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The Invisible Front Camera finally got one thing right...


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  • Michael Dietsche
    Michael Dietsche 5 months ago +3538

    Since I very rarely take a selfie I wouldn't mind it at all - they could even omit the front camera as far as I care. I realize I'm far from the typical case however.

    • ZerotheWanderer
      ZerotheWanderer Month ago

      I want dual front facing speakers, not a front facing camera. I use the speakers infinitely more than I do the camera.

    • chkn nugt
      chkn nugt 3 months ago

      the thing that sucks tho it will only get a year of OS updates

    • Aqua will purify Corona
      Aqua will purify Corona 3 months ago

      @Melon Dog wtf you on about? Don't spread misinformation. Ever bought any financial product and service? They'll require you to turn on your selfie camera for verification. Also, we've shit ton of digital banks. It's called Neo banks. Paytm payments bank, Jupiter, etc etc.

    • Aqua will purify Corona
      Aqua will purify Corona 3 months ago

      @Rodolfo bruh fr. It's same here. A lot of verification process for different stuff ask for facial recognition.

    • Sparklingtube
      Sparklingtube 3 months ago

      @Tracenji mhm mhm

  • Uncle Ned
    Uncle Ned 5 months ago +49

    I love what they have managed to pull off here. It's amazing to see just how well hidden all the under-screen magic is.

    • theNimboo
      theNimboo 4 months ago +1

      Ya, I'd honestly rather they just put a freaking top bezel on phones. Then we can still have a perfect rectangle screen without holes or notches blocking it, AND we can have high quality cameras.

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 5 months ago +3

    Leaving the front camera aside can we admire the beautiful design of this phone.

  • Ric Ky
    Ric Ky 5 months ago +51

    8:12 Image softness from selfie cam is ok, image quality looks quite usable too.
    For those like me who rarely / don't use the selfie cam except for basic work type video calls & meetings that quality level wouldn't be a major deal.
    In fact I'd prefer this over the hole punch & notch pandemic that has been with smartphone design for a while now.
    One thing I also didn't expect like 4:46 is how good they got in hiding it while keeping it still practically usable. Really amazing for real. Maybe compared with the last gen 'pixel binning' a higher resolution 16MP front cam did the trick.
    Samsung must have overhead your tips to improve image quality Zack. Afterwards Apple will pay them (Samsung) a bundle to manufacture it then call it 'their best screen ever' 😁

    • mmazvis
      mmazvis 4 months ago +2

      Same here. My front camera is for skype calls to my grandparents, and few work meetings over teams at most. So quality is good enough for me. The notch or that hole punch just ruins the screen for me. I would agree that it is a pandemic for the phones these days, as every phone has adopted it...
      I will consider this phone as a viable replacement for my OnePlus7 pro, as this is actually one of the very few phones without the notch or hole in the screen.

    • Brightsun Singh
      Brightsun Singh 4 months ago

      @Quack Zack i don't think you realise that they aren't actually just buying shit off the shelf. Samsung manufactures the displays based on what instructions apple says. All Samsung does is MANUFACTURE the screens so, it's still designed by apple. It's so wrong to call it a "Samsung" screen

    • Quack Zack
      Quack Zack 4 months ago +3

      @PanRex I'm a bit disappointed how some people get their mind blown or don't believe me when I tell them their OLED iPhones (nearly all iPhones from generation 10/X onwards) are manufactured from Samsung and it's ironic when people say Samsung phones suck when their panels is smacked right in their phone.

    • PanRex
      PanRex 5 months ago +3

      apple doesnt ever say it's their screen since samsung makes them

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 5 months ago +5

    Using sensor shift stacking would be difficult to use, though using a mixture of physical sensor shifting, and electronic shifting with pixel binning might work, though it would probably only ever be for still photos, because video would require one hell of a geniva drive

  • GrayMATter
    GrayMATter 5 months ago +2728

    As much as the underdisplay camera tech is commendable, the image and video quality still looks bad enough. But this is a perfect phone for someone who hardly uses the front cam. Would love to have such a device cuz it looks gorgeous.. the all screen look is amazing... they have done a fantastic job camoflauging the camera hole.

    • hridoy khan
      hridoy khan 4 months ago


    • Dragon
      Dragon 4 months ago

      I hope they can fix this because Unserdisplay camera should be the future

    • DasIstGoose
      DasIstGoose 4 months ago

      @StarfoxHUN they said anyone that uses their front facing camera for video production. That includes influencers, Einstein.
      They only said that average, normal people shouldn't worry too bad about it. Because it's a decent enough camera.

