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We Got Scammed by a YouTube Commenter

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  4 months ago +2935

    FYI: We did get the money back from PayPal after contacting them (a few days later/after the video). So no, the scammer didn't get money. And also, this video prevents many more people from actually giving them money anyway.
    WE SPONSORED OURSELVES: The CyberSkeleton foil shirt will close for sales on 8/4! This is the last chance to grab one: store.gamersnexus.net/products/limited-edition-foil-skeletal-cotton-t-shirt-with-pc-component-design
    Watch our video on the scam of Artesian Builds: clip-share.net/video/L2xMi7inB28/video.html
    Watch our video on Intel's driver problems! clip-share.net/video/MjYSeT-T5uk/video.html

    • Aman Agarwal
      Aman Agarwal 3 months ago

      How you got your money?

    • Mastur One
      Mastur One 3 months ago

      I got a stripper for these idiots who really loves them

    • Mastur One
      Mastur One 3 months ago

      Your reasoning would make sense if they needed it cause they are down on their luck if they didn't pay on top of it. You can't be broke then pay 1000 bucks for a free computer. These are people who think world noticed them

    • Rodney McKay
      Rodney McKay 3 months ago

      It's good you got your money back, but you shouldn't have given a scammer any money. I know it's defensible as a business decision, but it's like feeding wild animals: it attracts more of them to where you don't want them.
      There are law enforcement agencies where fraud can be reported. Walking through the proper procedure for reporting actual fraud could be a more interesting follow-up video.
      I was contacted a while back in comments on one of Jayz videos by a scammer whose Clip-Share account had a picture of Jay and a similar enough username I didn't notice the difference right away. It was just like these, he said he was going to send me something free.
      It didn't go as far as the scammer asking for money. That would have been a red flag.

    • Sean Fox
      Sean Fox 3 months ago

      They definitely got the money.as soon as you sent it he took it out. PayPal just paid you back out of there money

  • Der Höhlenbär
    Der Höhlenbär 4 months ago +1627

    I was totally expecting an hour long set of graphs that explained which scammer had the best thermals.

    • SireSquish
      SireSquish 3 months ago

      Their thermals get really high after they head where they're going.

    • Skorp
      Skorp 3 months ago +2

      Need a collab with scammer payback to see which scammer has the longest time to peak temperature and which has the best scam per dollar ration. As well as the fastest render times.

    • Brian Collins
      Brian Collins 3 months ago

      @Itsneight misspelled at that

    • Mr. Spock
      Mr. Spock 4 months ago

      Good one ... 🤣

    • Javier Goldman
      Javier Goldman 4 months ago

      Man, that scammer needs more RGB

  • Colin Martin
    Colin Martin 4 months ago +141

    I worked at a hospital where IT would send phishing emails themselves. If you opened the obviously shady link, you wound up in an all-day training seminar. Because you work at a damn hospital.
    Some people were repeat offenders. They eventually got their email privileges taken away.
    It's unfortunate that this happens, because it preys on vulnerable people. Not necessarily dumb, as Steve pointed out. Desperate can be an even stronger motivator.
    We really need to teach internet safety to kids starting around middle school. For a lot of reasons.

    • Phill Gizmo
      Phill Gizmo 2 months ago

      I remember the dopamine first minute after getting a SMS about winning something, luckily I encountered the nigerian prince in gamedevtychoon a day before and I just googled the name of the sender to see hundreds of reports already. The conclusion: never make decisions based on emotions and never trust someone who is trying to push your emotions. If you want to control yourself, start by learning brain chemistry.

    • Derg Enterprises
      Derg Enterprises 2 months ago

      I report those emails the FBI. I did on my previous college's IT dept. and never got one again.

    • MoonOvIce
      MoonOvIce 3 months ago +1

      Man, I never use work emails for ANYTHING that isn't work related. It's almost a trap, the company gives you the email, in some cases almost as a "test" haha. People keep using a work email, which is monitored, for their personal stuff all the time! Let alone clicking shady links etc.

    • Abed Ul Rahman Salam
      Abed Ul Rahman Salam 3 months ago +1

      We actually do that as part of our awareness programme. And yes some are repeat offenders. You won’t believe the amount of naive people out there.
      Once a friend at work got a call from a scammer. Was obviously phishing for info. Told her to to just disconnect the call, she said no that’s rude. Lol

    • Brian Collins
      Brian Collins 3 months ago

      Not in Florida the way desantis is going

  • Zёбра
    Zёбра 4 months ago +218

    There's a saying in Russian - suckers are no mammoths, they won't go extinct. Scammers are well aware of that. Thanks for going out of your way to raise awareness!

    • Krish Patel
      Krish Patel 3 months ago +1

      Well, there's a saying in Hindi- Scammers will exist until people are idiot enough to fall for it

    • AtotehZ
      AtotehZ 3 months ago

      You're right. The Russian people pretty much lives by this.
      When they're not eating propaganda raw they're refusing to take responsibility for their government. As long as you call yourself a democracy the Russian is directly responsible for its government's actions.

    • heroclix0rz
      heroclix0rz 4 months ago +17

      In English we have: there's a sucker born every minute.

    • Jonathan Eriksson
      Jonathan Eriksson 4 months ago +18

      @Baka Sepra Z

    • Eduardo izquierdo
      Eduardo izquierdo 4 months ago +1

      What does that have to do

  • Lance McDonald
    Lance McDonald 2 months ago +1

    Steve learning how to spell "telogram" is the most epic character growth in the history of cinema.

  • Kid-Again
    Kid-Again 5 days ago

    i almost got scammed on a channel because they used the same logo and name and the guy even sounded like the guy in the video and ask me quiz questions for the prize and the questions was real convincing. they are getting really good at scamming.

