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This Will Never Happen Again

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 9 785

  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller  3 years ago +13984

    Still recovering from that Spencer Freedman 1V1. 🤒

  • Adrian Paelmao
    Adrian Paelmao 2 years ago +8419

    Bro this team is like the generation of miracles

    • Wosile
      Wosile 4 months ago

      @Team Shinaro not rly. Cant copy murasakibara

    • Team Shinaro
      Team Shinaro 4 months ago

      @Wosile so basically he was Kise lol

    • Jashash
      Jashash 4 months ago

      Lol, yeah

    • shilamy mwangi
      shilamy mwangi 5 months ago

      😂hold on like anime?

    • Pushyark Kapadia
      Pushyark Kapadia 5 months ago

      Was looking for this comment lol

  • Caleb Mashburn
    Caleb Mashburn Year ago +3106

    Okongwu has been super solid for The Hawks.
    Had no idea he played with the Ball Brothers.

    • hootiehoo3000
      hootiehoo3000 4 months ago

      @Johnny Apples bro he’s literally successfully defending bigs like Giannis and Embiid and the season just started💀

    • abelavich
      abelavich 7 months ago +3

      @Johnny Apples you understand that the hawks have like a $100 mil guy that plays the same positions right? And that he’s like 21 playing a back up roll to that guy getting paid top dollar and at times still out plays him?

    • Clidah
      Clidah 7 months ago +1

      @Caleb Mashburn he fails to understand the skill of an NBA player

    • Scotty's ATP Analysis
      Scotty's ATP Analysis 11 months ago +1

      Look now damm

    • TDF00™
      TDF00™ 11 months ago +1

      Same 💀

  • Jackpot Joey
    Jackpot Joey Year ago +616

    LaMello may end up with the best career. He just got rookie of the year, even though he missed a few weeks with a wrist injury. His passing is elite. And to see him at 14 playing guard with such confidence and poise is amazing

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike 3 months ago

      @Alex Rodriguez His career just started and they haven't been in the playoffs. He'll get better in those play in situations

    • Alex Rodriguez
      Alex Rodriguez 9 months ago +4

      @Bigmonto only good in the reg szn but yeah he’s not injury prone like lonzo

    • Bigmonto
      Bigmonto 11 months ago +10

      His brother is getting better IMO but you def right.

    • M B
      M B Year ago +12

      Their order of success is numbered on their jersey.

  • joe bob marley
    joe bob marley Year ago +505

    Wow, incredible. I remember thinking how the Ball brothers were just complete hype and not really that talented. Boy was I wrong. These boys can straight ball. Once I saw LaMelo play in the NBA it really made me realize how good they all are.

    • Yurushi
      Yurushi Month ago

      @Shawn Young bro wrote an essay to hate

    • abelavich
      abelavich 7 months ago +3

      @Shawn Young so why aren’t Jordan’s kids good? They played from the moment they could walk and learned from the best player ever and they barely could make a D1 team let alone the nba

    • skip towne
      skip towne 7 months ago +2

      @Shawn Young What's your point?

    • Attack Helicopter
      Attack Helicopter 9 months ago +6

      @Shawn Young no one cares

    • gotico gordo
      gotico gordo 9 months ago

      @P Stevens you clearly do

  • Maximilian Maier
    Maximilian Maier Year ago +939

    Highschool and college sports like that is something I really wish we had here in Europe.
    For me, my school and university always were just places I go to to learn something and get an education, but I don't have this connection to them like many Americans do.
    We did have a soccer team and a racing team in university, but it wasn't a big thing and most students didn't really care about it.
    The way Americans identify with their schools and go to these games really is something beautiful.

    • James Taylor
      James Taylor 22 days ago

      @Jethro bodine we need both.

    • James Taylor
      James Taylor 22 days ago

      @bo duke Grammer police lmfao so outdated and lame. I can fix pretty much anything. Create my own canibus strains. Trade options on stocks, tattoo, airbrush, custom engraving, list goes on and on. So um ha.

    • Jethro bodine
      Jethro bodine 23 days ago

      @James Taylor we don't need just geniuses, but a majority of well educated Americans.

    • Jethro bodine
      Jethro bodine 23 days ago

      That's why us Americans don't excel when it comes to education.

    • Jack de Lowe
      Jack de Lowe 3 months ago

      Imagine going to university ‘just to learn something and not play sports!’ What a preposterous idea!

