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Top 5 Biggest Poker Blow-Ups ♠️ Poker Top 5 ♠️ PokerStars Global

  • Published on Dec 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • em diar
    em diar 6 years ago +551

    Phil H : "I wish I wasn't a bad loser sometimes, but it's ten times as bad to be a bad winner." The most profoundly true words the Brat has ever spoken.

    • Garret Narjes
      Garret Narjes 6 days ago

      The problem is when you act like a toddler... and then people treat you like a toddler... no one cares that you're mad about being treated like a toddler.
      If it was someone else calling out Tony G... sure, I get that. But it's pointless when it's Phil and he's throwing a tantrum in that moment.

    • Woozlewuzzleable
      Woozlewuzzleable 2 months ago +1

      @Turtleskull Thank you, I couldn't put my finger on who he reminded me of. Their faces are so punchable.

    • Militant Poet
      Militant Poet 4 months ago +1

      The only problem with this is the author... because Phil is also a bad winner. So I guess Phil is 11x worse than a decent human being.

    • Kenneth Turner
      Kenneth Turner 5 months ago

      @Quonset TheHutt I don't know, Tony G is actually kind of gracious when he loses. He is merciless when he beats a pro though.

    • Howieduin 915
      Howieduin 915 7 months ago

      @But who asked Point well taken. I suppose for a lot of people, working hard to win would take the fun out of playing. But for others, like me, trying to best your opponent IS part of the fun. As to the original quote by the baseball manager. He was talking about competitive professional sports. For a third point of view.. years ago, I played a lot of tennis. I never really improved my game til I played against someone much better than me. Being the loser to this other guy was also fun for me because I consistently improved. Gotta go now. Playing chess with my 10yr old granddaughter. Should I let her win? Now I'm not sure.

  • eauhomme
    eauhomme 2 years ago +65

    The best one I saw with Hellmuth was against Annie Duke at the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions. He had Ace-Something, she had Ace Nine. The flop comes out with the Ace and the Nine. He bets, she raises, he starts talking to himself. Finally, he shows the Ace and folds. She shows only the Nine. He thought he was bluffed out of the hand and melted down. She totally messed with him the rest of the tournament.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 6 years ago +52

    I love Helmuth. He's always right when he gets upset. Calling a pre-flop raise with K,3off or 4,5 off and then hitting a full house on the turn and river... LOL he's so much fun to watch lose.

    • LilRondo101
      LilRondo101 9 days ago

      It's also about the player. Minieri had K3 suited and watching Minieri he has been known to play with a wide range. Phil is looking at it from what HE would do but that's not how Minieri plays. Tony G just does it to piss him off.

    • Peter Donkey-Doo
      Peter Donkey-Doo 6 months ago +1

      Not always but he often makes good points

  • Jonathan Wines
    Jonathan Wines 6 years ago +8

    Frustration is part of the game. Phil has an amazing resume for his accomplishments, but bringing the old school approach into things he doesnt take beats well from smaller connectors, weaker hands / pairs and such. He may get a bit too upset at times - and for me it may just all be part of an image for publicity purpose - but still one of my favorite players of all time. Tony G will never be a likeable guy on much of any level.

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 6 years ago +772

    He's got a point. It is worse to be a bad winner than a bad loser.

    • Salty McNaulty
      Salty McNaulty 3 months ago

      Nah gotta disagree, Phil just uses this as an excuse to be the bad loser. He whines about something or insults people at the table and when they react or give him a little needling back after being insulted, he plays the bad winner card.

    • OfficialSPbeats
      OfficialSPbeats 5 months ago

      They're both equally annoying.

    • Dr retardo
      Dr retardo 10 months ago

      not if the bad loser is talking shit

    • who
      who Year ago

      Lmao kid!

    • Ronald Au
      Ronald Au Year ago +1

      I think people are generally good winners but when Phil is a bad loser you just turn into a bad winner to rub it in his face lol.

  • abigmonkeyforme
    abigmonkeyforme Year ago +8

    I like how Dario takes the time to explain to Helmuth that he had the best hand from pre-flop to the river.