  • Jrodsly
    Jrodsly 4 months ago +3041

    It'd be real nice if Clip-Share actually did something about these scams instead of letting them run rampant, but I guess removing public dislikes to protect the fragile egos of corporate partners is more important to Clip-Share these days.

    • Jason Sgandurra
      Jason Sgandurra 5 days ago

      Yes I totally agree Clip-Share is just not strict enough and there should be no giveaways on Clip-Share at all

    • EvE-Small-Gang
      EvE-Small-Gang 16 days ago

      Clip-Share and facebook both promote advertisements for actual scams, they don't give a shit.

    • Jackie Gerarde
      Jackie Gerarde Month ago

      @Graeme Johnson buying it ..

    • John McFadin
      John McFadin 3 months ago

      @Chris It's been a few weeks since I've felt as much secondhand embarrassment as I did just now reading through the obsessive amount comments doing your best to reply to everybody on earth with your whacked out reasoning. Thinking about having to spend even a single second of real life anywhere in your vicinity makes me pity the people forced to be around you.
      And this doesn't even get into your incredible lack of self awareness. Good to know sociopathy is alive and well on the internet. You talk like someone who's been scammed so many times he's now become enraged at the thought of others being scammed. Touch grass once in a while, you might gain just an iota of empathy for others.

    • Torvich
      Torvich 4 months ago

      You would need a super computer to run a second by second AI filtering system to stop all scams, lures, conditioning, mean comments, etc
      It ain't going to happen it's impossible to do this unless you have pre-set filters in place to stop free speech like how the US blocks any rhetoric they don't like nowadays, aka a dictatorship.
      So unless you want that you have to deal with "freedom of speech" which is unfiltered BS all the time...

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

    To everyone thinking about answering one of these scammers: If there was a giveaway, it would obviously be mentioned in the video description, a pinned comment from the channel, or the video itself.
    It would not be in a random reply to a comment. Especially not in dozens of replies to different comments.

  • WannaDJ
    WannaDJ 4 months ago +151

    Steve, the kind of guy that will test everything, even scams. LOL. 😅

    • Steve Keate
      Steve Keate 3 months ago +1

      I like how he gave them a well deserved bad review, two hours would be an outrageous amount of time to waste on a legitimate purchase, let alone a scam.. Pro scammers could have drained the life savings of six little old ladies in that amount of time, these guys suck at scamming.

    • Mr. Spock
      Mr. Spock 4 months ago +4

      ... and no scammers were dissassembled in the process ... quite disapointing.

    • HunzHurte
      HunzHurte 4 months ago +4

      6/10 not realistic enough, could have scammed 8% more people

  • Hunter Makoy
    Hunter Makoy 3 months ago +4

    The people going out and exposing scammers and locking up their time are really doing the Lord’s work.

  • Gorbachev_x
    Gorbachev_x 4 months ago +8

    It's so nice that Steve mentions Jim Browning, an angel on the internet along with Scambaiter, Devear and his team too.

  • Deer Jerky
    Deer Jerky 4 months ago +1880

    Slightly off topic but also, if you are buying something legitimate online, never pay on PayPal via Friends & Family, since 99% of the time PayPal cannot refund your money in the case of a scam. Always pay via Goods & Services, and if the seller insists otherwise, they are most likely trying to scam you

    • Joanne Ginever
      Joanne Ginever Month ago

      I wish I'd read this yesterday. I was scammed exactly like this and was asked to pay freight for a prize and specifically told to select "family & friends"!! Thought this was odd but went ahead. Now I know was all bs!!!😥Exact same script, omg. I paid $133.08USD same amount on your screen, and was for a PS5 as well! 😳 Jeez

    • Aereto
      Aereto Month ago

      One of many reasons BL is more of a criminal organization than a rights organization.

    • onlyeyeno
      onlyeyeno 3 months ago

      @Peter Müller ...
      That might be the case, however there is actually a cost for ebay to handle and administer "refunds". Now whether their "fee" is reasonable for the "service" is something I don't know. So it can in essence be "seen as" a "insurance fee" . But if You actually sell/buy from family or acquaintance that You can contact in person, then it makes sense that You might don't need/want that "insurance" and hence don't want to pay for it.
      Best regards

    • Kaymerra
      Kaymerra 3 months ago

      Tbh. I always do it, when the seller is fine with me going goods and services. Especially if its just small things under 100 bucks or something, I dont take the effort and just give the trust vs. trust thing. Never got wrong with this. If people try to scam you, they act fishy and insist on getting it ASAP. If they dont care, I just do it anyway, since they very likely just try to get it over with. Worked in literally 100 percent of cases to just follow my gut. xD

    • Craig Smith
      Craig Smith 3 months ago

      @John Andrews well by problematic, I mean any issue and not necessarily a defect. Most of those issues I’ve encountered have either been connection problems on buyer/seller end or memory related. Also I’m doing it from a small scale using a mixture of new and preowned components so the sample size isn’t huge

  • Septien Patterson
    Septien Patterson 4 months ago +14

    Clip-Share cares more about how their advertisers are doing, over the creators on their platform. Good job, Susan.

  • Dustin Rodriguez
    Dustin Rodriguez 4 months ago +11

    One of the things I realized years ago as one of my friends finally had a kid who was old enough to be interested in and start using the Internet, is that kids desperately need some kind of "this is how to spot a scam, this is what kind of contests are real, this is how to check things out" education. I don't know if schools do this, but if not, parents really need to. In my friends case, a very large charge appeared on their phone bill and in getting to the bottom of it he found that his 8 year old son had seen one of those flashing banners saying he "won" some new console. So he clicked it excitedly and provided all the info the scammers needed to charge like $500 to his parents phone bill. For lots of parents who never got online until in their teens or adult years, they might not realize how susceptible little kids are to many of the tactics scammers use. Heck, plenty of adults aren't that great at it either. It's a tough nut to crack, but videos like this one certainly do help I am sure. More people should talk about it.