  • Scooter Anthony
    Scooter Anthony 23 days ago +8

    I didn't know about the Ball Brothers till the oldest went pro.. But I had never seen this till now.. That's incredible.. What's more incredible is that they did it only 5 guys playing most of the time and one of them was only 14 years old.. I guess I'd be as crazy as the Ball's Dad is if my 3 sons did something like this. This has to be the greatest high school basketball team of all time..

  • YNG Carp
    YNG Carp 3 years ago +1954

    Best High school team to ever play. Nobody was beating that style of play. Perfect chemistry, had the size and had the shooting. And they were a public school😳🥶

    • MLBB Best Backdoor Moments
      MLBB Best Backdoor Moments 7 months ago

      ill take svsm all day!

    • Kashi
      Kashi 7 months ago

      @Evan Odum lebron lost games in high school against worse teams

    • ChefCurryJ
      ChefCurryJ 10 months ago

      @Brent B 100%

    • Brent B
      Brent B 10 months ago +2

      Dunbar HS (Baltimore) in the early 80s had 4 NBA players on their roster (Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis, Dave Wingate, Mugsy Bogues). Reggie Lewis came off the bench. That's the best high school team to ever play.

    • ChefCurryJ
      ChefCurryJ Year ago +1

      For any sport? Because Newbury Park Cross Country 2021 is undeniably the most dominant high school sports team ever. Their JV is literally made up of freshman who are fast enough to win NCAA D1 races. Google it if you want its interesting.

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan Year ago +815

    LaMelos confidence from a young age is incredible lmaoo u gotta be mentally tough to even try to play top players who are atleast 3-4 years older then you let alone be as good as he was.

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike 2 months ago +1

      @Thomas Joseph Lamelo is literally a franchise player and an all star......

    • abelavich
      abelavich 7 months ago +5

      @Thomas Joseph wtf are you talking about lol LaMelo is a rookie of the year winner and future all star, lonzo is an above average player. What did they sacrifice? LaMelo is literally the face of a franchise

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph Year ago +1

      And yet, due largely to the meddling of their father (shades of the Jackson Family), the Ball Basketball Dynasty is defunct and mostly irrelevant in the world of professional Basketball. On the flip side, they did sacrifice their Basketball dreams for money and if they are fine with that, then who cares? But you still have to wonder how much of that was their volunteer sacrifice or the pushing of an overbearing father.

  • Jacob Pratt
    Jacob Pratt Year ago +110

    I like seeing the rest of the dudes on the bench enjoying the show from floor seats lol. The way they dominated that game against Mater Dei was insane, they literally had to run the clock. Running clocks reminds me of every single hockey game I played against Canadien teams growing up. I was on a select All-Stars team that dominated everyone we played. But then we entered a tourney in Montreal against Canada’s middle-of-the-pack average teams and for us it went … well … let’s just say not good.

    • Asakura
      Asakura 5 months ago +8

      Heh, welcome to Canada ma boi. The land of hockey and maple syrup. Hope you enjoyed your stay

  • Sondra L Campbell
    Sondra L Campbell Year ago +50

    At 70 years old,, I am so inspired by the tenacity and discipline of these young men! I wouldn't mind going to a reunion benefit game with them playing against some of the renown pro players. That would be something to see. Love this!

    • nattalete
      nattalete 2 months ago +3

      Their starting 5, listing their positions in 2015-2016, and listing their heights in shoes in 2015-2016 first and now second:
      PG Lonzo Ball (6'5"-6'6" -> 6'7")
      SG LaMelo Ball (5'8" -> 6'8")
      F LiAngelo Ball (6'5"-6'6" -> 6'6")
      F/C Eli Scott (6'4"-6'5" -> 6'6")
      F/C Onyeka Okongwu (6'8" -> 6'10")

  • Kingdae 20
    Kingdae 20 Year ago +100

    It warms my heart to see how far the 3 of them came zo was a 2nd pick and playing for the bulls now melo got Roty for the hornets and after all the hate all the adversity all the obstacles gelo finally got his chance and is showing out in the summer league for the hornets

  • Nick Lee
    Nick Lee 9 months ago +13

    I went to de la salle, graduated 2016. Still remember the game against them, all our sports were widely renowned and our basketball team cleaned through most of the state that year (I was not on the team I play soccer) but we got mopped by this team. Everyone knew we’d just been outclassed by these kids. Absolutely wild.