    • Killer
      Killer 4 months ago

      I've stuck with my oneplus 7 pro from 2019 because it is so far ahead in thinking that it still looks futuristic now with sleek edges and the full screen with a popup camera. It also had 90hz refresh rate at 1400p or 1080p and it's just too good to upgrade. This might actually be the replacer for my oneplus 7 pro tho because I really love the screen and the under-display tech is cool ad but I don't ever use the from camera

    • Philippe Martin
      Philippe Martin 5 months ago

      I just want it to be good enough for face unlock

  • Noob4Head
    Noob4Head 5 months ago +3

    I'm personally someone that never uses the front facing camera on my phone so these are not really issues for me.
    So as far as I'm concerned getting a phone without that "annoying" notch or hole punch is a win.
    On the other side though I don't really feel comfortable spending more than a couple hundred bucks on a phone, so I'll stick with my Poco X3 pro for awhile longer I think.

    • Noob4Head
      Noob4Head 5 months ago +2

      @GrayWolf That is very much true, I could never see myself pay more than €300 for a phone cause at this price you basically have a phone that can do everything you want it to do

    • GrayWolf
      GrayWolf 5 months ago +2

      Funny thing is we now pay more for a feature we never use.

  • Josh Friesen
    Josh Friesen 5 months ago +6

    Hey Zack, I’ve been a fan for a few years now. If there was one thing that I would like to see on your channel is a twist test. Although not as common of an accident, a similar event could occur with everyday use.

  • lukewt456
    lukewt456 4 months ago +1

    Now this is a technology I can get behind. Not having to deal with a hole when using full-screen stuff is a game changer.

  • Kristianpont
    Kristianpont 5 months ago

    Being able to completely hide the camera under the display will allow placing multiple cameras, hereby greatly improve the image quality.

  • Casimiro Chor
    Casimiro Chor 5 months ago +435

    The image quality hasn't improved, but holy heck have they hidden the sensor well. I really hope something like this becomes the norm in the US. Invisible selfie cam is probably the next big smartphone leap that I'll buy into.

    • suhail noor
      suhail noor 3 months ago

      @Ahab Hyde I don't know of any county other than US

    • AXS
      AXS 4 months ago

      worsened, halos appeared

    • zxbc
      zxbc 5 months ago

      @Nathan Shurtz Well it's a good thing that phones can actually be taken apart and looked at to know whether there's a "hidden" camera underneath... And how do you know there's no hidden cameras in hotel rooms right now? It's rather easy to hide it anywhere if it's small, and it's not like you'd be checking everywhere in your hotel room every time. Kind of a moot point to fuzz over.

    • Nerby
      Nerby 5 months ago +1

      Just imagine when tv and monitor manufacturers start placing these in their devices to collect user data to sell you ads. 😅

    • Nathan Shurtz
      Nathan Shurtz 5 months ago +4

      I don't. Even though I think it is cool, just think of the implications for surveillance and invasion of privacy in places like hotel rooms. Like ya, I don't have anything to hide, but I still expect to be able to have areas that don't have cameras I don't know about.
      This tech is cool, but if you care anything about privacy, you'd better see that this is an additional avenue for invasion of that privacy.

  • TubeSurferGeek
    TubeSurferGeek 5 months ago +1

    Axon 30 actually looked a bit sharper. Not quite Potato Camera quality but, they've still got a LONG way to go.
    I'll settle for a small cutout rather than have images that look like the lens is smudged.

  • Marc Fruchtman
    Marc Fruchtman 5 months ago

    Thanks for a interesting review. Image sharpness is critical for the pictures that I take. Since there are additional cameras on the back of the Phone that won't have the softness issue, I don't see the softness for just the front cam as a problem. I really admire that it can take a beating. The price tho... Also not a fan of any phone without headphone jack. +1 for including the charger.

  • TheOnlyName
    TheOnlyName 5 months ago

    If you asked me years ago, ZTE is the absolute *last* company I'd expect to be pioneering the invisible front camera!

  • Liviu Rosca
    Liviu Rosca 5 months ago +3

    For me the best full screen experience it’s a pop-up camera. I know i trade waters resistance for this but for me it’s worth. My OP 7 Pro have almost 3 years and still feel like an new phone.

    • Liviu Rosca
      Liviu Rosca 4 months ago +1

      @Quack Zack for photos and videos yes, you are right but what about video calling? :)

    • Quack Zack
      Quack Zack 4 months ago +1

      I think the best of all worlds is the rear camera for selfie via a rear screen viewfinder. This is the most expensive solution out of all but: 1) UPGRADES the picture quality rather than degrades, 2) doesn't compromise water resistance, 3) no moving parts or software tricks needed.