    • flewkisdead
      flewkisdead Year ago +1

      Not pre to river. Phil flopped a set against KK. Phil just got cold decked since the turn pretty much guaranteed he would take a big loss.

  • Vincent Dean
    Vincent Dean 2 years ago

    I love these top 5 pokerstars vids. After you've watched EVERY minute of poker on the internet its a welcome relief

  • jd
    jd Year ago +60

    "I wish that I weren't a bad loser sometimes, but it's 10 times as bad to be a bad winner." Phil ain't wrong on that one tbh.

  • Confused Canuck
    Confused Canuck 6 years ago +4

    I love how Vanessa is confused why anyone would call an all in from her. Chances are, she's done that shit a ton before and someone with a shorter stack saw that and decided to take a shot to double up. It's not just about the cards Vanessa. It's about playing you.

    • Confused Canuck
      Confused Canuck 6 years ago +2

      Then we hear the typical persecution complex "he's going after me". It's a competition sweetie. He's not going to pat you on the head and rub your belly.

  • Ryan Monty
    Ryan Monty 6 years ago +2616

    "You're so bad, what are you doing?"
    Calls with Q high lol

    • Stanley Fresh
      Stanley Fresh 7 months ago +1

      @gertjan van der meij 5 Years later and it was still queen high ahaha

    • Jordan Miles
      Jordan Miles Year ago +7

      Poker is the only game I've ever seen where the losing guy calls the winner bad.

    • PBMS123
      PBMS123 Year ago +1

      @gertjan van der meij everyone has king high, because they're shared cards.....
      So waht actually matters is wahts different, that being pocket high

    • flewkisdead
      flewkisdead Year ago +1

      @Bo Y'all stupid. When players talk about calling with X high, they are talking about their hole cards. The only time they aren't is when they are playing the board. Obviously, he wasn't playing the board, so he called with Q high.
      You can literally hear the player himself saying he called with Q high at 1:29.

    • oldcdog91
      oldcdog91 Year ago +1

      What am I doing? I’m scooping the pot, b**ch.😉

  • Danny McCrae
    Danny McCrae 6 years ago +768

    "He goes after me every tournament"*6-bet shoves her friend with 44*

    • Dionysus
      Dionysus 9 days ago

      He or she just jealous

    • The Cheshire Cat
      The Cheshire Cat 18 days ago

      She could of always folded instead of going at her friend with 4/4

    • James C
      James C Month ago +1

      Vanessa. I hope everyone goes after her

    • Whats MyName
      Whats MyName 5 months ago +5

      She's tried so hard to look like a man but when she gets beat she totally pulls the poor me woman card.

    • W
      W 6 months ago

      @D M isn't that a dude with boobs??😂

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 6 years ago +486

    Vanessa always flips when people call her with weaker hands. Doesnt she understand that people play her differently because of how loose she raises/ships it with?

    • Noel Castellanos
      Noel Castellanos 10 months ago +1

      Calling an opponent famous for low range with A9 is not a bad call. I understand it's a bad call in theory, but he said it himself why he was calling, and he was right. He didnt bet on the A9, he bet Vanessa had bad range, and he won that bet

    • David Hunt
      David Hunt 10 months ago +1

      @EverydayMusic Yea she's great "My Friend Goes After Me😭😭😭😭"

    • Michael Hunziker
      Michael Hunziker 10 months ago

      @Mike Murphy No wonder why she quit

    • CashPrizes
      CashPrizes Year ago +2

      She 3 bet him, was trying to bully him out of the pot. He already had half his stack in there, and he knows she would often play pocket 8s or lower aggressively. I don't think it is a bad call at all.

    • lester mount
      lester mount Year ago

      she thinks everyone is picking on her, when she screws up

  • James Pires
    James Pires 5 years ago +14

    Tong G is the king of tilt. Love watching him lean over a board with a set of 5's and shout "I am gonna destroy you, Im gonna eat your heart and take all your chips" its brutal.

