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Works Connection KTM rear chain block set up.


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  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson 5 months ago +6

    Curious as to why though?

  • John Fryman
    John Fryman 5 months ago +4

    Good background tunes - What chain slack tool was that ?

    • Danny Compton
      Danny Compton 4 months ago

      likely a taco moto or a printed 3D one. Just needs to be 55mm tall is the minimum lenght. right now I use a chunk of polywood cut to the length I used a sharpie to mark it so I don't toss it.

    • Chris Snoett
      Chris Snoett 4 months ago

      I use two fingers above the bolt in the slider....

  • Bobby Medina
    Bobby Medina 4 months ago +2

    Hysteria !
    Now that project looks easy 😅

  • Gyan Carlo Nongbri
    Gyan Carlo Nongbri 3 months ago +1

    Music background ❤❤😊😊

  • Sakari Hongisto
    Sakari Hongisto 4 months ago


  • John Branson
    John Branson 26 days ago

    Does it make much difference?

  • Spencer Clark
    Spencer Clark 5 months ago +1

    Seems easy enough

  • Amir Hosein
    Amir Hosein 4 months ago

    Where is your garage?do you have number