  • Sameer Raj
    Sameer Raj 5 months ago +466

    The earlier one looks kinda better. Too much softening on the new one..😵

    • TimberWulf
      TimberWulf 5 months ago +1

      That would just be a software issue, not a hardware.

    • Jack Darrow
      Jack Darrow 5 months ago

      @visualdarkness maybe the AI these days can handle that 🤔. But still it was good to see how technology evolved today.

    • no I'm not a kpop pfp 🙄 (sheacy)
      no I'm not a kpop pfp 🙄 (sheacy) 5 months ago

      You mean smooth and exfoliated 😻

    • visualdarkness
      visualdarkness 5 months ago +1

      @dxdhh Would be interesting to see what stacking multiple of these cameras could achieve. I might be able to counteract some artifacts.

    • visualdarkness
      visualdarkness 5 months ago +1

      @Jack Darrow You can only optimize, what is essentially is shooting through a "dirty" screen, to a certain degree until the only option is faking it. If the camera/optics can't resolve well enough to capture skin texture then you could have post-processing add fake skin texture to the face, but it will be a fake one.

  • Dragon 2244
    Dragon 2244 5 months ago

    i had bought and used the previous generation axon 30 as my daily driver for the past 4 or so months now and I couldn't be happier as the camera is almost completely invisible when watching widescreen content and is only really noticeable when actively looking for the transition. the camera quality looks the same but that is fine as i never use it and why I was so happy being early to this technology, it makes me happy knowing that since it looks this good it will have to be added to more phones and will force the removal of the stupid camera bump.
    only issue I have with the phones is that it doesn't have a water resistance rating but since the technology is new i expect it to become more water resistant in the later generations

  • UR.v202
    UR.v202 5 months ago +1

    I like how you use footage from the camera your testing, it definitely helps.

  • Jean
    Jean 5 months ago

    I'll buy the 6" version instantly. Never took a selfie but I like smaller phones.

  • Bobby Jay
    Bobby Jay 2 months ago

    Brilliant improvement by ZTE. I don't use the selfie camera on my phone so the quality doesn't bother me. The no hole-punch, notch or pill is a plus from me.

  • Agame Ann
    Agame Ann 5 months ago +483

    I really like the idea of shifting the camera ever so slightly to take 2-4 photos and then merging them to remove the smudges we'd get from the pixels being in the way.

    • Shark
      Shark 4 months ago +1

      @TheMacco26 and here we are. This is the answer. Actually, its so easy I could easily write an app for doing this if I had more time.
      Step 1: Use feature matching to align 2 (or more) images. median filter them. Much better image guaranteed.

    • Albert György
      Albert György 5 months ago

      The display's pixel density is way too high for something like this to be efficient

    • AlexandreG
      AlexandreG 5 months ago

      For reasons dumbass people won't understand, it doesn't work like that

    • Deja
      Deja 5 months ago +1

      Simply shifting pixels might help, even if you find a way to completely turn off the pixels under the camera when it's active, then that'd probably go leaps and bounds. The fact is that the camera still needs to see through tiny little diodes that are over it though, so in this case a better camera could actually make this worse... So yes, I agree that moving the camera X pixels and taking different photos to pick the "clearest" pixel lines from, or even take a 200ms video and use deblur and some other commonly used tricks to improve images may help.

    • Groza
      Groza 5 months ago

      double camera arranged such that the pixel of the screen is at different positions at the centre of the camera.

  • Ardee Blancas
    Ardee Blancas 5 months ago +1

    The Underscreen, Mirrored-Sunglasses front camera without seeing its eyes(Lens) is incredible! 😁

  • Blake Staggie
    Blake Staggie 4 months ago

    Love how you just keep growing and growing the channel. Loving my solar I got installed this year. Now need that electric car.

  • NickSneaky
    NickSneaky 4 months ago +1

    I love how he calmly talks about the phone greatness along with him aggressively trying to destroy it

  • Dima Qwerty
    Dima Qwerty 5 months ago +1

    The front camera is still inferior in quality to the usual camera for this time, I think.

  • itsferm28
    itsferm28 5 months ago +173

    Impressive! It's amazing how they have figured out the screen so the hole punch ain't visible anymore. I do agree that the camera doesn't look good but I would say that there's people out there that don't care about selfies and would rather have a screen like this. Looking forward to more improvements!

    • KacangKacangan
      KacangKacangan 5 months ago +1

      @Tim Goodliffe do you have anything credible to back up your statement? Theory or credible sources?

    • Kenn Y
      Kenn Y 5 months ago +3

      @Tim Goodliffe Bruh, you literally have to get it to perfect angle to see it.. Did you even watch the video?