    • hockeyAmbassador
      hockeyAmbassador Month ago

      my school did it in elementary, but like in 3rd grade. and as far as i know younger gen z/alpha are not getting that type of info in schools, which is weird considering they get ipads shoved in their face from the moment they’re born

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 4 months ago +7

    Great to see you keep informing the community of these scams, rather than simply giving up on it and let it run its course like many other Clip-Sharers do these days.

  • Benjamin Oechsli
    Benjamin Oechsli 4 months ago +6

    Love the opening of this video. "I shouldn't have to make this video, but here we are!"
    Thank you for telling your audience not to shame those who do fall for these sorts of things. Anyone could fall for it, if the right conditions (mood, exhaustion, desperation) are met. Also, nice shout-out to Jim Browning. Great recognizes great.

  • vest816
    vest816 4 months ago +580

    I almost fell for a scammer trying to trick me into winning a "free computer."
    But he bailed because I didn't have enough Twitch subscribers.

    • Derg Enterprises
      Derg Enterprises 2 months ago

      not too soon

    • andymath89
      andymath89 3 months ago

      I heard that scammer was trying to be a "web celebrity" or something like that lol

    • paul Z
      paul Z 3 months ago

      That was on you bro. It was an ambassador giveaway

    • Alex Kidd
      Alex Kidd 4 months ago


    • Rob Young
      Rob Young 4 months ago

      Well played.

  • Cole Brooks
    Cole Brooks 4 months ago +3

    Thanks for helping spread awareness and knowledge on the subject. Watched my brother get scammed out of money for a car earlier this year, did everything I could after that to educate my family on how to identify scams but there are too many different ways they come at you. My mom got hit a month later. We need to figure out how to protect those that can't see through the smoke screen.

  • domonon
    domonon 4 months ago +2

    These scams are classic and have been around for ages. I remember a long long time ago seeing letters that would come home saying that You just won something, but need to pay for processing or shipping. Now these scams are preying on people and succeeding because of the reach of the internet.

  • endlosschleife
    endlosschleife 4 months ago +1

    Thank you! This is so important. One could just have their guards down for a second on some scams, others get people who are generally unexperienced, and some will just be as naive and they're shamelessly exploited. I felt a little pain when you gave them the money but if it keeps only one person from getting scammed it was totally worth it.

  • James Ludwig
    James Ludwig 4 months ago +3

    I'm glad you made this PSA. I saw one of these on another Clip-Share channel and stared at if for a while and thought it was unlikely and commented on the channels comment section "hey just so you know someone's impersonating you " it's easy for people to believe large channels would do stuff like this, because youtube has a TON of channels posting videos where they give things away. As always great work GN.

  • Jarrod'sTech
    Jarrod'sTech 4 months ago +1275

    16:28 Haha who would have thought RuneScape scams from 20 years ago were great life lessons, they definitely prevented me losing anything actually important later in life.

    • Stephen Kelly
      Stephen Kelly 4 months ago

      You mean you don’t want this generation 1 white party hat for only $1000?!?!

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles 4 months ago

      @DIYfu a lot of places near me would've actually charged more for specs like that in a laptop. So to me it doesn't seem bad.

    • ArtisChronicles
      ArtisChronicles 4 months ago

      @Zncon I would've taken it off, but not dropped it. Then said I dropped it.

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson 4 months ago

      Buying GF, 10k.

    • Corndog
      Corndog 4 months ago

      bro so unbelievably true, you only get scammed for your rune armor once as a 13yr old for trim before you wise up.

  • Walter Elías Chamie
    Walter Elías Chamie 4 months ago +1

    I'd love to see more channels do independent unbiased scam reviews.

  • Orion Andronicos
    Orion Andronicos 4 months ago +1

    Not a waste of time, this was fantastic entertainment. Love you GN!

  • Bálint Szabados
    Bálint Szabados 4 months ago

    Thank You so much for doing this~ It's important to show what might happen when ones goes deeper the rabbit hole

  • Hen Mar
    Hen Mar 4 months ago +1

    What an underrated channel. What a team. What a frontman. Also you guya are the only ones who have addressed this recently. Good on you guys

  • kozad
    kozad 4 months ago +668

    Personally, I find it quite amazing that social media platforms have algorithms in place to prevent you from cussing someone out by immediately removing your comment and banning your account, but act like they are powerless when it comes to protecting people from scams and other forms of abuse which use very specific language.

    • Scientist Walter
      Scientist Walter 4 months ago

      @Kapten When the schizophrenia is sus 😳

    • Kapten
      Kapten 4 months ago

      @Scientist Walter in your head

    • Scientist Walter
      Scientist Walter 4 months ago

      @Kapten excuse who are you?
      A nobody?

    • Kapten
      Kapten 4 months ago

      @Scientist Walter Doesn't need one, it's just what I think about you.

    • Scientist Walter
      Scientist Walter 4 months ago

      @Kapten Ah yes the good old clown emoji, no argument or opinion. Just a funny clown face to own the libs!

  • Alan Wolff
    Alan Wolff 4 months ago +7

    Would be funny if the scammer actually went out and bought one and shipped it to him.

  • Juan Diego Pinillos
    Juan Diego Pinillos 4 months ago +1

    This thing has been happening to a lot of channels here in Clip-Share, several streamers I watch like Jackfrags have been complaining and warning people to not fall for this

  • Meaty Ochre
    Meaty Ochre 4 months ago +5

    Steve at the start of video: Don't shame people for getting scammed. C'mon, grow up.
    Steve at the end of video: Stop getting scammed, you noobs! C'mon, grow up!

