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Old People Texts Are Hilarious

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Cursed Moments! #vaazkl
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Comments • 217

  • CyberLaw14
    CyberLaw14 Month ago +4531

    "just wanted attention" average grandma when the grandchildren don't visit

  • Ewokforlife
    Ewokforlife Month ago +2963

    Grandparents are smarter than we realized 😮

  • Cxsmic PL
    Cxsmic PL Month ago +2204

    damn gramps really aint feelin himself

  • Errish
    Errish Month ago +548

    "You don't *run* the Google" is the most boomer thing an old person would say 💀

    • Shady
      Shady Month ago +2

      "The google"

    • Errish
      Errish Month ago +5

      @Bmendonc 💀

    • Ava Crute
      Ava Crute Month ago +8

      @Bmendonc only when my gran parents need it tho

    • Bmendonc
      Bmendonc Month ago +24

      Ah yes, I too run a multi-billion company in my spare time

  • DodoRL
    DodoRL Month ago +69

    "You don't run the google?" No but I fucking wish 😂😂

  • 3k subs with no video challenge

    That last grandma really did some crazy things to just get attention lmao 😂

    • Tidy
      Tidy Month ago +1

      ​@Jacob_Suckz maybe someone he knew died 💀

    • layla marie
      layla marie Month ago +9

      @Jacob_Suckz LOL

    • Jacob_Suckz
      Jacob_Suckz Month ago +17

      why r u so sad??

  • Kirbyfreak YT
    Kirbyfreak YT Month ago +29

    "Sorry, you HAVEN'T always been the one who runs Google?"
    *"I'm sorry, you thought I ran WHAT!?"*

  • Zero
    Zero Month ago +527

    Grandparents are getting smarter day by day 😩

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara Month ago

      @Zero oh ok just was wondering if it was copy

    • Zero
      Zero Month ago +4

      @Tim Ohara Can’t find a single comment that is word for word exactly like my comment, Bro not everything is copied, this video is about grandparents texting smartass things ofc out of the thousands who watch some people gonna have the same opinion

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara Month ago

      ​@Zero wouldn't exusenif this was the same exact text

    • Zero
      Zero Month ago +6

      @Pav98 even opinions are “stolen” now 😂 get out of here bud

    • Pav98
      Pav98 Month ago +1


  • Liam Johnston
    Liam Johnston Month ago +21

    “My friends keep dying.”
    *can’t watch em die if you don’t have any* 💀

  • ChloeFP
    ChloeFP Month ago +156

    “How was your first day of classes” “good” “my brother died today” me- “oh well that took a dark turn

    • ShadowFluff
      ShadowFluff Month ago +4

      That is how I drop news. I go, "How are you this lovely day?" And if they say good I drop that stiff on them.
      I just realized I'm a terrible person.

  • FlashTMDVenom
    FlashTMDVenom Month ago +92

    That dad was savage tho

  • TheBiggestBubble
    TheBiggestBubble Month ago +26

    You don't run the Google? 💀

  • 3k subs with no video challenge

    I really need to know why the first person thought “😂” was a crying emoji (the sad/emotional one)

    • Inedible Potato (‎‎ً)
      Inedible Potato (‎‎ً) Month ago +1

      My grabdmother died today, please dont message stuff like that. It hurts me.

    • ׂ
      ׂ Month ago +6

      Most likely they didn't have the best vision, saw the tears, and didn't look at the rest of their options.

  • The Jakepeanut Channel
    The Jakepeanut Channel Month ago +134

    Most are straight to the point, gotta admire it

  • ZStuck00
    ZStuck00 Month ago +7

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that dude found out his mom was dying and he said “Sorry to hear that”

    • ZStuck00
      ZStuck00 Month ago

      @austin tea “nice”

    • ZStuck00
      ZStuck00 Month ago

      @austin tea “dang”

    • austin tea
      austin tea Month ago

      What are you supposed to say when someone text you with depressing news and then adds laughing till crying emoji at the end😂😂😂😂

  • Camera Man
    Camera Man Month ago +7

    Attention is one hell of a drug that even old people need it🥴

  • Kero
    Kero Month ago +24

    nah that grandma bruh💀💀

  • King_of_Kringe
    King_of_Kringe Month ago +10

    The message wasn’t the accident, he was saying it to his son

  • Ur Worst Nightmare
    Ur Worst Nightmare Month ago +30

    my grandma is innocent and kind, you could never catch her doing this, I got lucky😂

    • Braydin Wigley
      Braydin Wigley Month ago +1

      Would argue you got unlucky if cherry cobbler isn't involved

  • Seb SP
    Seb SP Month ago +19

    The first one got me laughing 😂

  • AussieBall Animations
    AussieBall Animations Month ago +4

    The mum really thought he changed the google logo💀

  • Shreyas Nayak M S
    Shreyas Nayak M S Month ago +3

    First text was a real surprise

  • Spicyquo •
    Spicyquo • Month ago

    After a certain age, old people make a challenge to outlive their peers

  • Lance Engle
    Lance Engle Month ago +3

    Grandpa: Who said I was typing a wrong crying emoji?