    • Tim Goodliffe
      Tim Goodliffe 5 months ago

      Its still not great, you can still see it. but dont really notice it in most apps. also the screen is prone to loss of pixles, as welll as ghost touches

    • Jean
      Jean 5 months ago +2


    • Fleck's random stuff
      Fleck's random stuff 5 months ago +9

      Yes, me, either pop-up camera or this, I really don't like holes in screen... :(

  • stuart mitchell
    stuart mitchell 5 months ago +4

    I can’t wait for this to be released in the UK. I don’t take pictures of myself (why?) and it reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi Mix which I ordered from China. Loved that phone.. nice bend test mate.

  • Michał Ty
    Michał Ty 5 months ago

    I think overall they went the in the right direction, if it's supposed to be hidden it should be really hidden, not a compromise. But I'll wait a generation or two for them to make it a bit better quality. I really like the back.

  • Ricardo Domenech
    Ricardo Domenech 5 months ago +1

    and if when you open the camera the pixels in front of the sensor slides to the sides ? it could be a good idea and the image would be perfect afterwards 🤔

  • Andrew Alberti
    Andrew Alberti 3 months ago

    I have the Oppo 10x Zoom and the camera simply goes out whenever needed. This not only removes any downside regarding picture quality, but also reassures the user from a privacy standpoint when having a zoom call for example. Such a simple solution. The only downside of the Oppo is that is slightly thicker than most phones, but this is probably also due to the optical zoom. ZTE should just copy from Oppo and use those resources to make it thinner

  • Tech With Brett
    Tech With Brett 5 months ago +1819

    Now it's Samsung's turn. Also, my wife is wondering when the JerryReadsEverything channel will be released? (Her name idea) Us adults need soothing bedtime stories too.

    • gergthewerg
      gergthewerg 4 months ago

      Samsung did make one. Its called the z fold 3

    • mch
      mch 5 months ago

      audio book by sir zach sounds like a good idea

    • Like Bot
      Like Bot 5 months ago

      That voice tho'! Yea, I'd rather a Jerry Reads book. And I'm a boomer!

    • Sharishth
      Sharishth 5 months ago

      @DGianstefani what ever testing they need to do they might try on A series first for through other phone companies

    • #
      # 5 months ago +1

      It looks blurry as fuck Samsung will never release a flagship with such a bad camera

  • Hellsing
    Hellsing 5 months ago +1

    even though I rarely use the selfie camera, this looks really bad for my tastes. Guess it's a be careful what you wish for kind of case since it's either hole or bad quality, I doubt the ai can fix the picture to perfection even with imporvements

  • Greg Barnes
    Greg Barnes 5 months ago

    The front camera looks shockingly soft cuz of the screen in the way for videos but if they make some software that understands the blur map the screen makes for photos it could take 2-5 photos and stitch and post process them into what would probably be a close to sharp image.

  • Hinokami Kagura
    Hinokami Kagura 5 months ago

    Great video, Can we also later have a video about the under display camera technology explained, display layers tesrdown, pixels in the image sensor area and an exploded view of it ? That would be great.

  • Barney Barney
    Barney Barney 5 months ago +1

    personally i use front camera only for videocalls, so the fact that it is completely invisible when not used is way more important than the image quality it have. hope this technology will go to other phones too (or we just get thicker bar at top again that will hide camera, instead of punching holes into display)

    • Thorbjørn Hellehaven
      Thorbjørn Hellehaven 5 months ago

      If they can hide the camera under the screen, approximately where the eyes of my contact is at a videocall, without messing up the picture while camera is on, I would consider on next time, but not now.

  • Animaxtor
    Animaxtor 5 months ago +128

    While not the best quality, it's impressive how much the technology has improved in just 3 generations. I guess that in 2 more generations we aren't going to find any noticeable difference between photos taken with an under-display camera an a normal one...
    Also, in 5 years, apple is going to release their own under-display camera and say that they invented the whole concept...

    • R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷
      R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ 4 months ago +2

      @Heavy0331 of course android fanboys do exist. who fanboys on no product?

    • Heavy0331
      Heavy0331 4 months ago

      @R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ spoken as if android fanboys don't exist

    • PanRex
      PanRex 4 months ago +1

      @OW well they do say it keeps the doctor away

    • OW
      OW 5 months ago +2

      Always one person that can't keep Apple out of their mouth lol

    • pedja doktor
      pedja doktor 5 months ago +12

      Legend says that Apple invented 120hz display in 2022😂

  • Ana Perez
    Ana Perez 5 months ago

    The camera has never been something I've taken into account when considering if I'll change my phone.