  • KoenvdW88
    KoenvdW88 4 months ago +2

    I just love it when Steve gets angry. It's all so genuine and passionate, very relatable. 🤣🤣

  • Shard Obsidia
    Shard Obsidia 4 months ago

    You are the heroes we need, but not the ones we deserve. Thanks, Gamers Nexus!

  • BangDroid
    BangDroid 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for doing something about this. Every Clip-Share channel is aware of this, but most just tolerate it. Even Clip-Share themselves don't seem to be doing anything about it.
    When I see these, I report the comment, also open the offending channel in a new tab where I go to the about page and report the channel for impersonation, and paste a link to the channel they're impersonating.

  • Hillard Bishop
    Hillard Bishop 4 months ago +31

    This brings a saying to mind: "A fool and his money are soon parted." Seriously though, protect yourself out there and have nothing to do with scammers.

    • Aaaa
      Aaaa 4 months ago +3

      thinking you’re too smart to get scammed is the first step to it happening to you

      IIII_III_IIII 4 months ago +3

      🤨Seriously though, he _just_ asked that people not call others stupid. In commenting this aphorism you are doing just that, by implying that they are fools.

  • Gregory Petka
    Gregory Petka 4 months ago

    makes me almost want to move to New Oregon, they are so honest there, they keep to their word of Scamming

  • francesco alivernini
    francesco alivernini 4 months ago +178

    "Getting scammed took longer than expected" is the best answer ever to a survey.

    • someonesomewhere
      someonesomewhere 4 months ago

      Will be a really bad PMP 🤣

    • HalfbreedTrini
      HalfbreedTrini 4 months ago


    • Nick Llama
      Nick Llama 4 months ago +3

      Imagine that poor peon at Paypal whose job it is to read those. He/she is sitting there going 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Matthew Bartlett
    Matthew Bartlett 4 months ago

    Thank you for raising awareness about this. People ARE being scammed and I HOPE this sort of video will prevent some from falling for this in the future.

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 4 months ago

    This was the first official scam review I have seen. One star: it was too difficult to get scammed, the scammer replies too slow...

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 4 months ago

    This was painful to watch. Every single cyber awareness training session I had to sit through is now forming needles in my skin.

  • Richard Coburn
    Richard Coburn 4 months ago

    Good work going to the effort to do this, its a shame you have had to but it speaks to your concern for consumers and your customers/subscribers/followers.

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago +1

    treat everything as a scam at first. go into everything with at least some skepticism.

  • Weretarantula
    Weretarantula 4 months ago +1

    Love it, might not have been in the production schedule, but fun and informative content regardless ❤️

  • Ludwig234
    Ludwig234 4 months ago +1

    I expect most people that falls for the scams see the Clip-Share email notification which might appear more legitimate than a Clip-Share comment.

  • Carbon No6
    Carbon No6 4 months ago +1

    I can’t see myself being ignorant to common scams like this one here. I don’t really even enter giveaways despite them being legitimate.

  • m_waz
    m_waz 4 months ago +672

    At work the cybersecurity team upped their internal phishing tests from "blatantly obvious" to just "obvious".
    They had to start hosting remedial classes there were so many repeat "victims"

    • Luke Brindax
      Luke Brindax 4 months ago

      ​@Warren Cash​That's a funny one for the Security Team I'm sure.
      The question I'm wondering is for many of these Tests, how close are the URLs to the actual company URLs? One thing I see a lot of people do is not check urls completely to make sure it's a completely legit link.
      At times I will copy a part of a URL (Such as a link to a YT Video "/watch?v=xxxxxxx") and paste the watch URL after an already established and safe version of the site that was already in the browser. I also have everything disabled by default, so if I did somehow mess up and goto a fake link I would notice that js/images/etc were disabled and gtfo quick.

    • Bernd S
      Bernd S 4 months ago

      @ericadams01 where do I have to send my application? 😅

    • Arthur Moore
      Arthur Moore 4 months ago

      ​@Benjamin Butler My problem with those Security scam E-Mails is mobile. If I tap a link instead of hold it, it goes to the "You got scammed" page. Really frustrating as a new employee when the fake E-mail is an MS teams invite link. Exactly the E-Mail I am expecting to receive! Especially when IT's screwed up and Outlook doesn't work.
      Excluding 0 days, just clicking a link isn't enough.
      Course, Security probably hated me for the next month since HR loves sending out fluff E-Mails and I reported them all, per policy.

    • Jeremy Biggers
      Jeremy Biggers 4 months ago

      @dispatch-indirect The problem is if they looked at the email address it came from, it would be immediately obvious it's not real...

    • Rubik Monat
      Rubik Monat 4 months ago +2

      @Fran B my HR did the same thing. I sent them phishing email training materials back, highlighted their similarities, refused to complete their forms, and created a security incident explaining how they were un-training people which went to the CIO.

  • shaggsm3ls1
    shaggsm3ls1 4 months ago +1

    Man....if people keep falling for the scams then that's on them. Some people just need to learn the hard way.

  • Don T. Panic
    Don T. Panic 2 months ago

    I get it's frustrating. I'd say the reason this keeps happening, even though you said you've posted about it on social media several times, is that GN is constantly gaining new fans and followers. So they may not have seen prior posts or discussions about it. At least this video helps ensure new folks receive the message, even though it was a money sink.