  • Honkler Bear
    Honkler Bear 6 years ago

    Wise words there from Hellmuth at the end. A poor loser cannot always help him/herself. But in winning it is comparibly easy to be graceful.

  • Ronald Au
    Ronald Au Year ago +2

    I think Daniel when he's bored at home would just watch Phil blow up videos. He just loves it lol.

  • ALF8892
    ALF8892 10 months ago +3

    Watch the entire episode with Tony G and Robl it was very instructive. two of those people made questionable decisions and accused the other of "worst play ever"

  • Marco Kelleter
    Marco Kelleter Year ago +1

    5: We don't see the build-up to this, but at the turn D'Angelo sees a flush draw and decides to semi-bluff his hand. But his bet is so small it looks more like a value bet. We don't know on what range Zamani puts D'Angelo, but I think he simply reads the small bet correctly as weakness. You can see D'Angelo starting to tilt at the point where Zamani calls the Turn. He misses the flush and is in full tilt, no other explanation why he calls the River (and blows up afterwards).
    4: No argument here, just a devastating Bad Beat after playing everything correctly.
    3: Tony G being Tony G. Fake and calculated anger to provoke Robl, who stays calm and does the right thing.
    2: I'm a bit more an Vanessa's side here than most commenters, but this is weird from both parties. We don't see the hand from the beginning but I think, Kevin raised first and Vanessa re-raised him. Now, she might have assumed correctly that Kevin is trying to steal the Pot here and thought her 4s were good enough to prevent that. So she re-raises him. Note how the commentators say "Against any other player he would ditch this hand." So there is a personal note in here, fair enough. I just think they both read each other perfectly and tried to out-steal the other one. No one backed down so they maneuvered themselves to a coin flip for all the chips, completely unnecessary.
    But note how Vanessa has the slightly better hand pre-flop, I think it is a stupid play from both sides and Kevin got lucky on the coin flip. Vanessa's blow-up stems from the fact she read the strength of his hand correctly but he behaved irrational.
    1: Tony G just relentlessly poking at Phil. Though Tony is out of line and Phil's words about bad winners are true, I get why Phil is so annoying. The dude is basically winning money in the Top 0,0001% of Poker players and is still whining every single time he gets a bad draw or the opponent makes an unlikely hand. Still funny to watch him go off :)

  • No Toxido
    No Toxido 5 years ago +3

    In the meanwhile, I've been throwing chairs trough the room because of a few dollars at the micro-stakes...
    Glad I lost the regular explosions and started to recognize tilt, a-game, dropping from a-game to worse, and looking long term.

  • Dan Lorett
    Dan Lorett 3 years ago +1

    #4 was a pretty minor blowup to be honest. It was a pretty bad beat and Hellmuth by himself has done worse than that about... oh, say 1200 times.
    Also I kinda get why Selbst was steamed about getting called by A9o but she often seems completely unaware of her own table image. People KNOW you're crazy aggressive Vanessa - you have a massive reputation for it. And the guy who called you is one of your friends who plays against you A LOT. It's completely unsurprising that he has a looser calling range against you. She'd be a little more in the right to have that reaction if it was just a random person who didn't know her who made that call but not in this situation.

  • Mightybison15
    Mightybison15 3 years ago +37

    "you're a disgrace to the game" the way Tony g kicks Phil while he's down is hilarious

  • Shammy Cat
    Shammy Cat 6 years ago +411

    I think Selbst is a good player, but she has the typical bully mentality. It's okay for me to go after others but as soon as they fight back, they are always donks getting out of line. Sometimes you have to understand your own image at the table, and you can't be surprised when people fight back with less than stellar holdings.

    • Phillip Dal Degan
      Phillip Dal Degan Year ago +1

      Her wife is smokin

    • S Tavros
      S Tavros Year ago +1

      shes a whiny bitch

    • 2hot4u
      2hot4u 2 years ago +1

      Exactly, which is why I always love seeing her lose

    • J J
      J J 2 years ago +2

      @GARY Gwin It might have been the best hand but still 44 isnt that great really. A9 is still a chance with 2 over cards.