  • Brandon Aynesmay
    Brandon Aynesmay 4 months ago

    I honestly prefer to see my camera. But the one thing I like about it being in the screen is how some phones show a white circle around it to show that it is on. If you have the camera app open then duh but I still thought it was nice. I do like edges to phones too because I hate to accidentally touch something or have to undo an action.

  • Ozymandias_Times
    Ozymandias_Times 5 months ago +2

    As someone who rarely uses the front facing camera, this would be fine for me. I currently have the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Pop-up is great, and I love the screen real estate. My next phone will probably have an under screen camera

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124 2 months ago

    Wow, the fold 5 will definitely use this tech. Respect. It really, finally is invisible.

  • MuhammadAzeem
    MuhammadAzeem 5 months ago +242

    The improvement in hiding the camera is mind blowing!!!!
    I dont take that many selfies and always have preferred the back ones anyways

    • SuperMan19867
      SuperMan19867 5 months ago +1

      @Romano video call its 720P anyway thats what feels like this phone at 4K lol

    • Khun Rocky
      Khun Rocky 5 months ago

      @Romano most of laptop selfie camera have similar quality to this one

    • jimv1983
      jimv1983 5 months ago +3

      @Romano I'd definitely take the slightly worse quality over the god awful how punch.

    • Romano
      Romano 5 months ago

      @MuhammadAzeem my zoom meetings are looking pretty crisp, it might be an issue on your end. Have no experience with Teams.

    • MuhammadAzeem
      MuhammadAzeem 5 months ago +3

      @Romano Zoom and Teams already compress the video streams to hell so that also does not matter as they care more about less latency and stable connection

  • Bronyboi_uwu
    Bronyboi_uwu 5 months ago

    A Pop up camera like from the Oneplus 7 pro was the perfect thing. Still water resistant, durable and with awesome quallity.

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio 5 months ago

    I think the future should be a pop up camera also for laptop, for privacy I can't trust a device with a camera that I can't see

  • Sweta Deshwal
    Sweta Deshwal 5 months ago

    The thing I personally hated most was display intrusion by notches or holes display should be neat for viewing only

  • The Eternal
    The Eternal 5 months ago +1

    *I think there should be 2 cameras. One under display and one above display in thin chin which wil capture picture at high quality but monochromatic and main selfie camera will capture true colors but at very low pixel quality. And then both photos will be merged to make high quality true color selfie.*

  • James Halpert
    James Halpert 5 months ago +93

    Pretty impressive. I am waiting for years for a phone with NO front facing camera. I don't need it, I don't use it. And I certainly am not willing to accept a notch for it. So this phone is pretty cool, I can just forget that the camera even exists and don't have to be annoyed by a notch or holepunch for something I don't use. Nice work, ZTE.

    • 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Anti-LGBT Gigachad Association
      🏳️‍🌈⃠ Anti-LGBT Gigachad Association 4 months ago

      Ever heard of the asus zenfone 8 flip?

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari 5 months ago +1

      What about the slow charging Iphone? They still big bezels fugly notch.

    • zxbc
      zxbc 5 months ago +1

      @Konstantin Tsherkezov I think I'll take worse quality camera with tight water proof instead of great quality flip/popup camera with bad water proof. The amount of times I actually rinse my phone with water deliberately or accidentally is too great for me to ever consider a phone without good water proofing.

    • Konstantin Tsherkezov
      Konstantin Tsherkezov 5 months ago +5

      My phone has a pop up camera which is also an option. You can also look at something like the asus zenfone 8 flip. It has all the bells and whistles but the front camera is actually the back camera

    • Reece Crawford
      Reece Crawford 5 months ago

      honor 9x...

    BSTV UK 5 months ago

    When the image quality is that bad it doesn’t seem worth it. I’ve never looked at my phone (iPhone 13) and been bothered by the front camera. I understand some people may like the form over functionality, but the tech definitely needs to get better before it makes it into huge volume flagships

  • Bennett Hackett
    Bennett Hackett 5 months ago

    To my eyes it actually looks like the camera quality took a little step backwards from the 30 to the 40. The 30's camera seems a little sharper. They're both terrible but that's the trade off for the uninterrupted screen.

  • Big Bang Bomber Man
    Big Bang Bomber Man 5 months ago +8

    I think Jerry is on hustler mode! The phone said 6:32 AM at 7:04 😂👍 Edit: Really nice design and very innovative, espiacally in the current boring Smartphone market! 😎

    • Ric Ky
      Ric Ky 5 months ago

      Thought the same too with the slightly lengthy sponsor plug's! - but it's ok - Linus of Linus tech tips would be proud.

