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Short Deck CASH GAME | Episode 1 - Triton Poker Cyprus 2022

  • Published on May 7, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Bud G
    Bud G  +112

    Paul is easily one of my fav players to watch. He's always smiling and having fun

  • Rico
    Rico  +86

    Man, I’m loving the dynamics here with these players, so much more fun to watch than people sat there in silence tanking 2 minutes pre

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G  +49

    The way Jungle played the first hand was fantastic. I wasn't sure Elton would get away from it.

  • trelus
    trelus  +41

    It's great to have triton back

  • Keep The Truth Alive

    Elton calling out jungle was hilarious... I’ve watched crazy Chinese Gamblers play this game, they definitely play more fast paced

  • Analytical Degen

    Elton is a legend putting a rocket up Jungleman 😂

  • Nathan McCauley-Butts

    I must be late to the Triton format cuz this production quality is immaculate

  • Jim Thunda

    Great game to watch, commentary is exactly right.

  • mithrin
    mithrin  +4

    So happy to see a new Triton cash game upload! Hopefully Tony G shows up :)

  • Run and Cook

    Thanks for showing this videos for free, Triton! not like other greedy ones! Stay the same, gg!

  • Case Donn
    Case Donn  +13

    When Phil had to explain the story to Jungle about the guy sitting right next to him the entire day. LOL

  • Raven *
    Raven *  +3

    I love this Elton guy. What a funny mocking laugh.

  • Phillip Briscoe

    Great episode, thank you!

  • Stef

    Great to have you back with new content!

  • Overplays AceKing

    I love it when they call out slow players who tank.

  • Geroge Jackson

    amazing commentary this is world class poker

  • Matty
    Matty  +7

    Paul is always warmth my favorite !

  • Brandon S

    That J9 hand was great by Jungle. In short deck to move all in like that to avoid a chop. Sick hand

  • ReiNya

    Jungleman is wild yo, always been entertaining lol

  • Marcus Rakyat

    Randy 😊is back at the commentators area. Great 😊