  • Ряаб Гацан
    Ряаб Гацан 2 years ago +3649

    3 lottery picks, 4 players in the NBA later, I would definitely like to see this squad in the NBA together...

    • Drew Bundrick
      Drew Bundrick Year ago

      I was good... 100x better if I was playin' with my bous!

    • Ryike
      Ryike Year ago

      I would actually watch the NBA if you put these guys togetger

    • Sheeplehunter
      Sheeplehunter Year ago

      A year later and still only 3 in the NBA, not 4. I'm surprised you could form a thought in writing when you still haven't figured out counting on only one hand.

  • Avery Best
    Avery Best Year ago +72

    I rewatch this video every now and then and it still gives me chills like the first time I watched it

    • skip towne
      skip towne 7 months ago +6

      I have watched it many, many times. This guy is really gifted at making something interesting even more interesting.

  • God
    God Year ago +19

    One of my favorite videos on youtube, watched it like 5 or 6 times. Just something about this story can never get old to me. Some public school comes out of no where and starts putting up #'s like a basketball program with decades of history.

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang Year ago +60

    Mater dei is quite literally that one school in all the sports movies where the school has all the best players in the world and use all the money in the world to get them. For anyone who doesn’t live in socal, they are the school that never loses because of they’re so damn well equipped so what the ball bothers did with a public school was beyond insane in not only beating them but absolutely destroying them. The ball brothers don’t get enough credit for their skills because of all the other BS that comes along the fame but I think lonzo and melo have proven their worth in the NBA

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike 2 months ago

      Fell off in basketball in recent years though, still elite in football

    • vortexy
      vortexy Year ago

      From Canada I didn't know that history so thanks. Watching this I can't get the grin off my face and I only play ball until high school ended in the 80s.

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed Year ago +9

    Yes! A team with flow like that will never be seen again at least in my lifetime. yes sir, the GOAT!

  • Steez
    Steez Year ago +28

    3 five star recruits in the starting lineup. One being a freshman and the other technically an 8th grader in Lamelo who moved up a grade. That's unprecedented.

  • gotkai
    gotkai 3 years ago +26060

    "Three brothers, two close friends somehow climbed the ranks and topped every other team in the country"
    That sounds like some kind of bball anime plot lmao, that's unreal

    • Cloudy Boy
      Cloudy Boy 3 months ago

      Every time I rewatch this vid I find this comment because it’s the best one

    • Dwayne Green
      Dwayne Green Year ago

      “This is Sparta”.

    • Evan
      Evan Year ago

      @Shawn Wang I’m pretty sure there’s isn’t any person who things anime is realistic lmao. It’s entertaining so that’s all I care about

    • Shawn Wang
      Shawn Wang Year ago

      @Evan Then you see there is like all but 2 dunks in a full season of Japanese pro league, and begin to realize that all the animes are bull***t lol.

    • Isaac Cunningham
      Isaac Cunningham Year ago

      @Glider Suzuki I actually don't think it gets more supernatural, just better and more creative with the editing. It always had the same caliber of abilities.

  • Elijah Santos
    Elijah Santos Year ago +57

    They're playing at my old high school. I was able to catch a game of the 3 brothers playing together that year.
    They legit looked like the Warriors out there. Lonzo looked like Bron, & Gelo looked like Klay out there..
    Then I remember everyone in the stands telling me but yeah the freshman, Lamelo, is actually the best one.
    Crazy to see how it all played out

    • le4che henry
      le4che henry 9 months ago +5

      @Taz Mico he was making an analogy.
      just compared them to the warriors and named different players.

    • Taz Mico
      Taz Mico 10 months ago +2

      but bron doesnt play with the warriors ?

  • Anthony Decamp
    Anthony Decamp Year ago +4

    I really never cared for basketball and for some reason I started watching this I will say one thing this is the most talented young men I have ever seen in my life. I really hope they succeed in life and may God be with them 🙏

  • Ronzo Ball
    Ronzo Ball 4 months ago +2

    Really good content bruh. This made me like lavar and his fam even more. Truly amazing what they've accomplished

  • T At
    T At Year ago +2

    Can't watch this video enough. Gives me the chills every time

  • Ernest G
    Ernest G Year ago +1

    I didn’t know they were this dominant. 😳 Never seen their story put together like this 👍🏾

  • BUCK
    BUCK 3 years ago +3163

    I went to Chino Hills High (class of 2012) I grew up on the same street as the Ball brothers...while my friends and I were smoking weed in the bushes...the Ball brothers were running the hills and getting in work outs. Much respect to the Ball brothers, they deserve it. I even went to their house once and shot some hoops. Crazy to see the family blow up the way they did!