  • William Gilmore
    William Gilmore 5 months ago

    Theres definitely a difference between useable and want to use. Would I buy this phone for the front camera, no. Is the front camera able to used, yes.

  • Emmanuel Ayodele
    Emmanuel Ayodele 5 months ago +41

    This is commendable. They will nail the picture/video quality soon. That is when Apple and Samsung will copy the technology and release a wickedly masterminded version of it.

    • Brightsun Singh
      Brightsun Singh 4 months ago

      @Quack Zack sorry, still a copied idea

    • Quack Zack
      Quack Zack 4 months ago

      Samsung might use the rear cameras as a solution, it's been done on the Flip and Fold ultra-premium line up via an OLED panel as a rear viewfinder. A very expensive premium solution but I think it works very well!

    • Wayne Lil
      Wayne Lil 5 months ago +2

      Apple is good at it.

  • John Sinclair
    John Sinclair 5 months ago +1

    The rear panel lifted off during the bend test. But at least it didn't snap in half.

  • Todd Jobson
    Todd Jobson 3 months ago

    The camera quality is laughable but I'm honestly shocked how well the camera is hidden. It looks worlds better than what's on the Fold 4.

  • Guy
    Guy 5 months ago

    Corporation would love this invisible camera ,they could only track you us so far, now they could see us too if this technology come to newer phones 🙂

  • Joshua Roughan
    Joshua Roughan 5 months ago

    it would be interesting if they could develop a phone in which the pixels could turn off completely when the camera is in use

  • Fawry
    Fawry 5 months ago +289

    Pop-up selfies is still the way to go for me because of the full privacy when it's off and will very much be obvious when it got secretly used.

    • Che Tra
      Che Tra 3 months ago

      im not an illegal or a billionare so im good. it take alot of efford to use someone camera phone without permission especially with today OS.

    • viod vue
      viod vue 4 months ago

      I'd rather have something like a sliding door. So that not the camera moves but a tiny piece in front of it. Know what I mean?
      So layered it would be: Glass, sliding door, camera.
      But moving pieces are in general maybe not so good.

    • Fawry
      Fawry 4 months ago

      @dejco yes, but that's not a camera.

    • dejco
      dejco 4 months ago

      they can still listen 🤫

    • PanRex
      PanRex 4 months ago

      @Fawry yeah, I know, I was just stating a fact, just to make it clear that there needed to be moving parts, smaller or less, they're still moving parts

  • Speedy Gwen
    Speedy Gwen 5 months ago

    I personally prefer the axon 30 camera just because of the image quality and exposure and how bright the collours are, the axon 40 is just too much for my eyes x3

  • KGalik008
    KGalik008 5 months ago

    As a user of POCO F2 Pro I just love to have full screen without any notches or holes. Still thinking that popup front cam is better idea (I used front camera like 10 times since I own this phone, I can even have no ff cam 😂).

  • Sajana Vithana Pathirana

    So if it's so invisible, wouldn't it make sense to place it near the centre of the screen so you can look directly at it when taking a picture?

  • Zaim Aziz
    Zaim Aziz 5 months ago

    Its good to have good technology, but the danger of people getting filmed without knowing there’s actually hidden camera is quite terrifying

  • Nee Rock Jung Rana
    Nee Rock Jung Rana 5 months ago +77

    I would gladly trade the blurry selfie for the amazing screen if I could afford it

    • Not Scar
      Not Scar 3 months ago

      @R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ as if linux was the most secure thing out there? you're not getting spied if you are a normal citizen, it's all in your head lol

    • R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷
      R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ 5 months ago +1

      If you're ever so worried about getting spied on, get a Linux device (in a phone form factor of course).

    • Galaxy rock Studio
      Galaxy rock Studio 5 months ago

      @Dragon you're gonna have trust issues with any phone that has cameras or microphones bro😂
      Edit: don't worry too much because apple says they don't see any of your info or sell it, I'd trust apple to manage everything because they haven't lied to us yet!

    • Galaxy rock Studio
      Galaxy rock Studio 5 months ago

      @Ventilate that's because most big shot smartphone manufacturers wouldn't use this tech for the mass market
      So low tier, lower flagships would implement this technology and sell to a small audience

    • Ventilate
      Ventilate 5 months ago

      @Galaxy rock Studio Eh higher price wasn't really a thing on the phones that had em

  • DoubleCTech
    DoubleCTech 5 months ago

    ZTE nailed the ascetics of the under screen camera and now just have work on image quality. I am not a picky person when it comes to camera quality but it’s pretty bad. Since I almost never use my front camera it is just good enough for me. Can’t wait to see them improve it.

