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Blac Chyna Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Plastic Surgery Reversal

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Angela “Blac Chyna” White joins “Tamron Hall” for an exclusive sit-down opening up about her recent spiritual journey and plastic surgery reversal. The model, socialite, and entrepreneur also takes us behind-the-scenes of her decision to remove her cosmetic surgery-giving us an inside look at the process. Plus, she opens up about returning to her birth name, Angela White, and how her kids inspired her to embark on this new chapter.
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Comments • 2 725

  • Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I can tell her demeanor changed & her eyes got teary when her mom was brought up. That’s still a painful subject. Praying for her healing in that area and mines too🙏🏽❤

    • Miss Tee
      Miss Tee Month ago +32

      The mom is a horrible person. I just saw a video of her ranting about her daughter. She needs to grow the heck up.

    • King Listosas
      King Listosas Month ago

      By her demeanor, have you been around her, has GOD put HIS stamp of acceptance on her.

    • KpopFanatic
      KpopFanatic 28 days ago

      Omg why you saying this look at you pfp

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    She’s waking up. And sharing this with the world, LOVE IT and HERE FOR IT🙌🏾🔥

  • Jannin Marie
    Jannin Marie Month ago +103

    She looked so cartoonish before and now she is stunning! I'm not a fan of her but I will always be proud of people trying to better themselves. I'm rooting for her!

    • Nylah Harrington
      Nylah Harrington Month ago +5

      Beautiful comment very encouraging

    • Joseph
      Joseph Month ago +1

      She looks the same tbh

    • Diopfifi
      Diopfifi Month ago +5

      ​@Joseph she doesn't. She looks natural and younger

  • Tia Ryan
    Tia Ryan Month ago +405

    She has risen above the trap of Hollywood. The illusion. She is so beautiful inside and out. Like a new and better HER. I'm so proud of her!❤️

    • Robbie Ogle
      Robbie Ogle Month ago +2

      Yet she thanks her "god" with covering her left eye.

    • The V Countdown
      The V Countdown Month ago

      It's always so strange to her "Im so proud of her". Do you know her personally? Why would a nobody say about a vip: I'm proud of her? Wtf

    • Mon Ember
      Mon Ember Month ago +2

      "Hollywood" is sending her on the publicity tour though.

    • Angela Colon
      Angela Colon Month ago

      Great insight

  • George Palmer Jr
    George Palmer Jr Month ago +348

    She really got me here crying. You can tell she is really living this life and it’s not gimmick. So happy for her.

    • Jordan S
      Jordan S Month ago +3

      Ha ! By going on a talk show instead of physically doing something good for her community or family, then she is still apart of the gimmick media sales world. She's "lived this life" since the first of this year. Wow, a whole three months. Physically do something of good for the next 12 months, and then talk to me.

    • Kat Marsha
      Kat Marsha Month ago +19

      She doesn't owe u anything, u are not God.

    • George Palmer Jr
      George Palmer Jr Month ago +17

      @Jordan S how do you know what she’s doing for her community? You only know what she tells you, unless you know her personally. She in church so I’m sure she’s donating to her community from that aspect alone.

    • Jordan S
      Jordan S Month ago +2

      @George Palmer Jr suuurrrrre.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago +194

    Angela just helped millions of girls today by embracing and loving her authentic self. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • KIDA
    KIDA Month ago +1979

    She’s holding herself like a queen, I’ve never seen her more beautiful she’s radiating strength and confidence and I love to see it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Ked_thechosen
      Ked_thechosen Month ago +11

      Yes she is!