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange 2 years ago +1

      He knew he had two overs, end of story.

  • Abe Frohammer
    Abe Frohammer Year ago +2

    You have a blocker in the 6 against the straight draw and you're calling with Q,6. You also have the flush draw so what hands are you hoping your opponent has?

  • Thor19761
    Thor19761 6 years ago +1

    What happened to Max Greenwood here, happens to me in nearly every tournament.

  • The Critic
    The Critic 3 years ago +73

    “He always goes after me!”
    She doesn’t realize there’s no allies in poker

    • S Tavros
      S Tavros Year ago +4

      says the woman who 6 bet a pair of 4's

    • Old Base
      Old Base Year ago +13

      Usual LGBT victim role

    • Macca95
      Macca95 2 years ago +9

      Or that going all in pre-flop with 44 is going after him.

  • Jayakrishnan Nair
    Jayakrishnan Nair 5 years ago +1

    Actually Phil is absolutely right at the very end, he came off the better civilized man against a EU MP.

  • æra
    æra 10 months ago +7

    Ryan: Calls Ben's 500k raise bluff with a Queen High
    Also Ryan: "What are you doing Ben? Ohh my goddd...you're so bad."

  • Justin Duval
    Justin Duval 6 years ago

    Was actually expecting worse, but liked the bonus stuff!

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller 4 years ago +3

    I personally love Phil and have no issue with his reactions

  • DeWey Sk0aL304
    DeWey Sk0aL304 2 years ago +1

    Doug polk With this six bet shove with his pocket fours is one of my all-time favorites

  • MordorLordSauron
    MordorLordSauron 6 years ago +81

    Best quote I heard from Helmuth so far, regarding Tony G.:"I wish that I weren't a bad loser but it's ten times as bad when you're a bad winner. And you are a bad winner, my friend." Phil earned my respect for that line!

    • Jon B
      Jon B 4 months ago

      I have to admit, that rather incisive roast was the last thing I was expecting.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 5 months ago

      Lol, Phils a POS to everyone that beats him but because he makes a true statement when he's on the business end of it you respect him?

    • Sick of The Lies
      Sick of The Lies 9 months ago

      Its true. Bad winners imo are usually megalucksack donks

  • Hussein
    Hussein 3 years ago +697

    “What are you doing Ben your so bad “
    Ben: I’m stacking your chips what’s it look like I’m doing

    • Ray Kazmi
      Ray Kazmi Year ago +2

      @xMystical “what are you doing Ben you are so bad” makes more sense than your doesn’t it? Think before you respond

    • xMystical
      xMystical Year ago

      @Ray Kazmi “im stacking your chips” makes more sense than “i’m stacking you are chips” no?

    • S Tavros
      S Tavros Year ago +1

      Says the guy who calls a big river bet with Q high....what a moron

    • david.
      david. 2 years ago +1

      @Justice Schmidt i'm talking about the first "your", not the second. sTuPiD fUcK

    • Justice Schmidt
      Justice Schmidt 2 years ago +2

      @david. Yes it is, stupid fuck. Please learn proper grammar.

  • MrSparkula
    MrSparkula Year ago +1

    Helmuth might have lost to Tony G on that last hand, but he still nailed him.

  • Moonwired
    Moonwired Year ago +1

    Props to hellmut for absolutely nailing that last statement he made.

  • Gonzalo Bisbal
    Gonzalo Bisbal 2 years ago +3

    What phil said at the end is the absolute truth in poker.

  • CJ Jackson
    CJ Jackson 10 months ago +3

    When Phil loses a hand in poker, he always says to the winner he lost to, "You're a bad winner!"

  • Jonathan Poto
    Jonathan Poto 2 years ago

    I love that Robl played mind games back. Only thing missing was him staring down Tony G as the clock expired.