  • PixelatedFancyLads
    PixelatedFancyLads 4 months ago +4

    It feels mean saying this, but... I'd really expect more from the viewers of a channel like this. Obviously anybody watching Gamers Nexus is a technology enthusiast in some form or fashion - how is this audience not more informed and aware of blatantly obvious scams like this? This is the kind of stuff I'd expect my 60+ y/o family to fall for.

    • Mar Tuuk
      Mar Tuuk 4 months ago

      Don't underestimate the number of kids that watch this stuff. Adults who have money aren't going to fall for the insane shipping fees especially if the person they are buying from is claiming to be someone from the US i.e. domestic shipping. They also won't fall for "security fees" as that has nothing to do with shipping or internet purchases. Adults know all this stuff. Kids and maybe teens with part-time jobs don't. They still haven't learned to start with a baseline level of distrust when interacting with "companies" or "celebrities" - the "stranger danger" lessons never cover that.

    • Steven Johnson
      Steven Johnson 4 months ago

      I feel like those people didn't understand half of what was said when going in depth on most topics. Probably kids that just listen for which gpu or cpu is the best so they know what to beg mommy for.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 4 months ago

    This was great, wouldnt mind seeing a few more scam videos.

  • Nestor Gonzalez
    Nestor Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    If scammers put all that energy into learning some scientific discipline, instead of scamming people. The world would be a better place.

  • Soylencer
    Soylencer 4 months ago

    I was getting sniped by Scammers even in Kitboga's scam-awareness and baiting videos 😅 Kit and GN is something I'd love to see. They both have their hearts and heads in the right place.
    Though, fun fact, even Jim Browning just got his Clip-Share account hijacked by a scammer. Talk about a big fish!

  • Rambi
    Rambi 4 months ago

    Internet have been an integral part of our lives for decades now, I simply can't understand how people still are this oblivious to the method used in their scams.
    I honestly don't feel bad for people who gets scammed this way.

  • TheWFProfessor
    TheWFProfessor 4 months ago

    Glad to see you did better at this then when Linus tried it live on the Wan show.

  • Sgt SealCluber
    Sgt SealCluber 4 months ago +340

    I recommend to people to condition themselves to think that everything is a scam. I don't even click links in official emails from my bank because those are really easy to fake, I read the email and then go to the bank's site directly.

    • Black Hat
      Black Hat 4 months ago

      I don't allow my bank to send emails to me but have them send paper in the mail instead. That way I know any email from any bank is a scam or a phishing expedition.

    • darkholyPL
      darkholyPL 4 months ago

      How do you do fellow paranoic? xD Yea, I'm on that stage of my life as well.

    • YTV
      YTV 4 months ago

      Do you know how exhausting it is to not trust anything? Eventually you just want to believe.

    • Alpejohn
      Alpejohn 4 months ago +1

      @BangDroid I dont answer unknown numbers anymore.. I search them up afterwards tho..

    • Shawn Bybee
      Shawn Bybee 4 months ago

      everything is a scam, when companies start they are ok with a 50% profit on their product, but as time goes on and they sell more per year, make it out of cheaper materials faster with new machines that require less people to run (labor is the biggest cost) saving all that money but yet the product is now being sold at a 800% profit for no other reason than because they want to. The bigger a company gets the more they scalp themselves. This is why American schools teach you nothing about actual life, so the average person will ignore this and buy $700 jordans that were made for $38 a pair, other countries actually teach their residents useful info, because you can't use that info the be better than the queen.
      Now I'm on a rant. Have you ever wondered why scalpers are allowed to exist and why companies and law enforcement don't try to catch these people, because it is legal. e.g. prebuilt manufacturer are allowed to buy up all the parts for profit leaving the (all important) citizens to struggle and be stuck paying a more for less. Word of the day is "lobbying" place like Walmart and Best Buy's marketing team have studied people long enough to know that if you put something people want beside something people do not need, they will buy it. The GPU would be $300 but stores pay $325 for each one and then per the cotract, nVidia has to post it on their website for $350 so it doesn't look like the store is overcharging. Nvidia Make an extra $25 per GPU and by posting it at $350 earns an extra $50 per GPU, the store gets and extra $25 per GPU and that profit is way more important than ever selling the product at $300.
      I almost forgot this is a reply, not my own comment, but I feel like my point was made. The laws that has been put in place or ignored in order to allow this to happen, are the same laws that sdcalpers use to do the same thing, Everything is a scam, if it is not a scam then you will fail because if the ammount of scams that already exist.

  • MrVipitis
    MrVipitis 17 days ago

    I do feel like it's an experience you just have to make to learn it. The scams I fell for were in TF2 trading, and I learned from there on.

  • Eric Rawlins
    Eric Rawlins 3 months ago

    I did almost fall for the first of these I encountered (was thrilled that my favourite content creator was "interacting" with me), but could not verify the address, so looked it up on line and discovered it's yet another online scam. I can't even go one day without someone trying to scam me these days....

  • PainGod85
    PainGod85 4 months ago

    Huh, I actually reported one of those scam accounts that responded to one of my comments the other day.
    How people still fall for this obvious a scam in 2022 is utterly beyond me, especially considering someone watching this channel could generally be considered tech savvy enough to recognize this for what it is.

  • Allan Wake
    Allan Wake 3 months ago

    Thanks for making this video. I almost felt for it 2 times. I pick up the scam when they ask me to send the money through paypal friends and family. You will never get your money back that way.

  • Neil Spaceman
    Neil Spaceman 4 months ago +728

    Another important note to make to watchers is if someone asks you to use 'Friends and Family' and they aren't actually your friends and family, it is almost certainly a scam unless you 100% trust the seller. Using friends and family means you get no PayPal Buyer Protection so the scammers get away with it.