    • Shanerra Brooks
      Shanerra Brooks Month ago +9

      Comment 👏🏾

    • REECE
      REECE Month ago +11

      She looks beautiful

    • Fozia
      Fozia Month ago +7

      Well said ❤❤❤❤❤

    • Amy
      Amy Month ago +21

      That’s that freedom in Christ glow 🌟

  • Thandisile C
    Thandisile C Month ago +141

    Tamron is kind, she handled this interview with the tact and kindness it deserves. Wish Angela all the best, hope she succeeds long term in her transformation

  • Victoria Jester
    Victoria Jester Month ago +145

    I’m so proud of this girl it makes no sense!!!! If she can do a 360 so can we. Nobody should be judging her at all but instead support her on her new journey ❤

    • JurneeWithMe
      JurneeWithMe Month ago +18

      A 180*, because 360 would put you back in the same spot. Agree w/ you though. Angela is so beautiful & I pray she stays the course. 😊

    • Nylah Harrington
      Nylah Harrington Month ago +4

      Well said

    • Victoria Jester
      Victoria Jester Month ago +3

      @JurneeWithMe yes a 180 absolutely!!!!!!!

  • K L
    K L Month ago +40

    She has aged out of the baddie phase and has finally grown up. Got away from toxic people. Got sober. Hope she keeps this up for herself and her kids!

  • Lisa Banks
    Lisa Banks Month ago +15

    She looks beautiful and classy now. I’m proud of her for taking this major leap.

  • sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍs

    I love how she’s clapping for herself she seems really proud of herself as she should.

  • Meg’s Anti-social Adventures

    She’s so much prettier without all that added stuff in her face. I’m glad to see her working on herself & helping these young people see that it’s not necessary or healthy.

    • JASON Dawson
      JASON Dawson Month ago +37

      Yea that stuff looks unreal and horrible I was actually scared 😱 I’m glad she had it remove in a quicker time so the product won’t sit and permanently damage your face

    • Camaro Jai
      Camaro Jai Month ago +48

      Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous. I hope her message reaches young people

    • Shes_ah_truckher
      Shes_ah_truckher Month ago +14

      Yes she is ❤

    • Kate Kanini
      Kate Kanini Month ago +29

      She look's so refreshed,.

    • Truth 🕊️
      Truth 🕊️ Month ago +27

      Loved it when she said "We were built in God's image. We're always gonna always have beauty and a brain."

  • Theodora M
    Theodora M Month ago +54

    She said ‘when you’re in it you don’t see’ that’s a whole sermon touching so many subjects ! God bless you on your new journey Angela❤ you never needed all those things such a natural beauty and you are glowing !

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones Month ago +46

    The light of the Lord is definitely in her and around Angela. It’s beautiful to see and I’m truly happy for her and her children! Truly inspiring! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • bean
    bean Month ago +153

    I’m so proud of her. She’s literally getting her glow back. Especially the light in her eyes 🥹

  • Bria Barrows
    Bria Barrows 25 days ago +2

    I am so proud of her! 🙏🏾♥️ Doesn’t matter what your past is, we can all recover from trauma.

  • purpe34
    purpe34 Month ago +60

    Takes a lot of courage to do what she did. I’m so proud of her. She will motivate so many so many women to fall in love with your self first

  • TheTrueSoulOfAnAquarius
    TheTrueSoulOfAnAquarius Month ago +2109

    Angela has been thru alot dealing with a toxic mother, a cheating babydaddy who left her for a minor, dealing with those Kardashians etc. I'm glad she is rebranding herself for the better and she look so good.❤

    • Gigi
      Gigi Month ago +114

      Not only did he cheat he kicked both her and his baby son out of his house.

    • V W
      V W Month ago +57

      I agree with you. I am proud of the life changes that "SHE" decided to make for herself and her family.

    • TheTrueSoulOfAnAquarius
      TheTrueSoulOfAnAquarius Month ago +61

      @Gigi he sure did. I just heard her talk about that on a podcast. Just heartless but he got his karma Kylie dumped him, got with Travis Scott soon afterward and had a baby.
      Now Kylie is getting her karma with Travis Scott.

    • The Transformation Butterfly 🦋
      The Transformation Butterfly 🦋 Month ago +42

      Yes! She looks amazing. I feel like this is the year where women are really thriving 🙌🏽

    • Jeannie Presley
      Jeannie Presley Month ago +28

      Yessss has woken up from being traumatized and hypnotized by lies & manipulation

  • Swayed By Positivity
    Swayed By Positivity Month ago +11

    This transformation of hers brings tears to my eyes y'all. Like this is the absolute best transformation I've seen this year! I'm loving her growth, and I'm so glad she has found the need to be her true authentic self. She's found her purpose and it looks absolutely beautiful on her!