  • Bryan T
    Bryan T 6 years ago +4

    10:00 had me rolling

  • Zac Austin
    Zac Austin Year ago +1

    I love when they call you a bad player because you call their bluff lol

  • fгоgзг
    fгоgзг 2 years ago +3

    What Hellmuth said at the end to Tony is true. If you ever watch Hellmuth win, after the game is over it's all respect.

  • Daniel Egan
    Daniel Egan Year ago +2

    10:20 Say what you will about Phil, that quote was 1000% spot on.

  • ZombieNationLTD
    ZombieNationLTD 2 years ago

    Everyone knocks Tony but that man is brilliant at what he does

  • StuartMcI94
    StuartMcI94 3 years ago

    Tony G filling up on the river with 54 then calling hellmuth a disgrace to the game is comedy gold

  • Michael Bullington
    Michael Bullington 4 years ago

    I would think of Hellmuth losing an All-Star Tournament to Annie Duke taking the top spot. Sounded like a telegraph with all the bleeps.

  • FTN Iceberg
    FTN Iceberg 5 months ago

    I can understand some of the hands Phil loses it over...anyone that watches enough poker vids has seen some of the WTF hands people go after Phil with just to get him steaming. It's scary to see how often he goes heads up and the opponent just gets what he needs.

  • Cailen Mackenzie
    Cailen Mackenzie 6 years ago

    I don't really like Hellmuth, but he had a point with that bad winner line

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 2 years ago

    That last line by Hellmuth is straight truth

  • Lenny Leonardson
    Lenny Leonardson 6 years ago +576

    Top 5 mildly annoyed poker players.

    • Lenny Leonardson
      Lenny Leonardson 6 months ago

      Apology accepted 😂

    • leftistLizard92
      leftistLizard92 6 months ago +2

      I want to apologize. I watched this video after seeing your comment because I didn't believe you. I believe you now.

    • Pete G
      Pete G 7 months ago +1

      Saved me 10 minutes. Moving on. Thanks!

    • Local Fatty
      Local Fatty 9 months ago

      Thank you

    • seth duncan
      seth duncan 10 months ago

      yep i was expecting more

  • Wally & Tony
    Wally & Tony 4 years ago

    I really love it when they yell at each other. The only thing that would be better is if all assult was allowed.

  • Benzo
    Benzo 5 years ago +14

    10:20 wow ol Hellmuth impressed me with that line. Dropped some truth on Tony I respect it.

    • S Tavros
      S Tavros Year ago

      lol @ hellmuth taking the high road.......ive seen this guy call people idiots, stupid, morons and any number of things that if he said n the street to someone he might get punched.....most disrespectful player out there

    • Aidan Ellis
      Aidan Ellis 2 years ago

      Very true

  • KungFuKenny
    KungFuKenny 3 years ago +2

    Honestly, a great quote from Hellmuth at the end

  • OsefKincaid
    OsefKincaid 6 years ago

    Are you serious with that #4? That's the tamest blow-up ever, I think I've had bigger blowups than this

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 11 months ago +1

    the gut punch would be if Tony replied "well then you stop losing so much"

  • Dave Sherman
    Dave Sherman 10 months ago

    Always love watching Doug Polk busting.

  • Derek Hiemforth
    Derek Hiemforth Year ago

    I love how so many of these involve making a questionable decision, and then getting pissed off that an opponent made a questionable decision... 🤣

  • MotownShaker
    MotownShaker 4 years ago +33

    "Worst player I've ever seen" - says All-In Doug with his pair of 4's

  • ntnnot
    ntnnot 6 years ago +1

    Applause for Robl... Tony G bully tactics failing is a joy to see. Hellmuth the rare guy to speak the truth to his face.

  • Slobodan Reka
    Slobodan Reka 6 months ago +1

    4:12 The surfer chick saying "Now you're mocking the man" is one of my favourite poker moments.

    • Circa Alex
      Circa Alex 2 months ago

      You and the surfer chick would make a nice couple!