  • Gabriel Allaf
    Gabriel Allaf 5 months ago

    The selfie cam still has a ways to go, but it's very promising

  • Mr. Sin
    Mr. Sin 5 months ago +1

    I never use the front camera so this is amazing.

  • Hannessomething
    Hannessomething 5 months ago

    To be honest I use front cameras so rarely I would much rather have a slightly smudgy camera totally hidden under the screen than a hole in my screen

  • ShaRuKu ZerØ
    ShaRuKu ZerØ 5 months ago +94

    I don't use the front camera at all, so it wouldn't bother me. I hope other Brands come up with this tec as well. For now, i don't see any good reason to switch from my Galaxy S10. It's nice to have a headphone jack in case I need it ;)

    • Jordan Ranstead
      Jordan Ranstead 5 months ago

      Yeah tbh I'd get a phone with an under screen camera. I don't use the front camera often

    • Kaif
      Kaif 5 months ago

      Same, but I'm currently rocking a note 20 ultra

    • GetEducatedYouFool
      GetEducatedYouFool 5 months ago

      I initially liked my S9+ but as it aged the bugs kept growing and growing. Now I just use it as a camera/ youtube player while I use an iPhone as my main phone.
      No point selling it since I'm not going to get much but the positive is I'm now in both ecosystems

  • Seikon
    Seikon 5 months ago

    i barely use the front camera , so yes i would love to have it hidden , i would be fine with the quality this phone has if it means i don't get to have missing screen space

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo 5 months ago

    I hardly ever use my phone's front facing camera, so the worse image quality would be ok. It seems just fine for videocalls. Most people that take selfies put filters on them anyway.

  • thisisnotmyname
    thisisnotmyname 5 months ago

    This is it. The screen part is done. For someone who rarely uses front camera, this is a perfect phone in every way.

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson 5 months ago

    The hidden display is freaking awesome because I hate the aesthetics of the holepunches and notches. With that being said, it has has o be effective and I don't like the way it processes the photos.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo 5 months ago

    Could there be a way to cover the camera digitally with the portion of the screen that is over it being always on with an other than black (off) color?

  • epicmap
    epicmap 4 months ago

    Hey, Jerry! I have a test suggestion for you. Can you please consider testing the touch sensor with the glass cracked? Let me explain why it might be a useful information:
    One day I had an important meeting and was on my way when I accidentally slightly bumped a corner of my OnePlus one. It resulted in a very small (almost not noticeable) ~1/3" crack which wasn't even at the screen, just on the bezel. But it was enough for the touch sensor to let me down completely! I wasn't able to answer calls (from the meeting I was heading to) and to even unlock the phone.
    It was such a big shame for me and a huge missed opportunity. I looked up which phone's touch sensor was immune to this kind of damage (so it'll still be operable) and there's no such information in specifications or in any review to this day.
    It might be a good fit for your videos' format I suppose. Thank you for reading =)

    • epicmap
      epicmap 4 months ago

      @Wan ja touch sensor wasn't working at all, so I couldn't enter even one digit of my passcode

    • Wan ja
      Wan ja 4 months ago

      just unlock it whit your code???

  • Badpool
    Badpool 5 months ago +1

    They're getting there! Very good concept. Super pumped for the under display camera to get better. This is just a first step

  • Sanora Rose Watson
    Sanora Rose Watson 4 months ago

    I don't use my front selfie camera so I would say that it's so worth purchasing.

  • Jack Wein
    Jack Wein 5 months ago

    My opinion its never gonna be the same as glass when it comes to clarity it most likely will come really close to clarity of glass but since its underneath a display i feel like its not gonna be same as a camera underneath glass

  • Naziru Adam
    Naziru Adam 5 months ago

    When it comes to Apple's turn, they will put the camera in the center of the screen, to give you a true front-facing experience!

  • Florin E Ionescu
    Florin E Ionescu 5 months ago

    a very nice smartphone, on the back, camera design resembles very much Samsung. and yes, it is amazing to see a hidden front camera hidden on the display - finally!

  • M.Waseem Khan
    M.Waseem Khan 5 months ago

    It isi very much useable and heading towards the right path. Under display front cameras are the future, everybody loves a large screen panel with nothing covering it up.

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 5 months ago

    I do have a cheaper, old ZTE, that I no longer use, but their rear camera's do take amazing photos. As to the front camera on that phone, yeah, not too flash, but if it makes me looks 20 years younger, who am I to judge. :D

  • sleepyduck
    sleepyduck 5 months ago

    the softness of the front camera picture quality is definately a deal breaker for me

  • Steve Dice
    Steve Dice 5 months ago

    It already has a massive camera bump, just add a viewfinder and keep the underscreen camera for videocalls.