  • Krazygirl26able
    Krazygirl26able Month ago +8

    I have mad respect for this woman, god bless her and god bless us women because no one understands how hard it is for us women but us. I myself went on a spiritual journey after my ex boyfriend left me and cheated on me. I became celibate and I’ve gotten closer to god and the peace I’ve gained from this experience is priceless.

  • AlyciaRashea
    AlyciaRashea Month ago +16

    She looks amazing... not only on the outside, but her spirit seems to be satisfied. I'm extremely happy for her.

    Ms. SUNSHINE Month ago +22

    I was never a fan but here I am teary-eyed. So proud of where you are now Angela and I pray that you grow deeper in this NEW YOU!!

  • adebusola ogundipe
    adebusola ogundipe Month ago +37

    I got goosebumps when she said I looked at my scars as lessons learned ❤

  • Jen Musk
    Jen Musk Month ago +23

    I don’t think I can express the magnitude of what this woman has done. Change of any kind can take a lifetime to achieve. So to leave behind everything that she knew/everything everyone else knew her for. Then start a fresh in front of the entire world...I cannot even put it into words. Her courage is beyond.

  • Jess Da Best
    Jess Da Best Month ago +31

    Her kids are going to be so proud of her I love it

  • Adibah Abdul-Shattar
    Adibah Abdul-Shattar Month ago +10

    Her wearing decent clothes now and not showing flesh makes her look real classy 🥰

  • Brenale Johnson
    Brenale Johnson Month ago +1

    “I take my scars as lessons learned.”

  • Vanessa Amesty
    Vanessa Amesty Month ago +27

    I don't know her but I started watching her interviews once I saw that she was in a journey to go back to natural and I'm so proud of her.
    She is so smart, and I feel like she could have a great future.

  • Mandy Pandy
    Mandy Pandy Month ago +1

    She has learned a lot. I'm proud of her. And happy for her. She seems like a good mother as well.

  • Polo Hashim
    Polo Hashim 18 days ago

    Wow! Her story is very inspiring, you can tell that she’s genuinely happy nowadays, the posivity in her is radiating.

  • JJvlogs
    JJvlogs Month ago +6

    I actually admire what she’s doing. The definition of self love. 👏🏼 ❤

  • sanaaira4
    sanaaira4 Month ago +6

    She looks absolutely incredible. You can see her change.

  • Monique Ann
    Monique Ann Month ago +25

    And she’s so happy in cheering for herself! This is so beautiful and nice to see her loving on herself unconditionally!

  • Lauren Jackson
    Lauren Jackson Month ago +694

    “I choose to look at my scars as lessons learned” Wow, why did that get me teary eyed. I’m so proud of Angela! She’s going to inspire so many young girls & women.

    • DJ Wizard256
      DJ Wizard256 Month ago +1

      No one have mentioned her showing one eye symbolism at the start of the video while thanking her God, Why did she had to do that. Question your selves guys.

    • Khad Scott
      Khad Scott Month ago +5

      Yessssss I am emotional over here!!!

    • Melvin HHCP
      Melvin HHCP Month ago +5

      ​@DJ Wizard256Completely unintentional. Quit looking for all the wrong stuff.

  • Faye Skotidas
    Faye Skotidas Month ago +3

    So proud of her - she is so much more beautiful as her real self. More women need to realize this is not normal or healthy to the mind body and soul.

  • Daisy Mphom
    Daisy Mphom Month ago +2

    When she said "my Bible" I shed a tear. 🥺 Lord please help her in this new journey, may she never fall back in Jesus name! 🙏

  • Kerryanne Harley
    Kerryanne Harley Month ago +9

    Never thought in my life, Black Chyna would be a source of inspiration. She is absolutely gorgeous and thriving. I pray she continues to Elevate in her new path. Happy to see her so happy.
    Her natural bone structure is Gorgeous ❤

  • beautifully flawed kreations

    I’m really happy for her. Her mom is out here wilding and she is in the process of changing for the better. I pray for her strength during this journey ❤

  • withlove
    withlove Month ago +2

    Finally. Someone in the public eye setting the record straight. You don't need all these injections and surgeries to look and feel beautiful.