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 6 months ago

    I was at the Borgata a few years back. Vanessa Selbst comes to the table shortstacked. She immediately starts bulldozing the table. Every hand she shows down is a winner, and several that didn't show down. She's coming back for her tournament life, but I'm starting to think she's over aggressing. I'm on the button with something like 7-9 diamonds. She reraises my button bet from the big blind and I call. I flop an open ended straight flush draw on a 10 high board. She checks, I bet, she 3 bets and I jam hoping to bluff her bluff, BUT she calls. I do have outs. The board comes runner, runner 7s. Not what I expected. She shows KK for her tournament life, and my stack takes me to the final table. She only mildly showed her discontent, and it took everything I had not to start laughing in her face. I try to never be a sore winner. Just one of my stories as an amateur. ✌️

  • Ave_Atque_Vale323
    Ave_Atque_Vale323 6 years ago +18

    People who get outplayed and lose a hand and call the other player bad really make me cringe and seethe with anger. Sore losers and a disgrace to the poker community.. How do you even justify that type of petty mentality?! You got outplayed, there's the door. Cya.

  • captainthrall
    captainthrall 6 years ago +1

    WOW, at 10:00 they actually cracked Doyle haha

  • james chan
    james chan 8 months ago

    I remember Vanessa Selbst playing a table with amateurs, one was some kind of Political Consultant, and Vanessa was totally dismantled by this amateur. That told me that Politics takes Poker skills.

  • calibergemini
    calibergemini 6 years ago

    how did this video miss Justin Schwartz's antics in 2015 WSOP?? He made Phil look like an angel!

  • T Obe
    T Obe Year ago +2

    That last phil hellmuth quote was surprisingly deep

  • MrAndersonmm
    MrAndersonmm 6 years ago

    Honestly Vanessa handled that extremely well. Impressive.

  • Jovan P
    Jovan P 2 years ago +1

    He really savaged Tony G with that last quote! 😝

  • Victor Vegas
    Victor Vegas 2 years ago

    Cant blame #4. The guy has 2 outs max , maybe 1 if someone folded jack and the river hits the J. If anything he was pretty calm about it

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 6 years ago +3834

    "You're so bad" said the guy who called with Q high.

    • John Hinkleman
      John Hinkleman Year ago

      He’s trying to save face and it just makes him look like a douche in addition to being a loser.

    • An Humble Messenger of the Law of One
      An Humble Messenger of the Law of One Year ago

      _projection is an unconscious defense where you blame another person for the very thing you are guilty of_

    • Malamockq
      Malamockq Year ago

      @Artur Nogueira You never call with Q high. He was hoping for a flush draw and bricked. He should have raised on the river, but he's bad at poker.

    • Malamockq
      Malamockq Year ago

      @Fluorineer Results oriented? That's a stupid term that you made up. He wasn't correct, he called with a Queen, that's stupid. If he was trying to bluff, he should have raised, not called.

    • William Shea
      William Shea Year ago

      Hey dweeb that called with gueen high and bad mouthed the other player. Where are you now idiot?

  • thisguy13 thisguy13

    I love how all of the ppl complaining should’ve folded and then go on to blame the ppl making the right calls for being bad players. Such sore losers and the ones like Vanessa she should’ve fold to the raise but said his move was bad you got 44 not JJ, QQ, KK or AA or even AK it’s funny she’s the one who made the bad move lol

  • C N
    C N 2 years ago +8

    10:20 This is a completely true commentary by Phil...

  • Travis Leonard
    Travis Leonard 2 years ago

    That last one, I love how Phil tried to sound like he was taking the high road, but he just comes off sounding like a fool instead.

    • Johnny Travis
      Johnny Travis 2 years ago

      Travis Leonard I actually gained even more respect for him bc of that. Tony is a very very bad winner, but it gets him PAID a lot more often than he would by making friends.

  • BennyBoomin
    BennyBoomin 6 years ago

    The only thing I agree with Phil Hellmuth on: worst to be a bad winner than a bad loser

  • dale parker
    dale parker 3 years ago

    Helmuth is essentially me online. Losing with AA constantly when the idiots call shoves with top pair and hit 2 pair or running flushes/straights. Jokestars.