  • User not found
    User not found 5 months ago +1

    i love it when companies actually offer something special when they charge you for +800 euros for a phone. whether it's a second lcd display, 120x zoom, hidden camera, etc. still haven't find anything special in iphones though

    • User not found
      User not found 4 months ago

      @Never_ iphone fastest processors???? They're being out performed by a 400 bucks xiaomi lol

    • Never_
      Never_ 4 months ago

      Iphones get software updates for longer than any other brand and they have the fastest processors. I personally don't own an iphone, but that's what came to mind for me.

  • Mubarak Almulla
    Mubarak Almulla 2 months ago

    I'll have to wait for next year's phone if they continue to bring such specs to the table

  • Sam Moyers
    Sam Moyers 5 months ago

    Before you take the phone apart, could you take your lighter to the pixel cluster hiding the selfie cam?

  • Davi de Paiva
    Davi de Paiva 4 months ago

    if they added a back screen just like in the z flip 3 itd be perfect, cause that way the front camera would only be used to videocalls wich never demands much quality

  • Deja
    Deja 5 months ago

    Honestly, solid phone. Yes they do need to work on the under screen camera, but go ahead and name 1 phone with a perfect under screen camera you can't visibly see.
    To me most flagship phones are basically for people who live on their phone, so if you want a good selfie camera for Instagram or tiktok or whatever you are using it for, get a phone known for that, not one known for looking good and being the new flagship of (insert brand name here).

  • Verssales
    Verssales 5 months ago +7

    For me particularly, this phone looks amazing, because I'm not very used to take selfies, it appears for me good enough for some quick selfies for some profile pictures. Most of the time that I want a really good photo I probably would use the rear cameras. Would love to have money to buy one of these btw.

  • Marthand MVP
    Marthand MVP 5 months ago

    Have a question - Scratch Test: Why do you write numbers until 10 when you stop at level 7 unless that glass is a sapphire? 🙂

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma 5 months ago

    To be honest I can hardly tell if there's any difference between axon 30 and axon 40 I mean they both sucks if they were to used as a selfie camera but as a under display working camera it's good

  • Yellowcake
    Yellowcake 5 months ago

    the oneplus 7 pro's solution was by far the best, bought one used after 2 years and the camera is still working like on the first day

  • Dragon
    Dragon 4 months ago

    This is the future. They only have to fix the imagine quality problem but the hiding is top notch

  • paolo96
    paolo96 5 months ago +7

    the best were pop up camera, you got the full front display and a good quality camera. Don't know why they didn't stick around

  • Chad deQuevedo
    Chad deQuevedo 5 months ago

    I like that they are working on the under display tech, but I will still take a notch, pill, or punch over it. Still loving my clear JRE knife! I highly recommend them.

  • Dan SW
    Dan SW 5 months ago

    How would the screen protectors work over the camera? Usually there is a cut on it over the camera, even if the screen is going over it

  • TimberWulf
    TimberWulf 5 months ago

    Honestly, for video, this is good enough. I couldn't actually tell it was an "undercam" till you mentioned it. This should become mainstream.

  • globalwojtek
    globalwojtek 5 months ago

    for someone who would maybe use the front camera once a year for a videocall, it could be a cool option. but if youd ever want to take any pictures with it, hard pass

  • Blanc_Sal
    Blanc_Sal 5 months ago +28

    First ZTE was the company with the first modern flip phone, now improving under display camera's. Won't be surprised if we see other companies release better versions within the next couple years

    • Austin Boey
      Austin Boey 5 months ago

      Already has a alternative version, the mix 4 has one.

    • Lord Sheldor
      Lord Sheldor 5 months ago +1

      same with oppo, first with quad core cpu, first with fhd display, rotation cam, 4000mah batterie etc, they are always first and the best 🤘🏻

  • DQuiLon
    DQuiLon 5 months ago

    Considering they I use an Xperia 5 II which I love, I wouldn't mind that selfie camera quality. This ZTE is looking 🔥, however I'll stick to my device for a while longer

  • The Future is The Future

    my OnePlus 7 Pro is still my favorite. The popup camera works great and I get a whole screen with no pinhole or cutout area... have no idea why that is unacceptable solution nowadays...

  • VJPK
    VJPK 5 months ago

    While the picture quality of the selfie snapper is really bad i would take that any day over these "black spots" average smartphones have today ruining their screens. The screen is perfect with this Axon and still you do have a somewhat usable selfie cam, if you ever need one.