  • Vivienne Bryant
    Vivienne Bryant Month ago +511

    She didn't need all that plastic surgery. SHE IS STUNNING! ❤

    • Shanna Wentzel
      Shanna Wentzel Month ago +13

      Sweetheart she didn't remove everything she got done. Some work you can't undo. Have you seen her old pictures. She still looks totally different.

    • Vivienne Bryant
      Vivienne Bryant Month ago +40

      @Shanna Wentzel I don't see how that changes what I said "sweetie"

    • boodeesparx
      boodeesparx Month ago

      I was jus bout say dat, she would prolly look immaculate natural, like alotta women 😒

    • Melvin HHCP
      Melvin HHCP Month ago +4

      Agreed. She is beautiful.

  • Jeanamari
    Jeanamari Month ago +10

    I will say I was not a huge fan of hers- knew who she was…that’s it. Today, I’m intrigued and rooting for her. She seems to have a wonderful message to share and I want to wish her the best.

  • LaQuita Basker
    LaQuita Basker Month ago +7

    I love this person she is becoming!! Like she's opened her heart and I can feel it. So proud Angela!!

  • MidLifeAdventure
    MidLifeAdventure Month ago +2

    Love this Angela, she is an inspiration and will continue to do well for herself ❤ You go girl!

  • Sparkles of Texas
    Sparkles of Texas Month ago

    I love her positivity and honesty!! Wish her all the best

  • Kaylin Carey
    Kaylin Carey Month ago +8

    I am soooo proud of her! Wow! You can see the glory of God all over her and what a testimony and story! To be used by God is the highest honor we can receive and to inspire others is the highest honor we can give 💚

  • Vloggingly, Khloé
    Vloggingly, Khloé Month ago +410

    I’m really happy for her. Anyone that can make a conscious decision to change for the better should be applauded.

    • DJ Wizard256
      DJ Wizard256 Month ago +1

      No one have mentioned her showing one eye symbolism at the start of the video while thanking her God, Why did she had to do that. Question your selves guys.

    • Lisamarie Romeo
      Lisamarie Romeo Month ago

      ​​​​@DJ Wizard256 just noticed that too and you wouldn't be on the t.v if you are thanking Christ cause they don't let ppl talk about king of Kings the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ on the.v even the news anchors cut ppl off for speak on Christ.
      Did u notice the statues behind the lady in orange . The fallen angels.
      So she's doing this for films. Oh so pls yah I pray that she's working through her salvation with fear and trembling.

    • Sophia Osei
      Sophia Osei Month ago +1

      @Lisamarie Romeo fallen angels? Those are Emmy awards behind the host, Tamron Hall.

    • Lisamarie Romeo
      Lisamarie Romeo 16 days ago

      @Sophia Osei emmy, ocars are all related to the god of science.
      U must do rituals to be in t.v industry
      Not God of the bible

  • ObedienceOrSacrifice
    ObedienceOrSacrifice Month ago +6

    I am so happy for her and will continue to keep her in my prayers!

  • PLM
    PLM 17 days ago +1

    Love how she is changing for the better. God bless her

  • hallucinogen22
    hallucinogen22 Month ago +14

    Good for her for making such positive changes. Seems like she’s gone through a lot of costly and painful lessons

  • S K
    S K Month ago +3

    Love her message, love her journey, she is so special for being on this path 💕 🙏 Praying for her continued success 💫

  • Divinescalling888📱
    Divinescalling888📱 Month ago +1018

    My girl is going places with God on her side🙌🏽🤲🏽🤩

    • canelle09
      canelle09 Month ago +18


    • Cynthia Solomon
      Cynthia Solomon Month ago +17

      And that's All you Need.Peace

    • S&C
      S&C Month ago +10


    • Rere destinations
      Rere destinations Month ago +11

      Most definitely

    • C. Ann Cormier
      C. Ann Cormier Month ago +15

      Amen! Who can be against me when He is for me!!! Angela White is in good hands. 🙌🏽❤️🙏🏼❤️