  • Tony
    Tony 2 years ago

    Poker newbie here. A9 vs 44 so what's wrong with this one? Just by looking at the winning % the odds didn't look that bad? I've seen two people with good hands before with worse odds than that but that's ok? Is it because the person with 44 could have something like KK from A9's perspective?

  • flemwad
    flemwad 5 years ago +19

    For the rest of my life I will never tire of that hand with that little dude Selbst almost crying hahahahahaha

  • andrew wohlfart
    andrew wohlfart 3 years ago

    I feel sorry for anyone that has to sit at a table with Helmuth and Tony G. Couldnt think of anything worse.

  • ggaccentc
    ggaccentc 6 years ago +633

    first hand was atrocious...how do you not fold or raise? call with Q high lol.

    • First Last
      First Last 2 years ago

      @ggaccentc I don't even think a raise would help hear. The community cards sucked.

    • First Last
      First Last 2 years ago

      I don't even think he could have bluffed there, because of how crappy the community cards were.

    • Dr. Strange
      Dr. Strange 2 years ago

      @Fluorineer no just no.

    • Shannon Sutherland
      Shannon Sutherland 2 years ago


    • V
      V 2 years ago

      He's beating suited connectors. Calling lets him win the same amount of money as raising, since he probably wouldn't make anything but a bluff fold there (anything else wouldn't be trying to bet value against him).

  • doktarr
    doktarr 2 years ago +1

    #5 is the only one of these that's actually bad. 4 is 100% understandable, 3 is more random antics than a blow-up (he wins the hand after all), 2 is actually fairly subdued (most of the complaining is on the rail), and 1 is mostly deserved (Phil is right, Tony G is a shitty winner).
    #5 is crazy though; when I first watched I thought he had misread his hand and the blow-up was going to be about how pissed he was about misreading his hand. Instead it's his opponent's fault he called with queen high? GTFO dude.

  • Julius Paul
    Julius Paul 6 years ago +1

    10:20 Phil does what no one else does - takes responsibility for his actions, and then tell the TRUTH about Tony... fantastic!

  • Neelesh Ryzewicz
    Neelesh Ryzewicz 2 years ago

    I love to see people like the first guy get so"butt hurt." I get that a lot of money is at stake but I have no respect for someone making personal attacks against someone literally just paying the game and getting lucky. The entire name of the game is calculated risk and luck. Shitty unsportsmanship

  • Bjblues
    Bjblues 2 years ago

    "And your a bad winner". I never thought I would ever agree with Phil.

  • Chewbecca101
    Chewbecca101 6 years ago

    I thought Vanessa's reaction to the crappy call was pretty restrained. Hardly poker brat territory. Although she deserved a bit.

    • Chewbecca101
      Chewbecca101 6 years ago

      I do think he made a crappy call, in the sense that he called the player despite shitty odds, only because he wanted to beat her.. Calling a 3-bet with a weak Ace is bad odds. Then calling an all in 6 bet with a crap Ace is even worse.
      However, all I said was, I don't think her reaction was in poker brat territory. Not compared to the other reactions.She was ahead the entire way. She said nice hand and did not pitch any kind of fit. That was NOT poker brat.

    • B Murphy
      B Murphy 6 years ago

      Chewbecca101 it's not a crappy call,he was a friend of hers,meaning they have played a lot of hands together,he read her hand perfectly and knew she was repping a much better hand than she had.he knows how aggressive she is,looked and his A9 and literally said "I'm probably still ahead".then she had a moan cause too stupid to figure out why it happened "he always go's after me I don't understand why",really? u don't understand why? maybe because he has countless times seen you put all your chips in with bullshit hands like 44

  • Matt Ragan
    Matt Ragan 6 years ago

    I must be misreading this title. With the exception of Phil, NONE of these were even remotely blow-ups and for Phil's blowups these were LOW on the list. And number 3 didn't even show any anger at all from anyone. Whoever put this list together must have watched poker for the first time, for one day.

  • Dunn
    Dunn 2 years ago

    am i the only one that is impressed with her skills with the chips???