    • A German Viewpoint
      A German Viewpoint 4 months ago

      @DeltaGen42 that's fine, I don't wanna get scammed, thats all. Thankfully my reputation is great, so what ever. I have no problem to find buyers that understand my reason.

    • No One
      No One 4 months ago

      No using Friends and Family just 'proves' Steve thinks we are friends!
      Or something along those lines is the justification people might go for?

    • A German Viewpoint
      A German Viewpoint 4 months ago +2

      @Vincentdante And I will tell you to find someone else to buy from, all fine. I have no problem to sell stuff, most people understand my reason. My prices are fair and the product well described. It all depends on your personality if they find you trustworthy.

    • Vincentdante
      Vincentdante 4 months ago

      @A German Viewpoint Yeah no, if I buy something and you ask me to pay via friends and family then I'll tell you to find some other sucker.

    • Dr.Fr4nk3n5731n
      Dr.Fr4nk3n5731n 4 months ago

      Or it's a matter of if you want article X for the price we agreed on pay with friends and family or use the other one and and add the fee so I get the full money we agreed on

  • Jorge Figueroa
    Jorge Figueroa 4 months ago +1

    On the bright side of this problem: This is a valuable lesson. Literally a paid lesson. lol
    Way better to learn foolish trust at loss to the wallet than at loss to life or limb!

  • Ben Doug
    Ben Doug 4 months ago

    Almost every time I comment on a GN video, I get a scam reply. Funny thing, a weird guilty pleasure of mine is watching scam baiters (including Jim Browning) here on Clip-Share, so I already know how all this stuff works.

  • Nick Wallette
    Nick Wallette 4 months ago

    14:30 Wow, you should add text to your store website that specifically says it's "not a scam" so people know how opposite of a scam it really is! :-D

  • Draig'a' ur
    Draig'a' ur 4 months ago

    The first time I got one of these scams, I was like wow I won something! Then on re reading it I realised what it actually was. They are on all the tech channels I watch.

  • LordIron
    LordIron 4 months ago +620

    I would pay so much money to see a collaboration between GN and Jim Browning.

    • Jon Stock
      Jon Stock 4 months ago

      @Jun Malabanan Stick in Pierogi and Trilogy Media as well.

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon 4 months ago

      He's one of our lads from NI xD Would love to see it too, I second that :-D

    • DoctorAkiba
      DoctorAkiba 4 months ago

      @Jun Malabanan you might as well bring in Mark Rober and that dude from Stuff Made Here.

    • Symmetrie Bruch
      Symmetrie Bruch 4 months ago

      you can pay me 400$ via western union, moneygram, bitcoin or google play giftcards, and i´ll definitively arrange that for you.

    • Jun Malabanan
      Jun Malabanan 4 months ago +1

      GN x Jim Browning x Kitboga x Ownage Pranks.
      The Mean Dream Anti-Scamming Team.

  • zyme
    zyme 4 months ago

    "This is actually a lot of effort to get scammed" - I'm sorry, I'm starting to fall asleep just watching you try to get scammed, it must be tough on you guys too, lol.

  • Tri-Tra-Troppa
    Tri-Tra-Troppa 4 months ago

    I appreciate you took the time to get scamed to prove a point. But dude that Paypal feedback was pure gold.😂

  • Kim Jong Skill
    Kim Jong Skill 4 months ago

    I got one of these replies once, and asked the scammer to use an app that I heard of. Never got a reply. Getting scammed is hard work.

  • Black Hat
    Black Hat 4 months ago

    Looking forward to 8/5 when I don't have to watch any more shirt ads selling silly foil shirts. 👌
    As for this video you did well up to the point when you did a chargeback of your credit card even though you knew up front what you were paying for and got exactly what you bargained for. That is just as unethical as the original scam you uncovered.
    If you wanted to do a dramatization you could have done that easily enough so that you didn't give any money to anyone you didn't know and the video would have been as effective but you would have kept your ethics intact.
    Just because there are a lot of other unethical bad journalists out there doesn't mean that's ok. Why not try to preserve your dignity and ethics of you can?

  • CptHobbs
    CptHobbs 4 months ago

    Diablo/WoW taught me everything I need to know about these scams and how obvious they are to identify

  • Chad Bizeau
    Chad Bizeau 4 months ago

    "Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb" -Dark Helmet
    A truer phrase has never been spoken lol

  • MrFlebbert
    MrFlebbert 4 months ago

    Thanks for being awesome and looking out for people.

  • Luciano
    Luciano 4 months ago

    Honestly how on earth these people are falling for this 🤦. With the amount of warnings on-line about these scams.

  • JJ No
    JJ No 4 months ago

    Scammers take advantage of people in a time when they are vulnerable. It happens to the best of us

  • Mark Hyde
    Mark Hyde 4 months ago

    A community service done well even though it looked excruciating to go through. :)

  • anig matic
    anig matic 4 months ago +1

    I call it “wishful thinking”. It’s normal to have moments when your so hopeful or blindly optimistic about a positive outcome that you forget to vet and scrutinize.
    The trigger in this case would be “oh my god, my idol gamers nexus contacted me OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE and I win something too…sweet”, commences to turn off brain from over excitement. This happened to before FYI 😪

    • Peter Waechter
      Peter Waechter 4 months ago

      That's the problem. People thinking a youtuber is an idol. Don't get me wrong these guys are cool and all but they're just regular people. If anyone wants a response from a famous youtuber go to project farm and leave a comment. Dude has like 3 mil subscribers and answers basically every comment lol. I bet the scammers are all over his audience.

  • heySpookyBoogie
    heySpookyBoogie 4 months ago +1

    If Jim Browning HIMSELF can get scammed out of his own Clip-Share channel ANYONE can be scammed no matter how smart you are or knowledgeable about how scams work.