  • Ambient Holistic                                🎼

    Happy for her. We all have a not so good past that we can learn from, conquer and move on from. Now it's about her living a life of true purpose, for her and her children. 🌺💐❤️🙏🏽

  • Sonya C
    Sonya C Month ago +2

    She seems very genuine and determined in her changes. I wish her the best.

  • Bria Barrows
    Bria Barrows 25 days ago +1

    She looks so beautiful! The fillers looked a mess on her. So happy she is transforming mentally and spiritually

  • Tonya Anderson
    Tonya Anderson Month ago +1

    I am so happy with the steps she is taking for her life and for her children. We all have been thru something and may not have made the best decisions. But when you decide to make a change for the better you’re unstoppable. You go Angela and you deserve all the great things headed your way❤

  • Tolu Kuks
    Tolu Kuks Month ago +2

    You can obviously tell from how she joins the crowd to cheer, that she's happy and proud of herself. The greatest changes come from within.

  • Nina
    Nina Month ago +406

    Love that she’s the first celebrity to be this outspoken about removing plastic surgery and coming back to her faith in God. It’s really important young women hear her talk about these topics. She’s really setting an example for so many right now and should be so proud of herself! 🎉

    • Dame Brooks
      Dame Brooks Month ago +40

      K. Michelle was public about removing silicone from her butt about five years ago.

    • Mizchief Play
      Mizchief Play Month ago +14

      Also cardi b

    • Mike Lyn
      Mike Lyn Month ago +10

      Those two women y’all mentioned never showed you nothing

    • Unapologetically-Me
      Unapologetically-Me Month ago +13

      She said and relationship with God and neither of them has done that

    • Jada Cunningham
      Jada Cunningham Month ago +6

      K.michelle was first

  • Greatness In Full Effect….

    Literally liked everything about this interview. Ppl can change and I truly do believe it.

  • Mary J
    Mary J Month ago +1

    Whatever she plays in as an actress I'm supporting her💯%...She's my new shero👸

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole Month ago

    My gosh she is so stunning. I'm so happy for her. So glad she did this!!

  • Jay J
    Jay J Month ago +5

    She looks so much better. Honestly she was beautiful without all that cosmetic stuff she has this glow and I'm so happy for her

  • Karly Marie
    Karly Marie Month ago +9

    I’m loving watching her transformation!! I can see that this is the real deal and she truly wants a better life for herself and her children. I hope the best for her. I do wish Tamron didn’t cut her off so much.

  • Shirley G
    Shirley G Month ago +636

    My goodness I'm so proud of her. This brought me to tears. Good for you Angela. 🤗🙏

    • Joscelyn Townsell
      Joscelyn Townsell Month ago +16

      Amen!! I had to pause the video and cry. Praise be to the Most High King Jesus. He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed🙏🏽

    • Irma Martin
      Irma Martin Month ago +5

      Praise the Lord for touching her in a miraculous way!🙏🙌❤️

    • Karabo
      Karabo Month ago +4

      It's making me so teary because this is a beautiful testimony.

    • Stephanie Williams
      Stephanie Williams Month ago +1


  • m and m
    m and m Month ago +7

    She did not need all that mess. She look good naturally ❤

  • Janice Chung
    Janice Chung Month ago +5

    Life is about journey and growth and she has definitely grown. So happy for her

  • Beth Watts
    Beth Watts Month ago

    I’m so very proud of you. You’re so much prettier being yourself. You seem so much happier. You’ve gotta good head on your shoulders. I’m also proud of you for getting baptized! I did years ago and it’s amazing how happy free and so much closer to God you are! You’re in my prayers sweetie!