  • 👁 Neko Seek 👁
    👁 Neko Seek 👁 Month ago +5

    The fourth one is just grandma living back in the 70s

  • Pottery
    Pottery Month ago +1

    We may be smarter than the older generation but they are wiser

  • ☆bellatrix lestrange☆

    Guess Grandma didn't took her meds again...

  • NicoNitro12
    NicoNitro12 Month ago

    The Waffle House has spoken. Phase 2 initiated.

  • Ishaan Kanji
    Ishaan Kanji Month ago +6

    Don’t blame the grandpa

  • O3mgaGming48
    O3mgaGming48 Month ago

    We can't take our grandparents as a nuisance any more. 💀💀

  • Acqua
    Acqua Month ago +1

    “You don’t run the google?” “If I did I wouldn’t be driving a 2004 ford.” I feel that 😀

  • hugging_a_namujoon
    hugging_a_namujoon Month ago

    Dad really wasn't one for sentiment, was he

  • WildNewf137
    WildNewf137 Month ago

    The last grandmas got some experience

  • GabrielHellborne
    GabrielHellborne Month ago +3

    "...bust a cap in yo..."

  • Blingo Stingo
    Blingo Stingo Month ago

    That "I just wanted attention" has me hysterical

  • Shon Wooten
    Shon Wooten Month ago

    Grandpa was listening to Lil Uzi Vert but still don't give a single fuck 😂😂

  • Simon_the_furry
    Simon_the_furry Month ago

    “I am fine just wanted attention” had me dyin

  • -deimos-sensei-
    -deimos-sensei- Month ago +3

    2nd one is all the kids who didn’t vape

  • iMajinnn
    iMajinnn Month ago

    The dad didn’t even hesitate to tell the truth. 🍷🗿

  • Jade Bunbun
    Jade Bunbun Month ago +1

    "Good. My friends keep dying"
    Bruh I know your pain🥺

  • jmsonnn
    jmsonnn Month ago

    “you don’t run the google?” I CANT 💀😭

  • Sefi
    Sefi Month ago

    "Good, my friends keep dying" 💀

  • MYthic Gamer
    MYthic Gamer 25 days ago

    That grandma woke up and choose violence 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jan Veselý
    Jan Veselý Month ago

    "You don't run the Google?"
    "If I did, I wouldn't be driving a 2004 Ford."

  • Simulatech
    Simulatech Month ago

    "Call an ambulance!"
    "Transfering funds totaling £1,000 to mum"

  • ZuluFy
    ZuluFy Month ago +2

    The first one got me laughing 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Ethem Girgin
    Ethem Girgin Month ago +1

    The wafle house has found new host

  • Kahadi
    Kahadi Month ago

    That "I'm good my brother died today" one, I actually had someone say similar to me, twice. Not the exact same, but still insane. First time I asked a friend how she was doing, she said okay, I said that's good, she said "not really, my friend committed suicide last night."
    Second time much less extreme, different friend though, asked how she was, she said good, and when I said that's good, she said "how can you say that? My cat just died!"

  • L1M.L4M
    L1M.L4M Month ago

    No, that first one outsmarted us.
    We turned a crying emoji into a laughing emoji (why), so they're doing the same but backwards

  • Star Toon
    Star Toon Month ago

    "If i did i wouldn't be driving a 2004 model Ford" 💀

  • Wednesday Shepler☃️

    Dang, grandma really being so lonely that she FAKED a heart attack for attention 💀✋

  • ♥︎chongyun♡
    ♥︎chongyun♡ Month ago


  • Sir Stan
    Sir Stan Month ago

    Feel bad for the grampa, at that age most people you know will be dropping like flies and theirs nothing you can do about it

  • t h o t
    t h o t Month ago

    the amount of laughing emojis while annnouncing their mother died? that shit feels intentional and honestly that's hilarious

  • DOC7
    DOC7 Month ago +1

    Grandma boutta play call of duty💀

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet Month ago

    The mum really thought he changed the google logo

  • Vegita Sama
    Vegita Sama Month ago

    "thats good............my friends are dying"
    "who the fuck starts a conversation like that man we just started"

  • Phil Mahar
    Phil Mahar Month ago +1

    First clip got me wheezing

  • Leviathonaru
    Leviathonaru Month ago +1

    “My my mom leaving us from this world soon 😂😂😂”

  • Kevin Flaherty
    Kevin Flaherty Month ago +4

    anyone notice how the first one said "6am today" but the text was sent at 5:39

    • Meme13100 !!
      Meme13100 !! Month ago

      Could be a time zone thing. I message friends who are an hour behind.