  • Mightylink
    Mightylink 4 months ago +174

    I deal with this a lot at my tech support job, I even had one customer who was so paranoid after they got scammed they wouldn't even trust us to help them even after phoning us first, I told them they could verify our caller id or walk directly into the office and they still wouldn't come. My advice is never stay on the line with suspicious calls, hang up and contact them back through their website or listed phone number. And if you get an email like "renew your Netflix subscription" don't click the link, instead go to the website directly and check your account settings.

    • Just Some Guy WITH A Mustache
      Just Some Guy WITH A Mustache 4 months ago

      I enjoy harassing scammers.

    • Jon Martin
      Jon Martin 4 months ago +1

      Something really important about scammers who call you saying there is something wrong with your bank account, please call . I don't know if this is the case for mobile phones, but for landlines the connection is still open for a bit (how long varies from carrier to carrier, it can be as much as 15 seconds) after you hang up. The scammer calls you and plays a robot message about something scary, and gives you a real number of your bank to call. You hang up, pick up, and dial your bank. Except you aren't dialing your bank, you are still on the line with the scammer, just sending them button tones. They'll make it as realistic as possible, a ringing coming from their end, maybe an automated menu system to "direct" your call and enter your account number, etc.
      How do you know if the original call connection is actually closed? You don't! Thanks telcos!
      You can do two things: wait a minute for two after hanging up (that should definitely be long enough) and/or deliberately misdial the number you were told to call - if it goes through, you're still connected.

    • Marvin Martian
      Marvin Martian 4 months ago +1

      *Phoning the scammer first is one of the top scams, duh.* You must not know Pierogi

    • Todor Kolev
      Todor Kolev 4 months ago

      so sad. I recall when I was buying on ebay (before paypal was mandatory) and wanted to pay for my item, so I asked them for their bank details so that I can wire them the money and they replied "nice try! We are not giving you our IBAN so that you can scam us!"

    • ilovefunnyamv2nd
      ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 months ago +1

      no offense, but "you called us" isn't a good argument. so many of those internet malware scams trick customers into calling them...

  • Avalona
    Avalona 3 months ago

    11:20 I love the hearts the scammer put behind every message lmao

  • Yu Tub
    Yu Tub 4 months ago +1

    get those messages on Clip-Share all the time and I just report them but it seems Clip-Share doesnt give 2 s h t s about those scammers
    but considering people actually believe everything that is on the internet I am not surprised they also would get scammed

  • vicious1on1
    vicious1on1 4 months ago +1

    You deserve a medal for this bro 👏🏽

  • Night AoX
    Night AoX 3 months ago

    Once again, Mr. Burke wins the internet. Good show 👏

  • Adrian
    Adrian 4 months ago +386

    Ya know Steve, if you wanted to send someone money, I was always available... 😆
    Seriously though, this is a public service, since some people keep falling for this nonsense.
    Thanks for taking one for the team, and documenting what we all knew would happen, lol.

    • Fusi0nCatalyst
      Fusi0nCatalyst 4 months ago +1

      @Gamers Nexus OK, but I expect a full retraction video when you go down to you "USA" PO box and have a PS5 waiting for you. 😀

    • Fett713 aka Mando Dragon
      Fett713 aka Mando Dragon 4 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus Trimming armor at wildy keep for 1k Gold!!! 🤣

    • Adamn adissident
      Adamn adissident 4 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus such a nice way of saying it :)

    • Crash Overide
      Crash Overide 4 months ago +1

      @Gamers Nexus not likely, it might help for some but there are still a lot of gullible people on the internet. A lot of stupid ones too that will fall for it over and over again...

    • HardlyWorgen
      HardlyWorgen 4 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus "want to believe"... We all know "The truth is out there." 😁

  • unfa🇺🇦
    unfa🇺🇦 4 months ago

    Gamers Nexus:
    _We've been informed that there's been a breakthrough in gamer scam technology, so we had to benchmark that._

  • cafesmitty
    cafesmitty 2 months ago

    I always view myself as being hyper aware of scammers. I am in tech and one of my job is to verify legitimate hardware and software for a large organization. So I was having problem with my motherboard (ASUS) and I called the 800 number I found online. Having more than one system help. The guy on the line wanted to charge me $199 to remote fix a system that wasn't booting because of motherboard failure. Couldn't even get to the bios. I knew that was impossible. He didn't even ask me what the issue was. I hung up and he called a couple of more time and gave up. Those fake internet pages can be very convincing but scammers ALWAYS want money BEFORE anything is done.

  • Andrew Scotti
    Andrew Scotti 4 months ago

    The fact enough people have fallen for this and you felt the need to cover it in a video blows my mind. My faith in humanity dwindles every day. Idiocracy wont be far off.

  • Pers0n
    Pers0n 4 months ago

    I fell for a scam once, something way more convoluted than a random youtube comment, but still.
    Fool me once. I'll never be scamed again.

  • 1NQU1S1T10N
    1NQU1S1T10N 4 months ago +607

    I have so many corporate clients who get fooled by stuff like this. Either by links, hijacked accounts, or spoofed emails. They usually go after the accounting departments which results in so much money being sent out before they realize and call us.

    • L
      L 4 months ago

      @Marco Genovesi I've always avoided 'family firms' but I've seen many a terrible manager, or even seen companies change in terrible ways due to the most crass and horrible profiteering, even when millions were going across the books into profits every month.

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 4 months ago +1

      @L nepotism in a private company? shock horror, how could it possibly have happened

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 4 months ago

      @L You think phone scams have never been a thing and that "return to monke" will change the fact that people in accounting for a large firm don't do "due diligence"? You live in a fantasy world, kid

    • L
      L 4 months ago

      @Marco Genovesi there are these things called telephones where you can talk with a human being, I know it's very old fashioned but some companies don't blindly follow tech.

