemy was really close and there was no cover. Soldiers stood really upright and seemed moderately relaxed compared to what the situation seems on camera 😯 Chills running through just watching... 😧

  • collin beckwith
    collin beckwith 9 days ago

    My heart goes out to all the men that have to go through this stupid war. When can all just realize we are in this shit together

  • inMarid
    inMarid 3 months ago

    I’ve read that on average a top sniper takes 1.3 rounds to make a kill. But, we assume that U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have killed 50,000 people with small-arms fire (a high estimate, I suspect), then they have needed, for training plus actual fighting, 184,000 bullets per person killed.
    So many, many bullets flying around everywhere.
    Very brave men and women to be fighting there indeed!!

  • Ricer Car Mods
    Ricer Car Mods Hour ago

    The balls on these men. 🤘

  • Paul Prochan
    Paul Prochan 3 months ago +544

    Bakhmut (the former name, Artemovsk) is famous for the biggest in Europe salt mine and a wine manufacturer (which preserved wine underground in the salt mine).

    • Andy Cole
      Andy Cole 2 months ago

      @Paul Prochan ?????? Any facts ?

    • Гело Самдерский
      Гело Самдерский 3 months ago

      @Mondragon а ты до сих пор не понимаешь, что мир и мировые процессы намного шире и глобальнее конкретной власти, президента и народа в конкретной стране

    • Гело Самдерский
      Гело Самдерский 3 months ago

      @Александр Спикер да я думаю не важно какой интенсивности бои, часто ли отстрелы, если тебе приходится в руки оружие брать, то часто или не часто разницы нет, если человек живет в состоянии этой войны, то это уже надлом. Плюс ещё с лнр народ насмотрелся за все время и даже свежепризванные уже заряжены идеологически, за них не буду говорить, но предположу, что у таких людей изначально в голове мысль, как я уже писал выше: «мы все это время страдали теперь пора платить по заслугам», и помарадёрить у украинцев для них само собой разумеющее дело, даже нужное. Но за парней этих не говорю, это только мое предположение, на всех этих людей тяжёлая доля выпала.

  • yeemsteam
    yeemsteam 2 months ago

    Great communication and movement under heavy fire

  • clinton
    clinton 2 months ago +1

    i mean they did not have a choice but to fall back but still good job for them for holding up for a long time

  • pbrobots pbrobots
    pbrobots pbrobots Month ago +1

    friend of mine showed me a clip not from you tube but from another channel and it was brutal, it looked like it was from a Russian go pro, wood land fighting, closed in on a trench two guys hands up and they just shot them.

  • TheJoungRed
    TheJoungRed 2 months ago +5

    Both sides are affraid and don't want to die. It's just sad that all these lives were shattered for nothing.

  • Exelixi
    Exelixi Month ago +4

    If you are asking why are they shooting back if they don't know where they are, that's actually a tactic, you don't have to actually shoot at the soldier shooting but just shoot at the direction the bullets are coming or where you hear the bullets are coming. Is basically you saying to the enemy "hey I see you too I can fight back" or "I know where you are".

    • JeFfRo
      JeFfRo 3 days ago

      @Exelixi I know its used for alot of things but in this case it was so they could fall back because you know there was a tank firing at them😂🤣

    • Exelixi
      Exelixi 4 days ago

      @JeFfRo you know suppressive is not only used for falling back right?? For example can be used as covering fire, to cover friendly forces who are moving without cover. The purpose of suppression is to prevent or stop the enemy from observing, moving or complete a task that interferes with the mission.

    • JeFfRo
      JeFfRo 4 days ago

      It's called suppressive firing so they can fall back lol

  • George S-R
    George S-R 3 months ago +568

    Modern war is so weirdly abstract even in full HD video. Honestly to me whilst I knew the enemy were in a certain direction, and that something was definitely firing because there was loads of noise... I couldn't see the enemy at all, and personally couldn't really see any shots coming back towards the cammer? Leading to this strange very noisy but seemingly "kinda okay" scene to my untrain eye. Even though they're actually, clearly, in great danger!! So weird.

    • Dylan Keating
      Dylan Keating 3 months ago

      Almost looks like cgi doesn't it

    • JM
      JM 3 months ago +1

      This is what a real battle in the woods looks like folks. Most of the time you dont see the enemy. There's just horizontal rain of bullets. In thick tropical forest like here in the Philippines, the enemy could be as close as 10 feet. Any form of communication while on patrol is done through hand signs and whispers.

    • jacob bttng
      jacob bttng 3 months ago

      ​@MooDSwinG Gaming this is just untrue. the crack is from bullets breaking the sound barrier by going supersonic

    • Brian Peck
      Brian Peck 3 months ago

      Cameras don't reveal as much as eyes in this situation.

    • jamoy1993
      jamoy1993 3 months ago

      The whip cracks sounds are rounds passing by in your general direction. That's what you really have to watch out for.

  • Sir Croydon Facelift
    Sir Croydon Facelift 3 months ago +1

    These guys are professional, despite the ND at 4:02 (wtf was that?). Handled the contact well and returned plenty of fire whilst retreating in good order. To all those who say otherwise, have a think about how you’d behave in this situation. Could you do any better?

  • Mauri
    Mauri 3 months ago +10

    This is incredible footage

  • King Jules
    King Jules 9 days ago

    4:01 this man literally dodged a bullet

  • John Slugger
    John Slugger 2 months ago +5

    *Brave Men, very brave!*

  • RegardedAJO
    RegardedAJO 5 days ago

    I'm surprised to see so many suppressors on guns in videos. I thought that was only in video games

  • Heracles
    Heracles 3 months ago +608

    Seeing the soil bouncing off after the bullets land closer and closer to you is so scary.

    • Reddy26
      Reddy26 2 months ago +1

      Awesome! Now that's what I'm talking about. The game in ukraine is so much more interesting to watch than playing COD.

    • Dante
      Dante 2 months ago

      Even at 0:59 you can see the impact of a bullet at the ground

    • C Hyre
      C Hyre 2 months ago

      @Bill Jones that was super close to his leg or foot got lucky

    • MintyLime
      MintyLime 3 months ago

      @j b didn't even notice but yeah that was him shooting. I doubt anyone really cares when they're taking heavy fire since they have much bigger problems but it's still not the smartest idea. He could've at least pointed his gun towards the Russian position if he feels he must pull the trigger. But yeah I don't think soldiers in combat are as concerned with safety as you would be shooting for fun or practice. They flag each other all the time. There's really no avoiding it when men are having to fire and maneuver.

    • Donnybrook
      Donnybrook 3 months ago

      that was from his own gun.

  • Misty Riley
    Misty Riley 2 months ago +1

    The scariest part is that don’t know the exact position of the enemy and how they were equipped.

  • Tim Stort
    Tim Stort 2 months ago

    The bravery it takes someone to fight for another’s land is amazing, may Gd be with you

    • chin_chin
      chin_chin Month ago +1

      Они воюют за деньги, а не за Украину.

  • Tae Gotti
    Tae Gotti 2 days ago

    4:02 when the round hit right infront of the guy kneeling at the tree base was wild