    • Destiny Dillman
      Destiny Dillman 2 months ago

      Same for me. These brothers where training for MMA. I smoked pot ate a lot. Now they are cut super ripped. And I'm fat and still a stoner

    • D
      D 4 months ago

      @eddmyzt resources don't mean shit. They worked their asses off.

    • D
      D 4 months ago

      I went there too (07) and I also smoked weed in the bushes

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 2 years ago

      @BUCK...what went down man??

    • Keith A Carey
      Keith A Carey 2 years ago

      Thanks for the background. Hoops looks easy when you see them playing. But, they worked on it daily.

  • Freedom Friday 2.0
    Freedom Friday 2.0 Year ago +8

    I come back to this video every few weeks or so. Give it a watch and see the incredible story it is!
    I also come back every few weeks cause it’s such a well done video by J! Can sports content get any better than this?
    I’ll help you. No!

  • Svntn
    Svntn Year ago +3

    this is the team that got me into basketball. this was by far some of the best basketball i’ve seen in my short basketball fan career. crazy

  • Warren Pughsley
    Warren Pughsley Year ago

    Cannot doubt the greatness of that team! I didn’t think they were as good as they actually were but once I saw them drag some teams who were supposed to be better, it was clear.

  • Curt
    Curt Year ago +7

    I agree, i played high school basketball in philly, this is the best most complete basketball team i have even seen. I said to my gal in 2016 that the Lamelo will be the best of the three in the future, i figured this because he is playing with his two brothers and he was on the same level as them at 14 years old. So far it looks like i was right

  • MrGeebs
    MrGeebs 6 months ago

    I love this video have watched it more times than you can count. I want Lamelo to succeed more than anything man.

  • Reckless
    Reckless Year ago +7567

    they are literally the type of kids who agreed to be in the nba one day together
    & casually does it

    • Joshua D.
      Joshua D. 10 months ago

      Anime plot

    • T At
      T At 10 months ago

      @Dre locs he’s not an NBA all star

    • Mallarior
      Mallarior 11 months ago

      @first name nah he reaching the big leagues eventually.

    • first name
      first name 11 months ago

      @Mallarior never

  • Robert Slaughter
    Robert Slaughter Year ago +1

    Really enjoy the way you pace and narrate these.

  • Christian COLARUSSO
    Christian COLARUSSO Year ago +40

    2016 was an amazing year sports wise and life wise everything was good

    • DarthBane1024
      DarthBane1024 9 months ago +1


    • Lucas
      Lucas 11 months ago +2

      and then the next year, it totally shit on me

  • Marcus Christian
    Marcus Christian Year ago +1

    I don't even get into basketball but I love this video. However the father of these kids is the Golden goose can you imagine this he must be proud to have those children in his family they certainly have done him proud. Can you imagine even if they move on to different schools or different teams they'll always have the ability to come back together and be The Ball Brothers and dominate any team at home or wherever they will always be The Ball Brothers. I think it's a great story man thanks for sharing.

  • David Giuffrida
    David Giuffrida Year ago

    Wow man it's amazing how great that team was. Might just be the best High school team ever! Great video.

  • Jay Pierce
    Jay Pierce Year ago

    Wow ,wow ,wow ,wow ,wow !! Had never seen nor heard about how absolutely soul crushing those boys were as high schoolers .

  • Justin's Best Life
    Justin's Best Life 2 years ago +4747

    "They were trying to think of ways to keep the crowd excited." 💀😂

    • Jonathan Baird
      Jonathan Baird 3 months ago

      That was one of my favorite parts of the video. Athletes tend to forget that they're there because the fans want to see them. Making sure fans have a good time is what sporting events are all about so it's good to see that that was a concern for them. A lot of athletes certainly don't understand that.

    • doug112244
      doug112244 Year ago

      @Isaiah Hallett no he isn't doing it out of love. He's doing it out of a combination of ignorance and arrogance especially since he's very wrong.