    • L
      L 4 months ago

      @Marco Genovesi yes, but that doesn't mean they were good with their staff, in fact quite the opposite.

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani 4 months ago

    It's awesome that tou actually made this video, and even better that you tried to empathize with those who fall for these scams. To the vast majority of your audience, these scans seem obvious but as you say clearly enough people fall for it, even if it is a ti y fraction of your 1m+ viewers

  • ezzmonster84
    ezzmonster84 4 months ago

    Nice work, thanks for the video boys. Just helps others not getting their Sh’t pushed in.

  • Vítor Mestre
    Vítor Mestre 4 months ago

    great to see steve and his son working together

  • Maximilian Rockefeller
    Maximilian Rockefeller 4 months ago

    After years of seeing this continue to happen over and over and over and....over and over again....I kinda feel like some people need to learn the lesson.
    I understand the stigma around this, but, basic internet literacy has to have some kind of base level. If you're not savvy enough maybe you shouldn't be here.
    There are a whole lot of reasons I don't do a lot of things and that's because, as Walter Sobchak would say, "Donnie, you're out of you're element!"

  • J. S.
    J. S. 4 months ago +115

    the ones claiming to be "scammed" are scammers also. they'll whine and cry in front of the content creators in an off chance that the creators feel pity and reimburse them.

    • Diaman D
      Diaman D 4 months ago

      could be, also could be that you are just over-paranoid. Sure everyone and everything is a scammer ey... there are no victims from scammers you claim ? LMAO.

    • ketrub
      ketrub 4 months ago +1

      the real scammers were the people that get scammed... bro you're so smart, bro. good thing i am the most smartest person alive (just like you, bro) and i will NEVER fall for any scam. because that's you know, what not smart people do. and we're the smartest, bro. bro you are so correct. we're all about that no scam life, bro. dude that's so true....
      oh and also you should rewatch 4:30 like once or thrice

    • Nalcot
      Nalcot 4 months ago +2

      Never thought of it that way. I hadn't considered that angle till now. Thanks for mentioning it.

    • Marco Genovesi
      Marco Genovesi 4 months ago +16

      it's scammers all the way down

    • Awen478
      Awen478 4 months ago +11

      this true for the most of them

  • Malcolm Brockett
    Malcolm Brockett 3 months ago

    Steve should partner up with Jim Browning to access the scammer's computers and run benchmarks/test the thermals on their systems.

  • The Geek Gauntlet Podcast

    Thank you for letting folks know about this. When I get them....I report them.

  • Yolanda
    Yolanda Month ago

    I almost got scammed today
    I really thought I was talking to the person on the channel I love to watch

  • Malisma
    Malisma 4 months ago +1

    When you mentioned getting scammed on Runescape, I couldn't breathe for a couple minutes from laughing so hard. I was thinking the same thing 5 minutes before that, Runescape scams were far more elaborate than this nonsense.

    • GoldenSirius
      GoldenSirius 4 months ago

      Can you give an example? I was curious about that reference.

  • ZlyTen
    ZlyTen 4 months ago +339

    Let me explain actually, there is logic behind making scam look... this way. Same thing as Nigerian Prince emails, i's all about getting anyone more suspicious/etc away early, so they don't waste time on you, and only people who they think are easier to convince are going to fall for it, so scammers waste less time.

    • Karkarov
      Karkarov 4 months ago

      @Cry lol. Nice shade of jaded green there I see. Please don't insinuate a government that lead to "life long leaders", people starving to death in bread lines, and secret police executions is in any way superior to what goes on in America again please.
      Also don't reply to comments you can't read. I said "favors democracy"not "is a pure democracy", because pure democracy definitely doesn't work. But it is likely better than the socialist death grind that every nation that tries socialism ends up in.

    • Cry
      Cry 4 months ago +1

      @Karkarov 'Democracy', in the US at least, is not democracy. It's American hegemony and foreign policy disguised as democracy. Your vote doesn't matter. You are essentially a one party state, but in typical American extravaganza, it has to be two parties. Two 'clients' to one big party - the rich. Bank disguised as a country right there. Even the USSR had actual elections and the people were so keen on voting in the same people that those leaders even thought about retiring several times such as in the case of Stalin. Look it up.

    • Nefarious Persephone
      Nefarious Persephone 4 months ago

      @Pagatryx you mean we aren't tearing heads off yet.... You can't deny these morons that get scammed are the same morons that are being used to increase/ignite more tension...

    • Maria Stevens
      Maria Stevens 4 months ago

      Makes sense

    • Pablo - KFP Software Architect
      Pablo - KFP Software Architect 4 months ago

      I don't know I recently got a really elaborate email from a "grieving christian widow with cancer who wants to distribute her husband's wealth to the community", followed by an address for the bank of nigeria. It was nicely worded and in fact I got a good funny read out of it.

  • RJ
    RJ 4 months ago

    This video was great, don't think I've seen Steve crawl in his own skin as much as in this video.

  • ArtisChronicles
    ArtisChronicles 4 months ago +1

    At one time I almost contacted a scam bot because for a very brief moment I thought it was a legitimate account. Quickly I realized it was a scam bot and well... Nothing happened to it because I kept seeing it comment on new videos. Love how Clip-Share doesn't seem to be trying to do anything about these bots.

  • Scoobs McGee
    Scoobs McGee 4 months ago

    One of the ways I describe working in information security is "working to prevent smart people from doing stupid shit." Falling for one of these makes someone the victim of a crime, not stupid. Although they usually did do something pretty stupid.