  • Meh Memes JM 0010
    Meh Memes JM 0010 Month ago

    Damn that grandma be busting out the Glock

  • Siłencə
    Siłencə Month ago

    Bro, someone teach the first guy how to use emojis

  • _your sleep paralysis demon_

    RIP their mom 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Byndu
    Byndu Month ago

    "you don't run the Google?" I wish I did XD

  • ace god
    ace god Month ago +1

    the mood af post is relatable

  • Max Doerr
    Max Doerr Month ago

    “You don’t run the Google?” Brooo

  • Dokja Kim -Ugly Squid-


  • Magma cube
    Magma cube Month ago

    "Me and my grandchildren"
    "Me and my grand children"

  • Flkfhd
    Flkfhd Month ago

    Last one is mood af😂

  • RavenTheSadBirdy
    RavenTheSadBirdy Month ago


  • ItzWacker
    ItzWacker Month ago

    “Good all my friends keep dying”
    Same but not from old age

  • pankek boi
    pankek boi Month ago

    they have wisdom

  • Mors Mutual Insurance

    Shorts is really recycling "funny" text message memes from 2013 lmao

  • Vythics
    Vythics Month ago

    I think after the
    "You don't run google"
    There was something like
    "If I was i wouldn't be where I am now"

  • Lola Leonard
    Lola Leonard Month ago +1

    Old people are just teenagers who can’t walk on their own. Prove me wrong.

  • GoatGaming777
    GoatGaming777 Month ago

    Damn I feel attacked by the Google one. I make a decent bit of money but still drive the 2004 Ford I got in college

  • AJ_14
    AJ_14 Month ago

    Tf why is nobody talking about "they see me rollin', they hatin" 💀

  • Junk Aaliyah
    Junk Aaliyah Month ago

    last one mood af 💀

  • Merchkerns
    Merchkerns Month ago

    We’ve went full circle now that Zoomers are using 😭 for laughter


    Honestly mood af

  • FeralFry18
    FeralFry18 Month ago

    the last one💀

  • Stars ⭐️
    Stars ⭐️ Month ago

    “Mom i think your using the wrong emoji”
    The mom : “no I’m not!”
    “Yes.. thats the laughing emoji!”
    The mom :“I know” 💀

  • Nerf_Joker_in_smash_bros

    "Why did you comment that under a video of a gorilla throwing his own poop"

  • Seeber563
    Seeber563 Month ago

    "Accident good night" 💀 ✋️

  • deez
    deez Month ago +1

    me and my grandchildren.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    "Accident, good night"
    *Ouch* and *Emotional damage*

  • GengarDoesVids
    GengarDoesVids Month ago +1

    "Sorry to say this so late but grandma just died 🤣🤣🤣"

  • Egg-1s-Yunnnny
    Egg-1s-Yunnnny Month ago

    “You don’t own google?”

  • Chadacus
    Chadacus Month ago +1

    My daughter turned 18 today 😏😏

  • Blockwearingman
    Blockwearingman Month ago

    my children are dead😂😂😂

  • DantheManZ25 69
    DantheManZ25 69 Month ago

    How can someone think 😂 is a sad crying emoji. It's literally smiling

  • Gauhar Veeravalli
    Gauhar Veeravalli Month ago +1

    Nahh they really hating now

  • Jaksa
    Jaksa Month ago

    She and her grandchildren.

  • Just a Fįsh
    Just a Fįsh Month ago

    If this it what old people are like now, I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like when we’re old people

  • Just a person
    Just a person Month ago

    That last one 🤣

  • Mannan Chaba
    Mannan Chaba Month ago

    My son was brutally murdered last night 😂😂😂


    Think he just mistook crying laughing with just crying

  • Garfieldreal?!?!
    Garfieldreal?!?! Month ago

    My brother just got burned to death😂😂

  • ryteps
    ryteps Month ago

    Last one described tiktok trends

  • Chrono
    Chrono Month ago

    first one is so sad 😂