    • Vincent Nguyen
      Vincent Nguyen Year ago +2

      @Trey Spiller boo boo i bet the private school kids cried after in their dads rolls royce

    • Moeeshang Pate
      Moeeshang Pate Year ago +1

      @ME365 Factz!! They was runnin' laps around that team the whole time like they was just scrimmiging!! LOL

  • captain scentsible39
    captain scentsible39 8 months ago +2

    No clue on the years . Or what LeBron James high school team did as a senior. But I'm curious how that match would have gone down vs this team. True definition of team here. They knew each other so well. They became unstoppable

  • Life101
    Life101 Year ago +2

    These guys are undisputably superpowers.

  • Orville Griffiths
    Orville Griffiths Year ago +2

    Great vid Jxmy! I think most fans would pay any amount of $$$ to see that team reunited in the NBA!

  • Amy
    Amy Month ago +1

    Gotta give them props it still takes aa lot of talent and hard work you don't just walking on court and magical shit happens so call it arrogant, you play at that level confident and emotional that's the only way you play at that level

  • daniel howard
    daniel howard Year ago +2

    The fact that they were brothers im sure helped a lot as far as communication but all 5 knew what each other were thinking That goes a long way

  • TonyStark
    TonyStark 3 years ago +1818

    imagine that squad having a 6'7'' Lamelo playing w Lonzo at the time.

    • Nathan Bethards
      Nathan Bethards Year ago

      Imagine if ppl cared about child abuse like they do about stupid rigged Sports.

    • Nolan Armstrong
      Nolan Armstrong Year ago

      @TonyStark I thought he was 6'11

    • Mackentoche Destouches
      Mackentoche Destouches 3 years ago +3

      Magnum Dong basically they were getting beat so bad they let clock run even if the ball was out of bounds to make time go faster

    • Dozha Deville
      Dozha Deville 3 years ago

      They didn't even need it

    • Jacob Thegoat
      Jacob Thegoat 3 years ago +8

      That would be unfair that’s a college team or a g league team

  • Mustapha Toure
    Mustapha Toure Year ago +10

    When he said “man this is going to be a close-“ and just showed the highlights and the score I was dying

  • ak assasin
    ak assasin 9 months ago

    I remember following this in highschool. It was really fun to watch and honestly felt like we were watching history.

  • Greta V
    Greta V Year ago +1

    This was excellent and your commentary was hilarious! Thank you so very much for this & yes LeVar is the g.o.a.t. 🐐

  • Cartooniverse
    Cartooniverse Year ago +26

    It's hard to find a family this talented, but the hard work they out in to become NBA level is what really impresses me. Anyone can be good but it takes a special type of person to want to be great.

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike 2 months ago

      @Daniel Haney I understand what you mean but based on Zo's vertical he's bouncier than most guys at his position, for sure not elite but he's above average I feel like. But yea you're on point

    • Daniel Haney
      Daniel Haney 2 months ago

      @RFM Mike All 3 are very elite athletes in the general population but I'm talking about the NBA. While Zo is my favorite, NONE of them are even close to being elite in the NBA in terms of pure natural athleticism. Think Ja Morant today or from the past, Vince Carter, Iverson, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins, Erving etc. all elite in terms of athleticism. Even on his own team (let alone the league) Zo was not elite, Zach Levine and DeMar DeRozan were far better athletically. But Zo's b-ball IQ and vision are not just elite, they are savant level, he makes everyone look like kindergartners in that regard. And Melo is right there behind him with a little more agility making him one of the most entertaining players to watch in recent history. If Melo had an elite big man on his team he would average close to 20 assists.
      Gelo is a good spot shooter.

    • RFM Mike
      RFM Mike 2 months ago

      @Daniel Haney Lonzo's athleticism is pretty elite but I'd say gelo and melo are average in that regard, melo is one of the faster player in the NBA though

    • Daniel Haney
      Daniel Haney Year ago

      Well said. I honestly don't even believe they have elite athleticism. BUT...their work ethic, focus, drive, determination, commitment and grit are soooo off the charts they actually embarrass elite athletes.
      Following this family for the better part of a decade has been one of the most entertaining and encouraging things in my life.