  • mj is goat
    mj is goat Month ago

    Very proud of her, hope she enjoys life even more now knowing her worth

  • Ms Precious
    Ms Precious Month ago +574

    Angela looks so pretty! She's definitely rebranding herself and it's going to open doors for her to be taken more seriously in the industry.

  • NoSaltJustPepperBae
    NoSaltJustPepperBae Month ago +1

    Nothing like someone realizing there mistakes. And doing what is necessary to rectify those mistakes.
    Go ahead Miss Angela 💪. Be a example for many who struggle to let go of their wrongs ‼️🥳

  • Lethokuhle Matjele
    Lethokuhle Matjele Month ago +2

    I wish she could write a book about it , would love to read it always . The transformation 🙏🏾

  • kim thomas
    kim thomas Month ago +6

    So glad she’s ok and I have respect for her decision 💜

  • Megan E
    Megan E Month ago +4

    I really loved this. She’s always seemed authentic… so this is a new side of her that seems both authentic and healthy

  • Beverly Gordon
    Beverly Gordon Month ago +2

    She is soooooo gorgeous without all that foolishness ❤. Good for her!

  • Platinum Black Services
    Platinum Black Services Month ago +328

    Her testimony is needed for a lot of girls and women who aspire to go the plastic surgery route. Love her growth and transformation!!

    • Monique Writes
      Monique Writes Month ago +7

      I thought about Zacheous. She came to Jesus and gave up her old life!! She left the world and gained her soul!!

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B Month ago +3

    Good on her. You can see the effort and that's the start. Really hope she continues on her new trajectory and much success on that journey. Even notice with her mum she's chosen not to bite back but lead with grace and not bash her. Shine bright Angela ☀️✨

  • It’s Me Kiara Tee

    I love this sooo much for her! I’m excited about the example she’s setting for women that maybe followed in her footsteps when she was on her previous path!

  • Am
    Am Month ago +1

    I am so happy and exited for her. She looks stunning and healthy! Good job Angela! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • D XC
    D XC Month ago

    I’m so proud of her, her message is going to change the lives of many young ladies! It’s no stopping her now, she is woke in Christ!

  • Tusweet08
    Tusweet08 Month ago +2

    I am loving Angela. I'm just so proud of her journey. she is absolutely stunning. I pray she continues on this road to healing. Praying for her. ❤🙏🏾

  • Orange Dyess
    Orange Dyess Month ago +248

    this really shows how big and how real our God truly is!🙏🏽I am so proud and happy for her! And the courage for her to want to reverse this and be natural and not care what anyone has to say to add to her life and to be there for her kids! This is amazing! She was gorgeous before the injections and more gorgeous in her natural state now! Lord this is gonna help so many young girls and women that don’t understand the flip side to these procedures! This her whole transformation not just with her body but with her soul mind and her spirit it’s just so refreshing! this had me in tears! she’s so authentic and u can see the change inwardly coming outwardly! She’s glowing! praying for her journey!

    • Carmen Bennett
      Carmen Bennett Month ago +4

      You said a MOUTH 👄 FULL HUNNY, Amen GOD IS GOOD! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • angie c
    angie c Month ago +1

    Good for her she's been thru so much drama she finally found herself again. Not only for her but for her kids.

  • Adrianae Menae
    Adrianae Menae Month ago +1

    She's so beautiful, but I'm glad appreciate her honesty and sharing her story, God bless you and your family and God Bless your journey ❤

  • Ovayo Nqola
    Ovayo Nqola Month ago +4

    She is so pretty naturally ... Her personality is more calmer. I love her she is so sincere and humble...i love it for her ❤️❤️❤️

  • jmeluu
    jmeluu Month ago

    This is my first time ever seeing anything from Angela White. Never watched anything from Blac Chyna before. What drew me is hearing that she found her faith! Congrats to her

  • Tonya LaGrone
    Tonya LaGrone Month ago +1

    So proud of this young woman, you can’t lose with God!!