  • Foxwaffles
    Foxwaffles 2 years ago

    I am confused, in one of the last clips (Hellmuth vs Minieri) the graphic shows that Hellmuth has a full house and Minieri has a 3 of a kind, but Minieri is said to be the winner. I thought full house beat 3 of a kind, am I missing something? or is the graphic messed up?

    • js2010ish
      js2010ish 10 months ago

      Minieri has KKK 77 full, Phil has 999 77 full

  • David Keller
    David Keller 6 years ago

    he hit the nail on the head Phil Hellmuth is the biggest disgrace to the game in the history of Poker

  • Armada Ambience
    Armada Ambience Year ago

    Phil's comment at the end is 100% correct, though. I wish I wasn't a bad loser, but it's 10x worse to be a bad winner.

  • jack woods
    jack woods Year ago

    Tony G was absolutely right to get upset and say something...ROBL taking 5 Hours to think about his next move...This is a FULL Table...ROBL was playing so Slow it was Ridiculous

  • Carl Witt
    Carl Witt Year ago +1

    She shoved with pocket 4s... I'm starting to understand why you don't see her around much anymore.
    She's the Danica Patrick of poker.

  • Raycefan
    Raycefan 6 years ago

    I like Selbst, generally speaking, as a player, but percentage wise, she was behind over 10% pre-flop to win that hand. She HAD to know, being the pro player that she is, that AT BEST she was only SLIGHTLY ahead and in a race! As far as I'm concerned, she has no reason to be mad. SHE. WAS. BEHIND!

  • Jesse hopson
    Jesse hopson 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why Selbst was so mad she got called. It’s her fault for going all in with a pair of 4’s before the flop. Nearly ANY pair beats her. She would have accepted an Ace Jack but an Ace Nine and she gets mad?

  • YupppBrrro
    YupppBrrro 2 years ago

    How did Minieri beat Hellmuth with 3 kings when Hellmuth had Fullhous?

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez Year ago

    I think sometimes they forget it is called gambling. So at times you take a gamble on what appears to be a bad hand.

  • Danks meme
    Danks meme Year ago

    "I don't know why he goes after me every single time, he's my friend."
    Did Selbst forget that she was at a poker table, there are no friends in poker!
    (I don't literally mean you can't be friends, talk, make banter, etc, I mean you should never go easy against someone you know)

  • Julie
    Julie 2 years ago

    Hellmuth and Minieri both get a full house. Poor Phil though, again thought he had best hand. I think Minieri gets underestimated though at times. Dude can play poker with different hand ranges when possible. Hellmuth did respond in respect though. Cool to see.

  • Hugh Smith
    Hugh Smith 10 months ago

    I love when players lose then complain the WINNER of the hand is "so bad"

  • Ronald Dabdoub
    Ronald Dabdoub 2 years ago

    If I saw Tony G sitting at the same poker table as myself, I would have to sit out until one of us were moved or he makes stupid play and busts. I have very small doubts I could stop myself from getting arrested because as soon as he begins to try and insult me I would just start throwing punches until I was stopped or run out of energy, that dude is so rude, especially for is average skills, I don't claim to have better skills just not the patients for his rude mouth.

  • Ravishing Beast
    Ravishing Beast 2 years ago

    #4 was mild as shit. Anyone would show frustration with a two-outer river Jack knockout. C'mon.

  • Jason Phoenix
    Jason Phoenix 2 years ago

    I never get tired of watching people lose with small pockets.
    22 - 55, they limp, you raise and they shove. So fucking annoying.
    Glad to see justice. By the way, AJ and A9 is not that far behind.

  • I don't Know
    I don't Know 5 months ago +1

    even Doyle Brunson was laughing at when Tony G said, "you're a disgrace to the game" at 10:01

  • benjamin
    benjamin 6 years ago

    I feel like Vanessa was the least out of line. She wasn't so much as mad at the call as she was the it was him coming after her. She's a helluva poker player and this doesn't really tarnish my image of her as a classy player.