  • Chi Inechi
    Chi Inechi Year ago

    Would like to see the Ball brothers and their friends together in the same NBA team again. They lit 🔥

  • Cal
    Cal 3 years ago +3981

    Jxmy : “This will never happen again”
    Me : *Ah shit, here we go again*

    • Panther 2u
      Panther 2u 9 months ago

      Exactly, lol

    • Jai DaMann
      Jai DaMann 3 years ago

      @Ruthvik Kolluru Are they a Public school? Meaning, every player on the team is from the district/area?

    • Lmusjxlfpek
      Lmusjxlfpek 3 years ago

      Why do I have to find u in every comment section 😂

    • King James
      King James 3 years ago

      @JBN I think Camden High School NJ would run Sierra Canyon out of the gym. NJ ball is a lot different than that high scoring no D Cali crap everyone is used to. Look at Chino Hills. Barely beat The Patrick School in OT at the City of Palms Classic. 66-60 in a very down year for TPS.

    • JBN
      JBN 3 years ago

      @Ruthvik Kolluru sierra canyon lost to minnehaha..

  • Disko Haze
    Disko Haze Year ago +1

    Imagine the show they'll put on in the NBA 💥

  • Kaylee Sykes
    Kaylee Sykes 9 months ago +2

    Good chemistry goes a long way. A good team with flawless communication works like a machine. Good for them .

    LIL PUMP Year ago +1

    I always heard of the Ball brothers and I never knew about this but goddamn they were brutal as hell 😭

  • AJ Astar
    AJ Astar Year ago

    This video is very well done. I was laughing almost the whole time. Hate them or love them the brothers can ball!

  • Khalid Abdulkareem

    Great video. I am inspired by the level of excellence this team achieved.

  • Darnell Simmons
    Darnell Simmons Year ago +1168

    I wish my bro’s were closer in age, every time I played on a team with them, we never lost either. The chemistry is like unspoken

    • JT Petey
      JT Petey 9 months ago +1

      Yeah u did

    • Chris Kelly
      Chris Kelly Year ago +2

      I agree 💯. My brother and i would get in a rythym like nothing else ! He was 3 yrs younger and we would play all kinds of H.S. KIDS WHEN I GOT TO H.S. & WE WOULD WIN - HE WAS 3 YRS YOUNGER !

    • Isaiah Williams
      Isaiah Williams Year ago +2

      in JC niggas didn’t let me and twin play together in scrimmage because we were literally unstoppable. The chemistry brings an unbelievable amount of confidence, start pulling moves u didn’t even know u had

    • Unk
      Unk Year ago +5

      Because its beyond chemistry, blood FAM has telepathy!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • M Bar
    M Bar Year ago +1

    They played as a team with the 3 brothers having that esp that only brothers could have. The other 2 followed the lead and fell into place nicely.

  • Nick Willis Jr.
    Nick Willis Jr. Year ago +2

    The court vision LaMelo has as a 14 year old is just absurd

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E Year ago +1

    LaMelo's form at 3:03 got me wheezing.
    It's efficient though, so props to him.

  • David Lawson
    David Lawson Year ago +1

    Lamelo is a prodigy. He will be an all time great one day

  • Chase
    Chase 3 months ago +3

    I remember being in 8th grade watching melo, being the same age, I would watch their highlights every morning at school haha

  • criveman
    criveman 3 years ago +12029

    Lonzo:”as great as Lonzo was”
    Lamelo:”as much potential lamelo displayed”
    “As much dominance chino displayed”

    • Isaiah Hallett
      Isaiah Hallett Year ago

      @Ralph Greenwood no kidding

    • Ralph Greenwood
      Ralph Greenwood Year ago +1

      @KVNG STYLES They underestimate Gelo because he doesn't look the part but he gets the job done.Then they hate him because he proves them wrong.

    • Ja
      Ja Year ago

      Ratio then

    • Ja Morant
      Ja Morant Year ago


    • Trump took the vaccine
      Trump took the vaccine Year ago

      Not enough burn cream in this world to fix it

  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres Year ago

    I want this team in the nba they were so fun to watch I remember me being a freshman I always told my coach to run the chino hills play throw the ball full court them dudes were good at it shitttt💪🏼💪🏼

  • Later Gator
    Later Gator 4 months ago +2

    My neighbor two doors down in highschool was one grade below me and we both played basketball, so for a few summers were played almost daily against each other, in highschool we always played very well off each other because we always knew what the other player was about to do. When you’ve been reading each others basketball body language for years you play more like 1 unit than individual players. Given their talent it is not surprising the success the Ball brothers had since they’ve been playing each other since they were born

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  • Acts and Facts to the Macks

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    Jay Cepero Year ago +3

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    Griffin Barton Year ago

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    ONEILGATDASAUCE 8 months ago

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  • 3rd Degree Burns
    3rd Degree Burns 11 months ago

    Lamelo is so cool. To be so young and have such awesome control and ability to read the court. Does he ever mess up an ally oop pass? They were perfect no matter where he threw it from. I think he threw one from the water fountain.