  • LM
    LM Month ago +339

    She's naturally beautiful and inspirational!! May God continue to bless her on this journey ❤️❤️

    • pipedreamism1
      pipedreamism1 Month ago +2

      No it be a lot of deez blk girl mad pretty with long hair but they feel so comfortable with that wig or weave and that's mommy fault so if you have girl with fake hair all you teaching her is hate her hair

  • Monica  Saffold
    Monica Saffold Month ago +1

    I take scars & look at it as lessons learned !
    Well stayed! Best wishes ! Proud of this transformation!

  • Shanel Wright
    Shanel Wright Month ago

    Love what has taken place in her that's now radiating through her. Let's continue to hold her and her family up in prayer

  • Tiara matthews
    Tiara matthews Month ago +2

    This interview literally made me cry and Thank God!!! & I'm 28 yrs old. Younger than her, All I could say is Hallelujah!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS !!!! 🙏🏾❤️🛐😇💕💪🏾🎉 He got another one away from the enemy!!! 🛐😇🙏🏾💪🏾❤️🥰 & She's SERIOUS & spreading encouragement!!! Lord God please, keep her strong when times get hard / or when temptations come.... I'm about to go pray for her. 🥰🙏🏾💪🏾😇🛐 I'm so happy for her and Thankful for GOD always Loving us and sparring us!!!! He saved her from soooo many things that could have happened to her while in that life..... I pray in Jesus name , her relationship with her mother will heal and her children will have all they need including love and a mother who teaches them about GOD and puts God First, 🥇 THATS THE BEST!!!! 🙏🏾🛐😇💕 GOD BLESS YOU ANGELA WHITE!!!!! 🛐🙏🏾❤️🥰💕😘

  • Mawi
    Mawi Month ago

    She just have a whole new beauty and softness to the way she speaks and carries herself

  • Caramel Honi
    Caramel Honi Month ago +2

    So happy for her! I wish her every success in her new endeavors.

  • Bree Crutch
    Bree Crutch Month ago +177

    I've NEVER seen her this happy or vocal. I'm so happy for her, congrats on her sobriety!!

    • Nay Coll
      Nay Coll Month ago +5

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm here smiling as if she's my sister or daughter.

  • cha.nne.l
    cha.nne.l 6 days ago +2

    Bravo to her! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tierra
    Tierra Month ago +1

    Very beautiful girl ! I love how she looks normal like just herself when they removed everything. It’s actually remarkable. I’m glad the removal looks so good on her and she’s glowing 😊✨

  • Delores Bryant
    Delores Bryant Month ago

    I'm so happy for her. It's like, she's a new person. Very different. She looks beautiful ❤🎉

  • Starr Daniel
    Starr Daniel Month ago

    She is absolutely beautiful! Thank God for her transformation

  • Neicy
    Neicy Month ago +2

    So proud of her ❤

  • AJ Writer
    AJ Writer Month ago +490

    Wow! This took bravery. You know you’re ready to change your life and serve God when you walk away from fast life money, only fans popularity, occultism associations, professional networks/brand deals, the satan you’ve sold your soul to, glamour appearance in the mirror, image idolatry, etc. Like she said, she had, had enough and wanted to be a better mom to her children. I respect Angela because she KNOWS her why. She’s strong enough to make a Huge public conversion, knowing full well the thunderous backlash and retaliation these industries will unleash on her. I admire her commitment to the Lord and the degree of trust it’s going to take to keep going without the money, connections, and sex symbol nepotism she’s used to. I pray for her protection; her safety as she battles spiritual warfare and navigating a new, unfamiliar life. At least she has a solid Plan B for her future. God bless her.

    • Chigozie Eruchalu
      Chigozie Eruchalu Month ago +20

      And God's divine strength & guidance on this beautiful new journey.. ❤❤❤❤

    • T Parsons
      T Parsons Month ago +6

      Amen and Amen ❤

    • Noreene Bostick
      Noreene Bostick Month ago +6

      God works in mysterious ways.

    • L V
      L V Month ago +4

      That’s called rebranding.

    • octaviakf
      octaviakf Month ago +6

      She’s got a whole new freedom so I don’t even think she cares about that stuff

    JOYCE AVANZ Month ago

    I’m so proud of her😢❤