  • Maxiebear
    Maxiebear 3 years ago +2582

    Hey Jxmy, just wanted to let you know that in my 23 years of living, I have never in my life watched a single game of basketball. I don't know any players, I don't know positions, terminology, anything about basketball. But randomly like 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon your video about Shaq and Yao Ming, and I have been binge watching your channel ever since. I am not a traditional sports fan of any kind, but there is something about your videos that makes it so much more interesting and enjoyable. I feel excited watching your videos, something ESPN and commentators have never been able to achieve for me. I'm not sure what it is about your content that makes it so captivating, but I am very happy you do what you do. Everything down to statistical analysis, and just gameplay commentary that you do is so interesting to me. Your channel is absolutely amazing, and I can only imagine how much real basketball fans enjoy it. Thank you.

    • Ivy R
      Ivy R 2 years ago

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    • Ktzy Filmz
      Ktzy Filmz 3 years ago


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      @maxiebear This comment gave me chills. Wow. Very well written. If I may speculate as to why you may feel yourself gravitating to Jimmy's channel despite your lack of interest in sports, its because I think Clip-Share provides a tailor-made feel that television and general commentary just can't seem to capture. In other words, you may be drawn to the cozy, relaxed atmosphere that Jimmy's videos tend to have, and the fact that it feels as though he's directing his attention solely to you, and making sure YOU understand. Plus, he's got a great, and I mean great narrator's voice. Does that make sense?

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    Ivan Muzahuzi Year ago

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    What about helping the other team score so it's 111--11

    • NBA -200 Degree Moments
      NBA -200 Degree Moments 7 months ago

      @Sarthak Rao Formless exists, Misdirection exist(just not always useful), and mid air catch 3s are there but rare... Rest is yes BS

    • Carl Lrac
      Carl Lrac 8 months ago

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      But imagine, if that happens irl

    • 1
      1 9 months ago

      @Eezo The Chezo because *it is* an anime reference

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      1 9 months ago

      @Sarthak Rao Anime is a media where you see giant robots fighting, people flying, changing hair color and blowing up planets, being faster than light, teleporting etc etc. Why the fuck are you trying to find realism in this? If you want realism in an anime go for slice of life anime, if you want a realistic basketball anime watch slam dunk.

    • Giro
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    JLS Videos Year ago

    A few years back I thought the Ball Brothers were all hype but God damn. Especially now with LaMelo, he has PG skill and finess combined with SF size. He's gonna be elite one day

  • Dano C.
    Dano C. Year ago +1

    In the NBA it's been a different story so far. Lonzo Ball has struggled (Although he's had a hard time staying healthy) LaMelo won 2020-2021 ROY with the Hornets. LiAngelo went undrafted in 2018 (Probably due to his arrest in China) Then signed with Detroit, got waived, and now is joined with LaMelo in Charlotte.

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    2 years later this is still my favorite video by jxmy

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    • Taylor Jensen
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    • Swamp Thing
      Swamp Thing Month ago

      @MomJessicaandJordan Richardson 1:26 it
      It’s probably because he plays against pros and not high school kids. Everyone in the nba mopped up in high school

    • noisepuppet
      noisepuppet 4 months ago

      Many Michelob Ultras were drained in the aftermath

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    • Keithnash13
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      My cousin's school was one of the most prestigious school when it comes to sports. During her high school years, she was a volleyball varsity player and they were whooping everyone until they played a public high school with no gym to practice.

    • Triple O
      Triple O Year ago +2

      dem boys came from nothin! just another public school like the rest of us...
      (...hey Siri what's the median household income of Chino Hills California?)

    • Onion Ring
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    • mdace34
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      @Jake Glazier I agree. If they were up that much one bucket don't mean a thing.....was it unsportsmanlike.....maybe, but given the situation I don't think that guys response about thier sportsmanship holds any water.....

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